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by Chelgi

Opening my apartment door I found myself staring at the most

voluptuous, fantastically beautiful female I had ever seen.

Billowing masses of dark red hair tumbled about her shoulders, and

halfway down her broad smooth back. Enormous breasts jutted proud

and firm from her chest, enhanced by a halter that was too small by

half for those huge tits. Her sensuously rounded ass was a smoothly

sculptured mass of powerful muscles squeezed into a pair of cut-off

jeans that looked as if they had been shrink-wrapped onto her. And

her legs....! Oh, God! Great long, sleekly muscled pillars of

smooth tanned flesh swelling lusciously until they flared into that

fantastic ass. Voluptuously built, she was an awesomely beautiful

girl, and at seven feet four inches tall, more than enough woman

for any man!

"Oh, my God...! Jeannie, what the Hell are you doing here?"

"Daddy won't let me stay out late except on weekends."

"Fine, Good for daddy! But what're you doing here?"

"You're my boyfriend. Remember?"

"You're boyfriend?"

"Well you're the only one who wasn't afraid of me... and I

want to do it again."

"Damn it! I'm terrified of you! Your family'll string me up by

the balls if they find out I screwed you."

"But that's silly. I wanted you to. You couldn't do anything

to me unless I let you. In fact I was on top of you the whole time;

I practically raped you!"

"Christ, you're too young...! Your father'll kill me if he

finds out!"

"I'm not too young, I'm eighteen now, and can do whatever I

want to! I don't care what daddy says! Besides you've already done

it once.... and it was great! I want to do it again."

"Look, you little nympho, I don't know what you're trying to


"I'm not a nympho!" she shouted indignantly. "I was a virgin.

You were the first man to make love to me! ....And I'm not little!"

And she made this point by stepping forward toward me.

I stepped back, last Saturday night was vivid in my mind, even

though I was totally confused about exactly what had happened. I

had started out with the idea of seducing the most beautiful girl

I had ever seen, and ended up by being raped.... by an eighteen

year old amazon! And now she wanted to do it again. It'd be fine

with me, if her "daddy" wasn't the biggest, most famous body

builder in the country, and very protective of his "little girl"!

"C'mon," she said, "I liked it. Let's do it again."

"I can't....! Damn it! Don't you understand; you're too young!

Go home! Go home...!"

"I'm not going!" she said, reaching for the door with one

enormous hand.

Just looking at her huge hand with those long slender fingers,

and long red nails made me horny. She was awesome, unbelievably

intimidating as she stood there with her huge powerful body, and

yet the sheer sensuousness of her big muscular body was

fantastically erotic. In spite of her age, although she was legally

old enough, when a man like her daddy thinks she's too young; She's

too young! There was no way I could overcome my lust for this huge

young amazon. Totally enthralled by her huge, erotically muscled

body, I had a raging hard-on. I felt stupid, standing there trying

to make her go away, with an erection that threatened to rip out

the front of my pants.

"Oh, yes you are!" I insisted. Standing with my shoulder

against the edge of the door, I braced myself and tried to close

the door.

She glared down at me, "You can't make me go! I can do

anything I want!"

She pressed the palm of her huge hand against the door, and

pushed with an easy backhand motion. The door flew open as if I

hadn't even been there. Flinging me backward onto the floor.

"Oh... God!" Flat on my back I stared up in total shock and

awe, at the huge teen-age amazon towering over me. Rolling over I

started to get up, and felt her hand grasp the back of my belt.

Then she snatched me up off the floor... with one hand! She was so

powerful she was picking me up like I was a rag doll. I had never

been so humiliated! I couldn't believe a teen-age girl could be so

incredibly strong.

Struggling helplessly, I screamed, "Put me down!"

She giggled, still holding me with one hand.

"I like you! You're fun, you cute little man."

I was begging and pleading futilely with her as she closed the

door and locked it, with me hanging from her hand, like I weighed


"Jeannie, put me down! Please.... What are you doing? Why are

you doing this to me?"

Laughing, she walked leisurely into my bedroom, with me

dangling from her hand like a suitcase. She tossed me onto the bed,

and reaching down yanked my shirt off. Standing beside the bed,

towering over me, she ran her fingers down the front of my pants

fondling and caressing my crotch.

"Jeannie, please... please, Jeannie.... don't!"

"Don't what, my cute little man?"

"Why do you keep calling me, 'little man'?

Smiling she said, "Well aren't you?"

"No, damn it! Not to anybody but you! I'm five ten, and a

hundred eighty five pounds. That's not little!"

She laughed, "I'm seven feet four, three hundred twenty five

pounds. You're little!"

Unfastening my belt, and sliding her long fingers into the

front of my pants she ripped them off with one quick pull. Tearing

them like paper, and tossing them in the corner.

