Giantess Stories: Outside Wonderland by LBP      Part 1   It was a foggy English morning but soon that cleared up into a foggy English day

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Outside Wonderland

by LBP

Part 1

It was a foggy English morning but soon that cleared up into a foggy English

day. Celes was enjoying an afternoon away from her family, finally, after

spending days on end with them. London had been incredible enough, but family

wears thin on her, especially her sister, Rosanna. The family had stayed in a

small town outside of London where a family friend had summer home. There wasn't

much to the town beyond a few dozen farms and that the area was rumored to be a

summer home of Lewis Carrol at one time as well.

Celes had rented a bicycle from a local and decided to explore the countryside

which was a stitch-working of dirt roads and paths. She sped across the ragged

roads, seeing hardly a soul for miles. At one point, she reached a large willow

tree that rested on the peak of a small slope leading down from the country road

she was riding. Just on a whim, for the excitement, Celes turned the wheel of

the bicycle and shot down the slope at full speed across the moor, howling with

the thrill of the ride and practically standing up on the bicycle.

Her joyous attitude gradually disappeared when, in the corner of her eye, she

spotted an antiquated cottage below where the willow grew. The old cottage was a

compact two-stories it seemed and was overgrown with bright, vivid flowers all

around like in all those paintings Celes had seen at her aunt's house in Nevada.

She slowed down and titled the handle-bars of the bicycle in the direction of

the house. As the bicycle slowed and wobbled, she hopped off gently setting the

bicycle down, and approached the cottage. She stepped across the moss-covered

cobblestone that led to the door. For as beautiful as the flowers and bright

green plants were, the cottage itself had been worn by weather and time. The

wood was a decript shade of gray and the glass yellowed and spotty.

She slowed down, cautiously approaching the door. A sudden burst of movement

from the underbrush caused her to jump back with a start. It was a rabbit. A

white one. The animal dove right in front of her, disappearing into the shrubury

to her left. Celes sighed, feeling relieved and foolish, a weak smile cracked on

her face.

She grasped the old wrought iron door handle and pulled the withered door right

open. She took an abrupt step back, in case of bats or birds flying out. But

there were none. She sniffed a laugh, and entered the cottage finding that its

insides were very well-preserved. In fact, the home still contained furniture

and personal affects. Celes was in awe of the antique interior.

After a moment of strolling around the living area she began actually touching

the curtains and faded lavender wall-paper. She reached the parlor and found an

large, silver vanity mirror which rested on a low dresser. Celes looked at her

reflection in the tarnished looking glass. She was a beautiful young woman,

though it seemed no one could convince her of that.

She looked into her big, round, vivid blue-green eyes for only a moment before

brushing aside loose tendrils of her shiny, shoulder-length black hair out of

her face. She looked more at the mirror than anything else, not giving a glance

at her full lips or high cheek-bones. She was trying to determine the mirror's

age, even though she hadn't a clue how to appraise things. Her complextion was

clear while her skin was pale, it was not pale white but rather had enough

pigment to give her a lively color.

She backed away from the mirror taking in more of the home. At the age of

twenty, Celes stood at only five foot four and so the old cottage's ceilings

felt right to her. She wore a burnt orange hooded sweater which she kept zipped

up and underneath that a black shirt which accentuated her small bust of 34

inches. Celes stuck in her hands into the deep pockets of her dark green

courdouroy shorts and an idea instantly popped into her head.

She began sweeping her eyes all over the home, grabbing a jewelry box from off

the low dresser. She stuffed those into her pockets before heading upstairs to

the bedrooms. Once there, Celes grabbed what looked like a music box and also a

small silver clock. She then headed downstairs again, finding she liked the

downstairs better for looting. Celes spotted a man's hat and gloves on the

Ottoman and swiped those, too. Her shorts sagged on her small, lean body with

the weight of the object she had taken.

Celes figured that what she had taken would do, lastly grabbing an old book

resting on the hutch. She walked out of the cottage, carefully closing the door.

Celes pulled the bicycle up and rode back to the town where two days later, her

family and she returned to the United States.

Part 2

Two or three days past before Celes actually got around to unpacking her

suitcases. Oddly enough, she had taken out the objects she had taken from the

cottage already and set them on her computer desk. It was good to be back in

Seattle, swapping the fog for the rain. Celes went up the stairs and into her

room. Just as she was closing the door, something blocked it. She turned around

to find Rosanna's foot lodged between the door and doorframe.

"Have you seen Precious?" Rosanna answered.

"Nope," Celes replied with a smirk and pushed Rosanna back with her hand.

"Well, maybe she's in your room?"

"She better not be, or else I'm going to have four very unlucky rabbit's feet,"

Celes answered.

"Just let me go in and check," Rosanna answered.

"No, now go away," Celes pushed with all her might on the door.

Rosanna did the same, but in the opposite direction. Celes flew back, landing on

her tight little rump with a thump. Rosanna loomed over her. She was a big girl.

Only 16 and she stood at six foot. Her measurements were astounding as well,

44-28-40. She tossed a bit of her brown hair over her shoulder and stood, arms

akimbo, over Celes.

"Now then, pip-squeak, let me look for my rabbit," Rosanna grumbled.

She looked even bigger from Celes's perspective on the floor. Celes stared up at

her for a second, feeling so small and helpless she thought she'd cry. Celes all

at once became angry at her sister and kicked a foot up just as Rosanna took a

step forward. Celes's legs were too short to hit Rosanna's stomach, so instead

her foot collided with Rosanna's big, firm thigh.

"Ooof!" Rosanna blurted out. She looked down and grabbed Celes's foot, "You

little bitch!"

She pulled Celes's foot up, pulling Celes up a bit. Celes started kicking at her

sister but Rosanna just grabbed her other foot and lifted her upside-down into

the air.

"Put me down! Put me down!" Celes shouted, squirming and twisting, trying to do

a sit-up in the air so that she could get at Rosanna.

"You've got good abs, pip-squeak," Rosanna snickered. "Why not just ask mom to

make me put you down?"

"Shut up, Rosanna," Celes snapped back.

"Does little Celes need her mommy to come rescue her from her big mean sister?"

Rosanna mocked.

Celes's squirming had done something, it had loosened her feet out of her shoes.

She slipped one foot out without Rosanna noticing at first. But her sister found

she had a looser grip on Celes and so grabbed Celes's ankles as Celes was about

to be freed.

"Gotcha!" Rosanna shouted triumphantly. "Now what are you going to do,


Celes took a long hard moment of thought, looking at her arms which dangled onto

the floor. She sighed, then got the breath of air up enough to shout, "Mom...!

