Giantess Stories: On the Bring of Desi

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On the Bring of Desi's Colon



Crystal was sitting in her room finishing some college

work when

Desi came in. You shot her a look but she ignored it or just didn't

see it.

“Why does mom always have you watch me? I am 13 and quite capable of

taking care of myself. I'm going out.” Desi said.

“She has me watch you because she doesn't want you going out, end of

story.” You reply.

“Yeah whatever.” Desi says and walks out. Shortly there after, you

hear a door slam.

She is a spoiled brat you think.

“She can just sit in her room and suffocate for all I care.” You


You look back at the book in front of you. Your finishing up studying

on your human biology class. You nearly failing it. The only reason

you scraped by so far is because your professor is a little pervert.

Good thing you give good head, but he still told you that you need to

pass the final or he'll flunk you. Great guy. You continue to read


You jolt awake. You heard something. You curse yourself as you

realize that you fell asleep and drooled on your book. Then you hear

it again. A soft moan. You get up and run to your sisters room,

thinking that she might of tried to kill herself. You shake that

thought away as you reach her open door and discover that she is

having sex with her boyfriend. You gasp.

They stop fucking and stare at you. Desi is obviously embarrassed.

Her boyfriend starts to freak out and you slowly walk away and back

to your room. You sit down in front of your book as you listen to

Desi and her boy friend fight. The shouting ends with the front door

slamming shut. You hear footsteps running to your room. It's Desi.

“You bitch! He broke up with me and its all your fault! I'll never

forgive you for this! Never!” she yells and storms of to her room.

You sigh and lay down in your bed, falling fast asleep. What are you

going to tell mom when she gets home?

You wake to a knock on you door. You glance over to the clock, its 2

in the morning. You get up and open the door. It's mom.

“Was Desi good? What did she do?” She asks.

You hesitate for a moment and see Desi in the hallway with a look of

horror on her face.

“Yeah, Desi was good. She didn't do anything bad this time.” You lie.

“Good. I'm going to bed. Good night sweetie.” Your mom says and walks

down to her room.

You look back at Desi and she glares at you and goes back to her room.

The next few days fly by as you prepare for the final. During the

time Desi has avoided you as much as she could. You barely notice.

The big day finely arrives and you take your final. You won't know

until Monday if you passed or not. The weekend goes by fast and

Monday arrives. You come home from college sullen. The basterd

flunked you. You hit the fridge and grab a half gallon of vanilla ice

cream and a spoon and head up to your room. Later that day, Desi

comes home with mom and they both head up to your room.

“Crystal, I need you to watch Desi again. I'm going to be in San fran

for the next month on a business trip so I need you to keep a close

eye on her. Make sure she takes her new medicine that the doctor over

at the swallow soft medical center prescribe for her. Something

called amorphous ingestions parallax. It's supposed to help her keep

her food down. Make sure she only takes one pill a week. It's very

important that she doesn't take more than that or she could overdose

and die. Well, I'll be off then. You both be very good. I'll be back

in a month.” Your mom said and walked out the front door. You and

Desi waved as she drove off. You close the door and Desi glares at


“I still haven't forgiven you!” She yells and storms off to her room.

Silly girl you think and head to bed. The next morning you wake up

late and head downstairs. You see Desi collapsed on the floor. You

run over to her and notice that the bottle her medicine is in is

empty. You scream her name and roll her over. You shake her and feel

for a pulse but there is none. You begin weeping and not knowing what

to do, you bring your sisters body up to you room and set her on the

floor. You knew she was going to kill herself you just knew it. You

lie down in your bed and fall asleep.

As you slept Desi awoke. She felt strange. She looked around and saw

where she was. She whipped her head around and stared at you, asleep

in your bed. “I wish you were an inch tall you bitch.” Desi said

under her breath and was startled when you began to shrink. The

medicine must have done this Desi thought and walked over to you and

picked you up.

You awoke with a jolt. You saw Desi's huge face above you.

“What the hell is going on!” You scream.

“Don't you know? I've shrunk you! Now I'm going to get my revenge on

you.” Desi said as she grabs you. Desi strips and hops up onto your


“What are you going to do to me?” You ask.

“What ever I want sister. I think because you made my boyfriend break

up with me I think you should take his place.” Desi said and giggled.

She lowered her hand down to her crotch.

“Desi no! I'll die if you use me like that! I'm your sister.” You


“Your right, you would die.” She responds. You think you have

reasoned with her when you feel strange.

“But then again I can just wish that you won't die for the next week.

In you go.” Desi says and pushes you into her pussy. You scream.

Desi begins to masturbate, rubbing her clit as you scream and

struggle to get out of your little sisters cunt, but all you manage

to do is get your self stuck further and further up inside her. You

continue to struggle, listening to her moan when it finely happens.

She orgasms. You are squeezed so tight that you cannot breath and you

fall unconscious.

