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by MaleKim

As the camera crew set up for the remote broadcast from the zoo, Peggy Sanders

thought about the past month. She had known a lot could change in a month. But

to change the way she had was unbelieveable.

It began when Gordon Bennettt had told her she was being replaced as

anchorwoman. 'You don't have the presense an anchor needs,' he'd told her. And

she knew what he was talking about. At that time, Peggy only stood 4'7'. Not

that she wasn't attractive. She was as sexy as a newswoman dared to get and

still look professional. She had short, dark hair, perfect skin, carefully

maintained weight. But, because she had to sit on a phone book, she was going to

lose her anchor position. Myndi Cooper, super-bimbo, would get it. Peggy would

just be a roving reporter. The thought made her glum for the rest of that day.

Then, she remembered the crazy press releases. A local research lab announced

they were on the verge of a cure for dwarfism. They were currently looking for

volunteers. Peggy called the lab, and soon met with Dr. Elaine Reichert, a woman

with very blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun.

Reichert was hesistant at first. She warned Peggy of the possible dangers, the

risk of hormone deficiency or overdose, either of which could prove fatal. But,

it turned out Reichert was also a fan. With little pleading, Peggy was accepted

as a volunteer.

It soon turned out that Reichert was more than a casual fan. Peggy realised that

when during the first physical. Reichert's gasped upon seeing Peggy naked.

'Is something wrong?,' Peggy had asked.

'No, it's just ... That is, your ...,' Dr. Reichert gave herself a mild slap in

the face to regain her composure. She finally said 'You look bigger than a

moment ago.'

Peggy understood what the doctor meant.

'I have to wear a minimizer bra when I'm on the air. Otherwise, I don't look

`journalistic' enough. Just my luck. The one part of me that isn't small and I

have to make it look smaller!'

'If you don't mind,' said Reichert breathily. 'How big are those? That is, you?'

'I'm a 42DDD-cup. I'm what they call 'short n stacked' in the skin mags.'

'Indeed. But, enough of those, er, that - let's proceed with the check-up.'

The examination went fine, and Peggy was accepted as a volunteer. The next month

was filled with injections, oral serums, a carefully-monitored diet - and

special sessions alone with Dr. Reichert. The first began one day when the

doctor asked Peggy if she was experiencing any pain.

'It isn't really pain,' Peggy had finally said.

'But something is wrong?,' asked Reichert.

'A couple of things. They're a little embarrassing to talk about.'

'I'm a doctor. There's very little that can embarrass me.'

'Well - my nipples are sensitive. VERY sensitive!'

'I don't think that's any reason to worry. Let's take a look at them.'

Peggy lowered the top of her gown. Both her nipples and the areolae were

swollen. Reichert gently tweaked one nipple. Peggy gasped.

'Did that hurt?,' asked Reichert.

'No. It felt wonderful!,' breathed Peggy.

'I think I know what's happening. The serums are stimulating your mammary

glands. You're lactating!'

'I thought so, but I wasn't sure. Maybe that explains the other problem as


'Which is?'

'I'm hornier than I've ever been in my life!'

'Oh!,' said Reichert, chuckling. 'Well, I'm afraid I can't help you too much


'Yes, you can.'


'I had a roommate in college who used to look at me the way you do. She helped

me through some very cold and lonely nights.'

'Yes, uh, well, I admit I've found examining you interesting but - I'm your

doctor! It wouldn't be professional!'

'I'm a newswoman,' whispered Peggy. 'I'll be professional for both of us.'

Reichert hesitated. Peggy could tell the suggestion of the act wasn't disgusting

her. She was just having an ethical dilemma.

'I promise, Doctor,' said Peggy. 'No one will know but us.'

Reichert had smiled and locked the door. She took off her lab coat and blouse.

Underneath, she wore a very plain, no-nonsense white bra. Peggy had noticed

earlier that the doctor was a buxom woman. This was reinforced by the wide

industrial- strength straps of her brassiere.

The Doctor removed her skirt, a long, black garment with a wide vinyl belt. She

let the skirt drop to the floor and stepped out of it.

'Ohh,' said Peggy. 'I love your nylons.'

'Nylons?,' said Reichert. 'They're just pantyhose. There's no place in the

clinic, I'm afraid, for garter belts.'

'I know. But your pantyhose - white and sheer from waist to toe. I've always

thought that was sexy. Please, keep them on.'

