Giantess Stories: Pink by D5   She started to lean back with all her weight and turning my handle bars and pulling me towards a building away from the

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by D5

She started to lean back with all her weight and turning my handle bars and

pulling me towards a building away from the street.

"Hey!" I said, "what are you doing there? what's the matter?"

She looked at me with a pout on her face which quickly changed to a determined

look and she kept pulling at my handle bars. I took little steps and moved with

her, I did not want to forcefully pull my bike away from a girl and perhaps hurt

her, so I tried reason.

"You can't just pull my bike around, where are you trying to pull me to anyway?

You shouldn't walk up to a stranger and do this , you could get hurt if someone

wasn't as patient as me." At this she finally spoke.

"You are going in my shoe!" She said this nonchalantly, like it was nothing

unusual to say. I instinctively looked down at her shoe and felt my face

flushing thinking about my foot fetish and wondering what kind of set-up was

this? Her shoe was a mary-jane style and rather shiny and new looking, that in

comparison to her pink tights, which around her ankle bone I could see the

smudges of dirt I had noticed before in passing. I broke from my short trance of

looking at her foot.

"What? What did you say?" I said with a nervous laugh.

"You heard me Mr. soon to be the insole of my shoe." Her voice went higher and

she kind of giggled. When she said insole, I once again instinctively, almost

uncontrollably looked down at her shoes again. I felt my face flush with

embarrassment again and looked up to see if people were watching this spectacle.

Without my really being aware she had guided, dragged me up to the building and

partway down an alley and there was not a soul from the street corner who seemed

to care or notice.

"Okay enough of this!" I said getting off my bike, "Let go of my bike and I have

to get going...." she interrupted me with a poem of some sort

"Take this man and the essence that makes his life real and put it down, down

below my pink tights at the heel."

After she spoke this she let go of my bike and pointed her finger directly at my

face, I was about to grab the bike and leave when I started completely against

any of my motor controls to move towards her finger. Suddenly everything was her

finger, fine swirls of skin and feeling very soft. Then my view changed to the

material of her black shorts, then a pink tight covered leg, past a bony pink

knee and faster than I could comprehend I was staring at a smudge of dirt on her

ankle at a spot just before her ankle entered her shoe. I tried to look around

and everything was spinning and hazy, I saw my bike which looked incredibly

large and had fallen over, I turned and saw very clearly a sight which made my

stomach jump into my throat.

It was her, but I was looking way up from her ankle, I tried to get up but her

finger pointed at me and then towards her foot and said"

"You are going to be my insole"

Once again instinctively I started to turn my head towards her foot. But a

thought popped into my consciousness, if you don't look you will be okay, you

can get on your bike and ride away. I paused and started to look back up at her.

The pout had returned to her face and she looked like she could cry. Then she

said in a screechy mildly angry voice.

"You are a worthless human being, you know you belong under the pink heel you've

been close to seeing. Just dessert is in the works the final reward for a foot


She made a strange motion with her hand and pointed towards her left shoe. This

last chant of hers seemed to suck all my will out of me and I looked directed at

her shoe. My gaze returned to the smudge of dirt on the back of her ankle just

before the pinkness of her tights disappeared into the blackness of her shoe.

Suddenly she leaned forward on the toes of her shoe and her heel popped out of

her shoe. The smudge of dirt expanded over and under her heel, the heel was not

pink at all but caked with dirt and various debris, and seemed wet. It was

disgusting and I pushed myself to turn away but I could not, her heel exited the

back of the shoe and I could see the insole under the heel. That insole came up

to me like her finger did earlier. I screamed as I felt myself being sucked into

that insole, I started to fight and things began to slow down, but then I heard

laughter, a girls laughter. The laughter penetrated my soul and I felt my face

flush with embarrassment and I stopped fighting for an instant . My whole

perspective went topsy tervy like a carnival ride and then it stopped.

Once my perspective changed I didn't know where I was but the stench and the

pressure gave me a very good idea. The pounding and the clack clack clack of the

hard heels of her MaryJanes made me certain that my essence as she had chanted,

what makes me real had ended up under her left heel. But I had no vision

everything was dark and I felt a slime form which was being ground and pushed

unrelentingly into my face. The rest of my body felt tinglely and the feeling

was not as strong, but I could feel some pressure, but most of the pressure and

sensation was on my face. Her foot started to sweat and that smell was

unmistakeable as a girls sweat, but not alone, mixed with street dirt and who

knows what else. Just when I was trying to adjust and make some sense out of my

change, the pounding would start. I would feel a strong lift and the pressure

and slime would pull away from my face and then WHAM! it hit my face and my nose

broke and my eyes stung and I felt myself compress. Then just as quickly I felt

my face expand and the process repeated itself. There was no time to think, the

was only feeling, smelling, tasting the saltly muddy sweatly ....WHAM! blood in

my throat intense pain, pressure, a feeling like being the lowest creature on

earth and being pushed lower. Then the expansion, which I would have welcomed if

the process didn't happen so fast to make it impossible to think what was next.