Tell Rosanna to put me down, please!"

From the downstairs, in the kitchen, came their mother's voice, "Rosanna, you

put your older sister down this instant!"

"All right," Rosanna shouted back. She carelessly let go of Celes letting her

flop onto her head with a bunch of little thumps and thuds.

"What have I told you about doing that?!" their mother persisted. "Rosanna, you

come downstairs right now!"

"But Mo-o-o-om!" Rosanna whined. "Celes was being a bitch again!"

"What did you say?" their mother's voice was closer now. She must be standing by

the stairs, Celes thought. "You hard better get yourself down here before I have

to go up there, and you will not like it if I have to climb those damn stairs!"

"Thanks a lot, you little bitch," Rosanna muttered, exiting Celes's room.

Celes just lied there in her crumpled position on the floor. She felt no better

about Rosanna getting in trouble than when she was hanging by her feet. Even as

she heard Rosanna plead her case downstairs, she knew it would only happen

again. Celes refused to let her eyes water any, though, it felt as though she


She looked up at her desk, scanning over the objects she had taken from the

cottage. There was always escape in fantasy, she thought.

Part 3

Celes pulled herself up from the floor using the bed. It wasn't like she was

physically incapable of standing on her own, she didn't seem to have the will

power at this point. She dragged herself up to her feet and looked at the

objects she had taken from the cottage. Immediately, Celes walked to her door,

closed it, and locked it. Then she returned to the desk where the jewelry box

beckoned her to open it.

The tarnished silver box with dulled pearls decorating it cracked open like a

rusty door hinge. There was a musky smell from inside the box and Celes soon saw

from where it was coming. Aside from rings and bracelets and small necklaces,

there were two brown bottles crammed in the box on the left and right sides.

They appeared to have labels tied to them, but the paper had since disintegrated

so much they were indistinguishable.

Puzzled, Celes pulled both the bottles out of the jewelry box. It was odd to her

because the bottles were corked, and yet the corks had not worn away. Celes sat

at her desk chair. She set the bottles behind the music box which didn't play

any music. At first she thought it was broken, but she soon saw that it was

filled with pastel-colored candies.

She set the box down and looked to the jewelry box again. In the middle of the

jewelry was a small withered bag filled with wafers. Celes was even more

confused now as she dug the jewelry out of the box and set it on the other side

of it. The wafers were now the only thing amidst the old red felt of the jewelry


Who would keep food in a jewelry box? she thought to herself. Stranger still,

the wafers still looked edible. But Celes wasn't about to eat something nearly

two hundred years old. Totally confused with those objects, she looked to the

remaining ones. She planted the hat on her head, slipped on the white gloves,

wound up the clock, and grabbed the book. The book's pages were as musky as

eveything else she had opened and they had yellowed with time. The writing was

in English, but in script. The ink had also faded a great deal. At first she

thought it was the smell of the pages, but odors usually didn't affect Celes

that much. She felt uneasy though, like the room was spinning.

"Girls, dinner!" she heard her mother shout.

Celes set the book down, whipped off the gloves, tossed the hat on the bed and

stood from the chair. The strange vertigo had lifted, but the uneasiness

remained. The room was somehow different. Celes stood in place a moment, trying

to figure out what it was. Unable to put her finger on it, she rushed down the

stairs, literally running into Rosanna.

"Hey, watch it, pip-squeak," Rosanna barked quietly, still annoyed with getting

reprimanded by their mother.

Celes took a step back and looked up at Rosanna. The busty girl seemed even more

intimidating than normal to Celes. Celes didn't say a word and walked into the

kitchen where her other was serving dinner as her father sat down.

"Haven't seen you in a while, Celes," her father smiled, picking up the


"Yeah, I've been hiding," she answered.

"Heh heh, seems like it," he nodded, opening the newspaper.

"Are you feeling all right Celes," her mother asked. "You look a little thin."

Upon turning around to see her mother, Celes felt a tingle in her stomach and a

chill down her spin. She had always been eye level with her mother, now it

seemed she was tilting her head back to look her in the eyes.

Her father didn't look up from the newspaper, "She's fine, dear... You're going

to make these girls hypochondriacs, Elaine."

"I-I feel fine, Mom," Celes said making a quick smile. She sat down at her usual


"Well, if you say so..."

But Celes didn't feel fine and the butterflies in her stomach multiplied when

she found her legs hanging off the ground. It couldn't be, she thought, it

couldn't. Rosanna entered the kitchen, taking her usual seat across from Celes

at the table. Celes just slouched in her chair, not looking Rosanna in the eyes.

"What's the matter, pip-squeak?" Rosanna pestered.

"Now Rosanna stop that," her mother ordered as she served dinner. "What have I

told you about that?"

"That's right, Rosa, not all of us can be Amazons... Believe me, I've tried,"

Celes's father looked away from the newspaper to give Celes a smile and a wink.

Celes smiled a bit, turning her head away soon after.

"Bud, do you know what your daughter did again today?" their mother continued.

"Oh, Jesus," he answered, nearly folding up the newspaper to look at Rosanna.

"What have we told you about that?"

"But daddy, I was just joking around...," Rosanna tried to explain.

"Oh, I see... So how come I never see anyone laughing but you, Rosa?" he


"I can't entertain myself?"

"That's no better than bullying. That is bullying. I told you to stop and I

don't like repeating myself."

"I need to you the bathroom," Celes said suddenly. She stood up and left the


"See what you did?" their mother added. "You've upset her. It's not her fault

she's so small."

"Yeah, that's right, really the only reason you're so tall, Rosa, is because of

my side of the family and your Aunt Helen on your mother's side," her father


He resumed reading the newspaper.

"So you're trying to make me the freak of nature here?" Rosanna blurted. "Look

at the way she dresses..."

"We're not talking about that, Rosa," her mother interrupted. "This conversation

is over. You apologize to your sister later on tonight, but not at the dinner



Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Celes leaned on the counter, staring at her

reflection. She didn't look any different, but there was askew to her. She

looked at her clothes. Her off-white tank top was still fitting as normal. And

so were her already loose-fitting dark blue cargo pants. Her black work-shoes

were the same, and really the only thing that would boost her height. She pulled

on the black belt around her waist, looking at the notches and finding it was no

looser than before. She backed away from the mirror.

That's when she saw it. It was in the reflection. She turned her head to the

right, in shock, and took a long hard look at the towel rack. It was almost

above her head.

