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Sakura's Snack

by duck san

Sakura turned back to her desk and slid her math text book back up to her face.

She heard James do the same thing. It had only taken two minutes to ask the

amercian exchange student over after school, but with the teacher looking down

her back, it'd didnt feel like it. She watched the clock for the last two

minutes of class, and when the bell rang, she was up and out the door. They met

on the front steps, and sakura in a hurry, grabed his arm and started to

rollerblade home. Stumbleing after her, James tryed to keep his footing while

shouting at her to stop. Of course, she was in a hurry. Whatever she wanted to

show him was 'really neat'.

They arrived in no time, and stoping for sakura to say Hello to her parents,

made it up to her room. They sat down on her bed.

Sakura then stood and reached for her clowcards.The small card was sitting on

top. She grabbed it, and turned. She paused, and licked her lips. She'd been

wondering if the small card would work on someone, and what'd it be like.

Lately, on her internet connection, she'd discovered 'vore'. It turned her on,

and she noticed, she had the tools to do it. Decdeing to ask someone over, to do

it, here she was now. However, she put aside all thoughts. She had someone here.

She might as well.

In a split second she invoked the power of the card. A circle of blue energy

poured form it and circled james, who blinked and shouted. Hes slowyly started

to shrink, clothes and all. Sakura felt werid, and had second thoughts agian,

but deicded to go on. She quickly slipt into one of the more showy outfits

madison had made for her.

However, by now, for james, everything was a bit odd. The ground felt very odd,

and in front of him was this big brown wall. He stumled back form it, and fell

swapled on his back. The sigh that ment his eyes wasn't what he needed. Sakura's

foot had passed over him and landed next to him. He was blinking, laying there

on the floor. However, he knew eyes didnt lie, and he was looking at what he was


Sakura stood, with both legs, planted over james, so he could see her panties.

She had read it invoked fear and was humiliting to let your snack or victim to

see your panties before a crush, and she deicded to try it out, even though she

ment to eat him. She then grinned. She bent over, so her face came down to james.

She licked her lips. 'What's wrong my little treat'? she said to him as he

scurryed back away form her.

James blinked agian. He was still haveing a hard time with the situation. He

turned, and deicdeing he should take cover, ran to sakura's bed.

Sakura grinned, now quite turned on, being so young. She planted her foot in

front of him, watching him stumble, she quickly reached down. Grabbing the back

of his tiny shirt with her thumb and forefinger, she lifted him up to her face.

She licked her lips in front of him, and opened her mouth and ran her tounge

out. She licked up and down james's body. Running her tounge back in, she held

him away from her face. Yes, she had liked that. She was going to do it.

James kicked and squirmed in her grasp. He was now covered in her wet sticky

saliva. He shouted up at sakura, asking him what she was doing.

Sakura blinked . She'd forgot that he could still speak. She responed "Why

little one, I am going to eat you and let you digest!" She giggled."Isnt that

going to be fun you are going to be a deliscous little treat for me. oh and as

for what I did I made you into the proper size to be the snack that you are."

She opened her mouth and tossed him in as she fell sitting back onto her bed.

Imiditaly at the feel of his small form on her tounge, she had a large sexual

rush. She snaked her hand down to her panties and slid a finger into herself.She

titled her head back and felt his body slide across her tounge. She kept tilting

as she played with her self, the more he slid, the more it turned her on.

Sakura's mouth opened wide letting some light in on james. He was now in her

mouth! The situatuion was still hard for him.Gaint white teeth gleamed around

him, and a soft wet tounge rippled under him.He grabbed onto sakura's tounge to

keep form slideing but the thick saliva wouldn't allow him to. He then show her

phobia. He lept at it, gagging. He got a hand hold, but he sliped and fell right

on the edge of her thorat.

Sakura felt these motions.She had read as well, she could use her tounge to move

him. She flicked her tounge, and felt him fly back to her thorat wall.She could

fell his legs hanging over the void of her thoart. She moaned, and kept finging

her self. She was quite turned on. This was turning out to her likeing.

James lept, screaming at sakura not to swallow, and grabed onto her Uluva. He

held tight, As it swung back and forth.

Sakura took a deep breath as she felt this. Takeing a gulp, she felt it hit

james. His grip on her phobia slip and he fell down to the edge of her thoart.

Off balance, he fell back , and her muscles gripped him, forceing him down her

thorat.A bluge formed in sakuras neck. She came right away, a gush of white

coloring her pink panties.She swalloed agian, and ran her free hand up to the

bluge, feeling it run down her thorat.When he sank to low to feel, she started

to lightly finger herself.

