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Scott Grildrig

16-May-1999 Disclaimer: Okay… You know the drill… If you can't remember watching Alf when

it first came out. If you spent the 80's in diapers. If you watched episodes 4,

5 and 6 of Star Wars on network TV before seeing them in a theater. If you're

looking forward to voting. If you're driving, but you're on your parent's

insurance, or you have a $10,000 a month premium because you still have zits. If

you're looking forward to the High School Prom or beginning to panic at the

thought of no more summer vacations, then YOU'RE TOO DAMN YOUNG. Go read

Highlights. Come back in ten years… Shoo…

Awareness surged into him. He opened his eyes. He knew she would be watching

through him, feeling what he felt, hearing what he heard. He was ready…

.=. .=. .=.

Molly was waiting for them.

She lay against the ground, the SimAmbientNet spread over her body, camouflaging

her to every kind of known sensor, but she had to remain still, unmoving. Her

breaths came in small sips of air, minimizing the motions of her diaphragm. She

was aware of every muscle in her body, and she chanted a litany of relaxation in

her mind as her eyes watched the approach of the enemy. They moved slowly,

cautiously, as well they might, but they were fools. She would have saturated

bombed the ground before her troops, made sure that nothing lived in their path.

Then she would have been forced to reveal herself, but they saved their arsenal,

moved slowly into the wide valley. Their line stretched back to the narrow pass

that led into this place, and the planes that circled overhead did not contain

the bombs that they needed to reveal her.

Molly waited, watching the movements of the army through the CommLens in her

left eye, and the tension wound her up tight, driving her slowly crazy with the

need to do something. She struggled hard with herself to remain calm, cold,

composed. Then two things happened that made her heart beat with increasing

excitement. She saw the last of the heavy armor passing between the rift and

into the valley, and she saw tiny dots in the sky, the first indication of

paratroopers. The enemy was through what they considered to be the most perilous

part of their advancement, and now they were permitting the ground troops to

land so that battle could begin.

Molly flicked her tongue against her front tooth and the image in the CommLens

shifted to the city at the far end of the valley. It looked vulnerable,

defenseless, though it was adequately protected against most attacks. This army,

though, had been designed to bring down that city, to shatter the buildings,

blast the roads and kill the people. Another flick of the tongue restored the

army to her sight. The troopers were landing by the thousands, and more filled

the sky. She held herself still, hardly breathing at all anymore, watching until

she saw the planes curve away, the last of the soldiers floating down on silken

chutes. It was time. Just for giggles she flicked her tooth with her tongue


.=. .=. .=.

Lieutenant Commander Kyleson was in the middle of the attack, leading his unit

from the lookout of a thirty-ton HellBore tank. He heard the battle cries of the

troopers behind them as they landed and organized themselves into quick moving

units. He felt the power of their advance. Their army was the largest on the

planet. Unstoppable. Invulnerable. His chest swelled with pride at the sight of

it. He took his binoculars and peered at the front of the column as it crested a

hill. The maps didn't seem to show this rise, but then maps were always subject

to error. He put the binoculars away and tended to his command.

The front line of the army was cresting a long, rolling hill, when it stirred

beneath them and began to rise. The tremors activated alarms up and down the

ranks. Men yelled, commands relayed. The tiny tanks slipped down the steepening

slopes, their treads spinning frantically, trying to maintain their purchase,

but the ground continued to rise, lifting up higher and higher. The entire

column came to a stop, electronic orders sizzling through the air as the army

tried to adapt to the situation, flanking the unnatural hill. The first sounds

of artillery filled the air as some of the units began firing at the strangely

shifting landscape.

Even as the first blasts pounded into the terrain the ground began to rip, to

split and tear, but it wasn't the munitions that was creating the damage.

Kyleson watched as colossal fingers erupted up from the hill, impossibly huge

fingers, delicate, beautiful, with long red nails. They curled and moved apart,

and as they moved the ground parted between them, revealing the generous curves

of a gigantic woman. She moved with deliberation, ignoring the tiny things

around her as she shucked the now flickering terrain from her body, the material

fading to an absolute black, the technology of a SimSuite combined with the

masking effects of an AmbientNet. Kyleson cursed and ordered his men to retreat.

