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By Gator






Libby Simmons used to work at the same place I did. She was around fourty,

but no guy in the building could keep his eyes off of her when she wore her

"attention" clothes. She had long stright brown hair and an average face, but

something about her had even the lezbians in quality control drooling over her.

The BEST thing about Libby was you could actually TALK to her! This was always a

big help for me since I'm more than a bit paranoid around women anyway.

One day she came up to me and prompted the joke "Why do men like to have sex

with women that smoke?" When I told her "I don't know", she had me give her my

hand. She then put her hand around my bird finger and coughed, each time

squeezing my finger to simulate a vaginal contraction.

Yes, we both laughed at the joke as she turned her beautiful body to go to

break, I watched her tear drop shaped ass cheeks packed in tight denim and got

the hard on of my life!

You might think I'm paranoid for no reason. Yes, there is safety everywhere

now a days. There's not supposed to be a way to steal your cell phone activation

code, but there is. There's also the very rich people who seem to not have a

care in the world because they are above the law. The last thing I want to do is

go walking through a rich neighborhood at night and step on someone's grass with

a burglar elliminator and be shrank and eaten by someone's poodle.

I keep to myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep myself away from Libby.

The day that Libby came in and told us she married Cliff Reddington, I was at

first devastated. "Awww shit!" was said by alot of people in the plant. The

plant owner's son was as rich as his dad, and that was fucking rich. The first

thing she did was invite all of us (her friends) to her new mansion. She was

throwing a wedding party after the big uppity do party that we couldn't be

invited to since he'd already invited 2000 people.

Feeling a little down trodden I worked as usual, but was surprised as hell

when Libby came up behind me and tugged my ponytail as usual. "Wha???" It always

startled me. "Libby, I thought you were gone already.."

"I HAD to say goodbye to everyone" She tilted her head back and forth as she

took my dirty hands.

"You don't want to get dirty..." I started to reach for my rag.

"SILLY! I've been getting dirty out here every day!" She then give me the

warmest hug I could have imagined and she was actually sad "I'm gonna miss you!"

she said with her face pressed to my shoulder.

"But, won't you visit?" I wasn't sure what to say. This was totally


"Ever since I quit being a prostitute in Atlanta, you're the nicest guy I've

met!" she said letting go and keeping my hands clutched in hers. My right hand

was squished into her right breast, the warmth had me breaking out in a

drenching sweat. "But you ARE coming to my party, RIGHT!"

"Uh. Okay."

"YOU'D BETTER NOT MISS IT!!" I once again got to watch the most perfect ass

go stolling away. There was no way I could miss her party. I decided what to





"Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen.

But it does happen." (from white zombie la sexorcisto)


I didn't get nervous untill I actually saw the house. Manicured lawn, huge

white pillars in front of more stories than the hotels I could afford to rent a

room at. I was genuinely a germ in a bacteria free laboratory. I got really

nervous looking at my little Toyota behind the big limos. Obviously, Libby

wasn't the only one having guests. I felt a little better when I saw Ron from

shipping in his truck behind me. I still didn't know what to do when the

driveway led me to valet parking attendants... that made alot more money than I

ever will!!

"Step out sir." The valet knocked on the top of my car. Her perfect white

gloves getting little smudges on the knuckles where I'd forgot to was my ride. I

was becoming severely embarrased. I got out anyway.

Suddenly the valet took a porta-sizer from her uniform pocket and shrank my

car. Just like that. The limo behind us started rolling forward as if to run

over my now toy sized car, but the valet put up her hand authoritively and bent

over to get my car. It barely filled her palm.

The limo lurched again before the valet could get out of the way. It almost

hit her leg. She shot the whold limo, making it toy sized and quickly scooped it

up in her other hand. She handed both to a tall blond in a green suit. "Take Mr.

Canton to security." she was saying but I was hurrying to the interior of the

party room.

Very large and nice was all I could think of as I looked around. The

expensive clothes left me feeling cheap again as I saw that some of the women's

jewelry costed more than I'd ever make in my life.