"I am smaller," she muttered, the queasiness in her stomach reaching a peak. The

towel rack was easily at five feet. Celes had been five four and now she placed

herself at four foot eleven. She knew she couldn't let Rosanna find out, and she

wasn't sure if she should tell her parents. Maybe she could figure it out

herself. It had to be something with the objects she had taken, maybe she could

find a way to reverse it.

Celes headed down the stairs to finish eating dinner which she scarfed down with

little conversation on her part.

"Are you going out tonight, Celes?" her mother asked.

"Um... I don't know yet," she answered, shoving another forkful into her mouth.

"She never knows," her father almost chortled.

"And yet she almost always seems to go out, so that's why I'm asking, dear," her

mother replied.

"I don't know," Celes shrugged. "Janeane's got some family thing to do tonight.

So, we'll see."

That seemed to settle the conversation and immediately after she was finished,

Celes excused herself and marched up the stairs.

Part 4

Celes shut her door, locking it as soon as she made it into her room. She turned

around, heading right to the objects on her desk when suddenly the phone rang,

scaring her out of her wits for a moment. There was a pounding on her door a few

seconds later, as Rosanna shouted, "Celes! Phone!"

Celes picked up the phone that was sitting on the desk, "I got it!"

She spoke into the phone, "Hello?"

"Hey Celes," Janeane answered.

"Hey Janeane," Celes replied. "I was wondering who the hell would call me about


She anxiously looked over at the desk where the objects remained.

"You can always count on me," Janeane said happily. "So, you want to hang out


Celes hesitated, "I thought you had some family shit to do?"

"Oh, that's over with, I can do whatever I want now... Anything," Janeane


Celes didn't find this funny but smiled anyway, "Hm, well, I don't think I'm

going out tonight."

"Well why not?"

"Uh, I just don't feel like, I guess."

"O.K., so I'll over there," Janeane persisted.

Celes quickly answered, trying not to sound as though there was something wrong,

"No, I think I'm just going to go to sleep early tonight. You know, jet lag."

Janeane was quiet for a moment, "O.K., what is it Celes?"


"Uh-huh, have you called up your guy yet?"

"He's not my guy and it would be long distance anyway," Celes said almost


"If you don't call him, he's going to think you aren't interested," Janeane

added. "Calling long distance shows a lot of interest."

"Thank you Ann Landers," Celes quipped. "I am interested, but what am I going to

say... 'Oh, Hi, it's uh--uh-uh, shit..' Hang up the phone."

"All you need is some confidence."

"Janeane, I hate to be a bitch, but I have to go."

"All right, talk to you later then."

"Sounds good. Bye."

Celes hung up the phone and immediately grabbed the hat trying to re-create the

event, "First the hat."

She grabbed the white gloves and slipped them on, "Then the gloves."

She grabbed the clock and started winding it, "Then the clock."

Celes reached for the book and opened to any page and felt a dizziness come over

her. She hastily dropped the book onto the desk. It didn't stop. In fact, now

she was clearly getting smaller. The clock! she thought.

She pulled the stopped out of the clock, halting the tick-tock but still she got

smaller. It was accelerating now. Panicky, Celes pulled the hat off her head,

thinking it would make her stop shrinking. It didn't. And when she put it back

on, she found it was too big for her head. Celes freaked, unable to figure out

what was causing the reaction and becoming smaller and smaller and smaler by the


Soon, the darkness of the hat surrounded her. She was trapped. Celes wanted to

scream. What could it be? Her hands felt sweaty. The gloves! she thought. She

hadn't remembered the gloves. Celes pratically ripepd them off her hands and

felt the dizziness subside. She had stopped. Celes ran straight ahead, dropping

to her knees and crawling under the brim of the hat only to find the light of

the gigantic world that was now her room.

"Oh no... Oh no... Oh god," she said to herself. "What's happened to me?!"

The hat looked like a mountain to her and the expanse of aqua-blue carpeting

seemed to be an ocean to her. Celes was no taller than two inches. A rumbling in

the distance frightened her. From around the corner of her bed hopped Rosanna's

white rabbit, Precious. Celes took a step back in terror. No matter how docile

the animal was, one false step of its huge feet could crush her.

"Shit," she murmured. Celes took a breath and shouted, "Go away, Precious! Get

out of here!"

The rabbit paused, sitting up on its hindlegs. Its ears perked up.

"Get the fuck out of her!" Celes's tiny shout came again.

The rabbit bolted to the door, unable to escape, and scratched frantically

trying to escape the mysterious sound. It was at that point that Celes realized

she had locked the door. This was something Rosanna already knew, though.

Prepared for the occasion, she pulled the screwdriver out of its hiding place--a

vase on the shelf in the upstairs hallway.

Celes looked up to the desk. There had to be a cure in one of those objects. At

least, she hoped. The only trouble would be making it up there at her size. She

began running to the twisted cord which led up to her desk. Rosanna stuck the

screwdriver into the key hole of the door as quietly as possible.

The sound went unnoticed to Celes who tried picking up the pace to the phone

cord. A moment later there was the snap of metal on metal and Rosanna twisted

the door handle. Thinking she could get a jump on Celes, she burst through the

door, an act which caused a huge gust of air to nearly knock over Celes.

The tiny young woman turned around, hearing and feeling the immense footsteps of

her sister approaching. Celes's draw dropped at the sight of the teenage girl

wearing her blue jeans which were so tight they looked like they'd bust off her

big round hips any second. And she wore a white T-shirt which let everyone know

where her huge chest was. Rosanna strolled in more cautiously, not sure where

Celes was if she wasn't in her room. Celes's eyes widened as her sister stopped

a couple of feet away from her and put her hands on her hips.

She had obviously come to Celes's room looking to start trouble. What's more,

she was now 220 feet tall...

Celes craned her neck back to look up at the giant girl, "Holy shit."

"Celes... Celes? Are you here?" Rosanna asked the air.

Why did she have to dress like that? Celes wondered. Everyone already knew how

tall and sexy her body was. Now she looked even bigger to Celes. And bigger

still. Celes became aware of the change. She looked at her hands and at the

carpeting below her.

"I'm still shrinking...," Celes muttered with fear.

Celes knew she couldn't let Rosanna see her, there no telling what the girl

would do with her now even more obvious size advantage.

Part 5

There was a tingling in Celes's stomach as she watched as her sister seemed to

get bigger and bigger and bigger. Celes let out a trembling sigh now that her

sister had appeared to double in size.

"I have got to get on that desk," Celes coached herself. She took off running,

pushing aside the rods of carpeting as she ran and looking over her shoulder to

keep on eye on her 540 foot sister.

Rosanna looked down to see the hat resting on the floor. She had never seen it

before, and she had broken into Celes room quite a few times over the years.

