Giantess Stories: Prison of Purple and Green By Obsidian Dragoon     Part 1  Kaytie was always the type to enjoy everything

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Prison of Purple and Green

By Obsidian Dragoon

Part 1

Kaytie was always the type to enjoy everything, as long as it involved her being

the center of attention. She was a good deal shorter than all the other girls

but no less beautiful. She happened to be my girlfriend's best friend, and I had

talked to her many times. I wasn't really attracted to her beauty, but she

always looked good in her always tight clothes and good taste in footwear (she

always wore either white vinyl shoes or leather sandals and had ornate

ruby-colored toenails). She liked to talk and liked even more to joke.

Today, though, I would discover a side of her I never knew before.

"Hey Colin, what's up?"

"Hey Kaytie, nothing really. Rachel and I are going to Terminator 4 tomorrow,

not much else."

"Well at least you're having a good day. I'm not looking foreward to 7th period

today. We're doing end of year testing in Phy. Ed. and running the 3-mile. The

God damn showers in the locker room are backed up so I'm gonna absolutely stink

when I'm done and I'm supposed to have a choir practice after school. I'm gonna


"The 3-mile eh? I did that last week. I really takes a lot out of you, it's been

fucking hot the past few days."

Kaytie gestured that she had to go, and turned away with her head still facing

me. "Well have fun Colin. I'll see you around."

"Yeah, bye."

The day went on as the common hell it normally is. The only class Kaytie and I

had together was 8th period Human Sciences. I got there early, since my 7th

period class was just down the hall a few rooms. I took me seat and watched as

people come through the door and did the same. After a while, Kaytie came in

carrying her gym shoes in her right hand, her gym clothes in her left hand, and

her book in her arms. Although it seemed she had tried to clean herself, beads

of sweat still covered her head. About 4 students in the Human Sciences class

came from the same Phys. Ed. class she did, and their body odor made the entire

room smell awful despite their small numbers.

The classrom right across the hall from us was a physics class. They were

observing the effects of shooting gamma rays into objects and watching what

happens. We, however, were doing the lamest thing of the year. Relaxation


Kaytie sat down in her desk, which was directly in front of mine, and set her

things down on the floor. She then plopped down into her seat and sighed loud

and long.

"Oh God, that was hard. I smell like shit!"

In my common braindead mood by this time of day, I just nodded as if to say "I

told you so." The teacher then took his place in the front of the classroom,

leaving the door open, and began the lesson. It wasn't more than 5 minutes later

that we were doing the relaxation excercises, which required that lights to be

turned off and all of us to put our heads down, close our eyes, and be totally

silent while the teacher spoke the instructions to relax. I thought it was

stupid, I always had. I just sat straight up and watched as all of my classmates

and my teacher sat there mumbling as they tried to calm their senses. That's

when it all started.

I could here the garble of talk coming from the physics room across the hall and

the light buzzing sounds of gamma ray beams hitting different types of metals.

It looked like more fun that whatever we were doing. Their instructor stepped

out of the room for a moment for whatever reason, and the class started going

haywire as they naturally do when a teacher leaves. Then it happened. A passing

by student bumped into a gamma ray machine and knocked it partly off the table,

hitting the button as he did.The beam went straight into the door window off the

classroom, reflected off, and apparently struck me in the center of my forehead,

we're talking dead center. I didn't know this was happening, all I saw was a

sudden bright flash that didn't seem to go away.

I yelled in pain, as my head was throbbing with a killer headache from the

flash, and and fell to my knees and struggled to regain my vision. That's when I

noticed I was no longer in a desk. After about 10 full minutes, I managed to

regain a bit of my sight, but not enough to focus yet. My ears worked fine

though, and I heard constant sounds of "Where'd Colin go?" I was really

confused. Wasn't I right here?

Then I noticed. I regained my full vision. My head still ached, but I looked

around myself and saw that I stood on a huge, almost never ending white plain,

totally smooth and glossy. I looked around myself and witnessed something I

never would have imagined. I had been shrunk. I estimated my size to be 1/8 of

an inch, if not less.The class had settled down, I believe I heard someone say

that I had gone to the bathroom.

I was confused. Very confused. But I didn't have time to think, nor to comprehed

what had happened, because no more than 30 seconds after I had regained my

vision, Erin, the girl who sits behind me, rose from her desk. She was huge.

