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me, Martin Tate and my girlfriend Leila. We have been going out for 4 years now.

Ever since we were freshmen, I know it's a little boy meets world but it's the

truth, and something's do happen like that and that's how we are.


“Come on Marty lets go, I can't wait to go dancing”


 â€œOh fine, but you owe me for taking you to homecoming”


“I know, I know, but I have a little something for you



“Just a little something? I like big things”


“Oh well you will like this, or at least I will. Lets go'


            Leila pulled my arm and grudgingly I followed

her out to her Mitsubishi Eclipse. It's a nice midnight black color that almost

camouflages itself at night. I slid into the passenger seat as Leila already had

to car started.


            Leila lived about 10 miles outside of

Fairmount. We chit chatted and talked about our friends as she drove. Twenty or

so minutes later we pull up to the school. As we both get out we give each other

a quick once over and smile and head into the gym.


            As we push the doors open we can already hear

the heavy thuds from the loud beat. A sea of our peers are dancing, talking, and

having fun. Right away when we walk in Gaby, Leila's best friend pulls her away.


“Hold my purse will you, and don't touch anything in there”


“Of course not babes”


            I went over to the bleachers and sat down as I

watched Leila head towards the bathroom. I wasn't sitting there for more then a

minute when Katie and Caitlin sat down next to me.


“Hey Martin where's Leila? Did you dump her?”


“No Katie, she is just in the bathroom”


“Well that's too bad”


“Don't you ever get it Katie, I don't like you that way.

You're nice and all but I don't think of you anything more then my lab partner.”


“Can we atleast dance? I mean there is no harm in that.”

”I don't think so”


“Okay how about this, One dance with me and then I will

leave you alone for the rest of the night”


“I have to watch Leila's purse, maybe next time”


“Caitlin will watch it while we dance”


“And you promise to leave me alone for the rest of the



“Yeah, cross my heart”


            I handed Caitlin the small black purse and

stood up. Katie guided me out to the middle of the dance floor and we started

dancing to “I'm a slave for you” by Britney Spears. As the song progressed I had

to admit that Katie was a good dancer. She smiled at me as she went around

behind me. It was then I felt a sharp stab in my arm. I turned around to see a

syringe sticking into my arm. I quickly pulled it but it was too late, the

contents were already empted.


“Thanks for the dance Martin, bye now”


“What did you do to me? Where are you going?”


“Oh, you will find out soon enough. You did say just one

dance and I had to leave you alone for the rest of the night.”


            The room was starting to expand, I took a

couple steps and almost lost my balance. I watched Katie grow, and grow. She

only smirked and started to walk away. I grabbed onto her arm but she merely

shrugged me off like I was a child, and I now looked like one, I was only about

3 feet tall and shrinking fast.


“I would give you antidote, but you said I had to leave you

alone, maybe Monday if you're in class I can give it to you. See you then”



walked away and I ran after her. I could hardly believe I was running to keep up

with her. The room kept growing and growing. I was about the size of a toddler

when I crashed into someone's leg. I fell onto my ass. I could hear them gasp as

she looked down at me. It was Sarah Rogers, her friends stopped dancing and

gathered all around me like I was some kind of spectacle. I finally found myself

no longer shrinking but I was only 4 inches tall. I stared up at there monstrous

faces. I started to run but they merely shoved me with there dress shoes back

into the middle of the circle where they could all easily see me.


“Look at him, Martin is that really you?”


“I mean it has to be, he was shrinking before our eyes”


            Sarah finally made the first move. She had on a

tight blue top and short blonde hair. She reached down towards me. I nervously

back pedaled but her hands were quickly around me. I kicked and punched at her

as she lifted me up.


“He is so light, its incredible”


“Is he squishy? What does he feel like?”


“It's amazing, I mean I can squish him with almost no

effort, and I can feel his chest moving in and out”


“Put me down and be careful! I get air sick easily”


“Oh hush you”


            I was tilted upside down as Sarah looked at me.

