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Romancing Albert.

Last night the woman in the advertising billboard spoke to Albert

Torrence. He was sure it wasn't one of the neighbours, someone

walking along the inner city street or just his imagination. Why is

that I hear you ask? Firstly his neighbour was a Polish woman in her

early eighties and the voice he had heard was a husky young ladies

voice. Secondly he had an unrestricted view of the concrete lined

street and it was clearly deserted. Finally imagination was a

capacity his mind was seemingly devoid of.

That evening Albert had arrived home to his apartment after another

dull day working as an accountant in a clothing factory at Mascot.

Albert closed the door on the world outside and prepared to spend

another night all alone. As he got older Albert increasingly moved

through the world outside almost as a shadow. On public transport,

at his work and the local shopping mall no-one seemed to notice him

except to be condescending and unpleasant to him.

His apartment consisted of one bedroom, that he had never shared

with a woman, a tiny kitchen, that he rarely cooked in (take away

and frozen meals were Albert's specialty) and a tiny bathroom and

toilet. Suburban trains ran by the small apartment every few minutes

during peak hour. When two trains passed at the same time the walls

would shake with the vibration. In the dark lounge room of the dingy

unit Albert Torrence sat looking out of the largest window in the

flat. He'd got used to the noise of the trains many years ago and

sometimes if he tried very hard he didn't notice them at all.

He was forty-five years of age, unmarried, of no interest to the

opposite sex, with no friends or family and too poor to escape his

drab existence even on a holiday. He'd looked after his sick father

until he died five years ago and his brother had disowned him.

Albert wondered what there was to look forward to in the rest of his

life? Albert saw nothing positive in his future just a dark downward

spiral of increasing loneliness, old age, more loneliness, illness

and death. He saw himself thirty years from now too frightened to

venture outside of his apartment. If he was to die in his apartment

then his body might go undetected for months. An old man in his

apartment block had suffered the same fate. People started asking

about the terrible smell, it was the Property Manager from the Real

Estate agent who found him.

Albert took a seat by the window and cried tears of frustration and

loneliness that he thought no one could hear.

Albert was wrong though; somebody was listening to his suffering.

“Hey big boy what you crying for?” It was a woman's voice.

Albert stopped his sobbing and sat blot upright in shock.

“Hey you, look over here silly.”

Albert checked the apartment first, and then he looked along the

deserted street.

“Getting warm.” Said the sexy female voice.

He looked across to the railway line to the Immedale railway station

about 100 metres away. The voice was coming from that direction but

where? He scanned further down the track.

Getting warmer…..warmer, Oooh! You are burning hot now baby.”

Albert found himself looking beyond the dirty brickwork of the

graffiti covered railway cutting to a huge billboard. It was an add

for the Dairy Corporation. The poster was of a beautiful brunette

back to camera, topless and dressed only in a pair of white

underpants. Her face was half turned to the camera and she was

holding a glass of milk in one hand.

“Back on Milk.” The caption said.

Tonight the woman was facing him both hands on her chin. And Albert

saw the lovely woman wink at him.

“What?!” exclaimed Albert

“Hello cutie pie, yeah its me in the sign, you big dufus.”

Her lips moved and her eyelids fluttered.

“That's impossible!”

“Wrong!” She said.

“Hello, who are you?”

“You can call me Jodie and hi to you Albert!”

“H-H- Hello Jodie, how do you know my name?”

“Oh sitting up here in this sign there is not much to do but to

watch the world go by, I get to hear and see a lot. You worry me

Albert I hear you crying all night sometimes. What's the matter babe

ya lonely or something!”

“Oh it's not too bad.” Albert replied not ready to confide his

problems to a talking billboard.

“Oh come on Albert, I hear your crying I know there's something


“Well misery guts I'm here to help you, if only for my own sake, its

hard to get some sleep with all your whining going on.”

Albert was lost for words. The woman in the sign was topless and she

had the most amazing breasts he had ever seen. They were at least

three feet across which meant that she was about 50 feet tall.

“Oh I can see you are such a shy one. This might be more difficult

than I first thought. Lesson number one Alby- when you meet a girl

look into her eyes and not at her chest.”


That's all right, Alby Pably”

“So I guess you would like to have some friends, preferably a girl

friend, am I right?”

“Yes, but I'm too old and no ladies are interested in me anyway.”

“Well no wonder Alby, look at you, where do you buy your clothes?

