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                                                              BY: Paul Jutras

       Buzzz.  Buzzz. Buzzz.

      Yawning, Laurel Kakajima glanced about her room. She loved the soft

feel of her silk sheets her ex boyfriend had gotten her a year ago. Laura's

favorite animal was a rabbit, which is why she had her pig tails done up like

big rabbit ears.  She's a 2nd - generation Japanese; taller and shapelier than

her parents. She got an apartment with her best school friend to pay her

cosmetology school expenses.

     "Laurel, we're going to be late for work." Laurel's roommate, Heather

Grove said as Laurel jumped out of bed when she read the time on the clock. 

Heather  was from a well to do family that owned a chain of stores. She wanted

to make it on her own and was slumming for work experience. The clock read:

8:00. "Oh, no." Laurel thought. Her boss, Sondra Evens, would bit her head off

for being late again. Throwing together the first outfit she could, she ran down

the hall to the kitchen.

     "Heather! Why don't you wake me up earlier?" Laurel asked.

    "Laurel, I tried to get you up for the past hour. It's not like I'm your

mother," Heather replied.

    Laurel sighed. "Come on, Heather. You know I've been running late since

we were in the same home room in school. You got to help me out."

     "Well at least I don't have to pack you a lunch like your mom." Heather

giggled as the two head off out the door for her mile jog to work. Laurel 

looked at her watch. 8:30am. Miss Evens would yell at them for sure. Heather

would yell at her for making them both late.  Laurel just wanted more beauty


    Laurel started to think of excuses as they passed a Shell gas station and

cut across an pave parking lot in a panic.  Hopping up the stairs two at a time,

the  girls entered the main doors of Crown Boutique. Swinging the door open,

they dashed inside the store only to screech to a halt.

     Miss Evens stood before them with her arms crossed, watched Heather

stand at attention while clumsy Laurel did an acrobatic flop on the floor ."All

right you two will be dock for the time that you missed. I'd argue more, but the

place is a mad house, and I really need your help."

     R...Right Miss Evens." The two said at once.  They quickly moved from

customer to customer, helping each with their purchases.   As Laurel moved about

in a panic, her heel broke off and she toppled into a free standing mannequin

display. The poorly constructed mannequin cracked and shattered as they fell on

top of each other on the floor.

     "Miss Nakajima!" Miss Even shouted angrily at her assistant.  "You

idiot! You know how I needed those mannequins to display the sale items this

weekend. Now I'll have to close the store this afternoon while you help me pick

some replacements."

     This is stupid, Laurel thought. It's not like I knocked those mannequins

down on purpose. Now I have to suffer by carrying some to the back of her truck.

Just a good thing that they are so light. Even I should easily be able to load

them. She look down at a hole in one of the mannequins stomachs and that

instantly made her own stomach growl. Her mind soon switch from the trouble she

was in to food.

     Laurel remembered that once again, she so late for work that she didn't

have a chance to have any breakfast. With Heather's help, the pieces of

mannequins were soon picked up and taken to the back store room. The fact that

Heather was helping her made her somewhat happier.



   One at a time the mannequins were lifted and dropped into a giant shredder

to the recycled. Laurel never liked doing it because it nearly felt like murder

to her. "I never liked slicing up the mannequins." Laurel told Heather. "Some

mannequins seemed so real that it's almost like we're killing actual people."

     "Nonsense," Heather replied. "There nothing but inert plastic. They're

not alive and never have been. We have this same talk every time we do this."

     Miss Evens suddenly pushed back the curtain. "I didn't send you back her

so you could gossip." She stood over them with anger in her eyes.

     "This kind of attitude makes me wonder why I don't fire you." Miss Evens

said, pointing back to the front of the shop. "I suggest you get back to work.

And Laurel, I hope your school grades are better than your work habits around


     After work, all Laurel wanted to do was sulk. She had to drive with Miss

Evens and Heather to a local dealer and pick up some replacement mannequins.

Laurel moaned to her best friend. "Heather..." She sighed. "I'm sorry I got you

into this mess."

     It was tough for Heather not to feel sorry for her. "Laurel, you're

always doing stuff like this. You're constantly late, and you've been clumsy as

long as I've known you." Heather said. "So why don't you just not let this

bother you."

    "She's right, Laurel." Miss Even said behind the driver's wheel. "I'm

sorry I yelled at you before. An accident is nothing for you to get depressed

about or my to yell about."

     Pulling up in the back of a warehouse, the three soon got out of the car

and went inside. They walked through the work area where several mannequins were

being put together and marched to the inner office.  The 12 mannequins in the

office for approval were each dressed in an outfit belonging to a different

store department.