Suddenly a waitress was asking me if I'd like a glass. "uh.."

I felt the worst sinking sensation of my life. In the glasses were three inch

people stuck in a teaspoon of honey. They were naked and begging for mercy as

they despirately tried to escape the sticky prisons.

Suddenly a young party girl in a purple ball gown took a glass in her elbow

lenght gloves. She licked the entire contents of the glass with one swipe of her

tongue, and put the empty glass back on the tray.

Seeing that I wasn't going to touch one, the waitress scooted away through

the crowd.

"What's the matter? Not hungry?" The teen asked me as she kept swirling the

flavors around in her mouth.

"uh,, no" I was quite ready to leave.

"Mother invited all of you so you could taste the delacacies she's learned to

enjoy. I'm so happy we're rich now."

"You're Libby's daughter Cindy?" I'd seen pictures of her in her cheer

leader's uniform. I'd never have guessed who she was now though. Her hair do was

probably worth more than my car! I felt like crawling under a rock.



Corrin turned around and the guy was gone. "Hey, where did that guy go?" She

asked the other valet who was about to park a limo.

"Think he went inside..."

"Aw, shit. Madame isn't going to like this!" Corrin held up the security

badges not knowing what the guy's name was. Without one of these with his name

on it...



I decided it was time to go and when I neared the front door, a big woman

with a body builder's arms stopped me. "Where's your ID?" she accused looking at

me from behind a pair of sunglasses.

"Uh... I got a driver's license..." I stammered feeling very intimidated. She

pulled out a porta-sizer and my life flashed before my eyes. I was a nothing. I

was a nobody. Now I was only a couple of inches tall before a 400 foot goddess.

My legs buckled and I went into shock. It didn't hurt, but I was paralized with

fear. Instead of stepping on me, like I was sure she was. She grabbed me in her

fingertips like an insect and tossed me into a honey filled glass on the same

waitress' tray I'd turned down. Now the tray looked like a basketball court and

I could see and hear the other people screaming for their lives as the

impossibly huge room around the tray swayed and dipped through the crowd. It

looked phony because the glasses were so stationary and the huge huge world

moved with such ease.

Then a hand from the huge huge world took the woman next to my glass and she

was simply gone. Eaten by a fat woman in a blue dress. "Oh, no." I screamed. It

was Joyce from shipping! Joyce reached for another glass, her smiling face

showing her laugh lines on her fourtysomething face. Another glass with a tiny

man in it went to her lips. She was talking to her daughter beside her as the

screaming fighting man was lapped into her mouth by her giant tongue. She was

saying how much she'd like to eat everyone at the plant!

She was about to reach for another when suddenly my glass was swept away in

the hand of another giantess. My heart nearly exploded in my chest. This was the

end! This was the end!

The entire top of the glass was covered by this woman's hand and she started

to dance with another woman. All I could see was the two sexy female bodies

(proportioned like a sky scraper) bumping up against each other.

Suddenly the music ended and the two lezzies went to the corner where some

huge curtins hid the last table. They talked right over me like I wasn't even

there. I couldn't get my hands out of the tarlike honey to wave and they weren't

paying attention to my tiny voice at all.

It was Kathy and Gina! I'd dated Kathy untill I found out she wanted to go

with other women. We were still good friends and from time to time, she'd give

me a blow job (when she had a straight day)

Now the very short woman was a dynamite giantess with huge huge powerfull

features. My knees would have knocked if they hadn't been glued in the honey

flavored cement.

Kathy's tongue licked her lips as she looked at me for the first time "I wish

this guy had a big enough dick to suck!"

"You still want to suck a dick??" Gina accused.

"I still DO suck one at the plant."

"WHAT? No way! All the guys out there are afraid of a real woman!"

"Not this one. I hope he comes to the party. I think I'll suck his dick under

this table!"

"No you don't! You're MY bitch." Gina wasn't joking.

"says who?"

"Says me. If you don't get under this table and eat ME out, I'll know you're

not in love with me as much as a dick... I'll kick you out!"

