Giantess Stories: Roberta was the biggest and she toyed with Tanya

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Roberta was the biggest and she toyed with Tanya.

Robert was the only life that Tanya and Mike knew. She had shrunk them and kept

them as playthings. Mike was 3 inches and Tanya was 7. Roberta presently made

Tanya suck her gigantic boobs. In the meantime, Mike was stuck in his cage.

Roberta finally tired of her games. She pulled the exhausted Tanya off her

massive breast and put her in the cage with Mike. 'Tonight I'll be having some

friends over,' she said and went to go take a shower.

Tanya walked up to the tired Mike and bent down to check on him. He was asleep

because he had spent the entire day being pushed in and out of Roberta's pussy.

Tanya picked up the man half her size and laid against the side of the cage with

him cradeled in her arms. She had gotten to know Mike since she had come and

they had become close. They were basically as close as a married couple by now

and could say anything to each other. They saw no real difference in their size,

Tanya being over twice as tall as Mike, and they never had sex. The idea of sex

had been ruined for them as that was now their main purpose in life: sex toys

for the great Roberta.

Tanya was tired too and soon fell asleep in her cage that hung from the ceiling

over Roberta's bedroom.


Roberta woke the pair up about and hour and a half later, giving no care to the

calm state they were in. Mike arouse, starteled at first to find himself in

Tanya's arm, but immedialty comforted. They kissed each other for a moment as

Roberta barked orders for them to put on some clothes.

Roberta opened the cage door and plucked out the pair in one handful. She

spilled them on the bed and threw their clothes there. The clothes were just

shrunken versions of normal clothes. This time, though, they were nice dress

clothes. Mike had a suite and tie while Tanya had a beautiful red and black


'I want you to look nice for my friends,' Roberta said as she sat combing her

hair and looking in the mirror.

Tanya and Mike were in shock at the special treat that was their new clothes.

They knew the clothes were only temporary, the dress was one of Roberta's, but

the idea of at least looking like normal human beings for one night was a

blessing. Mike hurried and got dressed and then went up to Tanya and zipped up

her back as she bent down. Then they stood up and faced each other. 'How do I

look?' asked Mike.

'Cute as a button,' said Tanya as she bent down to fix Mike's tie. Right after

she was done Roberta came over to the bed. Her Latina hair was curly and she was

all made up. She had a dress on that really showed her curves, especially her

enormous breasts. That was what the meeting was tonight, a meeting of the Large

Breasted Women Society, or LBWS. Tanya had once belonged to LBWS, in fact, she

was coming out of the building when Roberta had shrunk her. Mike had been

standing outside the building when he had been shrunk.

The doorbell rang 'Alright,' Roberta said as she picked up the two tiny people,

'showtime!' Roberta walked downstairs and into the dining room. The table had

been neatly set with about 6 or 7 spots. In the middle was a covered dish of

what must have been the main course. Roberta walked up to the dish and opened

it. She set Tanya and Mike down on the empty dish, placed the cover on, and

headed for the door.

Tanya and Mike stood in darkness. They felt for each other and finally found the

other. Tanya sat down next to the standing Mike. They listened to what went on

outside, scared.


The first guest at Roberta's party was her good friend Jenny. Jenny not only

knew about the little ones, but had shared her mountains (breasts) with them

several times. He big thing was to have Mike hold on to several strands of her

long blonde hair as she swung him back and forth, and make Tanya try and catch

him. Neither Tanya nor Mike really like Jenny, she was mean.

'Is everything set?' asked Jenny.

'They're on the table, ready to go,' replied Roberta.

Then, the doorbell rang again. Roberta and Jenny answered it. 'Christa! Jerri!

Come on in!' Roberta beakoned. 'Linda and Stacy are out parking their

convertable,' one of the new women said. 'Great, we can get started!'

The voices got closer to the table.

'If you could just have a seat somewhere, we can get going soon,' Roberta said.

'I'm so excited to find out what's going on,' one of the women said.

'Roberta's just been waiting approval from the board,' Jenny explained. 'And now

she has the go ahead.'

Two more woman chatted their way into the dining room as Roberta told them to

take a seat. She silenced everyone and began her speech.

