Giantess Stories: Playing With a Full Deck by Clovis

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Playing With a Full Deck

by Clovis

"Well, I'm out."

"Me too," Cheryl sighed, tossing her cards onto the table. "Megan, thanks, I've

had a lot of fun tonight losing all my money. Cass, hope you have fun spending


"Thanks," said Cassandra as she gathered up her heap of winnings. "Be sure to

come back after you guilt your dad out of more money. Trish, Raquel, that goes

for the two of you as well."

"Wait!" Megan ushered them all to remain seated. She went to her desk and pulled

out what looked like another deck of cards. "I have a new game I've been wanting

to try."

"But we're all broke," came a collective whine.

"Yeah," added Cass, "they're all broke, and what fun is it too play when there's

nothing to win."

"Well, this isn't intended so much to be fun, but it should be educational."

"Educational?" Cheryl questioned as if the word was completely new to her. "Come

on Meg, it's the weekend. I don't want to be educated, I want to drink and kill


"Is that really what you call fun, Cheryl?"

"Well, I call it fun when there's a cute guy drinking and killing braincells

along with me."

"See, that's exactly what this game is about. That you don't need some guy just

to have fun. That your happiness shouldn't be based solely on what some guy

thinks of you, and whether he thinks you're hot or not. That we as women

shouldn't measure each other on how men perceive us physically and find fault in

those that they deem unworthy."

"Oh God Megan, I can't take another one of your crusades," whimpered Raquel.

The others began to follow suit, but all paused when Megan gave them a look at

the new deck. They were somewhat larger than regulation cards, but also much

more ornate, seemingly hand drawn, and quite old.

"Where did you get those?" Tricia asked moving to take back her seat.

"That girl Lydia over in Kennedy. She'd come to a few of my seminars, and she

just gave them to me."

"They're beautiful," whispered Raquel, while tracing a finger over the intricate

detail of the top card.

"So you're in?"

"Well..." they hesitated.

"I also rented a movie, we can watch it after we're done." Megan reached over to

her television and held up a box, its cover was that of the DeCaprinated "Romeo

and Juliet."

"Well... alright," they all responded taking the bait.

"So, what is this new game," asked Cass while thumbing through the beautiful


"We play just like we were, straight poker. Only this time we don't bet with our

money. Instead, we bet with our physical attributes."


"Its simple. You take what the guys tend to notice about you, be it your height,

your weight, hair, bust, butt, or whatever, and you bet with it. Whatever those

things are measured in, say inches or cups, those are the increments you bet in.

Got it?"

"Oh, this is lame," Cass pouted crossing her arms over her non-existent chest.

"Meg, I'm you're friend, but please, there's still a few cool places open, and

all this cash is burning a hole in my pocket. Besides, just what is this going

to teach us anyway?"

"This is to teach you that no matter how you look, or what you have going for

you in appearance, doesn't really affect who you are on the inside. Also,

through the law of averages, it should even things out, or so that was my hope.

You know I didn't realize our little Cass was such a card shark."

"Well, you're little Cass has to work extra hard, since she can't get by on her

looks like the rest of you." The sarcasm wasn't lost on anyone, and an

uncomfortable feeling filled the room. Talking about looks made them all

embarrassed, especially in front of Cass. While certainly not unattractive,

Cassandra just didn't stand out in any real way physically. She was never

noticed, especially since she had the odd habit of surrounding herself with

girls more obviously blessed than she.

"Relax," Megan looked at her friend reassuringly. "Come on, one game isn't going

to kill you. Just stay open minded, and try to visualize what's going on."

"Fine," she huffed, "deal and let's get this over with."

"O.K., well everyone needs to put something in the pot to start off. I'll go

first," Megan paused, a bit too long for Cass's taste, seemingly trying to come

up with something about her perfectly crafted hourglass figure that might in

some small way be found appealing. "Hmmm, well I guess I've gotten a fair share

of complements on my hair, so I'll wager an inch of that."

"Your hair, please Megan, like that's why all the guys are ogling you," spat


"What are you saying?" asked Megan with a convincing face of innocence.

"Nothing, forget it, lets just get this little lesson over with."

Raquel bet an inch of her height, she was an impressive six foot one. Tricia

went with a cup off her bust, and Cheryl an inch of her curvaceous hips. There

was a long pause when they got to Cass, who seemed to shoot a 'told-you-so' look

to Megan. "Well, here's the problem, guess I don't really have anything to bet

with, so I'm out," she said with a deep frown.

"That's not true Cass," said Megan in a motherly voice. "You have plenty going

for you. You're a nice height, you have beautiful eyes, and you're pretty

slender. Besides, that's all superficial, everyone knows how great a person you

really are."

"Allright," said Cass sounding as unenthused as possible, "since I can't bet

away any of my winning personality, I'll bet an inch of my waist."

"O.K., so I'll raise you with another length of my hair, and I'll take two


They all doubled their existing bets, and took cards. Since no one seemed to

really know or care what was going on, no further bets were made.

"O.K.," Megan displayed her hand, "I've got three threes."

"Sadly," went Raquel, "that beats my measly pair of sixes." Raquel's

disappointment was emphasized as she seemed to shrink down into her chair.

"I've got you beat Meg," said Tricia to her opponent, "three Jack's."

Tricia noticed something odd as she called out her hand, it almost looked to her

as if Megan's hair had actually gotten shorter, but she dismissed this as using

her imagination a little to well.

Cheryl, also noticed her jeans didn't seem quite so famously skin-tight, after

she revealed her pair of queens.

Cass ended the game with the worst hand she'd had all evening. As she revealed

her pitiful hand of two twos she noticed her stomach suddenly bulge outward,

pinching into her skirts petite waist band. She was about to dismiss it as gas


"What the hell?" shouted Tricia, or maybe it was Raquel, everyone seemed to have

shouted it all at once. The changes to Tricia were too numerous to dismiss. She

had won, and the winnings were now paying off. She felt her body stretch as she

acquired Raquel's two inches in height. This mostly centered on her legs, which

raised her cuffs up well over her ankles. Her hips filled out, rounding her once

bony bottom with soft, thick flesh that showed nicely in her slender slacks. Her

fine waist was slimmed and toned even further thanks to Cass, and her already

long hair fell yet another two golden inches.

"What the hell?!" made another round, as an amazed Megan tried to calm them all

down. "O.K.. guys, look, I um, didn't believe this was going to happen, and I

honestly can't believe this is happening, but it looks like this might be more

than a visualization exercise."

"No kidding!" shouted Cassandra as she slapped her new belly. "You mean we

really bet away our looks?"