K-Mart or down at the local opportunity shop? Why grey, black and

brown seem to be your favourite colours. And your defeatist attitude

- you walk around like you have a “warning disaster area” sign

pinned to your back. Plenty of girls may feel sorry for you but

that's hardly a sound basis for a relationship.”

Albert looked down at his shoes feeling crestfallen.

“Now Alby don't you be getting all teary eyed on me again. You know

I see a lot of good raw material lurking under that three-day

growth. I sense that you are a truly kind and sensitive type of guy

and that's a rare commodity in the male species of today. All you

need is a bit of work on your attitude, appearance and confidence

and I reckon you could be a regular stud muffin.”

“I know this is all probably all too much so to help you get started

I want you to come over here tomorrow and I'll give you some


You game, sexy man?” asked Jodie.

“See you tomorrow, Alby, sweet dreams.” With that the sign moved no


Albert Torrence was unable to sleep for the rest of the night. He

was very sleepy all the next day at work and left early for the

first time in many months. He sat in his flat and looked out at the

sign and wondered if it would speak to him again. He fell asleep by

the window with the window wide open. In the early morning hours he

was woken up by a voice.

“Pssst. Sleepy head, wakey wakey.”

Jodie the woman in the billboard was speaking to him again.

“Come over here Alby and lets have a bit of a chat.”

Albert Torrence walked out of his flat and across the street towards

the sign. And so his life was to alter dramatically and an adventure

of massive proportions was about to commence.

Romancing Albert-Part 2

“Letting the days go by-let the water hold me”

“Letting the days go by-water flowing under”

“Into the blue again-after the money's gone”

“Once in a lifetime-water flowing under

Once in a lifetime- Same as it ever was.”

Once in a Lifetime-Talking Heads

Albert couldn't believe what he was doing. Walking along the road in

the early morning hours was a scary and at the same time very

liberating experience. The cold air made him shiver. To reach the

sign Albert had to cross over the pedestrian overpass and walk along

Duncan Avenue. When he arrived near the talking sign there was a

barbed wire fence blocking his path.

“What the hell am I here for, I must be going mad.” Easily

discouraged Albert turned around to go back home.

“Not so fast, spunk rat, I haven't finished with you yet.” Said


“Under that privet bush is a hole in the barb wire fence. The

graffiti artists use it all the time. Now go on Alby stick your

shiny little accountants ass through there and I'll see you on the

other side.”

Albert got down on all fours and crawled under the bush and through

the hole in the fence. In the process he snagged his trousers on the

broken metal. He walked along a narrow embankment to where he could

look up at Jodie. She was even larger up this close.

“Well I'm so glad you could make it, Alby, now come on up here.”

“What?!.” It was nearly ten feet up to the sign

Amazingly a huge feminine arm reached out of the magical billboard

and grabbed Albert around his middle picking him up off the ground.

Albert recoiled in shock but struggling was useless against Jodie's

firm grip. His ears popped as he disappeared into the sign. It was

as if there was a narrow film between Jodie's world and his and his

own had been broken by his passing.

Jodie placed Albert down onto the ground inside a which she

occupied. It was a large room without doors of any description.

There was only one window in the room. When Albert looked through

the window he saw the railway line and past the railway lines to the

busy road and beyond that that to his run down apartment block.

“Do I really live there?” He thought to himself. To look at the

apartment block from this angle was to give Albert a new perspective

on his meaningless existence. It was as if he was standing back from

reality and taking a look at his life from the outside. And the view

was not a pleasant one.

Jodie put a large warm hand on his shoulder.

“How long have you lived in that butter box, Albert?” she asked.

“Five years.” Albert answered.

“Since your father died?”


Albert's father had died a slow death from lung cancer.

“And since that time you have closed yourself off from the outside

world, haven't you Alby. Why is that? Is it because you no longer

want to get close to anyone in case you lose them like your father

did? Just press the buzzer to answer. ”

There was a truth in what she was saying, and it was something so

painful he couldn't admit it to himself. Albert was soon on the

verge of tears.

“Hello, Hello is anybody in there, can anyone hear me, is any body

home? Asked Jodie.

“Hey you not crying again, Alby?

“You are a regular water works, now don't waste those tears, we are

in the middle of a drought you know. Oh come here sooky wooky.”

