Giantess Stories: Revenge By Warren J

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By Warren J. Vehec

"Mike, hurry up!" Hollered his roommate, "or you'll be late for work!" He

quickly put a shirt on as he ran downstairs. Marie, his roommate, climbed past

him and said, "Almost forgot the car keys; be down in a minute."

He walked into the living room, which was filled with various electronic

machines and other parts. Everything looked like it was finished, all except the

gun. It was partly assembled and not hooked up to the computer.

Mike walked around, examining the gauges and scopes. He stopped at one

mysterious transparent cube, which had no holes or prongs sticking out. He

reached out to pick it up, his fingers barely touching the object. Suddenly, it

flared up with swirling rainbow colors inside. He jerked his hand back in shock.

The word "Rubicon" came to his mind as he remembered Marie swearing about the

object being so hard to obtain from the Black Market. It was supposed to be the

power source for her project that she had labored so hard over for the past two

years. All her and his money went into this secret, which he knew nothing about


Fascinated with the cube, he looked at it closer without touching it, but the

colors faded out. Mike reached for it, with caution this time.

"Leave the goddam thing alone! How many times do I have to tell you," Marie

yelled at her roommate. "I was just looking," he said defensively. She glared at

him. "I don't want you messing up the project that I was just finishing on."

His cock hardened at the first sight of his roommate. Mike suppressed his

thoughts, knowing that Marie will only reject his gallant passes.

She stood about 5'6" tall with measurements 46-35-40. To him, that was an

impressive figure with a capital "I". She has straight shoulder length brown

hair with dark eyes to match. Her skin was light tan, which might mark her as

Mexican or Spanish. Her full lips that looked like they were made for doing blow

jobs usually smiled a lot, but were now scowling as if she got up on the wrong

side of the bed.

On foul days, Marie usually hid her splendid figure under baggy clothes, but

this morning she wore a black body glove, which shaped her bountiful ass

beautifully, and a white halter top that exposed a massive six inches of

cleavage. The only thing that looked unusual was that she was wearing black

spiked high heel shoes, which she hated to wear. 'She must have a client that

she wants to impress,' thought Mike. He had a desire to bury his face into her

massive mammeries, but he could only look at them as he followed her to the car.

Mike came home later that day; his roommate wasn't there to pick him up. He had

to take the bus home, and found the car in the garage. 'She probably got so

involved with her work she forgot to pick me up,' thought Mike. It had happened

before, so he went up to his room quietly so that he wouldn't disturb her while

she worked.

He took off his jacket and laid down on the bed with his favorite magazine,

which featured women with big tits. Looking at the picture of women's hooters

only made him think about Marie's fleshy boobs oozing over the top of the halter

that she wore this morning. His dong hardened at the thought as he took it out

and stroked it. He visualized her giving him a thorough blow job with her full

set of lips.

"Mike!" A voice penetrated his thoughts. He looked around. The door was closed,

there was no one in his room, but the voice sounded close.

"Marie, where are you?" Mike called, looking around. The voice yelled, "Down

here, next to your damn bed!" He leaned over his bed and gasped. There stood his

roommate, no more than 18" tall! She still wore the same clothes that he had

seen her wear this morning.

Gently, the giant picked her up and placed her in front of him, on the bed.

"How?" Was the only word he could ask. The little lady launched into her story:

how she completed her work on assembly and started to test her theory on a

target, but the computer somehow, on its own, activated the program that she

designed and, regrettably, it shrunk her instead of the intended object. Mike

understood that the machine shrunk her, but not the details how the malfunction


His cock was still out, stirred to life. It thickened and stretched longer while

he stared down into her miniature cleavage. Marie looked nervously at it as it

hardened before her.

"Mike, please help me restore my height. I'm starving. I haven't eaten anything

all day."

The giant smiled down at her, "What do I get in return?" The little woman flew

into a rage, making all kinds of accusations at him, which he casually knocked

them aside. "Who are you going to call? Most people who know you think you're a

cold blooded bitch. Even if you did know someone who will help you, I won't help

you make the call," he pointed out to her. Mike knew his words rung true. Marie

has no friends but a backstabber named Mike.

She knew she had no choice, but do whatever he wanted her to do. Sighing, Marie

said, "All right. What do you want?"

"A blow job would be nice, you're too small to blow me. I want a hand job for

starters," He said thoughtfully. The small woman shuddered at the sight of his

fully bloated cock that was half the size she was.

