Giantess Stories: Part one  As I strolled down the beach I smiled to myself in anticipation of seeing my Lisa

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Part one

As I strolled down the beach I smiled to myself in anticipation of seeing my

Lisa. It had been almost a year since she flew off to pursue her career as a

lifeguard and left me finishing my University degree , it had taken me that long

to work part time to afford the flights to visit my girlfriend.

But I was on vacation now for 14 days and boy was I looking forward to this

especially after Lisa's recent emails.

Perhaps I should back up a touch in my story to a month ago , I was chilled out

relaxing in my flat when my PC announced Lisa was on-line. God I really missed

her, I hadn't had sex at all this year and if it wasn't for my right hand and

the GTS internet sites Im not sure what would have happened to me , being

faithful was tough when your thousands of miles apart. I looked at my monitor

and we began to chat as I read her first message.

“Hello my little Boob Rider ” ( Lisa gave me this nick name as she knew my

fantasy was to be shrunk down and experience a giant pair of breasts , and she

often indulged me with teasing interaction over our many online chat exchanges.)

“Hi Goddess” I typed.

“Steve Im so excited you will never guess what they installed at Baywatch HQ


“A sun tan oil vending machine” I offered in jest.

“No this is absolutely serious it was one of those machines you told me about ,

you know like they have at the Space Exploration Centre near you”

I gulped hard as I read this response but my rational brain insisted this

couldn't be true.

“A Mini-maxer ? Come on Lisa be serious with me , how could a Lifeguard station

afford one of those and what use would it be?”

“your doubting me aren't you my little Boob man , but I swear on my mothers life

we have one of those machines in the training room and one on the beach!”

I knew she wasn't joking now she would never swear on her mother life I was

amazed and couldn't type whilst I took this news in.

“Its been donated for 6 months trial from some safety executive organisation we

are the first Lifeguard team to evaluate it , I tell you Steve when I found out

what it was I could feel my self almost get wet with excitement”

“What are they using it for? , do you have access to it ? does it really work

like the documentaries on TV show?”

“Oh it works alright! We had our first training on how to use it today and

shrunk some surf boards down to about 12 inches long! I was amazed! We have one

for training at HQ and the other is being installed at the entrance to a newly

sectioned off part of the beach”

“no way!” I was lost for words and reliant on Lisa to keep up the information


“From our briefing today , Mitch said it has several key uses to be tested. The

beach is becoming increasingly overcrowded with people fighting for space

combined with a shortage of lifeguards to provide adequate cover. Steve they are

gonna shrink people down real tiny here!”

“Oh Lisa that's unreal!” I enthusiastically typed “How small are they gonna make


“Im not sure baby , CJ my team leader seems to think they are going to make

people about a foot tall can you imagine?”

“You know I can Lisa! I would love it”

The following day at around the same time I eagerly awaited updates from Lisa on

this fantastic news. Mini-maxers had been around for about 10 years as a

technology but due to the cost it was only the military and high end industry

that could afford them plus they had very strict licensing laws to govern the

use of them. As a lover of giant women I was waiting for the day when this

technology would become common place and enter the realms of the private user

but that day never seemed to get any closer much to all the mass disappointment

of the GTS community.

The fact that Baywatch had landed two of these systems was almost impossible to

believe but simply the most exciting news I had heard since I read about this

technology for the first time.

Lisa was on-line and we chatted some more.

“Hey Boob Rider today was better than yesterday you would have loved it”

“Tell me!”

“We had some training and they told us why the system is going to be beneficial

, seems the idea is to have more people in a smaller section of the beach

reduced in size so they occupy much less space and get this ..with just one

lifeguard looking after them who will happen to be normal sized!”

“Oh boy Lisa they would appear like giant lifeguards !”

“giantess lifeguards Steve! they don't want the guys in there as well giant men

might be to intimidating to the public , they want us girls because we are

gentler , isn't this great!”

I became aroused at the mere thought and again unable to converse.

“Youre thinking about it arent you baby? , real giant women , sexy giant women

in their swimsuits looking after poor tiny little people at our feet”

“oh Lisa this is awesome”

“there's more Steve , they are gonna train us how to handle little people when

we save them. Ive been given a little Ken doll to take home so I can practice

scooping the little doll from my bath water and trying not to make waves as I

approach it! Thing is I imagined tonight he was you , so much smaller than me

floundering in the water at my feet”

“Save me!” I typed Lisa was getting me hot she knew all the right buttons to


“I pick you up gently out of the water my big hand wrapping around your middle

as I lift you up”

“I need the kiss of life”

“I step out of the water onto the sand and bring you to my huge lips , they

smother you as I blow life back into your tiny lungs”

“you're a vision , your so big and beautiful in your tight red costume you can

see my shorts getting hard as you hold me”

“I notice your little dick pressing into my big palm and I tease you with a look

down into my swimsuit my huge cleavage inches away from you”

“I cant help myself I reach out for your boobs”

“I lift you closer and smother your tiny body into my big breasts”

At this point I was handling myself and getting unable to type.

There was a pause of a minute or so and Lisa knew what I had been doing.

“Did you enjoy yourself baby?”

“sure did you are one sexy girl Lisa”

Over the next few days conversation was absorbed discussing the Mini-maxer every

evening in our now 2 or 3 hour long chat sessions. For me it was bliss and at

the end of that week I had to ask the question.

“Lisa when does it go into operation , I mean for real? When do you get to see a

real shrunken guy?”

“Oh baby its frustrating its being used already starting this week but im not

one of the senior lifeguards so I haven't been scheduled to cover that special

beech yet. But you remember Shauni the girl I share this flat with , well she

covered the afternoon session today and she loved it!”

“You talked about it? You let her know we are into this ?”

I was a little sensitive over revealing my fantasy to others as it was a major

hurdle to relay tings to Lisa I wasn't ready for all in sundry to know yet.

