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One Man's Shrinking Role

By Spitfire

    “Downsizing?  What the hell are you talking about

downsizing?”  Asked Tom Beckett.  His Boss at Enron, Joe Sloan said, “Well, Tom

we're going to have to lay you off.  The company is downsizing.  Tom said, “But

I just bought a new house and my wife isn't finished with school yet!  Joe said,

“I'm sorry Tom.”  Then he escorted him out of his office.  You have until next

week to clear your stuff out of your desk.  Tom was mortified!  What would he

tell his wife?  As he drove home he dreaded what he had to do.  He went into his

house, plopped down on the couch and just sat there watching T.V.  A few hours

later his wife came home and he told her the bad news.  His wife Jessica didn't

seem too unhappy even though Tom saw everything crashing down around them. 

Jessica reassured him that he would be able to collect unemployment benefits and

with his skills he should find a job easily. 

One month later…

    Tom had been sitting at home watching soaps all day

since he got laid off.  Just then as he sat on the couch eating Dorito's for

breakfast, he got a call for an interview and a mandatory physical exam.  He had

done well in the interview so he was referred to take the physical exam.  Once

in the physical, when the doctor weighed him, he was pleased when he learned

that he had lost five pounds.  Then when the doctor measured him and said,

“6'1”.” Tom argued, “Come on doc, you've got to be wrong, I've been 6'2” tall

since I was a junior in high school!”  The doctor gave him a dirty look and

replied, “Excuse me Mr. Beckett, but I've been a doctor for twenty seven years

now and if I measure someone, I usually don't make a mistake of over ¼â€!”  Maybe

the person measuring you this whole time didn't know how to measure someone, but

I'm sure I do!”  Tom apologized.  The doctor put down that Tom was mentally

unstable and that he should under no circumstances be hired for the position. 

Then he left the office.  The receptionist told Tom to wait for a phone call for

the follow-up interview.  That he did.  He waited 2 weeks by the phone.  No

calls from an employer, just tele-marketers. 

Another month later…

    Jessica ran in the door yelling with excitement, “Guess

what, Tom?  I just got an internship with IBM!  Isn't that great?  I should be

making enough money to help out with the bills and finish paying for my school! 

Isn't that great?”  She hugged Tom and he said, “Oh yeah, that's just great!” 

The next morning he was awakened by Jessica getting ready to go to work.  He

finally got tired of her slamming the bathroom door and drawers and got out of

bed.  He kissed her, as she was getting ready to walk out the door and said,

“Good lock on your new job today honey!”  She smiled and kissed him back.  Just

then he noticed that she was looking him straight in the eye!  This was very odd

since his wife was only 5'9“!”  He looked down at her feet and said, “You must

have some really high heels on!  You're the same height as me.  His wife also

noticed and said, “You know you're right!  Gee, it must be my power suit, or

maybe it's just my posture.  I've been going to the gym and I've noticed that I

have much better posture now.  These are only 2” heels so that has to be it.” 

Then she looked at Tom's shirt and pants and how big and baggy they looked on

him and said, “Maybe you should start going to the gym again.  It looks like

you're losing weight, and getting skinny.”  With that Tom nodded his head yes

and they kissed again.  Then Jessica walked out the door and was off to work. 

Tom went upstairs to weigh himself and indeed he had lost another 10bs. since he

had been off work.  Apparently the mandatory workouts the company sponsored had

been doing more for him than he thought. 

    He decided to go to the gym.  He went upstairs and put

on his workout clothes and noticed that they were quite loose on him. 

Then something very odd, not just loose, but the pant legs

seemed almost too long!  Strange, very strange indeed, he thought.  He got in

his car to drive down to the gym and noticed that his seat felt funny.  He moved

it back and forth until it was comfortable.  Once at the gym, Tom was very

disappointed at how much strength he had lost.  He went into the sauna to

relieve some of his muscle pain.  After he stepped out of the sauna, he weighed

himself.  He lost a pound working out and was down to 169.  Then just for grins

he measured himself.  He was sure the doctor was full of shit.  He stepped on

the scale. Put the bar onto the top of his head, then stepped down to read the

measurement.  It read 71.  He had to have measured wrong!  He asked on of the

trainers that worked in the gym to make sure he was measuring himself

correctly.  The trainer looked at the measure and said, “Yeah you're doing it

right, now step down.  Uh, uh, you're 71” tall.”  Tom told him thanks and then

got dressed.      As he was driving home a panic started to come over him.  He

didn't want to even think about what could be happening to him!  He couldn't


    Six months had passed and Tom hadn't shrunk anymore. 

