Giantess Stories: Pinky and Scamper

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Pinky and Scamper's Big Adventure: My Best Friend Zack



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Adventure One


           “Man, why didn't you tell me your sister is such

a hottie.”


           “It's my sister Dave! You can't date her, she

just turned 18; you are how old again? Oh that's right twenty four!”


           “Come on Zack, just let me ask her out.”


           “No, and don't even think about using your

little you know what, now I gotta get to work so you gotta go.”


           “fine, fine but let me use the bathroom quick

then I will go. Alright just let yourself out, I will give ya a call tonight. Oh

and stay away from my sister!”


           I knew there was no talking Zack out of this so

I knew it was best to just let him win. I huffed and puffed a little and asked

to use the bathroom as he headed out to work. As soon as I heard Zack squeal out

of the driveway I took the small device out of my pocket. It kind of resembles a

remote control only thinner.


“I know Zack said no, but this is

a for sure thing. She sees me all short and helpless and then I tell her I

tripped and my brothers science project went off so im stuck like this for a few

hours. We bond, I enlarge, we make out, and Zack's never the wiser. This isn't

even lying. I mean this is my brothers science project.” I say to myself out

loud trying to convince myself that I am doing the right thring.


I pointed the laser end at my

chest and punched in 4 inches, I nervously looked down at the remote. I hadn't

ever been this small before. I am going to be four inches tall. This might be

going to far…what am I thinking,  Sex with a hottie Dave, being four inches tall

for a few hours is well worth it for sex with Zach's sister. .


           I cringed as I pressed the button in. The all

too familiar wave of sickness washed over me as I headed out of the guest

bathroom and walked back into Zack's room. I looked around and ran across the

room nearly falling out of my clothes. Thinking fast I stepped out of all my

clothes and buried them in Zack's clothes hamper. I looked back across the room

and cursed as I was barely 2 feet tall.


           I streaked across the room and had to jump

several times to finally get the door open. I ran into the bathroom as they had

one of those brady bunch style bathrooms that went in between there bedrooms. I

slipped on the bathroom rug and fell face first into the rug. I rolled over and

looked around; I couldn't believe how big this room was. I hadn't ever been this

small before.


           Loud rumbles reverberated through the floor

boards, I gulped as I watched Zach's mom enter the room. She was massively huge;

she looked to be the size of the statue of liberty or even taller as she

casually walked into Zack's room.


           I found myself unable to move as I watched her

grab Zack's clothes hamper, as she grabbed the hamper the end of the basket

slammed against the jarred bathroom door forcing it shut.


           I heard the footsteps dissipate into nothingness

as I stood back up, with the door shut I knew their was no turning back now. I

couldn't believe I was really doing this. As I continued forward towards her

room my stomach was now churning with butterflies and every instinct in my body

telling me this is bad, this is bad accept for my dick which was saying your

doin' it all for the nookie.


           I finally made it into Zack's sister's bedroom.

The smell of Lilacs and assaulted my senses. The room was nearly spotlessly

clean accept for what looked like some kind of school project on her bed and a

yellow sweater draped over the chair. The entire room looked like something out

of a modern day Gulliver's travel.


           As I explored her room I began to get my swagger

and confidence back. I knew that when she saw me, her heart would melt

immediately. I mean, I was a good looking guy at my normal size and now like

this I am irresistible. I mean girls can't get enough of me when I make myself

only 2 or 3 feet like I do on weekends at the mall. At this size, I bet she

won't be able to contain herself.


           Time began to tick by rather slow as I waited

for Hilary, Zach's sister. I finally felt an all too familiar rumbling spread

across the floor along with the sound of teenage giggling. The baby blue door

swings open; I gulped as I saw what had to be one of Hilary's friends walk into

the room carrying a clothes basket along with Hilary who had another basket.

They drop the baskets in the corner of the room as I dart my eyes around like a

caged animal.


           They casually talked as I watched Hilary step

over me not even noticing me. The legs of friend swung over me as she sat down

on the bed. I looked above me as her friend wiggled her foot mere inches above

me. I hadn't ever seen a pair of sandals so big in my life I thought to myself.

This is such a bad idea, I look back at the door to the bathroom realizing that

there is no way I can get back to Zack's room without being seen.


           “We still on for the mall Tomorrow?”


           “Of course! Its tradition” giggles Hilary.


           “Cya, tomorrow then. I have to get home before

my mom has a cow. I was so late last night.


           “Alright, cya Ashley.”



couldn't believe that I had made it underneath the chair. I felt like I had won

some kind of victory but this wasn't how I pictured this going. I didn't expect

to spend my evening hiding from Zack's sister.


           I wish I could have realized how bad of an idea

this was before I did it. I mean I must look like a bug to her, well a small

rodent atleast. There is no way that this is going to work. I just need to get

back to Zack's room. I get the hell out of here and I look back and laugh at

this one day.


           The entire world begin to rumble as I heard  the

cracking of wood, I nearly jumped and screamed but I quickly calmed myself down

realizing that its just the chair settling as Hilary adjusts herself. I exhale

slowly calming myself as I watch her then tuck her feet under the chair as she

pulls herself up to the desk, her light blue pants drape over me as she wiggles

her foot on the wood bar. I cringe as I find myself in a sandwich.