That's putting it lightly, but she was just plain HUGE. I had never seen

something so tall in all my years. I stood up on my feet and watched as she

started to stride by, apparently going to ask the teacher a question, but my

wonderment was cut short as the incredible wind caused by her walking shot over

me. My pitiful attempts to hold on were humorous, and my body flew off of my

desk in such a breeze that I flew at least 5 inches into the air before I

started plummeting.As I watched my surrounding shooting up and felt the pressure

of falling from such I height, I knew my life had ended. I would crash against

the floor and break every bone in my body, and if I were still alive after that,

I would inevitably be crushed by someone or something. This wasn't the case


After what seemed like an hour of falling (which was more like 5 seconds) I felt

the impact. It wasn't bad though, to my surprise. What I landed on was a purple

velvet material, and It seemed to bounce me up into the air on my impact. The

material was strangely moist, but seemed comfortable. After my bouncing stopped,

and knelt on the surface to regain my breath and my sanity.

Then it hit me. It smelled absolutely AWFUL. I coughed, almost gagged, and

looked around me. There were walls in this humungous room, all of which were

also light purple. In front of me, the room seemed to get much darker, and were

I was a large circular opening to the room was above me. Fearing where I might

be, I looked down and saw under me, in a huge form, "7 1/2". Under the seven and

a half was the word "Sketchers". Both were in white lettering and the same

velvet material. I knew what had happened. When Erin had blown me off my desk, I

had fallen directly into Kaytie's right shoe. Her gym shoe. The aroma around me

was practically my entire air supply. I smelled of a stale vingar scent, and I

too began to become moist from the intense hot air all around me. I almost

started to panic. All I could do was sit down and huddle in, I knew nothing else

would help.

Class went on and I began to become used to the scent. I knew that it must've

been close to time to go, because I heard papers rustling and people talking.

More than anyone I heard Kaytie far above me.

"Sure, but if we're going there I'm not wearing my good shoes."

I was scared to Pisces. I didn't know where "there" was, but I knew that she had

worn her good shoes that day, and they were her pride and joy. Smooth vinyl

tennis shoes that seemed plain, but were special to her. She didn't have any

other shoes with her..

Fear gripped me as I saw out of the opening of her shoe as she bent down and

untied the laces of her shoes, her light brown hair draping over what little

light I could already get.I watched her lift her feet out of them and choked.

She was wearing what appeared to be aged, bright green socks that she had

clearly worn many times before. The fabric was stretched in places like the ball

of her foot and her heel, and they still seemed saturated with sweat. For the

time, I couldn't think or act. I watched as her hand stooped down and grabbed

the tennis shoe next to me as she lifted it into the air, bent her foot

horizontally, and inserted into snuggly into the shoe. She tied the laces and

sets it down next to where I was. I heard the boom even from inside my prison. I

braced myself and gazed upward. My breathing quickened. Her monstrous hand

descened towards my prison and her thumb went inside, straight to my left, and I

felt myself shooting up into the air. The gravity was like nothing I'd ever felt

before. My body was pressed into the moist light purple fabric until my ascent

stopped, and I instantly began to roll all too quickly towards the bottom of her

dark tennis shoe. It was even more moist, and the smell was at least 3 times as

bad.. I saw as her other thumb gripped the opposite side of the shoe as her

first thumb. I desperately tried to crawl my 1/8 inch body up the tilted plain,

but my attempt was cut off as darkness filled the opening. I looked up, and

through what little light there still was, I saw a huge, bright green WALL of

sweat, wool, and toe coming straight for me faster than I could think. I lost my

footing as the wall crashed into me and virtually ran over me, pinning me under

what I guessed was the area between her big toe and second toe, just above the

ball of her foot.

Darkness and blackness overtook me, and I felt my self descending again until I

hit a sudden stop. I was cut off from all aound, and what very little air I had

to breath was totally saturated with her foot sweat. I didn't care about sound

or air though, I was trapped under a gigantic green stocking-clad FOOT for

Christ's sake! For a moment, all I did was try to scream for help, but the sound

was so muffled that I could barely hear myself, and every time I opened my mouth

I took in a lot of sweat and vinegar-flavored salty juices.I then felt her

increase the pressure on her toes, and I lost my wind. It got worse before it

got better. The pressure increased dramatically, then decreased to almost

nothing, then increased yet again in a continual patern. Kaytie must've been


She was always a happy girl, always smiling unless she was confused when she

made a sad puppy-face look. Her eyes were large and deep, and she stood just

above 5 feet tall. I never dreamt she would have such potent foot odor.