The ground troops were already in full flight. The planes overhear wheeled

wildly, to provide what support they could, and the front ranks began to blast

the giantess, hoping to slow her down while the army saved as much of itself as

it could.

She smiled down at them, a brief, possessive smile that bathed Kyleson's spine

in ice water and raised the hairs on the back of his neck. She rose up slowly,

her body looming up into the sky. Her black hair was cut in a page boy style,

and it stirred in the wind as she stood to her full height. Her brown eyes were

so dark that it was hard to tell pupil from iris, and they glittered as she

raised her right arm. Her body was dressed in a grey body suit that covered her

tightly from her neck to her toes. She licked her lips and her heavy breasts

jiggled slightly as she pointed her hand at the rift that led into the valley.

Kyleson tore his eyes away from her and looked back, just in time to see the

deep purple beam that she fired at the cliffs. They glowed red, yellow, white

then exploded, boulders the size of homes leaping from the stony bulwarks and

avalanching down to choke the path with impassable rubble.

Kyleson was stunned, and he fumbled for his CommLink, trying to sort his

thoughts out enough to give orders, any orders. The link blared with the screams

of the high commanders, conflicting instructions to flee and to fight. The army

was fighting itself as much as the giantess. But the stern voice of the Field

Commander broke into the babble and began to issue counter measures. Kyleson

didn't hear them, though, he glanced back at the giantess just as she stepped

from the crumpled suit she had worn. Her first footfall landed squarely in the

midst of the army, and a five ton scout car vanished under her right sole

without any fuss at all, smashed flat into her deep footprint. The tank rocked

beneath Kyleson a moment later as the ground registered the impact. So much

power, and just from a single step. But there were more coming. Her hips shifted

as she brought her left foot forward, the shadow of it racing along the ground

as she stepped down again, this time trodding half onto one of the heavy siege

units. The commander of the vehicle was in the lookout position, and Kyleson

watched helplessly as he raised his tiny arms to ward off the awful sight of the

grey clad wall settling down upon him. The portion under her foot crunched down

like tinfoil, orange flame flashing as its weapons exploded. The remaining half

lifted up into the air as the front was pressed down under her weight, its

treads spinning wildly. The siege unit held twenty men, and Kyleson turned pale

as he saw some of their bodies blurt from the crushed vehicle, squirted through

the cracks in the armor by the pressure of the giantess' foot. Kyleson held on

as his tank rocked more violently now, the earth bouncing under the impact.

Kyleson finally acted. He screamed orders into his link. She was taking another

step, and they were in her path. He felt the engines roaring behind him and the

tank lurched forward. The tanks to the left and right of him were moving also,

dirt spraying from their treads as they dug in and leapt forward. Kyleson

glanced to the left. Commander Brandon was looking his way and waving

frantically. Kyleson glanced up. The giantess was stepping forward, her right

foot surging ahead, despite the casualness of her motions. Her body was severely

foreshortened, looming over them like a grey mountain. But two things

immediately registered on Kyleson's mind. The first was the clear prominence of

her gigantic nipples as they poked into the tight fitting suit, and the second

was the seeping stain of darkness between her thighs. Then there was no more

time to do anything but watch as she stepped down. Kyleson screamed at her

uncaring, murderous foot as she stepped down, her shadow covering him like

midnight. There was a blur of motion, a roaring hurricane of wind, a thunderous

impact that jarred him to the bones as her foot struck the ground and sunk into

it as if it were wet sand, cracks radiating outward, making Kyleson's tank tilt

steeply on a raised ridge. Brandon's tank was gone, vanished beneath her sole,

crushed like a bug. Kyleson watched as she shifted her weight again, her foot

moving a little as she brought her left leg forward. Horrible screams erupted

from the ground troops as she stepped into their ranks, blood and gore raying

out from under her foot as she casually stepped on them. But Kyleson could only

stare at her right foot, still planted on the remains of his friend. He watched

as she shifted again, her toes spreading as her heel lifted from the ground,

raining dirt onto him. Her foot rose into the air with majestic grace, revealing

a perfect print, the grey material so thin that it left an image of a bare foot.