"I call you little, because I'm bigger than you, and can do

anything I want to with you; ....And there's nothing you can do

about it; is there?"

Suddenly her huge muscular arms shot out, her big hands

clamped on my arms like steel bands, and she snatched me off the

bed. Pulling me against her big hard body her powerful arms slid

around me, and she squeezed until I could feel my ribs cracking.

She gave me a lingering kiss, running her tongue into my mouth,

probing and writhing for long passionate minutes. Clamped tightly

against those enormous tits of hers by her gigantic powerful arms

while her great huge tongue writhed and squirmed in my mouth had me

in total ecstasy in moments. As our parted lips squirmed and our

tongues writhed against each others, my already hard prick rose to

a throbbing hardness I had never experienced before. Sliding one

arm behind my back and the other under my thighs she cradled me in

her arms as though I was a little child.

"Jeannie, please... What are you doing? Please, Jeannie,


She looked down at me with a broad smile. "Impressed?"

I felt like a complete idiot, as she held me in her arms like

a baby. "My God! A few days ago, you were ashamed of your size and

muscles. Now you're showing off how big and strong you are, picking

me up like I'm a little kid."

"You like for me to pick you up; don't you?"

There was no question in her mind, I loved for her to pick me

up; picking me up and holding me in her big powerful arms had my

prick standing up like a flag pole, stiff and throbbing. She had me

and she knew it. Sliding her hand into my crotch she completely

engulfed my hardened prick in an iron grip, clamped her hand shut,

and squeezed. Chuckling as I moaned and rolled against her big firm

tits, she carried me around the room cradled in her arms like a

baby while she squeezed and pulled on my stiff swollen prick.

Laying me on the bed she grinned down at me.

"I don't have to be home till midnight, I've got nearly five

hours to play with your helpless little body." as she talked she

continued to caress and massage my prick in her long powerful

fingers, squeezing and pulling sensuously.

"MMmmm.... I love it! You're such a helpless little thing! I

can do anything I want with you; can't I? You know I'm going to

rape you, don't you?"

Staring up at the rippling, bulging muscles of her immense

body looming over me, I simply nodded my head.

"You're just a poor helpless little toy for me to play with;

aren't you?" she smiled down at me, "I can do all the things I've

thought about, and never dared try. Like this....!"

She leaned over me, and licking my prick lightly, slid her

tongue slowly along the shaft. Her tongue was wriggling all over my

prick, teasing it to swell to an even greater, almost painfully

huge, throbbing erection. Her great plush lips puckered and she

began kissing the tip of my swollen prick. Her huge sinuous tongue

flicked out and caressed the head of my pounding cock again and

again. Then her mouth yawned open and she engulfed my prick in the

firm softness of her huge, plush, red lips pulling hard as she

sucked it in completely.

"Oh, God...! Oh, God....! Ohhhooo...." I moaned, arching up

and grabbing at her as she sucked on me.

Her hands were stroking and caressing my balls as she sucked,

and I was writhing in pure ecstasy. She could do anything she

wanted to with me, all right, and not just because she was twice my


"OOhhoooo... you're neat! I never had a prick I could play

with before. I've never even had a real good look at one, now I've

got one I can play with all I want. Haven't I, my precious little


And play she did. Holding it in her long, strong, fingers she

stroked it, slowly sliding the sheath up and down along my

throbbing shaft. She pulled it, twisted it, licked it, and sucked

it till I was ready to explode. I didn't care if she was only

eighteen, my hands grasp her head and pulled her against me. Her

lips and tongue caressed and fondled, squeezed and pulled, and when

I came, she never even released me. Easily swallowing the massive

loads of cum I blew off into her big luscious mouth, she sucked

hungrily for more. Everything I had was eagerly vacuumed into that

hot sensuous mouth until I was completely drained.

Grinning broadly as she licked her lush heavy lips she said,

"Oh, that was fun! I never did that before. MMmmm.... you

taste good; I'm going to do that to you a lot."

Licking my poor spent cock, her big sensuously rough tongue

dragged it back into her mouth; those huge lusciously plush lips

closed around the shaft and once more she sucked. My cock responded

instantly, swelling and trying to fill her cavernous mouth. The

exotic sensation of her sharp teeth raking along the length of my

prick as she nibbled and nipped and sucked drove me to the heights

of ecstasy in seconds.

I lost track of the times I exploded into her lusty mouth.

Finally, exhausted, and completely spent, I rolled back and simply

died, lying there inert as her hands rubbed and caressed my body.

Pointing a huge long finger at me she ordered, "Don't move!"

I had no intentions of moving as I lay there in total

exhaustion, staring up at that huge, fantastically luscious teen-

ager. Hell, I wasn't even sure I could move; if I had wanted to. My

eyes roamed hungrily over her fabulous body as she leaned over me.