I was starting to run out of air. I couldn't keep it up in here for much

longer.My body was so soaked in sweat that I could no longer move, and fatigue

had torn me apart inside. The thin fabric of her sock did little to block the

touch of her soft flesh and my tiny, exhausted body. I mmust've been like this

for close to 3 or 4 hours, although it seemed like an eternity to me. How was it

that I was still alive?

It was about that time when I was ready to strangle myself in the green thread

of her stocking when It suddenly pulled away from me. I tilted my head with what

little strength I had and watched as light re-entered my world. Her toes in her

bright green sock, now almost glistening with sweat, flew out of my world, and I

felt my prison being flung aside and turning over on to it's side. Now was my

only chance.

I coughed and sputtered, my body not yet used to the SOMEWHAT fresh oxygen that

had entered the soaked tennis shoe and the removal of the unbearable weight from

my body. I brought myself to my knees, and then to my feet. With all of my

strength and willpower, and made my way towards the opening of her shoe. It felt

like it was miles away. At last, I jumped out of the opening on to the hardwood

floor of her house, where I stumbled about and then collapsed, too exhausted to

do anything more. I noticed that the sole of her tennis shoe was covered in mud.

That's evidentally why she wanted to wear them and not her good ones. There was

silence for a while until she lifted it off the ground, probably to put it away,

and then she noticed me.

"...Oh my God. Colin, is that YOU?!"

I tilted my head again, this time in her direction, but could not speak. The

look on her face went from scared and concerned into..lecherous and diabolical.

"Well it looks like you had a little party with my gym shoe, there. You ok?"

"What do...*cough* mean?!! I nearly d...died! *cough*"

"Hey, you didn't, did you? You're fine. And you know don't look bad

when you're covered in sweat and lint!"

Had she gone TOTALLY crazy now? I was suffering here, and I had probably broken

a few bones.

"Well then, why are you wasting your time just hanging around in my shoe...?"

I looked up at her and her smile grew increasingly bigger and bigger.

"Kaytie...I'm..dying here. You've..*cough* to get me help somewhere..!" She

simply ignored my plea for help.

"I know of a better place than just my shoe, little Colin. Much better...


My brain was too scrambled to think of what she was plotting, but I got the idea

quickly when she pinched my 1/8 inch body with her huge, cool, fingertips and

held me level with her gut.She then lifted her left foot up a little and hooked

her thumb into the back of her sock by her ankle and pulled it off. I literally

saw a droplet of sweat fall from it and splatter against the floor.

"K..Kaytie! NOO!!" My struggling only made her happier. She held her sock open

with her free hand and held me above it with her other. Her fingers let go.

Before I knew it, my world had become a soggy wool prison of bright green.The oh

so familiar smell of musky vinegar filled my head again, now more than ever it

had before.I reclaimed myself and looked up through the sock's opening into

Kaytie's friendly, smiling face and she lowered the sock and moved her foot back

over it. I barely managed a cry of terror as the 5 gargantuan monsters called

her toes, ruby-red polished as always, began their desecnt towards me, showing

no sign of relent. They just kept coming..closer..and closer...At me.

Part 2

The physical impact of Kaytie's toes weren't very damaging, but the aroma they

brought with them made me nearly vomit where I was, and my entire body tensed in

discomfort. Kaytie tightened her sock and her toes pressed even harder against

me, and her sock stretched to its full, filling my sight with only blackness and

several areas of green light where Kaytie's toes parted. My location was right

in the joint of her middle toe, and its soft and damp feel made my body the


"Heh, I feel you in there! Keep moving like that, it feels good."

In a total panic, I clawed and fought at Kaytie's toes, yelling softly the whole

time, but my attempts were ended as I again felt my body descending downward at

an alarming rate. The impact of being between her toe and the floor knocked all

the wind out of my body (something I was getting used to). Now most everything

was dark. She held this position for about 10 seconds, then curled her toes

tightly, clamping me in between to gigantic walls of soft flesh in the process.

