Giantess Stories: RETALIATION   Opening the door with a hook

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Opening the door with a hook, Ray entered the house.silently. He had spent the

last couple of days watching the lodgers and he was sure that stealing the house

was an easy job. The house he was breaking in was inhabitated only by two young

and defenseless women, lesbians probably Ray thought. However they were very

beautiful, both blond and with very curvaceous bodies.

Ray was already a professional criminal at 22, addicted to drugs and specialized

in breaking into houses, he was prepared for anything.

Once he got inside the house, he started to wander around searching for

something worthy to steal, moving silently so as not to wake up the women

upstairs. But suddenly somebody turned on the light of the kitchen. One of the

girls was making herself a sandwich and when she saw Ray she started to yell.

The burglar grab her by the hair and put a shinning blade on her throat and told

her to shut up. But the other one had already waken up and was walking down the


"Shut up sluts!!" Ray roared "or both of you will die tonight!"

The woman with Ray was crying and begging and he was struggling trying to

control her, and didn't realize that the other one took something out from her

night robe. When he turned his head to look at her, she was pointing at him with


"What you got there?" he said "if you do anything your little lover dies and

you'll follow her". But the other woman continued pointing at him with something

that looked like a toy weapon. Suddenly, the room got illuminated with a red

bright light. Ray got blind for a moment and then felt dizzy falling on the

floor unconscious.

When he regained his senses, he didn't recognized the place where he was, it was

cold and then he noticed that he was naked. Getting up on his feet he started to

look around the place. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, it seemed that

the house and furniture had grown up at enourmous proportions. He thought he was

having a bad trip, however with great fear he realized that he had shrunk.

Turning around he saw four gigantic feet in front of him. Moving his head all

the way up he saw the two women he had threatened minutes ago watching him


Screaming he started to run away, but an inmense hand grabbed his body,

squeezing him mercilessly. Lifting him up to her face, the giantess observed him

with deliberation.

"Well well, it seems that the dangerous criminal is nothing more than a worm

now" she said "what should we do with him Lisa?"

"I think we should squash him like the insect he is, Rossy" Lisa answered "he's

only a useless junky, and we would do the world a favor if we eliminate him"

"Yeah, maybe that's the best thing to do. But I think that he might taste good,

what if we make a sandwich with him?"

"But he's too tiny, he's barely 4 inches and he would never be enough for both

of us"

"You're right. Let's flush him and let the rats eat him"

Ray was terrified. He still couldn't believe the problem he was in, yelling he

begged the girls to free him. He was fighting with all his might hopelessly

trying to open the hand that was his prison, but the fingers were too big and

heavy, and the girl didn't even notice his tiny kicks and punches.

"Let's use him like all the others" Lisa said "it's been a while since we don't

have one, and I've always liked to toy with them. Besides, this is a drugy

criminal and nobody will miss him. So, we can do whatever we want to him". The

other girl agreed.

"Well little man" Rossy said approaching her fist and Ray to her eyes "it seems

that your life as a criminal has ended, and your life as a sex toy is about to

start". Then she lowered her fist a little and kissed Ray's face with her fleshy

lips smearing it with lip stick.

Then the girls walked up the stairs to their bedroom bringing the minuscule man

with them. Rossy dropped him on the bed the two girls shared, it was as big as a

football field to him.

"You're a lucky little worm" said Rossy while she and Lisa took their clothes

off, "not all criminals have the luck to satisfy all the desires of two

attractive women like us". Ray agreed for a brief moment: both girls were very

beautiful, blue eyed blondes, tall with wide hips and curvy butts and chests.

Their buttocks were like two gigantic perfect spheres made of delicious flesh

that moved up and down rhythmically as they walked.

They used to do a lot of exercise for sure, because they had visible muscles

everywhere in their tanned bodies, and they had the exact amount of body fat

that made their bodies curvier and even more seductive.

It's a shame that they are lesbians thought Ray, who ceased feeling terrified

for a couple of minutes and with his mouth open in awe gazed at the two huge

girls. They noted his reaction and laughing they started to kiss and caress each


After a while, Rossy took Ray from the bed and violently got him closer to her


"Time to start your job, slave" she hissed, and opening her mouth she let him

drop on her tongue. Ray screamed in fear, but his voice was cut when Rossy's

mouth closed. He was laying exactly on her tongue and in short time he was

soaked in her saliva. Everything surrounded him was in darkness and he was just

waiting the girl to swallow him whole when he heard a loud noise. Suddenly the

girl's tongue started to play with him rolling his body over. Rossy's mouth was

kissing Lisa's. They began to kiss each other passionately. Rossy opened her

mouth and using her tongue, she moved Ray towards her lover's mouth. Lisa

welcomed Ray with her tongue too, and after playing with him a little she

started to push him outside into Rossy's mouth again. Several minutes passed by,

and the girls continued to manipulate Ray with their mouths and caressing each

other tenderly. Their tongues pushed the little body roughly, they wrapped

around him and crushed against their mouth roofs, they relished him and moved

outside over and over again.