A group of girls walked through a mall, stopping at various stores, skipping and

jumping running here and there. They stopped at a bench to take a brake from all

the walking and running around. One girl with a pink blouse and tights and black

scooter shorts leaned forward on the bench putting all her weight towards her

toes until her left heel popped out of her MaryJanes. If one was watching

closely what looked like a face could be seen peering up in terror.

"Help me, help me, I promise I'll never look at another girls foot with lust


The girl bent down low as if adjusting her MaryJanes and seemed to whisper into

them. "Just desserts, the final reward for a foot pervert."

As she said this to me I screamed, " Noooooo!" , her face disappeared and the

heel that was hovering just above me slowly lowered down. I could see all the

grime for the first time and in slow motion. Instead of popping her heel back in

immediately she moved it circles above her shoe. My eyes focused on a smudge of

dirt just above the back of her heel. The smudge was way above me, that same

smudge I had looked at when she first started dragging my bike and me towards

the building, the smudge of dirt which was barely showing out of her Maryjanes,

I was now lower than that smudge, the smudge of dirt was in fresh air, I was

trapped below her dirty pink heel. My mind could not take it.


As my very soul was actually becomes a

insole as Nikki's heel pounded me relentlessly as she and Becky walked out of

the Mall. Becky started to raise her arm to hail a cab but Nikki stopped her.

“No, we will walk back to my place”, she said while nodding down toward her left

MaryJane shoe.

“Oh yeah right! I almost forgot, heh heh so when do I get my chance to have him

up close and personal with my heel??” As Becky said his she glanced down at her

chunky open backed thick heeled clogs, her nylon heel slammed down and bulging

out over the side and completely swallowing any sign of the heel insole. Nikki

glanced down at Becky's shoe and sort of giggled.

“You will have your chance, he's really going to be smushed under those heels!”

Becky continued the conversation without taking any insult on her large feet,

supporting maybe a bit too much weight. “Hey that's why I need him under there

to cushion those heavy blows!” Both girls burst out laughing, but Becky

continued prodding. “So when does he meet Becky's heel of death?” Nikki laughed.

“In approximately a month you can have ‘em for a year.”

“Wow a whole year!! You must be planning on wearing him to bed in your shoes and

giving it to him for the next month if you are going to let me have that human

insole a year!.”

“No not really, when we get back to my place I'm going to kick these MaryJanes

off into my closet and that's where they will stay till you get to come and

remove the insole for your shoes!”

Becky laughed, and looked amazed. “What? You're kidding, right?”

“Nope I'm not,” said Nikki. “He's just a insole like any of my others, just

because this insole happens to be sentient doesn't mean I'm going to treat it

any different than any of the insoles in my other shoes, whether permanent or

added. He wanted to be a insole and that's EXACTLY how I'm going to treat him.”

“Oh you are wicked….

“No I'm not, it's a insole, there's absolutely nothing wicked about it. Look at

all these people we are walking past, look there's a minister with his collar up

ahead, do you think he's going to think I'm a bad girl because I'm wearing my

shoes and walking in them??”

Becky interrupted, “yeah but…”

“There's no buts! He got what he wanted! Now he's just an object under my feet.

When I kick them off he'll be an object in my shoe laying on my closet floor.”

Presently the girls arrived at Nikki's apartment. Doing their whole conversation

an entirely different universe was just underfoot. Dale was suffering immense

pain as Nikki's pink heel drove into him over and over. The sweat was building,

and as her heel would lift slightly as she walked the stench from lower down in

the shoe would come wafting up. Between the gurgling blood which would magically

disappear as her heel lifted off for a split second, and then the smell and then

the pounding heel an the blood, over it all the scraping sound of the shoes sole

hitting hard pavement was madding. Nikki would drag her feet, scrape scrape

scrape, made Dale's ears ring. The only break he got was when Nikki lifted her

foot out of the shoe slightly and he could hear the tail end of a conversation.

“ Have a lovely day girls and I'm sure god is with such upstanding young woman.”

“Thank you reverend!” He heard Nikki say and he saw up around the dirty pink

heel that was hovering above him and saw a minister smiling at the girls. Then

as fast as it happened Nikki's heel slammed back down on him and broke his nose

and the pain and smell and pressure started again. Slam, then a slight lifting,

a waft of hot stale air, a incredibly loud scraping sound and then Slam as the

heel which when lifted just slightly rested against the tip of his nose, came

down with the full force of her step yet again.

Nikki walked into her bedroom followed by Becky. She opened her closet, the

floor of which was scatter with shoes, another pair of MaryJanes, some knee high

boots, seven pairs of tennis shoes, some clogs, five pairs of 2 inch high heels,

and various sandal's. “Let's shower up and head out to do some clubbing later!”