"What the hell?" she said in puzzlement.

A light thumping sound made her turn around. It was her white rabbit Precious,

banging a paw on Celes's door.

"There you are!" Rosanna laughed.

Celes froze as she reached the telephone cord. Once there, she spun around

having not checked on Rosanna's position in a while and fearing she had been


Rosanna picked up her rabbit, petting the animal gently. Celes saw this and was

relieved to find she still had time to climb up the phone cord.

"Awww... You're all scared," Rosanna consoled her rabbit. She started moving to

Celes's bed.

"No, not on the bed, not on the bed," Celes pleaded.

But Rosanna's huge body was soon causing Celes's bed to sink. She set the rabbit

down on the sheets and let it hop around a bit.

"Ohhhhhh...," Celes moaned regretably. She felt even more helpless than usual.

And she also more light-headed. It could have been turning around so fast that

caused her disorientation. But more likely, it was the fact she was only an inch

tall now and had no previous perpsective like this. Her mind shifted gears,

trying to make sense of the new reality.

"What am I doing in the ocean?" she mumbled to herself, looking at the carpet.

She was still reaching for the phone cord. "And how come I'm not wet?"


Rosanna picked up her rabbit and petted the animal gently. Precious's heart was

going a mile a minute after hearing the strange scream with no source in the


"Here," she said, setting the rabbit down on the floor. "Go to your hiding place

and calm down."

The rabbit didn't have to be told twice. It bolted out the room and took the

corner of the upstairs hall like nobody's business.

Rosanna now knelt down onto the floor to get a closer look at the hat. Her tight

blue jeans stretched even tighter on her bent knees and hugged her huge thighs

and butt. She carefully picked the hat up.

"Celes? Are you in here?" she asked quietly. "Are you hiding under the bed?"

Rosanna dropped to all fours and peered under Celes's bed.

Seeing Rosanna and the hat in the distance totally threw her mind for a whirl,

"Oh my god! Rosanna! You're huge!"

There was no sign of Celes under the bed and so Rosanna turned her attention to

the hat again. She lifted it up finding nothing of great importance to it, but

instead, saw the tiny white gloves on the floor.

"How did she get so big?" Celes wondered. She looked at her own hand on the

phone cord, in a mental stupor. Then it all came rushing back. "No! I'm small!

I've got to get up there so I can get big again..."

Rosanna picked the tiny glove up, inspecting them with squinted eyes.

"The fuck is this?" Rosanna said to herself, knowing that Celes didn't own any


Celes had made up the first few coils of the cord, tiring now that she was using

all her strength to climb. About this same time, Rosanna stood, the floor

shaking with her huge weight. The phone cord wobbled a little, causing Celes to

grip it tighter and make quicker and more long-reaching climbs.

Her sister was now more suspicious of the room. Rosanna set the gloves back down

on the floor. She walked to the closet and opened the doors. She vigorously dug

through Celes's clothes, searching for any sign of the young woman. Unable to

find her, she made a confused yet determined face and closed the doors.

Celes was now more than halfway up the phone cord, and feeling the burn from her

fast-paced ascent. She wrapped her legs around part of the wire and used her

arms to hang back so she could rest. The dizziness overcame her again. Fearing

she'd fall, Celes quickly pulled herself closer to the wire. The sensation ran

through her skin and Celes felt the coiled wire becoming too large for her


Realizing she was shrinking again, Celes began her climb up the final quarter of

the phone cord praying that there was something up there that could restore her

to her normal state.

Rosanna was now pacing across Celes's room. It had become a mission for her. The

other side of the room only had Celes's dresser and night stand, but Rosanna

still felt the need to check over there. It wasn't as though Celes had too many

places to hide and Rosanna hadn't heard Celes leave for the night.

She wandered over to the desk where the objects Celes had taken from the cottage

rested. They didn't enter in her mind as something to bother with looking at.

Celes had finished the arduous climb up the cord and fell face first onto the

hard surface of the desktop with a heaving sigh. She took only a moment to catch

her breath before standing so she could begin walking to the objects not to far

from her in the distance.

She started walking, but her paced slowed. The feeling of eyes watching her

forced Celes to turn around slowly. She saw the titanic body of her younger

sister standing in front of the desk. The huge girl didn't appear to be looking

down at the time, so Celes cautiously continued walking toward the objects.

But Rosanna caught a glimpse of movement in her eye. She tilted her head down

and saw what at first was an oddly shaped bug moving across the desk. However,

after a moment's pause, Rosanna realized what it was. She knelt down to get a

closer, level look at it.

"Celes!?" Rosanna's tremendous voice echoed. "Is that you?"

Celes stopped dead. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth had dropped open as

well. She turned her whole body to see Rosanna's giant face smiling at her.

"Oh shit," Celes barely got out.

Rosanna stood, her gigantic body rising higher and higher over Celes so that

Celes gained a true understanding of just how big her sister really was.

"You're so little!" Rosanna said gleefully.

Celes had no idea what to do' running might cause Rosanna to smush her,

screaming at her may cause her to act defensively, anything that gave Rosanna

the excuse or could annoy her was out of the question. And it was anything that

could do that at this point.

"You really are a pip-squeak now!" Rosanna laughed and laughed.

Demeaned and frightened, Celes stood with her legs crossed over each other and

her hands behind her back, literally closing up in an effort to feel safe. She

used her hand to brush a bit of her black hair behind her ears out of nervous

habit. She refused to look up at Rosanna and instead looked at the desktop a bit

sadly as Rosanna continued to laugh. A shiver ran through Celes.

'Not again' she thought 'not with Rosanna watching.'

But Celes dwindled and dwindled, the reduction not going unnoticed by Rosanna.

"And you're still shrinking!?" Rosanna laughed. Celes made the mistake of

looking up at her sister. Her body seemed to inflate overhead, rising higher and

bigger and wider to the tiny Celes, who was now no more than a sliver before the

gigantic girl. Celes could only turn her eyes down at the desktop again, about

ready to cry at the predicament.

"I must look so huge to you...," Rosanna marveled at her quarter-inch tall

sister. "I feel like I'm bigger than the whole world right now."

Rosanna stiffled a laugh, "I guess that sounds silly. But it's like I'm so

powerful, I have all this control over you and the tiny little world you're in."

She began thrusting her huge pelvis and hips into the desktop, "Like I can make

earthquakes... Or..."

Rosanna stopped the thrusts and leaned over, using her arms and long, flowing

brown hair to sheild her. It became black as night around Celes.