She tried to compromise, "Tell you what, you help me restore my height and I'll

suck your dick. That would fulfill your desires plus anything else you might

have in mind for me."

"You think I'm that stupid? I remember the last time you promised me a blow job

and you never gave it. You would complain about a headache or you didn't feel

like doing it. I'm giving you a break, because I know my cock will blow your

head off when I cum. So, I want it now and none of your pitiful excuses. Also, I

want to see those so called awesome tits of yours," The giant growled.

She hesitated, but realized it was better to get it over and done with. Her

little boobs flopped into view when the shirt came off. Mike easily brushed her

hands away from her mammeries when she tried to cover them. His huge finger

rubbed her dark aureole; she shivered against his touch in distaste. He moved

away from her nipple to the top of her cleavage and down between her boobs. Mike

removed his hand from her flesh, licked his lips in anticipation as she stooped

to his enlarged dick.

In her kneeling position, she was a head taller than his shaft. The musky smell

of his glands assaulted her nose. Marie's tiny hands barely reached around his

turgid shaft as she applied pressure to her strokes. Veins bulged out grossly in

the passing of her hands while pushing excessive skin in front of her motion.

The giant groaned when her little teeth bit into the ridges of his head. As she

increased the speed while applying the pressure, his dong vibrated in sexual

intensity. It made it hard for her to hold on to the shaft.

Mike rubbed her naked back with one huge hand. He could feel the power in her

back muscles as he snaked his hands towards her shapely posterior. The little

lady tried to lock her legs together, but it was a useless effort as he

penetrated between her inner thighs.

His balls swelled up as the diminutive woman pumped his cock faster with each

stroke. His enlarged dick began to pulsate with such a force that she had to

pump it with her arms wrapped around the shaft. His giant fingers lifted her off

the bed by her ass and dropped her, as he grabbed the sheets with both hands.

Mike arched his back as he came. Such an explosion erupted from his cock, Marie

fell back. Fortunately, most of the sperm landed on his stomach instead of on

her face.

He smirked down at her, reaching for her breast once more. Sweat glistened from

her chest as he fondled her hooters with one finger. She screeched when he

pinched her tits. "Mother-fucker!" She said while getting up and kicked his limp

dick. "Anything else, asshole?" She snarled.

"Nothing other than that you promise you won't beat the shit out of me after

I've restored your height," he responded. Marie agreed to the condition.

With that, he went to take a shower to clean himself. Marie was looking at his

magazine with her halter back on. When Mike came back from his shower, she

looked up and said, "I don't see how you can look at this shit when half of

these bitches don't even look good as I do." He replied, "You have to be

desperate to understand my point of view," he replied. "You can't be that

desperate!" Marie said in a shocked voice. Mike shook his head and said, "When

you're around, you can be pretty distracting with those tits of yours,

especially when you won't let me see them naked." Marie let the conversation

come to an end.

True to his promise, Mike carried his tiny roommate downstairs to the machine.

The woman gave him the instructions and the code numbers to set up the program.

"How do I know you're not setting this thing up so that you make yourself bigger

than I am? ," Mike said suspiciously. She smiled up at him, "You don't. Besides,

you promised you'd help me." He had an uneasy feeling about this. He placed her

in front of the gun and picked up the rubicon. Marie reminded him that he must

have his back turned or he'll be blinded by the intense light. The giant

reluctantly followed her orders and dropped the colorful object into its slot.

The heat of light flared on for a full minute on his back. Suddenly, the light

died out as fast as it came on.

"To make sure, I'm taking the power cube with me so you don't double-cross me, "

said Mike taking the cube from the machine. A vociferated voice said, "I DON'T


He turned around and stumbled back in shock at the sight of an enormous woman

that stood at least 10 feet tall. His roommate towered to the ceiling with her

breast, bigger than his head, jutting out massively high above his head. He

unconsciously dropped the cube while backing away from Marie.

She sensually walked toward him in high heels as he backed into the wall. Mike

had only gone a couple of feet from where he had started. The giantess teasing

him said, "What's the matter, Little Man?"

She saw the power cube in front of her roommate. "Oh, you naughty boy, you

dropped the Rubicon, " Marie said turning around so that her ass was facing him.

The terrified man could smell her musky odor from her crotch as she bend down

from her waist to retrieve the object from the floor. Her huge buttocks

stretched the seat of her body glove pants to its limits. "Aren't you going to

rub my ass. I thought you appreciated feeling my buns when I was giving you a

hand job," teased the busty giant woman wiggling her immense botTom that was an

inch from his face. She saw his face turned pale.

