Giantess Stories: Pantyman By Clipper      Barb had had it with the part

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By Clipper

Barb had had it with the part-timer. He had been late and not shown up too many

times. Today she was going to have it out with him. She thought about what she

might say before she lowered the boom. And it occurred to her what she had done

with the last man she had fired. She smiled at the thought of repeating that

little bit of fun. Thinking about it she rubbed her legs together under her

desk. The sound of nylon against nylon made her a little horny. She spread her

legs and reached under her skirt. The cotton panel of her pantyhose was a little


“Oooo,” Barb moaned to as her fingers came in contact with her crotch. The more

she thought about it the more she liked the idea.

“He might feel nice right here,” Barb moaned as she pressed her finger into her

panty and hose clad womanhood.

Ann started for Kevin to came in. She couldn't wait to see his face when things

began to happen. Barb planned to catch him as he came in the door. As she waited

she became more and more excited. she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. She

dangled her heels under her desk and occasionally dropped her show and stretched

and curled her toes with excitement.

About 4:00 PM Kevin walked in the front door. Barb saw him as he walked up the

steps of Radio Park.

“Kevin,” Barb called as he walked by her door, “would you come in here please?”

The all female sales staff just down the hall recognized the excitement in her

voice and had a quiet group giggle.

“I guess Barb will have a “little” company on her way home to night,” Julie, the

sales manager, said with an evil smile.

The group giggled at this and some of them squirmed in the seats. In Barbs

office Kevin had taken his seat and the door had been closed. Barb called the

receptionist on the intercom and told her not to disturb her for the nest hour.

Kevin was visibly nervous. He was sweating and had trouble sitting still. Ann

sat in her chair behind her desk and began the “meeting.”

“What's wrong Kev, you seem nervous?” Barb said teasing.

“Nothing,” Kevin said with a shaky voice.

“Do you know why I called you in here?” Barb asked.

“Well I have been late a few times and I did miss that one shift but I told you

I wouldn't do it again,” Kevin answered apologetically.

“Well I don't think you mean that Kev, I think you will do it again,” Barb said,

again teasing.

“No, Barb I won't,” Kevin said with a shaky voice.

“Mam, you will call me mam, you in trouble mister,” Barb teased.

“I mean mam,” Kevin quickly corrected himself.

Barb rolled her desk out from behind the desk, kicked her heels off and crossed

her nylon covered feet on her desk. Gravity kept her skirt on the chair. Without

effort Kevin could see the whole length of Barbs leg. Her tan hose made he legs

look beautiful and long.

“Kevin I think it is time for us to change your status her at radio park,” Ann

said with a teethy grin.

“I'm fired?” Kevin asked.

“No, fired isn't what I had in mind, I was thinking of something that would

benifit the company more,” Barb said, uncrossing her feet and spreading her legs

slightly apart.

Kevin could see strait up Barb's skirt. The sight of Barbs panty and hose clad

crotch caused Kevin pants to bulge in the crotch area.

Barb put her feet on the floor slipped into her heels and wheeled her chair

around her desk and ordered Kevin to turn his chair to face her. He did and Barb

started having her fun. She crossed her legs and dangled her shoe.

“So Kev, what am I going to do with you?” Barb teased, “if I keep you on the air

odds are you will fail me again, if I fire you, you have not benefited the

company at all, what to do, what to do?”

“Why don't you just let me go, I'll leave without giving you any trouble, you

don't even have to pay me for my last week,” Kevin said in a whining/pleading


“No, I don't think that will do,” Barb said letting her dangling heel fall to

the floor, “what do we have here?”

Barb rubbed Kevin's bulging crotch with her foot. She moaned as Kevin grabbed

the arms of the chair and closed his eyes. By the smell of her feet Kevin could

tell she had been on them all day.

“Please just fire me, I'll leave quietly and never bother you again,' Keven said

with labored breath.

“You know I think you are probably right, I should just fire you,” Barb said as

she pulled her foot out of Kevins crotch and slipped her heel back on.

As she was slipping her shoe back on her foot Kevin had a long look at the

crotch of her hose. The wet spot had grown and now included the whole of the

oval that was the crotch of her hose. She stood up straitened out her skirt and

walk over to her office phone.

