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Sadako, Part One

Saturday, 18-Dec-1999 17:12:49

Signature, Part 1

By EtiennePX

Nathan Spencer

Seattle, Washington

Damn it all. How on earth did I get myself into this

situation in the first place?

Of all things. I really thought I had a rather ordinary

life. I mean, sure, I have traveled and done much with

myself. I graduated from Dartmouth College and majored in

girls, partying, babes, beer, chicks, fast cars, women, and

football. The latter was great, causing me to take

All-American honors as a linebacker (Ivy League

All-Americans are very rare to begin with!), then getting

drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, of all teams. But I wasn't

complaining. I mean hey, it could have been a lot worse. The

fans were nice, the beer flowed freely, and the babes were

throwing themselves at me in abundance.

But there was one girl who mesmerized me. She was this

pretty little Asian babe, who worked at a Chinese bakery

near the Kingdome. She caught my eye one day when I was

eating at an outside cafÈ and she was walking past me. I

took one look at her and it was woah momma! She had the

prettiest black hair, flowing like a waterfall down her

back. Her eyes were a sexy almond-shape, and she had the

nicest ass that I had ever seen in my life (whew!).

I followed her and introduced myself. She just giggled and

kept walking. I ended up standing there with egg foo yung on

my face. But what a woman! I had to have her.

So I found out that she worked at the bakery, and I became a

regular customer. She was surprised to see me the first

time, but I gave her my best innocent boy smile and turned

on the charm to the hilt. She blushed and giggled some more,

but I was hooking her with each visit.

After some time, I finally asked her out. She giggled (what

a beautiful laugh!) and shook her head no. But I wouldn't

take no for an answer. Finally, she gave me this wonderful

glance from those sexy eyes and said yes. Ah, conquest! It

was sweet.

We went out to really nice Japanese restaurant on our first

date, and it was absolutely heavenly! She wore this sexy

Shanghai miniskirt dress, blazing red in colour, and hugged

every single curve on her delicious body! And oh my god,

those beautiful feet in her string sandals! I was slobbering

all over myself.

The nicest thing about Kathy Sung (that was her name, I

don't think I've mentioned it yet!) was that she set the

standard from the very beginning. When I took her home, she

bowed to me and said she enjoyed our date very much. Then

she went inside and gently closed the door. That was it!

Damn, no kiss, no "coffee," and definitely no jumping in the

bed! That was it: I was in love! She was different.

As time went on, Kathy and I began to see more and more of

each other. She came to the Seahawks games, and cheered me

on with every tackle and interception that I got. She

eventually opened up her apartment to me, cooking supper and

teaching me how to eat with chopsticks. I in turn taught her

all about football, and soon she became the Seahawks biggest

fan! She was wonderful.

But then one day, it happened to me. Now what exactly was

that, you ask? Well, let me tell you how it went. Kathy and

I were out one evening, taking a walk on the park path

around Lake Washington. She smiled at me with that beautiful

smile of hers and said, "Nathan, would you like for me to

make you truly happy?"

I did a double take, and stammered, "Well now, Kathy, how

would you go about doing this?"

She giggled and said, "Ah, you like me, yes?"

Did I? Was the Pope Catholic? "Oh yes, Kathy! I sure do!"

She smiled, "Oh, Nathan, you are so good to me! Now, I want

to do something for you that will make you truly happy!"

I was floored! Were we finally going to get it on? Oh man, I

couldn't believe it! "Well then, Kathy, I would be most

honored to have you make me happy!"

Within the hour, we were at her apartment. She told me to

sit down on the sofa, and she went into her bedroom. I sat

there, undoing a button on my shirt and trying to keep from

getting too excited. Oh yes, I was going to make love to

this gorgeous little Asian gal!

Soon, Kathy came out of her bedroom, and to my absolute

shock she was wearing this slinky red lingerie top and a

matching thong! My jaw just hit the floor. She slowly walked

up to me and purred, "Ah, Nathan! Do you like?" Oh, I liked!

I liked!

Kathy then went over to her stereo, and turned on some

really soft Chinese music. She then slowly began to dance in

front of me, moving in a sexy, seductive wave of motion.

Stanley (the name of my own personal power tool!) began to

grow and harden with no effort from me. Oh wow, what a

wonderful sight Kathy was!

