Giantess Stories: Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire

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Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire




"When we last left you we were in clutches of Avril Lavigne. We have just

managed to escape here at the MTV Music Video Awards. In this hollowed hall

there are such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin,

O-Town, etc. The list goes on and on.  Directly behind us is the shoe of

Avril. A shoe we know quite well."

"AND CUT! it sounded good Tom"


"So, where to next?"

"Well we need some body shots of them doing casual things."

"Well I suggest we find someone besides Avril"

"Okay, lets move to a different table."

        We dash out from underneath this

table. The light is bright, and the air is filled with the smell of food.

Neither of us dare stop running as we dash across this walk way. We reach about

the middle of the isle when we feel familiar rumblings.

"Giantess to right, dead head ahead to your right."

"Keep running Mike, that's all we can do."

        The open toed dress shoes pounded

towards them. They both continued running but they both snuck a peek at who it was. They

both had to do a double take when they saw that it was Pink. Her pump neared

with each passing second as they both scurried to move just across the isle. The

pounding of her foot was so hard they could barely run. Her foot was almost on

top of them.  Everything stopped at once. They both looked over to see Pink

talking with someone. They had been saved by the grace of god as her foot was

mere inches from them.

        Five minutes or so passed and they

finally reached the safety of the underside of the table. They walked to the

first set of legs they saw. The woman had on a short skirt which showed off her

legs. They both looked at each other and new without speaking a word that she

was the one.

"We are on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and Action"

"We are here at table 17 at the MTV Music Video Awards. Behind is an unknown

celebrity in which we are going scale. Yes you heard it right, we are going to

scale her legs"

        I grabbed onto the ridge of shoe

and pulled myself up. I then threw my arm down and  helped Mike up with the

camera. We just made it up onto the ledge of her shoe when she started to twist

them. She pulled the back half of her foot out and slid the shoe from side to

side. We held on for dear life while trying to find a way up and onto her ankle

without falling into the shoe itself.  We slowly shimmied around the base

of the open toed end of the shoe. We smiled and nodded at how easy this was

turning out to be. We clambered onto her toes. We could feel her feet through

the skin toned nylons. The nylons were soft, and smooth as silk. I ran my

fingers across them a couple times before Mike gave me a gentle shove.

"Make sure to get a shot of the base of her foot sticking through the open

toed part. It's great"


        We were at about her ankle when

she started to sway her leg a bit. We grabbed the holes which made up her nylon

tighter. As her leg started to swing more we found ourselves unable to climb but Leyendas de terror: Vigila las patatas. Historias de miedo

just trying to hold on. The once small, microscopic holes of her nylon are now

gigantic to us which make the climb in general relatively easy. Once the leg

stopped moving they both continued there climb. As we reached the knee we

clambered up over and onto her lap. We stared up hoping to see a glimpse of her

face but her face was still thousands of feet up.


"And the winner is..... SHAKIRA!!!"

        The chair slid out and the legs

began to bend. It was then I realized that were  on the leg of Shakira,

well the thigh to be more exact.  As Shakira started we walk we found

ourselves screaming for help and on the verge of falling with her every step.

The world whizzed by at a blistering speed.

"MIke are you getting this?"

"yeah, I am, but can't we get off. I don't like this ride"

        Our stomachs lurched, our eyes

hurt by the passing of colors and shape we couldn't make out. I saw glimpses of

what I thought were faces but they are so high up its too hard to tell. As she

reached the stairs that lead onto the stage I thought we were going to die. She

bounced up the stairs. As she was speeding up the stairs I started to loose my

grip. I was holding onto her nylon with only one hand now. My body flopped from

side to side as she walked now. I felt like a windsock flapping in the breeze.

As she reached the podium and began to speak I thought my ears were going to

burst. I however managed to reach back onto her nylon while she was talking we

continued to climb as she thanked people.

        As we climbed we reached a white

wall that dug into her nylon. I called down to mike to see what he wanted to do.

We decided too investigate. I couldn't figure out why she would have a wall like

this right here on her upper thigh. We circled around her leg looking for a weak

point and we finally found a small hole where we could enter.  As we walked

through the hole we saw it close as she started to walk and we fell back as

there was no more nylon to hold onto.

"Tom, I think I know where we are?"


"Yeah, I think we should find a way out right away"

"Why? What the hell for? Where are we?"

"We are in here panties. Look that's her ass"

"Oh god"

    As she begins to walk we are both sent up into the air. We

slide down her ass cheeks only to be popped back up into the air. With every

step Shakira took both Tom and Mike would slap against her ass and then bounce

back into the cotton panty wall, only to be bounced back onto the ass cheeks of


"Shakira, are you ready for your performance?"

"Yeah, I just have to change."


Whatever she put on was tight cause we found ourselves glued to Shakira's butt.

Her thighs and legs pumped just below us as we were shoved into her ass cheeks.

We could still hear the roar of the crowd as she stepped up on stage and begin

to do  her performance.  After she started the rest of it was a blur

shaking and moving, and then she sat pressing seemingly thousands of pounds on

us. Ever so slowly everything faded to black



Giantess Stories: Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire

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