The giantess smiled as she took a small step towards the helpless little man.

There was a startled cry from Mike, but it was quickly muffled by her large firm

rump. Try as he might, he couldn't budge her heavy body. The prisoner began to

flail his small fist against her oversized ass with all his might. At his futile

attempt, she purred and pressed her ass even harder against the wall which

buried his face deeper into her crack. After a few seconds, the man became weak

from lack of air; his arms fell to his sides. With great reluctance, Marie

released her roommate from her immense, smooth ass. Mike slid to the floor with

his face red and sweating, breathing heavily.

The giantess turned around and straddled above him as if she commanded

authority, said, "I'm hungry. Go and bring me lots of food. Remember that I'm a

big girl now with a very big appetite." Mike nodded his head in submission, "I

need some money. " Marie furiously kicked her little roommate in the chest with

the point of her black high heel shoe, "You insufferable little runt! What makes

you think I'm going to pay for my food, after you took advantage of me when I

was too small to defend myself against you. You should be glad that I still have

uses for you instead of smothering you to death with my ass. " He rolled over

with pain, clutching his chest as she continued to taunt and prod him with the

heel of her shoe. He made his best effort to sit up and say, "Yes Ma'am,"

without showing her how much pain he was in. Mike groped and stumbled to his

feet as he hobbled out the door. The big woman burst out giggling until she

could no longer hold it back, and started to laugh out loud.

An hour later, Mike limped through the doorway with two large bags of assorted

Chinese food in large quantities. His Giant Tormentress, laying on the floor,

watching TV, quickly looked up and snatched the bag fill with food. "About time,

Dip Shit! ," The giant woman snarled. She probed into the bag and let out a

screech, "Is this all you bought? This is even barely enough to fill me. " Marie

pulls out an extra large cup of soup which looks like a small sample cup in her


"That's the largest size they got, " he tried to defend himself.

" 'That's the largest size they got', " she mocked his voice, "pathetic whimp! "

Mike ignored her snide remark and reached for the bag, but the giantess

viciously shoved him away, "You're not getting any of my food."

"But, I'm hungry too, " whined the little man.

Marie thundered, "Tough shit, Runt. Now shut up unless you want to kiss my ass

again. "

He kept subdued while the giant mistress ate her food down to the last morsel.

"Go and get me all the beer there is in the frig and a bowl, Runt, " ordered the

mistress. In a few seconds, he fetched her supplies. "You're learning your place

now, Runt. Very good, " commented Marie.

Mike smiled to himself in satisfaction.

"But you forgot to kneel before me when you serve me something, " she growled.

His smile vanished as he watched the sole of her shoe striking him in the chest.

He flew back a few feet backwards on his back. Pain burned in his chest, twice

now, she kicked in the chest.

His fear of Marie heighten after each punishment she delivered to him. The

little man watched Marie pour all the beer into a bowl and then drank it in a

single slug. The bowl shattered into pieces when she tossed it into the kitchen.

Marie stretched her arms high in the air, making her tits stick out farther in

front. While smiling, she belched at him. Mike knew her eating habits hadn't

changed along with her height.

"What's the matter, Little man? Don't you like my titties? Haven't you seen how

really big they can get? ," Teased the Giantess running a finger into the

exposed cleavage. Mike could do nothing but stare in horror at her boobs, bigger

than his head, that might as well smother him to death as her tush almost did.

The flesh jiggled as she bounce each one in her hand.

"Ooooh, look! My nipples are getting hard, " exclaimed the busty giantess. Mike

was now aroused, took a step towards his tormentor. He could see the teat

forming through the halter top. His fear replaced by fascination, as he reached

towards the breast that was closest to him.

His hands circled her massive breast for a second, suddenly a huge hand slapped

him across his face. Mike fell back a step. He was surprised to see her udders

so firm like a rock, it was a mere second that he felt her tits.

"Huh-uh! ," She scolded the little man as she stood up to tower above him. The

giant woman looked down at him between her massive mammeries and said, "If you

want to feel my treasure, you have to earn the rights to do so."

Despite the slap he received from her, Mike longed to squeeze those magnificent

tits. He held back knowing that it might mean more punishments from Marie.

"What's the matter, Little man? Still wanna feel my titties? ," Marie said

teasing him by bending over so that he could stare right down in the fleshy

canyon. Her skin was only inches away from his face and her fragrant scent was

giving him a raging hard-on. Mike couldn't take it anymore.

