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Professor B, also known as Bernie Brainstorm. A mad scientist, who is known for

his crazy experiments. He is someone, who likes to spend all his time in his

tiny lab, experimenting with different chemicals to see what happens. There was

one time, he almost killed himself, when an experiment went wrong.

Professor B, lives on his own, after his wife had passed away couple of years

ago, due to an illness. Since then, he was feeling very depressed and has cut

himself out from the outside world. Each day, his agenda is the same. He would

get up, have a quick wash, have breakfast and starts work in his lab.

It's 6.30am and the alarm clock buzzes. Professor B hits the stop button and

gets out of bed. Has a quick wash and goes downstairs to start breakfast. He

checks in his refridgerator and notices that all he has left were a couple

slices of bread, quarter tub of margarine and a half carton of milk. “need to do

some shopping, I think” he mumbles to himself. He has the remaining couple

slices of bread and makes a cup of coffee with the rest of the milk. Ten minutes

later, he enters his lab and begins to work. Currently he is trying to come up

with an chemical, which enables an object to increase in size. Professor B could

sense that he has almost succeeded, but there is just one small thing, which is

holding him back.

He tries with different chemicals and combines them together. He mixed a blue

coloured chemical with an green one and then it began to fizz for a couple of

seconds and it died out. He took an apple and placed it in front of him and

slowly applied three drops of the chemical onto the apple to see what happens.

The apple began to fizz away and the skin seems to be slowly burning off and

began to disintegrate. It had not worked. The professor tried again. He mixed a

red chemical with a yellow one together. This time the chemical gave a little

fizz and died out, but there were little bubbles appearing at the bottom of the

test tube, which floated to the top and disappeared. The professor applied the

usual three drops onto the apple. Nothing happened at all this time, and the

professor was very disappointed. Just he was about to walk away, a faint hissing

sound was heard and he looked around to see what it was, but could not see

anything wrong. The hissing became louder and he turned to the apple. To his

amazement, the apple began to wobble. As it wobbled, it began to grow bigger and

bigger. In about ten seconds, the apple was twice the size than it was, and

still continued to grow. Eventually it stopped growing, and it was as big as a

water melon. The professor jumped with joy and began to run around the tiny lab,

swinging his arms and shouting. He quickly jotted down in his notebook all the

ingredients he had used. After a while, he calmed down and thought to himself.

Is there anyway, he could actually control how big he wants the objects to grow.

If he can find this out, it would be a lot of use for him and also a lot safer.

He did not think of this, when he tried the experiment on the apple. He was

lucky that the apple actually stopped growing, otherwise it could have been the

end for him and his lab, if the apple continued to grow.

The professor decided to have a break for a while and goes shopping for some

groceries. He locked up the lab and headed into town. The town was only about

ten minutes away from where he lived, so he could just walk down there, instead

of taking any form of transport. Not long after, he reached the town center and

he headed to the supermarket. He took out the list, he had made earlier and

began to load the trolley with all the listed items. He picked out some meat,

vegetables and some items for breakfast. He headed to the checkout to pay for

his purchases. The total came to about twenty pounds. The professor left the

supermarket and began to head for home, but all of a sudden a girl ran into his

path and the professor knocked her over. The girl looked about in her twenties,

with long blond hair, but was covered with mud, quite pretty and had on clothes,

which had many holes in them. As the girl struggled to get back on her feet, the

three men, were quickly gaining on her. The professor decided that he cannot

just stand there, while this is happening and not do anything about it. He

deliberately walked into the three men while carrying his shopping, hoping to

slow them down and give the girl a chance to run off. This worked for about five

seconds, but the three men pushed the professor out the way. However, the five

seconds was all it took for the girl to get up and run and disappeared. The

three men, became very angry that the professor had got in their way and decided

to have a word with the professor and maybe also teach him a lesson for

interfering. But, before the men reached the professor, one of their mobile

phones went off and they turned away and headed off down the street. The

professor gave a sigh of relief, as he was scared shitless, but knew that he

could not have done anything, if the men did have a go at him. The professor

carried on heading for home. On the way, he heard footsteps following closely

behind him and he thought it could be the same three men and decided to walk a

bit faster. As the professor gained speed, he could hear the footsteps also

gaining speed and quickly gaining on him. He decided to turn around and face the

three men. The professor turned round, and to his surprise, it was the girl he

saved from the men.

“Hello” the professor said.

“Hello, my name is Tiffany, Tiff for short. I just wanted to thank you for

saving me back there, it was much appreciated” the girl said.

“That's ok. I thought I had to do something. I cannot see a young girl like

yourself be tortured by those hooligans” the professor smiled.

“If you don't mind me asking, where are your parents” the professor asks?

“They left me when I was three years old with an orphanage, but I manage to

escape as I absolutely hated the place, and I have been on the streets ever

since” the girl replies.

“I am sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me being a old codger, you are

welcome to come and live with me for a while. What do you reckon?” the professor


Tiffany hesitated to think. He can't be the perverted type could he, she thought

to herself, or is this guy giving me an genuine offer. She then decided, what

the hell, if this guy tries anything, I could take him.

“Sure! I would love to, thanks” Tiff replies. Both the professor and Tiff headed

for home.

Ten minutes later, the professor and Tiff had arrived. “Make yourself at home,

while I put the groceries away” the professor says.

Tiff looked around the house and studied the ornaments and pictures in the each

of the rooms. She sat down on the couch in the lounge and waited for the

professor. Not long after the professor came out with a glass of juice and he

handed it over to Tiffany, who immediately finished it within seconds.

“My, you must have been thirsty, when was the last time you had a proper meal?”

the professor asks.

“About three days ago. I managed to find half a burger, still wrapped up, so I

ate that. Since then, I have not had anything” Tiff replies.

“You must be starving!. Wait here, and I will see what I could dig up for you”

the professor says.

“That would be great, thank you” Tiff replies.

The professor disappears into the kitchen and begins to rummage through the

groceries he just brought back. He decides to make some ham sandwiches for Tiff.