           “AHHHH” I scream as I hear a loud rumble erupt

through the room. I realize to late she had just turned some music on but Hilary

was already standing up, leaving the chair rocking back and forth in her wake.


           “who is here? I heard you scream! Where are you?

I am calling the cops! This isn't funny Zach.”


           Shit I curse to myself as I watch her bare feet

stomp down next the chair. I can feel my heart nearly coming out of my chest as

she crouches down looking under the bed. I watch her move the middle of the room

and stand with her hand resting on her hip as she quizzically looks around.


           “this isn't funny anymore I am telling mom that

you were trying to see me naked if you don't come out. I bet she will kick you

out of the house for that!”

           I close my eyes as a wall of blonde drapes down

blocking off the light. I turn my head and peer out through my half closed eyes

hoping that she isn't looking at me. I cringe as I find her staring right at me.

I leap up to my feet and jump off the wood bar beneath the chair and dive onto

the carpeted floor behind the chair, however a flesh colored wall hangs over my

head. I cringe as the gargantuan hand blankets my body. The soft scented hands

of Zack's sister wrap around my naked body. I find my member starting to stir as

I realize this is what I wanted but I find myself to scared to enjoy it.


           The entire floor which is Hilary's hand rocks

back and forth as she raises me up higher and higher into the air. My ears pop

as I finally reach eye level. I wish to god that she can be afraid of bugs like

most girls, but I know all to well bugs don't scare her.


           “What are you? You look almost human like, but

you're so tiny. You feel to warm to be a toy. Awww, your shaking are you scared

little thing. Don't be scared of me. My name is Hilary, I won't hurt you” she

lovingly coos


           I try to say anything but nothing comes out;

it's almost like I forgot how to speak. I barely find the courage to turn my

head enough so I that I can look at her. I inwardly gulp as I watch her eyes

blanketing my body. Its like she is prying and prodding at each square

millimeter of my body.


           Millimeter rings around in my head. The word hit

a little to close to home as I look up at her planet sized head. It's almost

like she has her own solar system she is so big. What the hell was I thinking?

She can't cuddle me like this!


           “Hilary it's me Dave! Zack's friend. You know

Zack your brother.” I nervously struggle to sputter out.


           “Your voice, it's so squeaky. I can't even

understand what you're saying. Its sounds so adorable like a bird chirping.”


           “Bird? Squeaky? I am not some kind of Animal,

you got to believe me. I am Dave.”


           “What did you say? Dave? Is that your name? I

can't believe it. You are really real, I mean alive. I didn't think little

people really existed.”


           “No Hilary, Dave, your brother's friend Dave.

Zack's Dave”


           “Huh? Zack? How'd you know about..oooh you must

have heard Ashley and I talking about him. Zack is my brother and Dave is his

extremely, extremely good looking friend. What I wouldn't give for him to just

wrap his strong arms around me.”


           “No I'm Dave! You have to believe me Hilary. I'm



           “Awww you're the cutest thing, you aren't Dave.

Dave is 6'3” and so strong, but I still love you. Yes I do, you can stay with me

okay? Do you wanna stay with me?”


           She liked me before, I wonder if I can explain

to her everything. I bet if I just come clean she will make out with me anyway.

I guess their is only one way to find out. Time to change myself back and end

this horrible experience; note to self don't go below a couple of feet. It's

just too small and to frightening.


           I reach for the remote and feel nothing but my

bare skin. My entire body freezes as I realize that I never took it out of my

pocket. It's still in the hamper…Oh god no….his mom took the hamper for

cleaning. I have to stop her…maybe she hasn't washed the clothes….I glance over

at the baskets of Clothes in the corner of the bedroom. When Zack finds out

about this, I am going to be in so much trouble.


           I start to stand up when Hilary's opposite hand

drops down on top of me draping me in darkness. I roll over trying to push it

off of me, not wanting to waste another second as time being of the essence. I

try to push the thoughts of the remote being damaged or broke out of my head. It

just has to be okay I think to myself as I continue pushing at Hilary's palm

above me.


           I can feel her weight shift from side to side as

she walks to god only knows where. I can't believe my stupidity has gotten me

into this. I am literally exactly where I wanted to be only she has no clue I am

who I say I am. I don't want to spend my life like this. I have to find some way

out of here.


           Light spills into Hilary's hand as she lifts the

palm of the top of me and cups her hands. She smiles down at me as she starts to

tilt her hands. In a panic I start grabbing for anything that I can reach.

Everything is so soft and smooth, I find myself sliding down the length of her

bed sized hands. As I reach for her finger tips I manage to clamp on at the last

second, but the smoothness of her painted nails is too much to overcome as my

hand slip and I tumble through the air. I land softly surrounded by layers upon

layers of socks. Each sock looks like someone decided to bail car sized hay



           I start to crawl up the side of her socks as she

giggles as the two rolls of socks I was crawling on split apart and I fall to

the ground. She covers her mouth trying to stifle the laugh as she strokes me a

couple times to reassure me that it will be alright.