     "So nice to see you again, Sondra." The dealer, Isabella Fortini said

with a European accent. She was a bisexual around her mid thirties and never

seemed age a day. "Been a couple of years since you've come by in person to see

me. We really should go out for drinks sometime, honey."

     "You haven't age a bit, Izza." Miss Evens said in a jealous tone. "One

day I'll learn you beauty secrets. In the mean time, I need some replacement

mannequins for my big sale this weekend. My assistants damaged the ones I were

going to use."

    "That's no trouble, sweetie."  Miss Fortini said as she pressed a button.

A man in his mid forties wearing a dark suit and tie walked in. "Burt, please

help Miss Evens pick out some of our finest mannequins for her store's weekend


     "Yes sir." Burt said with a smile as he escorted the ladies out of the

office. Laurel couldn't help but stare nervously at how life like the mannequins

in the office were.

    "You like my mannequins?" Miss Fortini asked as she stood over Laurel

with a daydream smile. Laurel remembered seeing Heather with such an expression

when talking about her boyfriends. That made her even more nervous.

     "Y...Yes, they're very life like." Laurel stuttered, backing out of the

office and not noticing her purse left on her seat. "I'd better join others in

picking out some mannequins and loading them aboard the truck. If...If you'll

please excuse me."




    "But of course, darling." Miss Fortini said with a wicked smile. "Please

call me Izza, dear."

     "Sure, Izza." Laurel said as she joined the others in picking out the

last three mannequins. It bothered Laurel that one with her hair color and style

actually looked a little like her. She noticed other two looked like Heather and

Miss Evens. She knew it had to be her imagination.

    "Once we get these loaded, we can get back to the shop." Miss Even said,

glad that she can finally get back to the shop and making some money. Laurel had

just picked up her doppelganger when she realized that she didn't have her


     "I forgot my purse in the office, Miss Even." Laurel said as she set the

mannequin back down. "I'll get it and be right back."

    "She'd forget her head if it wasn't attached." Miss Even sighed and

started to follow. "C'mon Heather. I might as well go pay before we load up the

final three."

    As the three girls reached the office door they heard Isabella talking to

Burt. She paused for a moment, wondering if they should just barge in and

disturb the business talk. That was when Miss Even realized that it wasn't

business they were talking about.

    "But Izza, darling." Burt said like he was begging for his life.

   "SILENCE!" Isabella jumped from behind her desk. Her cold blue eyes blazed

into a fiery red and anger in her voice. "You were to lock the door behind you

so that the last one attempting to leave couldn't get out of my office!" She

cried, pointing her long nail hand.

     A plastic coating shot up Burt's legs. He screamed as it quickly crawled

up his body. "Please!" He cried, tilting his head desperately upward. "Please

don't change -" His voice was cut off as his neck and head turn into inert

plastic. As his youth energy drained out of him into his boss, he stood silently

inside the plastic shell.

     "I...I don't believe it." Laurel gasped as she leaned forward for a

better look. The door swung open and the girls dropped to the office floor. Miss

Fortini quickly turned to her unexpected visitors with a wicked smile spread

across her ruby red lips.

     "I guess you learned my beauty secret after all, Sondra, honey." Miss

Fortini smiled as Miss Evans and her assistants got to their feet. "That little

secret will now remain a secret between us...forever."

    As Laurel grabbed her purse from the chair, they all twisted at the waist

in an attempt to turn and leave. They were in shock when they found their feet

rooted in place. If they could see inside of their shoes, they'd realize that

the tingling feeling in their feet were their toes fusing together.

     "I donnn't knoooow whaaaaaaaaat kinnnd of triiick yoooour tryiiiiing

tooo pull." Every word out of Miss Evans mouth dragged out like her voice was on

a low battery tape. "Yooou neaaaaver geeet  aaaaway wiiiiith thissss!"

     "That's what you think." Miss Fortini said with a smiled. "It isn't any

kind of trick. You see, I'm a witch who discovered an eternal youth spell. I

drain the life energy out of people to remain alive. Course it leaves my victims

invert plastic. Perfect mannequins."







    As the plastic coating passed over their sex, the three were washed in a

wave of pleasure that remained with them as it passed their chest and kept their

breasts erect. Their pursed lips froze in a sexy manner for all the world to

see. Miss Fortini smiled with pleasure as the spell took their heads and made

them stare blankly forward. "You three are very pretty. It's a same I didn't get

the chance to share my bed with your friends, Sondra. I remember how good we

were together."

    With a snap of her fingers, three creatures passed through the floor with

the last three mannequins like the floor wasn't even through. The creatures were

hunched over with large red eyes that made them look like they had goggles on.

Out of their foreheads were tiny, pointed horns. "Go to it, my minions!" Miss

Fortini ordered.

