Giantess Stories: Part 1 of 2

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Part 1 of 2

"So, boys. Would you care to explain what you were doing in MY pool?"

I'd never been so scared in my life. And judging from Ted's expression of

pure horror, neither had he. The bikini-clad giantess held us, our bodies still

wet, in each hand and was glaring at each of us in turn. The giantess herself

was dry, and I was uncomfortably aware that only inches separated us from her

breasts, rising and falling in her agitated state. If my arms were not bound to

my body, I might have touched one.

But we were unable to speak. There was no way to tell her, really, what we

were doing in her pool. Trespassing was the quick answer. But there was more to

the story. Much more, and it's only fitting that I start with the previous

night, when Ted and I hatched our plan.

Late that night we were relaxing at my house, having a few cold brews after a

hard day of painting. My parents had gone on a cruise, leaving the place to me

and my old friend, Ted. Like me, Ted had no summer job lined up and when I told

him about the empty house and the chance to make money painting it, he jumped.

It was harder work than either us of expected, and we were so tired after the

first day we decided to stay in instead of hitting the bars.

Those first few beers tasted good. But there was one major problem. A heat

wave had struck and we had no air conditioning. The TV was on, a few fans cooled

us a bit, but relief was nowhere to be found.

"It's too hot," Ted complained. He did a lot of that.

"Yeah, I know. But what can I do? No AC. My parents are too cheap to get it."

"Sucks, man," Ted replied. "Too bad your old pool isn't around. It was great

while it lasted."

I nodded. Yes, our old above-ground pool was fine in its day, but as I'd

gotten older it had become far too small. Finally the thing just fell apart and

was never replaced.

But what was I thinking about? The new neighbor, two houses down. A

nice-looking woman, thirtyish, who did all of her yardwork wearing a bikini.

Today, from our high perch on the ladders, Ted and I took turns watching the

mystery woman clean her pool.

Her below-ground, extra large, made-of-cement pool!

"Hey, Ted. Let's go swimming, man."

Ted looked skeptical. "Yeah, but you don't have..." And as he studied my

grinning face, he seemed to understand. "Bikini Pool Lady! Brilliant! But how do

we, I mean, what..."

"Easy. The next door neighbors are on vacation. We go across their back yard,

jump that little fence, and we're in. We just have to keep quiet as we relax in

that nice, cold water. Then we sneak back out again. She'll never even know we

were there."

These foolish words were to cross my mind again and again in the hours that


As I had thought, jumping the fence was no problem and thankfully, Bikini

Lady kept her yard free of clutter. We stood stock still in her yard and

listened. Only then did I wonder if she had a dog. I'd never seen one, but you

never know.

We could tell she was home by the subdued light in her kitchen window. No

other lights were on.

"All right," I whispered. "No splashing. Get in nice and slow."

Ted was way ahead of me. He'd torn off his tee shirt and headed for the pool.

I did the same. Now we were down to our bathing suits.

I can't tell you how good that water felt. Cold, but refreshing as hell. To

avoid making noise, I swam underwater and alternately floated on my back. Ted

was content to tread water. I liked the floating sensation best; I decided to

stay on my back a very long time.

All was quiet. I looked up at the stars, feeling a very small part of the

universe. My mind drifted back to Bikini Lady. Suppose she decided to have a

swim at that moment? It would be interesting, to say the least. Then I thought

of that blonde actress, playing a giantess on some cable movie. She was huge -

she easily filled the pool with her long, luscious body. As she reclined in her

soap suds, she coyly tried to coax her tiny husband into the water. "Would you

like to feel my heart?"

As I recall, the fool never got in. Well, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.

Especially if it was Bikini Lady. Sure lady, I'll feel your heart. Or any other

body parts. I was starting to imagine the soapy possibilities and frankly,

getting a little aroused when I heard a muffled shout.

It was Ted.

I came out of my float and tried to stand up. No good. My feet wouldn't touch

bottom. And I seemed to be far from the pool's side. "Ted?" I called. "Ted,

where the hell are you?"

"Over here!" I whipped my head in the voice's direction as I treaded water.