“Susan would you bring in Kevin's check and two cups of my special coffee,” Bab

said into the speakerphone.

Almost before Barb had finished her statment Susan, the beautiful office

manager, rushed in with a tray. On the tray there was two cups and a long white

envelope. Just before Susan put the tray down, the envelope fell on the floor.

“Oops,” Susan said as she bent over and picked up the envelope.

Susan's panty and hose clad behind was just a few inches away from Kevins face.

Her black pantyhose stretched over her white panty clad behind. Kevin could

smell a combination of sweat, urine and purfume. And there was a starnge looking

lump in the crotch area of her panties and hose. Kevin wasn't sure but he

thought that the lump moved. He finaly decided that it was probably that time of

the month. Susan stood up with the envelope in her hand.

“You little tease,” Barb scolded Susan.

“I had to pick-up the envelope didn't I,” Susan said smiling.

“Here Kev take your check, and to show you that there are no hard feelings, have

a cup of my favorite coffee while I write you a letter of recomendation,” Barb

said with an ernist looking smile on her face.

Susan giggled as she left the room. Barb seemed to be fighting off some emotion

as she started to type. Kevin couldn't tell if she was trying not to laugh or

cry. At any rate, he started to relax and sipped the coffee. It tasted good and

after a few sips seemed to realy calm kevin down. He almost felt sleepy.

“Here Kevin, sign this,” Barb said as she handed Kevin a piece of paper. Kevin

was so relaxed that he couldn't quite make out what the letter said. He took the

pen that Barb offered him and signed the paper.

“Thank you Kev, how are you feeling?”

“A little sleepy,” Kevin yawned.

Some how Barb seemed taller to him. He thought that maybe he was just imagining


“Kev, you don't look well, you seem smaller,” Barb said starting to giggle.

Kevin looked down at the floor and then looked back up at Barb. She was alot


“What's happening to me?” Kevin said through teary eyes.

“You are finaly taking on the size of your true self, a very small man,” Barb


Kevin was now about 2 feet tall. He could now see right up Barbs skirt. The oval

of her pantyhose crotch was completely soaked. She was smiling at him and lifted

he skirt up to her waist.

Kevin was getting smaller by the minute. He was now about 6 inches tall.

“One more inch,” Barb said with an evil smile.

Kevin was now 4 inches tall and the chair under him had become a huge carpet of

fabric. Brab scooted up to the chair until her knees were in Kevins face. Kevin

looked up and all he could see was Barbs panty and hose clad crotch. Her

underneith had become his whole sky.

Barb decided to tease Kevin by pretending to sit down. She sat until she felt

his little playling body grazing her clothed womanhood.

“I'll bet you wonder whats under here,” she said apointing to her crotch, “well

let me show you.”

Barb pulled her panties and hose down to about the middle of her thigh. She

picked Kevin up and placed him in the crotch of her panties. Kevin landed face

down in a wet gooy spot in Barbs panty crotch and was imeadiatly intoxicated by

the smell. Barb turned Kevin over, pursed her thick red lips in a kiss and

slowly pulled her panties up. Looking up, Kevin could see the thick pinks lips

of Barbs womanhood peeking through her blond pubic hair. She was very wet and

Kevin was afraid he might drown in her excitment. As he came closer to her slot

his fear took over and Kevin began to scream. Barb enjoyed Kevin's terror and

took her time pulling up her panities. The scream was cut off abruptly when

Kevin made contact with Barb's crtoch. Barb moaned as Kevin's small form nudged

her love button. The smell of Barb's purfume, urine and excitment surounded him.

Her wetness threatened to drowned him. His tight place became even tighter and

darker when Barb pulled up and adjusted her pantyhose. When Barb's skirt fell

back into place, the darkness was complete. He felt her step up into he heels

and then she sat down crushing him even deeper into her slit. As she sat a

little gas escaped her behind and filled the tight space with a new odor. Kevin

began to choke and gasp for breath. his movement caused Barb to breath a little

harder and shudder. Oops, she saud in a husky bedroom voice, I bet that was

pleasant. She sat for a few minutes and the gas slowly disapated.

