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Panty Raid Awry




Tonight was like any other

Saturday night.  I rolled on top of my girlfriend Tracy and started fucking her

brains out. I liked my sex rough which was very opposite of what Tracy liked but

that didn't really matter because this is about my pleasure not hers. After I

had came several times I rolled over onto my side of the bed and was just about

to fall asleep when I heard Tracy tap me on the shoulder.


“Doug, can you go down on me?

Every night we fuck and every night it's always me pleasuring you. Me sucking

your dick, you fucking me, I want a little pleasure too.”


“Maybe tomorrow night Trace.”


“Doug, I am serious. We have been

going out for 5 years now.”


“I have class tomorrow, I need

sleep Trace.”


“Oh alright, but tomorrow night

promise me that you will go down on me?”


“If it gets me some sleep fine,



As we both fell asleep I knew

that tomorrow night would be just like to night.  I had no clue how my life

would dramatically change.


I heard the alarm go off, but I

merely rolled over as I heard Tracy rustle around with something. I could hear

her moaning and the bed springs start to squeak.  I turned my head enough to see

her masturbating.


Tracy is a short Latina girl. She

stands about 5'1” 110lbs I would guess but I don't know her weight but she is

athletically skinny and fairly well toned. She has long black hair, brown eyes,

she was a great find. We met in high school. I was struggling in biology and my

teacher Mr. Shultz asked her to tutor me and from there we ended up dating all 4

years of high school and now even are going to college together.


As for Tracy masturbating about 5

inches from me, to say I was slightly turned on would be an understatement. I

peeked out of the corner of my eye as to not let her know I was watching. I

intently watched her slip her fingers into her white cotton flower patterned

panties and start to thrust her finger in and out. After a few minutes she slid

a dildo in. I watched her body convulse and shiver with pleasure as she finally

came. She carefully slid her panties off and wiped up her cum with the panties

and then tossed them on the bedroom floor and left the room. I heard the water

for the shower turn on so I reached into the nightstand and grabbed one of my

allergy pills. I tossed into my mouth and got up out of bed. I walked over to my

girlfriends discarded panties bent over them. I drank in the smell of her cum.

As I bent down I felt a little dizzy and weak. I shook off the strange feeling

and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed the carton of milk and drank straight

from it just as Tracy walked in.


“What are you doing? I told you

time and time again use a glass? Do you not understand me? Do you ever listen?”


“I just forgot. I am sorry.”


“Well sorry isn't good enough. I

am tired of always picking up after you. You weren't going to even put that away

when you were done were you.”


“I was still drinking it.”


“That's not the point you're such

a slob. I swear Doug”


“I am getting ready for class I

don't have time to talk about this shit.”


I set the carton down on the

counter and stormed out of kitchen.


“See! You didn't even put it



“Why don't you shut your damn

hole bitch? You can't even keep your legs closed so at least keep your mouth



As I said that I knew I had gone

too far. Way too far. Tracy has always been a bit of a firecracker with a very

short fuse. I figured it would be best to just let things cool off but I wanted

to her to know I was quite angry so I slammed the bed room door shut. However, I

once again felt very sick. I heard Tracy blow drying her hair. I screamed once

for help but she obviously didn't hear me. I doubled over in pain and fell to

the ground twitching and convulsing.


I woke up lying on our carpeted

floor only everything was simply overwhelming. The carpet strands were the size

of California red woods extending far up into the sky. I could just barely see

the top of them. I looked about the room in a confused fear which only grew as I

felt the floor slightly rumble.  I didn't pay it much heed as it was only a

minor pain in the ass.


Only a matter of minutes had gone

by when the slight rumbling had turned into a vicious pounding that shook

everything I could see. I grabbed one of the tree trunk sized carpet fibers

hoping the vicious barrage of rumblings would soon end but from the moment I saw

the mobile mountain which is Tracy come into plane of view I knew that I was in

trouble. I could hear Tracy talking in Spanish which she often did when she was

upset but this time it sounded like it was god himself speaking. I tried yelling

but her one step was louder then a thousand people my size yelling up to her. I

knew I had to get inside her ear for help so I can get back to normal. I knew

then that was my goal and only hope.


As Tracy neared I tried as best I

could to get out of her path but she moved at what seemed like a million miles

per hour and I moved more like snail in super glue. Her monstrous foot nearly

beheaded me but luckily landed a mere inch from my body. The force of the impact

sent me hurdling up into the air. Almost instantly I saw her foot starting to

rise upwards again and I began to descend as Tracy's foot passed over me and

sucked me along with it. I crashed into the heel of her foot as it slammed into

the ground. I slid down her Achilles tendon and back onto the floor. I could

hardly believe that I had survived such a fall. I didn't have time to enjoy my

luck as her foot was once again lifted up and I was sent flying like superman

through the air.


           I looked down at the ground which seemed

hundreds if not thousands of feet below and gulped wondering if I would survive

this time. I heard the phone ring and Tracy spun around. Her spin caused the air

current I was in to shoot off wildly away from her.  I attempted to wave my arms

and kick to alter my path but as Tracy left the air currents dissipated and I

saw her cum soaked panties in the way of my landing.