     Miss Evans and the others could only watch helplessly as their long, Muestras gratis drynites

sharp finger nails sliced through their waists like a hot knife through butter.

The creatures moved quickly to switch the upper torso of Miss Evans, Heather and

Laurel with those of the mannequins.

     "You'll like this part." Miss Fortini said as her hand pass over the

girls new lower torso. As a pussy appeared in each, she quickly inserted a large

dildo into each. The girls seemed to feel even fuller after a second wave of the

witch's hand sealed the dildos inside of them. The girls were quickly rocked

into orgasm.

     "The real mannequins you were going to buy will come to life as my

zombie slaves." Miss Fortini answered the girls expected question about what was

to be done with them. "They will run MY new boutique and you will be the ones on

display. What's more, since they now have your lower torso, whatever they feel

down there so will you.  Only intensified."

      "Go now." Miss Fortini ordered as the creatures vanished back through

the floor and the carbon copies  carried the new mannequins to the back of the

truck. The mannequin with Miss Evans' face started the motor and drove back to

the boutique to set things up.

     It was Friday night and Miss Fortini was sitting lazily on a chair. She

had one leg swung over the arm of the hair as she leaned back and watched her

servants set up her former lover and friends together in a free standing

display. Every once in a while she would reach over to a bowl of chips on the

table beside her and grabbed a handful.

     Sondra, dear." The witch said with a smile spread across her face. "I

hope you enjoyed the outfit I picked out for you."

     "It is beautiful." Miss Evans thought as she stared blankly at Heather

while dress in a backless, strapless evening gown with four inch pumps. The

jewels she was dressed in were breath taking. She thought Heather looked nice

too. The mauve jacket and mini-skirt-suit complimented her hair quite well. She

was just dashing in the white leather pumps with thick, tall heels.

     "Come now, girls." Miss Fortini said pleasantly. "Just think you'll look

beautiful though out the ages. You really ought to thank me for making you as

immortal as me."

     Laurel's living twin moved her head into the position of a sideways

glance. "That's perfect." She smiled at her little creation in a black leather

mini skirt, white blouse and red leather jacket.  "We do look good in this,

don't you think?"






    Course the real Laurel couldn't answer the imposter. She could only stare

helplessly as her twin finished dressing her with some earrings.

      The next day a pair of girls approached the front window of the

boutique. There must of been two hundred people inside crowding their way into

the store under the huge banner  "WEEKEND SALE." It was so crowed that people

had actually formed a line, which went around the corner and down the block.

      "Now's the time." The phony Miss Evans said, using a bull horn to be

heard over the crowd of shoppers.  "Come choose your favorite clothes fast

before it gets sold out."

     Miss Fortini watched Miss Evans screaming into the megaphone with full

power of her new lungs. She thought just how wealthy a witch she's going to end

up. Her copies would make her as much money as the previous women she

transformed. "I'll have to pick out a special spot in my office for Miss Evans

and her assistants in a few years so nobody will get curious as to why they

don't seem to age."

     When the throngs of shoppers couldn't find any more of the outfit that

Heather had on, they started tearing it off her stiff body. An old lady, who

needed to go on a diet, got the jacket for her daughter. A second woman got the

skirt off her. Soon Heather stood embarrassed in only her pantyhose and heels.

     "Let me have leather skirt! A green hair teen yelled.


    "It's mine!" A red head with a pierce nose shoved  the other back before

removing the skirt off of Laurel.

    Suddenly the whole store was in panic, pushing and shoving to get the

clothes off the mannequins. Miss Evans and her assistants rushed back and fourth

selling clothes like no tomorrow, shoving rolls of bills into the cash

register.  Heather and Laurel thought they were going to be knocked over by the

unruly mob of customers. By closing time every mannequin in the store was naked.

     "Well hello beautiful." A young man muscular man with wave dark hair

said to Heather's double. He leaned on a empty clothes rack and smiled sweetly.

He ran his hand down the hem of her skirt and fingered the lips of her pussy.

The real, frozen Heather would of shuddered if she could as it felt like she was

the one being probe. "If you have tomorrow off, how about going out to dinner?"

      "Sounds lovely." She replied with a smiled.

     "How  about your friend?" he asked, looking over at Laurel.. "We could

set up a double date if your friend is free."

    "Oh, she's not interested in men." Heather's twin giggled. "I have enough

trouble keeping her from coming on to me and the boss."

    "In that case, how about if  I set her up my sister." He grinned.

     With the customers gone and the doors locked, Miss Fortini face went

from human to the ugly witch she truly was. "Ha ha ha ha ha! You all did very

well today. Once we have you dressed and mounted on display rods, we'll place

you in the front window.

