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A LittleFan Production

Copyright 2004 Asukafan2001 and Littletoy



My prison swayed gently two

and fro from side to side as I was carried down the halls of Benjamin Franklin

Pierce High School toward an unknown fate. It had been almost a week since I had

been cursed to my present fate with still no end in sight. Although I had gotten

some promising leads I had still not completed the task for which my new master

had charged me, and until I did I would be condemned to yet another day in my

strange new world. Maybe this girl would be the one, the one who I sought that

would allow me to call up Kristin on the cell phone I had and end this curse

once and forever.


It had been over 10 hours

since I had woken up to find myself in this yet another similar prison to the

others. I had rummaged through the contents most of the day and encountered

nothing that seemed to be of interest to fulfilling my task. It has been pretty

easy avoiding detection most of the time this day but there were always close

calls. Usually the school days were easiest to search the contents of my prisons

for clues and also avoiding detection since the prison owners were usually

preoccupied with class and stuff. It was later after they had left school and

things had slowed down that I usually ran into trouble. It was kind of weird

after it had happened a few times. I came to realize that whatever predicament I

was currently in I just had to wait and at 6 AM the next day I would find myself

extricated, but of course thrust into an entirely new one. Sometimes the new

situation was much better than the previous, other times much worse.


Various times of the school

day became a challenge, such before and after gym class in the locker rooms, and

lunchtime. Lunchtime today was especially daunting, was my prison was opened up

with out warning and large long sharp limbs stabbed in, reaching searching for

something just nearly missing me as I rolled back and forth avoiding them. I saw

the pretty face of my captor high above me, unaware of her prisoner as she

plucked her mascara from the bag and clasped it back shut, leaving me in

darkness for the rest of the period.


I slammed against something

hard as my prison came to an abrupt stop. I had been sitting on small travel

packet of Kleenex for comfort but the jolt threw me off, sending something hard

into the small of my back. I yelped in pain as I scampered back onto the Kleenex

package and out of the way. I looked back in disgust to see what it was that had

hit me. It was a large cylindrical object, made of plastic but with a metallic

finish. Almost half as long as my entire body I could see it was a tube of lip

gloss that my captor had in here.


My prison was not airtight;

there were small portholes all over the fabric that made up the sides. I

grappled over to one and looked out at a fantastic sight. What greeted me was

seemingly normal. It was the main hallway of the school. I could see students;

boys and girls whom I had known my entire life swarm around me. I saw my best

friend Lawrence Kriger stand mere feet away from me as he stopped to chat with

my captress, whom I did not as of yet recognize. His voice boomed out though my

very being, as did the answering voice of the unknown female I thought about

yelling for help but experience had told me that would be useless, that no one

would hear me. I heard the final bell of the day let out as the students began

filing out to their homes and hangouts for the weekend. I longed to join them in

my previous life. It was Friday; normally I would be going to the football game

tonight, then afterward probably a post game victory party. Now I had no idea

what tonight had in store. If it was anything like my previous evenings it would

be a mixture of pleasure and torment, of indescribable fleshy delights and

unbearable humiliations, often at the same time. It was useless for me to try

and accept this fate because tomorrow I would awaken at 6 AM somewhere else,

with a whole new set of circumstances to encounter, all the while trying to

gather information, information that would allow me to fulfill my obligation and

lift this curse.


It all started innocently about a

week or so ago. It was hard to keep track it had been so many different places

and situations already. My early thoughts about completing my mission unnoticed

were quickly dashed right away when I was captured on the first day of the curse

had been effect. It had been Mallory Evans, the co-captain of the varsity

cheerleader squad. I had then to endure an entire evening of being tiny in her

presence trapped in her bedroom as I became her new miraculous possession. I had

tried to reason with both her and sister, and had even begged them If they had

any information that would help me but they brushed my questions off lightly and

continued their examination of their new toy. I realized then and there my task

would be difficult that it might take many more days like this until I could

find out who was cheating with Kristin Green's boyfriend. More about this I will

explain later on but the point was that my mission was not to be a covert one

nor would it be short, alas.


Back to the beginning, it was

your typical overcast day in October, what was it? Tuesday? Monday? I had lost

track of them since my world had merged into one prison after another, a jumble

of various sundry items always at my feet covering the soft floor of my prisons.

