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Oops I'm in trouble this time

By nic2800

I finally got tickets to see Britney. I'm 37 years old a lot older guy than most

of her fans. I just think she is so hot. I couldn't pass up this concert. It

promised to be her biggest ever.

I got in and found my seat. Sure once she takes the stage the whole place would

be on their feet the entire time. It was good spot though.

People were cheering the first moment her dancers started the pre show. They

danced on a clear platform that was ten feet off the stage.

As they finished in a cloud of pink smoke, the lights went black. Everybody

roared and clapped. Then a blast of sparks filled the stage.

All the lights came up and in the middle of the stage stood a 50 foot tall

Britney. She just stood there for a minute with a big smile and eyes sparkling.

Everybody was breathless as the singing Goddess stood looking at them. She

jumped high and landed with a earthquake sending everyone to their knees.

She giggle then broke into a new song and dance number. Even at 50 foot. She was

quick and on time with her dancers. She didn't use her usual head set her voice

made the walls tremble.

The crowd finally got into the show and cheered at the titaness. I couldn't

believe this. She was bumping and grinding with a male dancer standing in her


As the first song came to a quiet end, Britney stood on the edge of the stage

and leaned over and let the man down to his platform then to look down in the


"Well, I told ya this would be my biggest show ever." She giggled and made a

silly face and stuck her huge pink tongue out.

Just then my cell phone rang out. I put it to my ear.

"Hey little man!" Britney shouted, it rumbled through the arena like thunder.

I jumped and looked up to see her face fill my view as her finger and thumb

reached out and grabbed my phone along with my hand.

"You gotta be kidding me! You paid for tickets to my show and you'd rather talk

on the phone?" Britney gritted her teeth as she pulled me up in the air by my


I almost pissed my pants.

The crowd grew quiet as she let me dangle from her hand and looked at me with

smoldering eyes. Even at her regular 5'5" she would have made me nervous. Even

though I would have been 3' taller.

She looked out toward her crowd. "Should I teach this jerk a lesson?" She asked


I heard the people chant.. YES,YES,YES.

Her other hand came up and gripped me. All that showed was my head and the arm

and hand she had in her pinch. She slipped the phone from my hand and crushed it

letting the pieces fall.

Britney was shaking me wildly. "You are in real trouble with me you little

bug...." The flat tone run through me like an electric shock.

I was stuffed into her tight top between her firm breasts. She wedged me in with

my arms tight to my sides all the way up to my neck.

"I gotta finish my show for my real fans then I'll deal with you."

"But I'm a fan!" I cried out.

A flick from her finger to my head.."Shut up!" Britney yelled making the whole

place rumble.

The show took a whole hour. I was wet with her sweat and almost passed out from

her body heat.

Here I was tucked into my dreams breasts aroused and scared to death.


I must have passed out from the heat of the Britneys' body. I woke with a really

dry mouth and I could hardly get air in my lungs. I opened my eyes to find I was

still in her top. Sounds like she is sleeping. She must have been tired after

the show and was napping.

The slick stuff making up the outfit had me pressed into her tan skin. Even wet

with sweat she smelled wonderful. All I could see is her tits on each side and a

ceiling. Being pinned this tight made it hard to even turn my head. I tried to

look down but all I saw was her arms folded across her belly under her breasts.

Oh God! What is she going to do with me? Maybe, it was a joke. Sure she was just

toying with me to play to the crowd. I mean even a star like her can't be so


I started to wiggle and try to get out of try squeezing top. Not just to get

away, but it was really hard to breath. When Britney breathes I get squeezed

even more.

As I struggled to get lose from her I guess I woke her up.

"Hey, you better settle down little man." She warned bringing a finger up to tap

on my head.

"Please Britney!" I yelled. "I'm sorry if I made you upset. I'm one of your


That is all I got out. The finger that tapped my head drove hard into my

stomach, driving out what little air I had. It stayed pushed in. I swear I

thought she was feeling my backbone.

"Did I say you could talk? [Poke] No! I did not. [Poke] You are here because you

made me feel second best to a cell phone. [Poke] I had my body enlarged at great

cost to give my fans a thrill. So what do you do? ]Poke] You bring your cell

phone and interrupt me."