"No. You don't have to kick me out. I do love living with you Gina. I'll do


I was alone with Gina above the table top, but Gina was only thinking of

having orgasms. I was mortified when Gina cussed me out right in from of me.

"Fuck Drake McKinney! I'd tear off his dick before I'd suck it. You're a wicked

little vixen.. suck my clit.. ooohh yea."

My heart sunk lower than a whale turd. I prayed Gina WOULDN'T recognize me




Part 3

Gina and Kathy didn't even know I was anything more than a snack on the table

as they played. Kathy had gone down on her dyke lover and all I could do was

meekly try to get away.

Suddenly a shadow fell on the table, It was LIBBY!

"Have you seen Drake?" She asked and her eyes sparkled as she relized what

was going on. "I'll leave you girls alone, but if you see him, tell him I have

his badge he was supposed to get from my security company. K?"

Gina knodded as if enthusiastic, in reality she could give a rat fuck about


Libby's ball gown ruffled around her as she looked around her many many

guests from the party. She knew he was here. The vallet had shown her the

mystery car. So, where was he?

A scantly clad hostess brought Libby a tray of treats. She took a martini and

killed it, then took a few treats for herself. "Can't let the guests have all

the fun." she thought happily looking at the poor shmuck in her glass. She

licked the treat onto her long tongue and swirled his fighting body on her

tongue before popping him against her mouth and swallowing the salty sweet


Suddenly she thought to ask if anyone had been "caught" without a badge yet!!

Meanwhile, Drake was stunned by the brazen lezzy and her manner.

"You can suck my clit better than that! Fuck you little whore. Tongue my

asshole then, I'll frig my OWN clit, bitch!" Gina cussed Kathy and it was the

only way Kathy could really climax. She was frigging herself under the table and

suddenly moaned her own orgasm as her tongue dashed into her lover's puckered


"HHHHEEEERRREEE." Gina was finally finding her spot when she put her immense

finger in the honer right beside him!!! The nail was bigger than a skate board

next to him, he shivered violently as it scooped only a big portion of honey out

and dashed under the table to deposit it next to Kathy's labors of love.

Suddenly Kim slid around the partition into the private booth carrying an

entire tray of screaming people. "Look Gina." her excited voice was squelched as

if it were a secret. "I asked Libby for more, and she let me have a whole tray!"

The tall blond put it just in front of the lez and realized who was under the

table. "Come on guys!!" Kim protested. "Can't you stay out of each other's

panties long enough to live it up?"

Shut up, and if you share, I'll make Kathy do you next!"

"WHAT?" Kim barked. "I don't think so. But llloooook." she plucked a tiny

woman from a glass and the sticky sweet honey hung from her like a long

derranged snake. She had toothpic sized arms next to Kim's fingers as she was

deposited in her big red lips. She savored the morsel even more than the other

guests becuse Kim had once been rich, then had to work for a living. Libby's

party was just a big reminder of the days when she used to do as she pleased.

And every last one of the little commoners on her plate were going to be turds

before morning.

Gina had her climax looking at Kim. Universe. How she longed to do Kim every

which way but up. She tried again. Reaching for Drake's glass, she let him slide

in the honey to her newly exposed nipple. He was just as trapped as before, but

now he was on a huge wrinkled target. "Come and get it then."

Gina jiggled her breast at Kim who really started to think about it. Kim

leaned close enough that Drake could feel her breath, the suddenly she swayed

away. "Come on! I'm not doing anything with you girls in public! My boss is

here!" she pouted.

Suddelnly Kathy was offered the 'baited' nipple, and she slid up onto the

bench seat next to Gina to collect.



Kim was uncomfortable with Kathy about to lick Gina's tit in front of her.

I screamed as Kathy closed her eyes and opened wide. This was my doom rushing

in on me like a rabbid 18-wheeler coming down the mountain. The first lick

rubbed up my side scooping big globs of sloppy honey off of me, I nearly was

stuck to the fearsome writhing thing, but my arms were wraped with honey around

the huge nipple of Gina's tit. The next swipe made me scream more, the huge hot

slathering tongue went right up my back like being run over by a train, but

lying between the tracks, I was still not in her carvernous maw of death.