Kathy moved towards me, turning back and moving her thonged

ass back and forth. She then turned around and buried my

face into her warm, soft breasts. I lost myself in the

moment, and licked the skin between her breasts.

Suddenly, I began to feel strange. Well, not 'bad' strange.

In fact, I was getting all tingly warm all over. It was

really pleasant! But then, I also got the feeling that

Kathy's breasts were somehow getting larger. Puzzled, I

stood up from the sofa. I then got the shock of my life.

I had always looked down, way down, at Kathy. I was 6 foot

four, and just towered over the five foot tall Kathy. But

when I stood up, I came up only to her neck! Stunned, I took

a step back and looked up into Kathy's widening eyes in


"K-K-Kathy!" I stammered, "What --- what---" What was

happening to me???

Kathy began to laugh delightfully. "Ah, yes, Nathan! You are

shrinking! I am shrinking you to tiny little man!"

I kept looking up Kathy's beautiful face, now getting

further away from me. I noticed I was now up to her

bountiful breasts, and going down rapidly. Now by all

reasoning, I should have been in an absolute state of panic

by that time. But I wasn't! I was warm all over, thoroughly

engulfed in the wonderful sensation of becoming smaller and

smaller. Kathy's laughter became louder and louder, yet I

felt soothed by its wonderful sound. I closed my eyes and

enwrapped myself in this most incredible feeling.

And then it stopped. The warmth dissipated, and a shiver

went up my back. I opened my eyes and was immediately

confused by what was around me. I had this feeling that I

was standing in an aircraft hanger, the kind that would

store 747's and such. It was so open around me, with strange

buildings hovering in the distance. My nose picked up this

wonderful scent of perfume, so I turned towards its source.

I was then struck by the most incredible sight: in front of

me were a set of huge toes, the nails perfectly manicured

and painted a flaming red. I then noticed the whole

structure was this very beautiful foot, and I followed it up

and up until my eyes drank in the entire gigantic body of

Kathy Sung.

Kathy was like a skyscraper building, her beautiful face

looking down at me from above. Her gorgeous legs loomed over

me like smooth twin towers, and her breasts hovered way

above me like ledges on the side of a cliff. Her laughter

boomed over me like thunder. She wasn't laughing at me in

scorn, but rather like a little girl who is delighted over a

much-wanted toy. She then spoke, "AH, NATHAN! YOU SHRINK TO

TINY LITTLE MAN!" She then got down on her knees, her

delicious thighs filling up my entire field of vision in

front of me.

I then looked up at her and stammered, "Kathy! Kathy! What

have you done to me?" A wave of panic went over me as the

entire situation began to finally hit me over the head. My

god, Kathy had just shrunk me to the size of a bug!

Kathy giggled with amusement, and then spread her huge hand

over me. She lowered it slowly, and I tried in vain to run

backwards only to trip over myself. I shouted, "No, Kathy!

No! Don't! No! No! NOOO!"

A shadow covered me, and then I was scooped up by Kathy's

huge fingers. I was lifted up and turned over. I felt myself

pressed into a wall of smooth warmth and then there was

light. I looked around and realized I was in the palm of

Kathy's hand. I stood up and was immediately met by her

huge, wonderfully beautiful Asian face. "AH, NATHAN!" she

whispered, her sweet breath blowing over me, "YOU ARE SO



Los Angeles, CA

I sat in my airplane seat, ready to go back to Japan with my

family. While my sisters and parents were all happy over our

family vacation, I was absolutely miserable.

When I was at Disneyland, I found the most amazing thing: a

tiny little man! He was about one-inch tall, and I found him

crawling up the side of my pants. I grabbed him and took him

to a bathroom so I could take a good look at him. He was so

cute! He tried to talk to me, but I don't understand English

very well. I took him back to my hotel took him to my

shower, where he played on my body. I was so happy to have

found this little man! I decided to keep him and take him

home with me to Japan.

But the next day, I lost him when we went to the beach! I

placed Scott (I think that was his name, for he kept

pointing at himself and saying "Scott") into my bikini's

panty, and he ended up caressing me until I had an orgasm on

the beach! Shamed, I needed to wash off in the ocean, but

needed to put Scott somewhere. So I placed him under a cup

and went to wash off. But when I got back, he was gone! I

looked and looked around, but there were many people on the

beach, so I couldn't find my little man anywhere! I began to

cry, and have been miserable ever since.

