Giantess Stories: QUICK SQUISH By Boniboy     Jon and his step sister had never got on

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By Boniboy

Jon and his step sister had never got on. They had always fought, even when they

were children.

Jon's father had re-married a younger woman, who was indeed a beautiful woman

and Jon liked her a lot, but he could not stand Sam, the child whom she brought

with her into the family house.

Jon was fifteen. His hormones were going mad and he could not stop gloating at

any beautiful woman that came anywhere near him. He loved women. He loved their

bodies, their beautiful breasts and especially those with long, tanned legs, for

he absolutely adored the way these women would move, their features emphasised

by the high heeled shoes they wore, slickly clicking down the street as they


His step mother was such a woman. Her name was Susan. He could not ever dare

tell his father that he fantasised about this beautiful woman. She turned thirty

eight, just a few months ago but she looked 10 years younger. She would

regularly work out, dancing three times a week with her husband and swimming at

the local health club. She took care of herself and that pleased her husband,

for he liked a well-formed woman. Jon too.

Sam was eight years old and to Jon she was a little bitch. She would continually

tell lies about Jon to her parents and cause him endless troubles, which made

his step-mother, above all else angry with him. This didn't help with Jon's

fantasies one bit. He was in teenage love with Sarah, a beautiful woman, who

cared about the way she looked and wanted to please men. She didn't have to try

hard. She always received compliments and countless offers of dates but she was

faithful and she felt good about herself.

On this particular occasion, Jon and Sam were back from school. Jon studied at

the senior school, whilst Sam was at the junior. They usually finished about the

same time and arrived home within 5 minutes of each other. Sam was an evil

little bitch. She wanted harm to come to her stepbrother because she felt that

he would come between her and her mother. She had also seen him leering at her

mother with lustful eyes and she hated him for that. She would not forgive him

for that because she saw that Jon wanted her, her mother, and he would not get

away with it.

Jon came in through the door:

"Can't you keep your fucking eyes off my mom?", she exclaimed. "I've seen you

leering at her but get it into your head, dipshit, it ain't gonna happen!"

"What are you talking about?" said Jon.

"Don't play innocent with me! I know you dream about screwing her but if I find

you staring at her again you'll be eternally sorry".

"Oh piss off, you little cow!" he retorted, "I'm not taking this bullshit from

you. You're just a wicked little evil bitch, who doesn't understand sex or

anything like it. Now bugger off and leave me alone"

Sam stormed out of the kitchen. She would punish her step brother and she knew

how she would do it. She had planned this a long time ago and she had the means

to do it. She disappeared upstairs for a few minutes and then returned to the

living room, where Jon was watching TV.

"Jon, I've got a surprise for you" she said.

"Shut-up, I'm watching MTV".

"No, really, look over here".

Jon turned his head only to see Sam throw a cloud of white powder into his face,

blinding him and stinging his eyes.

"You bitch! You've thrown salt into my eyes. I'm gonna kill you for this.

Christ! Get me water I can't see a damn thing. Help me! God, help me, what the

fuck is happening?"

Jon was rolling around on the floor in agony, clenching his eyes and screaming.

Sam stood back and watched with interest. A sly grin started to appear on her

evil face.

It was happening.

Jon could not see what was happening and the experience was too painful for him

to understand. The pain ebbed and his vision started to return. Everywhere was

dark and he was stark naked, surrounded on all sides by cotton- like material.

He then realised where he was. He was lying face down in the centre section of

his own, gargantuan t-shirt.

"Fuck me!" he thought, "How the hell did this happen?"

Then he remembered Sam - the powder - shit! It must have been some kind of

shrinking agent.

Jon then felt the cotton move upwards, causing a slope to form and he slid all

the way down towards the opening at the base. He screamed as he exited the white

cotton tunnel and fell 50 feet before landing on something soft, wrinkly and

warm. It was his step sister's hand!

The reality was that Jon was no more than one inch tall and he was completely in

the hand of his step sister. She brought him closer to her smiling face before





Jon could not believe what was happening to him. He begged his step sister to

let him go.

"Please Sam, it's all a big mistake, I'll be good to you from now on, I promise.

It was only fantasies, I don't really love your mom".

Sam could only hear little squeaks from the tiny form in her hand and then she

felt warm wetness on her palm. He had pissed himself with fear.



She clenched her fist and strode off up the stairs to her bedroom. Jon was

squeezed inside Sam's fist and felt the to and fro motion of her arms swinging

back and forth.

Sam entered her bedroom and put Jon down on her bedside table. She was always

experimenting with make up and she had numerous bottles of nail varnishes,

mascara and lip stick. Jon observed her, not knowing what she had in mind but

simply awaited his fate, knowing just how much his step sister hated him.

Jon saw her suddenly look up from her drawer, as if she had a brilliant idea and

she grinned wickedly. She took out two bottles of nail varnish. A dark brown

colour and a bright yellow colour. She shook the bottles and then grabbed Jon.

She took hold of a piece of sellotape and taped him to the surface of the

bedside table. Jon started to scream again, unable to move from the sticky bonds

that were holding him in place. Sam unscrewed the bottles and carefully painted

Jon from head to toe in the different colours so that he looked like a yellow

and brown, striped.wasp!

Jon then started to figure out what she was intending. He thought that he would

be flung into a spider's web or some insect hell that she had in store for him

but he soon found out that this was not going to be the case.

Sam waited until the varnish was dry and then untaped the helpless Jon, now very

aware of his one inch perspective on life. He could not move very well because

the varnish had stiffened his skin so that he was barely able to crawl, let

alone walk.

