Giantess Stories: One Inch Tall

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One Inch Tall


Various Authors



name is Brad. You are the most popular boy in school, yet you have no

girlfriend, yet. You are sitting in the living room watching ESPN's Sportscenter

when your mom calls you to tell you that dinner is almost ready. Meanwhile your

sister, Cindy, comes downstairs and immediately changes the channel to some

Ballet concert. You shout, "Change it back!" but she just sticks out her tongue,

making you even madder. Suddenly you hear something upstairs.

You walk upstairs toward your room. You slowly open your door and are

immediately blinded by a white light. When everything clears, you find the hard

floor of your room expanding. Oh No! you've shrunk. You must be about 1 inch

tall! Before you can do anything, you hear the sounds of tap tap on the stairs.

Its your sister coming back upstairs wearing her brown medium heel sandles!

She's has no idea what has happened to you.


You run

under the bed and watch from one of your sweaty gym socks to see a huge sandle

stopping next to your bed. Cindy's voice booms, "Where are you, Brad??!!" "Mom

says its your turn to take out the trash before we eat dinner!!" You watch as

Cindy leaves your room wondering where you are. You come from under the bed and

are about to walk into the hallway when suddenly you hear your mother and your

sister coming back upstairs. Apparently your mom wants proof that you are

missing. Do something quick!!


You go

under the bed. Your mom comes in and looks around. When she can't find you she

looks through teh rest of the house, calling your name. She is really worried.

Great, now look what you have done!



under the bed isn't helping. You make a dash from under the bed and make it to

the kitchen, thanks to a ride down the railing of the stairwell. You go flying

through the air and land perfectly on the kitchen floor, unharmed. You walk

toward your mom's beautiful, left high heel shoe and decide to get her

attention. You know how to kick a football, so you run forward and kick the heel

of your mother's shoe really hard. Your mother looks down, but doesn't see you.

Now what? Maybe you can make a climb up to her ear to get her attention?



look around and find a spoon and a can on the floor. With a great heave you pull

up the spoon and bring it clanging down on the can. It makes a great racket.

Your mother looks around. She starts to walk around, looking for the scource of

the noise.



great feet come crashing down, a great BOOM sounding through your ears every

time they make contact with the floor. You stand still, your hands covering your

ears, the booming echoing inside your earlobes. But you stand still. Then a

giant hand comes down, coming at you, coming to get, closer, closer, closer . .

. .



hand, which happens to belong to your mother, reaches down and grabs the can you

were banging on. You are still holding on to it. The can starts to lift up into

the air, leaving you dangling, feet touching nothingness, holding on for dear




hold onto the can for dear life as your mother lifts it into the air. It makes

you realize just how weak you are as your mom effortlessly holds the can, and

you, with one hand. You look over to where she is headed.



headed for the pantry, you realize. She opens the door, and sets the can on a

higher shelf. As soon as your feet touch the ground you run ove and start

yelling and waving at your mom. But it's no use. She shuts the door, leaving you

in darkness. You hear your Mom and sister talking about where you are, but

eventually there is just silence. Now what?


You sit

next to the can waiting and waiting. Finally you hear footsteps in the kitchen.

You hear some rustling around you start yelling "IM IN HEAR, IM IN HEAR" You

know that they cant hear you but it makes you feel a little better. You hear

your sister cindy say "Lisa, can you grab the chips from the pantry?" Lisa walks

over to the pantry and opens the door. Lisa is 6 foot 2 inches tall, brown hair

thats about shoulder length. She is the captain of the varsity team. She is a

freshman at your school. her blue eyes scan the pantry for the chips. She grabs

teh chips but the gust of wind created by the bag of ships pulls out of the

pantry. You crash into Lisa. YOu start grabbing for anything. You finally grab

onto the pocket of her jeans. You crawl into the pocket and fall asleep.


As you

wake up it takes you a few moments to figure out where you are. A huge round

glass room. You look high above and see a gold metal ceiling with holes

punctured through. You beyond the glass wall and see the giant world around you.

It's your sister's room. Your sister has captured you but why?

A huge figure enters the room; it's your sister. Her massive hand wraps around

the jar and lifts it up. Her other hand unscrews the lid. She tilts the glass

jar and you slide out into her open palm. She holds you close to her face

smiling. "Cindy! What have you done to me!," you scream. She just stares at you

in fascination. You are so tiny that she can't even hear your voice. "Don't

worry little brother. I'll restore your size in a few days. I just need to get

an A in science and this new shrinking potion should do the trick. You're going

to be my science project. Of course if you want to remain this size I can leave

you like this forever. Do you want to stay this size forever?," she asks.