Fifteen minutes later, the professor enters the lounge, with a plate of ham

sandwiches, and he hands them over to Tiff. They all disappeared within minutes.

“Thanks! They were great” says Tiff.

The professor smiled and left the room. He then returned with a towel and he

handed it over to Tiff.

“Why don't you go and take a shower and I will see if I could find any old

clothes for you to wear in the meantime” the professor says.

“Ok” replies Tiff.

The professor shows Tiff where the bathroom was and headed back to the lab for

more experiments. He decided to try the chemical on something else. This time he

thought, he should try a living creature. He picks out a bug from one of his

glass containers, which he keeps for experiments and places it on the table. He

begins to apply the three drops onto the bugs back. The bug began to wobble like

the apple earlier on and it began to grow. The professor stepped back in shock

as the bug carried on growing. Within a few seconds, the bug was three times its

usual size and still continued to grow. At this time, the professor hoped that

it would stop growing, but the bug just carried on growing. Finally, it stopped,

but it got up and it fell to the floor and scuttled towards the professor. The

professor flinched and tried to find something to capture it. But, before he

could find anything, a loud crunch was heard. He turned around and noticed that

Tiff had finished her shower and was standing behind him, slowly grinding and

crushing the oversized bug under her shoe.

“Shit, that was a big bug. Luckily I killed it because it was heading towards

you” Tiff shouted.

At this point, the professor did not know whether to thank her or to shout at

her. Tiff was only trying to help he thought and just shrugged it off. He could

always use another bug.

“Did you have a nice shower then?” asks the professor and handed over a clean

shirt and a skirt to Tiff.

“Yes thanks! I just came down here and noticed that big bug. But, I managed to

crush it before, it got to you. Sorry about the mess though. I'll clean it up

for you” says Tiff.

“Don't worry about it, I'll clean up the mess. You go and get changed” says the


The professor slowly wipes up the guts and the remainders of what use to be a

big bug off the floor and throws away the cloth. Couple of minutes later, Tiff

enters the lab, looking neat and tidy. The professor could not believe his eyes.

It is amazing what a shower and a change of clothes could do to change a persons

appearance. Tiffany looked amazing. She was so pretty. The professor looked at

her from the head down to her feet. When he looked at the feet, he was shocked.

Tiff's shoes were torn and completely worn out. He decided to find a pair of his

wife's old shoes for Tiff, until they do some proper clothes shopping tomorrow.

The professor opened an wardrobe and asked Tiff what size shoes she was.

Luckily, Tiff shoes size were exactly the same as his wife's. Tiff noticed that

all the shoes were either low or high heeled and not a single pair had a flat

sole. She tried on a couple of pairs, but at the end decided on a pair of black

suede pumps, with a heel of about three inches high.

“These will do fine for the time being. How come you have all these female

clothing lying around?” asks Tiff

“They belonged to my wife, who had passed away couple of years ago, but I could

not throw her stuff away. Seeing you in them now, brings back memories. I would

rather see them being worn instead of being wasted” the professor explains.

“Right, lets go an do some shopping” says the Prof.

Tiff and the professor left the house and headed out to the car parked out

front. On the way, Tiff did not realize their was a snail in front of her,

slowly trying to crawl to the grass. Crrrrrunchhhh!!!, “uhh gross, I felt that.

The thing just crunched under my shoe, then I could feel it squelched” Tiff

shouted. She wiped the remains on the grass and carried on heading towards the

car. Tiff jumped into the front seat and buckled up. The professor started up

the engine, and the car roared into life. “That is one hell of a engine you have

under the hood” says Tiff.

“It's an 3 litre V6. Purrs like a cat, I love it” replies the professor. “Do you

know how to drive” asks the professor?

“I did use to play a lot of driving video games, while I was at the orphanage.

Apart from that, I guess no” replies Tiff.

“I could give you some lessons if you want. This is only an automatic, only has

two pedals. Accelerator and brake, easy to drive. Just got to be careful on the

gas though, as it is pretty sensitive. Just a slight touch, and the thing flies”

says the professor”

“That would be great, thanks. When? Asks Tiff.

“How about after we have been shopping?” asks the professor

“Your on” replies Tiff.

They set off down the road, and headed to the shopping center. The streets were

packed with people and cars. Tiff was very excited, as it has been such a long

time, since anybody has treated her like this. Especially someone who does not

know her very well, and has offered her shelter and food. The professor, parked

up in the car park, bought a ticket and headed into the shopping center.

“Ok, where do you want to go first?” asked the professor.

“Dunno, there is so much to see here” replies Tiff.

Tiff and the professor just wandered round a bit, and then one of the shop

windows caught Tiff's eye. “Wow, check out the dress on the dummy” says Tiff.

The dress looked very nice. Silky looking, low cut, with shoulder straps.

“Why don't you go in and try it on” says the professor.

Without hesitating, Tiff just disappeared into the job and approached the shop

assistant.” Can I try on that dress in the window, please” asked Tiff.

The shop assistant showed Tiff where the dress was in the shop, and Tiff thanked

her and began looking for the one, which fitted her. There were not many left,

but luckily she did find the one, she needed. Tiff, immediately went into the

changing rooms, while the professor waited outside. Couple of minutes later,

Tiff came out of the changing rooms, and called out to the professor.

“Well, what do you think?” asks Tiff.

The professor, did not know what to stay, as he was gobsmacked. “You look

stunning” says the professor. Tiff, then looked at the price tag, and thought it

was a bit expensive, and wanted to put it back.

“What's wrong? Didn't you like it?” asked the professor.

“It's a tad expensive” replied Tiff.

“Don't worry about it. You deserve something nice, after the hell you have been

through” Tiff smiled, and took the dress to the checkout.

Tiff and the professor left the shop, and walked a bit further on into the

center, and them they come across a shoes shop. ”Let's take a look inside. You

cannot wear my wife's shoes all the time can you” said the professor.

Tiff agreed, and wandered around the shop to see if there is anything she liked.