“No of course not we just you know had a girly chat about work and I asked her

what it was like seeing little people”


“Oh Steve she said it was really cool a bit weird at first with everyone looking

up to her but she found it kind of empowering like she was the centre of

attention important somehow. None of the usual brats stepped out of line they

didn't dare with her being so big! She could see across all of the beach easily

and she didn't even need her tower and binoculars, it takes her 10 steps to the

waters edge and she saved a guy today!”

“really she picked him up?”

“yeh Shauni said it was the easiest rescue of her career she simply stepped in

up to her knees and reached out and lifted him clear of the water , he had a bad

fall off his windsurfer and she simply picked that up in her other hand and set

them down on the sand together ..job done ..inst it great!”

“amazing!” My mind pictured Shauni who I had seen pictures of before she was a

natural blonde like my Lisa and has a wonderful curvy figure , she was definite

giantess material and I only wished I was the guy she saved looking up at her.

“She also said he weighed like less than a bag of sugar and his windsurfer was

like a big toy to her”

“they shrink down windsurfers as well?”

“Oh sure boards , small boats , jetskis , infact anything that will fit in the

beach Mini-maxer and the public loves it they can catch major waves if they are

keen surf worshipers even on a pretty calm day”

I could imagine how a doll sized man on a windsurfer would appreciate a medium

sized wave all in all this beech experiment had a lot of benefits for every one.

“Hey little boob rider , have you been fantasising being down on that beach with

me saving you?”

“Of course “ I replied this was a constant fantasy ever since Lisa had sent me

pictures of her in her tight high cut red swimsuit my imagination kicked in


“I only wish we were allowed to interact with the people then I might be your

fantasy girl for real”

“hey Lisa you are my fantasy girl babe but what do you mean your not allowed to

get near the tiny people unless its an emergency?”

“that's it im afraid , to avoid any accidents from a huge giantess falling over

our tower is off set to the back of the beach and there's a marked channel for

us to walk to the water so Im told. We are only allowed to get near people when

they are in trouble and most of the time all the little people can see is a huge

tower with a giantess lifeguard looking over them but Shauni said to them it

must be like she is over a 100 foot or more away that's the closest they can

get. Oh and as things are under evaluation the beach is covered with Cameras so

HQ can record highlights and monitor events there's no way a lifeguard could get

close to a guy if you know what I mean”

“Oh man that shatters my dreams Lisa I thought when I came over in a few weeks I

would actually get to see a giantess close up”

My illusions were shattered and I could also tell Lisa was equally disappointed

she must have had the same ideas about how wonderful it would be for her to

manage that beach and for me to be one of the tiny crowd below.

“Im sorry too baby I have been pushing for a slot on that beach so you could fix

your flights over in time with it but they said I might not be guarding that

water for a few months it seems the seniors have monopolised the rota”

“that's a real shame baby but I am still looking forward to seeing you”

“me too I might have a surprise for you anyway one Im sure you will enjoy”

“really” she had begun to intrigue me

“like what?”

“you'll see , it gonna cost me a fortune but Im sure it will be worth it”

Lisa didn't reveal any more that night and I felt a little down from the high I

had been experiencing the last few days , I really wanted to see Lisa as a

giantess to have her hold me and it almost had a possibility of coming true

until she had relayed the stringent measures they had set to make the public

safe in this unique beech I suppose my mature brain could understand this but my

smaller fantasy brain between my legs was in depression at this news.

The next day Lisa was on-line early and clearly excited.

“Hey my little Boob rider I saw a little man today it was awesome!”

“oh wow Lisa fill me in please fill me in!”

“We had training again today and CJ was demonstrating how to rescue people at

the same time.

They shrunk Mitch our boss and Eddie one of the lifeguards , Steve I was pretty

close sitting in the third row of the training room and they looked so tiny!”

“How did they look compared to CJ?”

“CJ is about my size 5 foot 4 but they didn't even reach past her knees she made

them look so small and I noticed Eddie was sneaking peaks at her cleavage”

“Oh boy , could she tell?”

“I think so she tends to flirt with Eddie even though he's Shauni's guy and when

she picked him up Im sure she moved him in closer to her boobs on purpose ,

actually Shauni was sat beside me and she and Eddie had words later because she

accused him of getting aroused by CJ.”

“who could help that I wou..”

I couldn't believe I had just started to type what I was thinking , CJ was a

major babe like Shauni and had the biggest breasts Ive seen on a short girl

infact my eyes often strayed to them when I looked at the team photographs Lisa

sent me earlier in the year.

“you would do what ?”

I paused , @#%$ was Lisa getting a bit sensitive as well ?

“I would have got aroused I cant blame him”

I confessed seeing no choice.

“most guys would baby she has a couple of great distractions”

I sighed with relief Lisa wasn't the jealous type she trusted me.

“talking of distractions baby I couldn't help but play with my little practice

pal Ken last night.”

“You naughty girl Lisa ,please go on..”

“Well I had saved him in the bath water a few times and kind of got to thinking

how if you were his size on that beach how would you measure up to me”

“and.. Lisa continue please…”

“I lifted him in my hand and held him before my boobs , he was so small to them

I think they would be like huge beach balls to him. I was wearing my costume and

decided to see how he would fit , I imagined if we ever get the chance somehow

it would be good to see if 12 inches is a good size”

“please Lisa describe what you did”

“I lowered his little legs into my cleavage and pushed him deep down until only

his little head showed out of my costume and I could feel his legs pressed down

by my belly button, he did look small and I enjoyed imagining it was you down

there but he was cold and plastic and didn't move you would feel much nicer”

“wow Lisa I wish you could send me a photo of that”

”I think he would have been disappointed compared to Eddies view earlier today

CJ is just so big up top”

I knew Lisa despite her gorgeous legs and sexy curves always felt her 34C charms

were not ample enough for me , infact once we almost had a an argument when she

felt self conscious that I fantasized about giant big boobs but in reality one

of her breasts could be contained in one of my hands pretty well. I must admit I

did love big breasts on women but as an overall package Lisa was pretty perfect

her c cups stood out firm and proud on her slender frame and she did cut a fine

profile , I was a happy man but she just needed reassuring now and then.