He reasoned to himself that he was just measured wrongly before.  As he sat on

the couch watching Love Connection, Jessica came in the door and once again had

good news for Tom.  Tom, guess what!  I got a raise!  I'm making the same amount

of money as you were now before you got laid off!  Isn't that great?”  Tom got

off the couch, hugged and congratulated her.  Gradually Tom felt their

relationship changing.  He felt that Jessica was putting more and more of the

domestic responsibilities on him as the weeks passed and he was getting more an

more depressed about not working.  At the same time Jessica's life was on the up

rise.  She had a very good job and seemed very happy.  Although she had been

putting in a lot of hours and they were only seeing each other for an hour or so

a day.  Tom noticed that his clothes were getting more and more loose on him. 

He went to the gym again and the same trainer gave him a very odd look.  Tom

stepped on the scale and noticed he weight was down to 160 now!  Then he put the

bar on top of his head and stepped down.  It read 69”…SIXTY-NINE INCHES!  That's

how tall his wife is!  Tom went back home and sat on the couch to watch T.V. and

just veg.  Jessica walked in a few hours later.  She walked over to him and

said, “What's wrong?  You don't greet me at the door anymore.  Are you mad at me

or something?”  Tom just looked out into empty space.  Jessica shook him and Tom

jumped up onto his feet.  To both of their surprise, Jessica was several inches

taller than him!  Tom immediately looked down at her feet and noticed she was

wearing 3 ½â€œ heels.  Jessica said, “What the hell, Tom?  Are you shrinking or

something?  I've never been this much taller than you in heels before!  I wore

these heels to dinner on our last anniversary and you were taller than me then! 

What gives?”  Then she slipped them off her feet and noticed Tom was eye to eye

with her.  Tom admitted, “Yes Jessica, it looks like I am shrinking.  And I

don't know why.  And it's been happening off and on and then it happens all at

once.  I don't know what's going on!  Jessica held him for several minutes.  Tom

was intoxicated by her smell.  He missed her so much.  He began kissing her and

one thing led to another.  Then Jessica led him to the bedroom where they made

love.  There seemed to be more sexual energy between them because of how

different it felt now that Tom was the same size as her.  After they both came

explosively, Jessica smiled and said, “Well Tom, maybe this shrinking thing

isn't so bad after all.  Tom smiled and embraced her then fell asleep.

  For the past year, Tom had all but assumed the duties as

househusband.  He cooked, cleaned and did all of the household chores while

Jessica worked full time.  He was becoming more and more depressed everyday

because he couldn't find a job.  He was also becoming noticeably shorter than


He tried to hide it from her by never standing up when she

was or wearing shoes around the house when she was barefooted.  One day Jessica

decided to confront him.  She was standing out in the kitchen and yelled for

him.  “Tom, can you come here?  I need help opening a jar.” 

Tom couldn't resist and walked out into the kitchen,

forgetting to put on his shoes.  He stopped at the doorway when he remembered

and then was relieved to see Jessica sitting down.  He walked over to her and

she stood up next to him.  She noticed he had to look up to see eye to eye with

her!  “Tom!  You're shrinking again!”  She yelled.  Tom hung his head and said,

“Yeah, I'm still shrinking.”  “Shit it seems so funny having you shorter than

me!  How tall are you now?”  She asked.  Tom replied, “You mean how short am I

now don't you?  I'm 5'5” now.” 

One month later…

    Tom hadn't shrunk for a whole month and he was pleased

with himself.  That was of course only temporary.  Jessica came home with more

“good news” again that night.  She told him that she had gotten a promotion and

would be making double the money she was before.  Then she said, “Unfortunately

along with this promotion is going to come more responsibilities.  I'll have to

attend meetings all over the country now.  And to start me off, I have to leave

tomorrow morning for Chicago.”  Tom said that he was very happy for her and they

embraced.  Jessica could feel him getting hard against her leg and started

getting excited herself.  They started kissing and petting then one thing led to

another and they were on the floor having rough, savage sex.  Jessica was

becoming more aggressive and stayed on top of Tom until she made him cum.  Then

they showered off together and went to bed falling asleep in each other's arms. 