Reichert did as she'd been asked, kicked off her shoes, and stood before Peggy.

Even if she were solely straight, Peggy thought, she'd admire Reichert's figure.

The doctor was mature in a sexy way. There were no wrinkles that Peggy could

see. The cheekbones were a little pronounced. Reichert's hair was such a light

shade of blonde that it was impossible to tell if any grey was in it. Reichert's

Teutonic heritage was well in evidence. She was plump, but not fat. Her breasts,

while not as large as Peggy's, weren't small, either. She reminded Peggy of a

neighbor she had as a little girl -- a neighbor she loved to spy on.

'Keep your stethoscope on,' said Peggy. 'I've always wanted to play 'doctor.''

'Nein,' said Reichert, slipping into her native tongue for a moment. 'In a bit.

First, we care for your milk problem. Just pretend that I am your baby. And I am

very hungry!'

Peggy laughed. She sat on the examination table and offered her right breast to

Reichert. The Doctor bit it, not too hard. Peggy squealed. Reichert licked at

the nipple, sometimes biting it, until a tiny white drop appeared. Reichert

licked it off.

'Mmm,' said the doctor. 'Delicious!'

'Suck it!,' begged Peggy. 'Please, suck it!'

Reichert obeyed. As she did, her hand wandered to her patient's crotch. She

gently stroked the pussy hair, then began to move her finger into the eager,

moist cunt. With expert skill, Reichert massaged Peggy into ecstasy. The milk

surged into Reichert's mouth. The doctor used her other hand to massage Peggy's

left nipple. She switched back and forth between hand and mouth, literally

milking the moment for all she could.

'I'm cumming!,' gasped Peggy. As the orgasmic wave rocked her body, she pulled

Reichert's mouth away from her breasts in time for one long, passionate kiss.

'Thank you,' said Peggy.

'My pleasure,' said Reichert.

'Now, it's your turn.'

Peggy stuck her hand down Reichert's panty hose. She wasn't quite as skilled as

Reichert (she lacked the medical expertise) but it didn't matter. She worked on

Reichert's nipples, which were already hard with excitement. She was more gentle

than Reichert had been with her. Peggy once shared a room with a Congressman's

wife, an older woman, and found she enjoyed the gradual approach.

Peggy pulled the pantyhose down to Reichert's knees. Peggy kissed the pubic area

and felt stubble. The doctor shaved herself!

Then, Peggy brought her tongue into play. She had spent some time at the clinic

studying a medical manuals. She knew just where the tongue should touch. Peggy

had felt the Doctor's clitoris seem to become a gigantic thing inside her mouth.

The Doctor pushed Peggy's head against her cunt. There was a sudden shudder that

reverberated several times through Reichert. And then, it was over.

The Doctor was on the floor next to Peggy. There was another deep kiss. Each

could tell the other was considering seconds, when someone knocked on the door

to tell Reichert her next appointment was waiting. The doctor quickly dressed

and left, but Peggy continued to lactate, so there were other private sessions

during the month..

And, as the month passed, Peggy grew. By the end of the first week, her shoes

pinched her feet. She had to move a ring from her ring finger to her pinky. And

it took one notch less to fasten the strap on her wrist watch. At the end of the

second week, Peggy took out the clothes she'd worn when she'd entered the

clinic. Her panties were near bursting. The skirt of her dress, which had come

down to her calf, now reached her knees. And Dr. Reichert's eyes went wide when

Peggy tried to put on her bra, a completely futile effort.

By the time the month was almost over, Peggy had grown nearly eight inches.

She'd exercised to keep her new body firm. Her bustline had also increased. She

was now the proud possessor of a 48-inch chest! On the last day, Peggy put on a

new outfit, complete with blazer, skirt, and high-heeled shoes that added

still-more inches to Peggy's size. But the outfit hadn't fit her.

'It's too loose,' said Peggy. 'It looks baggy on me.'

'It does now,' said Reichert. 'But it shouldn't in a few days. You see, I have

one more serum for you. It's a new one we've just developed. We've tested it on

real guinea pigs and it's worked beyond our wildest expectations. It should add

another six inches to you by tomorrow morning.'

'Six more inches! I'll be over six feet tall! I'd like to see my station manager

tell me I don't have any presence then!'

Peggy was being given the injection when the phone rang. It had been Al at the

TV station. Judy Reynolds was sick and they needed Peggy to fill in for her on a

live feed this afternoon. Peggy had jumped at the chance, until she learned she

was covering the birth of a baby gorilla at the zoo.