Then a break in the action came as Kathy withdrew her face for a second. I

looked at her with a frozen expression of horror as she quit trying to eat me. I

almost thought surely she MUST have recognized me. "Kathy!" I said almost

triumphantly. When suddenly a darkness fell over me. Kathy's eyes weren't on me.

I looked up. Gina was looking the same way. I turned my head slowly and didn't

have time to scream. Kim's lips engulfed me, nipple and breast. I was thrust

into pitch blackness.



Libby had a twang of panic. Her friend had probably been shrank by security,

one of the guards just fessed up to 'doing their job' to a guy with his

description. She paniced. Going quickly back to the ball room she slammed the

door behind her and faced her guests. "Nobody eat anybody!" She suddenly wished

she hadn't been so generous. Surely nobody would do such a thing to Drake???

"Look, Drake is here somewhere and he's probably been shrunk, so... Everybody

look for him!" Libby went to the first hostess she saw and balefully saw only

one tiny woman left on the tray. Same way with the next tray she'd inspected.

"Missus, you told us to give away as many as we could, this is my thirteenth

tray!" The dark haired serving girl boasted.

"Look harder! Drake! Drake?"

Everyone was certain Libby had gone bonkers. Especially Kim who looked up

suddenly when Libby went to yelling. "Drake shrank here" she asked licking the

honey off of the morsel in her mouth.

"Hey... that could have been Drake." Kathy accusedd Kim as all three girls

looked at the men in Kim's remaining glasses. One guy with blonde hair cried out

that his name was Drake. Kim flicked his head with her fingernail to shut him

up, his head went flying.

"Come on Kim" Kathy put her hand out to Kim's mouth and had to jab the taller

woman's lip with her fingernail to get what she wanted.



I shook uncontolably, I thought my heart would burt with fear. A tremendous

roar from deep in Kim's throat roared over me like a jet taking off. She'd said

something, but my ears rang so bad I didn't know a word of it. The darkness

engulfed me. Her spit made a seal on my face with the honey so I couln't breathe

a bit. My face stung with hot saliva on my delicate skin, when suddenly I was

forced out! Out of Kim's mouth like being given birth to, her giganitc red lips

wiped me off as I fell to a fleshy surface. I couln't open my eyes, my ears were

ringing an packed with honey. Why wasn't I dead?



Joyce patted Libby on the head like a little girl. The oversized shipping

supervisor still thought of Libby like a plain old line worker in a million

dollar dress. "I may have 'et him, but who knows? Once they get little bitty

they aint no tellin' 'em appart!" she noticed her daughter Candy was still

nursing a few for later. "Her girl! Give those back!" she popped Candy on the


"AAAwwwww.. Momma!" she reluctantly pulled the tray from under the table.

Libby franticly inspected one by one. Libby's daughter came over disgustedly.

"What are you doing? You're ruining the party!" she accused her mother trying

to look dignified while doing so.

"But Drake is my friend. Oh, universe, I hope nothing happened to him! I'd

never forgive myself. Drake?" she found no sign of Drake on this tray either.

She looked else where and Candy began shoving them in her purse knowing the

party was drawing to a close. Joyce quickly pulled one out of her bra cup. The

tiny guy was coated in her saliva and sweat from her skin. He had dark hair, and

was thin. Outside of that, Joyce wouldn't recognize Drake anyway. "I hope you're

the little fucker!" she told the guy and quickly stuffed him into her mouth for

quick disposal and a wonderfull taste. She knew she'd have a bang for an orgasm

as soon as she could finger herself.

Libby got aggrivated that no one else seemed concerned in the least little

bit. "Hey! What if one of YOU got shrank instead? Wouldn't YOU want me to find

you?" she accused a bunch of lesbian stock clerks she'd never really liked.

"Honey, I eat my friends all the time." Vicki licked her lips and went back

to kissing Avdale her boss. Both women thrilled at the idea of one of the guys

they'd eaten may have been that "jerk" Libbly liked so well.