James landed hard in a yellow pool of liquid. Sakura hadn't ate since school

lunch, and that was hours ago.He looked around, and his movements caused her

deisigtive juices to rise. He relized what these were, and grabbed and pulled

himself onto a pile of food nearby.

Sakura came agian upon feeling his little movements within her. Her body shook,

knocking james off the pile, and into a big pool of the liquid. Sakura,

breathing hard, looked at her clock. It was now a bit late. She layed down in

bed and pulled the covers up over her belly.She grined and patted her belly.'See

you in the morning, little snack'. She rolled over and snuggled into her pillow,

james's small movements within her, for some reason, were helping her to relax.

However, she felt them stopping.As she lay on her side in bed, she smiled. This

has turned out to her likeing. She hadn't though so at first. She would have to

do this agian. She licked her lips. Maybe Madison. She looked tastey, and she'd

put up a fight and make these nice movements....

Meanwhile, inside her, A small skeleton slid out of her stomach and into her

intestines. Sakura drifted off to sleep, dreaming.


Madisons Demise

Sakura awoke, patting her belly. She licked her lips. Smileing softly to herself

, she rose form bed. Yes, she had enjoyed that. She had diecded to make it a

daily thing. She rose, dressed, and got ready for school. She ran downstairs,

grabbing the small card as she went, as quickly as she could. When her mom

stoped her to ask what she wanted for lunch, she simply grabbed her lunch box

and told her she wouldn't be hungray. She then dashed out the door, slideing the

card into her pocket.

She arrived at school an hour early. She still couldn't get over this new found

desire, and kept lickeing her lips.She looked around and took a postion near the

girl's bathroom. She stood there, and rubbed her belly. God, this felt so good.

She glanced around at the students around her. She could eat them! And they all

looked so tastey to her. A while later she saw madison slip into the bathroom.

Her eyes let up. She had been watching the people come in and out, no one else

was in there... .!Reaching over to her lunchbox, she grabbed it, and dashed into

the bathroom. She locked the door behined her. She found madison at the sink.

"Hey " She said.Madison turned."Hey sakura, i haven't seen james. We were

supposed to do our project toghter, have you seen him?' Sakura giggled.'Yup.You

won't need to finish that project" Madison looked confused. "What do you mean?"

Sakura grinned 'Becuase, your my lunch!". At that point, she held her fingers

out in the V and invoked the card on madison.The swirl of blue energy surroned

her.However, in her rush, she had shrunk her out of her clothes.

To madison, the world changed very quickly. She found herself faceing a purple

wall, wich felt oddly like silk. The same color and fabric has her panties!

Suddenly some light shown down on her form above. She looked up to see a hand

comeing down for her, and sakura's grinning face. Sakura's thumb and forefinger

wrapped quickly around maidons's tiny wasit .Sakura quickly borught her up and

dumped her into her lunchbox, latching the lid. She reaches down and grabbed

madison clothes. She ducked into a stall, and dropped them into the tiolet and

flushed. At least, they'd be gone form the school.Sakura was by now turned on.

She had a tiny, shurken person in her lunchbox! Just like a peicie of food! She

licked her lips-she did that often now. She liked the sexual and power surge,

and diecded to try it out.

Sakura knew she had an hour left before school. Just enough to try out how much

power she had over her snacks. Shutting the tiolet lid, she sat down and pulled

her skirt up to show her panties.God, was she horny at the though of madison in

that lunchbox! She turned the lunchbox on it's side, sitting it in front of her

panties. Flicking a finger, she unlached it.

Light poured in on madison and she stumbled out to look up at a amazing huge

sakura, and her panties.'Sakura!Why are you doing this to me?!?" She cryed up to

her.'Shutup bitch' Sakura said down to her, and placeing a finger on her back,

shoved her towards her panties.Madison struggled, but she was no match for

sakura's hand. Sakura blinked. She'd just called madison a bitch! This was sure

changeing her.