After a brief wander, Tiff cannot decide what to choose. Then, she noticed on

one of the shelves, there were many different types of high heeled shoes,

available in different colours and materials. She picked out two pairs, which

she was interested in. The first pair, were red pumps, with an three inch pin

heel, and the second pair, were black strappy heels, with an three and a half

inch heel. Tiff tried on both pairs, and immediately loved them. She then had

this feeling of power going through her body, which she has never felt before.

Tiff turned to the professor and asked for his opinion. The professor, just

stood there for a second, not responding to Tiff, while looking down at her

feet. Then Tiff noticed something and giggled. She noticed that a sudden bulge

appeared on the professors trousers. Tiff was thinking to herself “I think the

professor has a shoe fetish”. The professor was still looking down at Tiff's

feet, until she shouted at him.

Tiff took both pairs up to the counter to pay for them. Tiff and the professor

left the shoe shop, and carried down along the center.

Two hours later, Tiff and the professor went home. On the way home, Tiff looked

out of the car window, and noticed this boy, picking on a young girl, and did

not like it one bit. She asked the professor to park up to one side, and she got

out of the car and headed to help the young girl. The boy saw Tiff approaching

him and immediately stopped bullying the girl and began to approach Tiff


“Can I help you?” asked the boy.

“Yeah! How about leaving the girl alone and get lost” replied Tiff

“Yeah! And who's going to stop me? You and that old fart over there?”

“Nup! Just me”

The boy did not like the way Tiff spoke to him, and tried to grab Tiff by her

arm. However, as soon as he lifted his arm, Tiff gave him a hard kick between

the legs, the tip of her pumps made an direct hit. The boy, then immediately put

his hands on his groin, shouting in pain, and fell to the floor.

“You cow! You should not have done that. You are gonna to regret doing that”

But, this annoyed Tiff even more. She grabbed him by his ankles, and held them

tight. Raised her right foot in the air, and brought the sole of her pump quick

and hard down onto his groin.

“Aaaaargghhhhh” shouted the boy.

Tiff, did not care one bit, just ignored him shouting and began to twist her

foot from side to side, grinding the balls into paste, applying more pressure

with each twist. Tiff did this for about five seconds, until the professor,

shouted for her to stop and to get back into the car.

Tiff listened and said to the boy” If I catch you bullying anyone again, I

promise that I would do a lot more damage that I did this time. You got that?”

shouted Tiff.

The boy was still in too much pain to speak, and just gave a quick nod.

Tiff got back into the car, and the professor drove home.

When they arrived home, Tiff took her new clothes and shoes up to her room, and

tried to find out what the best match would be. First, she tried on the new

dress, together with the strappy heels, and began to admire herself in the

mirror. Meanwhile, downstairs, the professor, heard the loud clicking noises

above his head, made by the sound of Tiff's heels walking about in her room. He

did not find the noise annoying, but he did have a funny sensation running

through him. He actually liked the sound, he does not know why, but he just

cannot explain it.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a knock at his front door. The professor went

to open the door and on his doorstep, were two police officers.

“Mr Brainstorm, I believe” said one of the officers.

“Yes, that is correct. How may I assist you officers”

“Somebody saw you down town, buying some groceries, and said that you ran into a

bit of trouble with a couple of thugs, who were actually chasing a young girl.

Is that correct sir”

“That is correct”

“I also believe that you brought her back to your place”

“That is also correct. She is here with me”

“Can I ask the lady a couple of questions, in regards to the incident, which

happened earlier”

“Sure, I don't see why not”

The professor, shouted for Tiff to come downstairs. Tiff came down, still in her

dress and strappy high heels. When the officers saw her, they were immediately

gobsmacked by what they saw. Both the officers looked at Tiff from top to

bottom, then a huge grin formed on their faces.

“These police officers would like to ask you about the incident, which happened

earlier” said the professor.

“Can I help you officers” asked Tiff.

“Yeah……erm” spluttered the officer”

“I am officer Jones and this is officer Stevens. We are with the local police

station down town”

“I am hoping that you could tell me what happened earlier down town, why were

those guys chasing you, and more importantly, are you ok?”

The professor interrupted and asked both the officers to come and talk about it


They all entered the lounge and sat down and had a talk. Couple of minutes

later, officer Stevens needed the gents, and asked the professor, if he minded

or not. The professor gave the officer the directions to the downstairs toilet.

Few minutes later, officer Stevens came back out, and was just about to enter

the lounge, when he could sense this really weird smell. He followed the smell,

until he noticed some stairs, which leaded down to the basement. The stairs were

dark, and the officer could not find the light switch. Luckily, he had a

flash-light on him. Stevens turned it on and headed slowly down the stairs. The

smell grew stronger and stronger, as he neared the bottom of the stairs.

Finally, he had reached the bottom, and then he began to search for the light

switch. Stevens found the switch, and turned on the light. He could not believe

what he saw. There was equipment, paper, empty food packets, drink cartons lying

around everywhere. Then what shocked him most, were the mice and rats in cages,

most of them with scars on their backs. Stevens walked around a bit to see if he

could find anything else. He was absolutely disgusted by what he saw, and

decided to go back upstairs to speak to Jones. Stevens tried to keep a straight

face as he entered the lounge.

“Officer Jones, can I have a quick word outside”

“What is it Stevens?”

“As I was returning from the toilet, I noticed an rather pungent smell. It was

coming from the basement. I went down there to investigate, and noticed that

there was garbage everywhere. But, the most shocking was that, there were

rodents, all cooped in small cages, most of them injured. I think the professor

here is carrying out some illegal testing on animals. Shall we report this, and

arrest the guy?”

Officer Jones, did not know how to respond to this, but decided to pretend he

does not know about this, and come back later with all the relevant documents,

so he could press charges.

Both of the officers entered the lounge and told the professor that they will be

leaving and will come back if they require any more information in regards to

the incident down town.

The next morning, around 9am, the doorbell rang, and professor went to open the

door. This time, the same two officers turned up, with two other officers.

“Morning professor. I have a search warrant to search you home. Mind if we come

in” asked officer Jones.