Everyone was laughing at her! Libby had never been so humiliated about

anything. She'd always been nice to everyone, and this is how she was repaid???

She suddenly fled to the guard at the door, and took her porta-sizer. She

held it up gripping the handle as her mind raced in frustration. Deciding she

simply COULD NOT use it on all of her friends... she used it on herself.

On full all time grow. She grew as long as she held the trigger. It took

longer for her to grow, but her head was past the door seal in seconds. She held

it up to her chest pulling the trigger with a white knuckle thinking at any

second someone would snatch the device from her hand and stop her. Instead,

people began to panick and line up against the back wall. Libby grew ten feet,

twenty, thirty, her head hit the high ball room ceiling. She fell to her knees

and kept growing untillt the room seemed like a doghouse to her. She clenched

her teeth as she let the porta sizer down with a dead battery. "There! How does

it feel? How would you like me to eat some of you?!!"

She knew they were only idle threats. But the response from the crowd was

staggering. The lezzies fell to their knees begging forgiveness of the giantess,

the guys were backed up against the wall. One held up a chair like a lion tamer.

Just for good measure, Libby took the doll house sized item and smashed it in

her fingers.

Suddenly, as she looked at them and the splinters of wood fell away, she

realized they looked just as if she had shrunk them all. ALL of them. Her

daughter, hughty bitch Joyce, all the leering lezzies. ALL OF THEM WERE SUDDENLY


She had no use for these people! They just proved to her whole heartedly that

they were absolutely not her friends no matter how nice to them she was. Her

only friend had been shrank already and she felt like she had to take it out on

these ingrates! They were T=totally powerless against her. She picked up Amanda

from accounting and ate her. It was a tyranasaurus' bloody feast. Libby bit into

the woman's midriff as she lurched her head to get more and more untill only

kicking feet dangled and she chewed her prey. Libby's eyes were slits as she

watched the fear of the crowd. They would feed her vengence. The struggling in

her mouth stopped and was replaced by a warm mouthfull to swallow.

Suddenly her eyes locked onto Kathy as the lez screamed out "I've got him!

Don't eat me!"



Part 4

"It goes down the same as a thousand before

   no-one getting smarter nor learning the score

      on your never ending spree of death and violence and hate

         it's gonna tie your own rope..." From Offspring: Smash


Time stood still

Libby's breath swelled in her chest as she looked at the tiny bleach blond

before her. Now she was so big she couldn't see if indeed it was Drake she was

holding! Her nerves were raw as she licked the last of the blood from her teeth.

"I don't trust you... but." she looked around. She was going to have someone

else confirm that it was Drake. She didn't trust ANY of them!

But she also couldn't take the chance that she was telling the truth. "Just

wait 'till I get MY porta sizer down here. Cindy! Please go get my 'sizer and

HURRY!" Libby pleaded as she saw her daughter among the crowd. She picked up the

skinny little girl in her hand and just for a second wanted to punish her for

being such a snobby little bitch. But she also admired how lovely her daughter

had become.

She put Cindy down behind her so she could get out the doors, and had to

stifle a giggle as her dress ripped being caught on one of Libby's expensive

rings. It tore all the way up her hip revealing panties and all. "MOTHER!" she

stomped her tiny high heeled foot then rushed out the door like her ass was on

fire. Libby turned her big brown eyes on the crowd again. Her rampage had turned

into a hostage waiting game, a game Libby didn't know how to play.

Kim siezed her opportunity.

"It's Drake allright!" she came up next to Kathy, making the shorter woman

look like a little girl compared to her womanly tall body. "I ALMOST ate him, it

would have been SO terrible!" Kim looked at Drake in Kathy's palm. "Are you

okay? I'm sooooo sorry!"

Everyone was sickened by Kim's obvious show, except Libby who was ACTUALLY

that nice!

"It is? Oh, I sure hope so. I feel so bad inviting him here and all this it's

just terrible!"