I was right sided for only a moment before she put me had me back upside down

dangling in front of her face. Her friends all closed in on me. Sarah nuzzled me

against her nose and gave me a kiss on cheek


“Hey I have a girlfriend and she's probably looking for me,

now lemme go find her”


“I don't think so little Marty. I am thinking you are

coming home with us tonight. You can be our guest of honor at Melanie's slumber



“Yeah! We can dress him up in dolls clothes”


“We can put make up on him”


“Oh I got a dollhouse he can live in”


“My sister has plenty of old doll clothes I could swipe for



“No, no put me down!!”


            I bit Sarah's hand. It was the only thing that

came to mind. The fall wasn't nearly as long as I had suspected. I tucked and

rolled. As I hit the ground. The girls were scanning the floor for me but with

all the feet and dancing I quickly made it away from them. I spun around a

couple of times and saw that I was near the women's bathroom. I took a deep

breath and prayed that Leila would still be in there. I made it the door in no

time at all but I found myself with no way to open it. I leaned up against the

wall and nervously waited. I could see Sarah and her friends getting closer and

closer as the minutes went by. I knew I didn't have a whole lot of time. 

Finally my moment came. Two freshmen girls were heading my way. They didn't even

see me I thought to myself but why would they. How many people stare at the

floor as they walk, they easily pulled the door open and I slid in behind them.


            As I walked in I turned to my right and made my

way down the hallway however at the end of the hallway was a giant. She had her

shoes off and was sobbing. I could tell even at her massive height that it was

Missy Roberts. What a slut was all I could think to myself. I continued walking

wondering what I was gonna say to Leila when I turned the corner and saw her

primping with Gaby.


            I had made it to the end of the hallway and

turned. My eyed bugged out as I saw that there was no one else in here but those

two freshmen girls who were both in stalls.


“What a waste of time”


shadow appeared over me.  I had never intended on Leila not being in here and

now here I am with a gigantic Missy.


“Martin? Is that you? What are you doing here little man”


“Look it's a long story, I just want to find my girlfriend

so she can help”


“Your girlfriend huh, why should I let one of the few

actual good guys in this school go running back to his girlfriend. I am tired of

being used”


“Well maybe if you'd keep your legs shut”


“What did you say?”


            I had forgotten about my size for only an

instant and I was already sorry that I had ever said anything. Missy's hand was

already lowering towards me. I took a couple of steps and tripped over the end

of her dress, Missy's eyes are locked onto me.


“You think I'm a slut huh”


“I, I, I”


“You have a lot of nerve”


“I will teach you”


             I never had a chance as her hands grip me

tightly. She holds me up to her face, tears still streaming down her face. She

stood up and went into one of the stalls.


“You, My date Mike, everyone here is just the same, you all

think I'm a slut!  I am a nice girl”


“I am sure you are, just please put me down”


            Missy pulled her long dress up and I could see

a red thong covering her private region. She pulled the thin cloth away from her

and I could see all her glory. Missy no, was all I could scream before she

plunged me into her feet first, her pussy grabbed a hold of my feet like a

drowning man to a log in the sea.


            Frantically my arms reach out for anything to

help pull me out of Missy but her muscles have me, I can hear her muscles

working as she stands up. Her massively powerful thighs rise up above me on

either side and with a quick pull my face is smashed into her red fabric on of

her thong. My arms however are free hanging out on either side of her thong. I

can her dress slap down as she stands up. She only takes a few steps and then

stands for a long time. I can hear her humming above me. Even though she isn't

moving I find myself in a constant state of movement, her pussy pulls me in up

to my neck and then manage to fight my way out to above my waist and then I am

sucked back in. I can tell the whole process is turning on Missy but I have no

choice. I fear that if I go into her pussy all the way I will suffocate.


“You're in your place Martin, call me a slut will you. I

may just keep you there, a human dildo to pleasure me all day everyday. God I am

slut!!” giggles


            Missy's movements are now quickened and more

erratic. There is no pattern at all so she must be dancing. Even in here I can

her hear the beats of the music as I continue to try to fight my way out of

Missy but as time drags on I only become weaker as her pussy gets stronger.

Finally in a last ditch effort I start to kick my legs like flippers to maybe

propel my body forward. As I do this I can hear a rumble coming from behind me.




            A white tidal wave of cum washes over me

shooting my body out of missy's cramped pussy and into the red fabric of her

thong. My body lies almost limply as she continues to dance, with my legs that

are now free and my arms that are already free I shove at her thong bending the

fabric enough for my two legs to slip over the side and since everything around

me is dripping wet with her cum I easily slide out of and down to the floor.