Jodie picked Albert off the ground and hugged him tight. It was

decades since Albert had been held like that and he had forgotten

how good it felt to be touched by another human being. Particularly

someone as well built as Jodie.

“Oh! Alby is that 2B pencil in your pocket or are you just a h----

little devil.”

“Enough of that, I'm so glad your feeling better, so now it is back

to business. Now, Alby I want you to have another look at your

apartment block.”

“Do you see the light on the lower ground floor?”


Who lives there do you think, Albert and why is it that the light is

on a this time of night?”

I don't know Jodie. I don't have much to do with the other


“Yes you keep to yourself don't you. Well I'll tell you who lives

their Alby it is in fact a charming young womanl. Blonde hair and

kind blue eyes. Any ideas yet?.”


“Well you walk past her on a regular basis and she has even said

hello to you. But in your own inimitable style you grumble a cursory

greeting and look at your shoes. Why don't you talk to her? Have you

ever thought that Mary might just like you and t hat you are not

only lonely person in this world screaming out for a bit of


Albert nodded his head in disbelief. Yes he did know Mary when she

said hello to Albert it made his day. Someone like Mary interested

in him? Now way Hose, she was too pretty for Albert. And lonely he

doubted it with her vivacious personality.

“Yes she is lonely and frightened Albert, cos I hear her crying too.

You'd be amazed at the suffering I hear every night in this city.

Mary was hurt both physically and mentally by her last partner and

now she is looking for someone kind that she can trust. You just may

be the one Albert, want to give it a try?”

“Oh, I don't know, I'm not good enough for someone like that.” His

fear of rejection was just too great to overcome.

“Procrastination won't get you anywhere Albert. We only get one

chance in this crazy little thing called Life. Chances like this may

only come along once in a lifetime are you going to miss the boat?”

“Well maybe.” Said Albert.

“Too late for maybes Albert. Last night I made sure that Mary will

receive a love poem from a not so secret admirer. And who do you

think that might be? That's right a 50 point bonus for the man with

the torn trousers. You Alby. Now time is running out and so I must

give you a few tips on the right clothes to wear and the right

things to say to impress a girl. You might have to spend some money

and well you can't take it with you when you are gone. ”

“I so much enjoy playing matchmaker.”

Jodie eventually let Alby out of her little room and put in hi back

on the ground. Albert wandered back to his apartment as the dirty

city streetscape began to take on the drab grey of the pre-dawn

hours. Even then he was unable to sleep he had so much on his mind.

Romancing Albert-Part3

“She was made in heaven”

Heavens in the world”

Cos she was made in heaven

Heavens in my world

Is this expresso love?

Cos I'm crazy for this girl”

Crazy for the girl.”

Expresso Love-Dire Straits

The next day was a Saturday and Albert slept and slept and slept.

The phone ringing woke him up.

“The Phone!?”

Most people ringing Albert had dialed the wrong number. It was one

of the least used electrical appliances in his flat, in fact he used

the vacuum cleaner more and even that was an infrequent event. In

his sleep induced state Albert stumbled out of bed and made his way

to the living room. He tripped and fell on the cord of his electric

heater. Cursing under his breath he dragged his numb body to its

feet and hurried the remaining distance to the phone.

It stopped ringing just as he went to pick it up.

“Oh! Damn.”

He hoped whoever had called would try again and prayed that it would

be Mary. He looked at the clock and noticed that it was one o'clock

in the afternoon. He decided to fix some lunch although he didn't

feel all that hungry. The thought that Mary might be trying to ring

him made Albert nervous.

The phone rang half an hour later. It was someone trying to sell him

real insurance.

“Not interested.” he shouted and slammed the phone back into its


Feeling suddenly depressed he sat down and ate his lunch by the

window looking at Jodie in the billboard. He thought that it must

all have all been wishful thinking. Either that or Jodie's

matchmaking efforts were to no avail.

At about two o'clock Albert walked up to the corner shop to get the

weekend paper. On his return back to his flat he checked the

letterbox. Amongst the assorted junk mail was a plain envelope with

his name written on it. His heart thudding loudly in his chest

Albert took the letter back to the privacy of his flat. He opened

the letter and began to read:

“Hi Albert,

Thank you for your lovely letter and poem, I must say that I was

touched by it. Although I hardly know you, from what I have seen I

like you. I have been going through a difficult time lately and I am

a little bit shy at first before I warm to people. I hope you

understand. Please call me so we can talk a little more. I would

love to have a friend to talk to.