Each poke made my eyes bug out and I almost puked. A little blood came out of my

nose I guess from the pressure. I was scared shitless.

She sat up on a huge sofa. We were in a storage studio made into an apartment.

The finger let up. A finger and thumb gripped my head and pulled me out of her

top. I hung not moving. I thought I would break my own neck if I did anything.

She twisted me around just inches from her face. She stared at me for a long

time not even blinking.

A big wicked smile crawled across her lips. She said something but her fingers

had my ears covered so tight. I couldn't hear what it was. Her eye went to an

angry look and the pinch got tighter. I thought my head would split. Then

another smile came to her lips.

Her other hand came up to grip around my upper body pinning my arms to my side.

The hand was so large it spanned from my shoulders to almost my crotch. Squeezed

tight in her palm now. She let go of my head.

"Sorry, I didn't think that you couldn't hear me." She giggled again.

She pumped the grip a couple times like she was testing my thickness. "You are

kind of thick for a little thing. If I was at my normal size and you were

shrunk. I bet you'd be about 7 or 8 inches long. HUMMMM.I'm getting ideas that

might give you the best thrill of your life."

"Please!" I said almost crying. "I didn't..." her hand squeezed.

"Look if you try to talk one more time." She said squeezing till my tongue stuck

out. Her thumb and finger pinched it tight. "I'll rip this out, ok? If you

understand nod."

I nodded franticly. Even this was hard to do with her huge fingers attached to

my tongue.

"Good, now then. Since you seem to have such a short.[ no pun intended ]

attention span. Even with a 50 foot tall gal like me in front of you. I am going

to teach you how to keep your mind on the important things. Like me!"

That last bit was so loud and powerful I could feel it in my liver. I cried

softly and I was so scared I lost control and pissed myself.

The wet spot formed on my jeans. Britney laughed so hard she almost dropped me

the 20 feet to the floor.

"You kind of lost it hum big fellow?

She slowly put me down on a table beside her. "You get them nasty piss pants off


I just fell to my knees holding my sides and crying.

"Aw look at the little baby crying and pissing himself." Her finger nudged me

onto my back as she giggled at me. Her forefinger was planted on my chest. "Here

let a big woman help the little crybaby." Big fingers slipped my shoes off

tossing them over her shoulder.

Each sock was slowly slipped off and dropped to the floor. "Now for your nasty

pee pants." I started to sob. "Hush up you little baby." She warn pushing hard

on my chest, stopping my sounds of fear. My most favorite rock queen was

treating me like a naughty baby. Her beautiful face just inches away. Her sweet

breath was blowing on me as she pulled on my pant leg. The twinkle in her eyes

as she toyed with my foot for a bit before ripping the jeans away. Eveything was

going black she hadn't let me get air for over a minute

I guess I was turning blue she finally let up enough to let me get air. "Sorry,

sometimes at this size I don't know my own strength. That shows you though I

have control over your very life now. Bet you never dreamed I would be taking

your pants off now did ya?"

Perfect fingernails tugged my underwear down. The cooler air and the electric 2

foot wide smile of white teeth sent a signal to my dick. I was still afraid but

my hard on jumped up anyway.

"Well, I see not everything about you is acting like a baby." She chirped. A

light drag of her fingernail at the base to the head made it stand harder than

it ever had. Moving her pinning finger off my chest. She cupped her hand over my

upper body from my head to my belly.

"Babies should not be seeing such things." Britney pushed my member down and let

it spring back. Each time a giggle came from her.

"This thing is so cute. How can such a baby have such a reactive man thing?"

Through the gap in her fingers I saw her wet the tip of the relentless playful

digit. The warm wetness was so good to me I lost it.

This made her cackle. "Wow you squirt like a grape. Lets see how many time you

can do that till I get tired."

Over and over she flicked and wet and rubbed and giggled at each burst. Oh God

make her stop. After the 5th time it was hurting to cum. Hours went by I think.

I blacked out.


When I came to I was naked hanging upside down by my left leg from Britneys'


She was poking and twisting limbs. Making arms move like a broken action figure.

The finger would nudge my crotch just to punish me. Pinching my nipples was fun

to her too.

This went on for a long time. No sounds came from her just facial movements.