Desi bucks her hips forward as the last of her orgasm washes over her

and she lays limp. A half hour goes by before she removes your body

from her cunt. She holds you in her hand, and sees your still

breathing and smiles. That's how the rest of the week goes. Moreover,

at the end of it she wishes for it again until your mother returns.

It is the last week of the month. You wake up in the make shift bed

that Desi made for you. You look at the clock and see its 3pm. Desi

should be home. You expect more of the same when Desi grabs you.

“Do you know what he did to me! He told all the boys that I'm a slut!

It's all your fault! I'll make you pay now! I didn't want to do this

but you asked for it.” Desi yelled at you.

“Do what? What did I do?” You ask but get no response as Desi gets up

onto your bed on her knees. She hikes up her short skirt and pulls

off her panties. You expect more of the same but are very surprised

when her hand guides you to her anus and not her cunt.

“I hope you like it in there, because I'm not going to take you out

for a while!” She yells and shoves you in. You would of screamed were

it not for the awful smell. You feel the walls of your sisters rectum

contract around you as you are pushed fully inside. You struggle for

a little bit as Desi walks to the TV and flips it on. You hear

muffled noises and figure she is watching TV.

You struggle some more but are unable to move. You hear a devilish

giggle and a voice saying something when a blast of moist air pushes

past you forcing you up inside of your sisters colon. You wiggle a

little before you pass out from the lack of air. Desi giggles as she

farts. “Hope you liked that sis.” She says and goes back to watching

TV. A few hours go by and Desi falls asleep.

You wake up and struggle some more but its no use. You listen and

hear snoring. She fell asleep. Great, what could happen now you think

to your self when you hear a sound. It takes only seconds for you to

realize what it is as you feel her large intestine contract around

you. You can barely utter a word before it happens. Desi is having a

bowel movement in her sleep. Her poop pushes into you and then pushes

into her rectum, piling up waiting for her to poop.

Desi wakes up a few hours later and heads to the bathroom. She pulls

down her panties and sits. After peeing for a bit she pushes and

grunts. A large log slides out followed by a few more smaller ones.

She sits there for a bit before she wipes and moves to flush the

toilet when she remembers you. She pauses, thinking about flushing

anyway but stops and looks for you. She finds you, cleans you off and


You wake up in the palm of your sister's hand.

“Glad to se your awake. I bet you thought you were dead just then.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to have that happen to you, but it

gave me an idea. Don't worry you'll survive it. After all, there's

four more days till mom will be home.” Desi tells you. You know what

she is going to do be fore she even does it . She is going to eat

you. You feel yourself lifted to her mouth and dropped in. Your

tossed around for a few seconds before your forced into the back of

her throat and swallowed down. You enter you sisters stomach with a

splat. You look around and see that she has eaten lunch.

“Don't worry, I won't digest you. The spell will keep you alive until

mom comes home and she won't be here until Friday. Until then enjoy.”

Desi says and giggles. The next three hours of your life are spent

being ground together with her lunch, then watching her lunch digest

and drain into her intestines. Its around dinner time when you hear a


It's Desi saying watch out below. You hear a swallow and realize that

she is eating. Once she finishes you are bruised and battered. It

could be worse though. Desi heads into the bathroom and sits down.

You notice the unusual calm of her stomach and wonder what's going

on. You get you answer in the form of sound. You can make out the

sounds of running water quite clearly but are still unsure of what is

going on until you hear a couple of splashes. You realize that Desi

just went to the bathroom. You hear a giggle and then Desi speaks.

“Just think, that could have been you just then.”

You rather not think about that as you hear a flush.

“Well, I'm off to bed Crystal, don't get swept into my intestines

now, I won't be looking for you for a few days.” Desi says and heads

to bed. You struggle to keep out of Desi's digestive soup but fail

and are swept right into her intestines. You let out a sigh and let

Desi's body do its job. You'll get out eventually. Besides, you will


The next morning Desi awoke. She got up and stretched and then headed

to the bathroom. She pulled her panties down and sat down. She began

to pee and smiled thinking that if she wanted to she could digest you

at any time and that you would be her pee. Then she grunted and

pushed. Slowly Desi's poop emerged. She pushed harder and giggled as

she pooped, the log falling into the toilet with a splash. She

thought about how you would also be that piece of her poop, that you

would be nothing but your sister waste. Desi wiped and got up. She

looked at her poop and smiled as she pulled up her panties. She

decided not to flush, that when you came out that she wanted you to

see what you could have been. Desi headed downstairs. She smelled

something that smelled like breakfast cooking and was filled with a

sense of dread. She peeked around the corner and saw her mother.

Desi's heart dropped. She had digested you and turned you into her

poop. Desi ran back up to the bathroom and peered i

 nto the toilet. There, in all your glory and all that was left of

you was some yellow water and a large dark brown log of poop with

white flecks of bone, floating with a piece of toilet paper. Desi

looked for a few minutes before she flushed the toilet.

“You were the best sister I could of ever had.” Desi said.


Giantess Stories: On the Bring of Desi

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