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Sandy's Promotion

In today's world, job security is something that many people live without.

Moreover, companies are downsizing so to ensure the greatest cost efficiency

possible. This new business trend of becoming mean and lean has an effect upon

the relations of power between the two genders, for with a large reduction in

traditional work, males have lost some of the security they possessed years

back. In turn, females have entered the workforce to occupy new positions

created by this new wave of reconstruction.

One couple in particular has been hit by the trend. They happen to be two

individuals by the names of Sandy and Eric. Eric worked as middle management for

a retail chain that's in itself quite successful. However, with the new wave of

business downsizing, Eric was laid off last month by the corporation. Further,

he had worked with this establishment for eleven years and was one of their

better managers. Nevertheless, profits come first, and they let him go.

With the loss of Eric's job, his wife went out and found employment. At first,

she took her time looking for a source of income, but as the bills started to

pile up, she finally settled with a job in a packaging company. Moreover, this

company wasn't old. In fact, it was only two years in the making and didn't

suffer from any of the competition problems that the older companies have. Sandy

started off as a regular packer at one of the machines. However, her supervisior

noticed that she seemed to be an exceptional employee who performed her task

with the utmost attention to detail. Consequentally, her boss refered her to

higher ups. They had an interview with the lady and found that she had what it

takes for a management position. Hence they gave her a supervisory post at their

other plant a few miles away.

Her fast and speedy promotion elated Sandy. She was now quite uplifteed as she

left her new office to return home. As she walked to her car, she passed the

front window of the company. The new manager turned and looked at the reflection

in the glass. She was quite impressed with the immage. Sandy is five feet and

eight inches tall. In addition, she has black hair which she always raises to

the top of her head. Looking in the window, she gazed at the birth of a career

lady dressed in a black skirt suit and wearing kneehigh black leather boots; she

always wore boots at this time of year because of the weather; in March and

April, one never knows if it'll rain, shine, or snow. Striding past the window,

she felt jubulent and full of confidence. Moroever, she also liked the power

that went with her new position.

Finally, Sandy reached her car and drove home. Upon ariving at home, she got out

of her auto and walked up to the front door. Reaching into her purse, the lady

manager removed her keys and opened the door. As she entered, her eyes fell upon

Eric running the vacuum cleaner. When he saw her, he turned off the machine and

ask, " Hi Sandy, how was work today?" She responded, " Oh, it was ok; there's

much to do, but I think everything will go as I want." Eric said, " That's

nice." He turned on the vacuum again and finished his domestic chore.

With the house all clean, he prepared dinner. As he stood in the kitchen and

made the meal, Sandy watched him from the other end of the room. She looked on

and remarked to herself, " Not bad, I kind of like this arrangement; come home

from work and everthing is done for me; I hope he never finds another job."

When he finished with making supper, both of them ate the meal and turned in

after he completed cleaning up.

As Eric lay awake in bed, he thought to himself about his plight. At heart, he

din't like the idea of having to be at home and perform all of the housework. He

simply saw this as a transition period until he once again found suitable

employment and she could return to being the homemaker. Moreover, at times he

felt resentment and embarassment at the whole situation. He really had to find a

high paying job.

These thoughts went in and out of his brain as he stared up into the darkness.

Then, to his surprise, Sandy crawled over him and reached toward the light on

the nightstand next to his side of the bed. She turned on the switch. Next, she

moved back a bit so that she was now directly on top of him. He gazed up at her

and their eyes locked. Sandy simply stared at him for a minute or two until she

finally removed her pajamma shirt. She next did the same with her pants.

However, things did't stop here, Sandy forced her way and started to pull off

all of Eric's night clothes. Further, the man was startled by her directness. He

was always the one who took the lead in love making; now she seemed to pick up

on that role also. Not only did she take his place as provider, she was now

taking his place in bed as well.

A couple of moments later, both were completely naked with Sandy sitting upon

Eric's waist and pinning down his arms. Without a word, she brought one of her

hands down to his cock and pushed the organ into her throbing cunt. With

complete enthusiasm, the new career lady started to bounch up and down until she

reached gratification. Moreover, she attained her climax before he could have

his. Without any further adue, Sandy simply raised herself off his prick and

rolled over, leaving him lay there with unfullfilled anticipation. Also, he

tried to get on top of her, but she merely pushed him aside and said, " I've had

enough for today; goodnight." Eric was stunned at her total disregard for his

needs. Finally, he too rolled over and fell to sleep.

The next week went fine for Sandy at the packaging plant. Eric, however, had no

sucess in his search. One company gave him an interview but didn't hire him

because of his lack of computer experience. The putdowns continued week after

week. He seemed to become depressed at the knowledge that he had been reduced to

a house boy while his wife was out there making money and becoming more and more

independent and assertive by the minute.

Two months later, Eric was in the shower cleaning himself off when the phone

rang. Further, it was now ten thirty in the morning and he'd just gotten out of

bed; his wife, on the other hand, left the house a few hours earlier for work.

