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by: Bond


The year was 1682.

During this time, Western influences of economic and mechanical ways

had slowly made its way towards the East. One of the East's main

countries was that of feudal Japan, which was still into their ways

of feudalism and under the total rule of an Emperor. However, this

Emperor did things a little differently than others that ruled before


Takito Fujimara, the Emperor of Japan, ruled the country under

peaceful and calm means, not violent and conquering ones. He decided

that under his reign, everyone would prosper with a great economy and

bountiful crops for food and trade. He hardly had a military force,

but under his guard was The Royal Guard, a group of strong Samurai

warriors that had mastered an ancient martial art that only they

would possess. The art was known as Tai-Chi-Kuong, a way to channel

the soul of the warrior in order to produce energy as a use of

defense and protection. Emperor Fujimara used the Royal Guard as not

only his bodyguards, but as a police force for the people of Japan.

The people did indeed prosper from Emperor Fujimara's reign, for

their crops were large and abundant for themselves as well as for

other countries that wanted to give Japan money for their huge

amounts. Japan's neighboring countries, Korea and China, realized

this and established successful trade routes between themselves and

Japan. Both countries gained very much from Fujimara's reign as

Emperor of Japan, and vice versa.

Life was good.... until the Dark Uprising happened.

The Dark Uprising was the result of Fujimara's ousting as Emperor by,

of all people, his 18-year old daughter, Kaia. She had trained

herself in the art of Tai-Chi-Kuong when she was younger because not

only did she want to become like her father, who was also a master of

the art, but she wanted to serve by her father's side as a member of

The Royal Guard. However, it was illegal for a female to have a

higher power of government, including being a member of The Royal

Guard. When she felt that she was ready to join, she had asked her

father for admittance to The Royal Guard. Emperor Fujimara denied her

request, but had issued a challenge. If she would fight the general

of The Royal Guard and win, she would be allowed to join the elite

group as his own personal bodyguard. She accepted and proceeded to

fight the general in sword-to-sword combat. Against the odds, she

channeled her powers and defeated the general, amazing even her

father. She did win, but her father decided to is!

sue another challenge to her. This time, Kaia would have to face the

Emperor himself with the same stakes in place. She accepted, and was

absolutely humiliated by her father's abilities. He was stronger than

she was, and he added insult to injury by blasting her with a blue

energy wave that nearly sent her into unconsciousness. With a nod, he

won the fight and left his fallen daughter behind.

When Kaia recovered from her injuries, she began to train again, but

this time with a new focus. Instead of the calmness that

Tai-Chi-Kuong uses, she aimed it towards anger and fury. In time, she

discovered that with anger, the martial art became stronger and

deadlier than its original form. The blue color that came from the

energies changed into purple in this new dark form. Within a couple

of weeks, she had mastered this new dark form and decided to

challenge her father again.

The Emperor was in his throne room when his daughter challenged him

again. However, she wanted something more than just being by her

father's side. She wanted to become Emperor! With his title on the

line, Emperor Fujimara accepted the challenge, not knowing the new

abilities that Kaia had gained. Within a couple minutes of the fight,

he discovered that her dark powers had easily surpassed his. With a

purple energy blast to the chest, Kaia had defeated her father, but

she wasn't satisfied with that. With one stomp of her foot, her body

let out a powerful energy shockwave that leveled the throne room into

ruins. The destruction of the room had killed the Emperor and the

majority of The Royal Guard that was inside. Kaia had assumed her

father's position as Emperor, but called herself Supreme Emperor of


Under Kaia's rule, the prosperity that Japan and its neighboring

countries had was destroyed. She had called upon higher tariffs from

the people, causing them to become poor and famished. As for Korea

and China, she had severed ties with them and proceeded to call upon

a large military force for invasion. The Royal Guard was eliminated

by her hand, and was replaced with many female warriors that have

mastered the dark side of Tai-Chi-Kuong.

Japan was never the same again.

Chapter 1

5 years later....

Kaia's rule as Supreme Emperor of Japan has been disastrous for the

people who lived in the once prosperous island country. Her high

tariffs upon Japan and its neighboring countries have nearly drained

everyone of money, food, and supplies. Most families were near the

poverty line as they gave what little they had towards Kaia. Those

who have opposed her and her reign were met with death.

Kaia and her new bodyguards have arrived in the island of Okinawa as

she prepares to take more from the townspeople. Her bodyguards were

female teens who were taught the dark side of Tai-Chi-Kuong, even

though they would never master as much power as Kaia. Dressed in

black and their faces hidden by scarves, they were an elite force

that proved to be more powerful than the old Royal Guard. Having her

long, black hair done in a tight bun, Kaia was dressed in a purple

and crimson royal gown while walking along side her bodyguard, being

barefoot in the process. She preferred to be barefoot because it

allowed her to connect her dark powers with the natural effects of

nature, nearly increasing her powers tenfold. She enjoyed having that

much power under her control and placing it on display against her

enemies, but she wanted more. Much, much more.