"Or make day and night," Rosanna grinned. She leaned back, letting light flood

Celes's eye again. "I'm like a goddess to you."

By the look on Rosanna's face, the games had just begun and Celes would be

praying for the days when all Rosanna did was hang her upside down by her feet.

Part 6

Rosanna peered down at her minute sister. She chuckled to herself maliciously.

To Celes, Rosanna was the equivalent of over a thousand feet in height. Rosanna

settled down, her laughter fading to a fiendish grin.

"I can't imagine what it's like for you," she said. "Having a sister who is so

much bigger than you; bigger tits, bigger hips, taller and stronger than you."

Rosanna tried ever so hard to not laugh again, "And now this?"

Celes continued to look down the desktop, craning her neck to Rosanna would only

strain her anyway.

"I know you were jealous of me," Rosanna continued. "Jealous of my bigger,

curvier body..." Rosanna began running her hands across her curves, over her

tummy and down her back. She gyrated her body like a stripper, grooving in front

of Celes. In a mocking, sensual voice she continued, "Ooooh... Mmmm... I'm the

sexy, desirable sister... Mm, with the oh-oh-OH! so big boobs..."

She began thrusting her hips and pelvis into the desk again. The sudden impact

threw Celes a few feet back (proportionally), landing on her butt.

"Why aren't you watching me?" Rosanna said in a angered tone. "I was dancing for


She rammed her hips harder into the desk, "You ungrateful... little... speck!"

Celes was unable to stand with all the shaking and struggled to get to her feet.

Rosanna stopped her barrage and the ground rested enough for Celes to wearily

get to her feet, "O.K., I'm really not liking this."

Her huge sister looked down on her with vengeful eyes. She quickly lowered her

pointer finger onto the desk right next to Celes. The force and intense speed

from the slight act on Rosanna's part seemed like a ton of bricks being dropped

next to Celes. She backpeddled away almost stumbling again.

"Get on my fingernail," Rosanna ordered. Celes didn't have much choice and

climbed onto her sister fingernail, resting comfortably in the long, concave

basin. But Celes was anxious, there was no telling what Rosanna would do now.

She felt herself being lifted, the air rushing around her as Rosanna raised her

finger. 'She really has no idea just how big she is to me,' Celes thought. That

idea unsettled Celes even more.

"You don't want to watch me?" Rosanna grumbled. "Then I'll force you to stay on

the one thing you hate most."

She dumped Celes off her fingernail and onto her enormous bust, her right breast

to be exact. Celes stood finding a round expanse of white stretched over

Rosanna's huge, firm 44DD bosoms.

"How do you like that?" Rosanna taunted. "Huh? how do you like it?"

She rocked her chest from side to side, causing Celes to collapse to her knees

and tumbled over. Celes screamed as she began rolling down the enormous curve of

Rosanna's breast, trying to hold on for dear life any bit of fabric she could

get. Rosanna tilted her head down to see her tiny sister as she tried in vain to

keep herself steady.

"Aww, what's the matter, Celes?" Rosanna said in a mocking motherly-tone. "Are

my big bad breasts too scary for you?"

She cupped her hand under her right breast and pushed it up, allowing enough

stability for Celes to get on her feet. Celes let out an exhausted sigh. If

Rosanna didn't kill her, then her evil games would. Rosanna saw that her sister

was on her feet and then let go of her breast, letting it drop with such abrupt

force that Celes was in freefall as the grounding below her vanished. It came

back a second later, and she bounced against Rosanna's soft bosoms repeatedly.

Her sister giggled, then began bouncing her breasts by simply shaking the upper

half of her body up and down.

Celes was thrown and fumbled all around unable to hold still or hold on. Rosanna

continued to laugh until she her the familiar voice of her mother say,


Rosanna spun around, Celes felt as though she would go flying through the air.

Luckily, the tiny young woman had a tight enough grip on a bit of the white

cotton of Rosanna's shirt. Rosanna was speechless, but it was fine because her

mother did the talking.

"Rosanna, what are you doing?" her mother asked with a confused expression.

Without thinking she walked toward her mother who was standing in the doorway.

"Uh, nothing," she smiled weakly.

Celes saw her mother, as gigantic as she was, standing before her. She started

screaming and shouting as loud as she could, "Mom! Mom! I'm down here! God,

please look at me! Mo-o-o-o-o-oo-oo-m!"

"Well, why are you doing it in Celes's room?"

"Um, I was looking for Precious," Rosanna answered.

"She's in the bottom shelf of the linen closet, as always."


Celes jumped up and down on her sister's breast, shouting and waving her arms,

"Mom! Mo-o-o-o-om! Please!"

She stopped in an instant when things began looking strange. Her mother seemed

even more huge than before. Celes realized she was shrinking again, "Oh no... Oh


She desperately cried out to her mother, "Mom! Mo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-om! Please,

you have to see me!"

But her voice was too small and she was nothing more than a tiny black spot on

Rosanna's big right breast.


"Oh," Rosanna answered her mother. "I know-I mean, well because I sent her


"I was just curious seeing as how I walk in and you're dancing around like a

hula girl."

Rosanna's face turned red, "Oh... uh, I-I'm sorry. I was... I was just admiring

my boobs."

She looked down, partly in embarassment and partly checking to see wheer Celes

was. She was almost overjoyed when she saw than Celes had actally gotten

smaller. As it was, she could barely see Celes so there was no way their mother

would be able to spot Celes.

"They're just so big and bouncy, you know?" Rosanna smiled a little. She put her

hands on her hips and stuck out her chest, making them look even more


Her mother gave her an odd look, cracking a bit of a smile, "I suppose."

"It's like, 'cause, Celes doesn't really have boobs as big as me. And I'm bigger

than a lot of the girls in my school, too."

"I see."

"Sometimes, I wonder if they'll get any bigger, you know?"

"Rosa," her mother chuckled. "If you get any bigger, you won't be able to fit

through the doors."

Rosanna laughed at this, over-dramatically so she could shake her chest around

and send Celes flying about, screaming.

"Vanity is not a good thing," her mother smiled. "But I understand what you're

saying. I'll spare you the whole 'your body's changing' speech if you just go to

bed and stay out of your sister's room."


"O.K., goodnight, Rosa," she leaned forward, kissed her daughter goodnight and

left the room.

Rosanna looked down, her chin at her neck, to see the tiny dot which Celes had


"Looks like there's less and less of poor little Celes," Rosanna snickered. She

put her fingernail to Celes. "Hop on."

Celes climbed in and Rosanna set her shrunken sister onto the desktop.