The HellBore was a flattened dollop of metal near the ball of where her foot had

been, two of the soldiers within had squirted from the observation ports, their

bodies long bloody smears on the ground. Brandon himself was horribly

recognizable, his body mashed flat under the terrible pressure, his guts pooled

about his face where they had erupted from his mouth as her giantess foot

crushed him juiceless. Kyleson shivered, his heart galloping in his chest. So

much destruction, and it was only beginning…

.=. .=. .=.

Molly didn't give a flying fuck about the tiny ones between her and the ground

troops, at least not yet. She stepped through them without a care, her eyes on

the floating chutes of silk, and the countless tiny men raining down out of the

sky. Her body sang with anticipation as she stepped into the midst of the ground

troops and planted her feet, her legs spread, her head tipped back, looking up

at a knot of paratroopers drifting towards her. She felt the impact of bullets

and rockets on her calves, thighs and back, the explosions shredding her suit,

revealing the tan flesh beneath. All of it was nothing but playful tickles on

her skin, teasing caresses when she yearned for something stronger. She felt a

missile explode between her thighs, the heat of it washing over her pussy,

fueling her ardor as she parted her lips.

The scream of the paratroopers thrilled her as they realized her intent, their

tiny legs kicking frantically, their arms pumping, trying to steer the chutes

away from her open mouth. Molly giggled and moved her head, following them,

giving them no escape, and they began to fall between her lips, tiny men landing

on her tongue, their chutes soaked and made heavy by her saliva. She caught a

few dozen of them in her mouth, then pressed her lips together, closing them up

in darkness, ignoring the other men falling around her as she concentrated on

having some fun. She began by growling at them, a low sexy, predatory rumbling

that ruthlessly shook their tiny bodies. She could hear their screams and it

fueled her ardor, but she wanted more, and she swirling them around with her

tongue, playing with them, her mouth watering as she savored her tiny morsels.

She swallowed, and some of the tiny men were dragged shrieking down her throat,

but she would enjoy the fluttering of tiny men in her tummy later. Right now she

wanted blood. Her teeth joined her tongue and the tiny men began to die

horribly, sliced in half as she masticated them, or caught between her molars

and pulped. She chewed them slowly, enjoying the way they suffered for her

pleasure, her tongue moving through them, finding the ones still struggling,

slipping them between her teeth so she could feel their tiny bodies burst and

squirt as she bit down. She ate them all, then tipped her head back so the those

still floating down could watch her throat bob as she swallowed. Her tongue

lolled out and licked, adding a darker gleam to her already red lips.

Molly stroked her huge breasts, brushing her fingers over her nipples, and she

tipped her head back again. The tiny troopers howling in terror as they fell

towards her. But her eyes glittered wickedly as her fingers found a purchase in

her suit and dug in, ripping the material, revealing her deep cleavage. She took

a step back and followed the tiny paratroopers with mischievous eyes as they

drifted down past her beautiful face and struck the tan flesh of her chest,

slipping down her generous curves into the dark crevice between her gigantic

tits. Her hands cupped her breasts, lifting them, holding them, squeezing them

as she caught enough tiny soldiers to fill the sexy flesh between her breasts.

She looked down at them and bared her white teeth at them, and began to rub her

breasts together; gently at first, enjoying their struggles against her tits, so

small, so puny and helpless before her gigantic body. Tiny men descended all

around her as she bent her head lower to watch as she pressed harder. She

shivered with pleasure as she heard tiny shrieks, as their little bodies

resisted the pressure of her tits. But she was not to be denied her sport and

she pressed harder, slowly grinding her breasts together, watching as blood

sprayed against her warm, tan flesh, as the tiny bodies sank deeper into her

cleavage. A hot, sexy wetness bathed her breasts and trickled down her belly,

down to her lush pussy hairs. She rolled her tits together as the screams

crescendoed, her nipples tingling as she savored the way they mashed and broke,

turning slowly to paste between her warm, soft breasts.