“What!……a search warrant. What for? I have not done anything wrong”

Then Stevens, came in and explained the situation. The professor did not know

what he to say. Three officers headed down to the basement, while one of them

stayed with the professor. A couple of minutes later, the officers returned,

with all the tortured animals.

They took them, and place them in the back of the police van. Stevens, then

arrested the professor, handcuffed him, and led him to the van.

The professor was found guilty by the court, and was fined a huge sum of money.

He was not happy about this. After all these years of hard saving, then this


Couple of days went by, and the professor could not stop thinking what had

happened. He decided to go out and take a walk to try and clear his head. As he

was heading to the nearby park, he noticed everybody staring at him. Then he

heard someone, say “is that the crazy professor, who tortured animals. He

deserves to be shot”. The comment upset him even more. To make things even

worse, a couple of kids recognized him, and began to throw stones at him, while

shouting “murderer, murderer”. The professor could not handle this anymore, and

headed home. On the way, he ran into a gang of punks, and decided to walk back

the other way, in case they recognized him. Unfortunately, just as he turned

away, one of the punks did recognized him, and told the others. They all chased

after him, and beat him up. The professor was in a lot of pain, and limped all

the way back home.

When he arrived home, Tiff greeted him

“What happened to you?” asks Tiff.

“I'm ok” replies the professor.

Tiff went to the first aid cabinet and found some plasters, and brought them

back to the professor. Then she applied the plasters to the cuts on the

professor's face and forehead.

The professor felt more and more angry. He feels that the whole world is against


“I am really beginning to hate this world, this town, and all the people in it.

I would love to see this town get crushed to tiny pieces, with everybody in it.

It is the only way to make me feel better”. Said the professor.

Tiff, just sat there next to him, thinking how she could help the professor.

After all, it was him who gave her a second chance in life, and she would do

anything to make up for it. Then it clicked.

“Professor, remember that giant bug, that appeared in your lab. Was that

something to do with one of your experiments? asked Tiff.

Then the professor remembered, that he had successfully invented a formula,

which enlarges things. The problem is, that this formula has not been tested

properly, and definitely not yet on a human being. Who knows what the effect is.

The professor immediately got up and headed down to the lab, Tiff followed

behind him.

He began to search for the little notebook, which he wrote down the chemicals,

that were required to make it. He searched high and low for the notebook, then

he remembered, that he put it in one of the draws. The professor limped over to

the draw, pulled it open, and found the listed chemicals. He quickly set to


An hour later, the professor, came up with the chemical. He was not sure that

this would work on a human, but he needed to find out, and decided to drink the

chemical himself, as he did not want to harm Tiff. Just as the professor, was

about to drink it, Tiff stopped him, and said that she wanted to do it. The

professor said no, and proceeded to drink the chemical. Then, all of a sudden,

Tiff just grabbed the beaker from the professor, and gulped it down.

The professor stood there in shock, wondering what will happen to Tiff. For a

couple of minutes, nothing happened and the professor felt disappointed. All of

a sudden Tiff shouted at the professor, saying that she could feel a funny

tingling sensation running through her body. Then slowly, Tiff began to feel her

whole body beginning to grow. The professor just stood there with his mouth wide


“Its working, its working” shouting the professor.

Then the growing process speeded up a little. In less than three minutes, Tiff

grew about two foot and still continued to grow. Quicker and quicker Tiff grew,

and about five minutes later, Tiff was reaching the 7ft stage.

“Tiff, you better go outside because I do not know how much more you are going

to grow” said the professor.

Tiff, quickly ran outside into the backyard. She stood there on the patio and

still continued to grow. Ten, twenty, thirty, feet high, but she just kept on

growing. The professor was just gobsmacked. By the time Tiff reached about

thirty- five feet, the growth was beginning to slow down. Then, Tiff stopped

growing. She must have been at least forty feet tall. Tiff, felt very nervous,

as she has never anything like this to happen to her. She looked around and

could see above houses, trees and other buildings with no problems. Tiff looked

down at the professor, and just can make out where he is. The professor just

seemed so tiny. To her, he just looked like a bug.

The professor looked up at her, and noticed how huge Tiff's feet were. He

thought to himself, with those feet, I can make my wish come true. I will ask

Tiff to avenge the shit this town has caused me. Because of them, I almost lost

my home. Tiff will crush each and every one who abused and insulted me in this

town, and also their homes.

The funny thing is, the clothes Tiff were wearing also grew with her. Everything

was enalarged. Her top, dress and best of all, her strappy heels. They looked

wicked and deadly. The heels looked like two very big daggers. Excellent for

making huge holes in the ground as Tiff Walks. The huge sole of her shoes,

perfect for crushing anything that gets in her way. Nothing can stop her.

The problem now, is how long is Tiff going to stay that size, a couple of

minutes, hours, nobody knows. Tiff began to get use to height slowly but still

feels a bit uneasy when she looks down to the ground, it just seems so far away.

She noticed the professor waving at her, trying to get her attention.

Tiff crouched down and began to speak. When she spoke, the professor immediately

put his hands to his ears, because Tiff's voice was so loud.

“Shhh, don't talk so loud. Just whisper. You being so big and everything all you

have to do is whisper, and I can hear you” said the professor.

“Sorry, whispered Tiff. I did not know. I am still not used to being this size”

replied Tiff.

“Actually, while you are up there, could you do me a favour”

“Sure, what?”

“Can you just demolish that old shed back there. I have been meaning to get rid

if that pile of crap and get a new one”

“No problem. All I have to do is step on it and hey presto, more firewood”

Tiff slowly took one step, and she was already above the shed. The professor

looked at the footprint on the concrete, which was made by Tiff's enormous shoe,

and cannot wait to see what damage she could create when she is on the streets,

crushing each and everyone of those assholes out there.

Tiff slowly raised her foot over the shed, and began to bring it down on the

roof of the shed. Crrrruunchh the shed just collapsed under her the mighty

weight of her foot. The crunching sound just echoed. Tiff then began to grind

slowly on the mashed up shed, causing each piece of wood to turn to splinters.