"I'll be back in a bit, just til mom thinks I'm asleep," Rosanna grinned. "Then

I'll be back with a magnifying glass, so don't move from that spot, pip-squeak."

Rosanna smiled, waving at her tiny older sister. As she turned, she noticed the

open box full of pastel candies and grabbed one, thinking they were mints.

Rosanna popped the candy into her mouth as she exited Celes's room.

Now was Celes's chance. She had become one-eighth of an inch tall but figured if

she ran she could still make it to the objects before she shrank again. Well,

she figured. Celes took off running finding that the objects now seemed

thousands of feet further than before.

As Rosanna entered her room, she felt a sudden dizziness overcome her.

Everything seemed different. A moment later her body, clothes and all, zipped

down to no more than two and a half inches. It took a second or two of blinking

for Rosanna to realize what had happened. She screamed at the top of her lungs

and then past out due to intense shock.

Part 7

The hard pale expanse of the desktop had worn the tiny Celes out. She panted,

gasping for breath as she fell to her knees. Her arms shot out in front of her

to keep from falling face first into the desktop. Celes lingered for a long

moment, balancing on her hands and knees, her butt propped slightly up in the

air. The desktopwas moving closer to her face. The dazed young woman realized

she was shrinking again, now she'd be no larger than one-sixteenth of an inch


Refusing to shrink down to nothing, Celes used all her might to push herself off

the ground and keep running. She made it no more than a dozen ungraaceful steps

before stumbling face first onto the ground and passing out due to exhaustion.

Celes had a horrific dream. She was standing in the street outside her house.

The world around grew and grew and grew. The neighborhood children playing with

their mothers watching them all began running after Celes. Their giant footsteps

shook the earth so much Celes thought it would break apart. She tried to run

back to her house, but it was lifted off the ground by a pair of giant fingers.

Celes turned around, the world changed, everything grew bigger and faster. The

earth at her feet became denim from Rosanna's tight blue jeans. The moutains in

the distance rose as Rosanna sat up and grew larger. Her mountainous chest

became the sky which was dressed in white from her T-shirt. Celes panicked. She

was unable to escape her immeasurable sister. She could hear Rosanna's laughter

like thunder. Celes looked to the clouds, finding that Rosanna's one open eye

was the Sun. Turning her head to the other horizon, Celes saw Rosanna's other

eye as a full moon. Rosanna's laughter got louder and more forceful. She began

growing bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Poor tiny Celes was being

surrounded by the woven fabric mountains of Rosanna's jeans. The crests soon

enveloped her and Celes gave out an infintisimal scream before vanishing in the

blackness of the valleys.

Celes's bright blue-green eyes exploded open. But she did not hurry to sit up.

The sound of voices around her made her uneasy.

"I say, what ever do you think it could be?" the first voice said. Celes

couldn't tell if it was male or female.

"You're asking me like I'm a bloody biologist...," the other voice answered.

"The supposition was you could lend sone insight. Must you be ever so



"I see," the voice answered.

Celes quietly and discreetly rolled off her side and onto her back to get a

better look at the speakers. She was shocked and amazed to find that they

weren't human at all. They were bug-like creatures, dark gray in color, with

potato-shaped bodies. They had six arms and six legs each and two fat antannae

swept back on each of their head just aboce their big black disc-shaped eyes.

Celes gasped a quiet breath, looking at her hands and body. She had shrunk in

her sleep. Looking to the horizon, she saw that the objects were even further


"Well now, it looks as though our mysterious stranger has awakened," one of the

bugs said.

Celes quickly turned her head to the bugs.

"You there, yes, you I say," the first bug said to Celes. "Perhaps you can

settle a squabble for us..."

Celes sat almost petrified, wide-eyed at the creatures.

"Could you tell what you are?" the first continued.

"I'm very very small...," Celes muttered.

"Well, we're all rather small here," the first one replied, a bit disappointed

with the answer.

"Poor bastard, no wings, no antannae, and now no brains...," the second said

under his breath.

"D!" the first hissed. "Mind your manners for once in your life and bite your


The first turned to Celes, "I'm ever so sorry, he's a bit of a rascal."

"Uh-huh," Celes answered vacantly.

"Oh, don't go on making excuses for me, you pompous wanker," D shot at the


"Well who in the name of Saint Peter's holy ghost is going to keep that acidic

little mouth of yours in check?"

"You know as well as I both our mouths are acidic, its how we digest food for

God's sake...!"

"Oh my god... I've finally gone crazy," Celes said to herself. She stood up,

pacing around a bit. "That's just great..."

"C," said D. "I belive its talking to itself."

"Well that's because we're talking to each other and we have not yet properly

introduced ourselves," C answered. "You there! So sorry about the informalities.

I say, my name is C and this rapier wit is D."

"My name's Celes," she answered.

"An unusual name, I must admit," D replied.

C gave him a dirty look which D simply shrugged at in all honesty.

"We were pondering what sort of animal you were," C explained. "If its no

offense, would you care to tell us?"

"Sure," Celes shrugged. "I'm a human being."

C and D looked at each other.

"That's no kind of animal I've ever heard of," D said.

"Nor I, but there is no reason to point that out, D...," C reprimanded.

"Your constant rebuttle is going to get us hallumped one day."

"Like the time we ran into that Jabberwock?"

"Oh, pick the one instance it was my fault, why don't you?"

"Jabberwock?" Celes muttered. "Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum over here..."

A smile crossed her face. She now knew what to eat once she got to the objects.

The bottles were too big to open. But the wafers, if anything like the story,

those cookies would make her grow.

"Hey, I've got to get to that music box over there," Celes interrupted the

bickering bugs and pointed to the distance where the objects rested like a

bizarre mountain palace.

C and D looked to each other, then back at Celes.

"Why?" D inquired.

"Look, I wasn't always this small. I was really really really really really big.

Really," Celes paused, questioning her choice of words for a moment.

"Well, what happened?" C asked.

"I don't know exactly, but I know I have to get to that music box to get back to


"Normal?" D seemed to challenge. "Tell us, how big were you before this...

unexplained phenomenom?"

"Compared to now, I was huge," Celes held her arms out.

"Bigger than a Jabberwock?" C asked.

"I guess," she shrugged.

"Bigger than a golf ball?" D asked.

"I was so big I could hold a golf ball in my hand," Celes answered emphatically.

C and D froze, looking at each other with astonishment. They couldn't imagine

something that immense. D's eyes became slantly for a moment, as a smile cracked

his lip-less mouth. He looked to C. C also cracked a smile.

"It would appear our friend has played a fool on us...," C nodded.