"This can't be," Cheryl said, now realizing why her pants felt so loose. "You've

given us drugs or something. I'm having a hallucination."

"Maybe it is a hallucination," added Megan, "or maybe we're all just a little

too open to suggestion right now, we have had a few beers you know." Megan

examined the cards, turning them over and over in her hand, hoping to find a

simple solution. "Um... well let's just try one more hand, and see what


"O.K." agreed a spellbound Cheryl, "but you better not have given me drugs, my

father will kill me."

The next hand went like the first, same bets, same losses, same winner. Now

anticipating the changes, all watched as they took place. Raquel shrank down

another two inches putting her at a shorter but still statuesque five foot nine.

Cheryl whined as her once bodacious bottom was lost in her now baggy jeans.

Megan seemed unfazed as her mane was cropped a few curls worth, which Cheryl

commented wasn't fair since she could just grow it back. Cassandra looked on

teary-eyed as her tummy bulged even further, exposing her flesh as her small

shirt now bared her rounding midriff. Her eyes grew wide with horror as she

helplessly watched her belly swell over and beyond her skirt's tight waist.

"Well, this is great, now all the guys will notice me," she said pitifully while

rubbing her still swelling stomach, "hey guys, its Cassandra the potbellied


"No Cass," Megan reached over and put a reassuring hand on her friends slumped

shoulder. "Don't you know how much it kills me when you talk like that, when any

woman feels she's not living up to some man's gross expectations."

"Um, speaking of gross expectations," Tricia called attention to her swelling

and stretching self. She was hunched up in her chair in a vain attempt to hide

her numerous new features. "I think I've visualized enough for tonight, thanks."

The others watched in envy as Trish acquired their losses. Her body stretched

again, putting her an even six feet. Her bottom spread further, straining the

stitches of her slacks. Her hair was practically at her slimming waist, but

still, she did nothing to show off these new attributes. Instead, Trish was

practically trembling with fear as she tried to hide herself within her thick

baggy sweater.

"What are you complaining about? Cheryl asked Tricia, "you won."

"Nobody's winning here," Megan started in again with her lecturing tone. "Some

of us have less, yes, but no one has really lost or gained anything. You are

simply being given an alternate outer- self. There is no bad figure, just as

there is no good, there are only stereotypes and misconceptions. Losing could

actually be freeing, just as winning could be confining."

"Well, that's fine if you're like Cassandra and have nothing to lose, but I

don't want to lose anything I've got going for me," said Raquel cuffing her

ill-fitting Jeans.

"No, don't you see. You are woman, you are more than the sum of your parts. When

you let go of petty physical attributes, your real strengths will show."

"How did this work?" Cass asked thoughtfully.

"I'm not sure really, all Lydia told me was that it would only work tonight,

something to do with the full moon I think."

"I didn't know real magic was so cliché," half-laughed Tricia who was fidgeting

in her seat, trying to find a pose that best hid her winnings.

"Well," Megan cautiously asked holding the deck, "do we want to go for another


"I for one would like to," said Tricia.

"Oh, of course you would," snapped Cheryl who was busy trying to hold up her

drooping hip-huggers, "you're on a winning streak."

"A streak I'd like to rectify," responded Tricia solemnly.

"What are you talking about," asked Cheryl dumbfounded, "you could walk out her

right now and be the hottest thing on campus."

"Maybe that's not what I'm after. You know Megan is right about some things."

"Oh," Cheryl replied with heavy sarcasm, "so it's really not what's on the

outside that's important, only what's on the inside? Screw that, it's not what's

in the package that counts, its the packing, and I say if you've got it, flaunt


"Like this," Trish said as she straightened up earning looks of awe, jealousy

and surprise. The newly acquired height, waist and bottom were all impressive

and to be expected, but when Tricia pulled down on the front of her signature

oversized sweater and revealed two very large mounds underneath everyone was

caught off guard and slightly blushing.

"My gosh Tricia!" Megan was aghast, "I never even thought of you as busty."

"Yeah," Cassandra mocked, "or else she probably never would have been your


"Don't be mean," Megan scolded.

"God Tricia," gawked Cheryl, "you're huge, and you never even won any cup


"No," Tricia said looking down with a sigh, "these are the ones I came in with."

"They can't be real," said Megan.

"Megan!" Tricia snapped, sounded quite offended. "This is so typical. You know,

you always seem to think that any girl with bigger breasts than you must have

implants. That's one of the reasons I've always hidden them from you. You talk

about equality, but I really think you just don't like it when the scale isn't

tipped in your direction."

"I'm glad somebody said it," said Cass smiling.

"That's not true," huffed Megan, "and besides, I thought you were going to back

me up."

"Well," Trish said inhaling deeply for further emphasis, "first of all, these

are not implants, this is all me, 100% natural, homegrown, all white breast

meat." After everyone had gotten a good long look, Trish slouched back into her

chair ending the show. "Now, as far as what Megan was saying, she is right. You

don't want someone who wants you only because of your most visible or prominent

features. I hide mine because time has shown me that not everyone, and I do mean

male or female, can behave appropriately around them."

"Is this a certain person or event we're talking about," Cass inquired,

"because, call me biased, but I don't see why you'd hide such a gift."

"Okay, Cass," Tricia took another deep breath, only this time not to emphasize

her bust, but to calm her nerves, "if you want specifics, here's an event that

I'm sure none of you would have wanted to switch places with me for: It was

right at the start of freshman year, September, but still Summer. A bunch of us

went into town for the last of the season's free concerts in the park. It was

real hot that day, but of course I was still layered. I wore a big, black, baggy

tee covered in an even bigger, baggier shirt with a loud, distracting print to

boot. I had mastered the big boob-hide by High School. That's when I started

growing my hair so long, it gave me a nice natural cover-up. All that topped

with a good starchy shirt left untucked and buttoned just right, coupled with a

shy little slouch, and I could have hidden Rush Limbaugh in there. Things were

going great. I forget the band, but they were loud, and who cared anyway. We

were all still new to one another, all fast and friendly, and all ready to

exploit our newfound independence. Everything was going just great, that is

until it rained."

"Ahh," smiled Cassandra, "mother nature always did have it in for her daughters.

So, did you bail or was your secret identity revealed."

"No, it only added to the fun, besides we were packed in so close together, no

one seemed to notice, not even me." Tricia paused, looking down at herself and

seeing the scene in her past with total clarity. Her look was becoming more and

more distraught, her voice wavered. "I... I was surprised that it was a girl who

noticed first. Her name was Kara Something, and she'd always seemed really nice.