As she arrived at the first village near the coastline, Kaia's eyes

saw the townsfolk that were in front of the village gates. They had

wicker baskets in front of them that were filled to the rims with

food and money that they had collected. Kaia arrived, and the

townspeople instantly knelt down and bowed to show her respect. The

bodyguards inspected the gathered items and counted the money to make

sure that it was all there. Kaia only looked down at the people and

gave off a smile of sinister means. One of the bodyguards went

towards the Supreme Emperor and whispered in her ear about something.

That smile turned into a hateful scowl quickly while the bodyguard

finished her statement and slowly backed away. "It seems that

this village hasn't the correct funds that I require," she said

to them.

The leader of the village, a middle-aged man with long, brown hair

and a Samurai sword at his side, slowly stood up and spoke towards

her. "It has been a bad season, my Lord. Our supplies are nearly

gone, and we have been in a drought for a while. Please, if you can

give us a little more time...."

"SILENCE!!!" Kaia yelled at him. "I will not be held

up by your stupidity! Your insolence will be punishable by


Kaia's eyes became enraged as their green color completely changed

into a purple hue. Tiny tongues of purple flames slowly flicked out

of her hands as the village leader stood his ground, knowing that

this. Igniting her abilities of Tai-Chi-Kuong, she pointed her hands

out at him and unleashed a large wave of purple energy at him,

wanting to destroy him in the worst way possible. However, the

village leader leapt out of the wave and pulled out his sword, not

wanting to die just yet as the energy wave collided with the village

gate, destroying it instantly. If it were his day to die, then he

would want to liberate Japan in the process.

Rushing towards Kaia, the leader aimed his long blade at her.

However, it didn't end up that way as she grabbed the sword at its

sharpest part with her right hand and broke it in half with one

squeeze of her hand! The village leader could only stare in horror as

he watched his sword become trash in seconds. Only this opening, Kaia

fired another purple energy wave from her free hand at him, knocking

him down to the ground as she instantly drained his energy. She

slowly walked towards him and placed her right foot upon his chest,

her eyes now focused on the townsfolk, especially one young boy who

was crying because he was the son of the fallen village leader.

"Let this be a lesson to those who defy me!" she said to


At that, she summoned all of her energies and concentrating on

revenge that was upon her heart. Her royal gown started to become

tight around her body as the weight of her foot slowly grew more upon

the chest of the village leader. He yelped out a scream as the pain

worsened while Kaia looked down at him, enjoying the suffering that

she was inflicting upon him. Suddenly, the townsfolk heard a rip from

her gown as they finally noticed that she was growing bigger. She

finally reached the 10-foot mark when her foot finally crushed the

man's ribs and lungs, killing the heart in the process. He exhaled

one last breath before his head turned to the side, his mouth letting

out a stream of blood as he died. The young boy ran to his father's

side and started to cry as Kaia backed away from the dead man. Hatred

and rage filled the boy's emotions as Kaia, with no remorse upon her

face, walked back towards the ocean with the bodyguards in tow as

they carried their bounty.

The boy would never forget this day, for it would change his destiny


Chapter 2

Two days have passed since the boy watched the funeral and burial of

his father. The images of Kaia crushing the life out of him with her

foot have never left his mind, nor will it. He didn't want to forget

the horrific event as long as he lived, for he made a solemn vow to

himself that he became older and trained himself in the martial arts,

he would seek out Kaia and kill her.

As the sun rose of the third day, the boy walked towards the

gravesite where his father was buried. Wearing nothing but a white

sheet, the boy knelt down and eyed the tombstone that marked the

grave. He reached into the sheet and pulled out the broken half of

his father's sword, the same sword that he used against Kaia. He

placed the sword on top of the mound of dirt and closed his eyes in

silent prayer. "Father," he said, "as long as I live

in this world, your soul will be avenged. I swear it!"

Tears began to streak down from his eyes to his cheeks as he cried.

After a few quiet moments, the boy left the graveyard and walked back

home, which was a few minutes away. When he entered his home, he

decided to enter his father's bedroom, hoping to find some items that

will help keep his memory alive. Sliding the door back, he entered

the room for the first time in his life, for his father never wanted

his family and friends to see what he had to hide. His father was one

that had plenty of secrets, but he never wanted anyone to find out

about his past. The boy wandered about a bit before discovered his

clothes closet. He slid the door back and discovered something that

made his eyes bug out. Inside the closet was a while and crimson

kimono, a suit of Samurai armor, and a long-bladed sword that was

inside a silver sheathe, a gold hawk adorning the tip of the sheathe.

His father was a former member of Emperor Fujimara's Royal Guard!

The boy reached for the sword and unsheathed it, the shimmering blade

being shown for the first time in a long time. He looked at his

reflection as he could hear the blade respond to his touch. As if by

accident, he slowly stood and raised the blade to a vertical attack

position. His eyes could see the vision of Supreme Emperor Kaia

walking towards him; her black kimono was torn to reveal parts of her

10-foot frame. She was laughing at him while her nubile breasts

jiggled from her boasting laughs. Her frame slowly glowed purple with

her dark energy and started to grow again, the kimono being torn in

new places. Her breasts slowly peaked out and shredded the front of

her kimono as he looked down at the boy, knowing that she could kill

him with one blow. The boy saw this and rushed towards her rising

body, slicing the sword at her with all of his might. He slashed her

with the sharp sword over and over again, but he saw no blood upon

the long blade. His eyes slowly refocused b!

ack through the bedroom, realizing that he was the only one there.