The small man groaned and muttered, "Yes, please tell me what to do. I'm yours

for whatever you want to do with me." The giant woman smiled triumphantly and

told him to stand in front of the machine so that she could reduce him. In

horror, Mike rebelled, "No."

"You just told me that you're my slave and you'll do anything to touch my boobs.

Are you or not my slave? ," She thundered at him.

Defying her, and said firmly, "I am your slave, but I will not let you shrink


Marie gave the small man such a blow with her back of her hand that he flew

several feet in the air, before he hit the ground, all his courage and backbone

left him for good. Pain pulsated in his head as he watched for a terrifying

moment, his angry roommate walking toward him. He remembered her saying

something about punishing him.

Marie laid down on the carpet and pulled the small man between her massive

shapely thighs by his hair. She locked her legs together in a painful vise-grip

when he was half-way through. Mike screamed as the grip tightened around his

chest. He tried to pry her legs apart, screaming to release him.

Marie looked down at the pitiful man begging for his worthless life. Such little

pressure, and he's already yelling for his survival, thought the giant woman.

She tighten her leg even more and Mike cried in pain. A few minutes later, Marie

released her prisoner from her powerful legs. She pushed her little roommate off

her thighs. She could see the blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth. He

moaned his thanks and gratitude.

"Now you will do every thing I tell you to do, right? ," She stood over him.

Mike laid there and said nothing. The mistress kicked him in the chest, yelled,

"I can't hear you!"

He finally cried, "Yes, anything you say. Just don't hurt me anymore."

"That's better, since you're my slave, you will not be wearing any clothes. So

take them off now! ," Her voice cracked like a whip. The slave quickly took his

clothes off, while laying on the floor.

"Get over there, now! ," She ordered. The little man crawled over to the spot

she indicated. Marie picked up the heavy machine which would have taken three

strong men to budge it, let alone now pick it up the way she did. She pointed it

at her cowering slave.

The towering woman didn't push any buttons or make any adjustments, but simply

drop the colorful cube in its slot. Mike knew then he'd been set up.

The heat of the light instantly came on. His mind lost in vertigo as he tried to

make sense of what was going on. His eyes saw distortion everywhere. Then light

snapped off, slowly the world stopped spinning as his eyes adjusted to his new


He could see that he was in a very large building of some sort. There was some

sort of thick padding that stretched from one end of the room to the other.

There was a massive block that sat in the middle of the warehouse with a very

large statue that had the sexiest pair of legs in high heels.

For some reason, those legs looked familiar to him. "Now, this is a really small

man, " said a booming voice. He shifted his eyes upward and gasped. Marie stood

at least 10 stories high. His mistress shrank him all the way down to her

ankles. The heels of her shoe came up to his waist. He felt more like a flea

next to her huge body.

With one huge step, she was already upon him. Mike cowered, fearing of being

stepped on. With two fingers, the giantess stooped to pick her roommate up as if

he were an insect. Marie held her little captive above her massive mammeries,

"So, does my little man still want to feel my titties? " Because of the con-

striction around his chest, the struggling man could not voice his answer, but

stare down into her vast cleavage.

With a single fluid movement, the giant woman stripped off her halter top with

one hand while holding Mike in the other. Her mountainous tits slapped together

with a sounding slap. The little man could see the map-like veins crossing over

her mounds as she laid down on her back. She placed the prisoner on top of her

still swollen nipple, "Go ahead, Runt. Squeeze my tit, like you did when I was

tiny. "

He looked around, not believing his eyes. Nipples that were more than a handful

and he was standing on a pair of knockers that were gigantic. He touched a

rubbery teat with his small hands. Mike tried to pull it up, but the mass of it

was too much.

"I said squeeze my tit, not play with my nipple, " thundered the mistress. The

tiny man spread his short arms as far as it could reach around her globe. He

struggled to grab a hold of her tit, but made no progress with his task.

"Oh fer heaven's sake, I'll do it myself, " she said exasperating. Without a

warning, the mass of flesh rumbled toward her other set of tits and shifted

upward. At that point, the little man lost his grip and fell into the chasm as

the flesh separated.

Marie giggled while she watched her roommate scramble back upon his feet. She

noticed that his shoulders were no higher than the top of her teats. As if an

inspiration hit her, the giantess quickly trapped the little man between her

bosom, before he could realize what had happen.

He howled in pain when a pair of boulders of flesh crushed against him. Her

boobs shifted side to side causing heat friction to flare up like a hot furnace.

