Giantess Stories: Over their heads By Dream Weevil    There was no reason not to think she was crazy

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Over their heads

By Dream Weevil

There was no reason not to think she was crazy. A drive through the desert to

New Redstone City took two hours longer than it should have. Ordinarily, that

wouldn't have meant much. But Katherine managed to ruin her reputation, in this

small town, when she explained that she had been captured by aliens, and

returned. Folks say that the sun must've addled her brain, that she blacked out,

that she's lucky not to have died, exposed to the heat in that convertible of

hers. Folks around here always considered that car ostentatious, not fitting for

a midwestern "housewife" (though I wouldn't dare call her that; after all, she

works much the same hours that I do. Or, at least, she did.)

Now, she's at least a hundred feet tall, from what I can tell, if not more. As

soon as it started, and she discovered she could control it to some extent, she

hasn't been the same. She _wanted_ to grow; relishing every inch; ecstatic with

the sheer power of size.

That got the scientists' attention, sure enough. She put up with them for almost

a day-poking at her, running all sorts of field measurements. She had enough of

them when they started conferring on how to dress her, what to do about

her, even how to transport her back to the government labs (imagine: her feet

strapped to two flatbed trucks like a pair of sandals!)

There's obvious questions, like how we'd ever feed her, but more practical

questions-such as how she can breathe in the first place. The hypothesis is

based on one finding of a Z-ray (a kind of reflective X-ray) of her skin: She is

surrounded by some kind of dimensional instability which actually makes the

atoms, making up her body, proportionally larger; not that you can tell by

looking, of course. Anything which crosses the boundary between Katherine and

the rest of the world-like the air-retains essentially the same size and mass,

but something about the 'fundamental quantum size', or some gibberish like that,

changes. Or so they say. Thus, her enormous lungs can breathe "normal" air, she

can drink regular, "small" water, and so on.

Of course, she can drink quite a lot; which brings us to the present situation.

The last day has been the worst. The first assault was when the "neighbors"

insisted that I keep her covered up; insisting that their children did not need

to see breasts the size of... well... Katherine's. Then came a request for her

to somehow breathe the other way, as she's able to strip the oxygen from

quite a number of cubic feet at once (and, I believe, they were voicing some

complaint about her breath). She actually tried to comply at first. Eventually,

though, it was clear that the town wanted her out, before she

"accidentally" smashed somebody's house, or stepped on a car, or any number of

other "problems" occurred.

The story was all over the news, of course, and as hours of coverage droned on,

commentators eventually started questioning whether the huge woman would have to

be "put out of her misery", lest she use up all the resources of the region.

"The world just isn't designed for this," they said.

I was quite surprised to find her, just last night, at a normal size; though

only temporarily. She didn't explain how it happened; but she walked out of the

kitchen, with a sandwich and lemonade, as if nothing was wrong. Outside was

blissfully quiet, the news helicopters having been swatted away with a giant

maple tree. (One crashed, but there were only minor injuries.)

Then she wanted to "play". "Come on, it'll be fun." It was pure insanity! This,

now? She countered that her hormones were up, from all the activity; I could

help her to calm down, sleep. I refused, saying that we'd be better off bringing

her in now, and have some tests run to be sure that everything was really back

to normal.

It was the wrong thing to say.

She pushed me outside, and in minutes was larger than she had ever been before.

And furious.

"You don't get it, do you? This is normal! And if you, or anybody else

doesn't like it, well, they better just start getting used to it! And if I

want you inside..."

I came up to her ankles, if that. And a moment later, without any further

explanation, she took me in her hands, held me between her legs, and when her

middle finger pressed me down between her labia hard enough, her vaginal

entrance suddenly yielded and I found myself inside, feet-first.

Thank goodness she was a week away from her period! As it was, I was surrounded

with a hot stickyness; and after she finished masturbating, unabashed, her

noises certainly woke the whole town. And then she slept, and her pussy

tightened up around me, preventing my escape; the folds of her labia not quite

closed, thank goodness, so I could breathe. Her fluids thickened about me; her

monstrous heartbeat everpresent; only wisps of occasional fresh air among her

overpowering scent.

In the morning, neighbors had organized-of all things-a protest. By the time she

woke, in the time-diluted way of all large creatures, there were - get this -

signs outside, signs being held by actual people, insisting that the government

get this "nuisance" out. I caught only the briefest glimpses from above, when

Kathy's labia happened to open just enough to let me see; at other times, it, or

her vaginal sphincter, would close entirely. I figured on slipping out-with

gravity's help-as she walked, but it didn't happen.

From what I could hear, or occasionally see, she was relentless. Crowds of

people were pushed out of the way, cars kicked over, fences torn down. The

streets she walked on were ruined, reduced to mounds of heaved concrete and

asphalt vaguely resembling footprints. And so the people, who showed no fear of

her for some reason, followed through the town's center.