With each twist of her foot a loud crunch can be heard. Tiff deliberately slowed

down the grinding, as she knew that the professor has a thing for shoes. The

professor just stood there staring at Tiff's huge shoe grinding away at his

mangled up shed. About a minute later, Tiff stopped grinding and stepped back

over to the professor.

“Well, how's that. There is enough firewood there to last us a good couple of

months. I actually enjoyed that a lot. The feeling I had, when I crushed the

shed. It was strange, but I liked it. A lot. Knowing I have the power to crush

just about anything I want feels good. I wonder what it feels like to crush

something like a car, bus, better still an human being” says Tiff.

“Well Tiff. I think you will get the chance tomorrow, because tomorrow my

friend, I am going to introduce you to our neighbourhood” cackles the professor.

I can imagine it now. Seeing each one of those cretins under your foot. Crushed

and grounded into paste smeared all the concrete.

“Mind you however, clearing up the mess will be a drag. But hey! WHO GIVES A

SHIT! It's worth it” said the professor.

As soon as the professor completed his sentence, Tiff began to fee the same

tingling feeling in her body. She began to shrink. Foot after foot, Tiff shrank.

It seems that she shrinks a lot quicker that when she grew. Within a minute,

Tiff was back to her normal size.

The professor looked at his watch and said that this growing chemical lasts only

for about fifteen minutes. But, it is enough time to mash anyone.

“The problem now, is that I cannot have wandering the street crushing people,

because once the police sees you, they are going to alert the army and

everything” said the professor.

The professor began to think of an idea. Then, it clicked.

“I know. There is a hangar type of building further down the road from here,

where they used as an storage for huge machinery. It has not been used for a

very long time now and nobody goes there anymore. Perfect”

“But professor, how are we going to get the victims down there? Like you said,

it is not a place somebody would visit” asks Tiff.

“Do not worry, I will come up with something. Tonight, we will go and check the

place out, to see if you are able to fit in there, after you have grown to your

full height” replied the professor.

It is 11pm, the professor and Tiff is getting ready to check out the old hangar.

He packs a torch, the growing chemical, keys to his car and heads off down the

road. It only takes about ten minutes to get there. The professor parks the car

near the entrance of the entrance and gets out, with Tiff following behind him.

“It's bloody dark in there isn't it” asks professor.

He switches on the torch and begins to wander around, with Tiff holding onto his

arm. They slowly walk further and further into the dark room. There are bits of

junk lying around all over the place.

As they walk further into the room, they both looked up towards the ceiling.

“Looking good so far. I reckon this building is a lot more than forty feet high”

said Tiff.

“It should be. They used to store bits of aeroplane, and other huge machinery

parts in here” replied the professor.

Deeper into the hangar, they noticed another huge entrance, which leads into the

main storage area. Both the professor and Tiff entered the huge room.

“This is absolutely perfect. It is practically empty. Definitely the best place

to perform the deeds” shouted the professor.

“Ok, are you ready to take the chemical?” asks the professor.

“Ready as I'll ever be” replies Tiff.

The professor hands over the chemical and Tiff gulps it down. The same tingling

feeling shot through her body. Tiff began to grow. Within minutes, Tiff, was at

her full forty feet.

She looked up and realized that could just touch the roof of the hangar. If she

grew any taller, she would probably go through the roof. Tiff tried to walk a

bit, but after three steps, she is already at the other side of the building.”

“You ok?” asks the professor.

Tiff signals him with her enormous hand to confirm she is ok.

“Right, we are going to have to clean up the other room a bit, so nothing gets

in our way” said the professor.

Tiff agreed and headed for the previous room and the professor followed.

“Hey wait for me, shouted the professor.

“Oops, sorry, forgot” replied Tiff.

Everything in the room just seems like giant toys to Tiff and she just moved

them all out of the way with ease. The professor also helped out. He decided to

move some of the old cardboard boxes in the corner and put them elsewhere. As he

did this, he jumped back in shock.

“What's wrong with you?” asks Tiff.

“Nothing. Those three darn rats just gave me a scare, that's all. Tiff, would

you mind?” as he pointed towards the rats. Tiff knew immediately what the

professor wanted, and immediately brought her huge foot towards the rats. This

time she was not wearing heels, as it was quite a dirty place, the old hangar.

She was wearing sneakers and jeans. The professor shone the torch onto the rats,

and they tried to run away. No chance. Tiff just placed one foot over them and

pressed down. Cccrrruuunnnccchhhh. The professor heard it very clearly as it was

just so quiet inside the building. Tiff began to twist her foot to the left and

then to the right. The crunching of bones got quieter and quieter, then silence.

Tiff lifted her foot, and the professor went to inspect the damage.

“Ohh, take a look at that. Isn't that disgusting. You cannot tell that they were

once live rats. All they are now, is mashed up paste. Lovely” said the


Tiff lifted her foot to look under her sneaker. All she could see are red stains

and bits of what used to be rats embedded into the soles of her sneaker. They

carried on cleaning. It did not take very long for them clean up, with Tiff

being so large an all. Fifteen minutes are up, and Tiff shrank to her normal

size. She went to inspect the damage she did to the rats and chuckled.

“Did I do that? I did not even feel them when I squished them, but it was great.

Next time, humans” said Tiff grinning.

Both the professor and Tiff jumped back into the car and headed for home.

The next morning, the professor woke up early nice an early, preparing for his

revenge. He quickly went round Tiff's room and banged on her door.

“Tiff, you awake?”

“I am now, with all that banging on my door”

“Get changed, have some breakfast. Today, you will have a proper victim”

The professor just cannot wait. He just had a quick wash, put on some clothes

and went downstairs and had breakfast. Not long after, Tiff came down and sat

down at the table.

“Who are our first victims” asked Tiff.

“I thought about it last night actually. I think it would have to be that

couple, who lives a couple of doors away from me. The White's. You see, they

have these two dogs, which they loved very much, but they are just so annoying.