“and you'd be pretty impressive to a 12 inch man , baby that's a sight I would

love to see”

“They are nice I mean ive got a good figure but compared to the girls I work

with I feel like im wearing my training bra”

“hey Lisa your not in competition besides they don't have your looks to match”

“flatterer! but it doesn't matter anymore Ive got plans..Oh Steve Shauni has

just come in im gonna log off see you soon little lover”

With that I was more intrigued than ever , was my girlfriend contemplating a

boob job? I really didn't like silicone breasts , sure they looked good under

clothes but they couldnt feel real and the way they appeared you could always

tell unnatural boobs. I hoped she wasn't going under the knife for me.

Strangely for a day Lisa didn't communicate and I was kind of worried she had

done something rash to impress me the next time we conversed on line it was my

first question.

“Lisa , honey I don't know how to put this so I will come right out with it the

way you talked the other day I got the impression you have been thinking about

plastic surgery , you know a boob job”

“Hey boob-rider its me Lisa your talking to. Im a natural beauty remember Im not

about to have a pair of false boobs so don't worry yourself ”

“Sorry babe guess I read something that wasn't there , hey good news I now have

saved enough to catch a flight to you when should I come?”

From this point we arranged my current trip but unfortunately Lisa still hadnt

managed to get booked on duty at the special beach which was another

disappointment for me but this visit was still going to be great.

So back to present day and I was strolling up the beach towards the beach side

property that Shauni and Lisa shared and as I came close my eyes locked onto


There she was looking more gorgeous than my mental images of her. She was facing

in profile to me leaning over the small railings on the front porch looking out

to the ocean. Dressed in what looked like a short white tennis outfit her sun

kissed skin contrasted a great deal showing off her smooth shapely legs , her

natural blonde hair was blowing in the slight breeze it was very long much

longer than I remember now reaching perhaps half way down her back . She was

stunning I could describe her no other way, how I hadnt lost her to the male

population around here I would never know. I shouted a greeting from afar and

she turned and her face lit up as she ran across to me. Her little skirt rode up

on her thighs as she moved and my eyes caught the pleasing bouncing actions

beneath her top as her medium sized breasts showed off their size on her slim

frame. We hugged and I lifted her off her feet and kissed her spinning my girl

around in the embrace.

“Oh Steve I am so pleased to see you baby its been far to long you look great!”

“and so do you babe your hair its so long and wow what a tan you've got “

“that's a benefit of working outside do you like my hair this way?”

“It looks fabulous on you Lisa very sexy”

We kissed again repeatedly and then Lisa led me in to her home . I stood in the

main living room which was a nice size and not overcrowded with furniture at the

back of the room I could see the kitchen and some stairs it was a huge place but

very feminine in decoration and it smelt divine infact like Lisa herself.

As I put my case down I was introduced to Shauni who was as lovely as her

pictures did her credit for. She was taller than Lisa at 5 foot 7 or 8 and

perhaps 25 or more years old I exchanged pleasantries and small talk with her

whilst thinking how lucky I was to be staying here for 2 weeks with 2 major hot

women under the same roof.

That evening Lisa and I had a lot of catching up to do and spent a few hours in

her bedroom to relieve our mutual sexual frustrations.

“Oh I really missed you Steve that was the best”

“Lisa you have no idea you been teasing me for months over the pc and its great

to get release

hey talking of which whats the latest with the Mini-maxer stuff?”

“Well the experiment in terms of safety is going very well in a few weeks Mitch

has enough evidence to prove its safe to manage a beach like that and

overcrowding should be no issue anymore”

“hey babe come on Im not interested in that you know the type of feedback I


As Lisa sat on the bed aside me she gave me a beautiful knowing grin and


“well I still haven't been scheduled to cover the beach which is frustrating

especially as you're here now I wish I could have done that for you darling”

“Hey im disappointed as well but you said yourself the giantess lifeguards cant

get near the public in any normal way so it would only have been a major tease

to see you like that from a distance”

“oh Steve you know I worked it out the other night the amount they are reducing

people I would look 30 foot tall as the lifeguard on that beach”

I looked down at Lisa's fine legs and imagined reaching barely up to her knee

caps it would a dream come true in many ways.

“hey I haven't shown you this either”

I watched Lisa go into her panty drawer and retrieve her Ken doll she had told

me about.

“you keep him in there amongst your underwear?” I smirked

“that's where I would keep you if you became as little as him baby but check

this out”

She held the doll before her I noticed her hand was covering a third of his body

at least

“this is how small you would be to me on that beach , he's pretty cute this size

especially when I do this “

I watched her strip her top off and her firm breasts in her silk black bra stood

out nicely , slowly for my benefit she lowered the Ken doll into her cleavage

and let the elastic hold him there so his torso was between the caress of her


“he's a lucky man” I said absolutely in love with the picture she had created

for me, I imagined myself for a second in his position fighting the elastic of

her bra with two breasts bigger than my head by far holding me firm.

“one day this will be you I promise ”

Lisa smiled and slipped Ken out and we began to kiss once more.

The next morning Lisa announced she had a private errand to run for a few hours

and didn't want me to come else the surprise would be spoiled.

”You will find out later babe so I guess I know where you are going off to today

the beach right?”

She smiled and I nodded, I must admit this morning was exciting for me even

minus Lisa a chance to see a 30 foot giant female for real. After our breakfast

Shauni came in the front door , she had been jogging and was drawing deep

breaths of air which most distracting as she wore such a small top. I hoped Lisa

wouldn't see my glances and I tried to be casual as Shauni in her lycra running

shorts stepped in the room.