I would have screamed if I had enough air in my lungs to do so. I heard several

moans of pleasure coming from above me as her toes curled tighter and tighter. I

felt as though my body were going to burst into pieces at any minute. After what

felt like a lifetime, Kaytie released her grip, and my body stuck to the bottom

of her toe with sweat. I heard a few more really loud moans of pleasure from

above me, and then gasped as she pulled her sock off. It naturally formed a ball

when she pull it off, and I felt her picking into it with her fingers and

pulling me from the sticky, moist toe section. She then brought me to her face,

breathing hard, and spoke to my limp body.

"Oh God, Rachel was so lucky to have you. But now you're mine, and ALL mine."

Thoughts raced through my head faster than I could contain them. Would I spend

the rest of my life like this? Why me? What was going through Kaytie's mind? I

saw through the corner of my eye, a clock. It was 7:50.

"Let's have a little fun, Colin. I have an idea for a game."

I was lying limp in the palm of her hand, barely breathing. I couldn't even open

my mouth to speak to her.

"..Hm, I guess you're a little tired. I can fix that real quick!"

Kaytie closed her hand around my 1/8 inch body and rushed to her bathroom. She

filled a bowl with cool water and dropped me into it. I gasped at first, as the

pleasure of feeling cool air AND water was something new to me. It felt better

than anything I'd ever felt before. I floated on the surface, occasionaly

sighing and breathing deep.

"You've got 10 minutes, make it quick. I'll be out shortly, and I sugest you

don't even THINK about trying to get away."

For a moment, I was confused, but my confusion was ended as Kaytie removed all

of her clothes and undergarments right in front of me and turned away. For such

a short and thin girl, she had marvelous qualities of womanhood. She stepped

into the shower, smiled back at me, and then closed the door. The next I heard

was the sound of running water. I continued relaxing in my bowl of water,

watching Kaytie's silhouette through the shower door. I knew better than to try

and escape, I'd be killed in any way you'd care to imagine. For a while, I was

actually enjoying myself. The water felt so good and Kaytie was nude and

showering only a few feet (in her scale) away from me. After exactly ten

minutes, the shower door opened and a soaked Kaytie stepped out. Naturally, my

manhood stiffened and rose.

"Well, I see you've finally started to enjoy yourself too. I knew ya would. Give

me a moment..and we'll play my game!"

That's when I got a grip on reality. I remembered what I had been through

before, and new it probably wouldn't be the last time. I looked around the water

in confusion and minor panic as Kaytie got dressed. The only thing she didn't

put on were socks. She fished me out of the bowl or water and darried me into

her room, where she set me down at the foot of her bed.

"Ok, here's how this works. You try and run away, and I try and step on you. You

better get running, little boy!"

I didn't have time to object. No more than a second later, a huge and ominous

shadow loomed over my body. I stared up and saw a huge big toe floating above me

and ever slowly descending. I was the fullback on the varsity football team, so

I took off with all the speed my body could hold and ran. I baseball-dived away

from the border of the shadow, and as soon as I was out of it, her toe slammed

down against the ground. The shock of its impact made me lose my stance, and I

collapsed on the ground.

"Oooh, close one there Colin. Come on, I thought you were faster than that."

I stood with my knees bent, trying to catch my breath, but in my doing so

another shadow enveloped me. I looked up against and beheld something about 3

times as large as the last shadow. Her heel. I look of total anguish shot across

my face, and I sped off again as it came closer and closer. Finally, I crashed

down in one swift instant, and I somersaulted to get out barely in time. The

shock of THIS impact sent my body soaring through the air, and I landed

awkwardly a few inches away (to her scale). Without any hesitation, I heard a

rumbling behind me. I spun around to see that Kaytie was dragging her toes on

the floor straight in my direction. I ran now faster than I ever had before,

turning around occasionally to see that the ruby-red polished beasts were

gaining on me. After I had run about 20 inches, the rumbling stopped, a shadow

briefly covered me, and then her foot slammed down on the ground right in front

of me, her toes facing my direction. The combined shock of her stomp and my

fastest speed caused my to catapult directly into the front of her big toe,

which I bounced off of and landed on my back. Suffice to say, it really hurt.

"Come on, you're faster than that! Run, run, as fast as you can!"

The huge foot right in front of me rose and moved over me, and I stood despite

the pain that racked my body. I changed my dircetion and ran again. The entire

shadow of her foot covered me, and I was running in the direction of her toes.