All of a sudden Kevin felt Barb stand up and then her panties flooded with

light. He could see both of Barbs red thumb nails as she held her panties and

hose open. Kevin squinting, could see Barb's face gazing down at him.

“Hey Kev,” she boomed, “ever notice how you never hear anything from any of the

men who leave Radio Park, they seem to just disappear,” Barb said grinning evily,

“you don't feel quite right.”

One of Barb's hands reached for Kevin and adjusted him against her womanhood.

Kevin could her the snap of the waistbands above him and then he was pulled

tightly into Barb's womanhood as she pulled both her hose and panties up. Now

tightly pushed against her crotch, Kevin felt as if her were falling. Then, he

was pushed between her lips as she sat with her full wait on her chair.

The next hour seemed to be an eternity for Kevin. He could hear the muffled

conversations that Barb was having with other staff membesr. Barb had Susan came

in and had a giggly girl conversation with Barb. While Susan was in the Office

Barb stood up and lifted her skirt. Kevin could feel Susan's fingers on his back

as she rubbed him into Barb's slot. He could feel a deep moan and a shutter as

Barb orgasmed. “Mmm, you smell good,” Kevin heard her say through the fabric.

Susan and Barb kicked off their heels, layed on the floor and scissored each

other crotch to crotch. As the two women ground their crotches together Kevin

thought he was going to be crushed. Sevral times he felt a hard opeject about

his size push against him. Presumably this object, what ever it was, was in

Susan's panties. Once Kevin thought he heard the faint voice of a young boy

moaning in pain. It occurred to Kevin in the crush that there was a

sixteen-year-old part-timer who had not shown up to work a few days ago.

Everyone on the airstaff thought that he had quit or been fired. Once, when the

hard object in Susan's panties came in comtact with Kevin. He herd clearly Help.

Finaly both women orgasmed. Barb all of a sudden becam still and a faint light

shown through her panties. Both women lay on the floor for a few minutes Skirts

up around their waists and the panty and hose clad crotches sporting wet spots.

They were, however, juste getting started

Susan and Barb played for about 45 minutes. Finaly Susan got up, straitened her

cloths and left the office. Kevin was covered from head to toe in Brab's love

juices. Barb again pulled he panties and hose up on her behind pulling Kevin

deeper into her slot. Barb sat down, kicked one leg into the air to adjust her

pantyhose. She followed suite with her other leg and settled down to work. He

was burning up. Finally Barb stood up and walked to her office door. As she

walked her thighs moved Kevin between her lips and he could feel her getting


Barb put on her coat and headed for the door.

“Good night Barb, good night Kev, enjoy,” Susan called after Barb as she walked

out the door.

In the sales office the woman were relaxing most of them had there heeless feet

propped on their desks. The full length of their nylon clad legs visable to all

who cared to look. The night man walked into the sales office and stopped short

as he walked in on the exposed women.

“I'm sorry, I didn't know...” John said embarassed.

“Shouldn't you be on the air,” one of the women said.

“Ya, you wouldn't want to get fired,” another one chimed in.

All the women laugh at this as the continued to lounge.

As he walked up to the studio he was having an internal argument.

“No, no, it can't be,” John whispered to himself, “but I would have sworn that

some of those women's panties were moving in the crotch area.”

In her car Barb was still enjoying Kevin. She was trying to decide what she was

going to do with Kevin. Her bowls were full, she could sexualy dispatch him

tonight or she could keep him for awhile. She saw no possiblity of replacing him

soon so she decided to keep him for a few days. She could wear him to work and

have a few more sessions with Susan before she “creamed” him.

Barb kicked off her heels as she entered the foyer of her house. She took off

her coat and plopped down on her new couch. Kevin was pushed into her hard and

the breath was knocked out of him. Barb picked up the remote and turned her TV

on. She scanned all of the channels and found nothing that she wanted to watch.

So, she shut the tv off and tossed the remote on the couch beside her. She

looked at her red toenails showing through the tan nylon of her hose.

“I have preaty feet,” Barb said to herself.

“Hey Kev hows it going down there,” Barb giggled as she lifted her skirt. She

could see the sqirming lumb that defined the crotch of her panties and hose.

“Hey Kev speak up I'm addressing you,” Barb said teasing.