"HEY, tell you what," Kim smiled as if suddenly having an idea. Let me go to

my car, and I can grow him right here! The valet his it right outside." she

warmly gestured as if her and Libby had been friends for years.

"Really?" Libby turned and looked out the door. She had to turn sideways to

her her 15 foot thighs to allow her to position correctly.

As soon as Libby saw that everyone had run for thier lives, she had a look of

dismay on her face. Kim ran right past her. About five seconds too late Libby

tried to grab for her. Her fist hit the wall above the door and bricks went

flying everywhere. The sudden burst of brick powder in her face made Libby wince

with dismay. She'd been a fool again!

Everyone else tried their damndest to follow suit.

Libby's eyes flicked back open despite the stinging dust in her eyes. A few

people made it out the door. Libby's fists came down as if she were trying too

hard to stop a river from flowing. Her hands crushed four people completely dead

and injured two that were limping when they got out the front door. Libby then

swept the remaining people back toward the wall. Again her rage powered her

actions and alot of them died instantly as they struck the back wall doing 45

miles per hour.

Those that didn't dare run out the door got splattered with pieces of those

that did.

Libby franticly looked for Kathy. Had she just rampaged too soon????

"Kathy? Kathy!" she looked at the mushed mess she'd made of some of her

ex-coworkers. A barely recognizable Candy was twitching with a crushed torso.

Her purse had many tiny people escaping from it but no body noticed.



I was panicked as I looked up at Libby. I was tiny enough in my old

girlfriend's hand that she could swallow me like a bug, and there in the entire

ceiling was Libby. She was big enough again to eat Kathy! To her, I was less

than a speck. Her voice was such a deep rumble I couldn't decipher it at all.

Kim had said something about being sorry, then she ran out.

Then everyone ran for it! I was suddenly stashed in the darkness again as a

thunderous boom came rolling across the room. It was such a hiddeous tremendous

thunder, marked with scrams I could hear, that I was instantly glad I wasn't

witnessing it!

I was in Kathy's cave of a hand as she hid, and now I could only wait for

whatever horror was in store now. Libby would never find me now!



Libby was suddenly shrinking. Shrinking? She looked around and found that

Cindy had returned with her portasizer and was using it on her!

"Stop! No, stop dear. I mean it. Quit." She took the device from her and

scared the shit out of the shaking brown haired girl. She had never shrank a

giant person before. She forgot how long it took! Libby was still 30 feet tall

as she took the tiny device, she didn't think she could operate it herself and

it suddenly crushed in her fingertips. "OOOoooh! Darn! Look what you made me

do!" she accused her offspring.


THIS?" she still had to blow off her anger.

"Don't talk to me that way! I'm worried about Drake, now. Kathy?" she was so

so sad about breaking her portasizer that she decided to try to get Drake

herself. She spotted Kathy hiding under a table. "I'll take him to the house and

get one of the maids to get another porta sizer out. Give him to me." Libby's

manicured fingernails were still as big as soap dishes as she put her ironing

board wide hand next to Kathy.

Everyone jumped as the roof suddenly bucked and shrieked. It was a tornado!

An earth quake!


Much much much worse.

Kim DID have a porta sizer in her car.

And it ran off of the car's battery.

"Hi everybody! Glad my unit works so well in this rich neighborhood! It

barely works at all in my neighborhood where everyone has a scrambler at their

house. AAAAAaaaahhhhhh. It feels SO nice being so much richer!" Kim opened her

other hand and showed them Libby's new husband. He didn't look too unhappy with

Kim as she adoringly gave him a big wet kiss right in front of the crowd. "NEW




Part 5

"Scarred! Scarred! Can you feel my power? One shot and I want to get smaller!

Each day I show you is a piece of my death." from Marilyn Manson: Antichrist



"Well, don't feel bad darling. He just prefers a better looking younger

woman. In fact. Tell her what you tink!" Kim placed the rich millionaire in

front of libby. He was only as big as Kim's finger, but Libby was only up to

Kim' elbow.

