Giantess Stories: Pink the Sequel

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Pink the Sequel



It has been months, but I lost track of counting the new days via the sunshine

at about 40 days. So I have been disregarded as just a part of another shoe in a

girls closet for quite a bit longer than 40 days. I felt dried out. When Nikki

would open her closet doors to obtain a top, slacks or a dress or other shoes

besides the Mary Janes I was part of; I could not even scream up at her anymore.

My voice was a dry crackle. This only added to my frustration, I needed her foot

sweat to be able to talk! The slime from when she had worn me so long ago had

dried to what felt like a crust all over my body. The feeling was even worse

than that, the crust seemed to penetrate down into me and I wanted to move to

release it or break it, but I could not move anything but my eyes still. The

boredom was incredibly and the days went incredibly slow. I would strain to hear

voices and movements, many times I thought they were coming for me, but I was

disappointed so much that hope was almost gone. Besides what did I hope for? To

be worn and trampled and sweated upon under her dirty feet again? It almost

seemed like something I would want because this boredom was ticking away with my

sanity. The closet door opened again.

'Wow finally you are going to let me have him! It's been like four months and

you promised me a month!' Becky was excited as she said this to Nikki.

'I can't believe you are so excited about the insole of my left Mary Jane shoe,

after all where else do shoes belong but in my closet? I didn't want to wear it

for months either, so what?' Becky said this loudly down at the floor of her

closet, so Dale was certain to hear.

'I guess I'm excited to have a special cushion insole that will absorb my sweat

and cushion my foot-falls and to have it for free!' Both girls burst out

laughing at this as Nikki reached down and grabbed both Black Mary Jane shoes.

Becky tried to slip the right one on first and found that the fit was a bit

tight, but she managed to squeeze her heel in and say, 'Wow that was a tight

fit, I'm surprised I can squeeze into them, but they don't feel too bad anyway.'

She then put the left shoe on. Becky was shorter and heavier than Nikki but both

were about the same shoe size. Becky's shoes however had to put up with a few

extra pounds of weight, this made her heels flare out and turn red and they

expanded in the shoes from the sweat.

'Good Job Becky! You have them on and you didn't make a big fuss! Remember it's

the just deserts for a foot pervert! You can keep that insole forever as long as

you treat it as that, just a insole. He's gotten exactly what he deserves the

sick fuck, turning woman's feet into something to lust after. Well he doesn't

deserve communication, although he would have a hard time of it now.' Nikki

looked down at Becky's left foot that completely filled the Mary Jane and they

both started laughing again.

I was really excited when I heard two voices. It had only been Nikki opening the

closet door since that fateful day I was kicked off into here. But now Becky was

with her. I felt anger rise in me as Nikki was talking like I was really just an

insole. Christ maybe I am but I can hear and see and smell, I'm not like the

others here in her shoe closet. The irony of this thought pattern suddenly hit

me. But I was shaken out of it as Nikki actually picked me up! I had a different

view than the one I have been subjected to for months! I was elated I looked at

Nikki's well-polished fingers hanging over the heel. I looked up into her

stunning face, her blonde hair cascading around her face. Then Whap! I was

dropped onto the floor and looked up to see Becky's black slightly greasy

looking hair and her blotchy complexion looking down and concentrating on

something. I was so happy with my new views and to be out of the closet that I

didn't realize she was struggling to put the twin Mary Jane shoe on. At the same

moment I realized that was what she was doing she finished and her dirty

sock-clad foot appeared above me. I barely had the chance to register it as

being a white trouser sock, but the bottom was so dirty, like the original pink

tights that Nikki wore. Becky didn't even hardly look down at me; she just

pushed her toes onto me and slides them up into the shoe. The crust that had

formed from all those months drying out in the closest started to break. The

pressure caused my nose to break and it felt like blood running down my throat.

As her foot glided down my length I felt pain deep into me as the crust broke

and was pushed down into me and it felt like so many small daggers. But it was

nothing as her heel came squelching down into the shoe and exploded down onto my

face. My nose broke, the crust which had formed over the months was pushed into

my face and the light was completely gone, as all I felt was slime and dirt and

stretchy sock material. The heat level rose immediately and I could not believe

the amount of moisture that was deposited on me from her foot. It wasn't

anything like Nikki's smaller more bony heel. Becky's heel not only forced me

down deeper into the shoe, it also swallowed me whole, formed around me,

grabbing the sides of the shoe tightly and swelling. When she started walking

and I could feel the pressure release when she lifted her foot, her heel never

popped up like Nikki's did. It stayed stuck to me like glue, so I never hardly

had a chance to gasp for a breath. It was constant pressure and I could hardly

expand myself to breathe. I wondered if I would die without air? I didn't, I

remained conscious but the pain of not getting deep breaths was just another

part of my suffering. I found that when I would try to take little gasps of

breath on the upswing of her foot I would suck in her sweat. The crust was now

gone and replace with a doughy like slime and sweat that I could feel stinging

all over me as my body soaked it in. My face was burning and I would

involuntarily try to get little breaths and suck in my sweat and slime. I

couldn't gag as her heel never left my face and felt as if it was actually

tightening up. She stopped walking and was standing still, her full weight

baring down on me and I hear the squishing sound of my body absorbing her foot

sweat, I thought of the image of this slightly overweight bad complexed girl

doing this go me and then I heard laughter from out side the shoe.

'Thanks for walking me to work Nikki. I'll see you tomorrow again maybe?' Becky


'Okay girl. Hope you have a good day even though you have to be on your feet all

day.' They both laughed hysterically at this comment as Becky left to go into

the bank where she was a teller.

People went about there business in this Bank as did the teller Becky with her

pink top and dusty rose slacks and white trouser socks and Mary Jane shoes. If

you are in a bank and a girl named Becky who meets this description waits on

you, just think of the hell that is going on in her shoe for what used to be a

guy named Dale. The people pass and it's just another day, no one will ever know

and he will never get out from under Becky's heavy footfalls.


Giantess Stories: Pink the Sequel

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