I stared in awe at the powerful muscles of her arms, and her broad

burly shoulders as she flexed her huge muscular body. Suddenly it

was happening again; just as it had last Saturday night. Her biceps

bulged, writhing and swelling, writhing and swelling as though

someone were inflating her arms. She rose over me, looming bigger

and bigger above me. Her bulging muscles swelled to astounding size

as I stared awestruck at her. It was as though her entire body was

being inflated like a balloon. She was growing....! She was getting

bigger by the second, rising taller and taller above me as her

entire body expanded and grew.

She thrust out her enormous chest, and raised her hands to

sensuously lift and caress the soft flesh of those mountainous

breasts. They were so enormous even the great long fingers of her

huge hands couldn't hold them. Slowly and erotically she began to

undo that too tight halter, watching my reactions as she slipped it

slowly off. Carefully freeing one titanic breast and then the

other, she provocatively lifted each one of those tremendeous

fleshy mounds to her lips and gently kissed each huge firm nipple.

I stared mesmerized as her long pointy tongue emerged from between

her plush lips, and sinuously caressed and licked at those enormous

nipples. She gently rubbed and fondled those massive globes,

squeezing and kneeding them erotically.

Grinning down at me, she lifted the enormous mounds of booby-

flesh in her huge hands squeezing and jiggling them enticingly at


"MMmmm... You like these? If you're a good little man, I might

even let you play with them."

I grinned and stuck my tongue out in a licking motion. To my

surprise she bent slowly over until those great mounds of luscious

booby-flesh filled my vision, and the huge dark nipple pressed

against my mouth. I opened my mouth and it slipped between my lips

and filled my mouth. I licked and sucked for several minutes, then

that big luscious nipple was lifted away and replaced with the

other. When I reached a hand to caress the massive mounds of

softness she engulfed my hand in her fingers and pressed it down to

the bed, pulling the luscious tits away and standing up again.

"Little man, you're terrific. You do just what I want you to.

You're perfect; I never met a boy I could control so easily, you

cute little thing."

Sliding one hand down across her stomach she unzipped her

shorts, wriggling her huge, exquisitely rounded hips erotically as

she slowly brought the zipper down. Slipping both hands inside the

front of those painted on shorts, she began slowly pushing them

down over her big luscious hips. Sensuously sliding them down over

her gigantic powerfully muscled thighs she wriggled sinuously out

of pants and panties, slowly stepping out of the shorts.

Fantastically curvacious her immensly long, massively muscled legs

seemed to soar upward forever before they joined in a dark tangle

of curly red hair high over my head. Looking to make sure that I

was watching, she thrust her voluptuous hips forward erotically,

again and again. Stroking and caressing the tangled thatch of dark

curly hair with her long slim fingers she slid her fingers down

between her gorgeously muscled thighs and probed her pussy.

Grinning down at me, she slowly pulled the enormous lips of

her giant pussy apart to exhibit the moist rosy flesh of her inner

labia and the cavernous opening of her huge luscious cunt. Pulling

her cavernous cunt open even wider she thrust that luscious giant

pussy at me again.

"Want some....? Bet I'm the biggest, strongest, virgin you

ever took to bed," she giggled.

"You toss me around like a doll, rape me, and then tell me

you're a virgin."

"Well I was! Before you had me last week."

"Who, had who, you monster?"

The entire side of my head exploded as her immense hand

slammed into my head like a sledge hammer.

"Don't ever call me a monster!" Her voice was as hard and

sharp as her slap, sending chills of fear through me.

"Just because I'm big and strong, doesn't mean I'm not a

virgin. ...AND - YOU - HAD - ME!! I was a virgin! Until you fucked

me!" She was yelling, and I was trembling. "And don't you ever call

me a monster again; or you'll find out what a monster is! I'll slap

your fucking head clear off! You're just a puny little wimp! ...And

you had better remember it!" Another crashing slap from her open

hand emphasized her angry tirade.

With my head ringing, I started pleading for my life in a

hurry, there wasn't much doubt in my mind that this enormous

muscular teen-age amazon could literally slap my head off if she

got mad. And she appeared pretty close now.

I pleaded with her, "Jeannie, please.... I'm sorry, I was only

joking. You're so beautiful, and so far from being a monster, I

didn't realize that it would bother you. Please, I promise I'll

never do it again. Please... Please... I promise!"

She smiled down at me, with a vicious dominating smile,

saying, "You miserable little wimp! Just for that, you're going to

be my little slave...."

"S- Slave? ...Jeannie, please..... wh- what are you g- gonna'

do?" I stammered.

