Giantess Stories: Prelude

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 Looking to the sky one

would see a crystal clear sky, spotted with perfect pinpointed diamonds of

light. The sky was of a dark

 navy blue for it was

quickly approaching 1 am. Deep in a forest preserve in central Illinois, a group

of teens camp in a

 clearing. It was perfect

for a campsite. Dense foliage around with an abrupt stop forming a ring.

Encircling the border was a

 group of tall oaks lining

the campsite in a diameter of around 50 feet.......... A perfect



 Everyone stood in aghast as

they watched what was happening. The camping trip had turned horrendously wrong.

April and Barry

 moved closer to each other

as they watched through the roaring campfire the events occurring. Nicole had

just previously been

 collapsed on the ground in

the fetal position, writhing in pain, from something she ate? from allergies?

who knows. Nicole was

 still in great pain; her

face showed it. The flicker of the fire left a faint orange-red glow on all the

objects in the

 surrounding area. Nicole

slowly sat up. Her face showed extreme pain. She cried to alleviate some of it.

She hugged herself

 around her stomach, that

seemed to be the focus of the pain. Nicole struggled for a more comfortable

position. Twisting and

 turning, nothing seemed to

help. Barry started to approach Nicole again in an attempt to comfort her. As he

took a step, he saw

 Nicole start to cry louder.

He took another. A shriek echoed through the night. Nicole let out all her

anguish in a single cry.

 High pitched and intense.

Barry quickly backed away not knowing what to do. As Nicole regained her

composure, she had a look of

 relief on her face. Finally

the pain had subsided. She stood up and noticed she felt energized and



 â€œWhat the hell was that?”

screamed a confused Barry


 â€œI..I don't know. I think

it was something I ate.” Nicole responded as she wiped the tears from her face.


 â€œBut now it's gone right?”


 â€œYa, and I feel great!”


 Nicole stretched. As Nicole

stretched, her shirt came untucked and her jeans began to cling to her body.

Standing next to the

 warmth of the fire, Nicole

slowly stretched each and every muscle should could. And with every stretch, she

seemed to change.

 Since Nicole seemed better,

Barry and April walked into the tent to look for their bottle of rum. Little did

they know, behind

 them, slowly Nicole inched

upward. Her hair lengthened down to the bottom of her back, her sweatshirt

sleeves rode up to her

 elbows. Her bra began to

press deeply into her back. Her legs lengthened and began to become more

muscularily defined. It all

 began at her feet. Her

boots swelled as her feet filled them out, then with a sudden burst her feet

spilled out leaving shards

 of leather all around her

feet. Her legs began to bulge in strength and length. Her once loose fitting

jeans now fit her like

 tights as a small rip

started to form along the outside seem of the leg. She flexed her quad.

Simultaneously, her jeans shredded

 to pieces leaving tattered

remains hanging off from her waist. Her stomach flattened down to a rigid

six-pack, which was clearly

 visible as her sweatshirt

rode up to her breasts. Her arms exploded in strength as her sweatshirt began to

cry for mercy, but

 her arms would not have it

that way. They unleashed their fury on the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt tore down

the arms and across

 her chest. Seconds later,

her bra straps and claps snapped letting loose the 36 DD's that have hidden all

the while. The sound

 of the popping fire

concealed the sounds of shredding clothes. She stood next to the fire. The

flickering light left shadows

 upon her body, following

every ridge. Nicole continued to grow as she approached 7 and a half feet. Barry

and April emerged from

 the tent. Standing in front

of them was a fantastically beautiful women. She looked down at them with a

small grin on her face.

 Her long hair blowing in

the gentle breeze. Behind her the sparks and glowing ashes of the fire

illuminated the background.


 â€œHow's it going down

there?” Nicole said sarcastically.


 Barry dropped unconscious

as April helped break his fall. Tending to Barry, April looked up again. Her

eyes rolled back in her

 head, and she too passed

out. Nicole began to stretch again, it was almost addicting. The rate increased.

8 feet, 9 feet, 12

 feet. Nicole was quickly

approaching 20 feet in height. The tent barely came up to below her knees and

the once roaring fire

 looked like a small one.

