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           May 15th 2004, the day the world

died, the day society dawned a new cloak. It was the day Evolution, became

revolution. A day in which our values, our morals, our way of life, changed,



           We all used to grow up thinking; what do I want

to be when I grow up. We all had foolish thoughts that we would somehow change

the world. That we would be a hero, a president, a superstar. Someone in which

people would idealize, idolize, or cherish. We wanted to be like Mike. We wanted

to be like superman and save the day. It was foolish but it is what kept us all

glued together. Our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations were filled grandeur

because we always wanted to be working towards something.


           It was a time when you never grew up thinking,

no not thinking, it was never a time when you grew up hoping that you would just

die; you never had to work so hard just to get absolutely nowhere. The times you

thought that it will be better tomorrow never became I hope tomorrow isn't any

worse then today.


           May 15th 2004, the day we not only as

a nation, or a civilization, but as a planet wept at what we had lost, the days

we realized that we wouldn't get back, all the time that was sucked into

oblivion.  May 15th 2004 was the day one era died and another dawned.


Chapter One: Introduction to chaos


           The morning started off as cold and dreary. No

one suspected it as a sign of what was to come. The rain drops fell in unison

around the world. The people call it now, the day the heavens wept, because

never in our history as a planet, have we had it rain simultaneously around the

world. People think that the rain was god crying at what was about to come. He

was crying at what the creation he had just made would do to his children.


           No one knows exactly how it happened, or why it

happened. The causes even today are left unknown. It's speculated to be just a

bunch of random occurrences that happened to coincide at the right time.


           What we do know is that a gang known as the

Avengers broke into a reactor plant. The plant was thought to be shut down

sometime shortly after the end of the cold war, however something ignited the

reactor which is hypothesized to have made a chemical imbalance in the girls

which caused them to grow to colossal proportions.


           The thunderous crashing of the reactor plant was

heard around the world. It was one of those times that everything stopped, like

the day John F. Kennedy was shot, It was like September 11th, the day

the twin towers fell. Only it was not a nation that was brought to a standstill,

it was the world. Every broadcast signal was covering the same story, the same

news, because nothing else mattered. It was the single moment that our planet

was unified as one. The world could not believe what had just happened, nor

could it ever imagine what was about to come.


           I can remember exactly where I was when this all

happened. It is a moment that will be forever engrained into my head. It is like

how people say that when you die the last thing that you see is burned into your

retinas. This very memory, this day, this event, is engraved into my head. It is

something that I can never forget, a nightmare that haunts me as I sleep, a

memory that forever burrows its way to the forefront of my mind.


Chapter Two: The Awakening of evil


           I remember watching CNN, they had an aerial shot

of the reactor plant. The entire building was imploding. The walls were falling

inward as the ground shook tearing the entire city apart. A plume of smoke shot

up into the air engulfing the city. Clear as day the sirens, the screams, the

horror of it all could be heard so clearly. It was as if everyone waited for the

shot to change to anything else, because this, this panic, this terror, was all

too real.


           The screams of a million people in sheer utter

panic cut through the air, the wails of babies crying rumbled through the

television speakers. Everyone just stood where they were, staring at the

television unable to move, unable to think. In the same moment, we heard all

that terror then in the next, it was gone. There was not one remaining scream,

not a single child crying for his mom, there was just the smoke.  The smoke that

hid the chaos and destruction that had just occurred; no one hoped that the

smoke would clear, because as soon as it did everything we saw would be real,

but as long as that smoke was there, we could fool ourselves for a moment



I think we all wished that we

could live in that moment right before this all happened, the moment before the

implosion, before the discovery that would change everything; Those few precious

moments before all this in which a single smile had not yet fallen into



Through the smoke we could all

see a glimmer of blue, our eyes strained to see what it was, what it could

possibly be, then next to the blue there was a bright fire engine red color,

then between the two yet still behind was a black color. They looked to be domed

in shape and were rising out of the smoke. They just kept rising taller and



As the smoke cleared, we saw that

there were three survivors, three, gigantic survivors. None of us could believe

our eyes as we looked at them. They were unimaginably tall, the rubble of the

entire city lay cluttered around there boots and shoes, they stood there looking

confused and dazed at each other. We all watched not knowing what else to do or



No one knew what would happen

next, but no one thought that what did happen next, would be what would happen.

The black haired girl turned her head from left to right, her hair sliced

through the air. I am told that everyone within two hundred miles of the

implosion heard the cutting of her hair through the air, they felt a hurricane

like blast of wind created from a simple swivel of her head. That gust of wind

sent buildings to there knees, trees were ripped from there roots, bridges

collapsed, cars over turned, people were lost and never heard from again.


“You lookin' at me?” she sneered

angrily as she looked into the now tiny camera.  We all watched in horror as we

all saw first hand the true magnitude of this girl. As she spoke we could see a

lip ring the size of a car, her mouth hanging wide open could seemingly

encompass the entire world. She pushed the helicopter past her lips and let it

fall onto her tongue.  We cringed as we helplessly watched her tongue rise up

and curl around the helicopter. The sharp blades still spinning, the blades that

could easily cut us in half were crushed like a ball of paper as her tongue

wrapped around the helicopter. The camera went to black leaving with us with

just the audio, the screams of the pilot and reporter sent chills down our

spine. Then the television went silent.


Chapter Three: The Last Stand


           May 23rd 2004, our armies closed in

on them, I sat glued to the television knowing that my father was somewhere in

that chaos. The armies of the world pushed forward, as the first shots fired, we

watched in glee as thier bullets struck the redheads arm. The second round came

in from the air, as missiles fired at the trio. The tanks fired at will leaving

nothing left on the table. A cloud of smoke encased the girls; the shots

continued pouring in.