She threw one long leg across my body like she was mounting a

horse. Before I knew what was happening she was astride me, and her

massive muscular ass came down heavily on my chest. God, she was

heavy. My chest was being crushed. It felt like my ribs were

breaking as her massive weight settled on me.

Unable to breathe, I began to beg. "Get off! Please, Jeannie,

get off.... I can't breathe; you're crushing me.... please Jeannie,

please... You're squashing me.... please, please..... please!"

She eased some of her weight off my chest, and mover her

gigantic ass forward across my chest until she straddled my head

whth her huge thighs, the dark curly hair of her pussy tickling my


I was squirming and fighting against the huge powerful muscles

of her thighs, "No! ...Please, don't! Jeannie, don't do this to


"Don't do what, my little slave? I just want my pussy sucked.

I've never had anyone lick my pussy, and I hear it's wonderful."

"No...! Please, don't! I won't!" and I rolled my face away

from the hot wet hair.

"Come on, Donnie, I want my pussy sucked, and I need a

volunteer. My cute little slave'll do it for me; won't he now?"

Giggling and teasing she was caressing my head with one huge hand,

pulling my face toward her enormous cunt.

"Please, Jeannie, I don't do that. I've never sucked a pussy

before, and I don't intend to start now. Please, just thinking of

putting my mouth to that wet slimy thing makes me sick."

"Wet slimy thing?" You're calling my nice, warm, soft pussy a

wet slimy thing? Just because it's a little damp, it's not slimy.

Just nice warm, sweet, woman juice. It's good for you, and besides,

if you really don't want to lick my nice, big, juicy, pussy... I've

got some bad news! Why do you think I called you, 'my little


Laughing she grasp my head with her big powerful hands and

lifted, pressing my face into the hot musty wetness of her big

hairy crotch.

"Puny little slaves, like you, don't have any choice in the

matter. Slaves do as their mistress tells them. And you're my puny

little slave!

She was right; pinned under her massive ass I had no choice.

I was completely helpless against the tremendous muscles of her

huge powerful body. She rammed her hips forward and her pussy

squashed down onto my face, and my head was crushed between her

gargantuan thighs.

"Lick... lick it! Suck it! Come on, my little slave, get your

wiggly little tongue in there and lick it!" Her powerful hands

clamped the back of my head and pulled it forward. I tried

helplessly to turn away as my face was rammed into her enormous

cunt. The hot hairy vulva spread open swallowing my face in the

squashy slick wetness of her huge cunt as she humped against me.

Totally helpless and afraid not to obey her, I complied with

her orders, and slowly began to lick her pussy. It was horrible,

repulsive, sickening! Her pussy was hot and wet, with huge masses

of hot slippery flesh rubbing my face. The thick slippery syrup of

her cunt spread over my face and filled my mouth.... I choked and

gagged as I swallowed her hot juice. It was salty, sweet, and

mustily sexy.... It wasn't as bad as I had expected; in fact it

wasn't bad at all; it tasted pretty good. In fact I liked her

taste. In a short while I was not only enjoying being forced to

lick and suck her big wonderful cunt, but becoming eager for more,

and loving my role as her sex slave.

God, she was great...! A prodigiously muscled teen-age

amazon, thrilling me beyond belief with her total domination of me.

With my arms wrapped around the firm muscles of her huge powerful

thighs I wtithed and squirmed, nuzzling my face deep into her

pussy, licking ans sucking in the hot wet masses of flesh as she

slammed down on me faster and faster. She was squirming and

squealing as I worked my tongue in and out, over and around until

her heaving hips were about to crush my head. I moved to meet her

thrusts, and each time I lifted my head her huge hot cunt slammed

down crushing me into the bed. Humping my face wildly she seemed to

be trying to squash my head completely into herself. She came in a

succession of rippling, heaving spasms. I felt her shudder through

half a dozen climaxes; each one seemingly longer and more

pleasurable than the last. Her cunt was flowing like a river, with

her hot sweet cum as she came again and again.

For long minutes she sat astride my head moaning as she rubbed

her hot, sloshy wet pussy all over my face; bathing lmy entire face

with the hot sweet honey of her cum. Her cunt seemed so much bigger

than it had been, I attributed it to her horniness, but then her

thighs seemed bigger too. Suddenly she taised off my face.

"Wanna' fuck!"

I looked up from between her massive thighs, up across a vast

broad stomach, and between a pair of fleshy mountains the size of

watermelons. I gasp, "What'd you say?"

"I said, I wanna' fuck!" and she heaved her soggy wet pussy

against my face again. "God, I'm horny. That little licking just

made me want your nice big prick up inside my hungry cunt."

'Little licking!' Oh, God.... she'd been riding my face nearly

an hour, and had come a dozen times, now she wanted to fuck. She

was insatiable! She may have been a virgin last week, but this week

she was a nympho!