Behind me, I heard a soft boom as her heel touched the ground, and she slowly

began to lower the rest of her foot from that side the same way. I gritted my

teeth and yelled as I ran harder than ever, but I wasn't fast enough. Her entire

foot finally came to rest on the ground as I dove out into the space between her

first and second toe. From there, I continued running in the direction of the

door. I could hear her laughing. After I had ran about another 20 inches, the

door knob turned. Before I had a chance to see who it was, my entire vision went

black, and an incredible and punishing weight smothered my entire body.

I heard talking, but it was too muffled for me to make out. After about 30

seconds, I heard the door close, and the weight was released from me. I turned

my head upward and saw her foot raising into the air, and then coming to rest at

my side.

"That was a close call, someone almost saw you."

" more. I'm too tired.. I have to rest."

Kaytie just stood there and looked at me for a while, then nodded.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired too. That 3-mile was as tough as you said it would be,

and it's pretty obvious you're getting tired. Ok, let's get some sleep."

Those words were music to my ears, if I do say so myself. At least, at the time.

Kaytie's towering form bent down and picked me up off the ground and set me on

her bed. She herself then sat down on it, and the impact made me bounce up and

down a few times. It was still uncomfortable, but felt better than the floor

ever did.

"I've got to find you a place to sleep..."

I looked at Kaytie for a while as she thought, her legs crossed.

"Aha...I've got it!"

Kaytie bent over and reached for something on the ground. I just sat there,

knowing that there was nothing I could do to protest. She then pulled out my old

nemesis, her bright green sock. I stumbled back a few times and my eyes grew

large. All I could manage was to shake my head a few times. She pinched the toe

section and pulled the sock back to normal. She had worn it so much that day

that it had almost totally conformed to the shape of her foot, and it still

appeared to be moist with sweat. She set it down next to me on the bed, and I

turned the opposite way and covered my face. Kaytie reached for a painting on

her wall and removed it, then hung the top of her sock from the nail it was on.

"Alright Colin, time to hit the sack."

I turned around just in time to see her huge fingers grip me and lift me to the

opening of her hung green sock.

"For the love of God, Kaytie, DON'T! You're going to kill me at this rate!


She giggled to herself. Her fingers positioned me over the opening to her sock,

and she released her grip. I again experienced falling through a seemingly

endless tube of bright green until I fell on to the soft, damp toe of her sock.

The sweat was cold now, but smelled no less potent.


I heard laughing again, but I saw nothing except for moist bright green fabric

all around me. I lied down as if I were in a hammok and cussed silently to

myself over and over until the lights went off and I was in darkness.

"Sweet dreams, cutie. If it helps you sleep better, I'l let you know that I'm

sleeping in the raw tonight."

I felt a gentle tapping against the toe section of the bright green sock, and

then total silence. It wasn't easy, but after a while I fell asleep in my dark

damp prison.

I had some interesting dreams that night that shall remain untold, but my sleep

was ended when the lights were turned on and my world filled with flourescent

green light. For a while I only a heard Kaytie moving around, then I felt her

breathing against the toe section.

"Good morning Colin! How'd you sleep?"

I didn't answer.

"Hold on Colin, I've got to make a phone call. I'll be with you in a sec."

I didn't pay attention. That is, until I heard Kaytie speaking into the phone.

"Hey Rachel, you're not gonna believe this. No, you're totally not! No, it's

like 50 times better than that! ...No Rach, just listen. Yeah, so like guess

what happened to Colin?"

I immediately tried to stand up in my prison, but could get no descent footing.


She apparently ignored me.

"Just come over here as fast as you can and I'll show you. We're gonna have a

REAL good time! Right, see ya!"

" don't want you to see me like this..."

Rachel was coming over later that day. It was official. She was always just like

Kaytie, except a lot taller. She liked all the same things and they always

agreed. At last, I saw Kaytie's eye in the opening of the sock.

"Guess what Colin. You're girlfriend's gonna be here in a little while..and I'm

sure she'll just adore you!"

Part 3

"Kaytie, you've gone crazy!! COMPLETELY crazy!!!!"

"Hey now, that isn't very nice to say."

I tried to stand in frustration as the flourescent green light around me dimmed

a tiny bit as Kaytie grabbed the opening of her sock and lifted it off the wall.