“hey guys whats happening”

“Hi Shauni , well Im off to town but Steve here is going to our special beach he

thought it might be a unique experience who is covering today?”

“Infact I am “ she beamed

“you can hitch a ride with me if you like Steve im just gonna hit the shower and

fetch my costume”

I tried not to let my pleasure of knowing it would be such a hot looking girl

like Shauni being the giant woman I would see show to much in case Lisa sensed

it. But Im sure she knew me to well.

Half an hour later Lisa had left and Shauni emerged looking fresh and beautiful

wearing her red bathing suit and a red Jacket both with the Baywatch symbols on

them. I couldn't quite see her full figure as the Jacket was baggy but her legs

and bottom looked very fit indeed!

Baywatch HQ and the special beach aside it was about 5 miles away by car and I

chatted to Shauni as she drove her Jeep. I so much wanted to get Shauni to

discuss the special beach and being a giantess and sat there figuring a subtle

way to bring it up.

“Shauni I hope you don't mind me asking but I didn't think Lifeguards are

allowed to wear any make up” I noticed her pale lipstick and she had obviously

emphasised her eyes.

“normally that's the case Steve but we normally get pretty wet on a regular

basis from going in and out the water , at this beach regulations are different

as we probably will never go as deep as to be able to swim they make everyone so

small they are out of their depth when Im only up to my knees so im wading most

of the time its pretty cool. It also means I don't have to tie my long hair up

as normal as it doesn't tend to get that wet either.”

“guess you like this special beach duty then”

”Its so hassle free Steve on my normal regular tower duty I tend to get some of

the muscle bound creeps who work out on the sand and think they are gods gift to

women hovering around my tower bothering me and trying to get me on a date. For

one they are not my type, I like leaner guys you know more athletic like you for

instance I think Lisa and I share a similar taste in men and well those big

jerks are such a pain to fend off sometimes.”

She smiled wide as she turned to me briefly I was flattered she found me

attractive and looked out the passenger window as I felt my face flush a little

to her words.

“but here the same guys are very intimidated by me as I tower over them and I

expect I could lift the little barbells they use without trying” she giggled

“its great! I love seeing them act nervous when I walk past them I think this

size thing makes them uncomfortable, you know less macho having a girl so much

bigger than them for a change”

She changed the subject a little as we pulled into a reserved parking bay by the


“I tell you who does love this special duty though , CJ”

I nodded as if to acknowledge that I knew who she was talking about so she could


“yeh she sure craves coming down here on duty she loves feeling big and having

everyone looking up to her, even more so since she picked Mitch up in training

Im worried she's getting a bit obsessive about coming down here , infact she

wanted me to call in sick today and let her do my stint ”

My mind swirled with what she was saying , was CJ into being a giantess? Did she

really love small men ? I began to imagine but then Shauni snapped me out of my

day dream.

“anyhow here we are Steve you go to the public entrance of the main gateway

building over there and Im slipping in the staff door over here , hey next time

you see me you'll be looking up its like being a giantess if I didn't know you

guys had been shrunk”

She smiled again as if to advertise the idea and concept of this all really

appealed to her but perhaps that's what I wanted to think?

I joined the cue towards a normal sized door and I noticed we would be walking

into one of those porta-cabin style units like they transport on the back of

lorries although this one had no windows and only two doors and looked thicker

than the fibreglass structures I had seen before.

At one end was an pretty large hanger attached with side shutter doors which I

assume was where they shrunk down the larger objects within like jet-skis and

other such small craft. Being observant I also saw that the operator who resided

presumably in the office section of the porta-cabin was watching people in the

queue via a small CCTV camera unit.

After ten minutes myself and 3 other guys entered through the electronic door

that locked automatically after we stepped in. The room was pretty large and

barren of any furnishings it was pretty simple with just the entrance door no

windows at all and a door to the operators room and a tiny 2 foot door in the

corner. Wow I thought Im actually going to walk through that little door any


A speaker asked us if we are ok and ready for the procedure we all verbally

offered yes and I looked up to see another camera watching us and a plasma

screen high up which offered data. It was stating three subjects and our

individual heights. I wondered how they knew ? But then I saw the small laser

emitters in each corner of the room and assumed we had been measured by beams we

couldn't see in the light.

The operator announced the shrinking was underway and told us the small door

would be open when we felt ready to leave. The lights dimmed as a small hum came

from behind the walls around us and then I could just make out a flood of green

lasers moving lots of beams around us and then the lights came up and I was



I didn't feel a thing the guys in the room laughed and looked around at the

scale of the room walls and doors around us and I looked at the towering plasma

screen now way above me and saw I was exactly 12 inches tall and the two other

who must have both been around 5 foot 10 had been reduced to just under this

mark so our proportions remained the same. Eagerly I was first out the door in

my swim trunks and carrying just a towel. The door out was straight on the sand

and the beach looked huge stretching out for maybe quarter of a mile to me im

not sure. But in all directions except out to the ocean I could see a large blue

wall which had slanted Perspex panels on its top.

This was the perimeter wall that enclosed the beach and the Perspex barriers I

guess it stopped any thrown objects from coming over onto our heads from the

“normal” people outside.

Out to sea I thought I could make out a mesh barrier just barely I suppose it

was to ensure none of the little vehicles or swimmers strayed out to the larger

world for our safety. But it was so far out and only just noticeable it didn't

spoil the view.

There seemed to be several hundred people here but there was bags of room to

spare and my interest was where to find the giantess Shauni. I saw or should I

say couldn't miss the huge standard wooden lifeguard hut or tower as they refer

to them in the far corner of the beach so I walked towards it. My progress was

halted by a 4 foot ( to me ) high railing which read

”for you own safety do not cross this barrier . CCTV cameras are in operation.”

“Dam!” I cussed to myself aloud I was so far away from the tower it looked huge

and maybe 100 feet tall on its stilts to me but so far away!