She wiggled down until she was sitting astride my hips, took

my wrists in her fingers, and pinned me spread eagle. Leaning

forward she kissed me. Her tongue snaked its way between my lips,

and she gave me a deep open mouthed hiss. Her sinuous wtithing

tongue poked against mine, exploring and caressing for long

lingering minutes. This together with the sensation of being held

helpless by this muscular young girl made my cock throb more

achingly than ever. I stared at her massive tits hovering directly

over my face, and licked my lips with a hungry tongue.

I watched in fascination as she wiggled her crotch into

position, and lowered her broad hips. My prick slipped easily into

her huge cunt, the slick velvety sheath sliding down over my

engorged shaft as she easily engulfed my massive throbbing erection


She bounced heavily on me, and rammed her hips down squirming

and writhing as she moaned.

"Ohhh.... Ohhh.... MMmmmm..... Oh, God.... that feels soooo...

Gooood....! MMmmmm.... your prick is terrific! It feels so good

sliding up into me...!"

She didn't merely pound on me as she had before, but played

with me; she would lift up and then slam down hard several times,

then wiggle about with my prick swallowed up completely inside

herself. She began clamping her cunt shut tightly on my prick and

pulling on my prick as she raised up off me.

I exclaimed, "WOW....! Oh, God...! MMmmm..... where did a

virgin learn that? ...WOW...!"

"I read about it, and practiced with some toys. Like it?"

"OH...GOD...! Like it...? I love it!! What kind of toys do you

practice that with?"

"MMMmmmm..... I practiced with Barbie and Ken!" as she

squeezed her cunt on my engulfed cock and slowly raised, pulling

hard on my prick, "My little old Ken doll was just the right size.

I pretended he was you, and pushed him up inside my pussy. Then I

practiced squeezing him with my vaginal muscles." and she squeezed

hard on my prick again, "Wouldn't you like that, to get squeezed

headfirst up into my giant cunt, and get squeezed? Ken was okay,

but he was hard and cold. I'd like to get a nice warm, soft, little

man like you in me. Shrink you down to Ken's size and stuff you up

inside my pussy headfirst. Just leave your feet out so I can tickle

them and make you squirm around until I explode around your

wiggling and squirming little body." She shuddered and clamped down

tightly on my cock, "Oh, God.... That'd be so much fun...! OH, God!

She grinned down at me, "You do know that I'm a witch, don't

you?" and she began to laugh, her voice rising into a chilling

witch's cackle. "That's why I'm so big and strong! It's not from

body building, I simply make myself strong with a spell." Her

laughter was eerie as she sat on me rolling her hips with my prick

clamped inside her cunt.

Leaning forward she brought one massive tit to my mouth as she

rose up off me, leaving only the very tip of my prick clamped

tightly in her cunt. "Suck it, little one, suck my bit ol' titty!

It's supposed to make it feel even better."

"Oh, God...! How could anything feel any better than what

you're doing to me?"

"Suck! Suck my tit, little man!"

My lips surrounded her big nipple, and I began sucking her

fabulously huge tit. As I did, she drove her hips down harder and

harder ramming my prick deeply into herself as I sucked on that

enormous nipple. OH, God... She was right! I had never felt

anything so sensationally sexual. It felt better than anything I

could have imagined. Then as her sensuous cunt came down again

engulfing me completely, her arm went around my head crushing my

face into the massive softness of her enormous tit.

She ordered, "Suck it...! Suck it, little slave...!"

"With my mouth full of nipple, and my face buried in the

awesome softness of her giant tit, I realized that the more I

learned about this gargantuan teen-ager, the more I thought that

being her slave might be the best thing that had ever happened to


The thought of her ramming that little Ken doll into her cunt

excited me, and I thought of my prick as a little man getting

shoved up into her giant cunt, and my prick swelled and throbbed,

and I exploded inside her huge cunt again and again.

I was exhausted, she seemed so heavy I could hardly lift my

hips as I tried to ram up to meet her writhing cunt. Suddenly I

realized that my hands clutching her fabulous ass were wide apart,

much wider than they should have been. I slid my hands down onto

her thighs, huge rounded masses of muscle as big around as my body.

I wriggled out from under the huge mass of of titty-meat burying my

face, looked up at her, and nearly died with shock. No wonder she

seemed so heavy, she was enormous! She lay over me like a living

statue, her breasts were gigantic, like huge fleshy beach balls

swaying heavily from the vast wall of her chest. Her knees were

higher than my head, and I lay between thighs the size of tree


"Oh, God! Jeannie, what's happening? Oh, Christ! You're huge!

Jeannie! What's going on?" I was almost screaming as I stared up at

her gigantic body.

"Little man, I told you I was a witch. Didn't you believe me?"

