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by figus

I could never get along with Maryanne. I think we really cared for each other,

yet we couldn't stop fighting. That was why we broke up. Still, I couldn't stop

thinking about her, so a year later we somehow found ourselves spending the

night together at her place.

The morning after we got back together she was up and around at 8 o'clock like

she always had been in the old days. I watched her from bed as she slipped into

her clothes, appreciating how real and physical she seemed after so long apart

from her.

"Come on, we'll make some breakfast," she said cheerfully as she headed for the

kitchen. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and made my way groggily to

find her. I felt strangely weak, and I naturally thought that I hadn't gotten

enough sleep the night before, what with all there was to keep me up late.

I knew something was wrong, though, when I came up behind Maryanne in the

kitchen and wrapped my arms around her waist. As she turned towards me, she

looked directly into my eyes, something she could never do before.

"My god, Maryanne, you've grown 2 1/2 inches!" I exclaimed.

She looked baffled and concerned. We hurried to dig up the measuring tape and

confirm our suspicions. But when I measured her, she was only 5' 7 1/2", no

different than before. Maryanne gave me a funny look. "Better give me the tape,"

she said.

After she had measured me, sure enough, it was clear. Somehow I had shrunk by 2

1/2 inches overnight. "What in the world's going on? What could cause me to

shrink like that?" I was stunned.

Maryanne pulled me close, saying "I don't know what's going on, Phil, but it'll

be okay, I swear it." Then I noticed how much more substantial she felt. To me

it seemed as if her whole body had swelled, bones and all. She had never been

small, but now she was as big as me, and it was strange. Or rather, I was now

her size.

Then the thought came to me: How long was this going to last, and how on earth

could I go out of the house until it passed, if it ever did?

Needless to say, it was a long time before I had the appetite for breakfast that



"Phil, I know you're upset, but I think it would make us both feel better if

you'd let me get a little closer, don't you think?" I had been making Maryanne

sit as far as possible from me, out of self-consciousness. I felt strangely

vulnerable; you never know how much a strength difference 2 1/2" inches can make

until you've suddenly lost that advantage. I didn't want to be constantly

reminded of my suddenly sub-average stature, but eventually my feelings got the

better of me.

"Okay, okay, come here. I don't want you to think I don't want you anymore just

because you're suddenly taller. More likely, I'm afraid you won't want me now

that I'm smaller."

Maryanne crawled down the couch to me and smiled. "Of course I still want you,

silly! I had to want you an awful lot to let last night happen after such a long

time. I haven't stopped wanting you all this time, and I won't let something

strange like this ruin what we've got. Besides, I'm sure it'll pass."

Then she snuggled up and made herself small in my arms. I tried to make it work,

but I was still conscious of my reduced size. All the same, her apparently

greater height was attractive; I began to feel that, at least privately with

her, I didn't mind my new height.


We stayed in all that day, hoping my condition would pass. However, when we went

to bed that night, I had really started to enjoy myself. It was a new feeling to

have my head even with hers while I slid myself inside her, looking directly

into her face while we worked our way towards climax. Suddenly sex seemed more

of a cooperative venture -- she could hold onto me just as well as I could cover

her with my body as we screwed. Her hips, already stunningly wide, were heaven

to clutch as I thrust deeper inside her. And most delightful of all, her

breasts, always small but perfect, were now just slightly bigger, yet kept the

gorgeous form that only small breasts have.

She seemed to enjoy it just as much, and when we finally peaked and fell apart

from each other, she quickly drew me back and thrust my head against her

breasts. "Oh, my little Phil, you were wonderful. I can't describe how much

better..." She stopped abruptly, looking embarrassed.

"No, it's okay," I said. "I felt it too. I guess there's an unexpected advantage

to this after all."

She smiled mischievously at me and whispered, "My little Phil." Then she giggled

and hugged me harder against her chest.


I slept wonderfully that night, and woke the next morning feeling new and

refreshed. There were details to be worked out, I guessed, but all in all it

wasn't so bad what had happened. I hopped out of bed quickly and stretched. And


Something felt wrong.

No, I told myself, you're still getting used to your new size. Nothing else has


Maryanne came into the room, up early as usual. She rushed up to hug me before

she noticed anything wrong.

I found myself staring directly at her mouth.

Soon we had determined that I had lost another 3 1/2" during the night, and that

I was now only 5' 4". "We've got to get the bottom of this, Maryanne, before I

get too much shorter. Should I go to a doctor?"