I was getting used to the vertigo of moving up and down and rapid paces, so all

I did this time was get a bit dizzy. Then something caught me off guard. My

entire world was turned upside down, and I tumbled and bounced my way out of the

gigantic stocking, probably spraining a few muscles on the way. I sprawled out

on to the soft bed as I hit it, and after a short few seconds, I mustered the

strength to stand. I was almost at the edge of the bed, and I was lucky I hadn't

fallen off. Then a shadow was cast over me, and I looked up.

Before me was nothing I'd ever dreamt of seeing before. It was like gazing at

the statue of liberty...but it was nude!! Towering over me, almost straight over

me, was the totally naked Kaytie, staring down at my past her breasts and small

bush into my eyes. I fell backwards and nearly fainted. What was hovering just a

small ways above me resembled the grand canyon, and I, being a gentleman, tried

to look away, but I simply couldn't.

"Were you just callin' me crazy, little guy?"


Kaytie bent down and reached a hand towards me. I edged my way backward a bit,

but it wasn't enough as her fist closed around me and brought me to her eye


"You shouldn't call people crazy, especially when they're bigger than you! You

shouldn't call them short either; you always used to make fun of how short I

was! What do you think? Is it about time for me to punish you?"

"..N-No, it's not! I!! Just leave me alone!"

"Ooh, now you're talking back too. That's it. You can go sit in the corner."

I didn't know what she meant, but then again, I had no time to think. Her index

finger and thumb clinched me and moved me away from her, and then let go. I

plummetted downward, yelling as loud as I could with what little air my lungs

could hold. I was falling for forever. What's worse, Kaytie had hardwood floors.

In just a few seconds, I knew I would die.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I felt the familiar impact of slamming

against a soft, cool surface, and bouncing upward a bit. The shock of the

punishing impact must've broke a few of my ribs and definately put me unconcious

for about 30 seconds. I lie there on the soft ground, totally oblivious to where

I was. Where was I, anyway?? I slowly began to regain my thinking and my vision,

and rose to my hands and knees. As I opened my eyes, I stared at what was in

front of me and my jaw dropped. I was kneeling on a velvet purple surface with

the number "7 1/2" under me in huge white lettering, followed by the word

"Sketchers". I knew where I was now. I'd been here before.

"...No...Kaytie, NO!!!"

As I looked past the tongue of her shoe at her, all I saw was her ear-to-ear

smile as she walked away and got dressed. I wanted it to end! Her gym shoe

didn't smell TOO bad anymore, and it was no longer hot and steamy, but

nevertheless a stagnant and moldy scent still saturated the air. As I stood

there, right in the middle of her shoe's heel section, I wondered what she had

in store for Rachel, and more importantly, what the both of them had in store

for me. Hours seemed to pass by. I didn't know where Kaytie went, probably to

eat breakfast, but I knew I was alone. It felt like forever. It was boring.

Nothing but gigantic walls or purple velvet compared to my 1/8 inch body, with a

large imprint of her heel encircling me.

At last, I heard some light and silent booming in the distance. I also heard

talking, but just barely. I looked around to find the srouce, but all I saw was

purple, with the white ceiling visible through the hole above me. I heard the

door open, and I froze.

"Yeah, no kidding."

It was Rachel's voice. Instinctively, I turned and began jumping up and down,

screaming her name and trying to get her attention. It didn't work. The two

girls sat down on Kaytie's bedside and started talking your average girl-talk. I

could see, since Rachel had crossed her legs, that she was wearing leather

sandals, and I could tell that she had recently painted her toenails a metallic

bright pink.

I didn't stop screaming though. Maybe, just maybe, I could get her attention

somehow. If I didn't, I'd be Kaytie's toe jam for the rest of my life.

"Hey, put my gym shoe on."

This time it was Kaytie's voice. My face went pale and I froze in terror, unable

to even speak.

"Whaaat? Why? You ran 3 miles in them just yesterday. You feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I'm great, just put them on. You'll like it."

"...Ooookay. You're crazy, but I'll do it."

I shot up from where I was and screamed at the top of my lungs.

"No...NOOOO!!! Rachel, I'm in here!! DON'T DO THIS!!!"