The airplane took off and began to climb over the California

coast. My sisters, Keiko (age 17), Mariko (age 14), and

Michiko (age 9) were in the row on the other side of the

aisle, along with my father. My mother sat with me, and she

tried to console me because she could tell that I have been

sad since I lost Scott at the beach. But I couldn't tell her

what I had happen, even though she is a very wonderful

mother. I am the first-born (age 19), and have always been

close to Momma. My father is very conservative, a company

man who has never been very affectionate, though I know he

loves us all. When I was accepted at the University of

Tokyo, he was just beaming with pride! And when I decided to

major in business, my mother told me that was all he could

talk about to his friends! Overall, he is a good man. As for

my sisters, I am close to all of them, though Mariko has a

bit of a mean streak in her.

As for me, I have no boyfriend or anything like that. I am

told I am very beautiful, and I have never been without some

man trying to date me, or worse. Yet, although I do like

men, I am not very interested in them. The men in college

are immature jerks, and the men who look at me on the

streets are like slobbering pigs. I am just not ready for a


Yet when I held Scott in the palm of my hand, I was

strangely attracted to him! I wanted to caress his tiny body

with my fingertip and delight him. And when he stroked my

opening while he was in my panty, I was in absolute ecstasy!

I wanted this little man like I have never wanted a man

before, but now he was gone. I had foolishly lost him and

would never see him again. What was he, anyway? Was he a

fairy? Was he a magical spirit? Was he a Shinto god? Was he

part of a civilization of tiny people? Or was he a normal

man who had been shrunk to tiny size? Well, I would never

know, for he was gone forever.

After some time had passed, the plane suddenly lurched a

bit, and then a vibrating sound went through the entire

cabin. After a few minutes, the captain came on the

speakers: "Ladies and gentleman, we are experiencing

technical trouble at this time, though it is not serious.

However, we will have to make a landing at the nearest

airport, Seattle-Tacoma. Please give your full attention to

the flight crew as they prepare you for landing." The

passengers murmured, but gave full attention to the flight

crew. The airplane began a quick descent towards the Seattle

airport. Looks like we aren't going back to Japan today

after all.

Sadako, Part Two

Tuesday, 11-Jan-2000 21:05:50

Nathan Spencer

Seattle, WA

Well, what could I possibly say about the situation that I

found myself in?

I had been dating this really pretty Asian gal named Kathy

Sung for the last few weeks, and we had been doing just

fine. To be honest, I was really happy how it had all been

going. Kathy had a lot of dignity about her, and she was not

one to just jump into bed with me like some groupie. Being I

was an All-Pro linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, I was

used to those types. But not Kathy, no sir. She put me into

my place from the start, and I just loved her for it.

But then she suddenly came up with this offer "to make me

truly happy!" And like my gutter mind told me, I thought I

was finally going to get laid --- oops, I am sorry, finally

make love to my Chinese girlfriend! And man, did I see it

coming when we got back to her apartment! She came out of

her bedroom with this beautiful thong lingerie get up, and

began dancing for me. Stanley had no trouble getting up for


But the thing was, I didn't make love to Kathy after all.

No, instead, she did the most incredible thing --- she

shrank me. That's right, she made me go from a six foot-four

bear to the size of a tiny little bug. I don't know how she

did it, but she did. And so there I was, standing on the

surface of her living room table, watching her move around

her apartment.

"Uh, Kathy?" I piped up to her each time she went by me.

"Kathy! Um, I'm down here!"

Occasionally Kathy would glance down at me and smile that

delicious smile of hers. However, she said nothing to me.

Now this was getting very frustrating! I mean here I was,

shrunken down to god-knows-what-size, and not getting any

answers! So finally, I yelled at the top of my lungs,

"Kathy! What the hell did you do to me? I want some answers


Kathy, who had been over at the computer desk across the

wide canyon that was her living room, turned to me and

smiled. She slowly made her way back over to me, her creamy

thighs moving back and forth as she quickly swooped her hand

down and scooped me up into it before I had a chance to even

get my breath! I was then carried into her bedroom, where

she sat down at the edge of her bed and opened her hand so I

stood in the middle of her palm.