'I lose my anchor seat, and now I'm doing animal stories!,' she'd told Reicher.

'Next, it'll be girl scout meetings!'

'Settle down, Peggy,' Reichert had said. 'You'll be showing the world the new,

tall, lots-of- presence Peggy Sanders tonight. You'll be able to write your own

ticket at any station in town -- or in the country, for that matter. You could

even end up on network TV!'

Peggy knew the doctor was right. So, she went to the station for a new blazer

(she had to use a man's medium for her new dimensions), and was then taken to

the zoo. Al complimented her on her new look (though he wasn't sure what it

she'd done), and introduced her to Dan Hartman, the official she'd be

interviewing. And, she tried to relax.

Just before the broadcast began, sound tests were done. Peggy was given a

microphone. The soundman switched it on and Peggy felt a strong jolt of

electricity surge through her!

'Sh-sh-sh-shit!,' she yelled, her body jerking spasmodically.

'Turn it off!,' Al shouted. 'You're electrocuting her!'

The power went off and Al ran to Peggy's side. She was standing, panting.

'Are you okay?,' asked Al.

'I think so,' said Peggy. 'What the hell happened?'

'It's my fault,' said the soundman. 'I had the mike hooked up wrong.'

'Jesus!,' said Al. 'Watch what the fuck you're doing, you moron!'

'It's okay, Al,' reassured Peggy. 'I'm all right.'

'Are you sure? You look a little green around the gills.'

'I'm fine. Now let's get back to work.'

Remaining tests were done without incident. Peggy took her mark, the crew took

their positions, and Hartman stood nearby. Al counted down and pointed at Peggy.

'I'm here today at the Municipal Zoo to ...' Peggy stopped.

'What's wrong?,' whispered Al.

Peggy said nothing. She felt weird. Her clothes weren't loose anymore. They were

very tight. She looked down at herself. Her chest was inflating against her

clothes. The buttons of her blouse strained against the increasing flesh behind

them until, one by one, they popped off. Breasts beautiful and huge beyond

imagination, burst into view of the cameras.

But it wasn't just Peggy's tits. All of her was growing. The sleeves of her

blazer pulled apart at the shoulder. Her skirt split and fell to the ground in

tatters. Bright red panties ripped apart from the sudden pressure under them.

Once-dainty feet pushed open her shoes.

'What's happening to her!?,' shouted the soundman as her heart beat loud in his


The cameraman said nothing but continued to focus on her. The station would

never be able to use the footage, he knew, but dammit, he wanted it for himself!

Peggy was totally, buck naked in the middle of the city zoo. Everything was

dropping in her field of vision. She was growing, and now stood nearly 30 feet

tall! She still held her microphone. Now it was a little thing, a sliver of

metal between her finger and thumb.

No one said a word. Everyone nearby was struck dumb by the feminine magnificence

before them. Parents covered children's eyes. Bulges appeared in the pants of

the men watching. Even papa gorilla seemed turned on by what he saw.

Peggy tried to cover herself with her hands. Then, she looked at the people

around her. They were little things. What did it matter if her nakedness

offended them? There was nothing they could do about it! And it was for them,

her audience, that she did this to herself. For them and...

'Gordy!' Peggy roared the named of her station manager from truck-sized lungs.

'You did this to me! I didn't have presence! Well, I've got it now! And I'm

going to shove it right in your puny face, you bastard!'

She started out of the zoo.

'Peggy!,' came a tiny voice behind her. It was Al. 'Where are you going?'

'I've got some negotiating to do with Gordy at the station,' she said. She

started to walk away, but noticed Al had a cellular phone to his head.

'Ah, ah, ah!,' said Peggy. She picked Al up and shook him until the phone fell

to the ground and shattered. 'No calling Gordy - or the cops. I want this to be

a surprise.'

She faced the others on the crew. 'If I find out anyone's made any calls after I

leave here, I'm going to be very angry! And, like the guy who turned into the

Hulk used to say, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Got it?'

Everyone nodded obediently. Peggy left carrying Al in her hand. She was still


At the TV station, Gordon Bennett (who hated being called 'Gordy') hadn't seen

the news. He was busy looking at the ratings. They were down since he had

replaced Sanders with Myndi. It didn't matter to him. They'd get used to Myndi.

And if they didn't, tough. He wasn't about to give up her blow jobs because up

viewers were too stupid to know talent when they say it.