Sam picked him up and made her way back downstairs. She went into the kitchen

and set Jon down on the tiled floor. He rolled onto his back and looked up at

the 100 foot tall giantess above him. Even a small eight year old girl was

fantastically huge to him and he feared the worst. She looked down upon him and

raised her pink socked foot above him, before removing it once again and





With that she spun round and left Jon there, helpless and naked on the kitchen



Jon was incensed. He knew that if he could make it to the kitchen cabinet

plinths he would be safe for now and he would be able to break free from the

restricting varnish. He rolled over onto his stomach and tried to lunge forward.

He looked like a baby, attempting its first crawl but the bonds n the varnish

were too strong and the distance too great. He knew that his step-mom would be

back from the health club soon. She would come into the kitchen and fix herself

a health drink, like she always did after a good work out. Jon did well. He

crossed two whole tiles before he heard the front door open and close in the

distance. He was exhausted and he couldn't move. He simply waited, knowing that

he would sacrifice his life to the woman he continually fantasised about, the

woman he frequently masturbated over.his step mother.

Jon could hear the sound of faint voices in the distance. He could hear the soft

voice of his step mother talking to her daughter in the living room. It would

not be long now.

The talking stopped. At first he could hear faint footsteps thudding on the

hallway carpet. The volume increased, gradually, getting louder and louder with

every stride the beautiful giantess was taking. With one desperate effort, Jon

struggled with all his might to break the chemical bonds of the varnish and get

to a place of safety but they were too strong. He was too well painted. As the

footsteps got unbearably nearer, Jon rolled onto his back to try and attract his

step mother's attention.

Susan strode into the kitchen, her cream pumps clicking sweetly on the tiled

floor. She headed straight for the refrigerator and fixed herself her juice. She

looked stunning. She wore a tight pair of white shorts which emphasised her

curvaceous rounded buttocks, coupled with a loose fitting t-shirt, her breasts

pushing the slack areas out, confirming the firmness of the perfect orbs. She

looked and smelt great. She had worked out in the gym and had showered before

pampering herself, ready for the evening.

She knocked back the last of the juice and twisted around on her left heel. She

walked about steps before noticing some kind of large menacing insect on the

kitchen floor. She hated wasps. She hated all kinds of insects. As far as she

was concerned it was a case of get them before they get you. She momentarily

stepped back to compose herself, realising that the "insect" was in fact weak

and probably dying. It hadn't bothered to fly away but she wasn't going to take

any chances. She moved forward and raised her right high heeled pump over the

wriggling creature. She peered down over her long, tanned, smooth right leg to

ensure that she would place the sole of her shoe over the insect. As she applied

her weight she swore she could hear a faint squeaking sound from the insect but

she knew that it was impossible for insects to "squeak" and she stepped forward,

allowing all of her magnificent body weight, her 120 pounds, to come down upon

the helpless creature. An audible crunch was heard from beneath her right sole

as the cream pump crushed the life out of her step son. The body simply gave way

under the gargantuan body above it, pressing it instantly flat in one instant.

Her shoe slipped forward a little it lost grip with the surface of the tile,

traction was lost with the slippery red coloured goo underneath her foot. Susan

twisted her shoe left and right a few times before dragging her shoe backwards,

spreading the red paste across the tiled floor.

Jon stared in horror at the fantastic giantess above him. She looked awesome in

her heels. He could not help himself getting aroused by the sight of this 200

foot woman standing above him, looking down on him with a stern look on her

face. The long tanned legs looked like two smooth, tanned towers heading upwards

towards the tight white crotch and the two areas of tight cotton fabric that

surrounded her well formed breasts. Her dark hair flowed over her cheeks and

shoulders as she peered down at him, examining him, deciding what to do with

him. Jon felt his manhood move as he heard the deafening creak of leather. Her

right shoe was being lifted. He saw the huge leather clad foot come over him as

her gorgeous body became lost from sight. The sole of the shoe easily covered

his entire body as it made contact with him. He had about 5 feet either side to

go to have any chance of escape. He didn't. The shoe did not even pause. He

thought he may even have one small chance of escape but the descent was very

rapid. As the cold sole approached he could see every detail, the worn leather

area, small pieces of grit and remains of small creatures. He knew he was going

to die but he screamed to his step mother with all his might in the hope that

she would see him and save him. Even as the cold underneath pressed him against

the tile, muffling his screams he was desperate.

He did not feel too much pain. It was over in seconds. He was covered by the

shadow, felt the cold surface push him down and felt his body compress with

deafening cracking sounds, as his bones collapsed with the incredible weight

above him. Jon felt his guts rise in his throat and gurgled blood before seeing

momentarily his insides spill across the tile underneath him. Stars came and

then all went dark. He was gone.

"Strange", she thought to herself "I didn't know wasps had blood. Maybe it was a

blood sucking kind".

Susan sighed with relief, having destroyed the threat from below with one quick

stomp. She never chanced herself with insects, spiders or anything. She would

squish first, ask questions later. She then grabbed a napkin and wiped up the

crushed remains from the kitchen floor.

"Yuck! What a mess" she said to herself.

She discarded the used napkin into the trash and headed back towards the living


"Sam, do you know where Jon is tonight?"

"Living up to his fantasies, probably" the little girl retorted, before turning

around to the TV and smiling, knowing that her step brother was smeared across

the bottom of her mother's shoe.

Giantess Stories: QUICK SQUISH By Boniboy     Jon and his step sister had never got on

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