Was it a vision of the future that he saw?

He placed the sword upon his father's bed and went towards a small

chest that was also inside the closet. He opened the chest and a

velvet-covered book was inside the chest. He took the book and walked

towards the bed, taking a seat as he admired the smooth covering of

the book. He opened the book up to the first page, which said, 'The

Journal of Jio Makiana'. He began to read the journal, which had at

least 50 pages filled with tales of Jio's past life as a member of

The Royal Guard. It explained how he was hand-picked by Emperor

Fujimara to join him, how the teachings of Tai-Chi-Kuong gave him

power and discipline, how many battles that he participated in,

memories of his son being born and growing up with him, and explicit

details of the Dark Uprising. Once he reached the chapter of the Dark

Uprising, the boy's focus was really at its peak. He read on as Jio

was a witness to the Emperor's death by Kaia's hand and his decision

to run and hide from Kaia rather than fight he!

r and die. Jio also wrote in his journal about his one and only other

battle with Kaia, which resulted in Kaia nearly killing Jio with her

dark powers at their peak. If it weren't for a lucky slice from his

sword at her right side, he would have die.

The boy slowly stood up and took the book into his own bedroom, bound

and determined to do something. He grabbed a bulbous bottle of ink

and a plume from a table and sat upon the floor. He re-opened the

journal to a blank page two pages in front of Jio's last entry. He

dipped the plume into the ink and proceeded to write the following on

the page:

"My name is Ryo Makiana. The author of this journal was my

father, Jio. He has since died at the hands of Supreme Emperor Kaia.

I miss my father very much, but my destiny has been sealed by her

actions. I will train myself in the martial art of Tai-Chi-Kuong in

order to exact vengeance against the woman who murdered my father. I

will become a master of the art, and I will prove myself worthy to

face Kaia in combat. Japan will be liberated, and my father's soul

will be avenged! I will not rest until my journey is complete, or

until my dying breathe."

At that, the boy named Ryo stood up from the floor and entered his

father's bedroom again. He entered the closet and unhooked the Royal

Guard kimono. He proceeded to don on the uniform, even thought that

it was a bit too big for him. He knew that he would fit it in time,

for he never was going to take it off. Ryo then grabbed the sword

from the bed and placed it back inside the silver sheathe. As he did

that, he looked out of a window and saw the blue sky of the day,

telling himself that a new day has come for him. A day that a new

Samurai warrior would rise against Kaia and stop her reign once and

for all.

Chapter 3

10 years later....

Japan was in a state of complete disarray. With Kaia's high tariffs,

the majority of the island country went without food or supplies for

weeks at a time. People had died because of malnourishment and

exhaustion as a result of this, but Kaia didn't care. She only cared

about the growing power that she continues to gain. Revolts have

started against her reign, but were quickly squashed by her highly

trained troops. However, when a revolting faction at around 60 people

rushed towards Kaia's palace, she had dispatched of them by growing

into a 50-foot goddess, the likes of those never seen by normal

people. Using the full extent of her dark powers, she had slaughtered

the faction before the remnants finally decided to retreat back to

their villages. Nothing could stop Kaia and her dominant reign over


The leaves began to fall in an autumn day as the sun dripped down to

signal the end of the day. Kaia, now a fully matured woman and a

dominant master of the dark side of Tai-Chi-Kuong, rode on horseback

with 4 of her bodyguards towards another village for another

collection of food, money, and supplies. Her red and black royal gown

flowed with a gentle breeze as she rode, the middle of the gown

revealing her ample cleavage to the world. Kaia was untouchable

because of those female bodyguards, as well as the extent of her full

power. The caravan rode across a long bridge that would lead them

towards the designated village, but suddenly, they stopped dead in

their tracks. On the other side of the bridge was a figure that was

draped under a black cloak. His face wasn't visible because of the

hood, and his hands were not shown as well. The figure took one step

towards the Supreme Emperor's caravan and stood his ground there.

"You will not pass," it said with a stern tone.

One of the bodyguards leaps off of her horse and slowly makes her way

towards the dark figure. Her right hand touched the hilt of her sword

as she approaches him. "You will let us pass," she said to

him, "so that the Supreme Emperor can collect her dues."

"No. She will not pass through here ever again. Her evil is not

welcomed here."

At that, the bodyguard unsheathed her sword and got into a battle

stance against the stranger, but he stands his ground. She responds

by saying, "This is your last warning. Move, or be


"It is you who will be destroyed.... by your own evil."

"You know that we all were taught the dark art of Tai-Chi-Kuong.

You will be easily punished by this power."

"Oh really?"

The dark figure finally reveals a hand, holding a long katana as the

blade glowed blue all around the blade's sharp edges. Kaia was

intrigued by the staunch stance that the dark man was taking against

her and her bodyguard. She smiled as he nodded to the bodyguard to

eliminate this nuisance. The bodyguard cried a battle cry and fired

the first slash at the stranger, but he easily blocks the attack. The

stranger forces the bodyguard's sword downward as he finally reveals

his other hand, glowing a blue hue as he sees her open for an attack.