My words were futile though. Rachel bent down and undid the buckle on the back

of her sandal and it slid off her foot on to the floor with a boom/thud. She

then did the same with the other. To my fortune, she put the one I wasn't in on

first. Her shiny pink polished toes slid into Kaytie's tennis shoe until her

foot stopped and sunk into place. She then lifted her other foot, and her toes

slowly passed over my head.

I couldn't move. I was petrified. Rachel's toes and the ball of her foot slid in

under the shoe's tongue, not touching me, and they continued forward into the

toe section of the shoe. The whole time, her heel was lowering down to me. I

stumbled backward and fell on my back in fear. At last, all the light in my

world dissappeared. I heard the sound of rubbing against velvet, and then felt

the ABSOLUTE most painful pressure I'd ever felt yet. A tan, rough, leathery,

and IMMENSE sky fell down on me, and pressed my body like it was nothing.

I screamed, though not intentionally. The weight of Rachels'heel smashed all of

the air out of my body in one huge scream. I couldn't breath any longer after

that. I couldn't hear anything. My vision was black. The musky smell of leathery

skin was all I knew.I felt my entire body being pressed into the purple velvet

below me, and it conforming to my shape. It couldn't breath, nor think, but

outside of me a conversation was going on.

"Alright Kaytie, your shoes are officially on my feet, now explain why."

Kaytie smirked, but didn't answer Rachel's question.

"Just get up and walk around a little."

Rachel didn't bother to object. She stood up.

What little air my lungs had reclaimed suddenly vanished. The weight on me had

more than doubled, I'd say. Rachel was almost a foot taller than Kaytie was, and

probably weighed more because of it (although they were both incredibly thin,

almost anorexic-looking). My body was driven even further into the pruple

surface the was once my ground, and I practically was becoming a part of it.

Then, as quickly as it came, the weight disappeared. I flew up somewhat into the

air for a small bit of time. Clearly, my body was stuck to her heel. Before I

could fully reclaim my breath, I was pushed down again, and I slammed into the

velvet surface again. This time it hurt even worse, and I heard the sound of

ribs cracking.

This process of moving up and being driven down continued for about a million

times (actually only 14), before it finally ended.

"Ok, you can take 'em off now."

I heard Kaytie say this. Again, my body was being elevated into the air, and

suddenly I was light and felt oxygen. The unbearable weight was gone, but I was

still scum stuck to my girlfriend's heel.

"Ok, why'd I do that? Let's have an answer this time."

At last Kaytie said what I was hoping she would.

"Look on the bottom of your foot!"

Rachel immediately brought her foot to her lap, thinking Kaytie had put glue in

the shoes or something, but at first didn't see me. Then, as her eyes moved

downward, she finally saw me, bleeding and compressed into her heel.

"Oh my's Colin!"

Where I was expecting a look of terror and worry, I saw a smile growing. As

Rachel showed more and more of her gleaming white teeth, she turned her head to

Kaylie. They both laughed.

"Yeah, well I found him in my tennis shoe yesterday when I got home. He was in

pretty bad shape. Since then, we've been having loads of fun!"

I wouldn't speak. What good what it do?

"Oh, he must be so tired and hungry.."

What was this? Rachel, DID care?

"Nah, he got sleep last night. He might be hungry though."

"Oh please Kaytie, can I feed him?!"

Kaytie looked amused. "Sure, let's see it!"

I wasn't sure what to expect. Rachel sat in thought for a while, and then at

last smiled and set her foot on her lap again.

"I'll prepare a gourmet dinner for ya, Colin!"

Now I was scared. Rachel brought her palm to her foot, and to much surprise, the

began to rub it vigorously. I didn't know what she was doing, nor did Kaytie,

but she just kept rubbing her foot with her palm. At last, she stopped and then

began pinching things together on her palm, which I couldn't see. Kaytie then

smiled and got the idea. I didn't.

"Ok, it's done!"

As I stood confused, Rachel dropped a huge, blackish-gray ball down in front of

me. It was about the size of a beachball to me, and it resembled some sort of

clay with shiny specs in it. The specs, about the size of dice to me, were sand.

Then it hit me. The rest of it was dead skin from her foot.

"Eat it!!!"

Kaytie joined in.

"Yeah, eat it!!! Or you'll starve to death, and I'll make sure it's painful!"

I wasn't going to eat this stuff. It was gunk from the bottom of Rachel's foot,

who knows where she had been walking barefoot recently? I started to back away,

but then felt a finger behind me shove me forward.