She was laughing a great booming laugh, as I struggled beneath her

gargantuan body.

I struggled to sit up, but a finger the size of a bannana with

a bright red nail nearly two inches long stabbed into my bare

chest, and pressed me back down into the bed.

"Relax, little man, you're not going anywhere. At least not

until I'm through with you."

"Through with me?" Jeannie, what are you doing?" I was all but

screaming in terror.

"I told you, I'm gonna' shrink you down till you're the size

of my little Ken doll, and then use you for a dildo, like I did

him." and she laughed her great booming laugh. "But for now, just

relax and enjoy. I'll do all the work. You'll strain that poor

shrunken little body trying to fuck me now."

I felt myself loosing it as I stared up at her gigantic body,

but inside her cavernous cunt she felt it too.

"Oh, No you don't!" she said, "You can't get off that easy!"

She glared down at me and wiggled her cunt on my limp dick. I felt

it suddenly swell and grow hard again inside her huge body.

"There, that's better. Isn't it nice fucking a witch. I can

take care of all kinds of little problems. MMmmmm.... that feels

much better now!"

I couldn't believe what had happened. I had shsot my wad, and

was all through seconds earlier, and now I was as hard and horny as

though I hadn't been with a woman in months.

In moments she was wriggling and squirming, the sweat pouring

off her huge body. Lying full length on top of me she was in

complete control, her huge hips crushing me down into the bed with

each titanic thrust. With my body buried under her, my face was

trapped between those gigantic, massive tits of hers, and my hips

crushed between her great muscular thighs as she rammed her

ponderous body down on me wriggling, moaning, and gasping as she

came over and over again.

For hours that giant girl ravaged my body. There was no

question of who was being fucked and who was doing the fucking. I

was a toy for her, a helpless sex slave completely dominated by

this gigantic, muscular, teen-age, amazon. I was as much her slave,

or toy, as if I really were a little doll being used as a dildo.

I began to fantasize about being her dildo, a tiny little

living dildo being plunged into her giant cunt. I cold picture her

giant hands engulfing me and lowering me into her vast crotch. Her

great muscular thighs walls on either side of me. Her gigantic mons

rising before me like an obscene altlar to some pagan goddess of


Seconds later, I no longer had to visualize it! She rolled to

her back with me held between her hands like a child's doll. Her

enormous body semed to explode up and out as she swiftly grew into

a brobdingnagian giantess. she no longer needed two hands to hold

me, I was engulfed in the fingers of one prodigious hand.

Holding me like a toy in one immense hand Jeannie lowered me

into the canyon between her giant legs. Standing between the smooth

fleshy walls of her sequoia-like thighs I watched in awe as her

huge long fingers stroked through the dark curly bramble of hair

and fondled the massive rolls of her giant vulva.

"Tell me, little cock man, have you ever seen a woman's pussy

big enough to swallow you whole?" Her voice was heavy rumbling

thunder as she slowly spread the titanic columns of her great long

muscular legs, and those powerful yard long fingers separated her

ponderous hairy cunt lips. The gigantic inner labia, glistening

with the moisture of her arousal, lay open before me. Massive folds

of soft pink flesh wrinkled and wet with the gaping crevice of her

vagina big enough to swallow me whole, just like she had said.

"I mean really seen it...!" and she pulled that cavernous hole

open even further. The great gaping cave of her gigantic cunt was

enormous! A tunnel of flesh plunging down into the depths of her

giant body. I could see right down into her giant body! Awestruck,

I gazed directly into the dark, fleshy, depths of her caveronus


"There, my little doll man, is your girlfriend's cunt... and

all for you!" Her voice was a husky whisper, "Look at it angel.

Look closely at your Jeannie's excited pussy.... Don't be afraid,

little one. It want's you to touch it, to play with it, to kiss and

lick it, my little lover." She purred, "I want to be played with,

I want a man in me, and I think you'll fit nicely."

There was no doubt in my mind I'd fit, I didn't know about

nicely, but I'd sure as hell fit easily. Her cunt was the size of

a bathtub! That monstrous cunt would simply inhale me completely!

Looking at the size of her pussy and her legs and feeling the

tremendous size and power of her giant fingers holding me, I

realized that I had absolutely no control over what was going to

happen to me. I was nothing more than a toy for her, no bigger, in

fact looking at the gargantuan size of her, I doubted I was as big

as her little Ken doll.

Suddenly I grinned, Hell, I might as well enjoy myself! I

didn't know of any man who had ever fucked a cunt bigger than he

was, and I might never get the chance again. I had loved sucking

and licking that huge cunt. Why not?