Barb started ot play with Kevin through the nylon. She pushed him deeper into

her crack. She pushed him side to side. It was fun and realy felt good.

“Well it's time to relax, time to put my new toy away,” Barb said as she stood

up and walked to her bedroom. Once in her room she pulled her skirt down and

took off her blouse and bra. She put her thumbs under the waist bands of her

panties and hose and slowly pulled them down slowly. Kevin was laying the the

crotch of her panties almost motionless. She was afraid that she has killed and

carfully picked up his little body. He was a mess. Her passion was all over him.

She held him up to her ear to see if he was breathing. She was relieved when she

heard his faint breath.

“He must have passed out,” She said to herself relieved.

Barb took Kevin into the bathroom and washed him off. His clothes were shot so,

Barb took them off of him. As soon as he was clean she took him back into the

bed room and picked up her panties and hose. She flip the panties out and hung

the hose over the back of a chair.

“Gee Kev, where will you sleep tonight?” Barb smiled down at him, “I have an


She turned Kevin toward her dirty hose. Terror filled his tired eyes.

“Please no, I'll be good let me sleep in a drawer or a box,” Kevin said as his

eyes teared up.

“No, I think I want you to stay in a place where you won't be tempted to wonder

away,” Barb said sternly.

Kevin was openly crying when Brab dropped him into the toe of her pantyhose.

Kevin bounced twice as the hose gave in reaction to his weight.

“I hope your comfortable, my feet got little sweaty today,” Barb said with and

evil grin.

Kevin started choking as soon a he made contacted with the damp nylon. His eyes

were watering and he was gasping for air.

“Good, you've made your self at home, now get some sleep tomorow is going to be

a busy day for you,”

“Why, why are you doing this to me?” Kevin pleaded.

“Because it feels good to me and because I can, I get off on your pain, So, keep

it up,” Barb answered as she headed for the shower.

“Bitch!” Kevin screamed after her.

“Bitch? you don't know bitch,” Barb snapped back at him.

Barb grabbed her dirty panties from the floor and wrapped them around the toe of

the hose. Kevin coughed and choked until he passed out. He layed limply a few

inches off of the floor. Barb took her shower and picked out a pair of sweat

pants to lounge around in. She was going to watch a little television and go to


Barb woke up at about 6 AM. She always slept well after sex and that night she

slept like a log. She yawned and stretched as slowly crept out of bed. She

checked her hose on the chair for movement. Sure enough, Kevin was wide awake.

Barb went over to the chair and looked down the leg of her hose. Kevin looked


“Whats wrong Kevi, have trouble sleeping?” Barb said chearfully, “well you not

going to get any rest today. I called Susan last night and together we planned

your day. I think susan and I will have long meeting first thing this morning.

She said that her little friend was a little lonely and would probably like to

rub shoulders if not more with you.” Barb went into the bathroom and took a

shower. After fixing her hair and applying her makeup, Barb came back into the

bedroom, openned a dresser draw and took out some clean panties and a new pair

of hose. She slipped the panties on and sat down to pull her hose on up to mid


“Now it's your turn Kevin,” Barb said as she took her dirty hose off of the

chair. She reach down the leg and picked Kevin up. She dropped him into the

crotch of her panties and did the same tease that she had done the day before.

This time Kevin was sobbing as he looked up at her womanhood. As made finl

approach to her crotch he yelled, No! He hadn't quite finished the o of no when

he voice was cut off as Barb pulled her panties over he behind.

When the hose were in place Barb adjusted them a leg at a time and pulled them

snuggly over her panties.

“Mmm, not quite right.”

Barb reached into her panties and adjusted Kevin so that he layed the length of

her slot. Once again she snug ner panties and hose on her behind forcing Kevin

deeper into her womanhood. She moaneed as Kevin was driven deeper. Kevin noticed

that Barb was already excited and was starting to get very wet. A lttle light

came through Barbs panties and hose. The

“I hope you are comfortable Kev, it's going to be a long day,” Barb said as she

patted her crotch.

Kevin could feel barbs hand as she patted herself. With every pat he was driven

further into Barbs slot. As Barb pulled on a black leather mini-skirt it became

very dark

Giantess Stories: Pantyman By Clipper      Barb had had it with the part

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