Anyway, between songs she just yells out, 'Holy cow! Check out Trish's tits!'

Suddenly, a ring widens around me as everyone pushes back to get a better look.

There I am for all the world to see, and very hard to miss. Guys, girls,

everyone gawking and pointing. One guy I kind of liked, Chris, was just agape. I

didn't know what to do, I just froze."

"Oh, Tricia, you poor thing," overly sympathized Megan, "it must have been


"No, that wasn't the bad part. No...," Tricia paused and bit her lip, "then the

band started its next song, we got bumped about by people dancing around us.

Some started bumping into me on purpose, some of them people I knew. People were

copping feels from every angle. I panicked, tried to get out, but there were

people everywhere, it was just insane. Suddenly, I was lifted up, I don't know

who did it, but I was thrust on top of the crowd, and was being involuntarily

moshed. I... I was just screaming, but they continued to pass me around. I

struggled to get down, but that was the worst thing I could have done, because

then they managed to flip me over, face... and chest down. They were mostly

holding me up by my breasts. Hand over hand they passed me along, groping and

grabbing. Most of my weight, was on my chest. The pressure was terrible, there

were probably six hands clutching and squeezing my breasts at any time, as well

as a dozen more all over the rest of me. Faces scrolled quickly below me, they

all looked so savage. I have no idea how long it lasted, the police finally

broke it up. It was on the news, people had video cameras, I was every morning

DJ's favorite topic for a week. My father tried to sue everyone in sight, my

mother has never even spoken to me about or even acknowledged the event. I had

bruises for weeks, and the swelling didn't help, I took some time off from

school, time I mostly spent crying."

"Trish... I'm so sorry," wept Megan with real tears.

"Well," Cassandra started with dry eyes, "if it offends thee, chop it off. I

mean really, if your life was such hell, why not get daddy to spring for a


"That was an event, there were others, some just as hellish. Still, there were

other times that were," she smiles slightly, "very nice."

"I see."

"Sure, I mean I've learned to keep them under wraps, but that isn't to say I

never let them out to play. I admit that I've experienced things that someone

smaller than me never would have. There are definite benefits, so yeah, I

haven't gotten a reduction. I do think about it though. Sometimes I even have

dreams about it, like I've had this big weight literally taken off my chest, its

a feeling so free. Only eventually I'd wake up and I find my two big weights

right where I left them. I guess maybe it comes down to my belief that I was

made a certain way for a certain reason, that and I'm terrified of any type of

surgery. Still, I used to be a hell of a skater. I had awards and everything,

but then puberty hit, and lets just say I lost my center of balance."

"Well," said Cass, "I'm a photo major, no real need for balance or grace."

"Then have at 'em Cassy, and let me end this sob story. Meg, please deal the

next hand."

"Yeah," said Cass with renewed confidence, "I'm suddenly feeling very goal


"And what if we don't want to play?" chimed in Cheryl and Raquel.

"Then you leave as you are, and you learn to accept the new you," said Megan

knowing full well that they weren't going to leave without their booty.


All put in again and playing resumed. Now knowing that the betting was for real,

the feeling around the table was more fierce. Tricia again bet off her bust, and

Megan again, bet her precious hair. Cheryl and Raquel switched off, with Cheryl

betting height and Raquel, hips. Cass stuck with her stomach, which she was

apparently rubbing for luck, and with her winning four eights, apparently did

the trick.

Unlike Tricia, Cassandra met her expansion with a pleasure some might have

called orgasmic, and all would have called inappropriate for public display.

Still, everyone let her enjoy it, happy to see Cass finally filling out, and

wondering to themselves what it would have been like to go through all of

puberty's stretching and swelling in a matter of seconds.

"Ohmygod!ohmygod!ohmygod!," Cass let out, her voice hitting those sub-sonic

pitches reserved only for dog whistles and girlish glee. "Look at me!" she said

to her diminishing onlookers as she tried to take in her fabulous

transformations. "My butt, look at my butt," she said getting up out of her

chair for a better view of her swelling seat. "Wow, my legs... and my hair...

and my..." Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she finally felt something

filling out her tiny A cups. She looked down the neck of her shirt for

confirmation and for once in her pubescent life, was not disappointed. "I'm

growing! I'm actually getting big, I can't believe this, I'm..." she trailed off

as her expansion subsided and she looked about the room and realized her new C's

still left her with the smallest chest in the room. "Well, maybe I'm not big,

but I'm definitely bigger." She then plopped back down into her chair smiling

widely. "So come on, new hand, new hand!"

Another hand, another win for Cass. Unfortunately, some foresaw the rebirth of

Cass's winning streak, so betting was mild, but still, the inches and cups were

piling up nicely. This time Cass tried to restrain her glee by gripping the

sides of her seat as she watched her shirt and skirt fill out more and more.

Since Cheryl had decided to bet away her waist, Cassandra's belly was flattened

back down. So, with her stomach flattening and her hills rising Cassandra's once

geographically dull body had finally taken on a terrain worth mapping.

With her winning streak restored, Cassandra's rumored pleasant personality had

also made a comeback. Cheryl and Raquel, however, were quickly slipping into

despair, though both were also too stubborn to call it a night and leave with

their losses. Tricia, who was betting away nothing but bust, was actually

beaming, much to the confusion of the others. Megan, whose hair was now only

shoulder length, still seemed fairly pleased with the direction the night was


"So," Megan asked Cass, "how does it feel to finally be one of the girls?"

Cass was obviously thrilled. The smile had yet to leave her face. She'd also

been taking a peek down her tee-shirt every minute or so, anticipating the

breath that would snap her straining bra. Still, something about Megan's

attitude wouldn't let her express her joy. Though her pleasant demeanor had

returned, there was also something new, a sense of power she had never felt

before, but was very interested in exploring. "So, Meg, what you're saying is

that I was never really one of the girls until a few good hands gave me these

good handfuls?" She breathed in deep and pushed her new mounds outward for


"No Cass, that's not what I meant."

"Oh, but I think you did. I think compared to all of you, I was a freak. I stood

out in my smallness. You were always just too nice to admit it, either that, or

you liked having 'Little Cass' around to make yourself look better. I think

maybe you'd like to call it a night, you know pretty soon you'll be down to a

whiffle, and eventually you're going to have to put some meat on the table."

"I'm not worried, like I said, flesh is flesh, it has nothing to do with who you

are, as I'm sure you'll find out after the novelty of your swollen mammaries

wears off."