When she grew again, I thought I'd be free for sure. But, though I could see the

ground getting further away-and her sleek legs stretching down to it, the fit

between myself and the walls of Katherine's pussy didn't change at all. Then I

realized: I was inside her barrier, within the dimensional instability

zone; growing along with her.

Her voice, from inside, was reasonably clear: "This is my town now. If

you don't like it, find some other place to live." The shouts were making her


Shortly thereafter, she was on her hands and knees, putting her lips to the

surface of the region's only reservoir. I felt her body heave as the water

coursed down her throat; the sounds just nearby, as her stomach filled.

Satisfied, she relaxed quite a bit, and I finally grabbed the one pubic hair

within my reach and pulled myself nearly halfway out just as she sat up on her


Upside down, with the blood rushing to my head, the picture was clear: the

reservoir was drained nearly to the intake pipes, which were already close to

sucking air. The remaining water would last two days, three, at the most. Then,

with nothing left for drinking, irrigation, or fire protection, they'd have to


A hand came up, between giant legs, and gently nudged me back inside. "I

wouldn't do that, if I was you. Especially not now." The words came only to me.

And she leaned down again, and took a few more sips. There was a loud noise from

the water-department pumps as they shut down, an emergency horn souding

somewhere within the public works building.

I held still, in her vagina only up to my knees, balancing; her slippery labia

were no help.

"You better get inside," she said, relaxing and then pulling at me. I resisted,

for a moment, then paniced when I realized that she might be planning to shrink

- or worse, to grow again. And, as I slid into her silky recesses, I realized

she planned to do neither.

At normal size, it is a feature of a woman's body which is difficult to find.

Buried among her plethora of sexual equipment; almost entirely hidden as if by

design. This is why she wanted me inside; to get out of the way.

I tried to test my hypothesis by stretching outward, trying to find her bladder,

see if it was taut, but the thickness of her vaginal wall made it impossible to

know for sure. But, as I receded into her, the "little" opening, which was

"below" her vaginal entrance from here, was puckering slightly; her breathing

was different.

I whispered, and was amazed that she heard me. "Katherine... Don't do it!"

"They deserve it. They are of no consequence to us any longer, you and I."

She moved her thighs just a bit so that her labia separated, and I could see the

crowd behind and below her; ranting, crazed. A true "mob" in every sense. On the

periphery, some were collecting guns, rope, other device of dubious value;

planning, no doubt, to somehow subdue the monster in true Lilliputian style.

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I shivered; she felt it. As it was, the mob was totally unaware of the fate

before them. Hundreds of times her normal size -as in height -her volume was the

cube of this. Somewhere below me, between this vagina and the warm fuzz of

Kathy's pubic hair, lay the edge of a reservoir of urine; an immense volume, by

any standard. Hidden, silent.

I watched the ones preparing, conferring, setting up some combination assault

that, in the back of my mind, I felt just might work. The time dilation

made us seem "slow" in comparison; the movement of an elephant, compared to that

of an ant. There wasn't long.

"You'll kill them," I said.

"It doesn't matter."

"You're right," I whispered, closing my eyes and sliding yet further in. "You

don't have long."

"You're telling me to do it, then? Can it be?"

"Yes. Because I love you, Kathy."

She gave me a powerful squeeze, forcing the lining of her vagina into every

crevice I had, and then relaxed again. It was like a powerful rumbling; her

breathing different again, her legs tightening slowly; various muscles

tightening and loosening around me as she sought to release her primitive

inhibition. And now I could feel the ocean of her bladder, hard and

smooth like glass under the heavy carpet of birth-canal muscle; and then a new

warmth, underneath me, between my legs: her urethra stiffening, filling. I

pulled my head back into her body, my face flush with the outside.

They still had no clue. Giant labia hid the fact that Katherine's urethra, which

was swelling to the size of a city sewer pipe, or larger, was pointed right at

them. And, at last, the rumbling - the build-up - ceased. I closed my eyes; and

held my breath, waiting.

It was not a hissing sound; more like roaring; a thousand tides set free at

once. Waves of acid yellow flooded me, through my hair where I was exposed,

before Katherine's outer lips burst open, sending a flood of liquid directly

down toward the ground.

I opened my eyes, which stung with the giant woman's pee, and before I could see

clearly, I felt her tighten up just a bit. Just below the opening to her vagina,

where I remained trapped, her urethral opening yawned wide, setting free a

perfectly-formed yellow stream. As I watched, attributing the slow-motion to the

time-dilation effects, none of it had reached the ground; and the crowd started

screaming well before then. Intermittently, one fold of skin would interfere

with the stream; deflecting it, scattering it so as to make the foul liquid


I watched in silent, and total fascination, or horror. There were too many

people. None of them would get away in time. They had the sense to predict where

the stream was initially headed, but it didn't matter, as selfish, frenzied

people refused to get out of the way for those in the greatest danger.