"And say what? That you're shrinking?" she replied. "You've never gone to a

doctor here in the city. He wouldn't know you were telling the truth. I think

you'd better wait."

"But at least maybe we could figure out why this is happening... what is it that

I've been doing differently the last couple of days that could cause this?" I


Maryanne thought for a second and then made a pained expression. "I hate to say

it, Phil, but sleeping with me is the only thing I can think of."

"But how could that possibly do anything like this?"

"I don't know," she said, "but it's worth pursuing anyway. I can't think of

anything else."


So the next night we reluctantly slept the whole night through without having

sex. I almost hoped I would wake up still shorter the next morning so that it

wouldn't be true. Now that I had gotten back to Maryanne, I didn't want to lose

this wonderful part of her so quickly.

And yet, when we rose the next morning I hadn't shrunk a bit. Just to make sure,

we pulled out the measuring tape yet again, and there I stood, exactly 5' 4",

same as the day before.

Needless to say, Maryanne was as disappointed as I was.

It was Monday, so Maryanne had to go off to work for the day. I was spending the

summer just studying, so I was free to spend the day at Maryanne's and not yet

dare venture into the suddenly much bigger world.

All that day, the same questions plagued my thoughts: How was this happening?

How was I to live my life normally from now on? Was there a cure? Assuming there

wasn't, how could I continue to pursue my relationship with Maryanne? Was she

willing to date a shorter man with whom she could no longer have sex?

When Maryanne came home that evening, she pulled me to her and pressed my head

against her shoulder. I looked up at her through her curly brown tresses, and

she was smiling down at me. It was clear she was enjoying this. "Hey, don't

gloat, Maryanne!" I said, embarrassed.

"No, you don't pout, little guy!" she retorted, and kissed me hard on the

forehead. "Don't worry, Phil, I *like* this. I found myself thinking all day

about coming home and holding your little body to mine, kissing you, and best of

all, having you inside me again."

I looked up with a start. "But..." I stuttered.

"Oh God, Phil, we've stumbled on something so wonderful. I think this was what

our relationship has always missed. Now I can love you the way I've always

wanted to, the way you've wanted me to: as your protector, as your keeper, as

your owner. Phil, I want to make you smaller. I want to make you so small I can

hold you in the palm of my hand, so small I can take you completely into my

mouth the way you used to fantasize I could. I want to love your entire body at

once." She was pushing me harder and harder into her, crushing my head down into

her breasts.

Yes, that was always my fantasy, of having her lift me high in her giant hand,

to her gently parted lips, and take me sweetly onto her tongue, to close her

mouth around me and suck my body so softly until I came so small upon her huge

tongue. And Maryanne, with a slight smile of satisfaction, would carry my tiny

body slowly, gently deeper into her mouth, until I slid, so quietly and

willingly, down her throat, to become part of her.

How could I resist my single most precious wish being offered to me? And yet, I

was scared. "But Maryanne, what happens when I'm that small, and we can't risk

sex anymore, whatever sex may be like at that point? My fantasy always ended

with you swallowing me; but I'm not sure I really want to be swallowed. What

will life be like then?"

Maryanne smiled and squeezed me again. "Oh Phil, I'd never do anything to hurt

you; you know that... I will keep you safe, love you everyday, and give you

pleasures like no one else has ever had. You will be my darling little man, and

I will cherish you always."

With that, Maryanne leaned down and kissed me hard on the mouth. My body

couldn't help but react to this now huge woman holding me. I was crazy with

excitement; nothing could stop me then from giving myself to her.

Needless to say, we went to bed early that evening. We made love more

frantically than we ever had before, my eyes level with her mouth. She caught me

staring down into its gaping cavern as we moved together; she smiled and licked

her lips teasingly. I couldn't help myself: I came immediately. Maryanne's eyes

lit up ecstatically while I convulsed.

Afterwards, she rocked me to sleep, saying "Good boy, good boy, Mommy loves her

good little boy and wants to take care of him always..." With that I drifted


I was woken later that night by a huge weight on top of me. There was Maryanne,

bigger than ever, straddling me while I slept! I looked at her in alarm, but she

whispered soothingly, "shh... we have work to do, baby boy. Make me happy,

please, little Phil." I was deep inside her by this point, and I had no choice

but to do as she wanted. Not that I would have resisted anyway. I had thrown

myself completely on her mercies -- I was committed to being shrunk. And

besides, the shorter I got, the better the sex was. This time, when Maryanne

spread her enormous body on top of my tiny one, I found my nose pressed deep

into her shoulder. Clearly, I had gotten even smaller since we went to bed that

night, and it was wonderful.