"Please, of course you can drone on about how breasts and ass don't mean

anything, you've got 'em in spades. Look at yourself Megan. You haven't got a

straight line on you. So what if you're a feminist, so what if you're into

nature and simple pleasures. You my friend, are the earthy-crunchy wet-dream.

You are Earth Mother personified. God, you must know that half the guys who

attend your meetings just want to bone you."

"Cassandra!" Meg said looking very flushed, "I don't think focusing your

aggression on me is the way to go here, I'm trying to help you.

"Then help me to another hand and deal already."

Another hand, another victory for Cass, and another round of moans from Cheryl

and Raquel. Cass's once floor length skirt now hovered about her calves. Her

once short hair now flowed past her shoulders. Curves now abounded her once bony

frame, and the R2- D2 tee-shirt she'd worn since elementary school was finally

too damn tight. "Alright, stand back guys, she's gonna blow," Cass backed up

against a wall, her face tight and concentrated as she felt the pressure in her

insignificant bra build and build to what she hoped was a busting point. "Come

on... come..."


The bra finally surrendered. Cass exhaled, tugging the broken brassiere from its

snug confines. Without the restraint she was no longer just filling out her

shirt, but flooding it.

"Let's count my winnings, get the tape," said Cass tossing the tiny bra into the


Tricia found a tape measure, and went through the measures of measuring Cass.

"You do know that they're not supposed to be covered, especially when they're

being compressed so much?"

"Yeah," said Cass blushing, "lets just be modest for now, I just need a general


"Alright, well, if you don't mind me asking, what size were you before?"

"Um, 32 inch chest with a, um... " Cass paused looking embarrassed, "a 33 inch

bust, well, almost 33 anyway."

"No need to sound embarrassed Cass, you're still at a 32 chest, but thanks very

much to me, you've now got at least a 40 inch bust."

"Oh my god!" Cass let out in a gasp that burst holes in the stitching of her

over-stressed tee.

"That puts you in a "F" cup.

"Wow! I mean... wow, I wouldn't even know what one of those looks like."

"Well," said Trish reaching into her sweater and pulling out her own bra, "quite

a bit like this." She handed the finely crafted structure of lace and steel over

to Cass, who accepted with wide eyes of disbelief.


"Yep," that there's a 34- H, try it on. It'll be a bit loose, but I sure don't

need it any more. Tricia smiled and pulled her sweater back to show her

diminutive 34- DD chest.

Cass went over to a corner behind an open closet door for privacy and tried to

wrestle off the second skin that was her tee shirt. Having sacrificed R2, she

emerged wearing Tricia's oversized brassiere and a huge grin. With her breasts

covered, but not entirely restrained, they shook and jiggled with every step,

much to Cass's amusement. By the time she reached the table, she couldn't

contain her giggles, and as she sat, the resulting earthquaking shake caused her

to burst out into a full belly laugh, which sent her whole chest back in motion.

During the minute or so it took for her to regain stability and composure, no

one but Tricia shared her laughter.

"Well, look at you, bosoms till Tuesday," said Megan in a flat voice.

"Yeah, but what am I going to do for the rest of the week?" she said giggling

all over again. "I have inches, but I want to knock things over. I'm on a roll,

lets deal!"

The next hand was fierce, bets were finally matched and raised. Raquel and

Cheryl had squandered away everything, and were now dipping into their coveted

cache of cleavage. Even Megan, who swore she didn't care, resorted to taking a

little something off the top shelf. Everyone seemed determined to oust Cass who

now had the ordacity to exceed their once great dimensions. In the end, Tricia

revealed two pair, Cheryl three sixes, Raquel three nines, and Megan Four

sevens. All turned to Cassandra, who maintained a perfect poker face.

"Okay Cass, lets see what you've got."

"Sure, O.K." she replied looking her cards over again, "I just need to ask Trish

a question first."

"And that is," snapped Megan now looking annoyed and bored.

"Trish, you didn't want this bra back do you?"

"Please," a pleased looking Tricia answered, "I don't ever want to see that

monstrosity again."

"Oh, I don't think any of us will be seeing it again." Cassandra said slapping

down her cards, "read 'em and weep girls!"

"No, no," was the common whine echoed around the table. Four Jacks smiled up

from Cass's hand and watched as all chests (with the exceptional exception of

Cassandra's) sank in defeat. Cass was staring as her winnings mounted, cheering

herself on as she began to meet and exceed Tricia's old cups.

"Come on girls, momma wants a new pair of shoes... wait, what am I saying, momma

doesn't want to see her shoes!"

The cups filled out nicely and could definitely accommodate quite a load, but

Cass was quick to overflow them. The taught fabric was gradually pulled away

from her ribs. Flesh pushed out from all directions, cleavage rose, the fabric

stretched what it could, the stitches strained more than they should, and the

straps quivered from the mounting tension. Cassandra's bosom now spilled all

over, the once impressive brassiere now sat small over a backdrop of swelling

pink skin. One of several clasps in the back gave way. Pressure was released,

then immediately filled. The stitching became frayed, the underwire tore

through. Cass was gasping with excitement. The pressure was becoming even

greater than her anticipation. The others backed away. Bigger and bigger, but

still the mighty bra held. Cass grasped her chair, the table, anything, she

couldn't believe it, something had to give. "Damn... they... make... these...

good..." Cass spoke between gritted teeth and bated breath. Still she swelled,

and still it held. "So big, so big..."


There was a loud sound, all closed their eyes and turned away. When they looked

back, they saw Cass, they saw two of the biggest, finest, smoothest, roundest,

perkiest, most beautiful and perfect breasts they had ever seen or even

contemplated, and they saw bits and pieces of Tricia's once glorious bra strewn

all over the room.

No one spoke.

"My, my, my," Cass said observing her new landscape. When she was finally able

to tear her gaze off of herself, she was met with eyes full of awe, fear and

embarrassment. She then realized that her massive chest was uncovered. She also

realized that the modestly she had felt earlier was gone. Still, she didn't want

to be rude. "I guess I need something to cover myself up with." She took a quick

glance around the room and noticed a large out of place leather jacket hanging

on the back of Megan's door. Jiggling gaily over to the door she plucked the

jacket off the hook. "Hey Meg, wasn't this your ex-boyfriend's jacket?" she

asked holding the triple-XL jacket before her. "My gosh, he was a big boy now

wasn't he?" she exclaimed, then gave a surprised look as she turned the jacket Juañares

around. "And quite the ladies man I see." Cass displayed the backside of the

jacket for all to see. Poorly painted on the cracking leather was a grossly

disproportioned blonde bombshell. "But he just loved you for your mind, eh,


"He was," Meg looked away bashfully, "one of my mistakes."