Kathy then produced a small ruler that was in her other

hand, and she measured me. She giggled, "ONE INCH TALL! OH,


By then I was really getting tired of being laughed at and

told how tiny I was, so I clenched my fists and shouted,

"Kathy! Stop telling me how cute and tiny I am! This isn't


She thought it was, though. "OH, NATHAN! DON'T YOU LIKE


What kind of question is that? "Hell, no!" I yelled, "Damn

it, Kathy! I can't be like this! I have a career,

commitments, a car, a condo, --- sheesh, I have a life! You

can't leave me like this!"



"This is not making me happy, Kathy!" I said, "Damn, Kathy,

how did you do this to me, anyway? It's impossible!" Yeah,

how did she do this to me? I thought shrinking was

physically impossible!




Is this true, I thought to myself? Damn, if the women of the

world found out about this power they have, then ---- oh

geesh, I didn't want to think about it, chauvinist that I


"Kathy, this is amazing!" I said, trying to think of

something to say. I then blurted out, "Have you shrunk other

men, besides me?"


MOTHER BEFORE, AND SO ON!" Wow, a family tradition, I





"I hope I fall into second category?" I asked cautiously.





A flush of excitement went right through me. Yeah, even

thought that guy got what he deserved, I found myself really

turned on by the thought of getting stepped on by Kathy's

beautiful feet!

"Kathy, look," I said, "I think you are the greatest and all

that, I really do, but come on! I cannot be small like this!

Please, grow me back to my normal size!"

Kathy shook her head. "AH, NATHAN, I CANNOT DO THAT!"

I lost my breath right then and there. "Wha - what do you

mean you can't? You must, Kathy! You cannot do this to me!"

Well, actually, she already had done it to me. But I

couldn't be small like this for the rest of my life! I mean,

how would I live? How would I be able to work, go out, and

heck, even be with a woman ever again? Not that I would want

any other girl except for Kathy, mind you! (Yeah, right,


"NATHAN," she said as she lowered her hand onto the bed,

causing me to tumble onto the comforter, "YOU MUST TRUST ME


Kathy began to slowly undress out of her lingerie, right in

front of me. Oh my god! What a sight! She took off her top,

giving me a wonderful view of her soft breasts way above me.

She rubbed them with both hands, causing my still

functioning pal Stanley to rise again. Kathy then turned

around so that I could see her beautiful tush. She bent over

and took off her thong, causing her cheeks to arch up and

out. Amazing!

For a quick minute, I thought we were actually going to be

doing something with each other. My mind raced quickly,

thinking how I could do actual lovemaking to a giantess.

Talk about arousing thoughts! But instead, Kathy went over

to her walk-in closet and disappeared into it for a while.

She soon emerged fully dressed, with a long overcoat on and

a black pouch in her hand. "Uh, Kathy, what are you doing?"

I asked. Is she going out? Damn, it must be pushing midnight

by now! She didn't answer, but instead lowered her enormous

fingers over me and pinched me in between her thumb and

forefinger. She lifted me up, all the while smiling at me,

and proceeded to place me into the pouch and then seal me in

by tying up the opening. "Hey, Kathy!" I yelled, "What are

you doing? Tell me what is going on!" What on earth was she

planning on doing to me? If this was her idea of making me

happy, then I'd hate to see her idea of making me sad! I

then felt the pouch being lowered into something. A purse? A

pocket? Did it even matter?

A gentle rocking back and forth told me that we were moving.

I could hear the sounds of things closing and her shoes

stomping below on the ground's surface. Where was she taking

me? Just then, I had some horrible thoughts. What if Kathy

belonged to some secret women's organization, and she was

taking me to be seen by her superiors, who would then make

place me into a cage along with other shrunken men, where we

would be put into gladiator games and forced to fight to the

death while the huge faces of gorgeous, sexy women laughed

at us from above? Hmm, actually, that wouldn't be so

horrible at all! (Big smile!)

But seriously, what if there was a group of women shrinking

men, and they put us tiny men through all sorts of terrible

torture until we were all crushed to death or eaten alive,

all to the delight of our female tormentors?

But surely Kathy wasn't like that! Or was she?

