Giantess Stories: Rise and Fall

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Rise and Fall




I was a sexy guy. Girls loved me and I loved them. I was in

college and getting two girls a night, however with as many girls as I was

getting a night I was never satisfied. It was never enough. So I went up to 3

girls a night and life was good.

I was in the best years of my life and things were looking

up. I was a freak in bed, girls raved about my skills. They were so pleased when

I was through they didn't even mind that I played with there feet when they were

done. That was the real thrill for me. Oh how I loved those toes, those feet, clean

feet, nyloned feet, dirty feet it makes no difference to me.

           So when I heard that there was going to be a

party tonight at Debbie Paulson's house I leapt at the chance. I knew that I

would be getting some action between the sheets. I changed into my best clothes

and dropped a couple Certs in my mouth and ran out the door. I don't think I had

ever been this excited in my life. I knew I would be getting a whole hell of a lot of

action and I would be getting it all night long.

           I knocked on the door and a guy who well beyond

wasted opened the door. I smiled as I knew this was the place to be. The smell

of pot and beer filled the air. I scanned the room looking for my target. To my

left was a girl who was staring at me but her face was crater city. I swear she

was breeding zits. She did have a nice body though, she had the most luscious

tits I had ever seen, she was trim, and had a very athletic look to her, and

then I saw her feet, she was wearing simple white flip flops but they showed off

her feet all to perfectly. They sat atop the half inch rubber plastic. I put her

on the back burner and continued to scan the options.

           My eyes came to a screeching halt as I saw a

long haired brunette, she was like an hour glass, perky tits, a sculpted stomach

that was hardened from hours in the gym, you could see peak after peak rising

up above her waist, then the shortest black mini skirt showing off the longest

set of legs I have ever seen. I know that I needn't look any further. I made my

approach and sat down beside her but made sure not to look. I just looked out at

the party goers. I then slowly turned my head and looked into her eyes then

smiled. We made a bit of small talk then I asked her dance. She danced better

then she looked if you could believe that. She was the total package. After a

bit more of small talk I asked her if she wanted to talk somewhere more private.

She said that she had a boyfriend but I never let that stop me before. I smiled,

then tilted my head and gave her a long passionate kiss then I walked upstairs.

           About five minutes had passed as I sat on the

bed waiting. A few more minutes went by and the door opened up. The brunette

walked in and sat down beside me. I was about to say something but she pushed my

back on the bed and continued to kiss me. Part of me knew that she really didn't

want this, that she loved her boyfriend and didn't want to cheat on him but she

was drunk, and her boyfriend wasn't here and I was. So I fucked her, not twice,

not thrice, but four times I fucked her. I fucked her till it hurt. Till I

couldn't get myself up anymore then I took out my digital camera and I took

pictures. I wanted to commemorate this awesome night. She was spent and was just

lying there half asleep half awake. I knew that she had no clue what was going

on at the moment. I then got a look at her feet. Petite little feet, that were

panted silver. I crawled to the end of the bed and began to suck on her toes. I

slung my tongue between her feet and pressed the sole of her foot against my

face. I took a few more pictures and began to lick the sole of her foot. The

sole tasted funny, then I realized that she must have had some lotion on it. I

put my nose up to the sole of her other foot and inhaled. The smell of oranges

was everywhere. I slid my dick between her toes and started to go at her feet.

My dick hurt but I couldn't pass up a chance like this. As I came on her feet I

started to feel tired. I laid back thinking just for a moment. I rolled my head

over looking at her massive feet. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. I

could still taste that lotion in my mouth, and then I started to feel funny. I

just turned my head and looked straight up at the ceiling but it hurt to look so

I closed my eyes and felt better at first then It seemed like it was getting worse, and my

body felt like it was being compressed. I opened up my eyes again; the ceiling

looked like it was miles away. I turned over and almost fainted. I couldn't

believe what I saw, her feet, the brunettes feet they were literally one mile,

5280 feet, 63360 inches. I closed my eyes and counted to ten. I knew when I

opened them back up everything would be okay. I looked over and they were the

same size.