"Yeah, a big mistake," Cass explained as she put on the tent- like garment. Her

impressive form was now completely lost under the jacket's yards of leather,

zippers, and extraneous buttons. "What was that oaf's name again?"

"Biff Redfield, and don't be mean."

"O.K., well I'm ready, new hand, place your boobs, sorry, I mean bets."

"I can't do this," cried Cheryl, now flat and formless, as she got up and went

for the door. "You've got to leave me something."

"No one leaves while they've still got the goods," Cass said sternly.

"Look at me, I have nothing, my boyfriend is going to kill me."

"Then he's not the kind of boyfriend you want," added Megan seeing another

opportunity to make a point.

"No," Cassandra waved her away, "you can go, but only on one account. Bring us

fresh meat. You know what I mean. Try to get your friend, Whatshername, the one

with the double F's and the penchant for tube-tops."


"Yeah, Meredith, and any other top-heavy girl you can scrounge up." Cass looked

over to Raquel, a girl she once was so jealous of she had developed and eating

disorder, now flat and listless, much like herself only hours before. "You can

go too, same rules apply though."

Raquel said nothing, got up slowly, and left quietly without looking back.

"Look, Cass, I think this might be a good time to stop," said Megan.

"Stop, now that I'm finally putting a dent in the great Megan?"

"That has nothing to do with it, but look..."

"No, you look. Way back yesterday, you were what size?"

"A "C" cup," Megan said trying to sound modest.

"Okay, sure, well I think a feminist "C" comes to at least a double "D". Anyway,

I know you were turning plenty of heads. Now Trish over there, I'm sure if she

ever dressed to excess, she certainly could have stopped traffic. But look what

we can do together," she said hefting up her heavy orbs with great effort,

"we're talking train wrecks here. This is woman. All women, now in one

convenient package.

Soon after, there was a knock at the door. Enter Meredith, 19 years old,

bleach-blonde, 44-26-38, and failing all her required classes. One hand later,

she measured 42-28-34. Then came another knock, another girl, another knockout.

And another, and another. Cheryl had done her part, and done in most of her

friends who like her, came and went quickly, leaving behind an ever growing

amount of flesh and beauty in the cramping dorm room. as the night progressed,

chests rose and fell, asses spread and tightened, and it was apparent that while

Cass was not unstoppable, she was still definitely ahead of the pack. A later

knock at the door revealed Heather, a beautifully sculpted 20 year old red- head

measuring a cliché 36-24-36. She may not have had as much to work with as some

of the others, but Heather was smart, good looking, and the one girl Raquel felt

could give Cassandra a run for her money.

Hours passed, and for a while Cass and Heather were dead even at 56-22-44.

Meredith, had finally run through most of her expansive stock and even Megan was

practically drained. Both had sat out most hands, but refused to leave, certain

they just needed a break. To everyones' surprise, especially her own, Tricia was

getting very close to needing her old bra back. By 2:00 A.M. things were getting

ugly. All were betting and raising, raising and doubling. Everyone was name

calling, teasing, taunting, and giving dirty looks all around. In the end, when

the last hand was revealed, it was Cass's Royal Flush that reaped the spoils.

Though brimming with jealousy, everyone watched Cass intently. This was in part

to avoid watching their own bodies dwindle, but mostly because she was just too

amazing not to watch. Cassandra stood up to fully appreciate her growth. Looking

down, she watched as her feet seemed to shrink away as her legs lengthened,

slowly lifting her long skirt up to her calves. The skirt's already petite waist

now hung loosely over her hips as her stomach became even more toned and trim.

Below her waist however, changes did abound as the flowing fabric ballooned

outward with her filling hips and rounding buttocks. The length of the skirt now

hung at an odd angle as the backside rose up past the backs of her knees with

the fabric taken up to cover her wide spreading bottom. She twisted this way and

that, trying to get a full view of her now prominent posterior. Naturally a

visual is never quite enough when seeing the unbelievable, so Cass had to run

her hands all about her new attributes. Her fuller-thicker hair now reached

halfway down her torso, and she pulled it back to get a full unobstructed view

of the work she had going on up front. Two big bulges were now visible in the

huge jacket. At first they hung low with no real support, looking more like a

pregnant belly, but as Cass filled the space in the jacket, things began to

tighten up. Any folds in the fabric were soon replaced with the two smooth round

breasts pushing up and out. The leather began to stretch, to ripple and creak,

great pressure was building up inside. Cass moved a trembling hand up to the

zipper to relieve some of the tension, but before she could reach it...


The zipper moved down an inch. Cass's eyes went impossibly wider with amazement.


Another inch. The jacket was parting all on its own to accommodate her steady



Now the zipper hung about a third of the way down as the growth finally

subsided. Cass looked down into the part, and was given a pretty good look at

what she was hiding down there. She say two tight and taut fleshy shapes of a

size and scale she never thought possible, especially attached to her. She

gasped, taking in a big breath.


Another decline of the zipper, and now all could see, and all gave a gasp.

Cassandra's breasts now swelled up right out of the opened part of the jacket.

Two big pink mounds were crammed together to form a long line of cleavage that

pointed down into the dark depths of the giant overstuffed jacket, and still

only gave a hint of the glory contained within.

No one spoke, all mouths were slack jawed in disbelief. Cassandra slowly moved

across the room to the standing closet. She opened one door to reveal a long

slim mirror attached to the doors other side. She stood and stared with the


Tricia broke the silence. "Wow Cassandra, look at you."

"Yes," Cassandra let out in a soft breathy voice and a smile, "It's hard not

to." She started backing away from the mirror, trying to reflect all her new

vastness. She got as far back as the room would allow, and still the narrow

mirror cropped out several inches from her most extreme curves. "Mmmm... a feast

for the eyes." Cass performed a slow gyration before herself, running her hands

down her hazardous new terrain, checking out her remarkable reflection. Looking

pleased she reached out, way out, and grabbed her breasts. Cass squeezed

herself, giving a little moan as her covered and coveted flesh bulged through

her fingers. She turned to her leery looking onlookers, slowly let go and added,

"and still plenty of room for dessert."

"Well," quipped Trish, "I personally think you look plenty stuffed, how bout

throwing a bone to some of the others?"

"Yeah," chimed in Megan, "I mean, not that I want my... bone, or whatever, but

don't you think you've had enough, I mean really, look at yourself."

"Oh, believe me I am, and what are you so worried about anyway?"

"I'm worried about you, Cassandra, I mean, this can't be healthy for you."