     Heather and the others could help but orgasm as their butt plugs were

removed. Air rushed in before they were inserted on the poles. Laurel thought

having the rod stuck up her to her, but instead she felt even more intense





    "By the way Heather, you'll know if you carbon clone makes it pass first

base." Miss Fortina reminded her. "As you got a sample when the young man

touched her, you'll feel everything that she feels below the waist."

     The next day was the only day of the week which the store closed. The

living copies of the three women spent it at the hair salon. The memories that

got copied allowed them to know what stylist to ask for. They picked seats next

to each other and had a cape swung around their shoulders. Their hair was then

washed. Miss Evans' copy had her legs wax and wondered how it felt to the real

Miss Evans enchased in plastic. She notice that Heather was having her eye brows

done and knew that the real Heather couldn't feel a thing that happened to the

copy from the waist up. The real Heather has to have her actual plastic body

touch above for a surge of pleasure to happen.

     The three copies found they loved the fuse and attention they got with

their face masks, pedicures and nail polish. Each of the three soon wound up

with their hair in rollers. Sprays were applied then they were put under the

dryer with magazines to read. After the stylist combed and teased their hair was

finished. They looked beautiful in their new hair dews.

    Before the new Miss Evans went to her home or the new Heather and Laurel

went to their apartment, they made a stop at the store. Much to their surprise,

the mannequins hair styles changed to match their new ones. Even their polish

matched. "That's an interesting side effect." The carbon copy Miss Evans said as

she took her shoe off and put her foot against the fuse toes of her soul mate.

     Putting her shoe back on and getting some money from petty cash, the

three girls went home and changed for their dates.  A knock on the door and the

muscular man who had asked Heather out the day before showed up

     That evening Heather and Laurel doubles finished dressing when the

doorbell rang. When Heather answered it, the young muscular man and his sister

stood on the other side. "Well hellllooo." Heather cooed as she wrapped her arms

around his neck and kissed. "You must be his sister."

    The young blonde woman smiled at Laurel and took her hand. She pulled her

out of the room and they head out to dinner. At the restaurant, Heather took her

shoe off and slipped her foot up his pant. She then removed it and ran up the

outside of his leg to his crotch. "Hope my double is enjoying the surges of

pleasure as much as he is." She thought.

     On the ride home, Heather sat in the front seat and leaned her head

against her date's shoulder. As she heard Laurel and her date giggling in the

back seat, she wondered in their pussy were getting as hot and wet as her own. 

They barely got through the door when they began to strip one another of their

clothes. As the sister sat on the bed in only her pantyhose, she watched while

she rubbed her legs together. Heather got on her hands and knees while her guy

came up from behind and entered her. He began pumping, her tits jigging wildly

when Laurel sound her leg over Heather's head so that she could suck on her


      As the bouncing of Heather caused Laurel to drop to the floor, she

moved over to the sister with her pussy soaking wet. Cupping the sister's foot,

she sucked on her toes and up her leg. Reached her waist, she pulled down the

hose and began to lick the folds of her sex. She reached out to a draw and

pulled out a double side dildo that she knew would send her frozen counter part

out of her mind with pleasure.

      The next day, Miss Fortini was waiting for the girls in the boutique

with a contract. "Alright, Miss Evans." She said to her magical creation. "As

much as I enjoyed being with you last night, we do have business to finish up.

You just sign this place official over to me now while you work for me."






    "Please, Miss Fortini." Miss Evans said. "About this contract. Is this

like the one the man you changed into a mannequin signed? We love being alive

and don't want to go back to being frozen and feeling empty inside."

     "Are you daring to double cross me!" Miss Fortini shouted as her hair

stood on end and she pointed with her long painted finger nails. "I could return

you all to your original inert state with a mere gesture."

     "I had my reasons for stopping by the store before seeing you." Miss

Evans said as she pulled a remote from her purse and pushed a large red button.

A section of floor suddenly slid back and dropped Miss Fortini into a vat of

plastic. The chemicals quickly coated the witch, making her instantly stiff.

"Quite ironic for you to receive the treatment you intended for us."

     "She always wanted to live forever." Laurel said as she and Heather

picked began stripping her while Miss Evans closed the second panel in the

floor. By the time Miss Evans finished waiting on the store's first customer of

the day, Miss Fortini was dressed in something more suitable to the store and

had a rod put in where her sex use to be.

     With nobody but them in the store, Heather and Laurel changed the

outfits on their plastic twins. "Hope you enjoyed yourselves last night."

Heather whispered in her double's frozen ear. "Now that Miss Fortini is out of

the way, we'll make sure you'll continue to feel such pleasure for as long as we











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