Molly shuddered, her eyes fluttering as she took a deep breath and released her

breasts, taking a finger and stirring it playfully in the mess. Then she began

to strip the suit from her body. Slipping it off her shoulders, off her back,

down past her wide hips, her ass wiggling as she rolled it down her long legs,

lifting one foot, then the other as she removed it entirely. She stood up and

blotted at the pulpy wetness between her gigantic tits with the material, then

giggled. She intended to get a lot messier before she was done with her little

toys. Spinning on her toes she tossed the suit aside and faced the army before

her. The ground troops were scattering, the last of the paratroops having

reached the ground as she disrobed. The tanks and armor were dividing, some of

them wheeling around to attack her, others racing for the distant city, but a

few blasts from that fortress stopped them in their tracks. They were trapped

with her, with no hope of escape. Molly smiled sweetly and waited a long moment

so that her little toys could realize their plight in full.

The indicated their understanding in a barrage of fire, tracers and smoke trails

curling towards her naked body as the tanks and launchers unloaded their

firepower. Molly placed her hands on her hips, smiling down at them as they

attacked. Explosions blossoming over her colossal body, casting lurid shadows as

they impacted and burst against her flesh. She felt the warmth, some of the

strikes even stung, but it was a delicious sensation, as she took the full brunt

of the attack, her nipples hard with lust, her pussy lips distended, moist and

glistening with the nectar of her sexy flesh. She leaned forward, deliberately

stepping on one of the larger tanks, smiling at the nice way that it broke under

her bare foot, at the power she felt from knowing that she had crushed all the

tiny men inside the puny thing. She wanted a better feel for what they were

experiencing, so she bent down and picked up one of the larger tanks, denting

the armor of the hundred ton vehicle as she lifted it like a toy. Its treads

spun in vain as she looked it over, rolling it around, examining it from all

side. The guns fired several times in a frantic attempt to strike her, but she

smiled and pointed it at her right nipple, enjoying the heat and the impact on

her flesh until they exhausted their weaponry. Then, with a feral feminine grin

she began to peel it open with her fingernails, shredding the metal like it was

paper, tearing it apart to reveal the tiny men inside. There were forty of them,

strapped into seats, some of them smashed by her fingernails or the twisting

metal. She looked down at them as if she had just opened an oyster. Their

desperate panic excited her all the more as she lowered the tank to her right

nipple and let it have its revenge upon them. Pressing the metal against her

hard flesh and twisting it slowly, the shrieks of the tiny men turning to howls

of raw panic, the bubbles gurgles as her nipple pressed against them, smearing

them slowly, then silence. She pursed her lips and removed the gutted tank, the

center of it hollowed out in the shape of her teat. She tossed the empty toy

away and cupped her breast with her hand, lifting it to her lips. Her tongue

slipped out and flicked over her nipple, licking the specks of blood from it,

leaving it moist and glistening. With a lust filled grin she reach for more

toys, and she flicked her tongue against her teeth…

.=. .=. .=.

Kyleson gaped at the crushed remains of Brandon's tank. All of his thoughts were

addled, muddled, stunned by the careless power and casual cruelty of this

giantess. He heard the screams of the paratroopers and watched as she played

with them. There was no doubt about it, she wasn't fighting them, she wasn't

defending the city, she was playing, taking animal pleasure from having her way

with the tiny men. Her cruelty was beyond belief as she ate alive the soldiers

that she caught in her open mouth, her eyes half-lidded as her jaw moved slowly.

Any doubts about how she intended to attack the tiny army vanished as she

finished her light snack and ripped her suit open for the next wave of troopers.