           “I will bring you back something kay? I think we

are having chicken so I can sneak a bun up for you”


           “A bun? I want some chicken dammit” My voice is

cut off  by the closing of the drawer. I try to push at the drawer but its like

trying to push a 747. I make my way over to one of her unrolled socks and lie

down unable to believe this is really happening.


“It wasn't suppose to be like this.”


           Time passes by ever so slowly as I lie in this

damn sock drawer. I still can't believe that I am in my best friend's younger

sister's sock drawer. I am so going to hear it from him when I get back to

normal, but at least I found out his sister likes me. So….what am I saying.

There is no way he will let me date his sister.


           I hear Hilary clomp into her room. I hear her

talking to someone, it sounds like Zack I think to myself. I pound against the

wall of drawer hoping they hear me but they just keep on talking.


           “No, David didn't talk to me. In fact he wasn't

even here when I got home. Why? It's not like we hang out ever.”


“Oh alright, good”


“We don't even really talk. Did

he say something about me?” excitedly asks Hilary.


“No! Why would he want talk about

a baby like you? You are still a child. None of my friends would give you the

time of day. You better stick with guys your own age.”


“So he did say something? It's

not like you to get this worked up over something so trivial. What did he say?”


“Nothing! He didn't say anything.

Just forget I said anything” angrily snaps Zack


I found it weird to hear two

people talk about me like that. I was right here and yet they had no idea. Zack

didn't know I was here and Hilary doesn't think that I am me. She thinks I am so

kind of…well I don't know what she thinks I am but it's not a person. A sub

human or an animal or something like that, I just have to keep trying”


I could hear some heavy footfalls

storm out of the room which told me Zack left, bright light then shines into my



“Awww, you're so adorable cuddled

up in my socks like that. Let me take a picture don't move”


“Hey wait! I don't want this

moment commemorated!! I try to stand up but I step down on part of the sock that

I had wrapped around me and end up falling flat on my face with the sock draped

over me for a moment. As soon as I crawl out a bright light shines into my eyes.


“Hey my eyes god damn that thing

is bright Stop” I barely get out before she snaps a second picture.


I start to see spots as I hear

the clunk of the camera being set down. I breathe a sigh of relief that at the

very least that horrible part of my life is over. I hate getting my picture

taken at regular size which is bad enough. I don't need it taken when I am like

mighty mouse.


I watch Hilary return and reach

into her pocket with one hand and sets me atop her desk with the other. She sets

down a couple of hunks of chicken and bread next to me. I look up at her as she

looks down at me. I eye the bread and chicken which looks to have some pocket

lint on it.


Eww, I think to myself as I eye

the food. She just stuck it into her pocket and now she expects me to eat it.

There is fuzz and god only knows what else probably stuck on that thing. There

could be lead or ink poisoning on that thing from when she keeps a pen or pencil

in her pocket at school.


“Eat up, you can trust me” coos

Hilary as she sits down on the chair. I can feel her hand pressing gently

against me pushing me towards the food. I look back at her and then down at the

food. My stomach growls as I break off a hunk of the chicken. I struggle to fit

the hunk of chicken into my mouth.


“See good huh! I bet that's a lot

better then the stuff you were eating. Only the best for my little Pinky!” I

bolt up at the second I heard the name Pinky.


“My name is Dave! I have a name

and I want you to use it! I am Zack's friend!!” I shout as sternly as I can.


“I think Pinky sounds so much

more precious, I mean Dave is a person's name. I always think it's so dumb when

people give people names to their pets. Do you like the name Pinky little fella?

Good! Pinky it is. I think it's a fitting name as you aren't much bigger then my



I can't believe she is going to

call me Pinky? I look up at her realizing I am in no place to stop her. My

stomach grumbles again as I return to the food.


“We are going to talk about this

Pinky business later” I yell out in between bites.


“It's so cute watching you eat. I

have to tell Ashley about this” exclaims Hilary


I bolt up and run to the edge of

the desk but its to late as she is already half way across the room picking up

her cellphone. I begin to realize just helpless I am. I can't even stop a 18

year old teenage girl. I am an adult, a grown man and I am at the mercy of this,

this teenage titaness


“Hey Ashley? Its me Hill. You are

not going to believe what I found in my room after you left. No not Steven

Lucas's phone number. It's this little human-e creature pet thing. Yeah, he is

small, a few inches tall I would guess. It's not like I really measured. He fits

into my hand. Yeah can you come over? Can't huh, well there is always tomorrow

after school before shopping. K? cya girl”

           I can only watch as she gabs on the phone for

seemingly hours. I finished eating about twenty ago and here I am still sitting

on this god damn desktop. I need to get off this thing. I am not going to let

myself be trapped by a simple desk.


           I take a deep breath and jump off the desk and

crash into her yellow sweater. I slowly make my down onto the seat of the chair

by climbing down the yellow sweater. I was just about to take the plunge and

jump down to the floor when a firm pressure gets me from behind. The tree trunk

like fingers curl around me as I Hilary lifts me off the chair.


            I find struggling to be futile as her grip is

much too strong and, the fact she is applying no real pressure or effort to

contain me is just to humiliating for my ego to take. I can bench three hundred

and seventy five pounds and I can't even get out of this weak girlie girls grip.