'A while ago, a dear friend of mine, the late Dr. Richard Kipmann, made an

amazing scientific discovery. What he found could change the world profoundly.

His only fear was that it would fall into the wrong hands. After his death, I

assumed full responsibility of the project. After further testing, I have

perfected his formula and I believe it could have an amazing payoff for the LBWS.

What I am talking about here is...' she opened the cover, revealing the two tiny

people on the plate. Everyone gasped and Roberta smiled. '...the physicaly

shrinkin AND expanding of human beings. These two specimens were test subjects.

Volunteers who choose to become 7 inches tall and 3 inches tall.' She picked up

Mike, now shocked at what she had said, and handed him to Jenny. She took Tanya

and set the plate down. 'As you can imagine,' she said as she began to pull the

sleeves off her dress, 'the pleasurable implications are endless!' She pulled

her dress off her chest, eposing her bra and then proceeded to up fasten her

bra, too. Her gargantuan breasts now exposed, she brought Tanya down to her

nipple and pinned her head against it. Tanya knew this meant suck. 'The woman is

7 inches tall,' she said as Jenny winked at Mike and then handed him to Christa.

'The man is 3 inches tall.' Christa, a redhead, was amazined at the tiny man in

her hand. She smiled at him and then drank her entire glass of water as her eyes

stayed on him. 'There is no difference in size based on sex, the size is set by

the amount of liquid they take in.' Christa handed Mike to Jerri. 'The more they

drink, the smaller they get.' Jerri, never shy, rubbed Mike against her nipple

which stuck out under her clothes. 'Like that?' she whispered. 'We as LBWS

believe in female domination, so I naturally chose to make the man smaller than

the woman.' Mike was handed to Linda, who seemed shy. 'The little people are now

under my complete control. They rely on me day in and day out for food, water,

shelter, bathroom, etc.' Linda smiled at Mike and handed him to Stacy. 'All they

must do in return is give pleasure to their giantess. And ooooooohhhh, do they.'

Stacy snatched Mike out of Linda's hand and held him up to her face. She gazed

at him intently and then stuck her tounge out and licked his face with the end

of it. 'How you treat your little people is your decision.' Stacy placed Mike

into the tight spot between her enormouse breasts. She held him there for a

moment and then took him out. 'Mmmmm, you fit perfectly,' she whispered and then

handed him back to Roberta. 'And of course, if you have two, then you're

covered,' Roberta said jokingly as she placed Mike against her other nipple.

'Now,' Roberta said with a huge smile on her face as she set Tanya and Mike down

and put her top back on, 'we see how this stuff really works.'


Roberta was the tallest and had the biggest


'Now we see how this stuff really works,' she said to the group. 'Follow me.'

She led them downstairs into her basement. It looked like the set of

'Frankenstein'. Electric machines were everywhere making noises and flashing

lights. Stacy, carrying Tanya and Mike, smiled mischievously down at them.

'This is the lab of the late Dr. Kipmann,' Roberta said to the group. 'It was

here that the doctor experimented on the shrinking and expanding of first

inanimate objects, then plants, and finally on animals. He was on the brink of

perfecting his formula when he died. He left his entire estate to me, his

assistant, and it was I who finally perfected the formula. I now know how to

shrink and expand human being to my desired hired and for my desired time. With

this formula, I could rule the world...' Linda gasped. '... which I obviously

don't want to do. Instead I am going to sell this formula to LBWS for use by

members. I believe that this drug will allow LBWS to achieve her goal of

experiencing ultimate pleasure upon ultimate breasts. With a person of 5 inch

height, the breast becomes so sensative to their tiny parts that it will

experience pleasures that will be like that of an orgasm.'

The group was in shock. Some thought Roberta was crazy. Some were very intrigued

by the idea. Some were confused by it.

'Let me show you how it works,' Roberta said. She walked over to a computer.

'Here is the spot where I can set the height change levels. I can also choose

how long I want the formula to last. Let's say, 3 feet tall for 1 minute. Anyone

want to try it?' No one said anything. 'Jenny, do me a favor.'