I had learned to handle the objects carefully, to open the small address books

and look inside without being detected. I could even get into the cell phone

number memory but still nothing had yielded the information I sought, which

could only mean that I would be in yet another prison the next day, and the day

after than until I could provide the information for which Kristin had cursed me

to find.


I heard the loud slam of a

locker door, then a girl saying bye, see you tonight. My prison was set into

motion again and I bounced crazily against her hairbrush and compact as the

purse banged into her hip while she walked down the hallway and out the door.


It was all my fault really. I had

noticed Kristin Green before, with her short blond hair with red streaks, kind

of a look that was almost punk, almost gothic, but really wasn't, it was more

like high fashion punk-Goth chic. That day Kristin was wearing tight black

jeans, and a T-shirt that said ‘bitch' in small letters on the front. I had been

staring at her for over a year now, since I had first noticed her as a freshman.

For the past year I had done everything I could to get close to her. Signing up

for the same classes and clubs I had she was in, stealing longing looks at her

lithe form as she sat at her desk or talked with her friends.  I thought about

asking her out but I could tell by her demeanor that I was out of her league and

I heard she had a boyfriend anyway. Once or twice she had said hello and I

thought it was me but it was somebody  behind me she was talking to and I looked

like a fool and gotten a look that said ‘as if' when I said hello back.


I could hear the sounds of

outside now as we continued to the parking lot at a brisk pace. Cars started up

and kids yelled and whooped it up as another school week came to a close. I

heard feminine voices chatting small talk as we approached a blue Camaro. I

peered outside again and saw we were entering the passenger side of the car. The

purse was jostled again as my carrier got in and settled the purse in her lap.

My prison floor molded to the shape of her thighs as the purse was set down in

her lap. The car roared to life then I lurched as the driver pulled out of the

parking lot. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I heard the driver

speak in feminine tones.


“Let's go to my house Wendy.

Did you bring that new nail gloss?”


“Yeah it's in my purse

somewhere. I will dig it out when we get to your house.”


“I can't wait to try it.”




As I entered English that day I

took a seat in the back directly behind her. It was before the final bell, and

she appeared to be talking angrily on the cell phone to somebody. I could hear

arguing before Kristin hung up the phone angrily and then tossed it into her

open purse at her feet. She got up at a brisk pace and walked out of the room. I

heard her yelling a name out in the hall, and then her voice receded. Curious as

to whom she was speaking to, figuring it was her boyfriend I peered forward over

her opened purse on the floor, trying to glimpse the number on the cell phone

display screen. I leaned even closer forward and with my hand pushed the purse

open a crack. I was engrossed in my nosiness, not even noticing that I was now

being watched.


“See anything you like in there



It was Kristin, she had come back

into the classroom and caught me red handed in her purse. Busted.


“Huh? Oh sorry I dropped my, er…um…I…”




“I…I can explain I was just

trying to…”


“Trying to spy on me I bet you

little stalker.”

“No I'm not-“


“Well you caught me on a bad day

Todd Heimer. Since you like going through girls' purses so much maybe you should

spend more time in them for real.”


“No wait I-“


There was a blinding flash, and

then I passed out.


“What are you looking at



“Oh my god! You are not gonna

believe what I just found in my purse.”


“Spill it on my bed, let's



“This is amazing, check him



I was in real trouble now. No

only had nothing of interest turned up in the purse but its owner had just

discovered me and was at the moment preparing to dump me out on the bed of her

friend. I would have to try and reason with them…


It was hours later I awoke in

strange surroundings. Something hard was at my back. I shifted and looked around

to see a large disk under me. Nearby was a long stalk with a log at the end and

spikes sticking out in all directions from the log, with longs strands of rope

intertwined with the spikes. I couldn't feel the floor of my prison amidst all

the objects strewn around inside but I could see the dark walls were not rigid

but rather pliable. I reached out and touched them and was amazed they felt like

fabric. I was trying to make heads or tails of the situation when light shone in

from above.


“Somebody's awake I see. Well,

come on out.”