Said Nikki.

“Great I'll shower first, I can wear the new cloths I bought!” Said Becky.

Meanwhile Nikki kicked off her MaryJanes into the closet where one landed in the

back corner and the left one flew off hitting the back wall and sliding down and

Lodging it's self at a ¾ angle between the opening of a well-worn sneaker and

the towering thick heel of a knee-high boot. Nikki looked down for a moment a

small smirk formed on her face; she looked at Becky and slowly mouthed without

speaking…. One month.

Dale felt the immense pressure and it didn't relent. She must be standing, he

could hear muffled voices, it was much more quite than on the street when she

was walking and he heard something about clubbing… oh no! Not dancing, I can't

take it! Suddenly everything was topsy-turvy, the pressure was gone his nose was

heeling but he felt like he was flying. Wham!

“What the hell, ahhhhhhh!” I screamed as the shoe hit something solid and shook

me to my core .As things stopped moving so fast I found myself Face to face, or

sole to sole with a sneaker insole that had a stale smell of sweat, grass and

sand. I could look out away from the heel portion of the incredibly stained

sneaker insole, to see a scuffed up heel that went up like a tall building into

what looked like a boot. Between these two horrific sites in a very small thin

area I could see up and out at Nikki standing there. The realization suddenly

hit me, I was in her closet, I screamed to her please get me out of this, and I

can't take it. I saw a smirk form on her face and she started reaching forward.

Thank god I thought she's going to help me out and stop this insanity. She

reached forward and I saw two doors fold in and then darkness as the closet

doors closed. Pins holes of light allowed me to see smudges of dirt and some

grains of sand and scum on the sneaker insole. My heart of in my throat as I was

surprised by what I thought was a large bug. It was, but it was dead and half

crushed stuck to the chunky boot heel. I wanted to close my eyes but I could

only blink them for a milli-second, so I had to constantly look at either the

sneaker insole, the heel of the boot with the dead bug smushed and stuck on it,

or a very small view of the inside of the closet door. God if she goes clubbing

I wonder if she will wear me in her dance shoes? I shuddered and awaited her

return for me. It never came that night. At least the dark of night prevented me

from having to stare at Nikki's shoe jungle all the time.

I heard voices and the closet opened. Just a flashing glimpse of Nikki and she

was not even looking at me. Then the doors close and I am left with my choice of

viewing the grimey sneaker insole, so worn and dirty no writing of brand or size

shows or the boot heel with the half-smushed bug. Looking at the bug I think,

I've been reduced to an inconsequential object, just like that dead bug. Kicked

off amongst so many pairs of a girls shoes, without a thought.

Time dragged on incredibly slow. The boredom was making me as mad as the

pounding and smashing of my face under her heel had. My entire being still had

that nasty feeling of becoming her foot dirt, as it soaked and pounded into me

while she was still wearing me. It must be the grime from that dirty pink heel

of her tights that is still on me and partially soaked into me. God it must

become part of my essence when she grinds it into me. I stare at the stains on

the sneaker insole, and shudder; at least I'm not that far-gone. The stale smell

it everywhere, and at night I still have to look as she must have purchased a

night light, which was some days ago, so there's a constant pinhole of light,

which forces me to see.

The door opens again and I yell for her to talk to me or something. My voice is

not so strong, what is now my flat insole mouth is becoming dry. Dam! I need her

foot to sweat into me to be able to talk. She ignores me like before grabbing

some heels and the doors shut again. I try to remember those flashing images of

her, but my view is so obstructed by the fact that this MaryJane I'm in is

facing ¾ of the way down into this rotten sneaker and then the boot heel, that I

don't have much else to work with for a visual. Dam even looking at a different

shoe would be better, or out where there is a TV. The events of my day are when

I hear the squeaking of the door opening and Nikki retrieves her shoes (not the

ones I'm in or any even near me). She gets some cloths as well but I cannot not

see up at all since the MaryJane is resting facing mostly down.

The boredom is crazy, I always had the fantasy of being a woman's insole of her

shoe, but if this is what it is I don't want it. God of course this is what it

is, look at these shoes all around me. All these insoles….. How long have these

sneakers I've been staring at been laying here!? What's this, some moisture… wow

I can cry. The partially smushed bug doesn't respond to my emotional outburst.

That massive heel that crushed the bug represents what I am now. Stuck in a

girls left MaryJane shoe, my body the insole of the shoe. Stuck here like that

bug was stuck by the heel, no sympathy, and no reaction at all, just shoe, shoe

stink, shoe leather, plastic heels, cloth, sneakers, just another insole in a



Giantess Stories: Pink by D5   She started to lean back with all her weight and turning my handle bars and pulling me towards a building away from the

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