They bark at ridiculous hours, keeping me awake all night, once one of them even

tried to bite me. What did White's do about it? Nothing. He even let go of the

lead and let the dog bite me” replied the professor, as he shows the scar on his

arm to Tiff, caused by the dog.

“Next question, how are you going to get them to the hangar?”

“Remember that I said that they have two dogs, which they loved very much. I am

going to take them, and then ask the Whites for a ransom. Guess where the

meeting place is going to be, the old hangar”

“You are a sneaky old man aren't you?”

“Can't help it. When you are my age, you have to be, to survive”

Tiff and the professor finished their breakfast, and comes up with a plan in how

to get hold of the dogs.

“Ok, I know that the Whites both go to work together in the mornings, and leaves

the dogs running around in their backyard. This is the perfect opportunity to

grab them” suggests the professor.

They both go to the window and keep an eye out for the Whites car. Five minutes

later, they see the Whites car leaving the driveway.

“Right, lets do it” said the professor.

The professor and Tiff leaves the house and walks down towards the Whites house.

They walk round the back, and immediately heard the barking. The professor looks

over the back gate and sees both the dogs. He slowly undo the lock on the gate

and enters, with Tiff following behind him. One of the dogs begins to bark

loudly at them and begins to growl. The professor began to get nervous and

thought what a stupid idea this was. However, he did not know Tiff was pretty

good with dogs, and she took over. Tiff walked slowly towards the dog, with one

hand out n front of her, trying not to scare him.

The dog calmed down and then began to sniff Tiff's hand. The professor gave a

sigh of relief and tied a piece of string to the dog collar, while Tiff went to

get the other dog. Luckily, the second dog was more docile and Tiff had no

trouble with tying the string to the collar. The professor scribbled a quick

note and slips it under the back door. Then, they led the dogs back home.

“Tiff, how would you like to crush these flea ridden animals?”

But, Tiff liked dogs and turned her head with disagreement and therefore, the

professor did not carry on forcing her.

The professor and Tiff took the dogs into the backyard and left them there,

whilst waiting for the Whites to come home from work.

Couple of hours passes, and the professor looks out the window, and sees the

Whites entering their driveway. They get out of the car and enter the house.

Mr White immediately goes into the backyard to check on the dogs, but they were

not there, so he shouted for his wife.

“Hey Carol, the dogs are missing. Did you forget to lock the back-gate again?”

“No! I did not forget to lock the back-gate and what do you mean the dogs are


“Well, do you see them?” asks Dave

“No” replies Carol

“Well then. Then they are missing”

Dave and Carol decided to go and see if they could find them. Just as they were

about to leave, Carol notices the not on the floor, picks it up and reads it.

“Oh, I don't believe this. Someone has actually taken our dogs. Read this” and

she passes the not to Dave.

Dave read the note, and decides to call the police. Carol stopped him and said

the dogs have only gone missing for a while. The police will not do anything

about it. The phone rings.


“Hello Mrs White. Have you lost something?” asks the professor.

“Who is this? Was it you who took both our dogs?” shouts Carol.

Dave heard Carol and grabs the phone off her.

“Listen up you bastard. Tell me who you are and give us our dogs back, or I am

going to call the police”

“Please calm down Mr White, your dogs are fine”

“Just tell me what you want, I will give you anything, money, jewelry anything,

just give me the dogs back”

“I am not interested in any of that. What I want is YOU and your wife”

Dave was puzzled, but promised the professor anyway.

“Ok, name the time and place, and we will come and meet you”

“Three o'clock, at the old hangar. Be there, or the dogs die” and the professor

hangs up.

“What shall we do?” shouted Mrs White”

“What can we do, apart from doing as he says” replied her husband.

The Whites just sit their on the couch, staring up at the clock. In less than an

hour it would be the end of their lives, and they have no idea.

Back at the professors, they get prepared, making sure that they have brought

everything they need, especially the growth chemical.

“I'd just had a thought” says Tiff.

“Oh, and what's that” asked the prof.

“I was thinking if we had to lure every person, who we want to dispose of to the

old hangar, it would take quite a while. How about after the Whites, I just go

and finish everyone else of in town in one go, I mean it is not a very big town

is it. By the time the police or whoever turns up, we should have finished by


The professor was not too sure about this, and stood thinking for a while.

“It is pretty risky, but we'll see how it goes after the Whites and decide from


The professor and Tiff leave early and heads for the hangar. The streets were

fairly quiet at the time, and not many people or cars are to be seen. The

professor had parked his car near their back door, so nobody would seem them

putting the dogs in the back. As the professor put the dogs into the back of the

car, Tiff goes back into the house for a couple of minutes and comes back out


“Where did you disappear to”

“I forgot my new shoes, which I had bought yesterday. I thought I would use them

today for our big task today”

The professor looked down at Tiff's feet and noticed the new shoes. He liked

them very much. They were gold strappy high heeled sandals, with about an four

inch pin heel, straps going over her toes and one around here ankle.

“Nice choice”

“Thanks! And I deliberately chose a thin sole, so I could feel every crunch and

squelch under my foot, while destroying those “little people”

As they were about to leave, the professor noticed an pretty big black beetle

crawling on the concrete, and immediately told Tiff.

“Hey Tiff, check this out”

Tiff, went over to the professor and asked what was the matter. The professor

pointed down at the beetle. She knew immediately, what the professor wanted her

to do, She placed the sole of her fresh new shoes on top of the beetle and

slowly began to press down. A quiet crunch can be heard coming from under her

foot. More and more pressure she added to the beetle, but the shell, just did

not crush completely.

“Strong little fellow aren't you” asked Tiff.

“But not strong enough” as she said this, she put all her weight onto the back

of the beetle and CRUNCH!. It was loud. Tiff, began to grind her foot slowly

left and right. She did this about three or four times, until the beetle was

just a wet splodge on the floor. She removed her foot and inspected the damage.

You cannot make out that it was a beetle. Tiff grinned.

“That felt great!!! Cannot wait to try these on a human though”

The professor just stood there, still looking at the remains of what use to be a

beetle. Tiff, had to shake him to get his attention.