C and D laughed a loud while Celes stood there offended and confused as to why

they didn't believe her.

"But I do think you mean, played us for fools," D answered.

"Oh, heavens no, my good D," C replied. "For if we were played for fools, we

would have fallen for it. But you see, we figured out it was a fooling, and so

the fool was only played upon us."

"I see now," D answered. "But your only flaw in that logic is that 'we' solved

nothing. It was I who figured it out, so you were quite the fool."

"Must you always, you achtrocious bastard?!" C remarked.

"Guys!" Celes shouted. "Or things! Look, whatever the fuck you are, could you

please just help me get to the goddamn music box?"

"Well, not if you're going to ask like that," C answered.

"No," D interrupted. "I like it when other people tell windbag over here to

shove a sock in it."

"Oh bother," C sighed.

"Besides, I'm quite interested to see a creature large enough to hold a golf

ball in its hand," D smiled.

"You kidding me, right? Celes asked in a dry tone.

"Not in the least," D replied.

"Just take me to the music box and I'll prove to you that I was that gigantic."

"Um, not to be rude," C added. "But, um... You're dwindling."

Celes looked down at her body, and at her hands. She was shrinking again. The

bugs who were once here height now seemed double that as Celes shrank to half

her former size.

"Shit," she squeaked. Celes clasped a hand over her mouth in shock. Her voice

was so tiny it scared her. She slowly moved her hand away, "Oh no, no... I can

take being bounced on Rosanna's breasts, I can take not being seen by my own

mother, I can even take talking to bugs... But the voice is too fucked up to let


C and D looked at each other, now even more unsure of just exactly what kind of

creature they had met.

"What's the fastest way to get over to that box?" Celes asked.

C looked down at the half-pint Celes, "Well, we can run rather fast with twelve

appendages and all. You can ride on my back."

C got down on all legs and D picked Celes up like a child and placed her on C's


"Thank you," Celes said, unprepared for suddenly being carried about.

"Shall we race?" D asked C, getting on all legs.

"Can we ever not?" C replied.

"Old Filmore rules," D added.

C sighed, "Fine..."

"Off we go then!" D shouted. The two bugs shot across the barren landscape of

the deskstop. Celes dug her fingers into C's rough backside in an effort to hold

on. The wind blew back her black hair and pushed her the same direction. Despite

all the inconviences, the music box was getting closer and at the time, that's

all Celes cared about.

Part 8

After a few minutes, Celes got used to the constant gusting wind that nearly

tore her off the back of the bug-like creature she was riding on. It didn't take

long before the little woman began feeling even littler. Celes felt a tingle

rush up her spine that made her eyes pop open wide. Her full lips parted

slightly, unsure if she would be loud enough as she dwindled smaller on C's


"Oh... Uh... Um... C?!" she shouted. "I think... I think I'm shrinking again!"

"Faster, then, I suppose?" he shouted back.

"Please!" Celes pleaded.

The bugs shot off faster, Celes practically dug her fingers into the creature's

back to hold on. Once the race to the music box was over, the bugs stopped. D

lifted gently lifted Celes off C's back and set her down on the ground. She was

no taller than their knees now. A shiver came over her as she stared up at the

two big bugs. Celes shrank smaller, watching as they loomed over her like two

huge parade balloons. She was now no taller than their ankles.

"My dear, if you don't mind me saying so, you've become quite petite," C


Celes looked at her hand, mystified and panicky, "It's happening faster...!"

"This will be one spectacular sight, you know, watching this tiny little thing

become a humongous creature," D said.

Celes ran to the smooth, shiny side of the music box trying to find a way for

her tiny body to squeeze in.

"That was totally uncalled for," C reprimanded. "You're going to upset our

friend here."

"Oh, so place all the blame on me, why don't you? It's not my fault the

situation has deteriorated," D answered.

"I've had just about all I can take of your mouthing off today--"

"I say, do you smell that?"

"What on Saint Peter's green earth...?"

"It smells like the time we had that unfortunate run in with the--"

C and D turned around and screamed, "Jabberwock!"

That made Celes turn around to witness a hideous beast with bulging yellow eyes

and sticky orange skin. It's eight, thin, crab-like legs balances its long

snake-like neck which held a head with jaws like a shark's. Compared to the two

bugs, it was the size of an elephant. To Celes, it was too big to imagine.

The Jabberwock slugged a leg at C, sending him flying backward toward Celes. C

hit the music box, his weight cracking the side where Celes stood closest to.

She could hear D being cruched into as the poor bug screamed for help. Celes

couldn't see over C's body and found that it was becoming bigger alongside her.

Fearing her shrinkage would continue, Celes ran into the tiny crack created by

the impact and was inside the box.

The jewelry was far too large for her to worry about and she easily mavigated

toward the wafers in the velvet bag at the center of the box. She could see the

towering above her like some strange pagoda. Celes ran to them, readying to bite

one of the cookies. But the tower suddenly stretched further and further away.

Celes slowed down realizing that her shrinking body was causing her to be more


She panted, feverishly looking around as the world grew bigger and bigger and

bigger around her.

"Its not stopping...," she mumbled. "Why isn't it stopping...? Why isn't it


Germs and bacteria passing around her watched her for only a moment.

"What's that?"

"No idea."

"You think it's edible."

"I wouldn't try it... Could be dangerous."

Their voices disappeared and Celes found the darkness of the room opening up.

There was an enormous expanse of dark blue orbs all around her. She stood on the

uneven orbs until they became too big for her to stand on and she had to remain

on one. Celes was becoming more and more frantic, she finally burst out in an

anxiety attack, "I'm just going to keep on shrinking and shrinking and

shrinking! Until I'm so tiny there won't be anything left!"

Tears streamed down her face and she put her head in her hands, only to feel a

slight discomfort in her pointer finger. She curiously looked at her fingernail,

finding a bit of white fluff under it. She pulled the bit out and let it fall,

watching as it grew bigger and bigger beside her. Celes's mind suddenly spat out

an answer, "The gloves!"

It was fluff from the glove, still causing her to shrink. She watched as the

horrific white ball grew beside her, it gave off some sort of shrinking

radiation to her. Celes ran at the ball, which was now ten feet around to her.

Running at full speed and shrinking smaller and smaller as she neared the fluff,

Celes shoved with all her might. It sent the fluff ball off the edge of the huge


Her shrinking had stopped, but Celes slipped through the electron cloud of the

atom. Acting quickly, she grabbed on to the "edge" of the cloud trying to hold

on as best she could. There was nothing but darkness below her, only the tiny

dot of the nucleus which seemed billions of miles away. Her hands felt like they

were holding on to soap suds. Celes lost her grip, and plummetted down to the

nucleus, screaming. And screaming and screaming. Finally, she gave up on the

whole idea of screaming finding it was only making her hoarse and the fall would

probably take forever at the rate she was going.