Jessica woke up and tried not to wake Tom as he slept.  As she was getting ready

she kissed him and they traded “I love you's”.  Once Tom decided to roll out of

bed at about 11:30, he got a very rude awakening!  Everything in the room seemed

out of proportion.  And it felt like the bed was higher off the floor for some

reason.  Then as he walked into the bathroom, he noticed…He saw his reflection

in the mirror and it was several inches below what it had been yesterday!  He Cabras Enanas

shrank again, only not gradually like before.  More than he ever had in the

past!  He went out into the garage and got a square out.  Then he marked himself

on the doorway and measured.  He was only 5'1” tall now!  For the rest of the

day he tried to do his household chores but he was just too shaken!  Then at

about 8:30 the phone rang.  It was Jessica.  She could sense from his voice that

there was something wrong with him.  He didn't want to tell her he had shrunken

even more.  Finally Jessica said, “Well, whatever it is, it'll be all right when

I get back.”  Tom told her good night and hung up the phone.  Then he muttered

to himself, “It'll be all right when you get back?  No!  It'll be even worse

when you get back!  At least right now I don't have to face you!  When you get

back, I'll have to deal with the fact that I'm 8” shorter than you now!

A week later…

    Jessica walked in the door and called for Tom.  Her

calls got more urgent as Tom didn't answer.  Finally Tom answered.  Jessica

said, “Where are you dear and why weren't you answering me?  I was starting to

get worried.”  Tom walked out of the bedroom as Jessica was walking in.  She

stopped as soon as she saw him and a sudden, shocked look appeared on her face. 

He only came up to her shoulders!  As she stood there in her heels, Tom asked,

Jess, could you please take off your heels so I don't have to look up at you so

far?”  Jessica smiled tenderly and cupped his face in her hand.  She slid her

shoes off and embraced Tom.  She felt his short, little body against hers and

was starting to get aroused.  She felt so tall and so strong with him in her

arms.  She remembered how it felt when he was taller than her and she was

beginning to realize that she liked having him smaller than her better!  She

bent over and kissed him slowly and deeply.  They made love like never before,


Jessica was discovering that she really enjoyed that she

could dominate her diminutive husband.  Along with dominating him sexually over

the next few weeks, her domination of him was spreading throughout the rest of

his life.  He was made to wait on her hand and foot whenever she was home.  Tom

was doing everything for her.  Besides cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry,

she also made him run her bath water every night after she ate.  Then she would

sit in the tub relaxing as he washed her body all over.  Every night she would

come home from work and Tom would seem a fraction shorter than the night

before.  Tom knew he was dwindling down in size as the month wore on. 

A month later…

    Jessica was absolutely towering over Tom and decided to

measure just how short he had gotten.  She told him to get his square and his

tape measure.  She stood him against the doorway where Tom noticed the marks he

had made of his height before far above his head now.  She told him to step

forward so she could see how tall he was.  Tom was dreading the answer but was

just as curious as she was.  She smiled and said, “My, my!  What a big boy we

are now Tommy!  You're a whopping 4'9” tall!  That's a foot shorter than me!  No

wonder you've been feeling like such a shrimp to me lately!”  Tom hung his

head.  Jessica on the other hand seemed to be getting off on the power thing she

was having over Tom and decided to have a little bit more fun with him.  She

told Tom that there was an opening in IBM for an executive secretary for one of

the executives and she could put a good word in for him.  Tom's face brightened

up and he said, “You mean a job?  Maybe that's what is making me shrink!  Not

having a job, not being in charge.  And your getting such a good job.  And

maybe, just maybe if I get a job, I can return to my normal size again!” 

Jessica smiled and said, “Yeah, maybe.  Maybe a job is just what you need!  Do

you want to sign a contract?”  Tom nodded his head yes with excitement.  With

that Jessica pulled a contract from her purse.  Once Tom signed it she said, “Oh

and by the way the opening is for a position as MY secretary so you'll be

working for me!  Imagine that, working for me all day and then once we get home,

working for me here too!  Won't that be great!  Tom was visibly shaken and

suddenly right before Jessica's eyes, Tom started to shrink!  The top of his

head only came up to her breasts!  She was huge to him now!  Tom looked up at

Jessica and said, “No! I refuse to work for you!  You're the reason I'm

shrinking in the first place!  It's bad enough you had taken my role as

breadwinner; I can't bear to have to take orders from you as your employee too! 

Jessica laughed and said, “Okay, okay Tom!  You know you've just signed a

contract!  If you back out of it I'll get the company's lawyers to sue you and

you'll have to pay some serious fees!  Oh and by the way, if you can't pay

you'll probably go to jail.  And can you imagine what would happen to someone

your size in jail?”  Then she laughed at Tom's look of shock.  Of course we can

just try it out for a week or so just to see how it goes and then if you don't

like it, we'll tear up the contract.  Tom agreed.  Then Jessica said, “Well you

know you can't go to work for me looking like you do.  We'll have to get you

some dress clothes for the office.  They spent several hours that night looking

through children's stores for appropriate clothing.  And Jessica was loving

every minute of teasing him about how small his clothes were!   