If she isn't even trying I would hate to be caught by an athletic girl.


           “Are you trying to move my fingers? If you keep

trying maybe you can…puuuussshhh little guy, push!” I notice her pointer finger

start to move which starts to get my excited. I start to push harder and put all

my weight that I can into it.


           “Hey you did it Pinky! Its time for a victory

kiss” It is at that moment I realize I didn't do anything. She was moving her

finger on her own. My thoughts all too quickly leave me as I see the puckered

lips of Hilary in front of me. I find myself looking at them one moment and then

pressed firmly against them the next. The suction power is incredible as I find

myself sucked up against her.


           “There, there, I need to get to ready for bed” I

roll onto the bed in between Hilary's thighs as I hear the door swing open. I

look at the door to see Zack standing in the doorway. I immediately duck my head

down and snuggle against her thighs.


           I find the material of her pants to be soft and

comforting as she casually talks to Zack. I keep praying that she just tells him

to go because the last thing I want is my gigantic best friend finding me

between his sisters leg.


           “Hey what's that?”


           “Huh? What's what? Oh that's Pinky!”


           “Why that little…..I knew it was funny he wasn't

home. Let me at the little”


           I scream in absolute terror as my titanic now

angry friend is reaching towards me. I can feel his hand wrap roughly around my

leg and I yell and grab at Hilary's pants.


           “Let him go Zack you are hurting him!” I almost

instantly find myself pressed against something large and incredibly soft. I

snuggle my head up against it as I see Hilary's dark blue top pushed out a bit,

I try to sputter out words in shock of where I am. These are her tiny

breasts…well now mammoth breasts. They are so warm and soft.”


           “I can't believe you Zack. You frightened him

and you grabbed him so roughly. You could have hurt him. He isn't as strong as

you or I. Why don't you just leave us alone.” Snaps Hilary as she pets me and I

snuggle against her warm body.


           I turn my head and smile up at my best friend as

his sister gently strokes me. I smirk inwardly and I stick my tongue out at him.

           “Why that little” angrily snaps Zack as Hilary

turns her body away from Zack shielding me.


           “I think you better go Zack” Hilary says

defiantly while at the same time I mouth cockily the same thing.


           “Get out of here!” says Hilary as she starts to

push at him to get him out.


           “That's right Zack! Run along!” I yell as loud

as I can.


           “That's telling him Pinky.”


           As Zack storms out of the room Hilary shuts the

door behind him and heads back towards her bed to set me down.


           “I'm so sorry Pinky. He just gets me so mad

sometimes. I can't believe he was grabbing at you like that and so roughly. It

looks like you might get a bruise on your ankle. I am gonna shower and then we

can get ready for bed”


           As I am set down on the bed, Hilary takes off

her shirt and steps out of her pants. I gulp as she lets her bra drop to the

floor followed by her Panties. It's like I am watching the greatest show ever

made as my eyes lock onto her frame. I want to look away as I know this wrong

but man she is like a goddess, her body is near perfect and here it is, in all

its glory.


           “Oh I almost forgot” Hilary bends down and grabs

something out of her pants pocket and turns towards me, her free hand reaches

towards me, I look over at the dolls clothes gripped in her opposite hand. A

tacky white shirt with ruffles and some black dress pants dangle in her hands.


“Oh no!! I am not wearing that”

My comments fall on deaf ears as she pulls the pants onto my legs and expertly

buttons and zips them up with ease even with my struggling. In another instant I

am dawned in the ruffled shirt.


           “You look so handsome. That looks much better, I

can't have you running around naked” smiles Hilary as she sets me down on the

bed and heads into the bathroom closing the door behind her.


           I can hear the water start as I begin to itch in

this cheaply made clothing. Its better then nothing I mumble to myself as I lean

back against her pillow. I lie there for a few minutes when I hear the door

open. I turn my head towards the door. I gulp nervously as I see it swing open

and the image of Zack standing there.


           “I bet you are pretty proud of yourself huh”

snaps Zack


           “It's not what you think man. It started out

that way but before I even saw your sister I realized how bad this was as I was

just to damn small and by the time I wanted to head back it was to late as she

was already here blocking my way out. To make matters worse I wasn't thinking

when I shrunk out of my clothes I tossed them into your hamper and your mom took

them to wash. You gotta get that remote out of there. Look at me!! She dressed

me like some kind of doll man!”


           “I see its pretty fuckin' hilarious”


           “Yeah, yeah just get me out of here. You see I

would but I seem to remember you wanting this and behind my back I tell you to

stay away and you do it anyway.”


           “I don't want to be her pet man. Get me out of



           “Sorry PINKY! It looks like you got just what

you wanted. Have fun there with my kid sister.”


           I can only watch as Zack walks out, leaving me

trapped in his sister's room. I hardly have a moment to think before the

bathroom door opens up and in walks Hilary in a baby blue sleep shirt with

matching plaid boxers.


           “Let's get some rest huh? You can sleep with me

tonight Pinky. I don't want you getting scared. I know what it can be like first

night in a strange place and all.” The lights snap off as Hilary Crawls into

bed. She scoops me up dropping me down on the pillow next to her.