"Yeah," said Tricia. "I'd pay anything to see you attempt even one jumping jack

without taking out half the room."

"Good point Trish," Cass laughed, "but Megan," she said turning towards Megan

and striking her best Vanna White pose to show off her exciting new prizes, "I'm

healthy in a greater sense. Why, I'm the very picture of Darwinism."

"What are you talking about?" asked Meg confused by the whole conversation and

awestruck by her friends preposterous new proportions.

"I'm talking about evolution, about survival of the fittest, about how if any

man had to pick one girl out of this group to be his mate, there just wouldn't

be any question"

"That's not true, what a man wants is really..."

"... really big," Cass cut her off. "Men aren't about reason and sustenance. Men

are about what's unreasonable, unattainable. They want substance. Less isn't

more to a man, more is more. Big trucks, big meals, and big curvy women."

"No, no, statistics prove that..."

"I'm talking about real men. Real men stopped existing when things like

statistics came along. I'm talking hit her on the head with a club and drag her

into a cave man. I'm not talking about our sentimental modern man. I'm talking

about primal man, Man-man. The man that every nice guy has had to suppress, to

deny. Man just wants to sow his sweet little seed. Man wants fertility with a

side of fries and he wants it super-sized He doesn't have time for a nice

personality and sweet nothings in his ear, if he did, we never would have become

the dominant species." Cassandra reached over and picked up one of the many

female statuettes Megan had in her room. She looked at it reverently, going over

it's exaggerated proportions as she petted it gently. "Once man made real the

figure of pure fertility, used them as ritual objects during intercourse to

promote procreation."

"What are you getting at?" Megan asked now noticing the similar shapes of the

small fetish and her big friend.

"I'm saying she's back, and better than ever. Mother Earth, meet Fertility

Goddess," and with that Cassandra opened Biff's jacket, and bared her huge

jumbly self before a dumbfounded Megan.


"Don't get all excited Megan, they're just breasts. Just a lot of breasts and

some big fine ass. Good old T and A to the fella's. It's what separates us women

from you girls."

"Look, I'm trying to be reasonable. Why are you acting this way? We used to see

eye to eye on this."

"Hey, we did didn't we?" Cass paused and sized up herself and Megan, noticing

that she's actually looking down at Megan for the first time. "I guess I have

gotten taller, haven't I?"

"That's not what I meant," Megan argued pointlessly. Her friend was too

distracted to hear reason.

Cassandra reached up and touched the rooms once unreachable ceiling, looking

quite impressed. By stretching up however, she had also hoisted her humongous

boobs right up in front of Megan's face. Though verbally disgusted, Megan did

not move, her eyes betrayed her as she stared in awe.

As Cass looked back down Megan looked sharply away with a little "humph!" Cass

gave a small smile that indicated that she had seen. She took a step forward.

Megan stepped quickly back.

"What's the matter Megan?" asked Cass coyly as she moved ahead again. "You like

women don't you, you champion femininity, so how can you object to my beautiful

new breasts?"

"Cassandra," Megan pleaded while backing away again from her ample advancer,

"It's not about b-breasts. I mean, just look at yourself, you're a freak,

you're... you're freakishly huge."

"I'm huge only by comparison." Cass took another step forward. Megan retreated

again, but was now backed against the door. "Compared to you little anthills,

I'm Mount St. Helens, but squeeze me into a room full of similarly large

lovelies, and I'm only the norm, another breathtaking peak on the range." Cass

took a final step and finished her advance on Megan, pushing her into the door,

producing a pronounced thud. "Now look at yourself Meg, you're the freak, you're

freakishly small." Cassandra pressed into Megan, her chest spread well passed

Meg's arms, pinning them to her sides. Megan's own chest was smothered, but with

Cass's breasts swollen and bulging between the two girls, it became difficult to

tell to whom the bosoms actually belonged. For a moment, Megan looked down

weakening, and for just a moment let herself imagine they were her own, and for

just the briefest of seconds, wished it were so.

"Get off!" Megan managed to muscle some strength and push Cassandra back.

"Oh, feeling feisty aren't we little one?" Cassandra trembled briefly, trying to

regain her center of gravity, yet maintaining her lock on Megan's eyes.

"Look, I don't care. This hasn't gone at all how I'd planned. I don't know why

you're acting like this, and I don't care about my losses, I... I just want to

call it a night."

"You're sure now Meg?" Cassandra asked taking a new step forward, "cause I think

you've got a real hot streak in you somewhere."

Meg backs up again, looking flustered. "I don't, I assure you I don't."

"I don't know, I think I noticed something." Cassandra took another pronounced

step, Megan can't help but stare as her opponents pronouncements shook and

wobbled mere inches before her.

"My God..."

"I think you mean my Goddess."

"No," Megan took her last step back into the door, and raised her hands in a

feeble, trembling protest. "I don't care," now practically sweating, still

staring at Cassandra's armaments, "I mean, breasts aren't everything."

"You're absolutely right," Cassandra responded, then thrust herselves forward

into Megan's open hands. "Breasts aren't everything, but you know what, they're

a big part of it, and right now you've got two very big parts in those sweaty

little palms of yours."

Megan was in tears. She was hit with waves of contradicting emotions. She went

limp and tried to sink away, but she was held firmly in place by her friends

steadfast chest.

Cass slowly backed off, letting her friend drop to the floor weeping.

"How can you possibly think these things," Megan sobbed staring at the floor,

not wanting to look Cass in the eye.

"I don't," Cass let out in a giggle which caused her whole jiggly front to

wiggle. "I just love getting a rise out of you. I'm sorry, but you've been in

preachy overdrive tonight, and I just needed to humble you a bit. I honestly

don't know why you let yourself get so worked up over these things. You know,

let people decide for themselves how they want to view their own bodies." Cass

tried to look past her outspread bosom and into the teary eyes of Megan who was

still on the floor shaking. "Look, I'm sorry, I know got carried away, but come

on, face it," Cass helped her friend up and then gestured to her chest, "tonight

is not a normal night."

"You bitch," Megan said unconvincingly, allowing herself a little laugh, "you

stinker, I hate you."

"Well," Cassandra started while trying to wedge herself back into Biff's jacket,

"if it makes you feel better, I say screw what men want, these are all for me.

I've been entirely selfish."

"But you're not serious right, you're not going to keep them?"

"Oh I don't know, I kind of like 'em," she said giving herself a little poke.

"Just let me enjoy them for a little while, we've still hours more before


Cass agreed that she's big enough for now, and they all decide to take a break

from the game to watch the movie, and pizza is definitely in order. Cass offered

to pay with her earlier cash winnings. She of course asked for extra toppings.