She turned around as she was moving, and Kyleson had a bone chilling view of the

way her suit darkened as the gory mess between her breasts trickled down the

length of her body to the already damp spot between her unbelievably huge

thighs. The sight unfroze him, and he shouted orders to his unit as the giantess

began to disrobe. Their guns joined the others, firing all of their batteries in

a blaze of power that rocked the earth with its violence. But the giantess was

unfazed. She smiled down at them a smile that congealed Kyleson's guts. There

was no doubt in that smile, no mercy, nothing but raw female lust. Her breasts

swayed heavily as she stepped forward, her right foot deliberately targeting

Commander Wayland's Juggernaut, the vast tank vanishing under her toes like a

bothersome insect. Then she reached for Yardley's HellBore, catching it between

her fingers, using their barrage to stimulate her vast nipple, before she peeled

the tank open like a grape and used that same nipple to crush the soldiers


After that things began to blur for Kyleson. The giantess went on a crushing

spree, popping the countless tanks beneath her bare feet, pursuing them, chasing

them, stalking and hunting them. He was in their ranks, his HellBore bouncing

and skittering over the shattered ground, fighting to avoid tumbling into one of

the many footprints she left in the earth. His unit fired and fired, trying

everything they could think of to survive the massacre, as the giantess played

with them. He watched as she curled her tan giantess toes over Samper's

Dreadnought. Samper, himself, could be seen in the lookout tower, screaming

orders at his crew as the giantess squeezed his tank with her toes. The titanium

armor buckled like soft clay, flame gushing from the tank, the agonized screams

of the soldiers cut off as she crumpled up the vehicle like tinfoil. Samper

vanished in a gout of flame an instant before her toes closed together around


She seemed to like that, something about crushing the tanks this way appealed to

her, and she took to picking them up in her hands, using her fingers instead of

her feet. Her eyes shone intently on her victims as she popped them one by one,

breaking them, smashing them, smearing them. No one escaped her. And as she

continued to play her arousal mounted. Kyleson flinched each time she passed

overhead, and more than once he was spattered by droplets of her musky nectar,

one drop of it so vast that it rocked the tank and nearly drowned the port side

gunner until he managed to unstrap himself and escape. She was beginning to

speak now, her mellifluous voice rolling over the battlefield, a soft, sexy

voice that teased and taunted the tiny soldiers, demeaning them, mocking them.

Kyleson was beginning to get a feel for her motions, for the movements of her

dance, and he directed his unit to follow her, staying out of range, looking for

a place to hide amidst all the carnage.

So it was completely unexpected when the mega-giantess turned around, dropped to

the ground and looked him straight in the eye…

.=. .=. .=.

This was more fun than a giantess should have. Her prey fought wildly,

extravagantly, they resisted her with weapon blasts and desperate tactics, but

she was just too powerful for them. The sensations of battle were heightened

when she focused on the point of view of her victims, savoring the way her body

looked to them, the way the ground shook under her feet, the conflicting terror

and arousal at the sight of her naked body crushing the little men. At first she

wielded nothing more than raw power, content to fuel the panic of her prey by

stepping on them or picking them up and smearing their little tanks in her

hands. But as her play progressed it took on more and more of a sensual tone as

she used other parts of her body to squish the little ones.

One tank in particular caught her attention, and she smiled as she realized who

commanded it. She impishly spared it, let it follow her, tolerating it as she

playfully killed the tiny tanks. Then, on a delightful impulse she spun and

confronted Kyleson.

"Hello there, little soldier," she grinned, nastily, running her tongue over her

teeth. "I'm Molly. I know who you are. I know the terror you are feeling. The

way your heart is pounding in your tiny chest. Are you enjoying the show? I do

hope so, there's so much more that I plan to do." The tiny man was shaking in

terror, stunned by the sight of her gigantic face before him, her dark eyes

pinning him down as if he were nothing more than a gnat. She knew the power of

her voice, the way its sound rolled over his tiny body, vibrating his bones and

guts with its power. She moved closer, so her lips filled all of his vision. "I

think it's time to show your tiny friends just how much fun I can having

breaking them." And she slowly sat up, moving her legs around until Kyleson's

entire unit was bracketed by her thighs, the tan flesh of them rising like

cliffs. Smoke and flame appeared around her, as the rest of the army revitalized

its attack, but she ignored it. Reaching down for one of the tanks she used her

finger to flick it towards her, Trevor's armored war machine bouncing and

rolling as moved it along. "Ah, even in your toys you little ones are almost too

small to play with," she said. "Almost, but close enough," and she picked up

Trevor's tank and pressed it between her nether lips, leaving it half in, half

out of her daunting sex. "You could beg me to spare them," she smiled. "Offer

your own tiny tank in their place. I'm in a generous mood, I might consider it."