What was going to happen to me? Lagavulin 1995 Distillers Edition Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Single Malt Whisky - Lagavulin



Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport

The plane landed safely and calmly at Seattle-Tacoma

airport, much to the relief of all of us passengers. After

disembarking, we got the news that we would have to stay

overnight in Seattle, but that the airline would set us up

at one of the nearby airport hotels. After some time had

passed, my father received our vouchers to stay at the

Airport Hilton, so we made our way over there on the

hotel/airport shuttle. My sisters were excited to be staying

in America one more night, but I was not happy at all. The

thought of staying at another hotel made me think about

Scott, and how I had lost him on the beach! I remembered how

I had placed him into my nightstand the night before, and

how delighted I was when I found him there the next morning!

But then I remembered how sad I was when I got back from the

beach, knowing that I would not see my little man ever

again! I even looked into the nightstand, hoping against

hope that he may somehow be inside there. Of course, he was


I just wanted to go home. But it would have to wait one more




It was really getting hot inside the pouch. The sweat

covered me, soaking my shrunken clothes. Damn, we had better

get to where we were going, and soon!

I could hear that we were in a taxicab, but the ride was a

very long one! Finally, the cab stopped, and I heard Kathy

pay the female driver, thank her for a nice ride, and then

get out the cab. I then heard a lot of commotion, and then

the sudden whoosh of moving upward. An elevator? Geesh,

where were we?

Suddenly, the pouch was grabbed by Kathy and brought out.

She untied the opening, which I had tried in vain to open

but couldn't, and then took me out and placed me onto her

right hand's palm.

I looked around, expecting to see other gigantic women

looking down at me. To my surprise, there weren't any.

Instead, there was a building-sized soda machine and

icemaker! I then could see numbered doors and really bland

wallpaper. Were we in a hotel corridor?

"AH, NATHAN! WE ARE HERE!" she said.

"Here?" I asked, "Where is here?"


NOW!" she said, her first sign of sadness coming across in

her eyes.

I was totally confused now. "What? Kathy, what you are







What the f---? Goddess what?

But before I could say anything, Kathy lowered her hand and

tipped it over, causing me to fall onto the hard, carpeted


I quickly stood up and looked up at Kathy. She looked down

at me and began to cry. "GOODBYE, NATHAN!" she said softly.

She then turned and walked away.

"Kathy!" I shouted in horror, as it immediately occurred to

me that she was leaving me behind. "Kathy! No! Come back!

Come back! Don't leave me! Don't leave me here! Kathy!

Noooo!" I tried to run after her, but she was gone before I

was even able to reach the hallway's opening.

Oh my god! I was alone! In the last few hours, I had been

shrunk to one-inch tall by my girlfriend (or was she now my

ex-girlfriend? Talk about getting dumped!), taken to some

hotel hallway, and then abandoned! I began to panic. What

was I going to do? What was I going to say? And then, -- Oh

shit! What if someone found me like this? I thought of some

old cleaning lady, or some kid finding me like this. Damn,

what if I got stepped on? Or worse - what if some insect

found me?

I ran back to where the soda machine and icemaker was. I

then ran underneath the machine so that I couldn't be seen

and began to cry my eyes out in unashamed fear.



Airport Hilton,

Seattle, WA

My sisters were watching the TV in our room and giggling

about how cute the man reading the news was. How juvenile.

My parents were the adjoining room, watching something

equally uninteresting. I sighed and began to embrace my

misery again. I then said a very odd prayer to the moon

goddess, asking her to make me happy again someday. I was

surprised; for I usually didn't pray to the Shinto deities,

save for the festivals and whenever I happened to be at a


Michiko, who asked if I would please go out and get some ice

and sodas, interrupted my thoughts. I sighed and took the

ice bucket with me, thinking that I might as well get away

from my happy family for a few minutes. I was wearing only a

long T-shirt and panties, but I thought it wouldn't matter,

since I was only going to the soda machine down the hall.



I had no idea what I was going to do now.

Here I was, reduced to the size of a bug, standing

underneath a huge soda machine in the hallway of some hotel

in some unknown location. The humming of the machine was

driving me nuts, but I didn't dare move from my hiding

place. I mean, here I was, Nathan Spencer, starting

linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, now only one-inch tall

and hiding from the gigantic world that I was now no longer

a part of. What was I going to do with my life? What was

going to happen when they realized I was missing? I could

see the headlines and the story on ESPN right then.

