Giantess Stories: Real Justice Pt

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Real Justice Pt. 1



When ever my family or friends come to visit me they always ask me the same

question, "how did it happen?" I always tell them I don't know, but thats a lie

I know exactly how it happened. I'm a history professor, how could I not know

all about my little "situation". I know more than I need to and more than I ever

wanted too. Now in these last few hours before my sentence is carried out I

write this to pass the time.

It really is amazing all the events that occurred to put me in this spot. Many

of them happening before I was born. It all began in 1997 when Dr. R.F. Sunday

invented a shrinking ray. Though it was not publicly announced until late 2002,

the first successful testing occurred in late 1997, Dr. Sunday decided to hold

off his announcement until he could find a way to re-enlarge the miniaturized

objects. By 2002 he finally gave up realizing it was impossible. Right away it

took care of the mountains of garbage man had piled up. Its other uses were

limited. That all changed in 2015.

The US government in its infinite wisdom saw a way to reduce the prison

population. This had been talked about for years but that pesky Bill Of Rights

kept getting in the way, this was fixed with an amendment that took away all

rights of prisoners sentenced to death or life. This happened because of the

record number of convictions in the US at that time. Almost 3% of the total US

population was in jail for the rest of their lives at this time. The money saved

by this was an enormous boon to the US economy. One guard could watch thousands

of prisoners; they ate next to nothing and no appeals.

For a little while this was good enough, people learned to live with it and it

was a great deterrent to crime. But that wasn't good enough for some people.

Unfortunately for me Congresswomen Sarah Critien was one of them. She pushed the

right Bills through congress and in the space of a year it became possible for

women to buy these prisoners. The reasoning was men were too aggressive and to

allow them to have control of these prisoners would be too cruel. They cited the

whole of human history as examples. America was now a female run country, too

many presidents couldn't keep their little buddies in their pants I guess. Men

were even then second-class citizens.

The first few years this was a novelty, each little man was injected with a

computer chip in the back of the skull forcing him to obey his new master. Rich

women would buy little men (usually between 1 and 4 inches tall, but the woman

could decide) and what they did with them was kept private. Nobody really cared

except some family members and hippies. It was an unspoken rule people didn't

really talk about it. Then Hollywood got into it. It became stylish for

actresses to wear these poor men as jewelry. They were hung from ears, necks and

wrists, It became a contest to see who could come up with the best use for these

“ baubles” as they became known, All these beautiful women trying to one up each

other. Little men began appearing all over the place, some women would tie there

hands to there feet and wear them as rings, or chaining them together for

anklets. The baubles didn't last long like this and it was a common sight in

Hollywood or L.A. to see a baubles back break and just slip off a hand or toe.

As they were useless now the woman would usually just swear and step on the

broken thing,

I remember seeing a tape of an interview where this happened as a child. A young

actress was playing with here bauble ring when she accidentally broke his back,

he slipped off here finger and landed on the ground between here high heeled

feet. She just looked down at it and the camera zoomed in on the poor little

man. He couldn't even move his legs, but they got a great shot of the absolute

horror on his face. As the interview continued the actress slipped her foot out

of a shoe and began playing with the little thing. She would roll it around on

the carpet, pick it up between her toes and squeeze it, and do all manner of

cruel things to it while answering questions. They didn't show the whole thing

but every time they went to a wide angle I could see the little man screaming in

pain on my zoom-in TV. It struck me that even though everyone in the studio knew

it was going on, nobody even thought about it. We had been so desensitized to

the plight of these baubles they weren't even human anymore. As the interview

ended the actress got up to go when the host reminded her of her little toy on

the ground. She looked down and said “useless bauble” before smearing it with

her shoe. At this the audience actually applauded.

By now they were actually running out of criminals to sell. It was a great

deterrent and women were on waiting lists to get their baubles. Our Government

in its infinite wisdom solved this problem by lowering their standards for

shrinking prisoners, they had been counting on this money for so long they

couldn't do without it. So now rapists, robbers thieves, drunks and any other

crime that required a stay of at least 5 years on jail was put on the market.

With rapist the victim was given first dibs at buying the bauble. This literally

flooded the market with baubles. No longer were they toys for the rich and

famous the common woman could now afford one. It became fashionable for high

school and college girls to wear baubles just as the starlets did 50 years ago.

They were even more disposable now. I must have seen at least 30 of them being

carelessly stomped after they were broken in my classes.

Now I was about to become one. I knew who my master would be. Samantha was in my

class. She comes from a rich family and has obviously been spoiled her entire

life. She has long blond hair and big brown eyes you could get lost in, She

reminds me of one of those pop musicians from the turn of the century with her

perfect body and smooth creamy skin. She is without a doubt the most beautiful

student I have ever had, and the most evil. I've personally seen her kill 4

baubles. She is a bright girl, but never tried hard. I had failed her on a test,

one lousy test, Hell she still would have probably gotten a B in my class. She

vowed revenge. I never thought it would have gone this far. I couldn't believe

it when the police showed up and arrested me in front of my class. It was like a

nightmare. The trial went quickly, with no lawyers it boiled down to my word

against hers. The Jury, all women (men aren't aloud to serve anymore) didn't

even leave the courtroom to deliberate. They just sat there and handed down my

sentence. I was to be miniaturized in 3 weeks. The Judge then asked Samantha if

she would like to be my owner. She replied she would and the rest is history. I

would be one of around 20 baubles owned by her in 3 weeks.

Now I wait, it will be anytime now, I think I can here them coming…….. All I can

do now is pray she finishes me off quickly.


Giantess Stories: Real Justice Pt

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