She reached down and touched her fingertip to the tank and pressed in slowly,

her finger slipped in deeper and deeper as she thrust the little toy up into

herself. "Mmmmm, then again, I might not. Oh, he's firing their lovely little

guns. Ooooo… Oh, he knows how to make a girl happy." Her hips rose up in

response to the struggles of Trevor's command, her swollen lips, glistening with

her juices, testifying to the effect the tiny tank was having upon her. Kyleson

watched her tense, and she gave a little shiver and cooed softly, then settled

her ass back down and began to finger herself. "Poor little men," she murmured.

"No lasting power," and she slipped her giant finger back into herself, stirring

it around, then pulling it out, dropping the crumpled tank onto the ground, her

juices oozing from it's battered armor, seeping into the torn ground.

"Fortunately, there are more of you," and she began to pick up the now

frantically retreating tanks, stroking them against her nether lips, then

pressing them into her depths; all of the tanks, except for Kyleson's.

"Listen," Molly commanded, as she stroked her clit with her fingertips, and she

flicked her tongue against her teeth…

.=. .=. .=.

Kyleson listened. He'd heard the sounds before. He'd even heard the screams of

Trevor's men, but now it was a hundred times worse. The CommLink was blaring a

cacophony of fear and panic, as the soldiers vainly fired their weapons and

fought for their lives.

"Peters here! Oh, god, the armor is cracked! We're filling up fast! Can anyone

help us!" the voice sputtered and began to gurgle, and Kyleson could imagine the

thick juices flowing over Peters, drowning him.

The giantess was smiling, as if she was listening too. Savoring the helpless

struggles of her little pussy toys, her fingers gliding over her clit in slow

circles. She slipped a finger back into herself, probed herself deeply.

"Hibert to anyone! We're caught against something! Trying to blast free! No! No!

Noooooooooo!" his voice broke up into a savage crunching noise as Molly finger

fucked herself, crushing the puny tank against the soft flesh of her cunt. She

dealt with two more that way, and Kyleson could to nothing but listen to their

shrieks of agony as she used them to increase her pleasure.

Slipping her finger out she reached down and touched Kyleson's tank, stroking

it, touching it, smearing her juices all over it. "You little ones get me so hot

when you scream," she giggled softly. "I can't help myself, I have to have

more." She put her hands on the ground and shifted her hips forward until her

pussy loomed over Kyleson's tank, his body shaking in terrified palsy, paralyzed

with fear at the sight of a pussy that was so big it could devour whole

buildings for its amusement.

"Time to finish off the armor," she said. "I've a hunger for the troops." And

she began to touch herself again, caressing her body, stroking her nipples,

lifting them to her lips. Her pussy juices dripped onto Kyleson, flowing down

into the tank. He could hear his men screaming, trying to fight through the

cloying cream. But he didn't move, his eyes riveted to the sight before him, to

the screams coming from his CommLink…

.=. .=. .=.

Molly gave the tanks to her body to play with, teasing herself with images of

what they saw and what they felt. The darkness, the flickering illumination from

the headlights, her juices everywhere, tiny men floating free in her depths, the

heat of her body, the beating of her distant heart. Her cunt muscles fluttered

and squeezed once, then again, harder and harder, bearing down upon her little

fuck toys. She felt some of them burst and explode from the pressure. She felt

them yield and crunch. She tipped her head back and cried out with pleasure as

she orgasmed, her toes curling, her muscles tensed, her head moving around as

she screamed in ecstasy. It was a long orgasm, rising and falling, renewed by a

burst of heat from an imploding tank, or the sexy thought of the little men

being smeared inside of her, mingling their juices with hers.

When she finally began to come down, she didn't look relaxed, she looked hungry

for more. Looking down at Kyleson's tank she reached out with trembling fingers

and picked it up. Then, rising to her feet she looked around. A number of the

tanks were burning near the city, apparently preferring to die that way than her

way. In the other direction the army was firing on the choked rift, trying to

clear enough of a passageway that the troops could at least escape. And because

of that hope almost all of the tiny men were bunched up and milling around in

the narrow throat of the valley. She felt the tingling tickles of gunfire on her

naked body as she swayed slowly towards them, making the ground shake beneath

her bare feet, her hair bobbing against her head, her breasts shifting and

jiggling provocatively. Some of the troopers tried to run past her. She smiled

and dabbed them with her gigantic toes, smearing them on the ground. Others

fought to clamber up the sheer rocks, but there was no hope for them there.