Albert put the letter down and tried to read between the lines. Well

it wasn't an ‘as if' which is the worst form of rejection, or even a

firm but polite no which is all Albert would have expected in the

circumstances. It appeared to be a probably-maybe-yes, which was the

most success with the opposite sex Albert had had in nearly 15


His negative inner voice told him she was just too kind too say no

to him and a friend was all she was really looking for. His positive

inner voice argued that having a friend to talk to wouldn't be a bad

thing anyway.

What was the best way to contact her? Should he call her straight

away or would that look too desperate? Or maybe he should pay a

visit to her unit. She might not be at home. No a phone call was the

most appropriate. Mary had put her phone number on the bottom of the

letter. Albert plucked up all his available courage and rang Mary.

As the phone rang Albert was terrified that he would be unable to

string a few intelligible sentences together.

He shouldn't have worried Mary was easy to talk to. After they had

arranged to go to the movies the following evening they continued to

talk about this and that for at least thirty minutes. It was the

kind of conversation that flowed easily and left Albert feeling glad

that he hadn't stuffed up and made Mary go cold on him all of a

sudden. Albert put the phone down and felt happier than he had for


“I've got nothing to wear.” Just a pair of torn brown trousers he

thought to himself. He decided to visit Jodie that evening to see if

she could recommend any clothes to wear or how to behave himself. He

was so out of touch with romance. And he wanted to find out just

what Jodie had written in the letter and poem in case Mary asked him

about it.

That evening Albert sat in the armchair as he had done for the

previous two evenings and waited. He was again woken up by Jodie's


“Hey lover boy, want too talk?”

“Yes please.” Albert shouted. A homeless man heard Albert speak and

looked up at him as if he was crazy. Crazy in love thought Albert.

Albert walked out into the cold night air and was at the hole in the

fence in about five minutes. He crawled under the fence and as

before Jodie dragged him up in the sign.

The old dero saw this and blinked in disbelief. He took another swig

on the whisky bottle and was on his way. The old man knew very well

that the universe was like a piece of Swiss cheese, there were holes

in the fabric of reality and if you took the wrong direction you

could become lost. The ticket inspector from hell had sent the hobo

on the wrong path many years ago. He hoped the man disappearing into

the sign was on the right path- the path away from the darkness

between the stars.

Once inside Jodie's white room with white curtains, Albert told her

the news. He first asked her what he should wear and how he should


“Good for you Alby.” She planted an extremely big sloppy kiss on his


"Just be yourself, sweetie, and don't let the butterflies get the

better of you. Some women find shyness a very nice quality in a man.

Swaggering, macho, chauvinists are a turn off, believe you me I

should now, honey.”

She recommended that Albert dress smart but casual. She even

recommended a clothes shop that would give him a discount. Just tell

them that Jodie sent you, she said.

“What did you say in the poem, Jodie. I need to know in case Mary

asks about it?”

“You wrote the poem Alby not me.”

“What?” asked Albert a little bit confused

Jodie handed Albert a piece of paper.

Albert began to read.

“When I get near you

I go out of my mind

All of my common sense

Is left behind

And you're like a flame

too hot to touch

but I want to burn in it

so much

And you smile means the

World to me

But I know your love

was never meant for me”

As corny as it was Albert had to admit that he had written it. How

many years ago? Probably 15 or maybe 20 he couldn't be sure. It had

been his last big shot at romance. The girl name Kate had gone out

with him once and then moved interstate.

“How did you get this?” asked a bewildered Albert.

“Oh I have ways and means, my little friend, and after all it is

just SO romantic.”

“It makes me want to puke.” Albert rebuked.

“Well it ain't Keats, Alby, but it was from the heart. ”

Well Romeo I think you need a little sleep before your date. Night,

Night now. Tell me all about it tomorrow night. I just love gossip”

His question remained unanswered. Just who or what was Jodie, a

guardian angel or a kind of heavenly introduction agency employee?

With that Albert was placed down on the ground. He walked along

Duncan Avenue whistling a happy tune to himself.

However fate was coming in the opposite direction to Albert that

night in the shape of a group of graffiti artists.

What are you so happy for.” Albert heard a deep voice say.

He stopped his humming and looked up to see a large boy dressed in

the uniform of one of the local graffiti gangs. The gang was

believed responsible for may of the break and enters and assaults in

the neighbourhood. The well muscled youth with short cropped hair

moved closer to Albert as did his six other accomplices.