           “Goodnight Pinky”


           “Goodnight Hilary” I politely say as fall back

onto the pillow. Just great I think to myself, some glorified pet. Great plan

Dave, great plan. I mumble to myself as I curl up and try to sleep. I need to

find away out of this. Tomorrow, when she is at school, I will find away back to

my old self.



Part Two


           I awoke to the sound of Hilary rolling over. The

entire bed jarred and vibrated under her weight. I sighed as I slid down the

pillow. I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep as her slightest movement made

seemingly the whole planet move. I continued walking towards her, I wasn't

really sure why, I guess it was because I really had no where else to go.


           “SHIT!!” I screamed as the entire wall which is

Hilary begins turn over towards me, I look back and all I can see is Hilary, her

body crashes into the bed just behind me. I slink down and look up at Zack's

sister. I can hardly believe that I am in the same bed with her.


           I may as well make the best of it. I think to

myself as I climb back up onto the pillow and pull a few of her blonde locks of

hair over my body.


           We both awoke to Hilary's door being swung open.

I groggily turned over forgetting how early everyone woke up around here.


           “Hey Mom wants you down stairs……you slept with

him! Why that little creep! Taking advantage of my kid sister!” As I open my

eyes I find myself surrounded in darkness. I quickly realize I am underneath her

sleep shirt. I crawl out immediately seeing Zack standing over me with a furious

look on his face.


           “No Zack, we were just sleeping” I try to yell

up to him as I crawl out from beneath his sister shirt but his hand is already

darting down towards me. I can only stare up at him in shock and awe as I

haven't ever seen anger like this burning in his eyes.


           I cringed as I waited to be grabbed roughly by

my best friend but it was the soft hands of Hilary that blanketed me as she sat



           “Don't you knock? You come in here like you own

the place, What's it to you if Pinky sleeps with me.”


           “You don't understand, that's..”


           “No I do understand” cuts in Hilary “ I want you

out of here! NOW”


           Darkness engulfs me as I hear Hilary and Zack

Conversing. It's almost like I am not even here. All around me is the warmth of

Hilary's hands. The yelling of Zack, water starts to drop down onto me, I can

hear the sobs of Hilary. She's crying, I say to myself.


           As Zack walks out of the room light begins to

spill down onto me as Hilary looks down at me. I can see the tears sliding down

her cheek as she looks down at me. She smiles wiping away the tears with her

opposite hand.


           “Don't worry Pinky. I won't give you to him.

You're mine, all mine” says Hilary as she smiles down at me.


           As she stands up I expect to get set down but

she keeps walking towards the door. The entire room is speeding by as she heads

out the door. The once small hallway now looks huge. Pictures, doors, vases,

they all pass by in such a blur as Hilary walks past them. I can feel my stomach

churn as she heads towards the stairs.


           The world seems to sway from side to side as her

weight shifts from left to right as she heads down the stairs. I stare up at her

as watching, Zack was right…I think to myself. I am nothing but a pet to her.


           As she reaches the bottom of the stairs her

finger sweeps over me gently petting me. As we reach the kitchen I am set down

on the table as Zack's sister heads across into the main Kitchen area. I lie

there on my back, alone for a few minutes before her dad and mom sit down just

opposite of me. They are even larger then Hilary. A few moments later Zack sits

down in the chair next to where I was set down.


           “Having fun? How could you! That's my sister”

whispers Zack.


           “It's not what you think. She was sleeping and I

was sleeping, it just happened. Its more her then me”


           “She's a child, you're an adult.”


           “Look, you were right, just get the remote so I

can change myself back.”


           “I should just leave you like this” angrily

whispers zack.


           As Hilary sits down Zack stands up and heads

upstairs. Hilary dumps tons upon tons of Cereal into her bowl. I can't believe

she is going to eat all that. There must be enough cereal there to end world



           Hilary then grabs a single cheerio and drops it

on the table next to me. I start munching away as I watch her shovel in mouthful

after mouthful. Each spoonful holding what looks to be enough to fill a house, I

can only watch as she lifts the spoon up to her mouth and it disappears into her

mouth, her lips dragging against the spoon.


           The morning drags by as she spends much of the

rest of the morning primping and getting ready for her day leaving me to watch

on her dresser.


           “Now what I am going to do with you Pinky; I

will leave you out if you promise not to leave my room.”


           “I nod my head understandingly as Hilary heads

out of her room with her backpack slung over her shoulder”


           Meanwhile Zack was in his room staring at the

remote, carefully looking over the controls shrinking a few objects and then re

enlarging them.


           “I wonder what its like to be shrunk like that?

I suppose I could give it a quick try then enlarge myself right away. No, that's

stupid. Don't be ridiculous, I have to get to class anyway.”


           Zack tosses the remote onto his bed when he

hears a thunk, he turns around seeing the laser engulf him as the remote

balances on the window ledge. Zack takes off running towards the remote as the

light encompasses his whole body, his fingers tips latch onto the remote just as

it tumbles out the window.


