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Philosphers Stone



Today was turning out to be a

horrible disappointment. He hadn't figured out what to get for the girl he loved

with all his heart, and it was their two year anniversary tonight. As he slumped

on the bench, head in his hands, all he could think of was damn roses, but it

was so average. More inspired gifts and actions were called for tonight, but

nothing was coming to him.

Another came up from behind him in the locker room and asked, ‘What's the

matter, Jim? Are you OK?'

Turning, the frustrated young man saw it was a coleage from his research

department. They had spent all month working on the scientific properties of

ancient Egyptian artifacts that he had lost sight of time, and his girlfriend.

She was becoming more distant for the past 4 months, and it frightened him

because she was the most beautiful woman he ever had. Most likely she was the

most beautiful woman he would ever have. His mind and heart were aching for

remedy; something so spectacular she would need him day and night like it was in

the beginning. Now was not the time for small talk, however it might be a good

diversion to reset his mind.

‘Nah, I'm just out of it,' Jim explained, ‘I have got to get something to

impress my girlfriend pronto or we will just slide apart.'

‘Two year anniversary?' asked the co-worker standing above him, ‘That's tough.'

Frustrated, Jim turned back to the ground.

‘Don't say I didn't try to help,' the man continued, ‘I was saving this for

myself, just for the fun of it.' The words grabbed Jim's attention and he

turned, hopeful for a solution. The man pulled a double folded white paper from

his pocket and folded it open as he handed it off.

‘Its powder I scraped from that Philosopher's Stone the other day,' he said

referring to ebony dust in the bottom of the folds, ‘The incantation written on

the paper was translated yesterday, and it gives the power of anyone ingesting a

small quantity of the stone to be given the power to become whatever they


Jim looked at his friend with a doubtful look as if he were a kook.

‘Hey,' the guy replied to the look, ‘It's something, at least! …who knows.'

‘Yeah…. Thanks Jack,' Jim said lapsing back into his depression.

Hours later Jim rushed into his bedroom where he shared romance with the woman

he lived with, and loved with all his might. She wouldn't be home for another

two hours, and he figured, if nothing else, he could order some roses over the

phone and cover the bed. But over the day he slowly convinced himself the

Philosopher's Stone might actually work. There was nothing more he wanted then

to become the perfect match for his dearest Linda. Striding across the messy

room, littered with clothes, books and laundry draped furniture, he sat on the

bed and took the scrapings from his pocket.

After memorizing the incantation, he got his thoughts together and readied

himself. First, he let the powder roll off the linen white paper into his mouth,

chewing and swallowing. Its was disgusting and dry, regretfully he hadn't

thought of getting water to help his digestion. He closed his eyes and

concentrated on the incantation, repeating it mentally again and again, then

came to the end and shouted out his greatest desire.

‘Make me be anything Linda desires!!!'

Noise flooded into crimson sight, and on opening his eyes, Jim saw the bed

sheets next to his face. He was a bit groggy. Something had happened. He felt

different. He felt invincible. As he reflected on his request, he realized he

must have either been transformed into a Greek God worthy of Olympus' greatest

showerings, or else he passed out from anxiety because he forgot to get anything

for Linda.

Linda was his immediate thought, as he heard the front door being unlocked and

opening. Feet could be heard scurrying excitedly to the bedroom. In a total

panic, Jim looked up to compose himself and plead for his girl's forgiveness at

not being able to get it together for their anniversary night. Looking up, he

saw the bedsheet went up forever. It was 30 feet tall, and he was cold and naked

on the sheets. Beyond the mound, the bedroom door opened quickly and someone Preguntas y respuestas del examen de manejo dmv de Texas 2022

rushed in, then closed the door hurriedly. It sounded like Linda, and she was

panting, out of breath and uncharacteristically frantic. Sounds of clothes

coming off flooded out everything else. Keys were flung onto some unseen

veneered wood surface, purse was dropped, shoes flung off banging on walls. Jim

was gaining his senses, trying to understand what was happening when he saw a

wall of pale flesh slam down a hundred feet away, catapulting him skyward and

down onto the sheets in a nearer location.

In the air, he saw Linda's ass and slender, tapering legs. As he lay there

seeing her side, after he landed, he realized he was maybe an eighth of an inch

tall, or maybe a bit taller. Something had gone wrong. It didn't make sense.

Before he could reason on his next move, her ass rose high into the air, and her

knees scuttled over, one going directly over him to land far away. Above he saw

her darkly haired vagina angled down at him, then it bent around and pointed

into the air out of his sight. She seemed to be quickly looking for something on

the pillow. Then another sound evaded Jim's senses.

The depression of the two knees planting on the bed had settled, and Linda was

fairly still, but another crashing thud, and then another broke onto the bed

rattling everything violently. A shadow eclipsed the terrified scientist.

Looking up, a giant, masculine hand jutted into view grabbing Linda's hip,

another grabber the opposing side. In between, a titanic, glossy penis slid into

view, and then slid cautiously out of view as it disappeared into Linda.

Gargantuan groins slammed and parted in violently passionate sex, as if time was

running out. The man had plenty of length and gained lots of momentum as he went

in and out as far as he could.

Linda's pleas, groans and wails or desire filled the air. The man's scrotum

slapped and rebound enthusiastically for several minutes above the startled

figure of the tiny scientist. She kept pushing so hard she forced the man back a

tiny bit and doubled up to hold at one point. A giant breast with an enormous,

rigid nippled swayed within feet of Jim, then his woman unfurled and the

pelvises were above him again.

Jim began to plead, ‘Please, no! Stop! Linda, I am here! I love you!'

Nothing halted the primal mating until Linda began bleating out her peak. As she

came the man withdrew and tugged twice at his massive, unsheathed penis,

unprotected by any contraception. Immediate torrents of thick white sperm

splashed into the buttocks and thigh of Linda before the titan. Sagging down,

the man released his penis and let plenty of fluids crash down around Jim,

unseen below.

As quickly as she appeared, Linda bounced from the bed and got dressed again.

She tried to make herself just as perfectly composed as she came in. Within 3

minutes she had dressed, combed her hair, applied some make up and was at the

door to the bedroom. The man she had just tended also had cleaned up and came to

her. He walked through the door she held open.

‘Aren't you afraid we will get caught one of these days?' asked the man, his

back to Jim, who sat watching from a fold of sheets jutted into a peak as the

two hurried from the bed.

‘Nah,' said Linda cruelly, ‘I always wished he was the smallest of my worries,

despite being such a road block to any freedom in my life.'

Jim sat stunned at the words. It all became clear. She didn't love him, want him

or respect him. He placed all his love into a woman who despised him and

everything he was to her life.

Linda continued, ‘I think he's just a small piece of ****.'

‘You don't know how right you are,' smirked Jack as Linda shut the door to the

bedroom. Feet could be heard walking down the hallway, away from the bedroom.

Jim sat in horror. “No….please nooo…,' he pleaded to the gods, hoping they would

bring salvation from his torment, ‘Please SOMEONE HELP ME!!! LINDA I LOVE


In a couple seconds the tiny figure on the sheets twisted into a small brown

swirl, barely bigger then a particle of dust. Now, he was a tiny piece of ****,

waiting to be swept thoughtlessly off the sheets when the couple would return to

continue satisfying their needs.



Giantess Stories: Philosphers Stone

horrible disappointment. He hadn't figured out what to get for the girl he loved Today was turning out to be a Today was turning out to be a Dismember Disme



Giantess Stories: Philosphers Stone

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Giantess Stories: Philosphers Stone


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