I waited watching for signs of life in the tower hoping Shauni would walk out

any minute to survey the beach but there was nothing. This wasn't living up to

my hopes and expectations at all , except for the tower and surrounding walls I

might have well been on a normal beach.

I laid on the my towel to catch some rays and kept close to the railing. I must

have dozed off in the warm breeze when my slumber was disturbed abruptly by the

thudding of loud footfalls I spun around and it was the thuds upon the wooden

ramp to the tower I could hear made by Shauni as she descended to the beach

rapidly towards the water. Even from this distance she looked pretty big and I

was suddenly filled with wonder as I watched a real giantess in action. Shauni

was covering the path that was cleared for her the other side of the railing

very swiftly with her long strides and entered the water in seconds. I looked

out in the water to see if she was making a rescue and I was drawn to the waters

edge to try and remain closer to her even though her legs now had been fully

immersed and she was a good distance from shore and a long way from me. What I

saw next excited me and if I wasn't on a beach with other people I think the

growing urge to play with myself would have consumed me. Shauni was confronting

two windsurfers who had stopped in the water and obviously seemed to be having

aggressive words between them although I could only just make out the voices.

One of them dived off his board in an attempt to grab the other guy and then all

I could see was some splashing as they must have been fighting because he

dragged the other guy off his board. The wonderful sight of Shauni towering over

them and the comparison I could draw was great but unexpected was her next

action , she bent down and reached out both hands grabbing each guy separately

and lifting them before her face. Her voice was louder than theirs and carried

better, she told them to grow up and behave themselves or she would carry them

off the beach herself and the guys looked shocked and disoriented at being

plucked out of the water and then confronted by a this stern giantess , I swear

they both at first fought her grip but she was so strong compared to them she

held them fast and separated them with ease. I wish I had a camera ! I felt

aroused and had to control my excitement. Shauni put them down on their boards

and even pushed one of them along so he was several metres away from his foe and

she turned towards the sand mission accomplished.

I saw her pretty face was pleased and smiling broadly to herself . When she came

back she was heading towards me and I was frozen! As she came closer and closer

I was in awe of this 30 foot gorgeous creature her tanned legs began to fill my

view and then in seconds I was level with my eyes just under her knees looking

up a her towering beauty above. Her chest was so much larger it pressed her

costume out with swells bigger than those novelty inflatable beach balls.

“Hi Steve how's the weather down there in little land”

She smiled down at me and I felt my manhood jump to attention as I looked up at

her perfect towering frame.

“err hi um Shauni” I struggled to speak like an idiot and concentrated so my

eyes didnt stray to her chest for fear of offending her. This is a giantess my

mind was shouting from within and my member betrayed me as I feared it might

pitching a evident tent into my swim shorts within seconds of being in her

presence. I saw Shauni's big blue eyes noted my attention to her and she smiled


“I can see your enjoying little land Steve”

I went red and felt consumed in the embarrassment of the situation but Shauni

stepped past me and I watched her huge tight bottom wiggle in her costume as she

slowly retreated back to her tower. As she was about to disappear through the

door she took one last look back at me and winked and

as the door closed I ran into the waves to dampen my spirits.

That was the last I saw of Shauni whilst I was on the beach that day and in

someway I was glad because I didn't know what to say to her, I mean she had seen

me get excited and I might as well had a t-shirt on me with flashing lights

saying “ I love giant women”

I laid in the sun for an hour or more and decided to go back to have a shower.

The enlarging process was pretty much the same as the shrinking very swift and I

walked out the same door as the entrance door. I had arranged with Lisa that we

would meet at her place and by the time I caught a cab back she was already

home. What had she been up to this morning I wondered ? She wasn't often

secretive but I guessed it was something she really wanted the element of

surprise for.

Lisa had given me a spare key so I let myself in and called her.

“babe you home?”

“Steve! Great your back come up here!”

Her voice was full of excitement and I was eager to see her the vision of her 30

foot friend was fresh in my mind and I wanted release. When I got to her room

she had her back to me and I could see she wasn't fully dressed as she had only

a thick towelling pink bath robe on , she was staring into her dresser mirror.

“stand right there honey and close your eyes”

She was speaking in a teasing tone I loved her when she was playful like this. I

complied and shut my eyes as I could smell her step close to me her sweet

perfume filling my nostrils.

“now keep your eyes shut and hold out your hands”

I felt her hands take my own and turn them upside down and slowly raise them

until I was cupping her breasts , no not her breasts they were far to large and

heavy and my hands couldn't consume them. Startled I opened my eyes and looked

down to see Lisa naked the robe at her feet and there in my hands was her

breasts , her large full firm breasts daring my hands to try and hold the

abundance of flesh.

“whats the…”

Lisa took a finger to my lips and smiled with a sultry look on her face as she

proudly displayed her blossoming figure

“like the merchandise? , take a good nice long hard feel baby , they are real

only bigger a lot bigger?”

I was amazed and confused and highly turned on. My already sexy girlfriend had

become even sexier with a pair of boobs that made her look fantastic and so

busty it was unreal. How I loved breasts and these felt perfect. Needless to say

I was saluting her new shape from below and Lisa teased the hell out of me for a

few minutes brushing her body against me until I snapped and lifted her to the

bed and released all my energy into her. The sex was terrific better than ever

and as we recovered and began to put our clothes back on I watched Lisa dress.

She wiggled her cute rear end over to her panty drawer below her dresser and

came out with a big black bra and promptly slipped it on to contain her now more

than ample charms. She walked across the room to her cupboard and found the Ken


“Hi little Kenny “ she play acted for my amusement talking as if the doll was


“Yes that's right im a lot bigger girl up here now care to try them for size?”

Smiling to herself she repeated the display she had done the other evening and

lowered plastic Ken into her bra only this time he fitted very tightly and they

covered nearly all of him except his legs dangling from below.

“now that's more like it “ she said proudly “that's what I call smothering him

in pleasure”

If I hadnt already spent my load a few minutes previous I would have cum again

right there and then seeing her playfulness.