"I said eat it, NOW!"

It was Rachel. I was out of options. very slowly, I brought my head towards the

clay-like ball and touched it. It felt like clay too. I took a handful of the

goo and brought it to my face. It resembled blackish-gray dirt. With nothing

else I could do, I closed my eyes and took a huge bite of the compound.


Never in my life had I put something so awful tasing in my mouth. It was like a

combination between dirt, leather, and sand. It WAS a combination between dirt,

leather, sand, and of course foot skin. I wanted to spit it out and vomit, but I

swallowed. Both girls' faces lit up.

"Yeah, keep going!"

Plugging my nose and closing my eyes, I proceeded to take pieces of the ball and

put them in my mouth. After about 1/2 and hour, there was none left. I fell over

on my back I cringed. I was sick.

"Mmm, wasn't that just the best?"

I looked up at Rachel. Why did she do this to me? Kaytie was about to answer my

question. She brought her face down and level with me, and spoke.

"Well Colin, I guess it's time you know the truth."

I had no chance to respond. She and Rachel instantly locked lips. From where I

was, I could see that they were frenching.


Rachel's fist closed around me at the words. She brought me to her side and

simply held me there. Outside of her fist, Rachel was sucking on Kaytie's toes

and licking her sole. I could her moans of sexual pleasure coming from both of

them. After another eternity, I was elevated, and the fist released me. I knew

where I was falling immediately. For the 3rd time, I was surrounded by

flourescent green light as I plummeted to the bottom of Kaytie's still unwashed

gym sock. I couldn't scream, I was too weak.

This is what happened from my perspective:

Before I could get decent footing in the cold, damp sock, it was being lifted

into air. Then, slowly, it began moving down again. Rachel had the opening

closed with her fist, so I couldn't tell where I was going. The the flourescent

green light began to dim, and then eventually instantly disappeared all

together. Wherever I was, it was hot and humid. It was so humid that I almost

became sticky automatically. I felt the bottom of Kaytie's sock on which I was

laying, and it was against something. It felt wiggly and moist, and the entire

sock was becoming wet fast. Then, in a quick motion, the entire sock collapsed

on itself and wrinkled together in a tigh ball, and with me in it. It scared me

to hell and back. I felt as the moisture was all sucked, almost vacuumed, from

the bright green sock's toe, and then return, only to be sucked away again. It

was actually very painful, but things didn't get any better. Parts of Kaytie's

sock suddenly began clamping together, often time barely missing me, in a time

pattern. The sucking continued.

This is what happened after that from Kaytie and Rachel's perspective:

With Kaytie's toes pressing against both of Rachel's breasts, Rachel lifted

Kaytie's sock over her head and tilted her neck up. She opened her mouth and

lowered the toe section into it and began to suck. She then started to chew on

it, being careful not to accidentally bite down on me as she did so.

Back to the main thing:

Rachel pulled Kaytie's sock out of her mouth slowly. It was wrinkled very badly,

and it was dark with moisture. Rachel used her fingernails and pryied the toe

section back to normal, then reached her hand into the sock and pulled me out.

"You know what Colin? I think all you're doing is getting in the way. We don't

need you anymore."

I was thrown to the hardwood floor by Rachel almost instantly. On my impact, I

felt as if my body had been impaled. I bounced violently off, and then landed

again on the floor, half of my bones broken, if not more. I turned over on my

back an could no longer move.

"Aw, come on Rachel, I still wanna have fun with him!"

Kaytie was pleading for my life, what a turnaround! Unfortunately...Rachel

ignored her.

As if I were nothing but your average beetle or spider, Rachel slipped on her

leather sandal and buckled it. The sky above me filled with one thing: The

intricate dark brown detailing of the bottom of Rachel's sandal. It was the last

sky I ever saw. In one swift motion, that sky fell upon me, and my body exploded

into pieces. Rachel and Kaytie proceeded to get jiggy with each other, and for

the rest of eternity pieces of me were stuck to the bottom of Rachel, my

ex-girlfriend's, sandal. It appears that I lived and died for one purpose: To

please Kaytie and Rachel's feet. I hope I succeed, as I suffered like no other

human could believe.


Giantess Stories: Prison of Purple and Green By Obsidian Dragoon     Part 1  Kaytie was always the type to enjoy everything

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