His telephone rang. It was Carol at the switchboard.

'Mr. Bennett, we're swamped with complaints about tonight's newscast. People are

asking why we put a naked woman on the air?'

'What naked woman?,' said Bennett.

'Peggy Sanders. She stripped or something at the zoo. And there's also ...'

'Never mind!,' said Gordon. 'I'll take care of it right away! Thanks, Carol.'

Gordon laughed. This couldn't have come at a better time. Sanders must've tried

a stunt to get her anchor seat back. Well, it was going to backfire on her! Once

everyone saw what their precious Peggy had done, they'd be happy to accept

Myndi. He could get the little Sanders bitch out of his hair once and for all.

He was about to take a sip of coffee, when the building shook. Coffee spilled

into his lap, but he didn't care. He was worried that there'd been an earthquake

or explosion.

The building shook again. Bennett didn't waste another second. He was through

the emergency exit in five seconds.

He looked around. The shaking continued, and Bennett realized it had a rhythm to

it, almost like footsteps. He remembered that movie about dinosaurs and the

'impact tremors' just before one of the monsters showed up.

Something was panicking people. Traffic was jammed. Drivers were leaving their

vehicles to run away, though some men hid behind trucks to stare at whatever

they were running from.

The station building blocked Bennett's view. He walked around the corner and

almost shit his pants.

Peggy was coming up the street. Like Carol had said, she was naked. What Carol

hadn't said, however, was that she was over 50 feet tall!

Peggy saw Bennett, and grinned. It reminded him of an animal showing teeth

before it attacked.

'Gordy!,' came Peggy's voice like the report of a cannon.

Something in Bennett's head disconnected. Instead of turning to run, he stayed,

frozen in awe at the terrifying, undeniably magnificent form of his ex-anchor.

In two steps, she loomed over him. Her right hand was clenched in a fist.

Bennett thought she was going to smash him. Instead, she gently set her hand on

the ground and opened it. Al Stanz crawled out and flopped on his back. He was

soaked in sweat and gasping for breath.

'Al!,' cried Bennett. 'What's going on!?'

Al tried to answer, but couldn't. He was too busy gasping for breath. Then, his

eyes widened. Bennett looked around just in time to scream as Peggy's thumb and

index finger lifted him off the ground. She set him on her other hand, which she

held out flat and level with her chest.

'Well, Gordy,' said Peggy in a thunderous rumble impersonating a voice. 'Do I

have enough presence for you now?'

Bennett nervously nodded. Peggy noticed another news crew had come out of the


'Look, Gordy!,' she said. 'We're live! Let's wave to the folks!'

Bennett grabbed on for dear life as she raised the hand he was in and started to

wave it over her head. He looked at the ground far below him.

'Stop it!,' he shrieked.

'Why, Gordy,' said Peggy, gently grasping him and bringing him to eye level.

'You'd be paying big bucks for a ride like this in Disneyland!'

'Wh -- what are you doing this for? I've always been good to you.'

'I told you. You gave my job to Myndi Cooper because I didn't have 'presence.'

Well, now I have it. What do you think?'

Gordy said nothing. Something below had attracted his attention. Peggy looked,

and smiled.

'Are these what you're looking at, Gordy?,' she said, lowering him again to with

her chest. Gordy remained silent. He was struck dumb at the sight of the two

huge nipples he stood between. His fear was submerged by, or merged with, the

lust that filled him. Her walked to the edge of the gigantic hand and reached

out toward one moon- sized nipple. Peggy saw what he wanted. Amused, she moved

him close enough to touch it.

Gordy was mesmerized. It was like nothing he'd felt before. The nipple was so

big, he couldn't reach all around it with both hands. He squeezed it between his

hands. Peggy giggled, causing her body to go into tremors that made Gordy

stumble. He almost fell to the ground, but saved himself by grabbing the nipple

he'd been feeling. As he hung from it, he felt it swell and grow hard in his

hands. Although his life was in danger, Gordy found himself more turned on than


Peggy put her hand around him and pulled him away from her breast. 'That was

kind of nice, Gordy,' she said. 'Like having a little mouse crawling naked on

me.' Then she studied him carefully, closing one eye to look at him closely. His

pants looked like they were going to explode in the crotch.

'Why, Gordy! You LITTLE devil! You're getting off on this!' Peggy smiled and

looked into one of the cameras. 'Anyone in the home audience ever see the uncut

version of King Kong? When Fay Wray is in Kong's hands, this is what happens!'