No I

don't want to remain this size forever," you scream. She just looks at you as if

trying to understand what you are saying. "Your'e so tiny I can't even hear

you," she says. "I know for yes lay down; for no remain standing. Do you want to

stay this size?" You are so upset with the stupid question that you jump up and

down in anger. You trip on one of the lines in her palm and fall down in her

hand. "Wow cool! You want to remain this size forever. This is going to be so

much fun having a little tiny brother like this." "No, please no," you scream

but she can't hear you. She places you back into the jar.


You try

to keep yelling and contact your humongous sister but she does not hear you.

Later that night you see the lid of the container come off and her huge lips

smiling down at you. "Sinse you want to be my tiny little toy brother forever,

we should play some games!" she squeals. She takes off her shirt and places you

in her gigantic belly button, it's like a cavern. Suddenly it begins to rumble,

she is speaking "North or south little bro?" she rumbles.



climb out of her belly button and run across her stomach in an attempt to reach

her ear. Maybe if you can get next to her ear you can try to reason with her.

Before you reach her chest her gigantic hand reaches for you. She grabs you in

her fist. "I'm so happy you decided to stay this size. I'm going to show you off

to all of my friends," She opens her hand and you scream for her to return you

to normal, but your voice is not audible to her. Another giant figure enters the

room. It's your mother.



you seen your brother?," you hear your mother ask. "Ah, no mom; I havn't seen

him," your sister says.

After a few moments your sister opens her hand. "I better hide you somewhere

else. I don't know would mom would think if she sees you like this. I know." She

grabs one of her tennis shoes with her other hand and drops you inside. "There

now you be good...nighty night," she says as she places the shoe back down onto

the floor.



awake the next morning to a musty but not totally unpleasent smell. To your

dismay you realize that you are still inside of Cindy's sneaker. Suddenly a

shadow falls over you, and you look up to see...



up there little shrinkee" she teases, removing you from her shoe. She lifts you

in the air at dizzying speed. You gag from the odor of her shoe that permiates

all around you.

" shoe made you stink. I better wash you." Cindy proceeds to

carry you to the bathroom and places you on the vanity at the edge of the sink.

At your size it looks like a small pond. She quickly plucks your clothes off and

picks you up in her hand. She smiles at you while she washes you off, laughing

at your attempts to free yourself from her impossible grip.

Once she finishes washing you she wraps you in a washcloth and dries you off, Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

setting you down on the vanity. You gather your clothes together so you can



You put

on the clothes you had yesterday back on. Cindy scoops you up and takes you back

to her bedroom. She sets you down on the bed.

"My friends should be her any minute, bro."

"Friends? What friends?" you ask.

"Well Allison always had a crush on you, and now she really can crush you. She's

going to see you like this, bro, and she's going to love it. And Serena no doubt

will get a kick out of seeing you this way as well."

"Cindy! No! Please don't show me to them!" you beg, "Allison will treat me like

a toy and Serena might kill me. You know she hates my guts."

"Oh, don't worry, little bro, I won't let them harm you too much, but maybe if

you beg some more I won't show you to them. C'mon, Brad, beg."

You do beg some more, Cindy gives you an amused look.



bro, but I'm showing you off anyway. You're too cool to be kept hidden."

She puts you in a glass jar on her nightstand for safe keeping. You both hear a

knock downstairs.

"Oooo! That's either Allison or Serena! Wait'll they get a load of you! Be right

back, bro." Cindy shuts the door and leaves you alone in the room trapped in the

jar. A few seconds later you hear female voices chatting gaily outside the door

just before it swings open...



your glass prison you can see your sister enter the room followed by her friend

Serena. Serena is beautiful with short straight blonde hair and a 5'4 trim

physique. Unfortunately she is also a rather spoiled and bitchy girl, and she

always was nasty to you. Now you have to deal with her at 1 inch tall!

You suddenly see huge fingers grip your glass jar and you feel yourself carried

through the air. Then the jar is tilted and you slide out, onto Cindy's dresser.

There are now two giant girls looking down at you, Cindy and now Serena.

"Hey little bro, you remember Serena, don't you?"

"Gosh!" Serena gushes, "Look at how puny he is!"

You try to take the high road so you straighten up and start to say hello to

Serena but before you can get even one word you she reaches for you and plucks

you off the dresser without even asking you or even Cindy!

"Cool!" Serena says holding you in the palm of one hand while the fingers of the

other hand pokes and strokes and flips you around as she examines you.

"Hey stop! Put me down please! Cindy, can you tell Serena to put me down now?"


"Pay no

attention to him, he just likes to complain." Cindy says.

Serena puts you down at her feet. You look up to see the two giant girls

towering over you and laughing.

"You know Brad, I could squash you like a bug under my foot. Who'd miss you at

your size, HA!" Serena lifts her foot up and her sole hovers just over your



Frightened out of your mind by this horrible evil Goddess, you drop to your

hands and knees and kiss at her giant toes, praying to her as you do so.