Sitting down on the ground again (and on several fleeing men) she spread her

legs and showed herself off to the tiny soldiers. Then took Kyleson's tank and

flipped it over, shaking it gently until Kyleson dropped screaming into the

lushness of her pussy hairs.

"You get a front row seat, tiny one," Molly purred. "Don't you dare miss a

moment of it," and she reached out for the tiny screaming men, and ran her

tongue against her teeth…

.=. .=. .=.

Kyleson struggled in her hairs, and watched helplessly as she scooped up a

handful of the troopers in her right hand, lifting them into the air, some of

them slipping between her fingers and pinwheeling to their deaths on the ground

far below. She looked down at them and pursed her lips, blowing them a little

kiss as she began to curl her fingers around them. She giggled as they

struggled, fighting the increasing pressure of her fingers. But she didn't care

abut their futile little efforts to save themselves. She wanted two things from

them: their sweet screams, and the feeling of their crushed bodies. Kyleson

could hear the moist snapping of flesh, so many men were being squished all at

once. And the squealing screams mounted as Molly closed her hand into a fist.

Gore oozed between her dainty fingers and blood trickled down her wrist. She

giggled again and worked her fingers, making the mess slurp and squelch as she

played with it. Then she reached down and drew a red heart on her tummy with her

finger, smiling sweetly as she tossed the mashed up ball of flesh and guts into

the midst of the still living troopers.

The panic was incredible. Thousands of tiny soldiers were reduced to mindless

animals, trying anything to escape from Molly's fingers as she reached out

again. Men surged around Kyleson's tank, some of them daring to climb the

giantess' pussy hairs, hoping to reach her thigh unnoticed and maybe escape

behind her. Others tried to scale her smooth legs, with no success. That left

the bulk of the men trapped between the rocky cliffs and her soft, tan thighs.

Molly enjoyed their abject terror, purring softly as she scooped her fingers

through more of the soldiers, her hand jerking, preventing them from getting a

foothold so they could leap back off. She closed her fingers more quickly this

time, holding her fist over her open mouth, squeezing the tiny men until they

burst, their hot blood raining onto her tongue. She drank three handfuls, then

she began to eat.

Kyleson's mind was screaming as he watched her play. There was no way to handle

this. If she'd told him to die, his heart would have stopped beating on the

spot, but he was helpless, trapped within her personal orgy. Forced to watch as

she delicately ate the tiny soldiers, biting some in half, crushing some with

her tongue, chewing others; his CommLink crackling with the noise of her eating,

with the awful crunching of living flesh and bones. Then she began to swallow

them alive, tipping her head back, her black hair stirring in the wind as she

dropped the tiny men between her red lips, her throat bobbing as she swallowed

them. And there was no escape from that, either. Kyleson could hear the

tormented screams of the doomed men as they were digested alive.

Molly orgasmed several times as she played, pausing to savor each one, her body

glowing with pleasure, her pussy so wet her juices were beginning to pool on the

ground beneath to her. She ate her fill of the tiny soldiers, savoring their

fluttering struggles deep within her tummy, licking her lips with giantess glee.

There were still many handfuls of tiny men left for her to play with, though

some of them were firing at each other now or committing suicide, anything to

avoid the fate she had in store for them. So Molly moved more quickly, grabbing

double handfuls of the tiny men, squeezing them in her fingers, painting her

naked body with the ruddy mess. She drew circles around her nipples, eyes above

her navel. She wrote "I Luv U" in the heart she had made from the first handful.

She held the tiny men to her lips, crushing them with fierce kisses. She cupped

them against her breasts, smearing them over her warm flesh, goring them against

her hard nipples. She tossed handful over her feet, catching some between her

soles and the rock, crushing them slowly. Catching others between her toes,

curling them playfully until their tiny bodies squirted like crushed grapes from

the pressure.