Reaching out, I hesitantly caressed her gigantic labia, then

gently stroked the velvety soft masses of flesh. Wriggling forward,

I stroked the thick rolls of her giant labia and slowly squeezed my

hands between the moist tender flesh of her inner lips. I had never

in my life felt anything so sensously soft and resiliant. I grasp

the massive folds of hot silky flesh, and pulled myself against

them, nuzzling into the erotic softness of her giant flesh. I began

kissing and lickeing her gigantic pussy.

I laughed at the thought that I was lying her in the crotch of

an eighteen year old amazon eating a pussy so big it could swallow

me whole. I was amazed at how calmly I was taking this whold

fantastically impossible thing. I wondered if I had passed out and

was dreaming this whole lurid scene, or if she actually was a

witch, and it really was happening.

Lured on by the torrid lusciousness of her giant pussy, I

squirmed and wriggled deeper into the hot, wet masses of velvety

soft flesh. Her hot slippery cum oozing from deep inside her great

cunt spread over my body as I wriggled my way deeper into that

luscious mass of female flesh. Almost buried in her giant cunt, I

shoved my head deeper between the great fleshy labia, and found the

luscious object I had been seeking. Pushing the huge folds of soft

moist flesh away from her enormous cliroris with both hands I

reached forward. Grasping the huge sensitive nubbin of her clit in

both hands I nuzzled my face on it, licking and nibbling as I

squeeze it in my hands and nuzzled against it.

Her giant body shuddered and heaved, nearly throwing me off.

I heard her squeal and giggle.

"Oh, God! Poor little Ken never did anything like that," then

she moaned, "You're wonderful, you sweet little thing."

I felt the tremendous mass of her gargantuan body shudder and

shake as I caressed and squeezed her gigantic clit in my hands

while I planted kisses all over it and licked and sucked on it.

Then she began to moan and gasp.

"OOooohhh.... Yessss.... That's my sweet little lover, like

that...... OOhhhuuu..... MMmmmm...... Yesssss..... Like that....

and she let out a tremendous squeal.

Undulating her huge hipsand buttocks in circles, and thrusting

up into the air, she murmured, "OOhh...... Gooood..... that's my

sweet little lover, darling... please.... I love you. OOhhooo....

yessss... rub it.... squeeze it....! OOhhh... you're soooo....

gooood..... please, put your head in.... please put your head in.

I want you in me now. OH, I've got to have you in me.... NOW!"

With this her giant fingers grasp my hips, and her great thumb

squeezing powerfully on my ass she lifted me like a doll and

inserted me headfirst into her great hungry cunt.

"IN you go little one..... In you go.... MMmmm..... like

that.... OOHHHoooo.... you're sooo.... gooood.....! In you go!"

As she adjusted my body to her mammoth cunt she released the

great hairy lips she had been holding open, and I was crushed in

her hot wet pussy like a tiny phallus. Brobdingnagian masses of her

hot flesh enfolded me, darkness engulfed me, while long ropes of

her giant pussy hair clung to me. Her giant fingers held me in her

huge cunt, rocking me back and forth, rolling me around in the

sloshy wetness as she slowly pressed me deeper into herself.

As she shoved me into herself her gigantic vagina swallowed me

with a roaring sloshing slurp, sucking me into the depths of her

giant body. Soft slippery walls engulfed me, tremendous masses of

giant muscles huggedme like huge pythons wrapped around my entire

body squeezing and kneeding me. I lay in her Brobdingnagian pussy

like a man's prick in a woman, wrapped in masses of softness I

never dreamed possible. Hot moist pressure surrounded me, while

enormous fleshy pilows caressed me, and soft supple wrinkles and

folds of her prodigious vagina fondled my entire body.

For long moments she held me deep inside her pussy, engulfed

from head to knees, while her powerful fingers held my lower legs,

slowly rocking me back and forth, pushing me in a few inches then

pulling me out a bit. The she began rolling me about, swashing me

all around inside herself. Pressing me against one wall, then

another, holding me against the upper lip, then slowly withdrawing

me, only to shove me back into the giant cavern of her cunt even


She drew me out, dangling me head down above her gargantuan

crotch like a rag doll. The world was cold, I wanted back inside

the luscious warm plushness of my lovely giantess. I grasp giant

tendrils of thick curly dark hair and tried to pull myself back

into her. Rubbing my face in her enormous luscious pussy-flesh, I

licked her and thrust my arms deep inside her warm wet cunt.

"Ohoooo... You like it in there, little lover?"

She rubbed me over the massive hairy lips, and up and down

along her immense slit, pressing my head between her huge vulva,

into the tremendous labia and squeezing me against her enormous


Her voice was a like the soft rumbling of distant thunder, a

rumbling purr, as she said, "MMMmmmm.... that's great, because I

sure like having you in there!"