He thrusts the hand towards her as he unloads a powerful stream of

blue energy upon her, sending her down to the ground hard as she

drifted into unconsciousness. Her black outfit was smoldering with

smoke while lying on the ground, a shocked Kaia looking on. The dark

figure finally removes the black cloak to reveal himself towards the

entourage. It was Ryo Makiana himself, now a young man at the age of

20 wearing his father's white and crim!

son kimono with his father's armor upon his arms and shoulders. Ryo's

eyes were now fixed upon Kaia's as he gets into a battle stance,

raising the sword's glowing blade high in the air. "Do you

remember me, Emperor?" he said to her.

Kaia's mind fixes upon Ryo's face, seeing it shrink down to the image

of the 10-year-old boy that witnessed his father's murder at the

hands of Kaia. Reaching back into reality, she nods to him.

"Yes, I remember you, young one."

"Then, you know what I want."

"Yes, and you will not succeed. I see that you are trained in


"Yes, I am. It is strong within me, and it will give me the

strength to defeat you and free Japan of your reign."

"That will not happen. As long as there is a breath in me, you

will not win."

"That can be changed."

Kaia steps off of the horse and walks towards Ryo, her hands starting

to glow a faint purple in the process. "You dare talk to your

Supreme Emperor this way?"

"You are not my Emperor. Not now, and not ever!"

Kaia growled a bit and fired a quick and vicious backhand at Ryo,

sending the young man down to the ground hard. His sword falls from

his grasp as it slides towards the edge of the bridge. Ryo lies flat

on his back as Kaia smiles, looking down at him with much discontent.

Ryo slowly tries to get up, but Kaia forces him back down with a

harsh kick to his chest by her right foot. He winces in pain as that

same foot slowly descends upon the sore spot on his chest, his eyes

looking upward towards Kaia. "Now," she said, "you

will join your father."

Her form began to be enveloped in purple as she began to grow, her

gown getting tight around her expanding form. Ryo began to struggle

as the pain slowly got unbearable for him, feeling his bones slowly

succumbing to her rising weight. Kaia began to laugh as the other

bodyguards looked on with confidence, seeing their Supreme Emperor

conquer other opponent. That confidence disappeared quickly as Ryo

pointed his right hand upward, and a blue stream of energy zipped out

of his palm towards Kaia's growing body. The blast drills her chest

hard, forcing her upward in the air and down to the ground. The

ground shook a bit upon impact as Ryo crawled towards his sword and

picks it up quickly, standing up into a quick stance as he eyes the

fallen woman. Her growth now stopped at 9 feet, Kaia stood up and

looked at the young warrior with a mix of shock and disbelief upon

her face. " one has ever done that before. Not even my

father before I killed him."

"As I told you before, I will not rest until I kill you."

"You will never get that chance. Bodyguards, attack!"

The bodyguards climbed off of their horses and rushed towards Ryo,

their swords drawing upward and outward towards the young man. Ryo,

however, had different plans as his sword projected a bright light

that blinded everyone, including the horses. The horses were spooked

by the light and quickly rushed away from it, leaving Kaia and the

bodyguards behind. The light slowly disappeared, revealing the fact

that Ryo had disappeared as well. Kaia looked around for him and saw

that a white lotus flower was by her big feet. She picked up the

flower and realized that Ryo had left it for her as a sign that he

will be back for her to finish the job.

"I will wait for you, warrior. Then, you will die!"

At that, Kaia proceeded to walk towards the village, her bodyguards

follow suit as they headed towards their destination.

Chapter 4

Within the walls of Kaia's enormous palace, the mighty leader sits

upon her throne with a discontented stare upon her face. In her hands

was the white lotus flower that Ryo had left her after his initial

battle with her. With his expertise in the art of Tai-Chi-Kuong, she

knew that he would be a force to be reckoned with. However, so was

she. With that resolve, she crushed the flower with all of her force

and tossed it to the side. Knowing what the next agenda is, she

clapped her hands in order to summon one of her highly trained

bodyguards. A few seconds later, one of them, slender in stature with

raven-colored hair, rushed towards Kaia and bowed down to one knee.

"Yes, my Lord?" she asked.

"Take four more bodyguards and sail towards Kyoto to collect my

required tariffs. I will not accompany you on this journey, for I

have personal business to attend to. Go now, and don't fail me."

"Yes, my Lord."

The bodyguard rushed out of the throne room and carried out her

orders to the tee. To anger Kaia would mean instant death by her

hand, and all of the bodyguards understood that fully.

In the cover of the night, all five bodyguards prepared to set sail

as they headed towards a boat that was floating in the waters of the

coastline. Kaia's palace was near the coastline, making it easy for

her travel in and out of Japanese waters. Horses and supplies were

loaded into the boat while the bodyguards carried their own personal

belongings as well. Just as they were about to set sail, their eyes

suddenly became focused on something in the sky. A streak of blue

energy soared across the open air and slowly descended upon them. It

picked up speed and headed towards the boat, the bodyguards thinking

that it was a meteor. With an urgent sense of panic, they quickly

hurried out of the boat and took cover as the blue-energy object

slammed against the boat's side, exploding upon impact. The blast

created a large hole upon the boat's side that instantly sunk the

ship, much to the surprise of the bodyguards, who wonder where the

energy blast came from. As they looked around,!

a figure stepped out of the shadows of the trees to reveal himself

as Ryo. He had infiltrated the Supreme Emperor's palace in order to

complete his task of murder. He looked at the bodyguards with a smile

on his face as his sword began to glow blue. "I told you,"

he said, "you will not hurt the people of Japan anymore."