Then she began to fuck them. Bringing shrieking handfuls between her spread

thighs. Peeling her lips open and pressing them into herself. Kyleson could see

the faces of his comrades, could hear their cries for help. He watched as Molly

thrust the tiny men into her cunt, crushing many of them against her soft vulva,

some of them against her clit. A couple men leapt for her pussy hairs, and he

leaned forward to help them, buy she caught each one beneath her cruel fingers

and pressed them flat and smeared them against herself. The awful mess was thick

and gooey, and Molly rubbed it against her aroused pussy, savoring the hot,

creamy, sloppy wetness.

Kyleson suddenly realized that the valley was empty. The tiny tanks crushed and

smoking. The ground littered with blood and crushed bodies. His CommLink roared

with a crashing static of screams and pleas for mercy, the cries of the men

trapped inside of the giantess' insatiable cunt. A shadow fell over him, and he

looked up and screamed, himself, as Molly's fingers reached for him…

.=. .=. .=.

Molly was so tense she was ready to scream, herself. She filled her pussy with

tiny, struggling little men, shoved, plunged and thrust handfuls of them into

herself. Stirred them around with her finger, toying with them, swept away by

the unbearably delicious sensation of so many little fuck toys. There was one

more thing she had to have. Reaching with shaking fingers she plucked up Kyleson

from her pussy hairs. The link between them was subtle but powerful. She felt

his fear, she sensed what he sensed, felt a measure of her power as she felt it.

Her pussy was both a source of unspeakable desires and an inspiration for soul

searing terror. She placed him on her clit, and touched her finger to him,

holding him down, his thrashing body registering on her sensitive flesh, all she

needed to go over the edge. Her mind began to blank out as the first waves of

pleasure surged through her. She cried out, caught within the tsunami of her own

climax, the sensations so intense she thought she might pass out.

Her orgasms came one after another, like sensual concussions, wanton explosions

wracking her body with incredible delight. The tiny soldiers died screaming as

her gigantic cunt squeezed them into paste, her muscles clenching around them

with feminine glee, taking delight in her raw power over them. Kyleson howled in

mortal terror as her finger pressed him down against her clit, the pressure

growing, surging, mounting, unrelenting. Her juices in his nose, mouth and

lungs, drowning him in her passion. But Molly wanted to feel him crush, wanted

her clit to thrill to the sensation of his tiny body bursting against it. Lost

in the throes of her climax she finally gave in to this last desire and squeezed

him against herself. Kyleson's world shattered with a bolt of lightning as Molly

massaged his smashed little body into her hard clit until her orgasm subsided

and her body began to relax. With a contented sigh she dozed away…

.=. .=. .=.

Something awoke her, a premonition, a feeling of something about to happen.

Molly licked her soft lips and rose up so she could look out over the carnage.

She purred with satisfaction, petting her still warm pussy, feeling the soft

bulk of the crushed soldiers shifting within her cunt, feeling very pleased with


A tone sounded softly, and a voice said, "Simulation ended, please exit the


The images dissolved. Molly sighed deeply as the blood, the gore, the landscape

faded to the absolute black of the SimSuite. She mopped her brow, her

contentment fading, her body still tense, still unappeased. Her clothing was

strewn about the small cubicle. She dressed slowly, reluctantly. When she was

done she turned to the wall behind her. There was only one spot of color in the

room, a small red button. She pressed it, and light flooded the room.

Molly stepped from of the SimSuite and looked around. A tiny man glanced up at

her, then looked away again and kept moving. All around her the city bustled

with tiny activity, tiny taxis honking and weaving in and out of traffic, tiny

trucks causing traffic jams in the places they double-parked, tiny cars full of

families and workers threading the little roads on their various journeys. She

looked at the skyscrapers soaring into the heavens, and caught the eyes of

numerous tiny people looking at her. In the distance she could see other

giantesses moving among the buildings, helping to maintain this miniature


There was nobody waiting. And she needed more. Molly turned back to the SimSuite.

"Molly Ellen Devonshire, passkey fifty zone sixty gabriel tucara sally."

"Accepted," said the Suite. "Scenerio?"

"Let's do a city this time, a big one, with lots of people." She stepped inside

and the door closed behind her…


Giantess Stories: QUALITY TIME   Scott Grildrig 16

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