"Oh, I think you've gotten your extra toppings for tonight girl," quipped


"Ha, ha, funny," Megan added putting the tape in the VCR, "can we please just

forget about Cass and her exciting new tits, I really want to see how DeCaprio

brutalized "Romeo and Juliet."

They all sat and watched the movie, except for Cass, who seemed unable to take

her eyes off her spectacularly huge breasts. She tried to measure herself with

the tape, but to her pleasant surprise the tape wasn't long enough to make it

around her burgeoning bustline. "Well, I'm way past 60," she announced to

herself noting the tapes meager length.

"Ssshhh!" somebody shushed.

"Poor little Leonardo," Cass cooed, "I'd like to show him what really sank the

Titanic." She emphasized her point by slapping her left breast which produced a

wonderfully heavy "Thump".

"Could we just watch the movie," snipped Megan.

"At least I could have kept him afloat," Cass teased while slapping the right.

Megan turned with a grimace, but Cass was saved by a knock at the door.

"Hang back girls, I want to impress at least one guy before the night is

through." Cass struggled awkwardly trying to get her heavy new body to stand up,

then slowly opened the door and stood aside allowing the Pizza guy just barely

enough room to get inside. She then closed the door behind him and thoroughly

blocked his exit.

"Here you go," said the unfazed pizza guy handing Cassandra the box.

Cassandra held the box away from her chest and tossed it aside. Although he was

looking right at her, the Pizza boy certainly didn't deliver the reaction

Cassandra expected.

"Ahem," she tried to draw his attention.

"Yeah, that's $7.50," he responded nonchalantly.

Cassandra, wishing she had thought to stash the cash in her cleavage, reached

into her purse and handed over the money and a sultry smile, still to no avail.

She shot a confused look to her friends.

Megan took another look and recognized the guy.

"Hey, you're Mike right, we have Accounting together."

"Oh, hey, is that you Megan?" he responded merrily, "I almost didn't recognize


"Well, yeah," she said suddenly feeling very self-conscious about her less

impressive body. "I um, just got a haircut. And hey," she said changing the

subject, "how's Ally, you two still together?"

"Oh, she's great, she's doing a semester in Greece to study painting. We've been

writing back and forth, so its been a little rough. Four months is a long time."

"Well," Cassandra said moving her chest back into his frame of view. "I think I

know of at least two ways that I could help pass that time."

"Sorry?" he asked innocently.

"Jeez Mike," Cass laughed and squashed her mountainous chest into his. "Do I

have to spell it out for you? Don't be shy," she said looking down at her very

noticable breasts, then seductively into his eyes.

"Oh, um... yes, they're very nice."

"Nice!" Cassandra repeated sounding very insulted.

"Yeah, I mean they're pretty big I guess, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, I've seen, you know... bigger."

"Where? On the internet! Certainly not on your precious little Ally," Cass spat


"Well, truth be told..." but the look he saw in Cassandra's eyes told him it was

best not to continue. Looking like a rooster caught in a henhouse full of

homicidal knife-wielding hens, he quickly made his escape, "so, yeah, enjoy the

pizza girls, and I'll see you on Tuesday Megan."

After he left, Cassandra grabbed the pizza and slapped it on the table with

tears welling up in her eyes. "I don't believe this, what do I have to do to get

noticed by a guy?"

"Cass..." Megan started in a motherly tone.

"Don't, I don't want to hear it."

"Okay, but look, Mike's a nice guy and you were laying the slut down pretty hard

on him, besides he's totally hung up on his girlfriend anyway. Megan looked

reassuringly at Cass, but saw that Cassandra wasn't paying attention. Cass was

staring back at her chest, but the look of awe was gone from her eyes, and was

replaced with the familiar look of inadequacy.

"All right, lets deal."

"You're not serious."

"Oh, believe me I am. Come on, Ante up girls."

The game did not go well, one by one they called off their pitiful hands,

leaving a maniacally grinning Cassandra last. Heather, who knew this hand would

put her back in a training bra, snuck up from behind. She grabbed Cass's cards

and slapped them face down on the table. The others chimed in and helped shove

her into the closet, which was a fairly tight fit. They repeatedly pushed the

double doors closed only to have Cass's pumped up protrusions pop them open

again. Eventually Megan got a bicycle lock over and through the door's handles,

and Cass was contained.

"Guys, I can hardly breath." Cass pleaded, now sounding frightened. "Come on,

it's only a game."

"Yeah right," said Meredith, looking down at her remaining "B's", looking very

sad but appreciative. "Come on girls, lets just clean up."

"Please let me out, you don't know how the games gonna go, we've still got a

couple of hours to play."

"No, you've got a couple of hours in there, we'll let you out when the sun comes


Cass screamed sounding both angry and scared. "You can't!"


They all gasped as the closet doors bulged outwards, emphasizing Cass's

outburst. "Sorry, but come on, it's not my fault that you're all such lousy card


"Look," stumbled Heather quickly trying to grab her things and go, "you won, all

right, just call it a night."

"I'm sorry," Cass begged. "Really though, I think you picked a bad time to pull

this. Honestly guys, my hand was lousy."

"What are you talking about," Meredith said holding up Cass's cards, "you had a



All eyes shot to the closet. Heather grabbed the cards, "Meredith you idiot, now



"Here I come," announced a demure voice in the now expanding closet.

The girls couldn't take their eyes off the straining doors even as they felt

their losses slip away. They all watched, knowing where the payoff was going,

and wondering if it was all possibly going to all fit in the crowded closet.


The doors, in cartoon fasion, slowly bowed outward from the immense strain.

A few more creaks, a few more cracks, and all backed away, yet all also stayed

and awaited what was coming.


A hinge tore off. Meredith yelped as splinters of wood flew about. The doors

continued to bulge and the metal strained as the closet's occupant occupied more

and more unavailable space within. The bike lock held, but the cheap presswood

doors looked ready to go. Inside Cass was compressed tighter and tighter as she

continued to expand and fill every available space in the tiny box. It now felt

like she wasn't so much in the closet as wearing it. Short of breath she closed

her eyes and concentrated. She would defeat the closet just as she had defeated

her bras. She just had to keep growing. Survival of the fittest.

Another inch here, another cup there, one more crack and one more thack along

with another yelp from Meredith, and...


The door handles flew off and the doors parted abruptly releasing a blinding

flash of wood, metal, dust, some garments, and one very large,

super-jumbo-deluxe, mega- Cassandra.