The bodyguards reached for their swords, but Ryo had other plans as

the blade of the sword unleashed several blue lightning bolts at

them. The bolts impacted upon their chests, knocking them unconscious

as they lay upon the ground. Ryo smiled as he backed himself back

into the shadows as he prepared to kill Kaia.

The Supreme Emperor stood in the middle of the throne room with her

sword in her hands, the blade glowing purple with dark energy as she

waited for something. She had heard the boat explosion from within

the throne room, knowing that someone was coming for her. Her eyes

looked towards the crushed lotus flower and knew that the mysterious

attacker was here for her. She smiled as she waited for him. Slowly,

she paced about the room as she let her energies simmer within her,

waiting to unload it upon her enemy.

Unknown to her, Ryo snuck in through the back entrance as he climbs

from behind the throne, his sword drawn and aimed at Kaia. He smiled

as he had a clean shot at her back and decided to take charge. With

swiftness behind him, he made a diagonal slash with his sword in the

air, firing a blue energy wave at her. Kaia's senses hit its peak and

leapt up in the air to avoid the energy wave. The band of energy

struck one of her statues and destroyed it instantly while the

Supreme Emperor slowly landed back to the floor, her bare toes

touching the solid wood of the floor. She smiled and said, "You

are getting better. However, you still are no match for me. What's

your name?"

"Ryo Makiana, heir to the Royal Guard."

"Royal Guard. There is no more Royal Guard."

"Not yet, anyway. Soon, your reign will be over."

"You have no idea of the power I wield. Now, you will."

At that, Kaia's eyes glowed purple as she summoned the full extent of

her powers, Ryo looking on in shock. As he stared, he could feel an

icy chill down his spine. Suddenly, his body jerked forward and fell

to the floor, leaving a shadow of blue energy behind. The energy

shadow floated towards Kaia and entered her body through her pores,

merging it with her own dark powers. Slowly, her power boost made her

body grow bigger to suit its purpose, her royal gown ripping in some

places as she looked down at Ryo. With her growth now stopping at 8

feet, Ryo could now only stared at the Supreme Emperor as she slowly

walked towards his fallen body. With a chuckle, she said,

"Hmmm...maybe you can be useful to me after all once your powers

are restored. Guards, take him away."

Three bodyguards entered the room and grabbed Ryo's weak body to take

him to the underground prisons. Kaia smiled seductively as she felt

Ryo's energies fueling her more than ever. Now, she was unstoppable.

Chapter 5

Ryo's eyes slowly awaken as he could feel his body still aching from

Kaia's powerful attack. His weak eyes could see that his arms and

legs were attached to the wall by heavy chains. His vision slowly

improve as he looked around at his new surroundings, seeing a dark

and damp cavern that was being used as a prison for those who opposed

Kaia's reign and lived to a certain extent. Ryo slowly closed his

eyes and concentrated on trying to free himself from his metallic

bonds. Calming his mind, he tried to use his energy powers to break

free, but he was still weak from Kaia's attack. With a sigh, he

relaxed his body and decided to wait until his powers have been fully


Suddenly, his ears heard a feint clanging sound from across the

cavern. He slowly stood up and looked towards where the sound was

heard. Near his left was a young man of about 18, wearing a dirty and

tattered kimono with long, black hair uncombed and matted. The young

man lifted his head and looked towards Ryo, a slight smile coming

from his face. "He....hello there," he said. "Are you

a member of the Royal Guard? Have you come to save me?"

"No, and no," Ryo responded with a wince. "I am a

descendant of a Royal Guard warrior, and I was hoping to take down

Kaia, but she has stripped me of my energies. And now, I'm


"I'm sorry to hear that, stranger. I wish I were free, for I

have been trapped in here too long. Who are you?"

"I'm Ryo Makiana. And you?"

"I'm Chao Fujimara, the true heir to the Japanese throne."

Ryo's mouth dropped in shock as he heard Chao's words come from his

mouth. "How is that possible? I thought that Kaia was the only

heir to the throne."

Chao said, "No, that's not true. I was only 3 when my sister

killed my father in cold blood. When she destroyed the old throne

room, a handmaiden and a Royal Guard soldier quickly took me and hid

me from my sister's wrath. Remember, it was law that a woman couldn't

hold a higher power of government, and because of that law, I was to

be the new Emperor of Japan. However, Kaia knew that if she were the

only one left in the Fujimara clan, then she would assume the throne.

When she discovered my whereabouts, the handmaiden and the soldier

were killed by Kaia's powers and lethal skill. She found me and put

me in this terrible place, hoping that I would grow mad and die. She

told the people of Japan that all of her family was killed and that

she would take over as Supreme Emperor."

"The Dark Uprising."