After a few seconds, Mike started to sweat from the heat. Breathing was becoming

more and more difficult for him from the tight space he's in.

Finally, Marie released her little slave from her embrace. She watched the

little figure collapse between her tits. "Aw. . . What's the matter, Runt? ,"

Teased the giantess, "Did you get hurt? Here, let me give you a hug so you'll

feel better. " The little figure didn't move. Thinking that her roommate passed

out, she flicked a finger at him. Mike instantaneously moved before the finger

even touched him. "Runt! ," She yelled at him.

"I'll teach you to pull a prank on me, " she said under her breath but the

little prisoner heard her. Again, she pushed her breasts together to trap him.

Shifting and grinding her breast, she did it constantly for a while longer than

before. The giant woman could see the face turning red under her pressure. She

knew her breast must weigh literally hundreds of pounds to Mike. An idea came to

her, she let go of the little man.

Mike let his knees give out under him. He sat down, leaning against her massive

mammeries. "I hope you'll like the next treat better, " said the gigantic lady.

"Huh? ," Thought the shrunken man quite not understanding what she meant.

Suddenly, the breast he was leaning on, lifted up and away from him as a giant

finger pushed him under the hovering breast. Marie gently lowered her treasure

on top of him as he tried to scramble out from underneath it. She smiled when

Mike's scream was muffled for some reason she couldn't fathom.

She could feel him slowly dragging himself under her heavy boob. Then she saw a

tiny arm reach out from the botTom of her boob. Mike's head came next as he

inhaled sweet air that he was denied. He laid there, half way out from her

mammeries for the next five minutes.

"So, did you like my treat, Little Runt? ," She asked. She could feel the figure

struggling to get away from her tits. "What! You don't! Well, I'll just have to

put you back between by breast until you change your mind, " purred the


Mike tried to move, but his legs were trapped by her awesome size boobs. Marie

calmly scooped him up and reinserted him amidst her tits. He tried to jump up

before she could wrap them around her prisoner, but he failed as she pushed him

back in again.

The mass of flesh shifted and squeezed against the little prisoner. To the giant

woman, she was thoroughly enjoying her- self. From what she understood from

reading Mike's magazine, she was tit fucking the little man and she was getting

hot. The giant woman twisted her nipples with her index finger and thumb on each

nipple. The giantess moaned with sexual intensity.

Things had gotten really hot for the little guy. Her body temperature rose up

dramatically and her breath was like a gale wind on his face. Mike was already

perspiring as if he was in a furnace room.

The pressure of her hooters released him when the mistress pull them by her

nipples. Mike wasted no time escaping towards her pants before she could trap

him again. As he ran towards the bottom, her stomach heaved and rolled from her

heavy breathing. It made it difficult for the little man to run. He had only

gone as far as her waist line until he stumbled and fell to his hands and knees.

"Oh, you naughty boy. You shouldn't run from your mistress, " said a booming

voice from behind. He turned around to see his giant roommate who's smiling down

at him. She was still squeezing her boobs in each hand. They made a plopping

sound when the giantess slapped them together. "I guess I'll have to punish you

for running away, " said the giantess sighing. The miniature slave, terrified of

being trapped between her great big boobs, cowardly moved away from her. In near

panicking, the small man jumped upon his feet and tried to run towards her legs,

but his foot got caught by her drawstrings that held up her body glove.

Marie roared with laughter when Mike fell on his face. Her body shook and quaked

with laughter. The small man tried to find a hand-hold or least he'd be thrown

off her body, but there was none. The vinyl stretched tight across her vast


Soon, the tremor stopped. The mistress paused for a second and then said, "Tell

you what, Runt. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself." She could see the

little figure stop struggling with the string and turned around to face her

slowly. The big woman continued to massage her hooters, and said, "I'll let you

go without a punishment, only if you make me cum. You have to make me cum. I

don't care how you do it." Mike started to say something, but his roommate

interrupted, " No, I won't restore you to normal size."

Mike was stumped. How in the hell was he to make a very large woman cum, he

thought to himself. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw a huge hands reach for

him. Mike rolled towards her stomach, slipping the string off his foot.

Springing to his feet, the slave ran to the mountains of flesh, but the hands

wasn't chasing him. It was untying the string of her pants. While look- ing

back, Mike slammed into her tits and fell back. The giantess giggled.

She kicked off her high heels and took off her tight pants while lying on the

floor. Her dark triangular bush came into view as Mike stood back up. With one

huge finger, Marie pushed the tiny man towards her cunt. " Get over there and

make me cum, Pip- squeak! ," She said forcefully.