Peggy held Gordy in one hand and, with the other, tore off his pants, then his

underpants. As she figured, he had a full-blown hard-on.

No, she thought to herself. It's a full, UN-blown hard-on.

'Sanders!,' shrieked Gordy, sounding to her even more like the mouse she'd

compared him to earlier. She brought him closer to her mouth, finally sticking

his mid-section in the overwhelming orifice. 'Peggy, don't! What are you... oh,

my God!'

Gordy's last exclamation was fulled with ecstasy, not fear.

Peggy was lightly flicking her tongue back and forth over his cock. So huge and

hard to him, she thought, so tiny and flimsy to me. To Bennett, the terror,

horniness, and wonder of what was happening to him brought him to the best

climax he'd ever felt! He thought he was spraying cum all over Peggy's mouth. In

reality, she just felt some small, warm droplets hitting her tongue. She pulled

Bennett away from her mouth. He looked very tired, and his hard-on was gone.

'I hope it was good for you, Gordy,' she said. 'Now it's MY turn!'

'Huh?,' said Bennett weakly, not sure he had understood the roar of her voice.

Peggy glanced at the TV cameras, and saw that they were still on. A small crowd

had gathered, no longer scared, watching her with interest, to say the least.

Peggy sat down with a thud that shook the neighborhood. She spread her legs wide

apart and lowered the hand holding Gordy, one finger behind and under his butt.

'Peg -- Peggy?,' he said. far too soft for her to hear him. 'What are you


Then her saw it before him, the opening to a huge, pink cavern, walls glistening

with moisture.

'Sweet Jesus!,' he cried as Peggy pushed him inside. From the ribs down, he was

immersed in sweet, hot juices. It was like being submerged in a particularly

fragrant hot tub. He could feel left-over cum being shot from his dick, and his

dick, in turn, being made hard again already by the process.

Behind him, the finger was holding him firmly as it mover him up and down, his

face and arms buried in a huge patch of pussy hair. Every time he was moved

downward, he feared he would slide free. Several times, by reflex, he grabbed

the huge follicles to keep from falling. But, then, he'd slide back up. Pulling

on her hair like that didn't seem to bother Peggy any. If anything, her nipples

grew bigger and harder. Bennett wasn't sure how he felt. It was pleasant and

unpleasant at the same time. But the pleasant part was definitely overcoming the


Then, she pulled him away. His shirt was soaked and he unbuttoned it. She tore

it off, leaving him naked except for a wristwatch.

'Gordy, this just isn't doing it!,' Peggy said. 'You're going to have to work

some yourself, or I'm going to have to crush you trying to come!'


'Hey, I helped you come. And remember, you like aggressive women!'

'Peggy,' gasped Gordy. 'Please. I'm used to eating pussy, not swimming in it!'

'That's it!,' she said. 'I shouldn't be trying to use your middle, but your end!

This end!'

She wrapped her fingers around Bennett's body against and pushed him headfirst

into her wet cunt. He had just enough time to take a deep breath before he was

plunged in. She moved him back and forth inside the hot, wet, gorge. His air was

running out, when we was pulled back, his head soaked.

'Not bad, Gordy. But I'm not there yet. Time for you to go back in.' And he did,

several more times.

'What's with you, Gordy? I should've known a little prick like you wouldn't have

what it takes to please a real woman, like me!'

'Please,' said Bennett between gulps of air. 'Don't ... put me ... in ... again.

Stop!' He wasn't sure if he wanted her to say yes or no.

'Yes, Peggy. Stop!'

Peggy turned towards the new voice, and saw Dr. Reichert walking up to her. The

doctor was out of breath, having had to run for several blocks when the taxi

she'd used couldn't get any further in traffic.

'Peggy, please!,' shouted Reichert. 'I managed to talk to the people at the zoo.

They said you go a bad shock from your microphone. I think the serum in you

somehow converted the energy from the shock into mass, turning you into a


'Can you return me to normal?,' asked Peggy.

'Nein. There is no way. Trying to reduce you and keep all your bodily fluids

from becoming toxic - it can't be done!'

'Can you do something at least for my horniness! It's worse than it was at the


'It's a definite side-effect of the treatment. And it's making you send

pheromones all over the area. They're chemicals that activate the sexual

responses of those around you. I saw a half-dozen couples -- and singles --

going at it in cars as I walked here!'