            As I land onto the floor Missy's dress is all

around me like a gigantic circus tent which is appropriate, this just like the

circus I think to myself, when you're under here everyone leaves happy. As I

crawl out from under dress for the first time tonight I see lady luck. Tina and

Tara walk into my field of vision. Two, of my best friends, I couldn't help but

laugh though. They really were going through with there plan to sign as many

guy's asses as they could. Armed with markers and all.


            I chuckle to myself as I dash towards them. It

feels good to be moving in the right direction. I already know they are going to

help me, I just have this feeling, not that my feelings have worked too well for

me up to this point but what can go wrong. If you can't trust your friends who

can you trust.


“Tina!! Tara!! Down here”






takes me a couple yells but a grin crosses my face as I see them stare down at

me along with there Cousin  Tiffany


“OH MY GOSH!! Matin it's true”


“You mean you knew”


“Well there is a rumor going around that you got shrunk but

no one really believes”


“You never told me he was short girls?”


“He's not usually Tiff, but he is pretty cute like this”


“I am not cute, I am a man now get me to Leila”


“She left hun sorry, she was looking all over for you and

then just left”




“its been like two hours, Rumor has it you ditched her”


“No this is all Katie's fault”


“Don't worry you can stay with us tonight, and you can call

Leila from our house”


“I don't know about this”


“Oh what could go wrong”


“I call sleeping rights with Marty!”


“TINA!!!” both Tara and Tiffany shout in unison


“that's not fair!”


“yeah you tell her girls”


“We should all get a turn”


“Hello!!! I am a real person, not a ride at the fair!”


            Tiffany grabs me and sets me on her beret of

markers as the trio proudly parades out of the gym. As the night air hits me I

shiver a little so when the girls get into the car I let out a sigh of relief.

Tiffany and Tara both climb in the back as Tina starts driving home. Tara plucks

me off of Tiffany and sets me down in her lap. I shiver in the cold air and

cuddle into her warm stomach.


“Awww, you cold?”


            Tara, puts her hand over me like a blanket as I

cuddle into her strong stomach. I smile as I rest against her listening to her

heartbeat and relaxing to the rise and fall of her stomach.

”You are so adorable like this Martin”


            I can't believe that I am being dominated by

Tara's girl power but at the same time I don't care as I snuggle up against her

and fall asleep.




*   *   *


I wake up

the next morning pushed into something warm and firm. As I open my eyes I see

Tina's arms wrapped around me like a Teddy bear. I look up at her daunting frame

and see her still fast asleep however moments later her sister Tara's head

flashes over me. She smiles down at me warmly as she pulls me out from Tina's

warm embrace.


Tara has on

some red and black flannel pajama pants and a white Old Navy t-shirt with her

hair pulled back in a white cotton crunchy.  She holds me up to her face for

only but a moment and then pushes me against her lips.




            I can hear Tara's feet slap against the

hardwood floor as she walks downstairs and sets me down on the kitchen table. I

look up at my massive best friend who simply reaches out and grabs a box of

cereal larger then me and dumps into a bowl, then with one hand lifts up what

looks to be 200 hundred tons of milk and dumps it into her bowl.


“Stop staring at me!! It's just weird, haven't you ever

seen a person eat before”


“Its just you're so strong”


“Hahaha, very funny Marty, We all know I can't even do one

pull up”


“You just lifted up that milk with one hand”


“You mean like this”


            She grabs onto the handle and with her left

hand raises the 2 gallon jug of milk well above her head and then lowers and

lifts it up again like it's a dumbbell”


“You're amazing”


“Awww thanks, but I wish more people would be amazed by my



            Tina then sat down on the opposite side and

spread some cream cheese across her bagel. The girls start to eat at first and

then stare at me.


“Well aren't you going toe at something Jared?”


“I can't get at anything”


“All you have to do is ask”


            Tina breaks off a chunk of her bagel and sets

it down next time.


“Wow, this is like 20lbs pounds of bagel here”


            They both giggle and continue to eat as I set

into my thanksgiving feast sized bagel.