But hell, I couldn't just stay here forever! I had to do

something, but what?

I sighed and shook my head. I suddenly got a plan in my

head! If I could somehow get over to one of those doors,

then maybe I can get under the door and be safe in an empty

room! And then later, maybe one of the cleaning ladies will

come, and hey, she may not be old after all! I mean, I've

seen some of those really sexy Latina girls cleaning rooms

while I was on the road with the team! So hey, maybe I can

luck out!

So I made my way out of my hiding place and chose a door

across the hallway. I could see no light coming underneath

the door, and I estimated that I just might be small enough

to get in! But then, to my absolute surprise, a huge pair of

really sexy female feet came around the corner and made an

immediate stop at a short distance in front of me. I then

looked up, way up, and found myself being looked down upon

by an absolutely gorgeous Asian woman.


Author's Forward: Well, it looks like things are going to be

getting very interesting for our man Nathan! Now that the

story has been set up, it can now get down to business! I

hope you like the next "x" number of chapters. I will keep

it going for as long as it will go.

Sadako, Part 3 By EtiennePX, March 13, 2000

Nathan Spencer

Airport Hilton, Seattle WA

Oh --- my ----- Goddess!

Who was this new girl, towering over me in the hallway of

some hotel where I had been abandoned by Kathy, my sexy

Chinese girlfriend who had shrunk me down to one-inch tall

just a few hours ago?

This girl was incredible! I have to describe her to you:

first, there were her feet. Huge, of course. But beautifully

flawless! She had the sexiest toes I had ever seen. Each one

was perfectly proportioned, and the nails were smooth and


Then her legs! Full, with the nicest knees you could

imagine. They went up, way up into an enormous tent that was

actually her nightshirt. You could even see her snatch way

above! What a view.

Then there was her face. It was far above me, but she was

looking down at me with a look of amazement, shock, and what

appeared to me to be delight. Her Asian eyes were perfectly

almond-shaped, with very thick folds. But they danced with

happiness as she covered her mouth with her hands and then

clenched her fists as she began to smile and laugh! Damn,

she appeared to be really happy to see me!



Oh my Goddess! How could this be? It was a little man, right

there in front of the soda machine!

I saw him as soon as I rounded the corner. I was finding

myself looking down a lot since losing Scott-san back in Los

Angeles, and it was just as well that I did! If I had been

looking straight ahead, then I would have certainly stepped

on him!

I kept staring at him, completely amazed at what I was

seeing. At first, I thought it was Scott-san! But after a

few seconds, I realized it wasn't him. But another little

man? Surely America must have an abundance of little men!

I then got down onto my knees so I could get a better look

at him. Oh, he was so tiny! And so cute, too! I had to pick

him up before I lost him, so I quickly reached down and took

him into my hand.

Ah, he was so precious! He stood up in my palm and looked up

at me with a look of awe. I smiled down at him and whispered

to him not to be afraid. It then occurred that I still

needed to get sodas! But if I put him down, I thought, he

may run away! So I did what I had to do. I went back to the

room and placed the money and bucket down. I told my sisters

that I had to use the washroom immediately, so would one of

them please get the sodas? Michiko said she would, so I went

into the bathroom and quickly closed the door. I then placed

the little man down onto the counter and took a very close

look at him.

Oh, he was a very handsome little man! He was very different

from Scott-san, though. Scott-san was thin and had short

hair. This tiny man had a lot of muscles and a very nicely

formed body! He also had a very rugged face, and his hair

was long in the back and held together by a ponytail. I was

already in love with him! And unlike Scott-san, who seemed

to not to really want to be with me (now that I look back at

it), this little man seemed to love me, too! I could see

that he had a teeny little erection in his pants! How funny!

I then promised myself that I was going to keep this little

man. And this time, I wasn't going to lose him!



I stood on the surface of the bathroom's sink counter and

drank in the gorgeous face of this Asian giantess who had

discovered me in the hallway of what I could now see was a

Hilton hotel (I was standing next to a huge glass with

"Hilton" written on it.).