“So this is how big they would be to you on that beach Steve if I could sneak

you into my tower and tease you”

“I wish” I sighed and then realised I hadnt answered the burning question in my


“ Lisa baby tell me how you did this please it almost magical”

“No not magic baby” Lisa slipped Ken out and put him away in her cupboard as she

dressed in some lycra shorts and a baggy t-shirt , well baggy apart from around

her new impressive features.

“I had an appointment a while back to see a body converter as they call them

from the new clinic down town. “

“body converter?”

I wasn't familiar with this term at all.

“it's a unique clinic and very exclusive treating mainly the stars and super

models you know the high end clientele but Ive saved enough over the last 2

years to pay for my treatment.” She saw my eyes as she said the word treatment

“Oh don't worry Steve its all harmless and perfectly safe , you see this clinic

is a one of a kind they have a mini-maxer based system that can target areas of

the body for enhancement. I walked in a meagre C cup and stepped out 3 cup sizes

up “

“so that's all you they are just enlarged ?”

“yep this is all me” she squeezed her boobs as if to emphasize “just bigger and

better than they used to be I did this for you baby I so much want to be your

ultimate woman and I know how much big boobs do for you”

She was right my weakness was for busty blondes a combination that sent me wild

but I felt guilty she had obviously done all this for my benefit

“how much did it cost?”

“too much I gave them 15k of my savings and the other 50% is interest free for

the next 2 years”

“no way! 30k for me?”

I hugged her and couldn't believe her commitment feeling guilty she had gone to

such an extreme

“well for both of us I like being this shape as well it will make all my outfits

that much sexier.”

“oh hell your clothes Lisa you'll have to buy a new wardrobe”

“no that's not true baby you see I took a few outfits with me and they enhanced

them after me the price includes that service , oh and by the way these are on

evaluation I haven't made up my mind about them yet”

“Im sorry evaluation ?”

We went out and sat on a local beach that evening sharing a Chinese takeaway as

Lisa described in detail about the clinic.

“so you see Steve I have to go back and either try another size out or get a

refund either way they have to have the ultimate decision by the close of the

week and they only deduct 2k for the evaluation if I don't take any of the


I sat beside Lisa my arm around her back and all evening I couldn't keep my eyes

off of her new shape which didn't go unnoticed by her. As we walked back to the

apartment Shauni was just stepping in at the same time . She was dressed in a

sleek black cat suit with just her cleavage showing for dramatic effect and her

hair up in a pony tail she was looking very seductive and obviously had returned

from some party. I felt very nervous to see her as I was thinking back to my

beach experience how different she looked now at her normal size.

“Hey guys “

She greeted in a normal manor

“ Hi Shauni”

Lisa offered and we all walked in. Shauni grabbed Lisa and spun her around


“look at you! Go girl! You did it . They look fantastic on you your bustier than

I am now!”

Lisa showed off her curves to her impressed friend

“can I feel them?”

“sure” Lisa responded

I watched Shauni take the weight of Lisas chest and smile as she squeezed them.

“Oh I have got to have this done and get rid of my silicone they are perfect”

I tried to sneak away upstairs as the two girls discussed their respective chest

sizes when Shauni saw my attempt to leave

“Hey Steve , did you tell Lisa about the beach today?”

”err the beach?” I felt instantly nervous

“yes you know what happened there today or haven't you told Lisa?”

Lisa looked at me and I felt myself begin to get red

“what happened?” I said sounding like a moron

“with me Steve you remember”

Shauni was enjoying seeing me squirm and let a few uncomfortable seconds roll by

until she began

“Oh Ill tell you , Steve saw me break up a fight between two guys and he was

very impressed by me weren't you Steve”

“er Yeh , erm Shauni handled the situation well”

Shauni proceeded to inform Lisa of how she manhandled the two guys at the beach

and as she finished she smiled across at me. It was the then the girls began to

talk shop so I slipped away with relief that Shauni hadn't told Lisa I was

excited at the beach over her. I lay down on Lisa's bed and relaxed when she

came to join me half an hour later.

“Hey Steve” she said with excited tone in her voice I loved “guess what? Mitch

just called and the duty schedules have been altered CJ is guarding the special

beach tomorrow but Im covering the morning session with the mini-maxer!”

Her face was alive and beaming but I couldn't see the relevance

“That's great Lisa but you'll be locked away in the control room and I still

wont get to see you only CJ”

“Where's your imagination baby” she sat beside me and her hand rested on top of

my jeans as she drew circles with her fingers across my lap in a teasing


“Your gonna see me as the biggest giantess you have ever seen baby and I promise

you wont be disappointed tomorrow Im gonna fulfil all of our fantasies”

I turned to look at her beautiful face and my mouth dropped open.

“but how isn't there security cameras recording in the shrinking chamber “

“yes but I control them , In our training we must arrive early and test the

system by shrinking a test object down and guess who's gonna be Lisa's little

test object”

I smiled back at her this was untrue finally after years of wonder I was going

to have the chance to be intimate with a gorgeous giant woman.

“Oh Lisa I cant wait”

“neither can I baby Mitch is dropping the keys off late tonight its going to be

so special”

That night I hardly slept and kept dreaming of what the morning would bring, in

the early hours I lay on the bed cuddled up to Lisa and my eyes studied her body

recording every last detail. Her little feet and smooth legs which seemed so

short to me now as her 5 foot 4 inch frame was wrapped against my longer legs

which stretched almost to the edge of her bed several inches past her own. This

petite girlfriend of mine was going to be a giantess to me and it was hard for

my mind to accept that seeing her as I did right now. Her new breasts pressed

nicely into my chest and I revelled at their new size these would be so

fantastic from a shrunken view point. Her pretty face even now without makeup

was lovely and almost begged for her to be on one of those great skin

commercials with her fine complexion and her hair fell across the bed in a

golden splendour , yes I was a lucky guy.