Oh God she is beautiful just make her stop..please.....How can someone so

awesome be so cruel?

I was hanging so long by my ankle from her finger it was numb. Britney started

swinging me in small circle. As I swayed she softly giggled.

"Hey big guy I got a real brain storm. You are going to be my own little dancer.

[he, he, he] How does that sound?"

Her eyes were so bright with wonder. A bit of spittle lingered on her lower lip.

Absent-mindedly her tongue wiped it away. I was lowered just inches from her

mouth. The breath wisped across my body.

" Do you dance my little?"

I was tossed up flipping head over heel in the air. I screamed and waved my arms

trying in vain to catch myself. I was caught in her open palm then lowered to

the table again.

Britney stood up towering over me. Her hands on her hips she looked just over

her right breast down on me. "Now don't you go anywhere." She warned bending

over and placing her index fingertip on my nose lightly wiggling it. "I got

something special in mind."

She stood back up and walked across the studio to a huge music system. I stood

and walked to the edge of the table looking for a way to get down and run. The

table was about 20 feet high. Way too high for a mad jump to freedom.

My quest for freedom was short lived as a light blocking shadow settled over me.

Britneys' music started playing in surround sound.

"Well, I see you got your land legs back." She said bending over with her hands

clasped and tucked between knees. This brought her face close to me. "I want you

to dance my little cell phone using, no paying attention, self centered bug."

I just stood looking up at the young giantess. I have never danced. I didn't

know what to do.

"Aw does the little man need help?" A huge fist pounded in time with the beat on

the table, or now dance floor. I in turn bounce to the small thumping

earthquake. I kind of looked like a jumping bean.

"No that's not right little guy. I'll show you. A finger and thumb pinched each

of my legs. She lifted and turned my legs kind of like her dance moves on the

first video. "Now you move you arms."

Try as I might I really looked more like a stick dummy bouncing on a

springboard. Britney kind of huffed under her breath. "You just ain't got no

rhythm do ya boy."

My force mad man march and dance ended in a screaming and forward and back

splits. This almost ripped my legs and muscles apart.

She let go and just watched as I rolled slowly into a ball. Sweating and

breathing like an asthmatic.

"You look like you need something to drink." Britney said forcing me onto my

back her palm held me flat and tight against the hard wood. A finger of her

other hand pulled my jaw open.

"Yes, it sure looks like a dry well." She looked in my mouth like a dentist

looking for a bad tooth. "Here let me fix that a big glob of saliva dripped from

her pink lower lip. It stopped for a second. I tried in vain to turn my head.

The finger on my chin pushed harder to keep me in place.

The drool drop plopped into my mouth over half my face. The finger pushed my

mouth shut. Then it covered my nose forcing some in my nostrils. Running out of

air I end up having to swallow. The finger then smoothed the rest of the wetness

all over my face and slicked back my hair.

She giggled and gathered my hair into a point, as I coughed and choked up some

of her spit. "There now isn't that better?" She leaned down closer, so close all

I could see was her nose and mouth.

Her tongue slipped out through those pillow lips to lick from my belly to my

face. The lingering saliva was wiped again over my nose. She pinned my hands

over my head and legs tight together. I was prone to her whims of licking and


The lips covered my nose and mouth. Air was blown into me like it was from an

air compressor. Each hot breath washed me in humid moistness.

Sucking now she emptied my lungs almost to implosion. I whimpered and squealed

shaking my head to get air. The lips parted in a sucking smack. The tongue

started again. Licking down to my nipples. Teeth as wide as my hand nipped at

them. They were worked to hardened tender points.

The lips opened wide and came up to cover my whole face. Each time I almost

passed out. The lips would raise to let air in then cover again.

Finally she pulled back to look at my wet body. You are going to be up close and

personal with me now....

"Please, please, please stop." I cried. I was grab up around my chest in her

hand in a blur. The fingers gripped so tight I could hear my pulse in my ears.

The air in my lungs was pushed out in a forced gasp. The fist shook me.

My arms and legs flopped back and forth and my head bobbed like a cork on a

river. My teeth smashed together chipping a molar.

"I told you not to say a fucking thing!" Britney yelled in a fit of rage.

I was blacking out from the pressure on my lungs. A trickle of blood ran down my

lip from my nose. Blackness rolled in.