“Uh! What!,,,,,oh yeah, right, lets go shall we”

“Tiff, before you get in, can you please wipe off the guts from the beetle, as I

just cleaned the carpets yesterday”

“Can you wipe it off for me”

Without hesitating, the professor agreed.

The professor went over to the back step and sat down, and Tiff gave him her

foot. As the professor was about to hold onto her foot, and wipe off the guts,

Tiff pushed the sole of her shoe into the professor's groin, slowly, but gently

began to wipe the guts off. The professor did not try to push her foot of, but

he enjoyed it. He looked down at her foot and loved the sight of the clear flesh

colored tights, with gold painted toenails, and of course the bright golden


“You like that don't you. Do not say no, as I could feel your hard pecker under

my shoe”

The professor just gave a slight nod. Tiff, removed her shoe and inspected the

bottom of her sole.

“Ok, they're clean, but your not” meaning that the professor has a wet patch

appearing on his trousers.

“Think, you better go an change into a clean pair of trousers” says Tiff.

“There's not enough time, we are going to be late, if we do not leave now”

“We won't be late. Hand me the car keys, I'll drive” says Tiff.

“But, you don't know how to. I have not taught you yet”

“Its simple. I have been studying you, when you drove. Please. Please…”

The professor gave up arguing due for time sake, and handed the keys to Tiff.

She jumped into the drivers seat, and put the key into the ignition”

“Please be careful” asked the professor.

Tiff, nodded and turn the key. Then she slammed the accelerator pedal to the

floor and the engine roared.

“Sorry” said Tiff. She slams the car into drive and drives onto the road. She

remembered to look both ways, before entering the road. Luckily, the road were

quiet, so she decided to increase speed a little, and pushed her strappy heeled

foot further down on the pedal. The car gathered speed quickly.

“You are going a bit too fast Tiff, please slow down a little.”

Tiff, thought to herself, spoilsport and eased off the pedal.

Not long after Tiff and the professor left, the Whites followed. Mr White also

took along his mobile just in case.

Ten minutes later, Tiff and the professor arrive at the old hangar. The

professor points to a spot, which is good for parking, as it is out of sight

from everything else.

Tiff, parks up and switches off the ignition.

“Well, what do you think of my driving then”

“Not too bad, not too bad at all. Just got you watch your speed a little though”

Both of them gets out of the car and heads inside to get ready.

The professor finds a cosy little room, where he could keep the dogs quiet until

the Whites arrive.

“Right, remember the plan Tiff”

“Yeah, yeah”

Within minutes, the Whites arrive, and they park up. They get out of the car and

heads inside.

“The Whites are pretty big people aren't they” asks Tiff.

“Yeah, round the waist” replies the professor.

“Excellent! Wonder how he would feel, when I squish him” asked Tiff.

“You will find out very soon”

“Right, quickly drink this and stand where we had planned”

Tiff, quickly drank the chemical, and started to grow.

The Whites entered the giant door, and saw the professor standing there in front

of them.

“Its YOU!, the crazy SOB, who lives a couple of doors away from us. What have

you done with our dogs, you asshole!”

“Now, now Mr White calm down. I have only taken two out of the three you have”

Mrs White did not like that comment whatsoever.

Tiff, gave a slight chuckle at the comment the professor, but was not loud

enough to get attention.

“Ok, what do you want” asked Mr White”

“Just you and your Mrs. Like I said over the phone”

“Why do you want us? What have we done to you, to make you take our dogs?”

“You insulted and abused me, making my life hell ever since you had moved in

couple of months ago. You and your noisy dogs. Now, I am going to make sure that

it will never happen again”

“Oh yeah! How are you going to do that”

The professor looked up at Tiff, and the Whites turned round.

“What the hell!” shouts Mr White. Mrs White screamed.

“Hallo Mr and Mrs White, I'm Tiff. It is nice to meet you, but it will also be

the last we speak”

The Whites tried to run back out of the door, but Tiff blocked the exit with her

huge foot. The professor then gave the signal to Tiff, asking her to finish

them. He stepped out of the way.

“Goodbye Mr and Mrs White, it was nice knowing you”

The Whites tried to run the opposite way as to where Tiff was, but they were

just too slow, due to their size. All it took for Tiff, was one step, and she

was towering above them. Mr White, then tripped over a piece of wood lying on

the floor, which caused Mrs White to do the same, as she was being dragged right

behind him. Neither of them could move, as they watched Tiff looking down at


“Bye bye Mr and Mrs White” as Tiff slowly place her giant strappy heeled foot

over them.

Tiff's came closer and closer upon the Whites. My White lifted his arms above

his head, hoping to prevent them from being crushed. It was no use, he was

nowhere near strong enough to hold of the mighty foot towering above them.

The pressure was on. Both Mr and Mrs White were pinned to the floor, screaming

for mercy on their pitiful lives. Just as Tiff was about to finish them off, the

professor stopped her.

“Tiff, wait for a sec”

Tiff, had no idea why the professor stopped her right in the middle of her

enjoyment. Mr White gave huge sigh of relief. Then it clicked. The professor

wanted to get a better view, when they get crushed.

The professor knelt on the floor and looked under the huge shoe. He could see

the Whites, just pinned to the floor in agony. Then, the professor signaled Tiff

to carry on.

Tiff pressed a little harder, but felt nothing crunch. She thought to herself,

it must be all that fat, which is preventing her from squishing them. She

applied even more pressure to her right foot. This time, a loud scream came from

under her shoe. Tiff smiled. She was getting slightly bored of this, and added

more pressure. This time she heard a crunch, and realized, this is it, no

turning back now, gotta finish them off. Tiff pushed her foot straight down onto

the Whites and cccrrruuunnnncchhh!!!. Blood splattered out from under her shoe.

Some of it even hit the professor directly in the face, as he was so close.

Slowly, she grinded and grinded the bodies into paste. Each grind caused a loud

crunching of bones. The puddle of blood began to grow bigger and bigger, as it

oozed out from under her sandal.