I looked up and screamed as

something huge and fleshy came for me. I was wrapped up in a matter of seconds

and the contents of the prison dropped away as I was lifted up by a crane. I

came out of the prison in shock. There in front of me was the face of Kristin

Green. She was smiling at me as she clutched me in her fist. I looked at my

surroundings and deduced I was in her bedroom


“What am I doing here?”


“I'm giving you some more purse

time, this is your punishment for stealing from my purse you little thief. I

have it all worked out.”


“Please let me-“


“See I had a fight with my Johnny

today. I heard from Bethany that she heard from somebody in her Bio Lab that

he's cheating on me with a girl who's in our English class but the girl in Bio

Lab won't say who cause she is friends with her and Bethany is friends with the

girl in Bio Lab so she wont way who the girl in Bio Lab is. I'm gonna find out

who that rat is cheating with and you're going to help me. When I find out they

are both gonna be in so much trouble.”


“But how can I help. Put me down!

Let me go!”


“See I found a book of spells

last year, and I've been practicing but this is the first time I got one to

work. It can be reversed and I will but you have to help me.”


“Help you how? This is



“Oh hush and do as I say or I

will feed you to my dog. I know the girl Johnny is seeing behind my back is in

our English class and there are 17 other girls. You can spy on the contents of

their purses just like you did mine. I'm sure my Johnny's number is in their

cell phone call lists. You will just have to get it for me. You will have 24

hours in each girl's purse until you give me the information I want. At the end

of each 24-hour period you will have a new chance to find the culprit with a new

purse to search. If you are discovered then woe is you but maybe you will get

information that way you never know. If I were you I would try and avoid being

seen though. Some of those girls in the Sophomore English class are boy crazy

and there is no telling what they will do with you in your present condition.

There is a tiny cell phone in your pocket that has only one number that can be

dialed; mine. When you are ready to return to me with what I want I will restore

your size but if you dial the number without the name, or the name is not right

then you are gonna be in trouble. You get one phone call doll.”


“Doll? What trouble? What if I

don't help?” I yell from Kristin's fist.


“Then you become Fido's treat. He

is a Doberman and you would be not much more than a morsel to him.”


“You mean I have no choice? And

you promise to restore me?”


“You better get me that name

little man.”


“Oh god what is going on here

this is madness!”


“Are you ready then? Bye purse

peeker. Remember get me that name if you ever want to get back to normal.”


Once again I scream to be let go,

but Kristin smiles at me, then dangles me over her open purse. I hear her utter

some strange words, and then the bottom of her purse glows with a weird light. I

look down expecting to see her stuff in the purse but instead gaze down at a

swirling maelstrom of fog and mist in a vortex of smoke and light. I scream no

but Kristin laughs and says bye to me as she loosens her fingers and I drop into

the vortex.



“What are you girls looking

at? Let me go!”


“Oh I don't think you are

going anywhere! You look like that dork in my English class. He sounds so

squeaky Wendy.”


“Yes it's me Robert. Please

tell me who is sleeping with Kristin Green's boyfriend and I will go.”


“Kristin Green? I don't know

anything about her boyfriend cheating but I hope he is. I hate that punk bitch.”


“Yeah, she is kinda messed up

emotionally. Johnny deserves better than her anyway. Now quiet and come here.”


“Don't let him get away



I was lifted up by Wendy's

friend as she smiled at me. I tried to break free but it was no use, her grip

was iron. I flipped upside down as she examined me, then slammed into her

varsity sweater as she cuddled me to her and began petting me.


“He is so cute. He is my new

little man.”


“Ask your mom of you can sleep

over Nichole. Then we can play with him all night.”

“Good idea Wendy!”


“Bad idea girls.”


“Be quiet shorty this is the

big girls talking.”


It looked like yet another

long night.


I fall and fall and fall as

Kristin's face gets further and further away. The opening of the purse gets

smaller and smaller in the distance, and then darkness sets in as I mercifully

hit something soft and pass out once again. I realize that my odyssey is just

beginning. I must get that information from Kristin or spend the rest of my life

among young women's personal items…


Purseatory Chapter 2

Littlefan Productions

Copyright, All Rights Reserved


Saturday the 15th of October, 6:00am



           Something jabs painfully into my back; I reach

my fingers behind me to feel long metal rods with tiny ridges that my hand fit

into perfectly. I try to push them away but my body is still sore from last



           Wendy's tongue slithered out towards me like

a snake. My body dangled helplessly in Nichole's grip. I was like a fly caught

in a spider's web as her warm tongue gently pressed against my body. It slunk

around my back coiling like a snake.