"How the fuck did I get here," she asked herself. "If I ever get out of this

atom, things are going to be different..."

There was an intense pull on her body. Celes felt as though her clothes were

going to rip off. The pull of the nucleus was accelerating her fall. Celes

closed her eyes, deciding now was a good time to resume the screaming bit as the

nucleus got closer and closer. Celes felt a cool gust come over her, a tingling

heat around her skin. Fearing she'd burn up, Celes decided to make peace with

whatever God she had been neglecting, "If it's Jesus, or Allah, or Buddha, or

just plain God, or even if we were all fucking wrong and it's Satan! I'm sorry

for anything I ever did to piss you off!"

A moment later Celes collided with solid ground, feeling an unmistakable quaking

around her. She stayed there a long moment, flat on her belly, her eyes covered

by her hands. She opened her eyes, searching through her fingers like they were

bars. There seemed to be mountains, cliffs, and canyons all around her.

Uncertain, she removed her hands from her face and used them to push herself up.

Celes stood, surveying the landscape. Everything seemed normal, Earth-like.

There were trees, lakes, houses in the distance, open pastures. Unable to

believe this, Celes turned around as though there was someone behind her to

comment to. Confused, she looked forward again.

"I'm in Indiana?" she said with sarcastic bewilderment.

A flock of tiny winged gorillas went slowly past her eyes. Celes stared at them

with dead-pan amazement. The absurdity finally reached a climax when one of the

gorillas bringing up the rear turned to her and said simply, "Hey."

Then continued on its way. Celes shook her head rapidly, almost ready to grip

her temples like her scalp was coming off.

"Oh! This all makes such perfect sense now! I've gone fucking insane!" she


Maybe it was the slightly tilted angle of her head, or the fact that the winged

gorillas had put things in perspective by being so small. It could have even

been the fact that Celes was finally thinking about where she was instead of

just seeing it. Whatever the case, Celes now realized she was fifty-four miles


Part 9

"When did this happen?" Celes said to herself in a loud whisper as she looked

down the long expanse of her body to the distant ground below. The huge young

woman breathlessly glanced at the scenery below. The houses and farms were no

larger than the little green houses on a Monopoly board. Surprised of her new

size, Celes carefully thought about her next move, seeing as how her impact from

the fall had created a nearly circular mountain range.

She lifted her tremendous foot out of the thick dirt and rock, setting the big

black treads of her shoes outside the mountains and into a rocky desert. The

earth quaked with the slight movement on her part. She could hear the rumble

echoing lightly in the distance. An unexpected smile ran across her full lips.

Something about this new size titilated her.

Celes lifted her left foot out of the rocky valley she had created and slammed

it down into the freedom of the desert on the other side. The ground shook more

violently than before, the echo resonating with a boom. A shiver went down her

spine. A good shiver. She crouched down, resting her elbows on her knees and

balancing on her toes so she could get a better look at the village that lay at

the edge of the desert. The buildings were medieval at best, and the people were

dressed much in the same way. The tiny, tiny folk didn't seem to notice the

enormous face peering down at them in the busy shuffle of their town. All it

took was the passing glance of one merchant to the skies to check the weather.

He stumbled back, people laughing at him. But they saw his eyes fixated on the

heavens. Those eyes that had ben filled with laughter turned to the sky and

their laughter turned to screams and hollers.

Celes smiled so much so that her teeth showed, probably frightening the

miniscule people even more. She laughed, watching as they ran. Without thinking

about it, Celes cupped her and dug her fingers deep into the earth in front of

the village. She plowed the rest of her hand deep below the ground causing a

monumental earth-shaker that brought all the people to their knees and

threatened to topple buildings. Celes pulled her hand straight up, ripping up

the village and much of the earth under and around it as well.

Those people who had made it to the outskirts in time were knocked backward only

to watch the incredible sight as their village was uprooted by the giantess. A

mountain of dirt below the homes and businesses trickled some chucks of earth

down at them. Celes carried the tiny village to her face, watching as people ran

to the edge and then ran back when they realized there was no ground below them

for a couple miles.

The giantess stood from her crouched position, rising higher and higher to the

people in a movement so simple to her. At her full height of fifty-four miles

with the tiny village and acres of earth in her hand, Celes felt like she never

had ever before. She was unstoppable. She was insurmountable. She was more

powerful than she had ever felt, ever. The super-huge young woman laughed

whole-heartedly, the minute shakings of her body causing the tiny people to be

spilt around in the village. A few of those people tumbled off the edge of the

load Celes was holding. She saw them plummet and held out her right hand

directly below to catch them. A few of the tiny people bounced into the palm of

her vast, soft hand. They stood, unharmed and relieved to not have been

flattened by the fall. Celes's laughter faded, a big smile still on her face.

The people in her hand were tinier than she could have ever imagined. Unless she

was looking right at them, they would look no different than grains of sand to

her. She then remembered the torment Rosanna had put her through. With a guilty

sigh, she lowered the village back into the hole she had dug and slipped her

hand out. Celes peered down at the tiny people in her hand who cowered, fearing

what the giantess might do. She contemplated licking her hand clean of the tiny

folk, and shook off the repulsive idea. As small as they were, they were still

human, right?

Celes pondered just exactly where she was as she tilted her hand gently so that

the people could roll into bales of hay safely. Before the fall, she remembered

standing on the atom. 'Inside an atom?' she wondered. 'How is it I'm able to


"I say! You there!" a man voice shouted, it was as though he was speaking

through a megaphone.

Celes didn't hear it at first and dusted off her hands, standing back to her

full height.

"You there! I say again! You there!! Are you deaf or ignoring me!?!" the man's

voice shouted.

Celes squinted, looking down toward the mountains she had created she saw a tiny

man dressed like Marco Polo, well what Celes thought Marco Polo would have

dressed like. Celes bent over, not quite able to see the annoyed little man.

"Ah! Very good!" he shouted. He was speaking through a megaphone. 'Odd,' Celes

thought, considering how medieval everything else looks here.' 'Then, again,'

she shrugged, 'I'm inside an atom--how reasonable is that?'

"What in blazes do you plan to do about my house!?" the man shouted.

"What house?" her mighty voice answered, it push

Giantess Stories: Outside Wonderland by LBP      Part 1   It was a foggy English morning but soon that cleared up into a foggy English day

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