Giantess Stories: Quite awhile back I began a story called Denise

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Sharon's Travels



Quite awhile back I began a story called Denise's

Travels, which I don't think turned out too well, this is a different story

going along the same theme, something I've always been interested in, hope you

like and any suggestions or critisisms will be greatly appreciated....

It was just another quite day in the small town in the forest like every other

day, when something very strange happened, barely noticeable at first, a slight

tremor that sent ripples through the nearby lake and made the mighty blades of

grass that surrounded the town trembling, there was a pause......Then another

crunching thud,


black shadow swept over the town amid the grass, and hundreds of terrified

people looked up at two collosal feet clad in thong sandals, enormous toes with

pink painted toenails, they followed two gigantic tan towers up, up, to a short

blue skirt, a white top formed tightly around huge breasts, and cascades of wavy

brown hair. The giantess stood with her feet apart, hands on hips, and sighed,

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" then, in a voice which made the people cover their ears, "THIS

LOOKS LIKE A NICE SPOT FOR A REST!" Then, yawning, she kicked off her sandals

and lowered herself to the ground.Laying on her back, she let out one more

thunderous yawn and remained motionless, save for her mighty breasts rising and

falling slowly in time with her breathing.....

The 400 stong crowd of volunteers prepared to set out for the snoozing

giantess.Armed with bows and arrows, spears, ladders, hammers, cartfuls of ropes

vines and stakes.

"MORE ROPE! GET MORE ROPE"cried some."WHAT IF SHE AWAKENS?!"shouted one.

"Don't worry, she won't we'll see to that!" shouted the leader,"Get the


Two barrels were placed on one of the carts.


As they quietly approached the giantess, the men began to spread out and

surround her.A small group approached her colosal head, and froze as she moaned

in her sleep, then continued when they realized they were safe. Two ladders were

then propped against the side of her head, her cheek twitched as the ladder

touced her skin, but she remained asleep.

Two men climbed up and positioned themselves either side of the giantess's nose

as the barrels were unloaded and brought up the ladders by two more men, who

then waited by her mouth and removed the tops, then gave a signal to the other

two, who then pushed against her nostrils, closing up her nose.A few moments

later her shiny lips parted with a gasp and the barrels of liquid were emptied

into her mouth.Her lips were then forced shut by the men, as was her

nostrils.They waited until she had gulped down the sleeping potion, before

releasing her nose and mouth and decending the ladders.

The rest of the men had positioned themselves around the goddess from her head

to her bare feet and were propping ladders up on both her sides the entire

length of her body and preparing the arrows, tying the ends of ropes to them.Two

men on her breast gave a signal and the archers sent volleys of arrows over her

entire body from head to toe.As the ropes settled over her body the men set to

work, climbing over her, tightening the ropes.Ladders were propped against her

feet as men threaded lots of ropes between her toes and secured them to the

ground with stakes.Her fingers were also tied together and staked down, as were

the rest of the stakes surrounding her, as her hair was stretched out by men

grabbing bundles or using rakes, and was streched taut and staked down in the

same way.The giantess moaned contentedly in her sleep.

OK what do you guys want to see happen next?

Giantess Stories: Quite awhile back I began a story called Denise

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