Nicole looked up, the stars we're beautiful. 30 feet. Nicole was now 6 times her

original height. The

 tent only came halfway up

her calf and she could have stepped out that fire if she wanted to. Still she

grew. Nicole found the

 experience euphoric. She

massaged her giant nipples. That only made her grow faster. 50 feet. Nicole felt

a slight sting under

 her right foot as the

clearing went black. Her foot had just covered the fire. 10 times her original

height she stood nearly as

 tall as the tallest trees

surrounding the campsite. Her hand could easily hold Barry and April. She

thought that she should get

 them out of her, so she

picked them up. She held them gently in her hand. They seemed no bigger than

half the size of her little

 sisters barbie dolls. She

took a giant step covering 40 feet in one step. Quickly they we're nearing the

edge of the preserve,

 near the entrance to town.

Nicole felt Barry move. She opened her hand and spread it open like a giant

flat, flesh colored

 carpet. She held her hand

to her face. Barry rubbed his eyes and looked up. He nearly fainted again as he

saw this giant sweet

 looking billboard of a face

smiling at him. Barry looked next to him and noticed April still normal, still

passed out.

 â€œHi little guy!” Nicole

said in her peppy voice.

 â€œNicole? .........Am I







 Statuesque. Immense.

Threatening, yet not so. How can I describe her. Looking up to her all I see is

woman. Woman that barely

 reached my mouth before.

Woman that is holding me in her hand. Woman that could swallow me whole. Women

that frightens me. Women

 that intrigues me.


 â€œNicole? ...........Am I

dreaming?” was all that Barry could sputter out.


 â€œNo silly!”


 He could feel her warm

breath blow over him as she spoke. He could feel it gently touch him as she

breathed. It was incredible.

 Barry was still disoriented

by the whole situation.


 â€œWha.. wha... what caused



 â€œLike I said before silly,

I don't know.. something in that forest. Something in that camp area. It just

affected me.”


 Barry tried to think back

but came up with a blank. Nicole's hand began to slightly vibrate and Barry's

legs spread apart

 another 10 inches as he



 â€œDid you just grow again?”


 â€œI can't really tell, but I

think I did a little.”


 Barry explored her hand.

Starting at her wrist he walked carefully heel to toe to see how big her hand

actually was as Nicole

 looked from above



 â€œOne, two, three, four,

five, six, seven.”


 Barry reached the end of

her middle finger. He looked over the edge and gasped at the height he was at.

At least 40 feet up he

 thought. He saw he had

another half of a foot before her finger actually ended so he guessed, judging

that his shoe was 12

 inches long that her hand

was 7 and a half feet long.


 â€œWhat did ya get little



 â€œWell your hands are huge,

7'6” roughly.”


 â€œWould you like to see how

big everything else is?” Nicole asked in a sexy type voice. “I've always had a

‘secret' crush on

 you.. well since we broke

up. I just didn't want to admit it. But, right now it seems to be a good time



 They'd only been broken up

a month, but lately Barry had been starting to feel the same way. Now his crush

is almost 80 feet

 tall, and seemingly still

growing! Nicole placed April on the ground beside the road that led to town. She

brought the hand with

 Barry up to her face and

sexily stared at her little man. With her left index finger she picked at his

shirt, trying to pry it

 off. Barry made the job

easy for her and just took it off, and then his pants and boxers. The couple

stood naked, entranced in

 each other. The size

difference immense, as the lust in each other. Her giant mouth opened up as her

tongue emerged. Barry laid

 back on his elbows, cock

starting to perk up. Nicole's giant tongue licked the entire length of Barry's

body, from toe to his

 head, paying special

attention to his cock. She then kissed Barry repeatedly, sometimes picking his

body slightly up from her

 hand. Barry was as hard as

he could possibly be. Nicole placed Barry on the ground, and laid down on her

back. Barry was amazed

 at her size. He could only

barley see over her stomach and had a tough time pulling himself on top of her.