           “shit, shit, I got to get at that remote.” Zack

speeds across the room already falling out of his clothes. He pushes his door

open heads down the hallway as fast as his legs will carry him. Zack looks down

at his body as it grows shorter by the minute. As Zack pushes the front door

open he runs down the side walk and stops spinning around looking for the



           “Where…Where is the remote? Where am i?” Says

Zack as the side walk extends out farther and farther. The grass alone is 3/4ths

my size thinks Zack to himself as he realizes that he to has shrunk.


           I wasn't fairing much better in Hilary's room.

She made it about halfway across the room before she turned towards me and

headed back across the room. She grabbed me in one hand and then reached into

her top dresser drawer.


           “What are you going to do with that?” I sputter

out as Hilary dangles a white hair scrunchy that looks kind like a doily with a

elastic band in the middle, before I can make a reaction Hilary begins to wrap

it around my body. She twists it around me a couple of times and drops me into

her top drawer. I fall onto into a box that has several other hair scrunchies.


           “Sorry this is for your own good Pinky. I don't

want Zack, or Mom getting you.” The lid of the box falls shut as closes the

dresser drawer. I struggle for a bit but I soon realize how hopeless it is and

kick at the side a couple of times in frustration hoping the day goes by quick.



ground then begins to rumble and shake as I hear the front door open and close.

I look back and gulp as I see Hilary heading straight towards me. I start

running but she is gaining on me fast. As she nears closer and closer to me the

ground is shaking so bad I can't even run anymore as I am forced to my knees.


           Everything stops all at once, on either side of

me I notice an all to familiar pair of shoes.


           “Don't be Hilary, don't be Hilary,” I pray as

turn my head and see two denim pillars reaching up into the air and the face of

my sister staring down at me.


           “Pinky? You aren't Pinky, you're a bit shorter.

Another little monkey, I wonder if you guys have a nest around here or

something. Its weird that there are a couple of you around here all the sudden”


           “Monkey? Who are you calling a Monkey. It's me

Hill. Your brother Zack.” I start to stand realizing that she has no idea that I

am her brother. I start to stand up when her hand blankets my entire body. I

punch and push at her fingers but her fingers are like steel.  I flail my legs

trying to kick at the underside of her hands as I punch the top of her hands.


           “Hey little guy, My name is Hilary. You don't

need to be afraid of me.” Her face is like a drive in movie screen as she stares

at me. Her eyes running up and down my body, She is huge, beyond huge. She

hardly looks my sister I think to myself.


           “What am I going to do with you? You have

already made me late; I know where I can put you. You are just going to have to

trust me.” Hilary sets me down on the sidewalk as she sets her backpack down

next to me. I take off running towards the grass knowing that if I can make it

there I can hide. I look back at Hilary seeing that she is still looking in her

backpack. I make a dive for the grass when I am snatched out of the air.


           “Bad Scamper!” says Hilary as she holds me up to

her face.


           “Who you calling Scamper you brat! Put me down.

I am not going to be treated like this! Especially not by my Kid Sister.”


           “Aww don't worry…kid sister! Zack? Is that you?

How'd you get pinky sized. I can hardly hear you.”


           “There is a remote, in the grass lawn. Grab it

for me and change me back” Hilary dropped me into her opposite hand as she stood

up. I still couldn't believe this was my sister. I crawled towards the edge of

her hand as she now was on the move. I couldn't believe I was looking down what

looks to be hundreds of feet from a hand.


           “There it is!” says Hilary as she grabs it from

the ground and starts heading back towards her stuff.


           “Well! Change me back! Hurry” I shout up to her

as I feel my stomach lurch as she bend back down and her hands tilts. I try to

stop myself but the angle is to great and I am tumbling end over end down the

length of her bed sized hand. I finally land on a pair of keys. I look around

seeing the small knit walls of my sister's handbag.


           “What the hell? Stop messing around Hilary.

Change me back”


           “No you know what? I am tired of you treating me

like a kid all the time. I grew up Zack and you don't seem to realize that and

maybe you will someday, but some things are going to change around here Zack or

should I say SCAMPER.”


           My voice is silenced by the grinding of the

zipper as she zips the purse shut, trapping me like a rat. I grab the fabric of

the purse and start pulling at it. I pull and pull but the fabric may as well be

the metal bars of a jail cell. Is this what my life has become, I am not even

strong enough to break simple fabric. I am a prisoner. A horn then blares

knocking me from my thoughts. Hilary yells something and shoves me and purse

into her backpack, with a quick zip I am sealed in total darkness as I hear a

car door slam.


           As the School day ends the backpack is opened

shining light down on me for the first time, I struggle to look up at Hilary's

face. She doesn't even look at me as she shoves some books into her and zips it

back up. I can hear the familiar voices of her friends everywhere as they slowly

walk to god only knows where. The rhythmic walking and swaying puts me in a

trance as I drift off to sleep as Hilary heads home.


           “Hey Mom, I'm home.”


           “Hey hun, have you seen your brother?”


           “Nope, haven't seen doofus all day”


           “Doofus? That little….MOM I am in here!!!

Hilary's backpack, I am in her backpack!!” I yell but its no use as I hear my

mothers voice fade and the girls idle chatter restart. Light shines down at me

as she sets her purse on her bed and I watch her grab something out of top

dresser drawer.