"Wow, this morning I could barely fill an 'A' cup, now I don't even fit into


Biff Redfield's quadruple XL jacket was well beyond overstuffed, but still it

held true, if only by the bottom last button. The long jacket's waist had now

risen up to meet her own. The lone straining button was held out a good foot and

a half from Cass's midriff. From there, the bulging halves of the jacket spread

out even further to form a very large and very wide "V". Just barely contained

within were her breasts, huge and pink, and sending several feet of deep tight

cleavage almost up to her chin. Her breasts being most pronounced, still didn't

hide the fact that she was also taller, better coifed, and held a hearty ass out


Cassandra took a small cautious step forward, watching wearily as her gargantuan

orbs shook and shivered. Another step only added to her aftershocks and her

added new weight soon sent her into an uncontrolled forward lunge. She leaned

sharply back while waving her arms to compensate, but this just threw her

further off balance, and she was propelled backwards. A few more poorly

coordinated reactions sent her trajectory spinning.

"Whoah!" yelped Cassandra as she proceeded with the least of grace, knocking

over two lamps, a CD tower, and a very pissed looking Megan.

"Sorry, sorry, oh god... sorry," was all Cass could sputter as she tried to

stabilize herself. Stepping gingerly over the wreckage she tried to take her

seat. Unfortunately, as she sat, her big outreaching boobs plopped down on the

tabletop with such force that they flipped all the contents over right onto her

big twin platters.

Cass sat with a pout as she watched the various dips, chips and salsas run down

the steep slopes of her smooth hills.

"A feast for the eyes, you sure were right about that one," Tricia joked while

taking a chip off Cass's shoulder and dipping it into the potluck puddle that

had accumulated in Cassandra's cleavage.

"Yeah," sighed Cass now trying to wipe herself clean. "I'm thinking maybe I

should call it a night."

"Oh, no!" Megan interceded, quickly taking her seat. "No one leaves while

they've still got the goods, it's your rule remember."

"Well, yeah, but..." Cass glanced over her vast expanses with wide eyes of both

wonder and worry. "I guess I might just have to let my game slip a bit until


"How awfully nice of you," Megan snipped back hastily dealing out a new hand as

the others took their seats.

It was an odd sight at first. Cass dwarfed the others in all directions, but

slowly things began to even out. No one spoke, they just played hand after hand.

Tricia, despite her best efforts, kept coming up with good hands. Heather and

Meredith soon looked like sisters, but Megan had literally swelled with her

determination to overthrow the monstrous Cass that she had created. By 4:00

Meredith and Heather dropped out, each now flat and flabbergasted. Heather

congratulated Cass on a game well played.

"Thanks Heather," said Cass genuinely. You know you're a great player, but maybe

magics just not your game."

"Well, even though I came in with more to lose, I know you certainly had more to

gain. You've got years of have-nots to make up for, good luck."

But not ten minutes later, Heather returned, bearing gifts in the form of a

half-dozen big beautiful poker novices from the international floor. Heather sat

on the bed and watched the show as the games resumed.

By 5:00 international relations broke down and the new girls parted with no

parting gifts and yelling a great many horrible sounding curses at Heather.

Cassandra, Megan, and Tricia remained, and the trio were an awesome sight. Each

sat tall and long, each had a chest exceeding 70 inches, and each an ass that

exceeded the boundaries of its chair. The little round table had been cleared

away to accommodate the six massive breasts which rested heavily upon it. Cass's

were still contained in Biff's old jacket. The painted lady on the back was now

stretched and distended and in a way, closely resembled its weared. Tricia's

massive hand-knit sweater covered her massive hand-fulls satisfactory, but

Megan's once billowy blouse was now filled to a straining max with Megan. A

small triangle of wood in the center of thses lucious masses was all the

burgeoning bosoms revealed of the straining tabletop.

"Well," said Cass, "seems to me, that we're all pretty even here, and since that

was your original goal, Megan, I think we should call it a three way tie and

that's that."

"Well, that's nice Cass, but things don't look too even to me. Perhaps those big

hooters of yours are affecting your eyesight, but I'd say you've still got a few

letters of the alphabet over Trish and I. Besides, Trish, are you ready to call

it a night?"

"No way, I'm almost twice as big as I started. I can't live like this."

"Neither can I, next hand."

The next hand resulted in high bets from all. Cass, still had a good deal of

luck on her side, but her confidence had waned with Meg's current comeback, and

the evil way she was now staring at Cass.

"I'll raise you..." Cass hesitated, looked down nervously...

"Well?!" Megan barked, startling Cassandra into a response.

"Two cups! No, wait..."

"Sorry Cassy, all bets are final. So I'll see your two cups and raise you five."

"Five!" cried Tricia. "That's nine total, that's too much."

"Too much?" Megan turned to Trish, "what are you whining about, I thought you

were trying to get rid of those."

"Well, yeah, but if you haven't noticed," she said giving herself a jiggle for

emphasis, "I haven't had much luck in losing tonight. I can't risk winning nine

more sizes, I'll be huge. I fold."

"You can't."

"Well, I do," and with that she tossed her cards on the table.

Cass and Meg both watched her closely, looking for some kind of change, but none


"Shouldn't she lose the two she already put in?" Cass asked Meg.

"I don't know, I think Lydia said something about the cards not letting you

benefit by folding, and since she wants to be smaller, it won't take a

penalty... but," she added pointedly, "I'm sure if you fold, you could kiss

those four cups you've already bet good bye. So, feeling lucky."

"I don't know, nine is a lot."

"Well, it's nine unless you want to raise me."

"I don't think so."

"Come on Cass, I bet you've got a good hand. Just think how big you could be."


"Just think how much bigger you could be..." Meg rubber her heaping mounds

together, "than me."

"Ten!" Cass gasped with surprise at her own exclamation. "Ten, I'll see your bet

and raise you another cup," she said now with confident, unworried eyes.

"How about eleven?" Megan added with equal confidence.

"Why not an even twelve?"

"Why not thirteen, make it a baker's dozen?"



"Show me what you've got!"

"Four eights!" yelled Cass defiantly.

"Really?" said Megan coolly.

"So what have you got?"

"I have four..."


The rooms door


Giantess Stories: Playing With a Full Deck by Clovis

'Me too,' Cheryl sighed, tossing her cards onto the table. 'Megan, thanks, I've 'Well, I'm out.' 'Well, I'm out.' by Clovis by Clovis Playing With a Full De



Giantess Stories: Playing With a Full Deck by Clovis

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Giantess Stories: Playing With a Full Deck by Clovis

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