           I stood up on the bed and immediately found

myself able to stand up with ease. The mattress held firm like it was cement. I

didn't even have enough weight displace the springs. This was really starting to

freak me out. I knew I wasn't far from her feet so I began to run towards them.

As I was running I should have realized that with my size there is no way that I

could get her attention by simply banging on her feet but I was panic stricken. I

kept running and running but it didn't look like her feet were getting any


           It took me a good hour just to reach her feet.

Luckily for me they were lying flat on the bed. The weight of her feet was

pushing the mattress down enough where I could step right onto her toe. As I

stepped onto her toenail I found it to be slick. I began to slip, I was waving

my arms like a lunatic trying to maintain balance. I found myself sliding across

her toenail. I was grabbing for anything but the smooth grey surface had nothing

to stop my skidding until I reached the edge of her toe nail. I was holding on

for dear as I heard the door to the room swing open. I breathed a sigh of relief

as she was passed out and didn't make any movements but I did realize this was

my chance maybe get someone who was awakes attention. I slid down the side of

her toe and started moving away from her foot. As I moved away from the passed

out goddess I could see two guys were helping a girl who looked pretty out of it

into here.

           I began to run as fast as I could as I knew that

this was an opportunity that was to good to pass up. However, a dark shadow

began to pass over me. I gulped as I saw this girl who was literally miles high

falling towards me. I tucked myself into a ball in total fear and hoped for the

best. As she landed on the bed I was bounced up into the air. As I was flying

through the air I kept my eyes closed tightly as I didn't even want to see where

I would land.  My body was shaking in cold feared as I landed on something soft.

I uncurled my body and just laid there for a bit. It wasn't until I heard some

movement that I opened my eyes. I looked around and carpet was all around me. I

then looked straight up and saw the brunette haired goddess that I just fucked

earlier that night. She had to be several miles high as I shook in fear before

her. I couldn't even see past her ankles as I looked at her. I began to scurry

away from her like scalded dog.


“Oh god, what have I done? What have I done.”


           Her voice swelled around me like a storm. My

ears bleed from the sound of her voice. I could only look up at her praying that

things would stop but soon I was pelted with gigantic droplets of water. The

drops were bigger then I was. I then looked around for anything and I saw it. In the

distance there was a cave of some kind. It was going to be a bit of journey but

these rain shower of tears doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

           I was covered in sweat and my entire body ached

as I reached the cave. It hurt to simply walk, I couldn't believe that a simple

walk of a couple of feet could be that long, but I had made it. My clothes were

soaked from the tears of the brunette and my own sweat. As I crawled into the

cave a raunchy aroma assaulted my nose. I tried covering my nose but it didn't

help, I continued to walking towards the back wall. As I looked at he wall the

number 5 and half was tattooed into the wall. The wall had some give to it, I

cold push it in slightly. As I did so I quickly pulled my hands away as they

came back damp, sticky and smelling like the air around me. I slunk down against

the wall listening to the sobs of the brunette goddess above.

           As I sat here watching her tear drops fall to

the ground like rain I began to feel guilty. Not only did I sleep with her multiple

times knowing she had a boyfriend, I didn't even stop to think about how she

might feel. My conscience was eating away at me knowing that I might have ruined

this girl's relationship.

           My thoughts were interrupted as the entire cave

fell over. I found the wall I was lying against was now the floor. My mind

started to panic as I knew what was going on. I looked up seeing  the foot, the

very foot I had played with before, the foot I had slid my dick between, very

toes I had sucked and licked between. The downy soft bottoms of her foot were

roaring down towards me. I could still hear her crying as the heel of her foot

slammed down onto me. Everything around me including myself was matted down. I

could still smell the orange scented lotion she had on earlier. As she shifted

all her weight onto the foot I was under I was expecting death, part of me

thought maybe that I deserved it because of what I did to her. This way I

would pay for my sins but I found that I was small enough where the weight of

her body was distributed out across the entire area around me since I wasn't big

enough to stick out from the insole no pressure was on my body. Once she had her

she on the other foot I felt the

weight shift off of the foot I was on pretty suddenly then the world around me

was flattened like a pulp. I felt like a semi truck hit my body going full speed

only I didn't die. The sobs off the brunette goddess were still clearly visible

even over the pounding.