"Correct. I have been here ever since, and I have prayed that I

would be freed soon."

"Don't worry, Chao. When I am free, I will take you with me, and

together, we can rebuild Japan in your late father's image of peace

and prosperity."

"Yes, I would like that."

Just then, the prison doors opened up, showing two guards in front of

the entrance to that no one could escape. A second later, Kaia

herself entered the prisons and headed towards Ryo and Chao. The door

closed behind her as she sundered towards her two captives. She was

still 8 feet tall and wore the same torn royal gown that she wore

when she had defeated Ryo. Her attention first turned to Ryo. "I

see that you are awake," she said to him, licking her lips in

anticipation. "You see, the reason why you are not dead right

now is that you are the perfect conductor that I need to continue my


"Never!" Ryo yelled. "You will never have Japan!"

"I already have Japan, and soon, the East will fall as well.

Korea and China hasn't seen me in action yet, and once they do, they

will surrender their countries to me."

"The East is more powerful than you will ever be!"

"Oh really?"

At that, Kaia's eyes turned purple again and focused on Ryo's eyes,

and from within his soul, she found his powers slowly gaining

strength. She pulled it back with all of her might, Ryo's body

lurching forward to its limits as the chains held him in place. A

similar blue shadow that came from Ryo earlier projected forth

towards Kaia, smiling at the thought of gaining more power. Ryo

nearly slipped back into unconscious while Chao witnessed the entire

event with a horrified look on his face. The blue shadow entered

Kaia's body, filtering through her pores as the energies spread

throughout her body. She felt an euphoric rush go through her as she

began to grow again, the tiny rips from the gown getting bigger as

well while the process took its course. Chao looked on in shock as he

watched his sister growing at an alarming rate. With a slight smile,

Kaia looked on at the two men as her growth stopped at 15 feet, the

gown now shredded to reveal more of her ample cleavage and her!

upper thighs. "You see?" she bellowed. "I am

unstoppable! Rest well, Ryo, for when your powers are restored, I

will be back."

The prison door re-opened to allow Kaia access back into the halls of

the main palace. Because of her new size, she had to bend down and

squeeze through the frame of the door to get out. When she did, the

prison doors closed again, leaving Chao and Ryo alone. "Are you

alright?" Chao asked.

Ryo slowly lifted his head and looked at his new friend, his face

telling the story. "No. I doubt that I ever will be again."

Ryo then collapsed in a heap as he fell back to an unconscious sleep.

Chao recounted the events in his mind and knew that Japan, and

perhaps the Eastern world was in serious trouble.

Kaia returned to the throne room as she walked towards her throne,

her footsteps made dents upon the hardwood floor as it fell victim to

her new size. She got to her throne and carefully sat upon it, the

metal and wood bending badly as her additional weight nearly broke

it. However, it stayed whole as a bodyguard entered the room.

"My Lord," she said, "the delegates from Korea and

China have arrived on the harbor."

"Good," Kaia said. "Welcome them and escort them here

to the throne room, where I will meet with them here."

"Yes, my Lord."

The bodyguard left the room swiftly as Kaia sat patiently, visioning

herself becoming the Supreme Emperor of the Eastern World by two

day's time.

Chapter 6

Ryo slowly came to after another bout of unconscious sleep, his eyes

showing his exhaustion after Kaia's stripping of his energy. He felt

so weak physically that his body was barely dangling from the heavy

chains that he linked to. Chao, seeing his new friend in so much

pain, brought up a cup of water to his lips. He had parted Ryo's

mouth slightly so that the liquid could go down his throat, hoping to

give him some strength and nourishment. After a couple of gulps, Ryo

coughs and slowly regains his focus, remembering what had happened to

him earlier. "Ryo," Chao asked. "Are you okay?"

"No," Ryo responded. "I'm now a slave to that woman.

Once my energy is restored, she will come and feed her darkness with

it. I can't take it anymore!"

Ryo lunged his arms forward to break through his bondage, but to no

avail. Chao saw this and lowered his head to his chest, thinking to

himself that all hope was lost. As Ryo looked down at his chained

arms, something came to him like a bolt from the blue. His mind began

to remember the Tai-Chi-Kuong teachings that he had read from his

father's journal back when he was a young boy. One of those pages

explained the true nature of the martial art came from one's inner

strength and calmness. The energy that came from its use was just for

an extra boost of power that went into the move.

At that, Ryo closed his eyes tight and calmed himself down, exhaling

deep breaths as he concentrated. His mind and his emotions were calm

and clear, while his focus was towards freedom of himself, Chao, and

Japan itself. Suddenly, with one quick thrust of his arms, the chains

snapped off his wrists, falling to the ground with a slight clang.

Chao lifted his head to see that his friend was now free of the

metallic bonds and smiled. "You're free, Ryo!" he


Ryo nodded to him as a rush of pure energy coursed through his body,

telling him that his powers were nearly restored, thanks in large

part to his newfound freedom. He looked down at Chao and knelt

towards him, grabbing the chains that gripped his wrists. Calming

himself again, he gripped the chains tight and, with one quick pull,

broke the bonds away from Chao's wrists with no injury to the former

heir. Both men stood up and went towards the wooden door that would

lead them to the outside. "Stand back, Chao," Ryo said as

his hands slowly glowed blue for the first time in a long while.

