Giantess Stories: Plastic Man Gets All Dressed Up

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Plastic Man Gets All Dressed Up!

a superheroic story by Caleb Jones

Cindy Baker was shocked to her very core.  Somehow, someway, her dress had

come to life!  She knew it was a very strange dress when it warmed up like

skin around her aerobically toned body.  But when it somehow began to lick

her in areas her boyfriends seldom volunteered to venture their tongues, she

immediately ran to the ladies room and pulled the dress off as fast as she

could.  She could swear she saw an eye wink at her from the red cloth!  Not

one to shy away from trouble, Cindy grabbed her purse and, pulling out a

charging stun gun, she zapped the living dress but good!

It stretched out in all sorts of weird extensions and shapes for a dozen

seconds and then it reformed into her dress again.  She poked it a few times

but it didn't move anymore.  Whatever had given her dress life must have gone

away after that much electricity.  Her stun gun could knock out a pro

wrestler sized rapist if need be.  Cindy gingerly picked up the dress and

tossed it in the air a few times.  She looked it over really close to see if

the eye was still there but it looked like any other red dress now.

She couldn't leave the building in just her slip though, so after giving the

dress a few more punches and pulling it apart to the point of almost ripping

the fabric, she was reasonably certain the dress was back to normal again.

She pulled it over the supple curves of her body and straightened it out

around her body.  She pulled her long hair from under the back of the dress

and looked in the mirror.  It looked like a regular dress again on her.  She

came to the conclusion that she must have sidestepped into the Twilight Zone

for a few seconds and left for home.

When she entered her living room, she got out of the dress and stared at it

for a few minutes, It was a shame to throw such a nice dress out.  It seemed

quite ordinary again!  Just to be sure, she ran it through the washing

machine a couple of times and kept it in the dryer for over an hour.  When

she was done it was very clean and very hot.  She hung it up and left it in

her closet for a few weeks.

Plastic Man slowly regained consciousness yet again.  He had passed out

several times as he was first drowned in water over and over and then spun

around like a child in a playground, only a thousand times faster and a

thousand times longer!  Then the heat had come and he wished over and over

that he was drowning again.  If it weren't for his incredibly resilient body,

he would have died a thousand deaths!

As it was, he had merely LIVED through a thousand deaths.  His body was

finally cooling off and he was able to stay awake for more than a few

minutes.  He was hanging over some sort of round pole.  He was surrounded by

fabrics pressing against him.  He wasn't even able to make his eyes open.  It

didn't matter much since the room was dark and he couldn't sense any light

through his eyelids.  He assumed he was in a dark closet of some sort.  He

began to remember having some fun pretending to be a woman's red dress at the

mall and how nice it had been to have her wrap him around her luscious body.

He was quite surprised when she decided to buy him and wear him out of the

store.  He remembered catching sight of her in a bathroom mirror, and then a

horrifying shock before his near death experiences with water and heat.

He never wanted to go through anything like that ever again.  He began to

reform his body into a human shape so he could get out of the closet but

nothing happened.  His body refused to reform itself.  The ever-changing body

of Plastic Man was stuck in the shape of a woman's dress.

Time became uncountable except for the times when the woman he had tricked

came into the closet and moved him around, jostling him into other dresses

and then leaving him stranded for another day or two.

One day, months later, Cindy allowed the memory of the event to be turned

into a daydream in her mind and felt like wearing the dress again.  She had a

date she wanted to impress!

Finally Plastic Man was freed from the confines of the closet after what

seemed like centuries!  And he was able to feel himself pressed against the

soft flesh of a beautiful woman again.  But she wasn't dating him, she was

wearing him.  He was forced to listen to the stupid lines of the man she was

going out with.  He was still unable to move or talk but he had discovered

some minor control over parts of his body.  Her movements had stimulated some

of his skin as her body moved around underneath his.  After some slow and

cautious experimentation he discovered he could shorten her skirt lengths and

lower her necklines a little with his greatly reduced shape-changing


When he went too far and plunged her neckline halfway to her navel, Cindy

realized her dress had come to life again!  But she could hardly take it off

while she was on a date.  Well, she could, but she wasn't the kind of girl to

do it on the first date.  Or even the fifth.  She excused herself and went to

the ladies room.  After checking to see if anyone else was there, she grabbed

the neckline and threatened to toss the dress in the dumpster when she got

home unless it obeyed her and shaped itself into the styles she wanted each

time she wore it!

Plastic Man was a gambler from way back.  He knew when to fold his cards and

take a loss.  He pulled his neckline back up to her bosom and lowered her

hemline back to the original length.  She twirled a bit and asked her dress

to raise the hemline back to the higher length.  She smiled.  That should get

her date's attention!

Several months passed by.  Plastic Man was worn by Cindy a dozen more times

and each time he looked a little different.  Finally, Plastic Man regained

enough of his reshaping power to sneak out of her closet and he rejoined the

Justice League.  It took only a few weeks before he became a dress for a

woman again.  Some superheroes never learn.

The End.

Giantess Stories: Plastic Man Gets All Dressed Up

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