No sign of Ted - just the pool ladder, about 60 feet away.

Sixty feet?

I decided to start swimming. It seemed to take forever to reach that ladder,

and I was startled to find that as I got closer, the dammed thing seemed to

grow. A short distance from the now-colossal ladder, I spotted Ted. He had both

arms wrapped around the railing, his eyes wide with fear. I stopped paddling,

and looked up.

The next step of the ladder was twenty feet over our heads.

We freaked out, of course. After five minutes of frantic consultation, the

only obvious course of action presented itself: Yell our heads off, and pray

that the kindly (we hoped) Bikini Lady would hear our cries. We were unlucky,

though. We managed to survive the night, but it proved to be long, cold and

highly uncomfortable.

Only later did Dorothy (the lady's real name) tell me what really happened

that night. Oh, she had heard us all right. Dorothy was sitting on her darkened,

screened porch the whole time, listening in. She sat quietly, smiling, with a

purring cat on her lap. When she heard us calling for help, she almost came.

Then she consulted her cat.

"What should I do, Felix? Pull them out, dry them, and take them to my nice

warm bed? Or should I let them stew?"

The cat answered with a screechy meow. Dorothy nodded thoughtfully. "Yes,

you're right, Felix, you're right; such a smart kitty.

"We'll let them stew."

I won't bore you with the details of that night and the long, cold hours we

froze in water up to our necks. The sun did eventually come up and after a few

more excruciating hours, we saw her: Bikini Lady, out to clean her pool.

She didn't see us at first and we just watched as she skimmed the water using

a net attached to an extra-long pole. We watched and watched, taking in her long

legs, her nice, not too skinny body. Her face seemed far away, but that too was

pleasant. Thick, blonde hair lay across her shoulders and kissed her neck.

She was working her way toward the ladder and Ted and I shivered. There was

no place to hide. Finally she was upon us. She stared down as us from her great

height, as if wondering what species of strange water bugs we were.

I put an end to the stalemate, quite bravely, I thought. "Hello!" I yelled.

"Can you help us?"

Bikini Lady jumped back a bit, then leaned in closer, right over us. "Swim

away from the ladder," she said, and we did. Then she repositioned her pole and

deftly fished us out. She set us down gently on the concrete. Then she stood

over us, blotting out the sun. Ted and I were still gasping from our exertions -

she was giving us time to recover. But just when I started to feel a bit better,

the giantess squatted down and grabbed each of us.

That's when she asked us that first awkward question.

She let us stammer for a bit and then gave a little sigh. 'Never mind, guys.

There's time for that later. Let's warm you up a bit."

My heart jumped. What did she mean, warm us up? But all she did was to drag a

white plastic chair forward with her foot, point it toward the sun, and sit in

it. Then she lay each of us on her bare thighs to warm us in the blissful heat.

As we grew warmer, the giantess's personality did too. Her name was Dorothy,

she said. She bought the place from divorce settlement money and she didn't

really have to work. She did say, however, that she had to go somewhere later

that day. "Until then, we can hang out."

I can't remember a more pleasant afternoon. We chatted for hours, stopping

only to eat and drink. By mid-afternoon, Dorothy had switched to a chaise

lounge, set in the horizontal position, and laid us across her breastbone. That

way we could talk in our normal voices.

Her tone became a little flirtatious as we sunbathed. "I think I know why you

guys came over. You wanted to meet me. I saw you checking me out the other day."

I felt my face reddening. "Yes, Dorothy, that was it exactly."

"Exactly," echoed Ted.

"And now you've met me. What's your opinion."

"Um," I said. "You're quite a lady, Dorothy."

She smiled behind her sunglasses. "Yes, I am. Just the right size, too."

My reeling thoughts ended when her huge fingers suddenly flew up and plucked

me from her body. "How else, " she purred, "would I be able to pick up big guys

like you." I was now right over Dorothy's lovely face. Ted was nowhere to be


"Kiss," said the giant lips, and as if my dangling body had a mind of its

own, it found its way to Dorothy. When I arrived, she pressed me into them with

a finger. After a few seconds of making out, she held me up once more, and


"Not what you were expecting, was it?" Then in a louder voice, "How's it

going down there, Ted?" I looked down the long body for sign of my friend.