Lisa and I woke a few hours later with her tugging at me to get up , she was in

a hyper mood and eager for the mornings activity to commence. After breakfast

and a shower we went to her room to dress, I noticed Shauni wasn't at breakfast

and was glad to avoid her so she may forget the incident on the beach a little.

I put on my Nike swim shorts and went bare chested then I watched with great

interest as Lisa searched for clothes.

“It's a shame I cant wear anything really sexy for you today baby but I have to

dress in my uniform if we arent on beach duty, but that doesn't mean I cant wear

some nice underwear does it?”

She grinned and slipped on a black g string and grabbed a white lacy bra ready

to secure her overflowing charms. Whilst I sat mesmerised by her she looked down

at the bra in her hand

“I simply had to buy this bra yesterday darling its actually a real 34E cup it

felt great ignoring the little C cup bras on the other racks and buying this big

thing do you like it ? It should enhance my cleavage”

I nearly began to salivate as she pulled the bra over her breasts and those full

round orbs squeezed together and formed the most teasing sight I had ever seen.

“now that's what I call cleavage” I smiled with my eyes full of lust.

“calm down lover boy we haven't time for any of that you've got a date with a

giantess remember”

“how could I forget”

“but remember how small these look to you now because they'll be a lot bigger

very soon “

I watched her cover those two jiggling treats with her work blouse and half of

her cleavage disappeared from sight beneath the neckline much to my

disappointment. Finally she put on her black short skirt and some 3 inch black


“how do I look?”

She twirled in her uniform , I must admit there was no denying her incredible

shape in those clothes she looked smart but sexy.

What a day this was going to be for me , to finally see my girlfriend in the way

that only my imagination has seen her and to actually be touched by this

giantess , I could only hope that this experience would live up to my dreams.

I sat watching Lisa apply her deep red lipstick and then brush her golden locks

back into a high ponytail, man she looked good today. She smiled back at me from

her dressing table and I could see her excitement.

“Steve this is going to be so cool today I finally get to have my little man to

play with you are going to look so cute when your small”

“and you're going to look dam sexy Lisa are you ready yet?”

“lets go”

She grinned from ear to ear and grabbed my hand pulling me out of her room and

downstairs through the front door.

Lisa drove us in her old 1980's BMW to the special beach.

“So baby” she started informing me of the days events “ the plan will be that

Ill shrink you down when we get there and take you through to my office for the

morning. When Ive finished work we can go and play and then I get to keep you

overnight as my little lover before I enlarge you tomorrow morning how does that



We reached the beach and Lisa opened only the office and staff entrance keeping

the public door closed as it was far to early yet. I walked into the small room

, it had just a desk with a pc on it and 3 monitors a small control system and a

bank of vcr systems that took feeds from the internal and external cameras.

Apart from a chair that was the full extent of the furnishings and with no

windows it was a pretty bland environment to work in all day. Lisa busily booted

up the pc and then unlocked the door into the shrinking area.

“let me take one last long look at you honey” she hugged me and looked up into

my eyes , I leaned forward and kissed her.

“Im ready baby” I declared “let the fun begin”

I walked into the shrinking room and Lisa closed the interconnecting door. Her

voice came over the speaker as I saw the plasma screen indicate my presence and

height data as before.

“get ready for land of the giant girlfriend”

She giggled and activated the process.

As before in seconds I was reduced and stood there in just my swim shorts I

looked towards the door to Lisa's office with eager anticipation of her arrival

only something was different now. The door seemed much taller than before , the

whole room was vast way beyond the scale it had seemed yesterday and way above

the plasma screen seemed monstrous like a huge drive in cinema screen suspended

in the heavens but the big words on it reading all to clear to my little eyes.

“Reduction complete subject height 1.5 inches”

She shrunk me to one and a half inches ? I wasn't prepared for this I assumed

that I was going to be 12 inches tall as I was before , sure part of me was

excited by this development as Lisa would now be incredibly tall to me but I was

also nervous as much as I wanted to see her step through that door I felt a

touch afraid of her presence now.

It wasn't long before I heard Lisa's footsteps as her shoes hit the ground from

behind the door. The clunk of the lock and then I watched the huge handle turn.

The door swung open and the doorway was filled with Lisa! Lisa was gigantic, my

once petite girlfriend looked to me like she was nearly 200 feet tall. From down

on the floor way below her and in the middle of the room as I was she looked

like she was several hundred feet away but to my astonishment within a few

simple steps her massive black heels and shoes came thumping down before me each

longer than your average lorry! The sheer vibration her footsteps caused

unsettled my footing and I felt every single step this colossal giantess made as

she approached.

“oh your just darling! just look at you way down there!”

The heavens above me seemed to fill with Lisa's voice a once soft sweet voice

but now an ear booming commanding voice that seemed to rattle in my head as she


I looked directly across at her shoes now only a few feet before me in my scale

and these shiny black heels towered over me by far. I couldn't even reach my

girlfriends ankles which seemed like they were perhaps 25 or 30 feet above my

head. The smooth exterior of her tanned legs climbed skyward out of her shoes

way above me. There was so much flesh on display my head was starting to spin ,

her legs seemed never ending. Even though I could see the canopy of her black

skirt soaring high above covering some of these shapely columns the sheer scale

of her now towering legs was awesome. I stepped back and craned my head as far

back as possible to see the extent of Lisa giant body when suddenly I saw her

huge face with her sparkling blue eyes focused onto me as she was peering over

the fabulous virtual ledge of her bust.

“fee fi fo fum” she teased down in a quieter manor than before which eased my


“are you feeling small baby way down there at my feet?” she grinned and I could

see she was enjoying the situation.


“yyyour ttttitanic” I stuttered feeling nervous to speak to this imposing

giant of a woman before me

“Im a giantess” Lisa smiled “a real giantess to you now , how do I look ?”