           “Ashley! I want you to meet Pinky” I feel myself

tossed through the air as I crash into some unfamiliar hands.


           “It's a, it's a? What is it?”


           “Please help me. I need to get back to normal”


           “Aww, its like a little person”


           “They are tiny monkeys Ashley! Don't you know



           “That one is Pinky because he isn't a whole lot

bigger then my pinky finger and then the one in my purse here is called scamper

because he tries to run away all the time.”


           “They are so adorable and squeaky sounding. I

love them” says Ashley as she cuddles me against her. She smells so different

then Hilary does.


           I then feel myself moving towards the bed. I

tumble from Ashley's hand as something spills out next to me from Hilary's hand.

I look over shocked to see Zack.


           “Zack? What the hell?”


           “It's a long story, needless to say. My sister

has the remote and is keeping me like this.”


           “You don't really expect me to believe they are

Monkeys do you.”


           “No, The one called Scamper is really my brother

Zack, the one called Pinky I think was born this way. He is so cute. I am gonna

keep him forever.”


           “Dude, tell her I am really Dave! I don't want

to be some kind of household pet to your sister.”


           “You were sleeping with my sister! This whole

thing is your fault. I am not telling her shit. I don't care if you spend the

rest of your life like this. We are so through” says Zack as he takes a swing at

me. I jump backwards at the unexpected punch but stumble over. Zack then jumps

on me but I push him off with ease and start punching at him. I then feel

something at my back as I am pulled off of Zack, a second hand then snaps up

Zack. We both look up at his giant sister who has a none to pleased look on her

face. I am just going to have separate you two.


           I cringe as Hilary grabs the hair scrunchy in

her opposite hand and shoves me against her blonde locks of hair. I try to fight

her off but she easily wraps her blonde hair around me and then ties scrunchy

around her hair and me.


           “Get me out of here!! Hilary please”


           “Sorry Pinky, but this is for your own good. No

pet of mine is going to act like an uncivilized animal. As for you Scamper, your

punishment is coming later.”


           “Would you stop calling me that! I am not

scamper! I am your brother, your older brother now change me back right now.”


           I watch Hilary shove Zack into her pocket. As

she stands up I can feel myself bounce up and down trapped in her hair. The more

I struggle the more her blonde hair seems to wrap around me. The scented locks

of hair soon completely wrap around me as they bound down the stairs.


           “We are going to the mall. Cya mom” I cringe as

they continue to talk about mindless garble. Leaving me struggling for freedom

in her hair.


           As they arrive at the mall I can hear people

everywhere. I finally manage to pop my head out from the sea of blonde hair. I

look over at Ashley who seems to have forgotten about me or doesn't seem to

care. I cringe as a couple of gothic looking girls walk by. The thought of being

in there grasp make me shudder and make me glad I am firmly secured in this mess

of hair.


           Meanwhile things weren't going so well for Zack

as he had spent the last few minutes struggling to just upright himself in the

cramped quarters. The voice of his sister and her friend is deafening as manages

to finally poke his head above her pocket.


           “Look Hill, there is that bitch Lindsey. I can't

believe she really showed up.” Says Ashley as Hilary quickly turns to see.


           “Tell me again how you got Jerry McGuire to call

her? I told him that I would tell everyone about Jessica's party when he got so

drunk he kissed his cousin. I have some great Polaroid's.”


           “You have been holding out me slut”


           “Sorry girl, but I almost feel sorry for her.

Thinking that Jerry is gonna be here and she is really getting stood up. She was

talking about to everyone at school today. This is almost as good as the time

you stole her car keys and put super glue on them and then shoved them into her

car and left. It was priceless watching her pull on those things.”


           Zack had just about pulled himself out of

Hilary's pocket and was grasping the end of his sisters T-shirt when he felt her

whip around causing Zack to tumble to the floor of the theater.


           “Ugh what hit me? I feel like I was just run

over my truck.” As Zack looks up he gulps realizing he has fell from his

sister's pocket. Shit


           “Hey Hilary!! No wait don't walk away!” screams

Zack as he tries to chase after his sister but he soon finds himself dodging

gigantic feet as he runs from left to right narrowly missing death.


           Zack spends the better part of 20 minutes trying

to avoid being on the wrong end of a shoe, however as he dodges a black pump he

feels a sneaker strike him in the back propel him through the air striking

something soft yet firm at the same time.



gulps as he see a titanic redhead staring down at him.


           “Please. help me, I was separated from my sister

and she has this remote which did this to me. I have to get it back from her.”


           “Your voice is so squeaky. Who is your sister?

Hilary Duff.”


           “Hilary Duff is your sister! You are Zachary



           “Oh so you know her.” Great I think she was

going to see Van Helsing. If you hurry, she won't miss me.”


           Zach feels himself tumble into yet another

purse, only this one is a unfamiliar one, before he can shout he feels

everything lurch and a tube a lipstick punch him in the gut knocking the air out

of him. As he tumbles over grabbing him stomach he is left only staring up at

the gigantic girl praying that she takes him home.

