Giantess Stories: Prisoner of War

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Prisoner of War


Tiny Dan and Asukafan2001


I looked out from around the

bedpost. My heart racing, my breathing erratic as I struggled to escape this,

this, what I have grown to call a prison. As I looked across the bedroom, my

training started to come back to me, my breathing became controlled as I

analyzed the situation. Shoes, clothing, discarded wrappers, and food all strewn

about the bedroom. Perfect, I thought to myself, as this would all benefit my

escape; however, the rumbling of the floor interrupted my thoughts. At first it

was minimal just a slight jarring but I soon tumbled onto my ass as the rumbling

quickened becoming stronger and heavier.


“Hellllllll, where'd the fucker

go? Shit!”


I watched her drop onto her knees

and start looking about for me, her black hair dangling down towards the floor

like ropes, her tan skin in contrast with the eggshell white carpet I looked out

from beneath the bed realizing that I had to go as this would be the most

logical starting place to look.


I dashed out from beneath the bed

trying not to get my feet caught up in the thick white shag carpeting. I looked

back several times relieved that she was across the room not even looking this

direction. As I reached an over turned sketcher I dashed inside. My instincts

telling me that I needed to conceal myself. I thanked my instructor as I crawled

into the dank shoe.


As I crawled deeper into shoe, I began to feel a bit grungy and filthy all

over. I wanted a shower but I knew that was out of the question. I half

expected the shoe to have a foul odor like mine, but the shoe did not really

smell bad; it just had a stale scent to it. I could feel her getting closer so

I stopped moving completely trying not to make a sound.

I strolled into the meeting room;

it was a plain room with grey walls and a long rectangular table with several

matching plush chairs spread around. At each seat were a small computer data pad

and a pen. On the back wall was a plasma television with the map of what looks

to be a rural area.


           “Lieutenant Mitchell”


           “Sir” I nod in reply as he sits down across from

me. I silently gulp as I lean back in my chair pretending to look calm as I

nervously dart my eyes around the room.


           “It's not bugged or anything.”


           “I was just…” 


           “I know what you were doing. I was in the

service for twenty years. You can't hide anything from me.”


           “Right, sorry sir. Not to be rude but…why am I


           “Well are you familiar with Atsuke Miyazawa.”


           “Of course sir, who isn't, he is a drug lord, a

crime boss, an ex double agent. Enemy of more of countries than Clinton had

scandals.” I reply as I begin to loosen up a little.


           “Well, he has stolen the pentagon ring from the

United States and we are expected to retrieve it.”


           “The Pentagon ring? What is the Pentagon ring?”


           “Well it looks like a typical fancy ring. Gold

band, with diamond dust laced around the band, with a very special gem on top,

the gem is artificially made and contains the blueprints for entire pentagon.

Luckily, intelligence says that he has no clue of the importance of the ring.

Inside sources say he plans on gifting it to his daughter on her birthday.”



you need me to get it back…enough said.”


           Yukino Miyazawa had left long ago but I still

found myself in her shoe. I could not garner the courage to leave. I had been so

close to death I could not believe it, her feet slamming down on either side of

the shoe. The impact of her feet caused the shoe to turn over, her gargantuan

body hovering over the shoe as she shifted her body from left to right searching

for me.


           I looked up at her dark Asian skin, her black

hair fluttering as she shifted from left to right. I could hear her shouting

obscenities until she finally gave up slamming the door behind her. My mind was Assassin’s Creed Infinity Location Points To Japan

reeling with terror, never had I been in such a situation in my life. I knew now

that I only had one thing left. I had to get the ring and get out.  That's all

that matters now.



struggled to crawl out of the shoe, as I slid down the side of the sneaker I

remembered last night. Yukino put the ring in her jewelry box, I looked across

the room at the top of her dresser. There stood her wooden jewelry box. I

gulped as I realized I had to not only traverse the room but also find away

atop the dresser. The first step was getting there. I tried to push all other

thoughts out of my mind.


           I stared out the window unable to believe that

it was finally my turn. I was mission lead; I had all the authority, all the

power. The entire mission was on my shoulders. They paired me with a couple

greenbacks, even though they had promising traits this mission was mine alone to

complete or fail.  As I looked over at my partners, I somehow knew that on the

way back home not all of us would be here. This was the kind of mission that you

do not pull out of because your cover is blown, you succeed or you die that is

all there is.


           Just like in training, MD agents like the

marines are broke down to nothing only we are reprogrammed differently. In our

training we are taught of the only two things in life. Winning and losing,

Succeeding and failing. That is what life is. There is nothing else and I have

grown to accept this, to embrace this. I just hope I am the survivor. I cannot

lose yet.


           I tightly gripped a small vile in my pocket. It

gives me great comfort to know its there. That I always had an out no matter

what even if the out is dire.


“Lieutenant, how are we getting

in? Drainpipes, Window”



the front door, we have a contact inside. At the airport, she will be wearing

a low cut skirt, with a revealing top. Across from her will be a European

male. Next to her left leg she will have a knit handbag. Upon landing, we have

20 minutes to enter the handbag. Promptly at 1:23pm, she will leave the

airport lounge with or without us. She will not acknowledge us; we are not to

make contact with her at her insertion point. We are landing soon. Get ready.”


           I had just made it past the bed when I heard the

door creek open. I cringed as I heard more then once voice. One was definitely

Yukino but I had no clue who the other was and I did not want to find out

exactly but I knew I had few choices. I crawled into the sleeve of the sweater

and looked on at the giantess i had grown to fear.

        Yukino strode

across the room in her hand I noticed McKinley. His face was red as it looked

like she was gripping him tightly. I wanted to run out and do something to help

him but i knew i could not. We had a mission. If he was caught that, then that

means things were about to get worse as he was our Japanese translator. I

watched Yukino grab her shoe and sit down on her bed.

    "Mitchell, you better come out or this

man is going to die." I couldn't believe what she was saying. I looked up at her

massive frame unable to comprehend that this, this teenage girl had the power to

kill a man. It takes so much courage, so much fear to kill a man in cold blood.

I knew she was bluffing.

    "Your other friend is already dead

Mitchell. Daddy mailed him back to your country as an example. You better come

out.I wont hurt you...I will protect you mitchell. I am the only one who can

understand you."

    I looked on as she placed McKinley on

her shoe. He was lying on her laces. Yukino grabbed the two ends of the laces

and pulled them out. She began to cross them and pull down. I watched the knot

lower onto the neck of McKinley. She pulled tighter and tighter cutting off all

the air going into his lungs. I watched his body flail in the air. He beat his

arms against the shoe screaming and crying. I looked into his eyes and saw

nothing but fear. Nothing but terror.

    "You better come out, or this man will


    I knew i couldnt come out or it would

all be over. I had nothing else too. I wanted to look away but I couldn't I





Giantess Stories: Prisoner of War

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