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A story by Asukafan2001


Breakfast Delight





            I woke up early that morning. I staggered down

the hall still half asleep. I knew my two sisters were still asleep. Jodi who

was 16 and Kacie was 17, were spending the week with me since mom and dad were

having a second honeymoon of sorts. I thought since they were leaving it would

be a good time for me to spend some time with my sisters. You see, I am 28 years

old, 11 years older then Kacie and 12 years older then Jodi. I left home when I

was 18 and my sisters were still quite young. This was going to be our big

chance to get to know each other a little better.


            I pulled out a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts

and a box of cheerios and set both on the table. I set three places, three

bowls, silverware, the necessities for a breakfast. I was nervous as I heard

them start to stir. This would be my first breakfast with them in nearly 11 to

12 years. I sat down at the table a bit nervous. I started reaching for one of

the glazed doughnuts hoping it would calm my nerves. As I reached for it I felt

a bit queasy. I grabbed onto the glazed doughnut and my eyes begin to grow

heavy. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. My body surged like I had grabbed

a bare power line with my hands. My body pulled itself up and off the ground. I

was floating, for only but a moment and then I felt myself smash into something

soft and sticky.


“Hey where is Steve?”


“Hmm, well he set up breakfast for us, that was nice of



“Maybe he stepped out for a few minutes”


“Ooo doughnuts, My favorite!'


“Kacie, food is your favorite, not just doughnuts”


“I know but it's all so good”


 â€œI wish I could have your metabolism. You can eat whatever

you want and not gain and ounce”


            The voices of my sisters rang throughout the

room. My entire body felt sore and hurt all over. I couldn't figure out for the

life of me why they were shouting though. It sounded like they were close to

each other and even closer to me. I tried to push myself up but I found myself

unable to move.  My weak eyelids flickered open. I could only see a gigantic

white cotton Old Navy t-shirt. It looked to be a bit worn. I blinked my eyes

again because this had to be some kind of illusion. It was then a flesh toned

wall started moving towards me, extending off the wall were five pillars of

different sizes but there appeared to be a pattern to it. They gradually got

taller until the middle one then they got smaller.


            The pillars began to bend and they grasped onto

whatever I was on. I felt everything around me gyrate from left to right. I

hoped that the movement would pry me off but there was no luck, however as all

this was going on I got a good view of everything. I could hardly believe what I

saw. It was my sister Kacie sitting across the table only she was huge. I

finally managed to peel my head away from this sticky wall and I could see

Jodi's face and it was larger then life.


Jodi was a short girl, there

wasn't much to her. She weighed almost nothing and was probably only about 5'4”.

She had dark blue eyes and about shoulder length blonde hair. She was probably

about a size 1 or zero. She had a smallish chest but it was proportionate with

the rest of her body. I knew the first time that I had seen her that she was a

real looker. I remembered my parents telling me she the captain of Fairmount's

cheerleading time but none of that mattered. I grew closer and closer to Jodi's

mouth. Her mouth opened and her hot, putrid morning breath washed over me, her

teeth glistened as they dripped with saliva, her teeth stood guarding the dark

depths of her mouth like jagged tops of castles.




            I had to be no bigger then a crumb I thought as

the doughnut that I was stuck to reached her mouth. I could hear her teeth sear

and rip through the doughnut. As her mouth snapped shut I was forced to hear One Piece Finally Explains Luffy’s New Powers

tons upon tons of food ripped to shreds by her chewing. The chewing was driving

me nuts, to a normal person it wouldn't be audible but to me it was all I could

hear. I could hear each flake of that doughnut being destroyed by her.  I

continued to scream as she swallowed and I watched the now mashed up mess sink

down her throat like a rock into the ocean.


            I was forced to watch again, as the doughnut

neared her mouth. This was like a horrible a dream I kept thinking I would wake

up. People just don't shrink, its not normal, however as she once again opened

her maw I saw her teeth sparkle and the saliva dripping down to the bottom row

as she hungrily awaits the next bite. Her tongue twitched and danced as it

expected the sugary delight to cascade onto her tongue.  Then there was the

medicine ball in the back of her throat slightly swinging back and forth just

waiting to knock anything that gets in its way.


            My nose crinkled as her breathe rolled over me.

It smelled like rotten fish. My body grew tired as the glaze held it strong. The

blood had all went to my feet and her mouth was all I could see. Her teeth

lifted above me as I grew nearer and nearer. I kept trying to find away out of

this but nothing worked. I was shoved into the dark confines of my sisters

mouth, her rotten breath surrounded me like I had just brought a gun into the

white house. I rolled over onto my back and started to stand when my knees went

weak at the sight of Jodi's teeth mashing the doughnut to bits with a single

chew. The wad of doughnut was a gooey mess in a matter of moments. I started to

back pedal towards her lips when her tongue started to ripple and lift up and

down. I was bounced around like a super ball and went speeding towards the back

of her mouth. I watched the doughnut spill over the side and disappear down her



            Her tongue began to fall and rest at the bottom

of her mouth. I watched from the back of her mouth her jaw lower and rise.

Daylight would enter and leave quickly as she continued to talk. I was

continually bounced around. I kept waiting for myself to tumble down her throat

but all at once I felt a huge rush of air sweep over me. I found myself caught

in the air currents as the currents swept me out of Jodi's mouth I realized it

was her laughing.


            I flew seemingly thousands of miles until I

landed onto brown and sticky. I tried to sit up but I was once again stuck. I

could turn my head to the left and right through but it did me no good. It

wasn't until I saw a gigantic jar filled with something red that was spilling

over the edge. I was helplessly immobilized as the thick red substance poured

over me. It wasn't until it hit me I realized it was strawberry jelly. A matter

of moments later a silver metallic rod was over head. My screams were muffled by

the jelly being smothered over me. I was encased in a tomb of PB&J. Every muscle

on my body was frozen in place. It was then I saw the hand of Kacie move over

onto the top of me. My eyes bugged as she was larger then life. The piece of

toast began to sway from side to side. I felt sick and the piece of toast titled

from left to right in her hand. My stomach felt like it was about to lurch out

from me as the toast was lifted up. I could hear the crunching of the crisp

bread crumble and fall to waist under the massive power of Kacie's teeth. As

each moment passed I found myself growing more and more afraid. The crunching

only grew louder and louder until I finally saw the white teeth of Kacie hanging

over me. My mind panicking and screaming in terror, Kacie's white teeth pass by

me in a blur. I can hear her teeth decimating the toast behind me. I can only

watch from my tomb of PB&J. Her teeth rise above me I am shoved passed her teeth

and onto her molars along with the airy bread. I can only watch as her teeth

slam down on top of the bread crushing everything around. I scream Kacie's name

hoping she hears me but her response is only the tilting of her tongue as I

slide down her throat awaiting my death.


The End

This has been a PSO Entertainment Production


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            I woke up early that morning. I staggered down                 Breakfast Delight Breakfast Delight     A story by Asukafan200



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