           Meanwhile I wasn't fairing much better then Zack

as Hilary had at least pulled me from her blonde locks of hair but deposited me

into her lap ruining my view of the movie because of a tall skinny blonde. I sat

down in her lap for a few minutes but I got sick of looking at the backs of

peoples heads quick and turned my attention towards the mountain of girl in

front of me. I looked around for Zack but he was no where to be found, I figured

she must have done something with him and but knew this was my chance. I began

scaling her tshirt. The small wrinkles made perfect handholds as I made my way

up her top.  Never did I think that I would be climbing my best friend's sister

but here I am. Scaling her like a mountain. I grab onto the next handhold and

realize all too late I had just grabbed onto her nipple. I had just groped my

best friend's sister, immediately I felt her warm hands against as she raised me

up to her face.


           “Aww, does pinky miss me? You know I can't stay

mad at you, but you know that what's underneath this shirt is for big people

only and even then I like to be asked. I guess this will cool you off a little.”


           My entire body slams against some ice chunks as

I find myself surrounded by gallons upon gallons of iced mocha. I look up at

Hilary pushes the lid down on the cup leaving me treading coffee.


As the movie continues I can feel liquid levels around me lessen more and more

but what ticks me off most is that she keeps setting me on the floor. So if

being cold and treading coffee isn't bad enough all I can see is legs and shoes.


           As the movie ends they leave out the side

entrance start walking down the street. I find myself getting colder and colder

as they browse various store fronts. I pound against the cup which causes Ashley

to giggle.


           “Is the little man cold? I guess it serves you

right for making a move on a giant”


           “I was trying to get a view of the movie I



           “Uh huh, you guys always say stuff like that. I

wish I could make my boyfriend your size when he does that kind of stuff. I

would teach him a good lesson.”


           The rest of the shopping trip went by painfully

slow leaving me trapped in a plastic cup. It wasn't until well after dinner when

all the ice had turned to water and Hilary sauntered back into her bedroom that

she walked back into her bedroom with a concerned look on her face, her eyes

were puffy red like she had been crying for a long time. She grabs the cup and

pulls me out tossing it to the side not even seeming to care about water which

was sprayed across her floor, her fingers tightly wrap around me as she holds me

up to her face.


           “I can't believe I was so stupid. He is gone

Pinky! Scamper is gone. I went back to the mall and looked everywhere for him.

He is just gone. I don't know what to do.”


           I watch as Hilary sets me down on her bed and

points the remote at me. I feel myself getting bigger and bigger but I stop all

too soon. I realize that I am only about 10 inches tall. Everything has pretty

much doubled in size but I am still much too small.


           “Look Dave, I knew it was you right away, I saw

you under the chair right away when I came in. I have just liked you for so long

I got excited because of your small size. I really like you and I don't want to

lose you. I am sorry but I can't bring myself to change you back.”


           “Look Hilary, I like you to so what is the big



           “I really like you but I am not ready to make a

commitment yet, and I am going to away to college this next fall and you will

still be here. I can't have that, maybe if you're good I will change you back

after I graduate college. I am sorry. I am just doing this because I love you.”


           Hilary drops me on her bed as she turns the

remote over, I jump up trying to grab it but she just pulls it up out of my

reach. I watch as she fiddles with the back and opens up the bay area. The

double a batteries dump out into her hand as she sets the remote on the top of

her dresser and tosses the batteries out of the window.


           “You can't keep me like this Hilary. It's

kidnapping” She reaches down for me and kneels down so she is level with the

bed. Hilary puckers her lips and blows at me. I tumble over onto her bed as she

stands up and crawls over me. I look up as t-shirt dangles down; her hand wraps

around me as I am pushed against her stomach as Hilary lies on her bed cuddling

me into her stomach. I look up at her as she starts to cry, she pulls me up

higher, my face presses into her breasts as she kisses the top of my head and

continues to cry as she repeatedly says I can't believe he is really gone.


           The smell of her perfume fills my lungs with her

every scent, I can hear her heartbeat as clear as day as she cuddles me into

her. I try to push myself away from her but with utter ease she is overpowering

me. I realize now that I really am hers until she says otherwise. She holds all

the cards.  As I think to myself I realize that I got what I wanted, she loves

me and yet everything feels like I lost.


           I jolt awake as Hilary turns over onto her

stomach. I can feel her arm pressing at me back as her full weight now bores

down onto me, my head sinks into her now titanic breasts as she continues to

sleep. I try to scream but my voice is completely muffled by her body and



           Morning finally arrives; I awake lying on

Hilary's bed alone. I look about the room but she appears to be gone.  I shiver

slightly as the cool air runs across my body. I had gotten use the intense heat

of being under her body.


           “Hey pinky” says Hilary as she pops up from the

far side of the bed causing me to jump several feet into the air, which only

makes her laugh in delight.


           “Would you stop that? Do you have to call me



           “Of course, that's your name. its cute, I think

it fits you. So you are gonna be pinky till I say different.” Says Hilary as she

pokes me in the stomach causing me to tumble over onto my back.


           “Hey stop that.” I yell as I grab her finger and

feel myself lift off the bed and into the air.


           “Oh is tiny wanting to play with the big girls

huh” I leap at Hilary's body grabbing onto her shirt; she pretends to fall back

onto the floor.


Giantess Stories: Pinky and Scamper

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