           I garner the strength to crawl away from the

keys; the air is filled with a musky leather smell. This is the first purse I

have been in that didn't have any port holes in the fabric. I have found that my

vision is slightly improved; I have figured that it must be a bi product of the

spell. I can just barely make things out in here. I start to move towards her

cell phone.


           Yarn was wrapped around my body, I twirled

helplessly in the air. I could feel the yarn wrapping around my body, twisting

more and more until the entire line was twisted, then I began to unwind. The

process repeated itself again and again as the girls laid on the floor in

sleeping bags giggling about this and that. Every once in awhile they would

reach up and bat me to the side.


           It gave them much delight to watch me swing

helplessly. I could feel the blood all flowing to my head as I hung there in mid

air. Each bat would cause my legs and stomach more and more pain as less and

less blood was there.


           I heard a giggle and then one of them said no

that would be mean. I then felt something drop onto my feet it almost tickled as

it glided down my body, then it ran over my face and I found it to be chocolate.

The chocolate poured off me into an ice cream bowl which lied below me.


           As I press a button on the cell phone my prison

is illuminated by the green light. I look up at the ceiling spying the zipper

shut tightly. I page through her numbers looking for anything suspicious. I was

about to give up when I saw Hathemore, that was Johnny's last name, only it said

Ted Hathemore. Whoever my captor was she knows Johnny's brother.


           “Fuck, my parents are going to kill me, Caitlin

wake up we have to go” whispers my captor.


           The floor rumbles as two voices slice though the

once silent air. The voices are muffled but still loud. I look around for

something to hold onto as my entire world shifts and I smash into a distant



           Wendy's warm breath washes over me as Nichole

sleeps, her finger tips ruffle my hair and slip down my body as I lie in the

palm of her hand, her body warmth runs through me as she presses her lips

against my chest. The air spews out of me as Wendy presses her full lips against



           You are so adorable she whispers as she tilts

her hand spilling me onto the slumbering Nichole's stomach. I slap against her

stomach like a dollop of whip cream. I can feel her stomach rise and fall as her

scent engulfs me. I grab onto one of the folds of Nichole's shirt as I slide off

the side of her stomach. I thrash about as I pull myself back onto her stomach

as she rolls over pressing me into her old navy t-shirt. I can hear the giggles

of Wendy as I black out.


           The could northern Minnesota air went through me

tiny body. I shivered as the girls ran. I could barely feel my fingers as I

heard the car doors open and then slam shut. The car provided no warmth as it

struggled and fought to roar to life.


           “I am DJ Magoo, and you are listening to 98.7

home of the dog pound, Northern Minnesota's best morning show.  Your wake up

temperatures this Saturday morning is below zero. We are currently at 27 below

with a strong wind out of the southwest. So go no where and keep your station

locked to 98.7.”


           I can see my breath as I continue to shiver

inside this purse. The girls idle chat leads me no where. My thoughts dwell on

Kristen and her dog, his putrid breath rolling over me as he looks down at me

almost as if I am nothing more then another treat. I try to run but he easily

pushes me over with his nose. The diabolical laughter of Kristen echoes through

the air as his maw opens wide and lowers towards me, his razor sharp teeth latch

onto my body.


           I am jarred from my nightmarish thoughts by

light all around me. I stared into the dark brown eyes of Jessica Kriger, her

shoulder length brown hair curled at its tips, her luscious cucumber melon scent

still faintly filling the air, her seemingly gigantic hands crash into my world

as she digs all around me. I cringe at the thought of being held my best friends

twin sister.


           Jessica's warm hands press all around me as

pressed me into a piece of fabric. I have to bite my lower lip to keep from

screaming as everything around me blurs. My stomach lurches as I am pressed

against a silk ropes, Jessica's hand presses me tightly against them. She

continues to add more and more until she releases her grip slightly and her grip

is replaced by some elastic cloth. With a loud thwip I am pressed against her



           “Jessica, waz in your hair?”