The next day…

    Tom followed Jessica into her office.  Jessica sat down

at her desk and smiled.  Tom asked, “Well, Jessica, what do you want me to do

first.  Jessica stood up and walked over to Tom.  She looked down at him as she

stood there towering over him by 16” and said, “Well the first thing you can do

for me is to show a little respect!  Here at work, I'm your boss, so you will

address me as your boss!  You will not call me by my first name; you will call

me Mrs. Beckett.  Is that understood, Tom?”  Just then Tom felt the room rising

around him. 

He knew better and realized that he had shrunk again!  He

had to be at least 4” shorter!  Jessica's eyes widened with wonder and she said,

“I'll take that as a “yes” Tom!”  Then laughed.  Tom spent most of the day

waiting on Jessica hand and foot…just like at home.  He spent the rest of the

day pulling his pants up and tripping over his shoes, which were both now much

too big and long for him!  Jessica constantly pinched him on the ass and had him

do her bidding for her every little desire and was loving every minute of it! 

Tom looked at the clock on Jessica's desk and noticed that it was 5:00.  He

said, Mrs. Beckett, isn't it about time to go home?  Jessica smiled and said,

“Not yet, Tom.  First you have one more thing to do and then I'll let you go for

the day.”  She smiled, an evil smile.  Then she told him to go underneath her

desk and get her pen that she dropped.  She slid her chair back and pointed

under the desk.  Tom bent over and crawled under the desk.  Then he heard

Jessica slide her chair forward.  Then she spread her legs.  When he turned

around he noticed that she wasn't wearing any underwear!  Jessica laughed evilly

and said, “The only way out Tom is to eat your way out!”  Tom knew better than

to even struggle.  He buried his face in her pussy.  She grabbed the back of his

head and was grinding his face into her as he licked her.  A few minutes later

she came all over his face!  He sat on the floor and waited until Jessica slid

her chair back.  Jessica reared back in her chair and kicked off her heels. 

Then she propped her feet up with her legs spread on her desk and said, “Okay,

Tom you can come out, I believe you are done now!  Tom crawled out and stood up

between her legs.  Jessica's eyes widened as Tom rose to his feet.  He was even

shorter than he was before!  They were eye to eye as Jessica sat in her chair! 

Tom had to have shrunk at least another 8 inches more!  This brought his height

down to 3'4”!  His little clothes were hanging off of him as if he were a little

kid trying on his dad's clothes!  Jessica got up and stood in front of him.  Tom

looked up at her smiling down at him.  He was looking her just below her navel

now!  Even while she was in bare feet!  Tom was so intimidated by her size that

he was starting to feel that familiar feeling again.  He was shrinking even

more!  By the time he stopped, he was eye level with Jessica's pussy!  Jessica

spread her legs and grabbed the back of his head, again in the all too familiar

position!  She commanded him, “Eat me my little baby-sized man!”  Jessica felt

herself having to spread her legs wider and wider so Tom could reach her.  She

looked down at her pitifully small husband and felt herself getting hotter. 

Finally she came, harder than she ever had in her life.  Not doubt due to the

dominance she felt over Tom now!  She brought her legs together and looked down

at him.  The top of his head was 4 inches or so below her inseam!  Just for

kicks she said, “Tom, see if you can walk between my legs!”  Tom hesitated until

she commanded, “Do it I said!”  Tom turned sideways and walked between her

legs!  As Jessica watched him, she saw him getting even smaller.  He was only

knee high to her now and his clothes had fallen off of him.  Jessica bent over

and grabbed him with one hand around the waist and picked him up!  This caused

him to get even smaller!  He was lucky to be a foot tall now!  Jessica smiled

and put him into her brief case.  She took her letter opener and punched several

holes in the lid and then closed it.  Once at home she opened the brief case to

find that Tom was now not more than 4” tall.  Standing there nude, she got the

perfect idea.  She took him into the bedroom, covered his small naked body with

KY jelly and stuck him headfirst into her vagina!  She was pushing him in and

out of her until she felt his feet slip from between her fingers.  She put her

two fingers inside of her to try to get Tom back out.  She felt something inside

of her maybe about an inch long or so and then she didn't feel anything!  Tom

had all but shrunk so small he had disappeared inside of her vagina never to be

seen or heard from again…except once in a while Jessica says she feels this

tingle inside of her!       


Giantess Stories: One Man

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