To make it all better she backed him up by keeping her giant hands around him

as he looked up at his fiance. It was like standing between two bull dozer

shovels, but DAMN lovely shovels!

He was so impressed with Kim when she'd made her move on him and took him

from his roof swimming pool, he'd totally forgot how much he actually LOVED

Libby. But at this instant, her eyes looked so hurt. Kim had swayed him too


Seeing that it didn't go as planned, Kim picked her "prize" back up and

deposited him down the front of her party dress on top of her tanned firm

breast. "Don't look sweetie, I think they are going to need an attitude

adjustment!" She reached in and took Sam Evanns in her fingers and brought him

way up into the sky with her face. Libby winced as everyone else tried harder to

make it around her. Libby gave up and staggered backward as she looked up and

up, Kim was bringing Sam, scraming for his life, to her lips. "Got jock?" she

cood and ate him like a corn chip.

Everyone ran, suddenly the door was blocked by Kim's knee, the few folks that

made it outside were suddenly in view agian as Kim brought them up to her

beautifull full lips and made snacks out of them.

The scene was getting way too grim. Even Libby fell to her knees in anguish

as Kim promissed to kill them all.



I was in shock. Kathy opened her hand to say something to me, but I could see

the grisley scene and we both stared transfixed as Libby was smashed by Kim

stealing her love and then one by one devouring her friends. It was too much and

Libby was now a pathetic sobbing creature. As powerless as the rest of them to

stop Kim.

I felt a giant tear drop hit my legs as Kathy squinted out a tear. She was

really sorry for being so calous and eating so many innocent people. It was

affecting her to see her friends dying, and she knew her turn was soon. She

didn't outright cry........yet another tear soaked my legs.



Kim didn't like Bob Marlin at all. "Bye, bye, Bob!" she pressed her finger

down on him as he clung to his wife. His wife Marry couldn't help him in the

slightest as Kim's two and a half foot wide fingernail came down right above his

pelvic bone. With all the shiny manicured nail polished, it looked like the hood

of a bright red exotic sports car being driven down on him. He suddenly couldn't

breathe. Marry scramed out to help him, when his blood and guts came spewing out

of his mouth all over his wife's face. The tiny fat man popped like a fat grape

under her fingernail and it made her giggle to see it got on his fat frumpy


"Don't worry, I have more fingers!" Kim promissed and brought down another

long shiny red nail on the screaming fat woman. A double pop! The crowd backed

to the corners of the room like trapped mice.

Kim just giggled harder. Her new lover was gripping her nipple and making it

hard. She could see his bulge in her dress and her nip was protruding out even

further. "AAAAaaaahhhh." she sighed seeing Karen suddenly and forgetting the

messy little gore on her fingertips, grabbed the lez. The tiny blonde screamed

as the gut soaked fingers took her, but they were so slimy with innards and

blood that she slipped and fell out of Kim's grasp!

Too bad Kim wasn't very quick, Karen fell to Kim's lap and broke every bone

in her body as she hit the hard athletic thighs. Kim saw that the bloody little

corpse had left a splotch on her dress.

"YOU SKANKY LITTLE... WHY I OUGHT TO...!" Kim's voice was aggrivated as she

threw the tiny body back into the torn open ball hall. It fell to the floor like

an unrecognizable slab of torn meat. It didn't even bounce when it hit since it

was only a wet slab of meat by now. She held up her fist. Time to end the party.

Suddenly Kim was stunned, she had forgot the first rule of getting the upper

hand on an opponent. WATCH YOUR BACK!

"Who the fuck are you?!" A black clad giantess came up behind Kim a few

inches taller than herself. (15 to 30 foot to everyone else)

"HUH??? Uh, I'm taking care of the party, yea. Libby got really mad at all

these people and she said, you know?" Kim waited for the black clad woman to

look inside the torn open roof, then she took off running.

The black haired woman grabbed a fist full of Kim's frilly locks and brought

her to her knees before she made it three steps. She litterally dragged Kim's

face back to the ball hall. "What do I do with this?" she asked Libby.

Giantess Stories: Richer  By Gator

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