Giantess Stories: Reverse It by Eddie Delaney Jr

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Reverse It

by Eddie Delaney Jr.

Melissa uses her husband's invention to grow bigger than any building

Update: 26/10/1997 to giantess

Melissa was cleaning her boyfriends lab when she wandered over

to the corner of the room to check out his new invention. It was a rather

odd-looking piece of machinery. A huge gun-shaped object stared down

at her, along with a bunch of levers and dials.

"I wonder what the hell this one does," she wondered a- loud.

She thought back to some of his past failures, laughing to herself.

Looking around the back of it, she saw a dial that was turned towards the

left, it read "reduce".

"Wow, this thing shrinks things, too bad it does'nt grow things as

well." She looked at herself, wishing she was a little bit taller. 5'2"

is not tiny, but her boyfriend Ted stood 6'5" and towered over her. He

enjoyed being taller than her, dominating her during sex. At first she

did'nt mind, but its been getting boring lately. Perhaps a little role-

reversal would spice things up. She began looking around for a manual when

suddenly she saw a notebook. She opened it and was shocked to read its


........"shrinking test was sucessful. I've got to figure out a

way to get Melissa under it."

"that bastard planned on shrinking me!" she was fuming "well, I

got plans of my own. I wonder if you can reverse this thing to enlarge


Melissa turned the dial all the way to the right, then she turned the

power knob up to full strength. The machine began to hum with power.

She stood in front of the gun-shaped object and pressed the activator

button, hoping she would get the desired results. The laser bathed her in

a red-colored light. For a minute, nothing happened, then suddenly....

"oh my god, its working, its working...."

Melissa's legs slowly began stretching in length, her pants creeping

up her calves. Her shirt began pulling tighter around her back, ripping in

pieces by her shoulders. Her breasts plowed through the front of her

shirt, revealing huge melon-sized tits. Massive, feminine muscle began

growing as well, all over her titanic frame. The seams of her pants came

apart as iron-plated quadriceps grew right through them. She looked

down, admiring her newly formed amazonic body.

"This is unbelievable, this can't be my body," as she flexed a

mighty,massive bicep. She marveled at its awesome, new size.

"My arms are absolutely gigantic, then again, so is the rest of me! I

must be over 10 feet tall!"

She giggled as she looked at how big she had become. She always

wanted to become a little bigger, but this was redicu- lous. But it felt so

good, so right, she thought to herself. Wait till Ted sees the new Melissa,

the 10'4" muscle-covered amazon who now weighed over 450 pounds.

" Yeah, I'm gonna blow his mind."

As she flexed her muscles, she felt surges of power course through

her body.

" I'm probably the biggest, strongest human on the pla- net."

The thought of that turned her on, surprising her that it did.

" to think that 10 minutes ago I was only a little over 5 feet tall,

and now....WOW!" Examining her body she was awed by just how big

she had become. She loved it, feeling the rock-hard, immense muscles

that she now possessed. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her..."what if

Ted can change me back to normal, I don't want to be normal, I like

being this big, this strong."

Her mind began racing with all types of crazy thoughts, when finally

she decided to go for it............

" I wonder what would happen if I stood under it a second time, and

then a third, and just kept going until I did'nt grow anymore"

Her nipples grew hard at the thought of growing even bigger. She

looked at the dial again, being careful to make sure it was set for growth.

The power was turned up all the way and she activated the amazing


She stood in the ray, basking in its' power, soaking up all of its'

wonder....she felt herself slowly growing, her body expanding in all the

right places. Looking down at her ever-increasing body, she gasped in

delight, "I-I can't be- lieve how big I'm getting, I feel indestructible,

like I could do anything."

Her body continued growing until she reached 20'4", her weight

was a little over 1 ton. Her head was now touching the ceiling, her

shoulders reaching across the room from one end to the other, "if I get

any bigger, and I am, I'm going to destroy Ted's house. Oh well, I never

liked it anyway....

Again she turned on the machine, drawing in all of its fantastic

rays like a drunk does with the last drop of his bottle. As her immense

body grew even further, her massive shoulders tore through the top and

sides of the house, her gargantuan breasts smashing the front of the

house. She was becoming drunk with her now goddess-like power....

"Wow, my thigh is as big as a tractor-trailer. In fact, their so big, I

could probably crush one between my thighs."

Her entire upper torso was sticking through the building, her breasts

had grown so huge they looked like twin hot-air balloons. She began

fondling her breasts, moaning in delight, feeling their sheer enormity.

Her arms flexed as she did this muscles rippling in every direction.

Feeling constricted Melissa cleared the remainder of the ceiling with one

mighty sweep of her arm. Bending over, she activated the machine once


"I've gone this far, I might as well keep it going! I can't be

satisfied with 40 feet tall, there is still some buildings that are bigger

than me." 40.... 50.... 60....70....her new round of growth not stopping

until she was over 80 feet! Her view of the world had just changed

dramatically, she was now looking down on almost everything. Everything

except one building she thought

"I have to stop, this is ridiculous, I'm too big", she thought to


for a moment, "naww...who's to say what's too big, besides, there is still

one more building left thats bigger than me."

Ted pulled up to his house/lab and was absolutely stunned by what

he saw. This could'nt be real. Some girl was literally growing through

his roof. She was incredibly gigan- tic, not just in height, but in

musculature as well. She had to be the most immense human being alive.

Close to 100 feet, he thought....wait a minute....did his eyes deceive

him...... she was growing again!!!!

The massively-muscled giantess started to turn his way.. "My

God...that's Melissa...holy shit...!

Melissa turned toward the sound of the car, she could barely hear it

now, she was so far away from the ground. A huge smile crossed over

her face, it was Ted. Just in time to see the new Melissa.

Ted gulped, she obviously had seen him. There was no time to get

away. He sat there for a second, waiting for her to reach him. He did'nt

have to wait long. She picked up his car like it was a match-box toy...

"Hello Ted darling, something happened to me today, some- thing

absolutely wonderful...."

to be continued......

Giantess Stories: Reverse It by Eddie Delaney Jr

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