“Autumn? Autumn what's wrong? What happened?”



I was surprised that as her friend talked to her I could understand them rather

easily, I think it was becuase of her shoe and foot being on top of me that

there voices were muffled enough to where I could hear there colossal voices at more normal

level. It sounded more like someone was just shouting. As her friend

tried to console her all of Autumns weight was bearing down on me. I thought my

entire body was going to pop as I heard autumn's light sobs turn to full scale


           The Brunette haired goddess who I learned was

named Autumn began to walk much slower with her friend. I thought the running

was bad, but the slow methodical walking was much, much worse. Her foot would

gently glide up into the air causing my stomach lurch and turn queasy from the

upward movement that turns to a downward descent. My stomach acids churn and

crawl up my throat then the movement stops and I feel her full weight gradually

increase. My body sinks into the insole of the shoe as the weight increases more

and more until I am on the verge of suffocation then her foot lifts up and the

process repeats.

           I began to lose the track of time as

i am more focused on just staying alive. As Autumn and her friend walk there pace slowed

and the sobbing continued over the actions I had done, however as bad as I felt

I could only think about surviving myself.

           I hadn't realized it  but at some point I

must have blacked out, because when I awoke I found that Autumn's foot was gone.

The shoe was over turned and it looked like I must have been under her bed. Her

bed had white frilly skirting around it which made the entire underside of her

bed completely black. As I began to walk out of her shoe I looked around a bit

nervously. I realized I had no clue where I was, or where to go. I felt like I

was blind, everywhere I went was a mystery. I felt like I was going to

constantly run into something. I held my arms out in front of me so that I

wouldn't run into anything however even though I didn't run into anything I

still tripped over quite a few objects.

          I had finally made my way out from under the bed

but as soon as I did a gargantuan bare foot slammed down in front of me. I

gulped as the toe alone was taller then most buildings, as I looked to my right

I saw the toes only getting larger and larger, I craned my neck up and wasn't

even able to see past this giantesses knee caps. My jaw gaping wide open, my body was

immobile as I just looked up at Autumn. I knew it had to be her, the brunette

haired goddess, I would recognize these feet at any size. They were as lovely as

the rest of her but what was most shocking to me was that I fucked this girl.

She was the same girl who with my ravishing good looks and charm I conned into

my web and then had my way with.

           She lifted her foot up and all the air around me

swelled upward towards the sole of her foot. I grabbed onto the strands of

carpet for dear life as my body was tugged towards her foot. I felt like a

windsock blowing in the breeze as her foot lifted up. It looked like it had

moved at the very least a mile in a blink of an eye. Then it crashed into the

earth. The rumble was horrific as everything around me shook violently. My grip

could no longer hold and I was blown back as the ground continued to rumble from

her first footfall.

           I impacted into the ground and then rolled back

underneath her bed. I felt like all my bones were broken as I felt the second

rumble and wind whip over me and the ground shake. I crawled up against

something rather soft pulled a bit of the material over me as I shook in

absolute terror.

           I hadn't moved for a long time. The rumbling had

subsided sometime ago but I just couldn't seem to muster up enough courage to

walk out from under here again. My mind was still blown away with what had

happened. It was unreal, she was huge, miles high, her one toe stood higher then

most houses.

           I knew I needed help, but I had no idea how to

get it. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was on my own in this new

giant world. I ran out from under the bed unsure of what this new world would

bring me, but I knew it would be at the very least be an adventure.



Giantess Stories: Rise and Fall

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