Ray was drowning. It was almost impossible to breath, and the only times he

could get some air was in the exact moment when one of the girls opened her lips

and let some air in. Suddenly, Lisa opened her mouth and spitted him on her

hand. Coughing, Ray tried to defend himself but Lisa took him strongly and with

a thread she proceeded to tie him to her middle finger. Rossy was laying on the

bed and Lisa was on her knees standing in front of her.

Bending over Rossy, Lisa started to massage and caress her lover's body using

the hand on which Ray was firmly tied. Ray was still covered in saliva, so his

tiny figure left wet traces on Rossy's soft and warm skin. She had her eyes

closed while enjoying the rubbing of the little man against her. Ray was

massaged all over Rossy's huge body. He went into her armpits, spent long

minutes on her tits and mostly on her erected and pink nipples, Lisa ordered him

to lick and kiss them and Rossy shivered in ecstasy. Then he was moved down and

his head was used to dig into Rossy's navel. Lisa used Ray to massage her

girlfriend's meaty thighs, calves and even the sole of her feet. He was pressed

against her warm, throbbing and already wet vagina. He literally was swallowed

alive by the outer vaginal lips, while Rossy moaned. Lisa started to used her

fingers, and Ray, to give Rossy pleasure, his face was used to fondle her

clitoris and he was ordered to lick it too. When finally Rossy reached an

orgasm, Lisa took her hand out of the vagina and Ray was now soaked in the pussy


After this, Rossy turned around and Lisa began to caress her again.

Ray was rubbed against her back for a little while, because her ass was the

place that Lisa liked more to please. His tiny body moved in circles on the

enormous, muscular and tanned globes. Ray was in heaven at this time, he kissed

the buns and left tiny drops of his saliva on the huge surface of Rossy's butt,

and he didn't notice when Lisa started to rub him against the crack and to stick

his head into the pink and clean anus. He yelled desperately but nobody cared.

His head spent several minutes inside the wrinkled sphincter, which excited

began to open wider and wider. Finally, Lisa took him out the little hole and

after petting Rossy's ass a few more minutes she untied Ray from her hand.

Exhausted and battered, Ray begged for mercy, but now it was Lisa's turn.

Rossy took the man and tied him completely again with the same thread Lisa had

used. But this time, Ray found himself wrapped from shoulders to toes. Only his

head was free. He looked like a mummy and he didn't know what was coming next,

soon he would find out.

Handling him carefully, Rossy inserted the tiny body in her vagina feet first,

up to his waist. Placing two fingers around Ray, she held him firmly and

proceeded to use him as a phallus. She thrust him into Lisa's vagina, who had

her lips opened with her fingers. Ray was trapped between two gigantic pussies.

It's like when the girls kissed each other and shared him using their tongues,

but now each girl shared half of his bruised body. Rossy moved her pelvis

rhythmically on her friend's vulva who felt how the man's head and shoulders

enter her body. Poor Ray coughed and swallowed great amounts of the vaginal

fluids, and was covered with some of the girls' pubic hair and to make things

worse the heat was increasing rapidly. The friction exerted on him left his body

covered with scars and bruises. Finally Lisa had an orgasm, and Rossy laid

completely on her, burying Ray in her lover's body. They laid a few moments this

way enjoying the feeling of Ray's minuscule squirms.

After some minutes, Rossy took out the living dildo from Lisa and inserted him

completely on her. Ray thought that his suffering was ended and that he would

die drowned inside Rossy's pussy, but he was wrong.

Lisa turned around and got on her knees, bending her body forward she took her

beautiful ass cheeks with both hands and opened them wide. Meanwhile Rossy got

her pelvis near Lisa's behind and using two fingers she took out Ray's upper

body and began to thrust it into Lisa's anus. This time Rossy sodomized Lisa

using Ray. The tiny creature slid inside the sphincter easily because it was

already covered with the lubricant fluids of both girls and it was only 4 inches

long and less than an inch girth. Not being able to move, Ray went through

Lisa's rectum until only his feet were outside the opening. The minuscule man

felt his body being crushed by the living walls that were seizing him, the odor

was very intense and the heat started to suffocate him. After some minutes he

felt a great pressure on his ankles, Rossy took him by them and started to move

him in and out. The girl had a great time manipulating Ray in her lover's anus.

She inserted him rapidly up to his feet and then drew him out slowly. She moved

him in tight circles pressing him against the rectum walls, from side to side,

up and down, etc. Finally, she shoved him completely inside Lisa's bowels who

screaming reached a great anal orgasm. Ray was crushed violently by the walls

encasing him when Lisa reached the orgasm and fell unconscious, so he didn't

notice when Rossy stuck two fingers and holding his ankles drew him out.

