Giantess Stories: Pixie No More By ZZZ   Into the darkness

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Pixie No More


Into the darkness, so it begins...

Starlight was a kind and playful pixie that lived in the forest of Everjoy. She

was 4 and a 1/2 inches tall, had very short hair and a pretty smile. She had few

pixie friends because they all found her too small and too weak in magic. The

stronger a pixie was in magic, the bigger they were. The Queen pixie was almost

a foot tall, and was the biggest of them all. But Starlight didn't care about

hanging out with the other pixies. She only cared about spending time with one

person, Sir Lungealot.

One day Starlight had fallen asleep on a leaf closer to the ground than she

should have. A big ugly kobold(halfman-halfdog) had slowly crept up to her

without her knowing it. He thought that by catching and eating her, he would

gain her magical powers. He reached down to pick her up, but his horrid breath

quickly awoke her. She tried to fly away but he had grabbed her by the wing. She

tried to use her magic on him but she only had very weak ineffective spells. The

kobold opened his mouth wide ready to eat her, when he heard someone say, "How

about using a utensil when you eat BEAST!?!" The kobold swung around only to

have a sword rammed into his face. The kobold fell dead to the ground. Starlight

instantly fell in love with Sir Lungealot, and promised to always be there for

him. Sir Lungealot took a glance at the little lady he had saved and found

himself attracted to her, but very disappointed by her size.

They both liked each other a great deal and would always spend time together,

but the size difference was quite the barrier. All they could do was look at

each other, and enjoy the moments they shared together.

This little problem soon became increasingly frustrating as they found

themselves more and more attracted to each other. Even though she was so small,

Starlight's body was very nice proportionately. But there wasn't much they could

do to satisfy their sexual frustration.

Then one day a band of Kobolds were moving through the forest at full speed.

"Urrg, we must get this magic item back to our cave before anyone spots us!"

responded the driver of the war carriage.

"Yes Arrg, we know not what magic this dust have, but supposed to be most

powerful magic in all of land."

Suddenly the horses stopped as a net raised in front of the carriage. "Oh no!

Someone trying to stop us!"

It was then that Sir Lungealot jumped out from behind a tree. "Die evil

Kobolds!" he shouted as he unsheathed his sword. Starlight was there with him

too, and quickly flew up to one of the kobolds.

"Be petrified!" she shouted, as magic flew from her hands and a bit of dust

appeared on his face.

"HAHAHAHA your magic very puny little fairy! Now you become my meal!" Before the

kobold could do anything he saw a big sword rip into his stomach.

"Looks like you'll be goin on a diet Kobold!" Just then he turned around and saw

another kobold jump up behind, him with some sort of pouch in his hand.

"Dust will help us!" said the kobold. Before he even landed, Sir Lungealot swung

around and decapitated him, and the bag went flying off landing in a large

puddle. But just as Lungealot was to make another one of his famous comments

like "Don't lose your head", he noticed secret compartments open in the war

chariot and five more kobolds jumped out. The closest one took a swing at him

with his fist, which he ducked, but Starlight was behind him and was too slow to

move out of the way. Starlight was smacked far away from the action, landing in

the puddle where the mysterious pouch had released its contents.

"Whoa...the magic inside me is feeling very it's growing..."

Starlight could feel powerful magic coursing through her tiny veins. Then she

heard the clanging of swords, and remembered about Sir Lungealot and the

kobolds. "Gotta go help him!" she flew quickly over to where Sir Lungealot was

fighting and saw several dead kobolds on the ground, and three more fighting Sir

Lungealot at once. "What a hero!" She thought to herself. She then flew up next

to him, and to their surprise a couple more kobolds started crawling out of the


"These things are crawlin out of the wood works, literally!" exclaimed Lungealot.

"Um lemme, try that spell again, cuz I got a funny feeling about it."

"Well, Ok Starlight, but be careful."

Starlight was very happy at the faith Lungealot had shown in her, even though

her magic had failed a couple seconds before hand. "Be petrified!" she stated as

she pointed her fingers at the emerging kobolds. A whirlwind of dust much like a

cyclone flew out of Starlight's hands, hitting the carriage and kobolds.

Suddenly all the kobolds on the carriage, the carriage itself as well as a

couple trees behind the carriage had been changed to stone!

"WOW!" shouted Lungealot.

"You're telling me!" replied Starlight.

Lungealot then swung around and knocked the three kobold's heads off in one

quick slice. "Hah, they were just three stooges."

He turned around and looked at Starlight. "That was pretty impressive Starlight,

I never knew you had it in you."