“Huh? What do you mean?” groggily mumbles Jessica as I see

her hands appear above me. I cringe as her soft hands rip me easily from her

hair, with her free hand she rubs the sleep from her eyes as she stares down at



“Robby?” I can smell the alcohol still on her breath. I

have been too these kind of parties before. You drink so much that you wake up

still buzzed.


“Robby? Are you talking about brother's friend Robby? He is

such a nerd. I don't even know why you like him so much. He can't even talk

around you.  It takes him seven minutes to just to say hi.”


“He is just shy around girls, he is a really nice boy leave

him alone Caitlin.”


           I stare at Jessica Kriger speechless, her brown

hair spilling around me as she holds me closer to her face,  the scent of beer

rolling over me as she speaks, her eyes locked onto me as warm air begins to

trickle from the heating vents.


“What is it Jess? Don't leave me in suspense here.” Shouts



“I am not sure Caitlin, but it looks so much like Robby.”


“Well is it stammering and trying to sputter out words but

nothing is coming out?”


“Well umm yeah”


“Then its Robby and he is shrunk.”


“yeah that must be it. It makes perfect sense”


           I gulp as I look up at Jessica. I know now that

she is still very much feeling the effects of last night. She isn't even aware

of what she is saying, and neither is her friend. I beg to be back in that purse

now as Jessica's eyes continued to dwell on me. I don't know what to say. What

should I say?


           I awoke back in Wendy's purse. My life had

come full circle. I knew my time was almost up. I didn't know how much more I

could take. Nichole was so heavy, I felt like my muscles were going to give way.

My body was sore in places I didn't know existed. I was left with the sound of

the girls snoring away.


           Jessica stumbles into her room with me

still clenched tightly in her fist. As she falls onto her bed she cuddles me

against her face kissing me.


           “You know I like you don't you little Robby?”


           “Look Jessica, you are still plowed and you

don't know what you are saying.”


           “Sure I do little Robby. I have waited for you

to ask me but you are just too shy. So I think we should go out right now. You

can take me to Dennys.”


           I spill out of her hand as Jessica begins to

crawl towards me. I back away from her as she nears me with utter ease. I look

around her perfectly clean room hoping that there is something that will save me

but I know its futile to dream of such luck. I try pleading once more but

Jessica lowers her head and begins to suck in all the air around me. I begin to

lose my grip on her bed sheets and tumble back towards her mouth.


           I smack against her luscious lips and fall back

onto the bed, Jessica rips me up into the air and walks over to small chest. She

sets me down between her legs as she sits Indian style and opens up the chest. I

look at her body which juts up into air higher then I could imagine. I can't

believe this is my best friends twin sister. I watch as she tips back another

shot and smiles down at me. She grabs me with her friend and takes a second



           “What kind of game are we going to play Robby?”

Slurs Jessica as she stumbles back onto her bed barely able to stand now.


           “How about, Who is dating Kristen Greens

boyfriend? If you answer correctly I will be your slave for life.”


           “Oh that Easy” Slurs Kristen as she grabs me

easily even in her drunken state.




           “that's who!! That's who!!!” I scream at her as

her grip on me releases and I tumble into a tote bag next to her bed.


           Hours pass, its night again before I even see

Kristen, and a couple more before she gets out of bed. She walks out of my realm

of site completely ignoring me. I can't believe she is just going to leave me

here I think to myself as I lay back down on the floor of this empty tote bag

looking up at Jessica's bed. Trapped like a rat.


           “Yeah Caitlin, that was a great party. I don't

remember anything though. The whole night is a complete blur. My parents

grounded me for a couple weeks. I can't go anywhere accept school. It blows

donkey balls. I guess I am gonna go back to sleep. My head hurts. Chao”


           I watch Jessica fall back onto her bed, and

drift off to sleep and this time I manage to nod off myself. I awake to swirling

noise and I look down just in time to feel myself freefalling into another black



           The voices of various girls churn all around me;

I pass by worm hole after worm hole until I crash into something hard. A new

purse I think to myself.


“Just great……”


Giantess Stories: Pursetory

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