Ryo cupped his hands together and thrusted them forth, letting out a

stream of energy towards the door. The door exploded into splinters

of wood, taking out two bodyguards in the process as their bodies

smoldered with smoke. Ryo and Chao exited the prisons and headed

towards the throne room, hoping to finally stop Kaia once and for


The delegates from Korea and China were seated at a table near Kaia's

throne as they waited for the arrival of Japan's Supreme Emperor. Kim

Il Aila, the diplomat from Korea, noticed the cracks and bends of her

throne and wondered what was going on with her. Chang Skio, China's

main diplomat, was asking himself the same question when, all of a

sudden, both men's questions were answered. The main doors of the

throne room opened and out stepped Kaia, lowering her large frame to

fit through the doorway. Her 15-foot body was now draped in a black

and gold gown that showed the long extent of her slender legs. Both

diplomats had their jaws dropped to the floor as they witnessed

Kaia's entrance. Her bare feet created slights dents upon the

hardwood floor as she strode towards them. She stopped at the table

and looked down at the two diplomats, smiling at them with evil

intent. "I will make this meeting short. You are to tell your

leaders that I am to control the entire Eastern World!

with no opposition. Any resistance towards my reign will be


Chang stood up to Kaia in defiance. "Never! China will never

surrender to you or your might! We will fight you to the bitter


"Pity. I'm sorry to hear you say that."

At that, Kaia lifted up one finger from her right hand and shot out a

purple fireball, streaking towards Chang. The diplomat didn't know

what was happening, but the instant the fireball hit his chest, his

whole body was consumed in a blaze of purple flame. He screamed

loudly as he ran from the table, hoping to find some water to put out

the flames. However, in his pursuit, the flames killed him as he

dropped to the floor. Chang's two Chinese escorts raised their

weapons high and charged towards Kaia, but Kaia was ready for them.

She thrusted her palms at them, sending them a powerful gust of wind

that forced the escorts towards the hard walls of the throne room,

knocking them out instantly. Kaia turned to look at Kim and smiled at

him. "Now, since China refuses, what is Korea's answer?"

she asked him while her body began to glow purple.

"They say NO!"

That statement didn't come from Kim. Kaia turned around towards the

sound of the voice and found Ryo and Chao standing in the throne

room. Ryo's body slowly glowed into a blue hue as he stared at Kaia.

"This ends now, Emperor!" he yelled at her.

"Oh good. Feeding time."

Ryo got into a fighting stance and Chao moved out of the way as Kaia

made her way towards the young fighter. A new battle was about to


Chapter 7

Chao escorted Kim and his bodyguards out of the throne room, heading

towards the harbor as Ryo and Kaia prepared to do battle. Kaia smiled

with evil intent as she slowly shrunk down to a more manageable 7

feet tall, compressing her immense power inside of her now smaller

frame. Ryo stared at her as he got into a battle stance, knowing

what's at stake if he loses. Kaia just giggled at the young man as

she got into her own battle stance. "Your powers feel so good

inside of me, young one," she said as she taunted him. "I

can't wait to feed from you again."

"You won't get that chance, Kaia," Ryo replied.

"You're reign ends here!"

At that, Ryo uses the opportunity and fired an energy-laced punch at

Kaia's face, but the lady side steps the blow and aims a high kick at

Ryo's shoulder. The kick is fired and Ryo is sent flying upward

towards the ceiling, but just misses it by a few feet. Ryo looked

down as he descended to the floor and gathered himself to land on his

toes. Once his toes touch the floor, he quickly sprung forward

towards Kaia and shot out a punch at her chest. The punch connects,

sending Kaia back a bit, but her powers keep her steady. From then

on, Ryo fought fast and furious as he fired punch after punch at her

gut, sending her backwards with each impacted shot. Finally, seeing

Kaia winded, he made a slight jump and fired a hard kick at the same

injured gut, causing her to trip over her own throne and fall to the

floor. The impact broke the throne into dozens of pieces that lay

upon the hardwood floor, Ryo watching on as he sensed victory for


Suddenly, purple lightning bolts were launched from Kaia's

fingertips, drilling Ryo with the shocking weapons. Ryo fell to one

knee in pain as Kaia stood up and growled, wanting this fight to be

over. "Now, feel the true power of Japan's Supreme


A purple aura surrounded her body as she slowly walked towards the

injured Ryo. Her body began to grow bigger, slowly filling back in

the gown that she wore. Ryo slowly got to his feet and retreated

backwards as he watched her grow back to her 15-foot stance. However,

she didn't stop growing as her eyes were now fully consumed with the

evil power that she possessed. Ryo's eyes couldn't believe what he

was seeing, but something else caught his eye. His sword was next to

the wreckage of the throne, and he knew that he had to get it

quickly. With a quick start, he ran towards the sword, but was

stopped cold by a glowing pink wall of flesh. The wall slowly

enclosed around his body and clamped on him tightly as it rose upward

in the air. He could see purple tentacles of energy swirl about in

the throne room, destroying everything that they touched. His eyes

now focused upon Kaia, now 30 feet tall in all of her naked beauty.