           Her flower patterned panties soon took up my

entire field of vision and before I knew it I had fallen into the caverns of her

panties. I hit the ground and rolled end over end not stopping until I slammed

into the wall and hung upside. As I went to pull my arm up off the wall I found

that it was stuck like glue to the wall. I started to panic and tried to move

any part of me but I found I was stuck to Tracy's cum which had grown cold.


           I could hear Tracy's powerful yet distant voice

as she talked on the phone. It seemed like she would never get off the phone but

soon enough I heard the familiar thumping start up again signaling the return of



“Oh Dougie? Are you here?”


           I yelled as loud as I could but she didn't even

flinch. I could see just a trace of light from my location inside of her

panties. I had never felt so pathetic in my life. I was quite literally trapped

inside a pair of panties and to make matters worse it was my own girlfriend's

cum which was imprisoning me. I saw her foot pass over me and land somewhere up

ahead. I had breathed a sigh of relief as thinking she was well past me but her

second  foot came into view blocking out my small window of light. I waited

anxiously for the light to return but it seemed to be taking to long.  At first

it sounded like an avalanche the cotton panty which I was stuck too started to

move and squish down.




           I knew that it was in vein as her foot depressed

fully onto me and the panty. The wall which was across from me was shoved into

my face. Her cold white cum squished around my body encasing me in it. It

squirted up my nose, into my mouth, between my toe and fingers. I could smell

Tracy everywhere as I was entombed in her cum.


           It seemed like her foot was on top of me forever

but as her foot left I was only half heartedly happy that I was still alive.

Part of me wished that I would have just died right there but another part of me

didn't want to die by being mashed into a gigantic cum stain.


I couldn't see anything as I was

sandwiched by her panties and stuck in her cum like it was peanut butter.

However, as her foot lifted up and off the panties I got a clear view of Tracy

getting dressed.  I could tell she was in a hurry as she tossed an identical

pair of panties on the bed. I couldn't tell the other clothes she threw on there

nor did I care.


I watched intently as my nude

girlfriend sat down on the bed. She looked amazing before and now she looked

godly. My dick hardened just at the sight of her. As Tracy sat down I saw her

panties fall to the floor. She cursed in Spanish and I saw her hand reach down.

My heart stopped as I saw her hands grab the pair of panties that I was in. I

screamed my heart out trying to get her to realize that she had grabbed the

wrong pair but my mouth was cummed shut. My eyes lit up like a deer in

headlights. The mouth of the panties spread apart as she dropped them on the

floor. I found myself attached to the rear wall of the panties. Tracy's cum has

my body frozen and stuck in place. Her massive Latina ass loomed closer and

closer as she pulled me and her panties up. With one last mighty pull I found

myself face to face with her asshole.


As Tracy began to walk I could

feel the suction of her ass pulling at her panties. I kept screaming for help

but I knew that it was all for not. I then felt first hand the ass wiggle that I

loved so much. I remember watching every morning Tracy pulls up her tight pants.

She would always wiggle and slide her pants up and over her huge, firm, muscular

ass. As her tight pants rolled over her ass I felt myself shoved up against her



Each step Tracy took caused her

Panties to ride up into her ass. I remember her telling me that it is a feeling

that she had grown accustomed too and hardly even noticed it. She said it just

the consequences of having such a perfect ass. I felt myself falling victim to

my object of affection. The reason why I asked her out in the first place may

very well be the end of me. Every step she took me and the panty rode deeper on

in. The heat rose dramatically.


Her soft slick skin of her anus

continued to suck me and her panties in deeper and deeper in. As she walked I

felt the skin of her ass begin to peel away the thick layers of cum that had me

imprisoned to her panties. I began to think that I might be free but that was

when I felt Tracy's weight bear down on me. I felt the rumble of the car and

began to feel sick knowing that for the next 30 minutes she wouldn't be moving

at all.


The heat began to increase as

Tracy drove to school. I could hear her singing along to whatever song came onto

the radio. Beads of sweat began form and roll down the walls of her ass. I could

only watch as putrid drop after putrid drop of ass sweat landed on or around me.

I could feel the hardened cum began to come back to life as each bead of sweat

dropped onto it. As each bead of ass sweat landed I was repulsed more and more

not just because of the putrid smell, but the fact that the beads of sweat were

larger then I.  The beads of sweat began to cause the once hard cum to become a

little runny. I felt the cum run back down over me ruining the progress that was

made when Tracy was walking


The longer I was in here I felt

the air become less and less. I now struggled to breathe inside my girlfriend's

ass. I began to hyperventilate. The weight began to feel heavier and heavier. I

knew that this had to be the end of me. Killed by an asshole, literally, My

vision began to get spotty and the smell of ass began to increase. I knew it

would soon be over unless something drastic happened.






Giantess Stories: Panty Raid Array

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