Albert felt a blind panic sweep through him but he tired to keep

control. Thugs like these were like wild animals-they responded to

fear in others. He crossed to the other side of the road to avoid

them. No good- they followed him. On of the hoods pulled a knife out

his pocket.

‘Just on my way home, don't want any trouble.' Mumbled Albert. He

was very frightened now.

He went to make a run for it, but before he got anywhere the biggest

youth grabbed him. Another of the bullies landed a punch in Albert's

stomach, which winded him. Albert turned around in anger and punched

the boy in the face. Albert only had a moment's joy as he watched

the brat fall to the ground his noise broken. The big youth was even

angrier now and he punched Albert in the face and kicked him the

shins until he fell to the ground in pain.

“Take my wallet, just don't hurt me.” Albert pleaded as he kneeled

on the ground. He saw a glint of a knife out of the corner of his

eye. He knew then he was in serious danger.

Then Albert heard the ground shake as if huge footsteps were

approaching. The six thugs stopped their attack and whirled around

to look in the direction of the noise. One of the adolescents

screamed in horror and then they all started to run. Out of the

corner of his eye saw a large shadow approaching at great speed.

“Leave him alone, you brutes.” Albert heard a very loud and angry

female voice.

It was Jodie. She had come completely out of the sign. He watched in

fascination as a scantily clad fifty-foot woman ran after six

terrified hoodlums.

“When I catch you I'll teach you a thing or two.” She screamed.

Albert lay in the gutter waiting to catch his breath after being


“Thanks Jodie.” He tried to say as she disappeared around the corner

gaining on the hapless thugs with every stride.

Romancing Albert- Part 3.75.

“One love

One blood

One life you got to do what you should.

One life with each other


One life

but we're not the same

we get to carry each other

carry each other.”

One-U2-Achtung Baby

Albert limped back to his flat. A huge bruise was already spreading

around his eye. All in all he was thankful to be alive. It looked

like he would be going on his date with Mary after all (even with a

black eye and limping around like a lame duck.) If Jodie hadn't

turned up when she did Albert would be in intensive care or worse

still on a slab at the local morgue. Although he wasn't sure how he

would explain what had happened to Mary, particularly the bit about

being saved by Jodie.

‘You see the woman in the Dairy Corporation sign jumped out of the

sign and chased the thugs away. And by the way she talks to me on a

regular basis'

He saw himself explaining all the details to Mary and her responding

by trying to be polite but with “warning major fruit cake at 2

o'clock” buzzers going off in her mind. No! Any conversation along

those lines was out of the question it would be sure-fire way to end

a friendship before it started.

He thought about going straight to the Police to report being

assaulted. However he hadn't slept well in a number of days. It

would keep until tomorrow he told himself. So he sat in his flat

with an ice pack on his eye and waited for Jodie's return to her


About twenty minutes later Albert saw Jodie walking along Duncan

Avenue. She stepped over the barb wired fence with one easy stride

and climbed back into the sign.

“Thanks again Jodie, you saved my life.” Albert called out.

‘That's OK Alby, the pleasures all mine.'

‘What happened to the thugs?'

‘Let me just say that the leader of the group has very red and rosy

cheeks at the moment, or in other words he will be sitting down very

gingerly in the Police interview room when he turns himself in as he

promised me he would.' Said Jodie with a mischievous gleam in her


‘Do you come out of the sign often, Jodie?'

‘Well I try to avoid it as much as possible, Alby because your world

stinks something awful. Pooooh! All the smog and the pollution kind

of gets to a girls sinuses you know.'

Albert wanted to ask Jodie what she was and why she was being so

kind to him but he was too tired. Maybe tomorrow he thought.

** ** ** **

The next day turned out to be the longest and ultimately the most

enjoyable of his forty-five years. He had gone to the Police Station

and made a statement about being assaulted. He was shown a number of

Photographs and was easily able to be out the leader of the Graffiti

gang. A doctor examined and they took photos of his bruised to be

used in evidence against the thughs. He then went into town got

himself a haircut and bought a whole new wardrobe.

When he knocked on Mary's front door that evening to take her out on

the date he looked and felt like a new man. He gave her a posy of

flowers and then they were on their way. Mary looked very lovely in

her evening dress. They talked and talked and talked on the train.