The next morning, we were both excited when we jumped out of bed to find out how

much shorter I had gotten. To my delight, I found my eyes were perfectly level

with her nipples. The advantage of this became clear when she hugged me to her.

It was clear to me now that I was making the right decision. The smaller I got,

the better things were.

When Maryanne measured me, it turned out I was only 4' 7 1/2". It seemed to

please her no end to be a full foot taller than me. "And this is only the

beginning, Phil. I promise you, by tomorrow, I won't merely be taller than you,

I'll be a giant. Don't you like the sound of that?" I could only nod dumbly --

this was all too amazing. "And soon after that, I will be a goddess to you, your

entire world, and you will live all of your life on my body. I promise, I will

carry you with me everywhere, next to my body, keeping you safe. Wouldn't you

like it if I tucked you between my breasts every morning before I went out, and

let you live between them in ecstacy?"

I couldn't help it now; I tried to pull her back down on the bed with me. She

pretended I could: obviously she was now too big for me to pull down. Then I

quickly mounted her fantastic body, thrusting myself inside her in a frenzy of

desire. She took me in willingly, pressing my head against her breasts and

saying "Yes, come on, litte Phil, come on, this time I'm going to watch you get

smaller and smaller. Oh god, I can't wait to hold you in my hand, please Phil,

come, please!" And on her command I did.

When I rolled away from her, she jumped up gleefully. "Oh wow, now I get to

watch it happen, Phil! I get to watch you shrink away!" I flushed, embarrassed,

but waited nonetheless in anticipation of my inevitable shrinking.

Soon it became apparent it was happening, as it began to accelerate. Standing

facing her, I watched as her breasts slowly rose up above my head, and the

entire world seemed to inflate. When the change finally slowed and stopped, I

had a level view of her bellybutton.

"My God, Phil, you're so small!" Maryanne said. I looked to see her grinning

down at me between her breasts. She suddenly seemed so enormous, ten feet tall

at least. But we soon discovered that it was I who was only 3' 8".

"Now let's weigh you!" said Maryanne, ushering me towards the bathroom. Stepping

on the scale, I weighed only 30 lbs, where just a few days before I had weighed

170. My dimensions had been staying the same, so I was much slighter than a

young boy of the same height, hence far lighter than you might expect.

Before I got a chance to say anything, Maryanne lifted me off the scale easily.

"Wow, you *are* light, Phil! Let me carry you." I wrapped my arms around her

neck and my legs around her waist, and she carried me back to the bedroom. There

she laid me in bed and tucked me in, saying "Get more rest, little Phil. I have

a feeling you're going to need it. I love you." Then she kissed me, turned off

the light, and left me alone to sleep. It was a strange feeling, having my own

lover carry me like a child and send me to bed like her own baby. But she was

right, all of this shrinking had me very tired, and I needed to rest. No doubt

tonight would be more of the same. I fell in to strange dreams where I fought

with giant insects for survival.


We had sex again that afternoon, with my tiny body more like a tool which she

used for her pleasure than anything else. Afterwards, we lay next to each other

while I quickly shrunk some more. When Maryanne measured me, I was a mere 2' 7"

tall, my head coming up just short of her bush. She took pleasure in towering

over me, as I stared up the length of her torso, past her breasts to her now

distant face.

She knelt down next to me and put her arms around my shoulders like one would a

child's. "I think this is the best thing that's ever happened to us, Phil. Soon

you will be small enough. Then you will be mine, my little man to keep and to

love, my baby to nurse and feed and care for. God I love you." With that she

kissed me on the lips. Her face had become enormous next to mine, her lips

engulfing my mouth. The thought of finally passing between them completely made

me shudder.

We had sex twice again that night. The desire to get smaller and smaller gave me

the energy to make love more times in one day that I'd ever imagined. Of course,

it was easier now that sex had become mostly Maryanne moving me in and out of

her. The second time we had sex it was clear that I was now not much longer than

her lower leg. As I fell asleep, I couldn't imagine how small I might be in the



I woke up to a light brushing against my lips. As my eyes opened and objects

came into focus, I looked up to see Maryanne's vast face looking down softly at

me while she pushed her nipple up against my mouth. Cradled gently in her giant

arms, I took her breast into my mouth and sucked. I was amazed when sweet, warm

milk flowed from her into my mouth. "Yes, that's right," she murmured, "drink

your mommy's nice milk. Maryanne loves her hungry little baby Phil." I closed my

eyes and drank deeply. My other great fantasy had come true, to be held in

Maryanne's arms and nurse at her lovely breast. For a moment I wished I could

stay like this, that perhaps I didn't want to shrink all the way.