Her head nearly touched the ceiling as she stared at the!

captured warrior. "Did you think that you could stop me?"

she bellowed to him as her energy tentacles flowed now in a calmer

pace. "Did you believe that you would save Japan? No, young one.

You will not get that chance! Once I absorb more of your power, I

will grow more in power and strength, and the Eastern World will be

mine to control. Then, the West will fear me and do whatever I say as

I will conquer them as well. No one can stop me! No one!"

At that, Kaia began to look into Ryo's soul, beginning the

energy-draining process again. Ryo struggled in her hand, but

couldn't get himself free as he felt his energy slowly being drawn

out again. If Kaia succeeds, she would be unstoppable against the

world, he thought.

Just then, Kaia screamed in horrific pain as she looked downward,

seeing what caused her so much pain. It was Chao as he thrusted a

sharp spear into her left ankle, severing her Achilles' tendon as

well as other muscles. Kaia couldn't stand up any longer as the

injury forced her to fall to the floor, dropping Ryo in the process.

She hit the floor with a thunderous crash, breaking the wooden planks

in half. Ryo landed near the broken throne on one knee, seeing his

sword right next to him. He grabbed the weapon and rushed towards the

fallen Supreme Emperor, who had shrunken back down towards her

15-foot frame. She got to her knees and eyed Chao with murderous

intentions. "You will pay for this, Chao!"

"You will no longer rule Japan, sister," Chao said.

"It is over!"

As Chao stared at her, he could feel something close up his throat.

He started to cough and tries to breathe, but the choking feeling

continued to grow stronger. He fell to his knees as he discovered

that Kaia was doing this. "Stop....please," Chao barely

said to his sister.

"As I said, brother, you will pay for this....with your


Just then, Ryo reached Kaia from behind and raised his sword in the

air, preparing for the final blow. Kaia turned her head at the last

second, just to see Ryo's sword plunged through her back and into her

heart. She screamed violently as the pain was intense and

excruciating. Ryo smiled as he knew that he had won this battle.

Suddenly, Kaia's wound began to glow and, instantly, dozens of purple

energy bolts exited the wound with blazing speed. Some of the bolts

hit the blade of the sword, sending the dark energy to Ryo, who still

held on to the sword. He could feel the dark energy enter his body,

making him more powerful as he watched on. Kaia's body slowly envelop

in a bright light while Chao could breathe again as her grip upon him

was gone. Suddenly, the bright light flashed out and disappeared,

leaving no trace of Supreme Emperor Kaia. Ryo and Chao looked at each

other in shock as they knew that they had won.

With that, they smiled.

Chapter 8

It didn't take long for Chao to assume the family title of Emperor of

Japan once he revealed his identity to the Eastern World after Kaia's

disposal. With Chao now in power, he and Ryo proceeded to capture the

remainder of Kaia's bodyguard force, who were scattered about soon as

Kaia was destroyed, and toss them in prison, placing them under

arrest with crimes against the people of Japan. Ryo began the task of

beginning a new protection force for Emperor Chao, renaming it The

Royal Guardians after the old Royal Guard. The official kimono of The

Royal Guardians used the colors of blue and white to symbolize peace

and tranquility as they served under Chao's rule, using the martial

art of Tai-Chi-Kuong as their main weapon of choice. Chao returned

peace and order to Japan and the Eastern World by re-establishing the

financial trade routes between themselves, Korea, and China. Once

that was created again, Chao knew that with he and Ryo in control,

Japan was once again in safe ha!


During his training of new warriors into the fold of Royal Guardians,

Ryo have been having certain side effects with his energy powers

since his last battle with Kaia. His energies were strong, but when

in some uses, they grew too powerful in force and strength, making

him very weary physically. He determined that the power bolts that

were expelled from Kaia's sword wound was the cause of his new

condition, but how to control it was another matter. He would have to

retrain himself as he prepared to enter a new phrase in his life:

master of Tai-Chi-Kuong and the leader of The Royal Guardians.

During a strong thunderstorm on Japan's southern area, lightning

bolts struck down fiercely upon the land as the powerful storm moved

across the area. Suddenly, at a nearby river, five lightning bolts

struck the waters at the same time, electrifying it instantly. As the

storm grew stronger, the winds blew the electrified waters of the

river upon the land, seeping into the dirt of the earth. Just as the

last drop of water entered the ground, a mound of dirt started to

rise from the ground, growing and shaping itself into a human-like

shape. The dirt grew taller as it began to transform itself into a

flesh-like creature, giving itself a long mane of black hair and a

slender figure that produced big breasts upon the chest. When the

transformation was complete, the figure was a female that was Japan's

worst nightmare. With lightning striking in the background, her eyes

opened to reveal that the color of her eyes was all white. It was


When the lightning subsided, her mouth opened to say one word:


When the word was said, a tree that was in front of her was instantly

covered by electricity as several lightning bolts struck it with

ferocity. Several limbs fell to the ground with smoke billowing from

the stricken ends, while the main body of the tree was in flames.

Kaia smiled slightly at the destruction that she just caused.

She was now a goddess...and now, she wanted revenge!

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