"Me neither." she replied, when suddenly she felt her leaf dress tighten on her.

"Hmmm that's strange" she thought as she flew over to sit on Lungealot's


"Hey Starlight have you put on a little weight? I can actually feel you on my


"R..r..really?" She suddenly flew down to the ground and Lungealot knelt down

and crouched over to look at her.

"What is it?"

"I feel all this power inside me...and it feels sooo good!"

Suddenly small tears appeared at the side of her tiny one piece leaf dress. "I

think the extra magic in me is making me get b..." before she could finish the

sentence she noticed her tiny breasts were noticeably bigger, and pressing

forward on the front of her clothing. Soon her breasts pushed open cleavage

which was inexistant before.

"Whoa Starlight, you're starting to look bigger and bigger, kinda like the

feeling I'm getting in one part of my body...hahaha.."

"Mmmmm goody..." replied Starlight, as her hair grew longer and longer, reaching

down beyond her elbows. She was now almost double her original size.

"It must be that puddle I landed in!" she shouted, as she quickly flew over to

it. Lungealot quickly ran after her, for he did not want to take his eyes off

her. She landed inside the pond which now seemed so much smaller to her, and

dipped her head in. She could see the little particles of dust flowing from

inside the small pouch at the bottom of the pond. She reached down and pulled

open the pouch, causing all the remaining dust to flow out, all over her face.

In blissful joy at the feeling, she opened her mouth and swallowed a great deal

of the dust and water. She then stood up. Just seconds ago she was floating in

this pond!

She looked down and saw her curvy hips ripping out of what remained of her pixie

outfit, and her breasts swelling even larger in proportion to how they

originally were. Her muscles were growing as well. Her legs were much longer and

thicker. She spread her legs open and her huge thigh muscles tore the bottom of

her dress. Now she looked up at Lungealot who looked nowhere near as large as he

once did, but he was still way bigger than her.

"Ohhh mmmama! ohhhh mama!!!" was all he could say. "I think I'm gonna have to go

behind a tree by myself for five minutes if this keeps up!"

Now the rest of Starlight's dress shredded away as she revealed her newly formed

abdomen muscles. She dipped down and drank more of the pond's water. Instantly

she grew bigger and bigger. Her butt had become much larger and firmer, they 16 Con Paysafecard 5 Codigo Descuento Extra En Tu Compra En Kinguin

were two large beautiful curves on her. Her breasts were no longer half the size

of two marbles. They were close to the size of two golf balls. She was close to

two feet tall now. Speaking of feet, her feet were now what mostly filled the

tiny pond. She stepped out of it, ducked down and sucked up the rest of the

magic dust and pond water. She then grew faster and faster, stronger and

stronger, bigger and bigger! Now she was close to three feet tall! She looked

back down at the pond and saw a small glowing pebble sticking out of the pouch

"That must have been the source of the dust" thought Starlight. She turned

around and ducked down in front of Sir Lungealot, who was incredibly tempted to

live up to his name as her beautiful butt was right in front of him, at knee


"Wow, baby's got back!!!" shouted Lungealot.

"Thanks." replied Starlight, as she scooped up the pebble and decided to swallow

it. Almost instantly her body nearly doubled in size, as her beautiful behind

pushed into Lungealot's privates.

"OH MY!!!!" yelled Lungealot with a huge smile.

"Oh Lungealot, is that your lucky dagger in your pocket or are you just happy to

see me?" replied Starlight in a sexy voice.

"Hey, I'm the one whose supposed to deliver the corny lines!" returned Lungealot.

Starlight now turned around and stood to her full height. Her eyes were just

slightly underneath his! "FINALLY!" she replied as she reached down for

Lungealot's "lucky dagger".

"Oh this I think will be great fun", said Lungealot.

Starlight then ripped off Lungealots lower garments. She then grabbed his very

erect lunger and gave in to his name as she inserted him into her. They held

each other in a long passionate kiss. Just then Lungealot noticed how much

bigger Starlight's wings were, those beautiful transparent pixie wings. "What

the hell am I doing looking at her wings?!?!" he thought. He then jut his head

downwards and looked at her still growing breasts. "That's more like it!"

"Oh this armor feels very uncomfortable" replied Starlight as she pressed her

large mounds up to Lungealot. "Armor away!" was all Starlight had to say and

Lungealot was magically made naked.

"How I wish I could do that to other people..." is what he said, but what he

thought was "everytime I go into the fair maiden's rooms!" He then began to feel

more and more loose having his most trusty weapon inside of Starlight. Taking

his eyes off her breasts he looked at her face and realized he had to look up!