           Everyone was cheering, it was like a 4th

and goal stand and your team held, it was like watching Kevin Dyson streak

across the field, watching him hit the 10, then the 5 then the 3, everyone

erupting knowing the game is over, the game won, its in hand with just inches to

go and then the unthinkable happens. Tackled, stopped, just inches shy as time

ticks away.


           Similar to than, as the smoke cleared; we could

only watch in absolute amazement as they stood unharmed, untouched. The worlds

collective jaw dropped, as we watched the blue haired girl lift her bat and take

a batting stance, as the incoming air strike sped in we knew what was to come, I

knew my father was going to die. Unlike the movies, it did not happen in slow

motion, there was not some grandiose explosion. The blue haired giant swung; the

tons upon tons of wood careened into the jets. It was like watching someone swat

flies. In a single swing an entire fleet of planes gone, in a single instant I

had no father.


           I stared at the television unable to hold back

my tears; I looked over at my older sister who had coming running into the room.

She looked down at me as I looked up at her. Nothing needed to be said, I could

not even catch her, as she collapsed. I just watched, the tears streaming down

my face, my sister balling on the floor.


           I could no longer watch as they stomped out the

army. The last thing I saw was the black haired girl lifting her shoe above the

fleeing ground support. The camera panned up and you could see chunks of earth

raining down on the army, it was like watching an army of ants trying to flee.

It was hopeless, her foot slammed into the earth. The shaking was said to be

felt around the world. Our way of life was about to change.


Chapter Four: A New Beginning


           July13th 2004, It had been over two

month since that fateful day. The day I lost a father, the day world lost hope.

It was a struggling time as people died each day. The world's population was

united as one, yet it was a horrible a time to be alive. Our loss to the giants

had put us all under marshal law.


           In a matter of 60 days over 2 billion people had

died, died from them, died from starvation, died from a broken heart. The death

toll rose dramatically, but this day, July 13th 2004 was the day it

tapered off. It was the first time that supply, met demand. We could feed them

and us, but only with great struggle.  


           The giants, because of there size ate tremendous

amounts of food; they could eat a cow whole and not even flinch. They have been

said to be able to eat a thousand men at one time and not so much as have to

cough to clear a little room. As I write this, I find it best to describe what a

day is like for us as no one will ever be able to understand any other way.


           The moon still shines in the sky illuminating

the ground below, we begin to stir from our houses knowing they will soon

arrive. Men, women, children, it makes no difference as every able body is

needed just to survive.


           The day starts out with the gathering of

food. Supplies from around the world land here in what use to be New York but is

now called Elysium. We call it Elysium because this city is the world's hub,

more then one quarter of the world live here to appease the goddesses. Food,

clothing, water, and whatever else they request all ends up here in Elysium.


            We struggle to gather the supplies out of

the cargo bays as every moment counts, every minute wasted only adds to the

chance of there unhappiness, as we have learned that when they are unhappy it

only leads to loss of life, to punishment, to devastation. All of which we are

unable to stop. We have learned all too quickly that we are at their mercy.


           The ground begins to shake brutally, as trees

tumble, dust rises as we struggle just to stand. Our heads turn as we can easily

see them from what is to us, hundreds of miles away. As they draw near thoughts

of worthlessness, enter our heads. We are struggling just survive the wraith of

three girls who look to be barely out high school. They literally own us, they

own our existence, because at any moment they could stomp us all out with a

couple of well placed steps. They walk what must be miles to us with every step,

their weight incomprehensible.


           Still miles out the black haired girl who we

have learned to call Goddess Ash seems to be the leader, As Neon the blue haired

one and Ember the redhead seem to do what she tells them to.


Ash looks down at us as she

approaches the city. Our hearts skip a beat as she glares at us. The rumbling

has now grown to the point where none of us can stand. We crawl on the ground

trying to find safety as the sound of buildings collapsing in the city ravage

the airwaves; we cringe as debris fills the air making it difficult to breathe.


Ash steps between us all with

ease as her long legs glide over the airport and to the basin where we store the

food. Ember, sets down a large backpack next to the basin and starts to toss the

food in.


Even in fear, we can only

stare in amazement as Embers arms grab tons upon tons of food and easily sweep

it into the backpack. Ash however like usual turns her attention towards us. Her

tattooed arms strike fear as she spits down at us.


We try to flee but the wad of

spit looks almost like an entire lake falling down upon us. The warm, thick

mucus splatters against us engulfing our bodies as it spreads out across the



“Yew and yer fuckin' people,

use to look down on us cus we didn't ‘ave money like you do, cus we dressed

different. Look at us now, yew could drown in my spit” she snarled as she



We all cringed as he voice

filled the morning sky, the voice so powerful it was like it was keeping the sun

from rising. We could only watch helplessly as the old well worn canvas style

shoes of neon swept over us, the wind alone sent us tumbling over. The act alone

caused both Ash and Neon to laugh as Ember easily lifted up the bag of food that

could feed us for a lifetime.


They stomped off away from us

towards the harbor. We were just glad that our part of the day was done, and we

suffered no major losses. We prayed that our counterparts at the harbor would do

as well us. We now started to scrounge up the left over food for ourselves,

hoping it would be enough.


Chapter Five: Search and Destroy


It's funny how the simples things

in life are the ones you take for granted. Things like being able to go to bed

on a full stomach, getting to see your family on the holidays, or just being

able to do nothing.


The world's greatest problems use

to be crime and man itself. In just a few short months the world only has one

problem. As time passes by the three titans continue to assert themselves as the

head of the food chain. We are like maggots trying to scavenge food for

ourselves through there leftovers.     



Giantess Stories: Punk

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