Then it was heaven again as she inserted me back into the

sensuous depths of her giant cunt. Enormous, slippery masses of

velvety soft flesh surrounded me, embracing me erotically in its

sensuous grip. Sliding through the huge crushing muscles inside her

giant body, mammoth folds of flesh hugged my entire body as again

and again, she drove me deep into her fantastically huge cunt. As

she neared her titanic orgasm she thrust me in and out in rising

passion. Thrusting me in and out of her enormous cavern, her great

writhing love muscles squeezed tightly about me, crushing me like

a rag doll inside her giant body as she exploded again and again.

She shivered and thrashed in spasms of oragasms that were as

fantastically erotic for me as they were for her. Only the deep

softness of her her vaginal lining kept her from completely

crushing my tiny body each time she heaved and squeezed her cunt on

me. Time after time her giant vagina squeezed me and hugged me in

the luscious, erotically crushing grip of her titanic muscles.

Spasm after spasm of shivering heaving orgasm racked her giant

body, causing me to explode in the depths of her as often as she

exploded around me.

Finally, even though I loved being used as her sex toy, and

reveled in her sensational use of my body, I could take no more;

completely exhausted, and totally drained, I simply passed out.

I woke with a start lying alone in bed. I was my normal size!

My fantasy had ended. She had left the bed and was just starting to

get dressed.Looking up, I stared in awe her tremendous body. From

where I lay, she looked nearly ten feet tall. I started to get hard

again just watching that gorgeous mass of female flesh wriggling

into those skimpy little shorts.

"You're fantastic!" I finally managed to mutter, between


"MMmmm.... you are too." she replied


"Daddy will restrict me if I'm not home by midnight."

I looked at the clock. It was almost midnight, she had been

ravaging my body for nearly five hours.

"To hell with daddy." I said, "I can't be charged with rape if

we're married. Marry me?"

"Oh, Donny," she was giggling at my sudden proposal. "I just

turned eighteen; I'm not old enough to get married yet. Besides,

I'm barely over being a virgin, and you're too drunk from taking

care of that problem, to know what you're saying."

"No, Jeannie, I mean it! You're the most wonderful woman I've

ever met. I love you! I'd do anything for you! Please Jeannie, will

you marry me?"

"Oh, Donny, that's wonderful. I love you too. But let's wait

a while and see if we're really in love, or you're just fascinated

by having sex with a witch, and getting used as a dildo."

I was begging her now, "Oh, Jeannie, please! If you won't

agree to marry me, when will I see you again?"

She chuckled, "You don't mind being a witch's little love toy?

I won't have to break down your door and rape you anymore?"

"Honey, I love being your slave, I want to be your little

slave forever. And, you can rape me anytime... Half the fun is

being raped by you!"

"What about your girlfriend?"

"What girlfriend? Honey, you're it! Anyone else is history!

You're the only girllfriend I ever want. Please.... After you, I

don't think there's another woman that could even get me hard.

Please... hurry back..!"

"Okay, tomorrow night be all right?"

"MMMmmm... I can hardly wait," and I wiggled my limp dick at


She stalked over to the bed on those tremendously long,

lusciously muscular legs, and grabbing my thighs in her huge hands

lifted me off the bed. The tremendous muscles of her huge biceps

bulged as she lifted me easily, and held me dangling head down.

Spreading my legs she brought my cock to her mouth. The writhing

muscle of her sinuous tongue dragged my limp prick into those soft

sensuously heavy lips again. When she let my cock slide slowly out

of those plush lips, it was once again hard, and throbbing with

lust for her huge amazonian body.

Lowering me to the bed she leaned over and inhaled my cock,

like it was nothing, and she sucked me off once more, nipping and

raking gently with her sharp young teeth as he massive head rose

and fell. Within seconds I was squirming, wriggling and exploding

into her huge mouth again. I swear that gargantuan teen-ager could

have sucked a fire hose flat. There wasn't the slighest chance of

the smallest drop of cum escaping from the tremendous suction of

her awesome mouth, as she drained me completely once more.

Smiling as that fantastically erotic tongue licked across her

broad glistening red lips, she said huskily, "I told you, that I

liked that, and you're going to get a lot of it!"

Then pressing her huge plush lips on mine she thrust her

tongue deep into my mouth, squeezing me in the crushing grip of her

massive arms for long minutes before leltting go.

"Oops, I almost forgot." and she suddenly started shrinking.

I stared in horror as her huge body seemed to simply fall in on

itself, like a balloon deflating. In seconds she had shrunk from

nearly ten feet tall, back down to her normal towering seven feet

four, and was slipping out the door.

She really was a witch! It hadn't been a dream! She really had

shrunk me down to the size of a doll, and used my entire body for

a dildo! That's why I felt so sore and sticky all over... and I

passed out.


Giantess Stories: RAPED BY A TEEN

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