Nicole gave him a

 slight boost in the butt

with her right index finger. Barry took a step on her. He noticed that his foot

only slightly sunk into

 her skin as he walked. It

reminded him of walking on plush carpeting with his shoes off. Just a little

depression that quickly

 rebounded to it's original

shape. But instead of feeling like fibrous carpet, it felt as smooth as any

females skin could. he

 walked up to her breasts

that were protruding from her chest another 5 feet. Walking up to her neck he

could easily walk up her

 sloping curves to her

nipple. It was a strangle feeling. Walking on a living, breathing woman. As he

reached her nipple he saw

 that it was erect, and

stood about 5 inches up. Barry put both hands around it and massaged it as he

would have it had been her

 entire breast. Nicole

squirmed in delight. He continued rubbing. Nicole began to squirm more and more.

She moaned in ecstasy.


 â€œEat me.” Nicole said in a

soft, sultry voice.


 â€œEat you?” Barry gave her a

quizzical look. “I'll give it my best shot.


 â€œI have faith in you little

man.” Nicole responded.


 Barry finished off the

massage job with a final gentle lick of the nipple with his tongue. Nicole

wiggled in delight. She was

 truly enjoying this.


 â€œohhh..” Nicole exclaimed.

“Everything feels soo much more intense.”


 Barry made is way down her

chest and stomach which was now covered in small beads of sweat. He jumped down

between her legs as

 she parted her cunt with

her index and middle finger. Barry began to finger.. err.. .arm her. He caressed

the sides of her cunt

 as she squirmed more and

more.. Barry found it difficult to keep up with her, he quickly tired from the

excruciating workout.

 Barry made one final,

gallant effort at pleasing his giantess. He drove both his arms into her as far

as he could and rubbed her

 insides. Nicole moaned

loudly and quickly arched her back sending Barry flying back 10 feet. Climax.

 Nicole calmed down and

spread herself wide on the ground. She breathed heavily, drenched in sweat,

exhausted from the ordeal.


 â€œI've never experienced

something so intense in my entire life!” Nicole breathed. “It was wonderful! But

now, now little man I

 have a job to do for you.”


 Nicole sat up and then

leaned her face over Barry, who was laying back propped on his elbows. She

exposed her tongue and played

 with Barry's cock. Barry

never dreamed it could get so hard. She twirled the large tip of her tongue

around and over it. Then

 she drug it slowly over his

balls and up to his tip. Barry had no choice but to release the pressure as he

ejaculated all over

 his stomach. Nicole

retracted slightly and gave Barry a slight grin as her eyes widened. She drug

her tongue across Barry's body

 until every last visible

drop had been consumed.


 â€œThank you lover.” Nicole

said playfully.


 â€œugh....” breathed the

exhausted Barry, “My pleasure.”


 Nicole picked up Barry and

placed him on her breast. He laid on top of her, both looking at the stars, both

enjoying the night,

 together, fulfilled. They

talked about times past, and about times to be. They talked about the new life

Nicole would have. She

 had grown since they began

pleasing each other. Barry had noticed. And slowly.. slowly... the fell asleep.


 The time was quickly

approaching 4 am and April was beginning to show signs of recovery as she

started to move. Her eyes

 opened.. then closed, then

opened abruptly again.


 â€œOh my gawd! It's not a

dream!” squeeked April as she stood up.


 She stood maybe 10 feet or

so from the giant hand of Nicole. She carefully walked close to her and touched

Nicole's thumb.

 Nicole twitched slightly to

the sensation.


 â€œOh my gawd....” April said

again with an amazed face.


 April realized Barry was no

where to be seen and started calling his name wildly. Barry groggily awoke and

got his bearings on

 the situation. He rolled

over and right into Nicole's nipple which seemed to be almost 5 times as it was



 â€œOh no.. Nicole!! wake up!”

Barry jumped on her breasts trying to get her attention.


 â€œBarry? Are you up there?!”

was faintly heard from below.


 â€œYay!” Barry peered over

the edge of Nicole's Body. “Holy Shit she's grown!”


 Nicole started to awake and

her massive body rolled onto her side. Barry lost his footing as Nicole's

breasts shifted and

 spilled right. He slid down

her body and crashed to the ground. He got up, a little sore, but in tact.