When it hit, it knocked the dozen or so people within a six-foot radius to the

ground, leaving them helpless to escape the thousands of gallons already in the

air, heading for the same spot. People put their hands up, as if they could stop

it; didn't matter. Less than two seconds later, as the effect of Katherine's

labia came into play, her pee went everywhere; blinding, disorienting, fouling

everyone it touched; immersing and then drowning in hot, female waste. Way down

there, near the ground, even the air was poisoned by the torrent; acids, formed

in kidneys the size of small buildings, splashed into or condensed within

desperate lungs, and did irreversible damage. A few brave souls clung to

floating telephone poles, or cars, but Kathy's piss soon claimed them as well.

Soon it would soak through the ground, fouling the water table, filling private


For now, though, the real damage was done. Not a person remained that I could

see; washed away, to dissolve into the nothingness they came from. To Katherine,

at her size, it seemed just a puddle; but this puddle had reached to the second

floor of most buildings, and continued to erode and topple others as it found

its way downhill and into the ground.

"Well, that shows what I think of this town," she said, slowly standing

up. She took a few steps back towards our house, out of the wetness. "Come on,

husband, I need you all the way in."

I didn't get a chance to question that; the nudge of one finger brought me well

past the muscular ring of Katherine's vaginal entrance. As soon as the finger

withdrew, those muscles began to clamp down. By the time I could reach it again,

the opening was gone; I pushed from the inside only to discover it sealed

tightly shut, stronger than a bank vault.

A small pocket of air was trapped inside with me, and my attentions turned to

remaining alive. Meanwhile, I felt a tingling; and the space I was in became

impossibly tight, as if it was getting continuously smaller.

"Kathy, no! Wait! You're forgetting about me!"

My cries went unheard. Before my air was exhausted, the tonal contraction

released, and soon a new pressure started to force me out. I extruded from her

and landed, slimy, waxy, and wet, on the plastic surface of one of our kitchen

chairs, between Kathy's normally-sized thighs.

"Kathy! Look... what you've done to me!"

She smiled. "Sorry, my love, but I think I like you this way. You're kinda cute,

three inches tall. Easier to handle."

"Handle? You mean you won't ever bring me back to my normal size?"

"Oh, yes, I'm sure, someday. When I'm sure I can trust you. Not that I don't

trust you now, you see, but I have a right to be a bit paranoid. It'll be

much cheaper to feed you and clean up after you, as well."

She set her hand at the edge of the chair and I climbed onto it. She lifted me

to her beautiful face. "Our work isn't done here, love. I've have to clean up

this place, before our 'company' returns."


With her eyes, she motioned towards the ceiling. "They're coming back,

eventually. But what dreadful hosts we'd be, my love! How would we handle an

extraterrestrial visit right now? Screaming mobs, riots, assassination attempts,

even war. Entirely unacceptable! And if the people of this planet can't be

open-minded, then they need to be taught to respect power; or fear it if


She set me down, and picked up some clothes, and started to dress herself.

"Even if it means... doing what you did today?"

"Whatever it takes. Even if, at the end, only a handful are left."

"They'll try to stop you, Kathy. You know that. Tanks, fighter jets, even

nuclear weapons. You've seen the movies."

"It won't matter," she said. "Today was just a small demonstration. Hopefully,

it will be enough to start getting some cooperation. If not...well, I can get

both larger and meaner."

"In that case, I hope that cooperation comes before next week, when you get


She laughed. "I suppose so!" Dressed, she took a sandwich from the refrigerator,

and a glass from the cabinet, and tried to fill it at the sink. "Darn! Forgot."

She got some juice from the refrigerator instead.

"That's going to be a problem, Kathy."

"Not really. I could always carry a glacier down from the North Pole, or

something, if I had to. But that would only be to satisfy people here,

who...well... won't be needing it."

I nodded.

"I'm sure they'll try... to put together some combination of technology,

brainpower, firepower... a last-ditch effort, empty out the armory, the

treasury." She held the small plate up. "So futile! All those resources don't

add up to a little puddle of my piss. Take this sandwich, for example--"

She pinched a small corner off and dropped it before me; I took some and nibbled

it. Tasted like a ham sandwich.

"By itself, just a sandwich. But, if it comes down to it..." She took a bite.

"What?" I asked.

She eyed me with the evil grin of one with limitless power. "Well, twenty-four

hours from now, the 'proceeds' from this sandwich might prove a formidable

problem for those pesky, ordinary people, if you know what I mean. And to think,

until now--" she took another bite - "it was just a sandwich."

"Damn, Kathy, you're not talking about--"

"Hell, why not?" She giggled a bit. "I've certainly proved that I can do number

one on a grand scale. And the rules are certainly easy enough. Piss me off? You

saw what happens. Give me shit? Well..."

She turned around, spreading her cheeks right in front of me, and then above me,

puckering her anus at me. I didn't move; I knew she wasn't serious - at least

not now, not here. If anything, her proximity was arousing; so I touched her,

just gently.

She pulled away, at first afraid that she might have hurt me, and then laughed

when she saw me smiling. I knew I loved her; and, for that reason, that nothing

else mattered.


Giantess Stories: Over their heads By Dream Weevil    There was no reason not to think she was crazy

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