Madison landed flat agiasnt sakura's panties and sakura pushed her down flat on

to them, and start to rub. She moaned softly as she felt madison's small body

grind over her girlhood.Madison, of course, was struggleing. She wasn't likeing

this at all, However her moments only exicited sakura more. Sakura moaned and

shoved her over towards her pantie's legholes.'Get in, madison'. She shouted

down. Her loud, booming voice cuased madison to cover her ears, however, she

obeyed sakura. Tears were now running down madison's race . How could sakura do


'I hope you like it in there. You'll be spending the rest of the day there, as

my pad." Madison blinked. She couldn't be serious! But sakura stood and pulled

her panties up, tugging them over madison's form. She looked down and she could

see the small outline of her in her panties. She moaned softly and felt a wet

tickle form her girlhood. She dropped her skirt, hopeing no one would notice,

and picking up her lunchbox, exited the stall.

Madison muffed and squirmed. This only turned sakura on more. Each time sakura

took a step, one of her hips rose up and squezed madison. She was haveing a hard

time with the situation. How could her good ferind, sakura, do this to her? Her

face was wet with tears.

Meanwhile, sakura opened the door to her first room class. She walked over and

took her seat . Madison was squished flat under sakura. The weight and persure

was to much, and she started to black out.Sakura felt her go limp some, and

squrimed her around to the front. She hoped the teacher wouldn't notice. The

squirming only caused madison more pain. The bumping around hit her sides, she

was haveing trouble breathing. However, she was servering her propuse, and

soaking up all sakura's jucies form her movements.

Suddenly, madison fell down though one of the leg holes , to the desk seat, she

rolled and down to the floor. Sakura grapsed. The teacher was comeing this way.

He'd see her. Sakura couldn't think of anything to do, besides one course of

action. She'd have to get rid of madison. She couldn't get up. She rised her

brown loafer school shoe. She wished she didnt have to kill her.

Madison hit the floor hard. The wind was knocked out of her lungs and she was

breathing heard. She looked up, rolling over, when a shadow passed over her. She

saw the bottom of sakura's buckle shoe. 'Sakura ...No....No' She coughed,

spiting out a small amount of blood. Sakura sighed. Better get it over with. She

lowered her foot, let it hover over madison for a few seconds, then slamed it


Was this the end of madison?Had she just killed her best ferind?


Sakura's Surprise

Sakura Peeked into the shoebox. Madison Lay there , wraped in tiolet paper, on

the make-shift bed. The tiny bed was made of two bottle-caps with matches layed

across them. Cotton balls covered the matches and peicies of rag covered madison.

Sakura smiled at the rather bloody, but still breathing madison. She shut the

shoebox's lid, slid it back under her bed, and sliped into her covers. Two days

ago, she was afarid the teacher would of have spotted madison, when she fell out

of her panties. Acting on instict, she went to cover madison with her foot, and

then deicded the only way was to get rid of her. She had Stopped down on her,

hard. But after class, she found a small puddle of blood and a still-barely

breathing madison laying in the middle. Rushing home, she had made her little

ferind a make-shift home. She hoped she would heal. With that thought, sakura

reached over and turned the lamp off.

The next day sakura sat in school tapping her foot allmost all day long. The day

did not seem to go fast enough for her. Ideas of her brother finding madison, or

worse, the cat flew though her mind. She wondered what had made her use madison

like she had. Sure, it had felt good-but madison was her ferind. She had treated

her like some kind of toy, a tool to be used. Sakura sighed. She still felt that

way, allmost to. When the bell rung for last period, she was up and out the door

as fast as she could go-not stoping to stop to Li in the hallway. She could call

him later. She found madison sitting on the bed, tweddleing her thumbs. Sakura

blinked. She was still covered in blood, but madison looked mekely up at her.

Sakura sit the shoebox down on the bed-she had lifted it up and opened the


Madison sighed.How could she tell sakura? She'd think she was a looney. But

sakura Had....stepped on her the other day. Like she was a bug, to be squished.

Did she still feel the same way about her? Perhaps she did, by the way she

looked at her with those big, brown eyes. Madison sure hoped so-she felt the

same away as before as she did about sakura. The experince had been bad-But she

had been slightly, among her fears, turned on by sakrua's pleasure. She stood

and walked over to the end of the shoe box, right under sakura's peering face.

Sakura watched all this in amazement. Just this morning madison had been as if

she hated her guts, just laying there. She had ingored sakura and turned over

when she roated the box. Perhaps, she felt they could still be ferinds. Maybe it

was just a big misunderstanding. Standing there, sakura was sure hopeing so.

Madison Has been a good ferind , and taped all those videos for her. Sakura,

however was in for a shock. It was something more.

Madison deicded to tell her. She looked up at sakura's big face, put on her best

look, stood straight, and said 'Sakura-I love you'.


Giantess Stories: Sakura

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