“amazing” I called up “taller than most buildings I cant believe its you”

“you had better believe it little man your so tiny now this is what a short 5

foot 4 inch

girl looks like to you now “

I had almost forgotten Lisa wasn't actually tall but how could words like short

be applied to what I saw before me now.

“your voice is so funny Steve all little like you are “

I watched as Lisa peered down at me I was so enthralled by her actions watching

her enormous body.

“time for me to pick you up and get a close look at you my little cutie”

Lisa began to bend down and reach out for me with a hand that was nearly twice

as wide as my whole body and large fingers each as thick as tree trunks. In that

instant I witness hundreds of tons of female form descend towards me and it was

more than I could handle. I backed off falling to the floor and kept pushing

myself frantically along with my feet trying to escape her reach. I was

frightened , frightened of Lisa and my natural reaction was to avoid her grasp

like a little mouse trying to scamper away.

Lisa was surprised at my response and drew back in an instant with her hand her

eyes wide with confusion. She remained now in a crouched position but didn't

attempt to grab me again.

“Im so sorry baby did I scare you ? am I that monstrous that you are afraid of


I gathered myself heart pumping wild and took a few deep breaths. She had

definitely startled me with her forward movement. I stood back up feeling weak

and stupid with my timid reaction

”Oh Lisa you are gigantic! I guess I didn't realise just how big you are until

you reached for me with your big hand, it was a bit soon , Im sorry your just so

intimidating in size to me now”

“its ok Steve don't be scared of me you can trust me to be gentle with you and

Ill remember to move a little slower from now on. You do look so sweet from up

here ,so tiny like a little doll made to look like my boyfriend”

I was feeling better now and began to take in her proportions.

“can we just take this a step at a time please Lisa Im just so much smaller than

I expected to be but you don't look like a monster you look gorgeous its

magnified your beauty”

Lisa smiled and her white teeth glistened way above

“keep on with compliments like that Mr and ill keep you this tiny forever”

She gently kneeled down on the floor and then grinned down at me.

“so when does a big girl like me get to hold my little toy man ? I would really

love to feel you stood on one of my palms here to actually lift you up “

“I think Im ready now Lisa just go slow please” I stressed and watched her lower

her right palm down toward me until her massive hand filled the floor directly

before me. I looked at her perfectly manicured nails on the end of each of her

tree trunk thick fingers and I could only imagine what damage they could do to

someone my current size. I walked up to her index finger and touched her finger

tip as if to test this mighty platform and I heard Lisa giggle a little from


“My hands are huge compared to you aren't they baby? Each of my fingers is

longer than you are tall, even my little finger is bigger than you.”

“I didn't know it would be like this you are incredible Lisa , I bet you could

lift whole houses with these hands” I was in complete wonder as I tentatively

stepped up onto the fleshy but firm surface of her hand and centred myself in

her palm.

“I might be able to lift houses if I was a real giantess Steve but its only you

who is small it just makes me seem like a giantess to you. But picking you up

should be no problem now you're pocket sized”

I steadied myself in her great big hand and sat down as her fingers all curled

up protectively and she raised me to her face. Her big beautiful clear blue eyes

looked so enormous and I could almost feel the wind off of those long eye lashes

as they fluttered periodically up and down. Her lips proved an even more

dramatic sight. Her glistening lipstick coated two astonishing pillows of

pouting perfection before me . I could feel her exhaling breath between them as

its fresh minty swirl seemed to cut into my eyes a little. How erotic it was to

be held this way by my girlfriend totally under her control waiting for her next


“You mr are seriously cute this size im going to enjoy tonight”

I was still busy absorbing the view of her immense face when Lisa began to stand


“Babe I hope you've got a head for heights”

Suddenly I felt my stomach unsettle like you would experience in a fast lift and

in seconds the sensation vanished and Lisa was standing to her full towering

potential and I was feeling like I was perched on a balcony of a tall building.

I moved to the edge of her hand and looked through the gap between two of her

fingers and the ground was way below! Im not sure how big Lisa was to me but the

drop looked well over 100 foot from the level I was now. I turned to face her as

she smiled flashing those big white teeth of hers at m again.

“Long way down eh baby?”

“Lisa your colossal”

This comment produced a smirk across her face and she began walk holding me now

with her fist wrapped around me. I was facing the direction she was walking and

I could glimpse the monumental fleshy columns of her fantastically long legs as

they strode beneath me, even from up here her heels thumped the ground. We

entered the small office and Lisa locked the interconnecting door and then

settled me down onto the small desk before the computer.

I wondered at the size of the objects around me , the computer monitors were

like cinema screens and I was so small now I could actually sit on her computer

mouse. Pencils and pens shared the surface with me each looking like military

missiles I wondered if I even had the strength to lift one of them. Lisa sat in

the chair before me and I turned to view my giant girlfriend. What confronted me

now from this level was acres of blouse material tensed across her chest, oh boy

her chest it was breathtaking! Her firm boobs hugged in that thin blouse towered

over me making me feel even smaller than I already felt . I watched as they

majestically bobbed in rhythm to her simplest movement and my eyes strayed

higher up trying to see what cleavage broke free of her blouse. Unfortunately at

my current level this pleasure was denied to me as I looked up only seeing the

underside and curve of her amazing bosom. My manhood was officially in over

drive mode now.

“How do I look, am I as sexy at this size as you dreamed?”

Lisa's question was easy to answer , from my normal perspective her 5 foot 4

inch frame was the ultimate eye candy to any red blooded male who liked women

with major distracting curves in the right places and now from a mere inch and a

half perspective this body of hers was impossible to ignore commanding my

attention and dominating my vision.

“You look absolutely fabulous Lisa you were born to be a giantess”

Lisa loved my attention to her and could see my swim shorts had gained a new


“mmm , I can see you really do find me more attractive this way . I fi

Giantess Stories: Part one  As I strolled down the beach I smiled to myself in anticipation of seeing my Lisa

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