            The morning passes by quickly as the girls get

ready for school. I just hang out on Tina's Vanity table sitting amongst her

make up watching her primp. Every now and then she instructs me to grab a

certain item or shade of make up but otherwise I lazily stare up at her.


*   *   *


            As we arrive at school, I am riding on Tara's

shoulder clinging to her hair for support. As she walks down the hall I can't

believe how big my classmates look. Its impressive to see Tara and Tina so huge

but when you see girls taller then even them its just mind boggling. We walk the

halls looking for where Leila could be. I had gotten use to the bumps and turns

of Tara as she walked however my grip started to slip once again. I yelled into

her ear for her to not make any movements as I adjust myself however she didn't

hear and turned her head to say something to Tina. I find myself falling

speedily to the floor as the first bell rings.  I scream at Tara and Tina to

stop but they don't hear a thing and continue walking.



look around at where I am, and I recognize it to be the main corridor that lead

to the freshmen hallway. I stand, howeer still I bit groggy in the head when I

hear the pounding of footfalls nearing me. The noise is alarming as the crashing

of feet echoes down the hall and the voices of two girls careen towards me. I

helplessly am forced to watch as they turn unknowingly head towards me. They

only make a few steps before there eyes lock on to me. They drop there backpacks

to the floor the head towards me. I can only stand there in fear as two freshmen

girls look down at me.


“Get away! Get away from me”




“Look its Martin the rumor is true! No way this is soo

cool, cute little senior boy of our own to play with Penny”


“I am grabbing him Michelle”


            the one on the left bends down giving me a

great view of her cleavage as she picks me up I struggle hopelessly trying to

escape as they walk back to there backpacks.


“Now don't worry little fella, you're just gonna be in here

for oh say 6 and half hours little Martin”

“You can't do this”


            I am not given another chance to protest as the

girls grab there bags respectively and head to there lockers. The rest of the

day is uneventfully boring as I sit in the dark confines of the backpack

listening to Michelle and Penny who must share a locker as I hear them in

between every class. 


            Several hours later light spills in as the bag

is unzipped and I see my freshmen captors staring at me.


“sorry to keep you waiting but we had to get your home



“Home? What do you mean?”


“Well you are gonna be our pet silly. So we are going to

need somewhere to keep you and Penny here has graciously opened her room up to



“Well she can graciously call my girlfriend and who I can

tell her how to reverse this so I can get back to normal! Now get me out of this

damn backpack and to a phone”


“Such a demanding little runt, well we will teach you”


            Penny reaches in and grabs me tightly.

Everything is a blur as she carries me across her room and then sets me down on

something hard. As her hand pulls away I look around seeing bars everywhere. On

the floor is last weeks newspaper, right behind me is a massive hamster wheel

and on the far wall is a water bottle. Next to the water is a food dish with

some applesauce poured into one compartment of a contact lens holder and water

from the bottle drips into other compartment.


“Whats the meaning of this? Get me out of here”


“You will be allowed to leave your home during playtime

otherwise you will spend your days in your home where you sleep, eat, and piss.

Don't worry, we will change the news paper once a week”


“Yeah and if you get bored you can read it”


“You can't be serious let me out”


            I run to the bars and shake them like a maniac

which only makes Penny and Michelle laugh harder. As I shake the bars I can

hardly believe this is happening. I am a person not a rabbit or a hamster,

people aren't pets! People keep pets.


            The only response I get are both girls walking

out the room. Hours pass as Penny's clock is directly across from my cage. I can

only stare at the digitals numbers as they slowly change. A couple of hours pass

and her cat wanders into her room. She stares at me for a moment or two then

jumps up onto Penny's queen sized bed and lays down. I too finally resort to

sitting down waiting for something or anything to happen.



That night around seven or so Penny and three of her friends walk in. I am

surprised that Michelle isn't amongst them. All three of them crowd around my

cage staring at me completely blocking my view.




“Sorry cutie, maybe next time, we are going to the movies

but we just had to see you for ourselves”


“bye bye little Martin”


“Yeah, sweet dreams pet, don't wait up for me.”


            As the four of them left I watched as she

closed the door, and with a click of the door my fate was sealed as the room and

I are concealed in darkness.


~The End~


Watch for sequel coming in 2003!!
























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