I estimated her to be late teens/early 20's, or so. Damn,

what a babe! To my surprise, I was actually finding myself

thinking, "Kathy? Kathy who???" May this Goddess whom Kathy

talked about forgive me, but I couldn't help myself. This

girl was so strikingly beautiful that I found myself being

absorbed in her dreamy, enormous Asian eyes. She had the

most wonderful smile on her pretty face, and she was

giggling in delight as she looked down at me.

I then decided to try and open up the lines of

communication. "Hello, beautiful!" I shouted. "My name is


With that, the giant Asian girl's eyes widened and she began

to laugh. Damn, she was loud! But it really sounded like

sensual music to me!

"Do you speak English?" I asked. She just kept looking down

at me and smiling. I guess she didn't. I then pointed at

myself. "Nathan! Nathan! My name is Nathan!"

She stared for a couple of seconds, and then gasped in

understanding. "AH!" she said, "SADAKO!" She pointed at

herself and repeated, "SADAKO!"

Sadako! What a pretty name! It fitted her perfectly. "Hello,

Sadako!" I yelled up to her. "I am happy to meet you!"

"NA-THAN!" she said, still giggling. "NATHAN-SAN!"

Of course, a Japanese girl! Oh man, she was so gorgeous!

"Sadako, you speak English?" I asked again.

She stopped in thought, and then shook her head. "AH, NO


"Hey, no problem!" I responded, "I'll learn Japanese!" With

that, she laughed again.

Suddenly, Sadako's look changed to one of deep thought. She

then lit up and smiled. "NATHAN-SAN! (SOMETHING SOMETHING


I really wish I knew what she just said to me!

But I didn't have to figure it out for long. Sadako

straightened up and proceeded to take off her long shirt,

giving me a glorious view of her gigantic nakedness. Then

turning to the bathtub, Sadako gave me a glorious view of

her ass. Well that sealed it for me! Off came my clothes.

Soon I found myself on a floating soapdish, being tossed and

turned by Sadako's hands that were underneath the water's

surface. I kept trying to paddle the dish over to Sadako's

abundant breasts, but she would push me off with a huge

finger, scolding me playfully in her Japanese language. She

then took me into the wet palm of her hand and lifted me up

to her lips, kissing my entire body with one peck. She then

got out of the tub and placed me onto the counter.

I was going for my clothes when I realized that they weren't

where I had put them! I looked up at Sadako and saw her

holding my shrunken clothes pinched between her thumb and

forefinger. She then held them over the toilet and let them

fall into it!

"Sadako!" I shouted, "Hey! Those are my clothes! What are

you doing?" But she just giggled and pushed the lever,

sending my clothes into the void where all things in toilets


She then lowered her beautiful face down to me and said,

"ANATAWA OISHII DESU KA?" What did she say?

Suddenly, I found myself being picked up between her thumb

and forefinger, just like my clothes! Damn, was she going to

drop me into the john, too?

No, she wasn't. But she was dangling me over her mouth as

she tilted her head back! She was going to eat me! I began

to panic and screamed, "Sadako! No! What are you doing?


I found myself being lowered into her mouth, my legs kicking

as furiously as possible. Then her tongue came out of her

mouth took me in.

I tried to get some traction onto her tongue, but she was

tossing me about with it as I got completely soaked by her

saliva. I saw her teeth close in front of me, and I began to

kick wildly as I feared going back any further, knowing that

there was a long drop down into her stomach. But then I

realized that Sadako's tongue wasn't trying to push me back

for a swallow. Instead, it was pushing up to the roof of her

mouth, and she actually sucking on me like a piece of candy!

Then I found myself being moved forward, and she opened her

mouth to drop me onto her hand.

Covered completely in saliva, I looked up to find Sadako

laughing down at me in complete amusement. "MMMMM, OISHII

DESU NE!" she sighed. Sadako then began to lick me with her

tongue, getting all of the wetness off of me.

Now I really should have been pissed off as all hell at

Sadako, being that she really put a scare into me. But as I

gazed up at her adorable face, I realized she was only

playing with me. Still, if I were going to be with this

Asian goddess, then there would have to be some ground rules

set! But first, I would have to learn her language. Or she


Soon, Sadako put on a bathrobe and placed me into the warm,

fuzzy pocket. I then fell into a deep sleep, feeling more

comfortable than I had ever felt before.