At first he felt nervous but fifteen minutes into the date all his

fears flew out the window and were left behind in the darkness were

they belonged.

They went to see ‘Titanic' and Albert enjoyed it although he thought

that it was pretty corny at times. The special effects as the boat

sank made him grimace. It was the third time Mary had seen the film

and she cried almost all the way through. Albert had a big lump in

his throat at times too.

Afterwards they ate at a Malaysian restaurant. Mary told him that

she worked as a part time tour guide at the Art gallery and was not

a bad artist herself. They both liked Centennial Park and agreed to

go for a bike ride and picnic next weekend. He saw Mary back to the

foyer of her flat and Mary gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. They

both said what a great time they had had and it was the truth.

The next day was a workday and Albert was a different person

altogether. He said hello to many of his fellow work colleagues that

he hadn't talked to for months. Some of them looked at him kind of

strangely as if he was out of his mind but nothing could be further

from the truth. The colours of the day seemed somehow brighter.

** ** ** **

That night he sat in his armchair so happy and excited he was unable

to go to sleep. He wanted to thank Jodie for all her help.

‘Well if it isn't Romeo himself' said Jodie waking Albert again in

the early morning hours.

‘ Come over here and tell me all about it, you lovely little man.'

He told Jodie all about his date and how much fun it was. She was

very happy for him. She wanted to know every little detail.

** ** ** **

Two weeks later after Albert was to talk to Jodie for the very last

time. Albert and Mary had been on several dates and whilst they

weren't yet in love they were getting very close to it.

‘Jodie, I want to ask you something?'

'Yes Alby what is it?.'

'Are you an Angel?'

‘An Angel? Is that what you humans call us? Perhaps mentor is

another name you are familiar with. You've been a lot of fun Alby, I

will really miss you when I am gone.'

‘Gone!?' Albert was shocked. He had grown to rely on Jodie's support

over the last few tumultuous days.

‘Yes Alby I have to move on, there are so many people in this city

who need help, mentors like us are unable to save everyone but we do


Tears welled in Albert's eyes and he gave Jodie the biggest hug

imaginable. She was his second best friend besides Mary and an Angel

as well.

‘Its all up to you now snookum dookums. You are back on the right

path and I have a very good feeling about you and Mary. The sky's

the limit little guy. Just remember Ably nothing lasts forever,

babe, but it can be a lot of fun while it does.'

It was the next to last time Albert talked to Jodie. Apparently

complaints had been made to the advertising standards board that the

‘Back on Milk' sign was sexist and was to be torn down. He was sad

but he realised that there were other people in the city who needed

Jodie's help more.

Albert wrote off to the company responsible for designing the sign

and received a large poster of Jodie. They probably thought he was

some sort a dirty old man, but he didn't care. Jodie signed it for

him with a kiss with her red lipstick, which covered the whole


He had to admit it, Albert was feeling very positive about his

future for the first time in ages. No longer did he see a dark

downward spiral into loneliness. He only regretted not doing

something about his predicament sooner.

Two weeks later the sign was removed and a new one advertising a

Four-wheel vehicle was put in is place.

The night after Albert's first date with Mary the Ticket Inspector

from Hell packed his bags and caught the midnight express back to

purgatory. He'd been so sure that Albert's soul belonged to him and

that his spiral into the darkness of self-pity and loneliness was

irreversible. That was until that Miss Goodie Two Shoes had turned

up and shown him the path away from the darkness.

‘You win some you lose some.' He thought to himself.

** ** ** **

Three week's later Albert and Mary went on a date to the State

Theatre and enjoyed the play very much. He'd never been to theatre

before or eaten at so many different restaurants; he could

definitely get used to it. On the way home on a bus, Mary snuggled

up into Albert's arms to keep warm, her head on his shoulder, the

aroma of her perfume and hair delighting his senses. Albert could

not remember feeling happier in his entire life. He felt this was a

close to heaven as a man could get.

He looked out across the city skyline to a sign on the side of a

building in Taylor's Square. The sign was for Cupid's Perfume and

the model bore a remarkable likeness to his guardian angel. It was

the sparkle in her eyes that convinced him later that it was Jodie.

While he watched the model blinked, smiled and gave Albert the big

thumbs up. Albert returned the smile.

‘Isn't life a miracle?' he thought to himself.



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Giantess Stories: Romancing Albert

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