When he woke up next morning, he was locked in a crystal jar next to the girls'

bed. He felt like all his bones were broken and his skin was harmed and bruised.

The girls were not around and by the noise coming from a door close to him, he

knew that they were taking a shower in a nearby room. When they returned to the

bedroom they were wearing only very small towels and wiping each other. They got

closer to the jar containing Ray.

"Well slave, I think it's time to continue your job" said Rossy opening the jar

and grabbing him "we're gonna have lots of fun today. Lisa and I really liked

your performance so far, so it's time to play a little bit rougher"

Ray began to sob and beg again but the girls only laughed at his misfortune.

Rossy took a tub of lubricant from a drawer and smeared her fingers with it, and

then spread it on all over Ray's body, who struggled in her hand. Then she

handed the tub to Lisa, who was on the bed on her knees and started to bend

forward and raise her hips. Opening her butt cheeks with one hand, she smeared

her anus with the lubricant using the fingers from her other hand. By inserting

on finger first and then two, she proceeded to open her little hole in order to

lodge her toy. When she was ready, Rossy got closer to her ass.

Carefully using two fingers, Rossy started to insert Ray inside Lisa's rectum

feetfirst. He was crying and sobbing, begging for mercy, but Rossy kept pushing

him deeper and deeper nonchalantly until only his head was outside and framed by

Lisa's furrowed butthole. Ray felt like he had been devoured by a giant snake.

The heat was unbearable and although Lisa's rectum was excited and loose it

started to close around his body making impossible any movement and difficulting

his breathing.

After this, Rossy took her girlfriend's buttocks with both hands and opened them

widely and got her face close to Ray.

"It's time to start the game" she whispered smiling to him, "if you beg and yell

loud enough I'll pull you out, but if you don't try your best, I'll insert your

little body completely and I'll leave you there until you become a turd".

Having no choice, Ray started to beg and scream with all his might. Rossy

watched him amusedly while she was massaging Lisa's well rounded buns. Lisa had

her eyes closed and enjoyed the little being in her bowels fighting for his

life. His tiny squirms caused her so much pleasure that she wished they'd never


After more than ten minutes of Ray's screaming and begging Rossy said to him: "I

think you've done quite well, but I have to ask Lisa her opinion". And she

closed Lisa's buns squeezing Ray and leaving him in complete darkness.

"He's done well" Lisa said, "but you know what I want".

Opening the meaty hills Rossy said to him: "I'm sorry but Lisa believes that it

was not good enough". And then she placed her mouth on Lisa's butt covering

Ray's head who screamed utterly terrified. With her lips glued to Lisa's ass,

Rossy started to introduce the little toy's head by pushing it with her tongue.

Not been able to do a thing, Ray felt how he was pushed deeper in the rectum. On

the top of his head was Rossy's tongue forcing him deeper and deeper until he

was completely inside Lisa's bowels. Rossy thrust the tip of her tongue deeply

in Lisa's anus until she was sure that Ray was where Lisa wanted him to be.

"What does it feel? Rossy asked Lisa while still rubbing her ass.

"Oh, he's the best toy we've ever had, he keeps fighting and moving. He's

driving me crazy".

"Maybe it's time to pull him out if we want him to last a little longer".

"Yeah. I think you're right. I'll push him out in a minute". And making a little

effort, Lisa contracted her rectum and squeezed out Ray's little head.

Ray's head came out from Lisa's anus, and Rossy got close to take a look at him

and check his condition.

"He's alive, still breathing and doesn't look to bad".

"Tell him that he has another chance".

Poor Ray was completely soaked in Lisa's rectum fluids, his body was crushed and

his breathing was getting weaker.

"You've got another chance little man" Rossy said "you'd better take advantage

of it this time".

Ray started to scream once again, but his will and strength had decreased, so

this time Rossy didn't ask for Lisa's opinion. She just attached her lips to her

lover's buns and softly pushed Ray's head inside until it disappeared


The game was repeated many times. Ray was getting more and more tired and he

always ended completely inmersed in Lisa's suffocating rectum, who had many

orgasms already but still wanted to enjoy the little anal toy. It was almost

after an hour that Rossy decided to end the game.

Seeing that Ray was totally exhausted, Rossy stick her middle finger on her

mouth and after covering with her own saliva, she placed its tip on Ray's head.

He saw what she was doing but not been able to do anyting he just screamed a

last and terrible squeal, which was cut abruptly when he was inserted deeply in

Lisa's body.

Rossy stuck her finger all she could in Lisa's rectum many times until she was

sure that the little bastard was inserted in the deepest parts of her friend's

bowels. She stuck it one more time moving it around looking for any trace of the

diminute body. After she didn't feel him at all, she took it out satisfied.

Ray would never see the daylight again. A couple of hours later, Lisa defecated

him and forgot all about the little criminal as fast as his limp body

disappeared in the toilet's water vortex.


Giantess Stories: RETALIATION   Opening the door with a hook

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