Looked up and saw how

 immensely huge Nicole

actually was. He estimated 80 feet before but now.. now he figured close to 400

feet tall! But how could

 she grow that quickly in a

matter of hours? Barry wasn't smart enough to even start a hypothesis on what

was happening so he let

 his mind worry about

Nicole, rather than what was happening to Nicole. Barry approached her mouth, it

was overwhelmingly huge.

 Nearly 7 feet from the

bottom to top, as she laid on her side. The warm, humid breath of Nicole blew

across Barry and April and

 actually provided them some

warmth on the somewhat chilly night.


 â€œNicole.. Nicole.” Barry

said sternly and loudly.


 Her eyes started to open.

Nicole quickly realized how small everything seemed to be. She sat up. Sitting

down, Nicole seemed to

 be gigantic as her head

stood over 200 feet above Barry and April. Nicole was confused by the situation,

but she took it all in



 â€œSeems like I've grown a

bit more.” Nicole said as she shrugged her shoulders.


 â€œA bit is kind of an

understatement!” Barry shouted. ‘Open your hand so we can climb on and get

closer to you!”


 Nicole complied and put her

hand open on the ground. She opened it up and it seemed to stretch the length of

a Public Bus. They

 both climbed aboard and the

hand quickly went up to Nicole's face.


 â€œOk.. so what do you guys

want to do?”


 â€œWell. first of all let's

go back to the conservation area, we need to get my car and Barry's camping

equipment anyway.” April



 With a quick nod, Nicole

agreed and she stood up. The view was fantastic from 300 feet up! Barry was

amazed on how he could

 easily see both the edge of

the conservation area and town from here! With a couple huge strides they we're

back at the

 conservation area.


 â€œOk! Nicole you can put me

down now.” April commanded.


 Nicole got a neat idea and

she decided to pick up the car. Using her giant Index Finger and Thumb she

*gently* as a giantess

 could, picked up the car

and placed it in the same hand as Barry and April. She used the amount of effort

as a three year old

 with his matchbox cars.

Nicole took another step and picked up the tent and placed that in her hand

also. Nicole's fingers we're

 too big for the cooler they

brang along, so Nicole let April pick it up. April jumped off her hand and

stumbled and tripped

 right into the ashes of the

long since extinguished fire. Barry snickered and Nicole giggled. April looked

up with a bitchy

 look. She brushed herself

off, picked up the cooler and jump back on her hand for the ride home.


 â€œThis will be faster! I can

walk faster now than you could drive!” Nicole exclaimed.


 April looked to Barry and

shrugged her shoulder's. Hey, if it's faster I'm all for it they figured. and

with that Nicole headed

 back to town as the sun

began to peak over the horizon. Barry couldn't help but to laugh at the ash

covered face of April.


 â€œStop it!”

 â€œI'm sorry.. you just look

so funny.”

 â€œWell I don't appreciate


 â€œAww, don't be such a dork.

Laugh at it. Shit happens.”


 April blew some hair out of

her face, and then smiled her anger off. They we're back at the edge of town in

a little under 3

 minutes. They didn't know

what to do about Nicole. It was no secret that she was huge and they were not

going to be able to hide

 it. So they had her

gingerly walk through town down the streets, as to avoid any homes. They made it

down main street and the

 few cars out this early

just stopped where they were as the drivers gasped at the site before them.

Nicole took a step over a

 line of 50 or so cars and

slightly lost her balance. She shook and tried terribly hard to keep her

balance, and she accidentally

 slammed her foot onto a

parked car. The foot came down with such force that many of the windows in the

downtown business area

 blew out. The concrete

sidewalk cracked for nearly 100 feet in all directions, they street was

depressed a foot where the car

 once was parked. She lifted

her foot slowly and placed down softer and farther away from the pancaked

vehicle. “Oh! Sorry!”

 Nicole said to nothing,

hoping to correct the error. She did feel a strange sense of enpowerment. She

also started to get

 comfortable with her height

and started to feel superior. A smirk appeared across Nicole's face as Barry and

April looked up to

 her from her hand below.

Giantess Stories: Prelude

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