"please, Serena! Don't kill me!" you cry, kissing between every word "I'll do

anything you wish!" You hate yourself because you hate Serena so much, but at

the same time you really feel you're against dying. You hear her laugh above you

with your sister.

"I guess he likes me after all." Serena laughs. "Please give him to me! He likes

me, don't you?" she asks you?



please, Mistress Serena!" you cry, kissing her smelly toes some more. You even

begin to lick them, suddenly feeling as if you deserve to belong to her.

"See...all men eventually want to be mine." Serena giggles "And this lucky

little toy can be mine literally!" she laughs, prodding you with your toes while

grinning "I do love this attention, and the foot kissing is a definate perk."

she laughs out loud to your sister, "So, little slave, tell me why I should

accept you?"

"Because I was so awful to you! I should have accepted you as my superior long

ago!" you cry.

"This is true..." the bitch says above you, "But that's all the more reason for

me to punish you by NOT accepting you." Serena says. You look up at her and rub

your cheek against her big toe.

"PLEASE take me, Goddess Serena! Let me make it up to you as your slave, your

toy, your pet! I promise I'll be good, and serve you loyally. You're so much

better than me, truly a Goddess. I am nothing compared to you."

" never were, right?" she asks, smiling smuggly.

"No! You were always a Goddess. Please, I love you, Mistress! I want to be yours

forever!" and you begin to lick her toes some more.

"I dunno...still not convinced." Serena says.

"Then squash me under your mighty foot!" you plead, "I'd be honored to die under

your feet like a bug, you're so wonderful, Goddess! If I can't be your slave, I

want to be a bug under your feet, barely worth your notice." You kiss her feet

some more, "I want to die for you! No man could have a better fate then life as

your slave, or death under your feet!"

"I can't argue with that..." Serena says, putting a finger under her chin, "You

are so agreeable at this size, little man! So much better then you were at

normal size. You always were an insect. Ok, you win. I'll..."


"'re my slave." She says, laughing "But you better prove you're worth

it. I deserve the best. I'm sure you agree."

"I do, Mistress!" You cry, feeling tears coming.

"This was certainly unexpected..." Serena says, grinning "But I like this

better. I can't believe your brother, the guy I've hated SO much actually WANTS

to be mine! He was always such a peice of crap, and now he's my property!" she

laughs "What a fitting fate for you. To worship and belong to me. No one is THAT

lucky, right, Cindy?" She asks, smiling like a tiger that's cornered it's prey.

"I wish I could be

your tiny toy, too, Serena..." Cindy says, dropping to her knees and lowering

her head down next to you, looking up at the beautiful snob. "I've always been

envious of you..."

"Oh, I know..." Serena says "Everyone is. Secretly, deep down, EVERYONE loves

and worships me." Serena pushes her feet closer to your sisters face, "Go ahead,

lowly little peasent, kiss my feet." she purrs. You watch as your sister kisses

Serenas feet. Suddenly, you realise your sister is shrinking. Soon she's just as

big as you, and you both begin to kiss your mistress' feet, rubbing it with your

tiny hands. Serena laughs loudly with power and puts her hands on her hips.

"Brother and sister, tiny little minions for me. I've always deserved slaves who

worship me, and you two will do nicely. I'm not sure how you shrunk, but you

did, and that's cool with me!"

Suddenly allison is heard in the hall...


As the

two tiny slaves kiss her feet, Serena sits down in a chair, feeling like the

goddess she thinks she is. While she is being worshipped, Serena imagines what

it would be like for everybody on earth to be her servants. Her daydream is

interupted, though, by Allison walking into the bedroom. "Oh hi Serena", Allison

says dryly. Serena and Allison have never really liked each other, but they

tolerate each other because they like hanging out with Cindy. Normally, the two

girls talk about each other when the other is not around, and Allison was hoping

that Cindy was here, so she could cut on her snobby friend. "So whats up

Serena", Allison asks. "Oh, not much just being worshipped, Serena replies and

gestures toward her bare feet. Allison looking confused, stares at Serena's

feet, "What are you talking about Ser...Oh my god, is that Brad and Cindy",

Allison stamers. "Yep, they both shrank and started licking my feet, cool huh",

Serena responds proudly. Without even realizing what she is saying, Allison nods

and says dreamily, "wow they're so lucky, I've always wanted to worship you too

Serena". "Of course you have, well don't be shy, go ahead kiss my feet. I know

its what you want", Serena sneers. Without hesitating, Allison gets on her hands

and knees and starts kissing and smelling Serenas nasty feet. "Thats right

slave, get a good smell", the bitchy girl commands. Allison eagerly obeys and

puts her nose in between the moist toes, taking a deep whiff. So caught up in

her worship, Allison doesn't even notice that she shrinks down to Brad and

Cindy's size. All Allison can think of is how wonderful it is to be at her

superior's feet.




Giantess Stories: One Inch Tall

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