I am such a terrible woman! I really scared my little

Nathan-san when I placed him into my mouth. But he was so

irresistible, with his muscular little body and handsome

face that I just wanted to gobble him up! But instead, I

decided to just taste him. And he really tasted delicious!

And I had to get rid of his clothes. I wanted to see his

naked, gorgeous little body at all times!

I found Nathan-san sound asleep in my bathrobe pocket, so

when my sisters were over to say good night to my parents, I

placed him into my suitcase, laying him on a bed made from

my panties. I then sealed it shut, careful not to lose this

little man! But something told me that Nathan-san was going

to be with me for a very, very long time. I could not wait

to take Nathan-san with me to Japan tomorrow! I would show

him to all my girlfriends, and he would be my tiny little

sexy man forever.



When I woke up, I found myself startled by my surroundings.

Where the hell was I? And how did I get here? I then

remembered. I was shrunk down to one-inch tall by Kathy and

found by a gorgeous Japanese babe named ---- what was her

name? Oh yeah, Sadako!

Damn, did I dream all of it? I must have! I mean, damn, how

could I have been shrunk by one gigantic sexy Asian girl and

then taken in by some other gigantic sexy Asian girl? I

mean, geesh, shrinking was impossible, right? Kathy must

have given me some excellent sex that really sent me into a

very satisfying slumber! And man oh man; this was by far the

greatest after-sex dream that I've ever had!

But if it were a dream, then where the hell was I? I felt

around me, and realized that I was laying down on some cloth

surface. And shit, I was naked! Where were my clothes? I

rolled over a few times trying to feel for my clothes, but

then realized that I was still on the cloth. All around me

was pitch black, and I couldn't see a thing. Then I heard a

voice booming far above me. "Hello!" I shouted. "Can anyone

hear me?"

Suddenly, light came above me and I found myself staring up

at this beautiful Japanese woman. Damn, it was the girl from

my dream! But she was enormous, towering over me like a huge

skyscraper. And then I put it all together: it was all real.

Kathy had indeed shrunk me down to the size of a bug, and

now I was with this goddess of a woman named Sadako.

Then I realized I couldn't go to football practice today

like this! The Seahawks were on the verge of making the

playoffs for the first time in ages, and I had to be there!

I stood up and realized I was standing inside a suitcase,

surrounded by a bed composed of women's panties. How

erotically embarrassing! The Japanese woman laughed down at

me and then scooped me up into her hand.

I stood up, amazed at how awesome it was to be a speck on

the surface of a woman's palm. "Hey! Sadako!" I shouted up

to her gorgeous, smiling face. "Look, it has been all fun,

but I have to get going! I mean, I am a football player, and

I have to get to practice! The coach will really be pissed

if I am late! So can you get Kathy and grow me back to

normal size? Or can you do it? I'd really appreciate it!"

I really was expecting that she would just comply with my

request with no problem. But to my absolute shock, Sadako

let out a delightful giggle and lowered her face down to me.

"YOU ARE MY VERY SEXY TINY MAN!" she said in halting,

heavily accented English. "AISHITERU!!!" She then picked me

up with her free hand and placed me down her dress and into

her bra, settling me between her huge, ample breasts.

She then turned and began walking. "Hey!" I yelled, "Hey,

Sadako! Let me out of here! Let me ----" But then I lost my

voice as I suddenly realized it all: Nathan Spencer, you are

in between the ta-tas of a very beautiful, very sexy, and

very seductive Japanese babe! And you want her to let you

go? Are you fucking crazy, man???

So I relaxed and embraced the warmth of her boobs on each

side of me. Hey, I was really, really liking this! Now where

were we going?

I got my answer soon enough. I heard more voices, all

giggling girls! Did Sadako have sisters, or was she with

some lady friends? Damn, this was getting better and better!

Well hell, too bad if the coach gets pissed off because I'm

not there. I mean, isn't being shrunk and placed in between

a woman's breasts a good enough reason to miss practice?

Then I heard something that really sent a shock wave through

me. I heard more clatter in Japanese, and then one of the

female voices said, in rather clear though halting English,


Oh --- my---- Goddess! Sadako was taking me to Japan!

End of Part 3


Giantess Stories: Sadako

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