'But can you do anything about it?!'

'Only what I did at the clinic,' said Dr. Reichert. She lifted her skirt to show

Peggy she had nothing on underneath.

'But, Doctor, you can't do what you did before! Neither can I!'

'I can do something. Grab me, dear. Lean back, and place me on one of your


Peggy did as the doctor ordered. Reichert sucked in air as she straddled the

warm point of the breast of her patient/friend/lover. She felt the nipple grow

hard under her.

'Mein Gott!,' gasped Reichert, trying to keep her balance, yet obviously

enjoying the experience, too. 'Yes ... it is ... hard, stiff ... Vunderbar!'

'And, it is as I suspected. Like most women with large breasts, you need yours

fondled, loved in order to climax.'

Reichert shouted over her back to Gordy. 'Mr. Station Manager! When I count

three, take a deep breath! Peggy will put you back in, and I'll go to work up

here! Together, we will do this! One, two, three!'

Gordy filled his lungs and Peggy put him back him. Reichert started to rock back

and forth over Peggy's nipple. (It occurred to her that she might be the first

woman to ever successfully do a tit-fuck, though it was considerably different

from the way men did it.) As she did, she stroked the areolae with her feet.

Similarly, Gordy used his hands to massage Peggy's labia lips as his head rubbed

against her clit. Some of the crowd watched in rapt attention, while others,

inspired by both the sight and the pheromones, tried to imitate the odd

menage-a-trois as best they could in their puny, normal sizes.

Then, it came. Rather, Peggy came. As she did, she emitted a shrill, squeal of

pleasure that shattered windows. Her body convulsed with delight, creating the

strangest lines ever registered by area seismographs. On top of Peggy's breast,

Dr. Reichert also shrieked in delight. As the doctor came, her legs wrapped

around Peggy's nipples, causing one last delightful pinch for the giantess. She

let go of Gordy, who pushed himself away with trembling arms, fell to the

ground, and passed out.

'Peggy,' said Reichert as she finally dismounted and slid down to the floor.

'That was most wonderful experience of my life. Please, let me take you -- I

don't know where to. Wherever we can find a place to accommodate you. I can't

change you back. But I can -- I will -- make you comfortable.'

'Not as comfortable as I can make her,' came a voice. Reichert turned to see a

handsome, middle-aged woman in an expensive coat advancing toward her and the

giant woman.

'Who are you?,' said Reichert.

'Priscilla Gardner!,' answered Peggy, sitting up tired but happy. 'She owns the


'I've been monitoring the calls and ratings since your -- growth spurt, Peggy.

You're a hit! Men are creaming their jeans all over town. And the women love

what you did to Bennett. A lot of them have wanted to do the same thing to their

men for years.'

'You mean ... what's happened is okay?'

'Well, yes and no. The FCC won't be happy about today, but we can explain we had

no control over it.'

'I sure didn't over the last couple of minutes,' said Peggy.

'So it seemed,' said Mrs. Gardner. 'But I have an offer to make for you. I also

own a blue movie cable network that you could do big things for -- no pun

intended. I'd like you to come on it and do a talk show.'

'A talk show?'

'Sure. I mean, look at you. You could get answers out of people that no other

talk show host could begin to hope for. In fact, we could do two talk shows. One

with you as you are for the cable network. The other, we put a stage curtain or

something over you, and we can sell you over national syndication easy as the

toughest interviewer ever! What do you say?'

'Well, I'll need a good income to pay for food and clothes from now on. It's a


'And, you, Doctor. From what I overheard, you've got something to do with this.

How about I put you on retainer to watch over Peggy and make sure she's all


'Marvelous,' said Reichert with tears in her eyes. 'That way, I can keep track

of her progress. That is, if Peggy doesn't mind.'

'Sounds good to me, Doctor. I'll need someone like you to have around in case

something goes wrong.'

'Oh, and Peggy, one more thing,' said Mrs. Gardner. She began to undress. 'What

you were doing before as I came in. Would you mind seconds -- with one extra

person?' Peggy smiled and rubbed her vacant nipple. 'Sure. I've got room for one


Suddenly, they heard a groan. Bennett was regaining consciousness.

'Gordy,' said Peggy. 'Your timing is perfect.'

Bennett moaned -- but smiled weakly -- as Peggy picked him up and Mrs. Gardner

climbed onto her body.

Giantess Stories: Presence by MaleKim      As the camera crew set up for the remote broadcast from the zoo

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