Jenny sighed and handed the little people to Roberta. 'Alright, but for one

minute,' she said.

'I don't want my hands full,' Roberta said and then placed both Tanya and Mike

securely between her massive boobs. 'Now, there are two ways to shrink someone.

They can either step inside the 'Particle Epansion / Compression Machine', or as

I call it, the Changelizer 2000, and be shrunk their. Or they can drink the

formula. Today I will create a formula.' She walked over to a sink and filled up

a beaker. 'I simply fill this beaker with water and place it in the Changelizer

2000. Then I tell the computer the settings and the fact that I to make the

formula and..... Presto, we have the formula. Jenny, if you could now drink it


Jenny slowly walked up to machine that looked like an elevator. She picked up

the beaker which sat one the floor. 'Bottom's Up,' she said to the others,

laughing nervously. Then she took a huge gulp and downed the water. She stood

there and looked around. 'Come on Roberta. When is this stuff supposed to


Jenny immediately dwindeled down to 3 feet tall. Her clothes fit just as they

had, but the beaker that was in her hands would have been about twice its size

to her, had it not broken on the floor. She looked up, trying to hide how

embarrassed she was. She smiled and laughed like she thought it was dumb.

Finally, 'Well, Jenny, your breasts are still huge!' Stacy said and everyone

burst out laughing.


Mike's head was hurting. He was stuck tightly between Roberta's huge breasts,

but to make matters worse, he was stuffed in there so that Tanya's leg was

against his head. The pressure was giving him a headache. He had gone to

Roberta's work in her cleavage many times, but it was always just him, not he

and Tanya. He hoped that he got out soon.

From the position he was in, he couldn't tell what was going on outside. He

heard muffled sounds and felt the vibration and shifts in weight as Roberta

spoke and moved, but everything was a mystery. He just waited. And waited. And

waited. And waited.

Finnaly, the pressure was loosened a little. Then the bra was unfastened and

Tanya fell from the cleavage onto the bed. Mike was stuck to Roberta's left

breast. She peeled him off and dropped him on the bed.

'Alright,' she said as Tanya helped him up. 'You two put these on.' She trew

some tiny clothes at them. 'And I'm going to change, too.'

She turned and went into the bathroom as Tanya and Mike looked at the clothes

before them and then at each other, puzzeled. They were bathing suites. One

tailored for Tanya and a pair of trunks for Mike. They first hurried and put

them on as quick as possible and then sat and talked.

'What was that all about?' Mike asked.

'She must be hoasting the monthly meething of the neighborhood group,' Tanya

said. 'That was really embarrasing.'

'You didn't get to see them passing me around the table, did you.'

'No. What do you think we'll do now?'

'We're going swimming!' Roberta boomed. 'Well, you are. All the girls are

changing now and we're goin to the hot tub.' She scooped up the two tiny people

and held them before her face. 'Do not be afraid my little ones, you won't



Roberta was the biggest and she loved to show it.

She carried Tanya and Mike in an inflatable raft and smiled devilishly at the

other girls. She set the raft in the hot tub and walked over to the small bar

she had set up. She gave each woman a glass of wine and then got in between

Jenny and Christa. “I thought this would be a nice, relaxed place to talk

about what happens next as far as the tiny people go.”

“We could have sex with them,” Jenny blurted out. Several women


“That’s not what I meant,” said Roberta. “I mean as far as

LBWS is concerned, what should we do about the little people?”

“Maybe we could look for people willing to do this on weekends and then

rent them out to members,” Jerri said.

“Or we could just volunteer people we see on the street,” Stacy


“What about our boyfriends and husbands?” Christa asked.

“I think we should first of all set up a meeting with Ms. Destiny,”

Roberta said. “We can explain our ideas on how to use this new


“Maybe we should ask the little people what they think,” Linda said.

All the girls laughed. Linda was embarrassed.

Stacy pulled the little raft over to her. “Can you swim little man?”

she asked Mike. He nodded. She stuck out her index finger, lifted him up about

four inches off the water and the dropped him. Tanya rushed to the front of the

raft to see if he was okay. “What’s a matter little lady? He said he

could swim.” After a tense thirty seconds, Mike finally came up from the

water gasping for breath. “See, he’s doing just fine on his own.”