Within a couple of seconds, the crunching sound ceased, and all could be heard

is a squelching sound.

The professor got up and stared at the huge foot still grinding away on the

bodies of Mr and Mrs White. He looked up at Tiff's face, and noticed the most

evil looking grin he had ever seen.

“Ok Tiff, that should do it, you can stop now”

Tiff agreed and removed her foot. The professor looked down to the floor, and

noticed there was nothing left of the Whites. All there was just a mashed up

mess on the floor. They were so badly mashed up, that if someone else not

knowing what it was, could never tell that it was once used to be two human


“That was great!!! Crushing bugs was nowhere near as fun as crushing the Whites”

said Tiff.

“Glad you enjoyed it. There is going to be plenty more” replied the professor.

The rotten thing now is, having to clean up the mess. The professor put on some

gloves and boots and brought in the huge water containers, and tipped the water

over the mess. Then, he slowly used a spade and scooped up the remains. While he

was doing this, he noticed an extremely big chunk of something amongst the mess,

so he prodded it with his spade. He had no idea what it was, until he moved a

bit closer. It was part of a liver. How could this be?. Surely all that grinding

Tiff did, would have mashed everything to paste. He thought to himself, I cannot

leave this here, so he asked Tiff to finish up properly. Tiff decided to use the

pointed heel and finish it off. She placed the heel directly over the chunk of

liver, and pressed down. Squelch!.

“Ok, that will do. Thanks Tiff”


As soon as she finished saying that, she began to shrink back to her normal

size, and helped the professor to clean up

It took more than an hour for the professor and Tiff to clean up the mess. They

managed to clean up most of the mess, but it still left a red stain in the


“You sure did make a good job of them didn't you”

Tiff smiled and just continued to clean up.

“Tiff, give me you foot, because I need to wash up the blood before we head for

home” Tiff took her shoe off this time, and handed the shoe to the professor.

“My, what a mess. Brand new shoes they are no more” The professor quickly poured

some water onto a cloth, and wiped the blood off, before it dried off. He then,

handed the shoe back to Tiff. While she put her shoe back on, the professor went

back to the room where he left the dogs and brought them out, and put them back

into the back of the car. They headed home.

The following day, the professor and Tiff took the dogs to a dog pound, couple

of miles away from the town, and explained that their owners had left the

country, but left the dogs at home. He was just doing a good deed by bringing

them here. The dog pound staff believed his story, and put the dogs with the

other dogs.

“Hey professor, did you think about what I said about last night? You know about

me just coming out in the open and just finish the town off in one go” asked


“I have, and I still think it is quite risky. You would only have fifteen

minutes, after you have grown, to crush everything in this town. What are the

chances” replied the professor.

“No problem! Fifteen minutes is all I need”

“You sound really confident. Ok, you're on”

As soon as they arrived home from the dog pound, Tiff shot upstairs to decide

what shoes would be the best to do the job. She chose three different pairs.

First pair, her boots. These were black knee high, with a chunky heel. Tiff

thought, crushing cars and buildings should not be a problem with these, but

they would not cause much damage to the roads, due to the flat heel. Second

pair, her sneakers. These would leave excellent prints on the things I crush,

but they are so soft, I will not be able to feel the things I crush. Then, it

has to be her blood red suede pumps. These were the perfect killers. They had a

spiked four inch metal heel, that could easily cause a lot of damage.

“These will do” said Tiff.

She ran downstairs with excitement and asked the professor when they were

leaving. The professor said very soon. He had to prepare enough chemical, just

in case they are in middle of it, and Tiff's powers begin to wear off. Tiff went

into the lounge and sat there for a while.

Fifteen minutes later, the professor returned from his lab with four bottles of

the chemical.

“This should give you about an hour in total to do the job. If you go over the

time, then I am sure you will know what is going to happen. Tiff nods.

“In that case, we are ready to go. Is that how you are going to be dressed”

asked the professor.

“Why? Don't you like it” replied Tiff.

“No, no, I love it”

Tiff was wearing a very short red leather mini skirt, white shirt, white hose

and those killer blood red spiked heel pumps. She looked absolutely great.

“You sure chose the right footwear to do the job didn't you” asked the


“Sure did. With these, I could make large holes in the ground with the spiked

heel, kick huge gaping holes in buildings with this pointed front, perfect”

replied Tiff.

“Ok, you ready?”

“Ready as I'll ever be”

“Here are the chemicals. Make sure you remember to take one, each time you feel

that tingling sensation, when you are about to shrink”

“No worries” she placed them in her shirt pocket”

Tiff, was actually feeling quite nervous about this. But, thought to her-self,

she has done this before, so it should not be that difficult. On the other hand,

she did it where no-one was there, apart from the professor. This time everyone

will see me. Who cares, they will all be dead soon, and noone would be left to

tell the story. This cheered her up a little.

“Ok, Tiff, go into the backyard and take one of the chemicals. I don't

particularly want you to take my roof off”

Tiff stepped out into the backyard. It was really sunny today. As soon as she

stepped out, a huge bee attacked her. Tiff tried to swat it away, but the bee

just kept on coming back, trying to sting her in the face. The bee was probably

attracted to Tiff's perfume. The professor quickly grabbed a bit of newspaper,

rolled in up and smacked the bee. Direct hit. The bee was knocked to the ground,

dazed. It just kept crawling around, no idea, that Tiff was not going to let him

get away with this.

“Right, Mr bee, that was a big mistake. Now you are going to pay for it.” No

sooner after she said this, she walked over to the bee, and placed her sole over

it and pressed down. She did not kill it instantly, just caused enough damage to

make sure it does not crawl away. Then she placed her deadly heel over its head

and pressed down. The heel went right through, like a hot knife through butter.

The bee stopped moving. Tiff lifted her foot, but the bee was impaled so tight,

it did not come off, so Tiff used the tip of her other shoe and wiped him off.

She looked down at the lifeless bee, and thought, he tried to sting me, taking

his life is just not enough. Then she placed the sole of her right

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