"I never dreamt of being bigger than you Lungee!" Lungealot was in pure

ecstasy... in fact too much ecstasy as his lucky dagger attacked before either

of them would have wanted.

"Oh Starlight...seems like I got a little too excited too quickly!"

"No worries Lungealot," her hands began to glow and suddenly Lungealot was once

again renewed with the vigor of before.

"WOW! Now I can just keep going and going and..."

They continued to grope each other and make love as Starlight continued to swell


"I think you're becoming a little bigger than my lucky dagger can handle

Starlight," Lungealot said while looking up at the over 6' pixie.

"I like being bigger than you, so I'm not about to turn your dagger into a sword

if that's what you were thinking." Obviously he was, but before he could be

disappointed Starlight pressed her expanding bosom in his face. "This oughta

satisfy you, cuz I'm plenty satisfied with how amazing I've become."

It did satisfy Lungealot, as he continued to feel the overwhelming feeling of

awe as Starlight's breasts grew, enveloping his face. Starlight was now close to

eight feet tall, and still shooting upward.

"Ooooh, I must be over eight feet tall, and I'm still shooting upward!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm 'shooting' upwards too." Replied Lungealot as he continued to

try to live up to his name sake, but soon enough she was too tall. "Um, wouldn't

this be far more effective if we were lying down my love?" asked Lungealot as he

looked up at her huge breasts.

"No no no, I want to see everything shrink around me." She was still getting

bigger, and there seemed to be no sign of her stopping. Her calves were filling

up to the size of cannon balls, and were twice the width of Lungealots thighs.

Flexing her biceps, she noticed how they were bigger than Lungealots entire

head. All the while Lungealot was still going at it on her leg. "Um, Lungee, I

think I've seen dogs that do that to people..."

"Bow wowowowow! MAMASITA!" was all he could say as he kept on his work.

Starlight giggled, and looked around noticing all the trees and boulders around

her looking smaller and smaller with each passing moment. Now Lungealot was down

to below her knee. "Are you OK down there Lungee?", she had to almost bend over

to see him.


She started to feel euphoric at how incredibly huge she was becoming, now well

past twenty feet tall. She started rubbing her hands on her breasts, and began

to moan in utter joy.

"Hey hey hey...I want some o' that!!! I'm usually the one that picks up on the

damsels, but I won't mind if the tables are turned this time Starlight..."

She knew what he was asking and began to lean over. She reached for him, which

dazed him at first, but he was just overtaken by her magnificent,

beauty. She laid him atop her breasts, where he instantly went back to work.

"Lemme know when you want to get back down Lungee."

"Lemme know people start lovin tax collectors!" was his reply with the ever

enduring smile.

Seeing Lungealot so busy she began to crave that powerful thrusting force inside

of her, but she still wanted to be the biggest thing around. She began to think

of how she would satisfy herself and began looking around.

"Aha! That's it!" She was looking at what was once one of the biggest things in

the forest to her, a giant oak. Starlight must have been over sixty feet now,

because Lungealot's dagger looked more like a needle to her now.

"Wow this is probably what it's always been like for you carrying me around, eh


"Yeah but I don't think you ever had as much fun as I'm having!" He was now

sitting atop her nipple. "Gotta tame this wild horse!"

Starlight reached the tree and began to bend over, having it in-between her


"Oh Starlight! You nasty nasty Sprite...I luv it!"

"I think I'm gonna love it too Lungee!"

She leaned into the tree and it was now thrusted into her, and she continued

that motion over and over. Her feminine juices began to spill all over the top

of the tree, as more and more of it slid into her. She was still getting bigger.

Soon enough she was holding the tree in one hand, hardly getting any pleasure

from it. "Awwww!" she sighed, and noticed that Lungealot looked like a tiny bug

on her. She had finally stopped growing, but all the trees seemed too small to

satisfy her immense lust. Fortunately for her, she could still hear Lungealot,

thanks to the magic coursing through her.

"Hey if your still looking for something to satisfy you like I did, look over to

the west!" Glancing over her beautiful shoulder, she saw the largest castle in

the land, which also had an appropriate name. It also happened to have the

highest tower in the land. A BIG smile appeared on her face, as she laid her

eyes on the large stone tower.

"The maids better start praying for some rain or their gonna have one heck of a

time cleaning that tower!" said Lungealot.

"They're gonna need a flood when I'm done with it." replied Starlight as she

slowly walked into the sunset heading towards castle Fillalot.

Giantess Stories: Pixie No More By ZZZ   Into the darkness

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