Tanya looked at poor Mike, struggling to stay afloat in what was probably

something as deep to him as Lake Superior. “But I won’t leave him

hanging,” Stacy said and her giant hand appeared and scooped Mike out of

the water, bringing him to her face. She gazed at his tiny body with her mouth

gaped open. All the girls leaned in, minus Roberta and Jenny. Stacy finally

snapped out of her trance. “I bet these will keep you afloat,” she

said as she placed Mike on her enormous breasts. They were so huge that her

easily sat there without falling forward into the water.

“Hey, I want a turn with the little man,” said Christa as she reached

out for Mike. Stacy slapped her hand. “He’s mine. I just got him. Look

at the woman.”

“Too late,” said Jerri as she held Tanya by one arm, showing her off

the Christa. She turned Tanya back to her. “No little lady, how much do we

really need that bathing suit?”

A good time was had by all, except Tanya and Mike. After seeing Jerri taking off

Tanya’s clothes, Stacy decided she had to do the same to Mike. As she held

him out, Christa snatched him away from her. Stacy tried to get him back, but

Roberta authoritatively ordered Stacy to let Christa have him. Christa then

proceeded to strip Mike and fondle him against her breasts, now exposed after

she had taken her top off.

Then, Jenny had the idea that Tanya and Mike should have a swimming race. They

were both set next to each other on the edge of the tub next to some empty wine

glasses and to when to dive. Tanya easily got ahead of Mike, but slowed down as

she noticed this. She was the first to reach the other side, a grueling feat,

but it was a pretty close race. Both were exhausted, Mike especially.

“Now,” said Jenny with an evil grin on her face, “Do it


“Come on, Jenny,” Linda said. “They seem tired, we’ve put

them through enough.” Linda knew she was risking greater embarrassment. She

looked at Jenny, waiting for a response.

“Yeah,” said Christa, “I still want to see the woman. And

I’m sure Linda wants to see the man.”

“Yeah,” Linda said, laughing.

They each picked up their respective tiny person. Linda set Mike in her palm. He

was regaining his strength. She could tell. “Where are his trunks?”

she asked. “Right here,” said Stacy said and handed them to Linda.

Linda stuck Mike’s legs into his trunks and pulled them on him. “There

you go,” she whispered.

“Great idea!” Christa said. “Hand me the woman’s bathing

suit, Jenny.” Christa was a lot less careful with Tanya. She pulled the

suit on fairly gently, but Tanya winced each time the suit tightly rubbed

against her side or her arm. “There!” Christa said, finally.

“Let me see both of them,” Stacy said. Linda kissed Mike and then

handed him to Stacy. Christa did the same. “Roberta, I hope you have taught

them just how puny they are compared to us,” Stacy said. “because they

are going to find out!” She set them in the raft and then slowly, very

slowly for dramatic effect, rose above them. As her gigantic breasts passed in

front of them, she brought her hands up and squeezed them together, showing just

how great they were. She finally rose so her head was high above them. She

looked down on them as they looked up at her, Tanya keeping Mike protectively

close to her. “I hope you realize how puny you are now!”

Suddenly, everything changed.

Roberta, the biggest, grabbed Stacy and Jerri.

Jenny was ready and grabbed Christa and Linda.

Tanya was not ready and held on to Mike tightly as they lay in the raft amid all

the gigantic waves.

Roberta stepped out of the hot tub and set Stacy and Jerry on the ground. She

turned around and Jenny handed Christa and Linda to her. Then Jenny got out of

the hot tub, leaving Tanya and Mike floating in the dying waves.

Jenny walked up next to Roberta, standing tall and looking at all the women on

the ground. There was the 18inch Christa, still wearing her sexy two-piece, the

2ft Jerri, breasts still bursting out of her bathing suit, the 12inch Linda, her

bra straps as tight as ever, and the 2ft Stacy, one breast hanging out of her

torn bathing suit. The 3ft Jenny smiled up at Roberta as the women sat up.



Giantess Stories: Roberta was the biggest and she toyed with Tanya

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