Nothing. But then...what the hell...her bikini bottom was missing. Two shapely

legs as before, only spread slightly apart and divided by a mound of soft curly


A tiny voice answered. "Dorothy? What should I do?" Oh my God, it was Ted. He

was down there!

Dorothy called out again. "Do what you want. Use your imagination! Here, I'm

sending your buddy down. He'll show you...."

"No!" I interrupted. "I mean, not yet. I'd rather stay up here with you."

Our giant hostess wrinkled her nose but she looked pleased. She let me stay.

Once I found my balance I kissed her a few times, then began to explore a

bit. I had never seen a woman's face this closely before and found it wonderful.

Little tiny freckles dotted her nose. Gigantic eyelashes and the bluest eyes

I've ever seen. Every feature was a wonder. I could have stayed all day.

But Dorothy had other plans. She sat up, retrieved Ted from his hiding place

and set us both on the arm rests as she wrapped a towel around her waist. Ted

looked a little traumatized. I knew he didn't have much experience in that, er,

department, and the sight alone must have been a shocker. Still, better him than


"Now guys, I have to get dressed. While I'm inside, I want you to think about

something. I have a way to grow you back, but here's a thought. What if you

stayed a little longer? I had fun today - didn't you? Tonight could be even

better. Think it over."

With that, Dorothy got up and began her walk to the house. We watched in

silence. About half way across the yard, her towel fell and we both got a full

view of gargantuan buttocks that could have been a giant peach. Except it was a

peach that jiggled when it walked. I looked at Ted's face - it was white.

It didn't take me much time to decide. I could have stayed forever. But Ted

seemed reluctant. Perhaps he was still seeing Dorothy's most private area; right

there, in his face. I could only imagine.

I tried to convince him. "Ted! Buddy! Just one more night! These are things

that just never happen."

"Don't you see?" Ted spoke slowly. "This lady is unpredictable. What next?

Are we going inside of her? Will we have any choice? She's controlling us. Is

that what you want - to be under her control? What if she never lets us leave?"

We went back and forth like that for a while. I looked up and saw Dorothy

standing in her screened porch. Perhaps she had been listening. I lowered my

voice and said, "All right, Ted. We'll tell her to grow us back. I don't know

what she'll think, but if it sets your mind to rest, I guess it's worth it."

Ted nodded. "Thanks, man."

As if on cue, Dorothy was back. She looked a little sad. "I think I know your

answer, boys. Hold on and I'll get the magic powder."

Ted and I exchanged glances. Powder? What kind of magic was this?

She set down a bucket and picked us up. "First, you go back into the pool."

Down we went, back into the nightmare water of last night. "Don't worry," she

said quickly. "It won't take long. You soak in the pool until you grow back.

Then just leave whenever you want."

Ted and I clung to the massive ladder once more, watching Dorothy do her

"magic." She reached into the bucket, took a scoop of the powder, and sprinkled

some white stuff into the pool, walking around the edges as she did.

Task completed, Dorothy came back. "Gotta run now. Goodbye!" She blew us a

kiss and hurried away. When she was lost to sight, I voiced my puzzlement, "That

was strange. What an odd goodbye - so abrupt. Do you think she's upset?"

Ted shook his head. "Doesn't matter. We'll be out and away from here soon.

One thing bothers me though."

"What's that?"

"That so-called powder she was shaking into the pool. I'd swear it was

nothing more than chlorine crystals."

Pool Boys - Part 2 by Nemo

I hate it when Ted's right. Whatever that white stuff was that Dorothy had

added to the pool, it had no effect whatever on our size. Instead, we were

trapped in the pool just like the previous night.

Even though I finally had to agree with Ted, it didn't stop his complaining.

So to kill time and relax, I went back to floating near the pool's center. It

worked - as I lay there looking at the breeze blowing the treetops and the

slanting sun, I felt peace. When the sun had begun to drop behind those trees, I

swam back towards Ted, who was still clinging to the ladder.

