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PSO Entertainment Productions presents: Unfortunate


A story by Asukafan2001


Chapter 1 of 2


           I went into Meagan's room like I did everyday. I

started walking towards her desk looking around and back behind me to make sure

no one was there. I yell out Meagan, I am gonna borrow your calculator. As I

hear no response I grin as I realize my time is now. I back beeline towards her

dresser. I open the drawer slowly as to not make any more noise then I had too.

I spot my target and look back at the door. I listen for a couple of minutes and

hear nothing so I grab the skin toned nylons. I smile passionately as I run the

smooth silky nylons through my fingers. I look down at my bare legs as I am only

dressed in my flannel boxers. I pull the nylons up my legs nice and slow. They

feel soft as I pull them all the way up my legs. I let the moment linger for

only a minute before I stuck my hand down my pants. I feverishly worked my hand

around my member and began to pleasure myself. I knew it was sick and wrong but

I loved how nylons felt against my skin. It was so completely stimulating.


           Five or ten minutes went by and I started to

hear foot steps coming up the stairs. We had these old wooden stairs which it

was impossible to get up them without the entire house knowing. I knew from

countless times of trying to sneak in. I bolted up from Meagan's bed quickly and

went to pull of the nylons but I found there was nothing to grab. It was as if

they were bonded to my skin. However, I didn't have time to figure out what is

happening. I started running down the hallway but as I made it about halfway

down my legs turned to jelly and I crumpled. I began to fall and I put my arms

out to soften the fall. As I landed I looked down at my legs and I could hardly

believe what I saw. My legs were flimsy like I had no bones at all. I went to

reach for my legs when I felt my body shutter and shake. I looked down again

only to realize that I couldn't move my head to look down. I heard a heavy set

of footfalls approaching however. I knew I need a excuse quickly but nothing

plausible was coming to mind. It was then I saw a gigantic figure come into

view. It was Grace.


           Grace was the kind of girl no one would call fat

but she wasn't skinny. She had a few extra pounds around the waist but she was

still quite attractive to many people. She had shoulder length brown hair with

matching eyes. She always had a smile on her face. I think that's what I like

most about her.


           I was clueless as what to say so when I saw

grace bent down towards me I thought it was odd that she hadn't made some kind

of remark or response.  I went to try to spit out some kind of excuse but I

couldn't speak, I couldn't even move my lips. I felt Grace's warm fingers wrap

around me. She then began to pick me up. I was dumbfounded and my mind couldn't

make sense of the situation and I blacked out.


           I awoke lying on Graces bed, her pink comforter

was on either side of me. I tried to sit up but nothing happened. I looked on

either side of me and the bed, it wasn't pressed it. It was almost like I was

weightless. It was then I realized what I had just done. I looked completely

from my side and behind myself, how could this be? What has happened to me? How

is this possible? No human can look behind himself.


My thinking had hindered my focus on the here and now. If I

would have been paying attention to the world around me I would have heard the

footsteps of a gargantuan creature. The type of creature you hear about in myths

that you never really consider being real. I looked upward at Grace. I couldn't

believe how tall she looked. I could barely see her head but I did have a great

view of her ass. It was a mere inches from me. I wanted touch it so badly but I

couldn't move my arms but I saw her ass getting closer and closer to me.


           Grace had on a tan mini skirt with a tube top on

that ended a few inches above her belly button. As i got closer and closer to

her ass I could see her white cotton panties with little smiley faces on them. I

always thought she would have more seductive panties not just normal cotton but

it was then I realized it wasn't me moving towards her but her ass moving

towards me. Grace's boney bottom landed on top of me pushing me into the

mattress. My mind was in a panic and I wanted to kick, scream, shove her off of

me but I could do none of the above. What happened was much worse. I felt her

bottom swivel and her weight bounce the bed up and down. I could hear her legs

stretching out across the bed as she talked on the phone. I was nearly in tears

as the weight of grace pressed down on me. Hours seem to pass by and she

continued to chat and press me into her bed. I struggled to make out what was

going on but I couldn't seem to follow. All I heard was party and the click of

the phone.


           I felt grace sit up and the weight removed from

my body. The cool air began to circulate around me. My body felt tingly all over


I felt her hands

grasp ontograsped

me. I gulped as I was lifted up into the air then dropped next to her feet. I

wanted to run away or wake up from this horrible dream, however I knew it was



           I felt grace grab onto me and start to tug me up

around her legs. I began screaming inaudibly as she pulled me all the way up her

left leg stretching me into place then let me snap against her leg at the top. I

breathed a sigh of relief as that was over but it was only for a moment before I

felt her opposite leg enter my body. She stretched my entire body to its limits

then the all


familiar snap and then I was once again immobilized however A very erotic

feeling began to wash over me as my body clung to Graces leg. It was like I had

nerves all over my nylon body because with each step she took it was like having



           As she kept walking around getting ready I began

to get more and more stimulated however as she continued to walk I found that

there was no way to climax. This only became more and more evident as I begged

to climax as I was spent. I kept calling out Graces name like I had a voice and

then she stopped moving all together. I was confused at first but then I part of

me became shrouded in darkness, then another part of me. I looked down

the length of Graces legs and saw a pair of black platform shoes.


“Well, I guess its time to party” blurts out Grace as she

heads out the door driving me into ecstasy.



Chapter 2


           I felt the cold air through my now airy body as

I clung to Graces legs. I now fought and struggled to find a way to detach

myself no matter how futile it seemed. I still can't believe how I got myself

into this situation. I could remember only yesterday I was spying on Meghan and

Grace through my bedroom window. It was just an innocent thing, no one was

supposed to know and now here I am trapped in this hellish state,

forever maybe? I hope not.


           I was awoken from my thoughts by loud thumping

music and Grace's voice shouting out towards someone. Her black leather skirt

draped down over part of me, the swishing motion it made as she bopped along to

the music was driving me crazy. My body was spent and I was nearing the very end

of what I could contain. The constant stimulation with no way to stop it.


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