But I didn't have a choice. Even as I drank, her breast seemed to grow, and I

knew I was shrinking again. Surprised, I stopped suckling. As soon as she felt

this, she held me up to her face with a look of triumph. "I think this is

finally it, Phil, finally you will be small enough. Finally I will hold you in

my hand, finally take you inside my mouth." As she lay back, she placed me on

her chest. I started shrinking faster. Everything exploded around me. One second

I was sitting using her breast as an arm rest, the next second I was staring up

at an enormous hill. I had completely lost sight of Maryanne's face behind her

mountainous breast.

"Phil, where are you?" Maryanne said softly, and I ran from behind her breast

into her vast cleavage. She looked down at me, and I was dumbfounded. Her

gigantic face filled up most of my field of vision. She saw my surprise and

laughed. "I told you I would be a goddess to you, Phil, didn't I? You don't mind

if I pick you up, do you?" she said, offering her hand. I quickly climbed on.

Her fingers were as big around as both of my legs. I realized I was truly tiny

and helpless.

Maryanne brought her giant hand close in front of her face and studied me

closely. "God, you're so tiny, Phil. I never thought it would work this well."

I started. "What do you mean? You planned this?"

Maryanne giggled. "Of course I did, silly. When you came back to me, I knew I

couldn't bear to see you go again. So I decided to grant your wish to keep you

with me."

My jaw dropped. I had no idea what to say.

"You're smaller than I expected, Phil," she said, holding me up close to her eye

to look at me. "I can barely make out your face. But I bet you taste good." She

shifted me in her hand until I was dangling by my feet from her fingers. Down

below her open mouth yawned like a vast chasm. She licked her lips and smiled

and lowered my helpless body towards her mouth. "Oh yes, Phil, I wasn't quite

honest about one other thing. I've always wanted to eat you, and I really don't

think I have the self-control to stop myself now." She winked one enormous eye

and laughed as she continued to lower me, very slowly. Her tongue darted up and

licked my body, giving me yet another erection. How things were working out just

as in my dreams! I could hardly believe it. I didn't even mind that I was about

to be eaten. It was the least I could do in service of my goddess Maryanne.

Then suddenly she dropped me. Down I fell into her mouth, tumbling onto her

giant tongue, and skidding to a stop just before the long dark tunnel that was

her throat. She closed her mouth and began to move her tongue back and forth,

tossing my body, sucking me, bringing me up to climax again. As had happened so

many times before in my fantasy, Maryanne was loving my entire body, and it was

all that I had imagined. Soon I shot my final load of sperm into Maryanne's


She must have tasted my tiny ejaculation, no more than a tiny drop in the great

cave of her mouth, for she immediately stopped. For several seconds nothing

happened, but soon I felt what I knew was inevitable: her tongue curled back

slowly, moving me deeper into her mouth. Soon I was shoved against the back of

her throat, and she slowly, slowly, began to swallow me, letting me savor every

moment. It wasn't the great moment of ecstacy I sometimes thought it would be,

nor the terrifying experience I believed it would be in my more "rational"

moments. I was simply going to become part of Maryanne's body, part of the

wonderful person that I had found so hard to love in life, but whom I could now

serve with every part of my body in a way more intimate than anyone ever had



Maryanne, after feeling Phil come in her mouth, sat for a few seconds with just

the slightest of reservations. After all, it wasn't too late. She, despite all

her acting to the contrary, knew perfectly well how to make him big again, and

even if she didn't want to do that, it might be fun to keep a pet for a while.

But then she smiled as she realized that this was what Phil really wanted, to be

swallowed by her and become part of her body. So slowly, slowly, she tipped him

back into her throat with her tongue, and then with great care, so that he

wouldn't be hurt, flexed her throat and gulped him down. That was it; he was

gone, her mouth was now empty. She lay back and put her hand on her stomach and

thought. It was strangely satisfying to swallow an entire man like that. Phil

was gone, but perhaps she'd find someone else. Perhaps she'd do it again.

Giantess Stories: Reunion by figus      I could never get along with Maryanne

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