"Well," I said to Ted. "It looks as if we have another night here. The only

question is..."

"Wait!" Ted held up a hand. "Do you hear that?"

I stopped and listened. I did hear it; the sound of a car door slamming. It

seemed that Dorothy had returned from her mystery trip. But then...what was

that? More doors slamming, and a babble of voices. Excited feminine voices, and

all coming our way.

The pool walls kept us from seeing much, so I decided to swim out to the

center again. Just as I had reached the spot, I turned, and this is what I saw:

Girls. Many girls, at least ten! All near the pool. They were slipping their

clothes off to reveal bathing suits. One girl was about to descend the ladder.

The ladder! Ted, I thought, be careful, you don't know...and then a foot came

down near to where Ted had been a few minutes before. But then I saw my friend.

He had taken cover behind the ladder. At least he was safe. Now I had to think

of myself.

One girl, then two girls in the water. Then another girl, ready to dive in.

Splash! I began to panic. What to do? That girl had to come up for air, and

possibly near me. And what of the others? And where was Dorothy?

The splashing intensified. I had lost count of the girls by now - most of

them were now in the water, soaking each other, having fun, yelling their heads

off. One of the girls above picked up a large yellow toy - a rubber duck - and

tossed it on the water. It landed six feet from my head. "Go get it!" screamed

the young lady to her friends in the pool.

I steeled myself for the explosion of thrashing arms, legs and bodies as they

raced for the duck. Although none of them made direct contact, the calm pool

water became a maelstrom of choppy waves and strong currents. I though I might

swim back to where Ted was, but a group of girls seemed to have congregated

there. So I sat tight. I simply treaded water; it was now a matter of survival.

A fast-swimming girl reached the duck and held it over her head. "Who wants


"Me!" shouted the underwater girl who had just surfaced behind me. I whipped

around to see her - she was only three feet away - when the duck landed between

us with a splash. She threw her whole body on top of the poor thing and held it

below water.

It if weren't for the shadows that fell across the pool, I would have been

spotted. In fact, I imagined that Dorothy would be turning on the pool lights at

any time, and then...I had no idea what to expect.

As if reading my mind, a girl near the ladder yelled out, "Hey, Dorothy!

Getting dark out here - how about some light?"

Then the answering voice from the porch: "Oh! Thanks for reminding me. Hang


In an instant, all became brighter. The underwater girl, about to toss the

toy to another, saw me. She stood still, stared, and dropped her arms. The duck

floated away. A slow smile grew. "Hey, you guys, come see - I found one!"

Great, I thought. I'd been found, and now huge, shapely creatures many times

my size were sloshing through the water in my direction. As I awaited the

onslaught, another voice sang out. "Here's the other one, behind the ladder. Oh,

look, he's hiding. Come on out, little guy!" A few girls decide to go that way


My memory grows fuzzy at this point. I do know that a giant hand lifted me

from the water and I seemed to be surrounded by female flesh. The water level

came to just below their breasts. At one moment I looked past the mob to see

Dorothy, sitting in a poolside chair, smiling and apparently enjoying the

entertainment below.

I found my voice. "Please," I said to the nearest giant face. "I've been in

the water for hours. I'd like to make sure my friend is OK, and I want to talk

to Dorothy."

The face nodded and the herd of giantesses brought me to the ladder. Another

small group was tending to Ted, who seemed all right. I spoke to the same face

as before. "Please take us to Dorothy."

"Dorothy!" said the face. "They don't like us - it's you they want. We're

bringing them up."

The divorcee made no comment as the girls emerged, dripping, to gather around

Dorothy and deliver us. We landed on her outstretched palms, then her bare legs

as before. Some of the girls sat on the concrete, while others pulled up chairs,

forming a semicircle around Dorothy. Towels were passed around. I wondered what

might come next.

"Take a good look at them, class," said Dorothy. "Impress them on your mind.

Then start thinking about next week's assignment. What would you do if you were

in possession of these two little men - boys, actually - and how would your life


One girl with long dark hair and a pixieish smile spoke up. "I really have no

idea. Can you give an example?"

Dorothy looked around and said, "Anyone?"