I woke alone on the table. Was having a hard time taking air in. I don't think

ribs were broken the muscles were sprained. I just laid there in a ball trying

not to through up and breathing slowly.

Britney finally came back to me. Her hand spanned down and around my balled up

form like she was picking up a tennis ball.

I was picked up and turned over. Bringing me up for inspection she held me

inches away from her eyes.

"You are here because I want you here. You did not pay attention to me tonight.

You must think you are more important than me. That your phone call was more

important than me having changed my whole life just to entertain someone like

you." Her voice was so flat toned so unattached it made me feel cold as ice.

"It turned me on a little, but also made me so angry that second your phone

became more important than my never before matched performance. That ring made

you become my center of attention. Even I stopped for you."

"You now will pay attention to only me." She continued while bringing her mouth

to just touch my ear. "Don't make me upset again. If you do I might not be able

to stop. I have a bit of a bad temper. I can be kind of a rich bitch sometimes."

She lightly kissed my ear then placed her other hand over me.

I was totally surrounded by the rock queens' hands.

"I hold your very life in the palms of my hands." She giggled a bit while

pressing her hands together lightly, and then she tossed me high in the air.

I rolled over in the air and was caught in her open palms. "You will praise me

as your goddess of life." She said as I was placed on the floor at her bare


"Kneel and bow before me small one and look up to my face." She placed her feet

just inches away from me as I did as she had asked. Kneeling like this and

turning my face up to hers made me really feel very afraid. A tear rolled down

my cheek as I looked in hers eyes.

"Aw little one." She mockingly cooed. Her big toe of her right foot came forward

to wipe the moistness away. The toe was as wide as my head.

I started to look away in shame. I was scared but also turned on. My now hard

member touched the cold tiled floor. She quickly slid her toenail under my chin

and pulled my face back up.

"No - no, you look up." The toe came up and lightly brushed the tip of my nose.

"Kiss my toe." I gave a halfhearted kiss to the tip of the nail. She traced

around my head then placed it on top of my head.

With just the weight of her toe she forced my head down and pinned it hard to

the floor. I put my hands up and tried in vain to try and get loose. The

pressure was making my skull creek. Then the weight was gone.

I laid there for a bit not knowing what to do. In a blur I was forced onto my

back. My hard member stood straight. I tried to cover it. Britney giggled and

brushed my hands away with the over ruling toe.

Ever so lightly she played with the head. Brush - brush - brush.

Then I was covered completely by her foot. It was a dancers foot, kind of hard

but yielding. I got a since of how it felt to be pressed in medieval times.

She spread her first and second toe to see my face. The webbing covered my mouth

and was pushed up into my nose. I could not breath. I tried to wiggle free to

get air but it was impossible. Britney would laugh at my bugging eyes and red

face. When I would turn almost purple she would let me have air. I would get one

deep breath. Then she would force it out again. After a bit she found that she

could make me breath if she pushed hard collapsing my chest. Then letting up

quickly air would suck in my expanding ribcage.

For a long time she marveled at being my respirator. Finally I passed out.


I came to. Britney was now naked and standing over me. I was in aw of the body I

dreamed of so many nights.

I trembled as she bent over bringing her hand down to pick me up. I heard a kind

of grinding metal noise below me. Her other hand came up to me. It was full of

baby oil gel.

I was covered from head to toe.

With an eyebrow raised she hummed as she worked the gel over me.

Without a word I was jammed feet into her as she stood. I heard her whimper and

felt a shutter run through her. I was pumped slowly in and out. She was so tight

even with the gel I was almost sticking to her as I was worked into her.

I was pushed up to my neck and left there. I heard music playing. She started to

dance and strut with me inside her. Each squeeze and step made me jerk and

struggle against the very fit girls muscles.

Once she spread her legs wide and crouched. Her pussy slowly pushed me out down

to my mid chest. Then I was slowly sucked back in. She lay down and worked me so

hard and fast I almost got whiplash.

I was in a flesh vise. She came so forceful my back popped with her last hard


I guess Britney fell asleep. I was left in her all night. Her legs kept my

gripped inside.

I passed out from the heat of her body and lack of air between her legs.

Giantess Stories: Oops I

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