Mike realized that his giant mistress was serious as shitting. The small man

quickly crossed the vast territory of her body to her bush. He got on his hands

and knees as he crawled through the grass of pubic hairs. The musky scent of her

pussy was strong.

Mike reached over the edge and found the quivering slit of her cunt, a fleshy

soft cleft that took all his strength to pry open. The slave burrowed into her

glossy pink nub which was the size of a tree stump to him. He squeezed and

hugged and smothered her clit with kisses, but as gigantic as she is, he could

only kiss a small area at a time.

Suddenly, a thunderous moan erupted from his giant mistress. Mike burrowed

deeper and deeper into her clit, until her mon- strous body bucked with such a

force that the little man lost his hold. He flew into the air about a good

fifteen feet of his size from her massive figure. She screamed, "Don't stop! "

The mis- tress rubbed her enormous clit with two fingers while the little man

scrambled back between her pussy.

Mike watched the giantess massage herself with such an intensity that her juice

was already streaming down the sides of her fingers. As he walked closer, the

smell of her pussy assaulted his nose as she spread the butterfly lips of her

cunt. "Eat me out, Runt ," she ordered. He quickly complied. His face smeared

with goo, he licked the tree stump size clit. He could feel her body heat rising

once again.

"You know, Little man. If you had done that favor without backstabbing me, " she

said between gasp, "I would've given, "gasp, "you a blow job without you asking

me, " gasp, " probably even letting you fuck me."He listened to her while

sucking her clit. She was losing control slowly. White sperm came out in small

trickles, while she talked.

She continued, "But you pissed, " gasp, "me off. I'm, "gasp "gonna get even with

you for that. " Her giant hand swooped down and grabbed the little man by the

waist. She shoved him all the way into her flaming hot cunt with her index

finger. His feet disappeared into the dark hole that consumed his whole body.

Mike tried to find a way to push himself back out, but her entire cavern moved

to squeeze and hug him all sides. The con- traction of her tunnel moved Mike

slowly deeper towards the depth of her cunt. He tried to fight the contraction

movements, but it was no use. The tunnel shrank as he went deeper into her gut.

It constricted his struggling until it got so small, he couldn't go any deeper.

The little man breathing hard tried to think a way out, until he remembered

reading an article about women's sensitive spot call a 'G-Spot'. He forcefully

stretched his arm above his head, trying to find the spot. His hands found the

tunnel turning upward. Hoping that he found the sensitive spot, he raked the

inside curves of the smooth velvety shaft. The moans that he been hearing now

became a long screeching wail from Marie.

The shaft shuddered and shook violently, nearly crushing the man to a pulp. The

sides, suddenly, expanded and foul stench from her bowels assaulted his nose.

Hot cum hit him like a ton of bricks, and washed him out of her pussy. He laid

on the carpet covered from head to toe with white hot sticky cum.

The giantess moaned with satisfaction, "I don't know what you did, but you did a

hellva good job there, Little man." She picked up the still form and took him to

the kitchen to clean off the cum. While he bathed himself, Marie went to punch a

series of commands into the machine.

Mike dried himself with a hand towel as the giant mistress returned fully

dressed again. He looked up and asked, "Are you going to restore my height?"

"What?! You little pipsqueak! I told you, NO! ," Growled the Big woman flicking

a huge finger at his tiny head. He spun back a few steps from the blow.

Marie snatched the little figure and laid across the hem in front of her halter

top as if she were hanging clothes on the clothesline. The little man hung on

for his dear life as she walked. For every step she took, her massive mammeries

shifted side to side, nearly dislodging the man. The motion and the height was

nauseating Mike.

Marie set the timer on the machine and dropped the rubicon into its slot. The

giant woman moved front of the nozzle. Within seconds, She was now restore to

her normal size, but Mike wasn't. He was even smaller than before, but he was

still the same size when Marie used him for a dildo.

She dumped her diminutive slave on to a near by table while she disappeared in

to her room. Marie came back with a wire bird cage. "This will be your new

room," smiled the mistress while throwing the little man in the cage by the arm.

He bounced across the cage. He looked up at his towering Mistress as she closed

the door. By that time, Mike totally regretted backstabbing this giant woman.

Marie picked up the cage and peered at her captive roommate. She said, "Revenge

is so sweet." And laughed at him.

Giantess Stories: Revenge By Warren J

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