For a long minute there was only silence, except for the buzzing and chirping

of insects. Then someone said, "Um, I think...I'd keep them as my

special...well, not pets, exactly, but..."

"Lovers!" another voice shouted. "Little lovers!"

When the giggles had died down, a hefty girl sitting on the concrete said,

"Love those things? They're bugs! I'd squash 'em with my big, smelly feet."

A group intake of breath, then another said, "That seems harsh, but I do see

your point. Maybe there's a more humane way to kill them. Swallowing, maybe.

After all, you couldn't keep them."

"Why not?" another argued and a debate was launched. Dorothy, I noticed, sat

back and listened mostly, adding a thought here and there to keep the discussion

moving. My mood began to blacken when I thought of how she had deceived us and

was now using us - as a topic for her class!

My thoughts stopped when I heard another voice, from a girl sitting almost

behind Dorothy. The group became quiet as she spoke. "I should like to keep them

in a box under my bed. It's always been a fantasy of mine." The voice was

British with a soft Mancunian lilt, and its owner was a nice-looking woman in

her late twenties.

"Oh boy," said a brassy voice. "There goes Lisa with her fantasy again. I

keep telling her it'll never happen."

Lisa raised an eyebrow and replied, "Oh?" Dorothy caught her eye and the two

shared a meaningful look.

"Well," Dorothy said with a note of finality. "We've brought up a lot of good

ideas tonight, so get writing. I'd like to see at least 1,000 words for next

Tuesday." After a little more chitchat, the girls began to drift into the house

to change. When all the girls had gone inside, Dorothy was left alone with Ted

and me.

She looked at us, I thought, with a touch of sympathy. "Now I know you boys

are upset with me, but you'll have to stay this size for at least one more

night. Would you rather spend it inside with me, or would you prefer another


Ted gave me a piercing look. I spoke for both of us.

"Inside, please."

For the first time, Ted and I entered Dorothy's house. When we got there most

of the women had gone. Lisa was in the living room with two other girls who

seemed just about to leave. It was obvious, however, that Lisa was staying.

Dorothy set us on a love seat across from Lisa, then sat with her on the

couch. The other girls said their goodnights and left.

Now it was just the four of us. Ted and I waited.

"I teach fantasy writing," said Dorothy in her no-nonsense way. "Lisa here is

my most talented student. She's staying the night; I think the extra time will


Lisa nodded, sipped a cold drink, then passed it to Dorothy. Looking at her,

Lisa said, "Yes, I think so, too. I expect to have a well-researched piece for

you on Tuesday." Lisa grinned and looked at a spot on the floor. Dorothy


Well, this was just great. A night inside with Dorothy had suddenly taken a

different direction. Both women were lovely, but I wasn't sure about either one.

Just how was this night going to turn out?

It turned out like this: Lisa took Ted with her to a guest bedroom. Dorothy

took me to hers. We made love half the night, with plenty of oral gratification

for both of us. Dorothy tucked my sticky body close to hers and we slept the

sleep of the dead.

Nine o'clock the next day we met Ted and Lisa in the kitchen for breakfast.

Ted seemed relaxed, calm, and decidedly happy. I was glad for Ted. The giantess

Lisa had taken care of him and it showed.

I was a little giddy myself, and it occurred to me that house painting was

going to be on hold for a while. Especially after Lisa brought out her box.

It was a sturdy one, with green and white stripes and a few airholes punched

in the sides. It was thoughtful of Lisa to add them. Then she set us both

inside, looked at us there, and pondered.

Dorothy's face came into view. "Goodbye, my little pool boys. Goodbye," she

said, just before Lisa closed the lid.

The last thing I remember about that morning was sitting in the semi-dark and

hearing Lisa's words: "Dorothy, have you an elastic band? The lid must stay on,

don't you agree?"

"Yes, of course."

"And you must entice a few more lovely men into your pool. There's lots more

room in here."

"Of course! Here's your rubber band." Through the air holes I could just make

out Dorothy, her face a picture of mischief, aiming the stretched band at Lisa.



Giantess Stories: Part 1 of 2

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