He left the shower and walked over to the phone in the bedroom. As he stood

there naked, he picked up the receiver. The voice on the other end said, " Hi,

it's me." Eric simply replied, " Hi Sandy, what do you want?" She said, " I just

called to tell you that I've been promoted again. They liked my work so much

that they made me the top manager in the whole plant; I now run the whole

place." She went on, " Is'nt that great!" Eric replied, " Oh yea, really great;

well congradulations; I guess I'll be seeing you tonight." Sandy then said, "

I'll be home around six, see you then." She hung up and he did the same.

After hanging up the receiver, he became aware of certain ideas and thoughts

that started to circulate within his skull cavity, " She's now the boss", he

told himself. Further, the thoughts went on, " Something has changed with her;

she's becoming more and more demanding and downright power hungry." His mind

continued with all types of vissions of their future together. He saw a

situation where he wasn't in the least in control of his destiny; she made all

of the major decisions in the household. Moreover, these mental pictures were

starting to make Eric feel insignificant. The more he dwelt upon them, the lower

he felt. The sensation continued and worked its way into every faset of his

being. Further, he was now starting to feel downright small. His ego had been

greatly reduced and was slowly disintegrating into nothing. It continued; the

negative and embarassing impulses drove themselves further into the depths of

his inner conscience. He just stood there and absorbed all of it. Suddenly, he

was overcome by another strange sensation. Something else was wrong. The feeling

became more and more intense and after a minute it was completely overwhelming.

Next, the houseboy glanced around the bedroom and noticed that his surroundings

seemed to be getting larger and larger. There was nothing he could do. He stood

there for two whole minutes untill the process stopped. Now, he looked around

and finally realized that the whole world hadn't changed; in fact, he was the

one who had changed. He then realized the horror of his life; he had shrunk to

the small height of three inches.

Standing there in the bedroom, he was overcome by fear. His mind tried in vain

to generate some type of a solution. However, he finally gave in to the fact

that he was helpless. Eric stood tiny and naked before the nightstand and could

only ponder his future fate.

The hours past. Finally, he heard the chime of the grandfather clock downstairs

in the livingroom. The sound told him that six 0'clock in the evening had

arrived and any minute his wife would be arriving home from work. Sure enough,

four minutes later, he heard the sound of her car pull into the driveway. The

engine stopped and the car door openned. In addition, the sexy strikes of

Sandy's footwear could be decifered from the upstairs bedroom. The tiny male

listened on as he heard the front door being openned. Next, he could discern her

voice, " Hi, I'm home; what's for dinner?" The lady heard no response. " That's

strange", she mentioned to herself, " His car is in the drive; I wonder where he

could be." Sandy looked around the entire first floor area of the house. She

even openned the basement door and yelled down, " Honey, are you there?". No

response came. Finally, the career lady decided to venture upstairs. When she

reached the top of the stairs, she noticed that the bathroom light was on. She

made a few more steps and looked in. No one was there; however, all of his

toilet articles were still thrown about as if he never finished up. A slight

amount of concern started to overtake her. She moved to the next room containing

some stored items. Again, no one could be found. Then, Sandy entered the

bedroom. As she turned the corner and looked into the room, she saw not a soul.

However, the lady was just about to turn around and leave, when she heard a

faint little cry, " Sandy, help, down here!" The business woman looked down, and

her eyes fell upon a tiny naked little male. She squatted down and gave the

creature closer inspection. Sandy stared at him and ask, " Eric, is that you?"

Listening closely, she heard him say, " Yes Sandy, something happened; I just

shrank after you called about your promotion." The lady, with her newfound

independence, stood up and placed one of her hands upon her hip. Looking down,

she smiled and said, " So I get it, you felt small after I told you about my new

position and then you shrank." Further, she seemed amused at the whole thing.

Eric, on the other hand, gazed up at her magnificient stature and ask, " What

are you going to do with me?" She laughed and answered, " Whatever I feel like."

She went further, " You know, I like power; my promotion really turns me on."

Her eyes began to glow as she progressed with her words, " Now that I'm the big

boss at work, I think its only appropriate that I be the boss at home too. With

your new tiny size, that's not going to be a problem." She squatted down again

and reached for him. Eric's wife picked him up by the torso and placed him right

before her face. She said wickedly, " You're mine now; I own you!" As she said

these words, a sensation overcame her crotch. Moreover, she was becoming moist.

The tiny man in her hand seemed to generate a sexual reaction in her. Without

saying another word, she stood up and placed Eric upon the bed. Next, she

removed her jacket. Afterward, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the

floor. The lady stepped over the garment and removed her blouse. Finally, she

took off her bra and removed her panties by sliding them over her boots. Sandy

now stood there completely naked save for her stockings and the said footwear.

Little Eric looked up to his new owner. Indeed, she was an awsome sight.

Moreover, her body radiated beauty and power combined to overcome anything

placed before the glorious figure. Further, the puny male was now sexually

stimulated. He gazed up at the harry box just above him. His tiny prick was

starting to drip as he got a wif of her pussy. The smell was intoxicating. He

simply had to crawl up inside and explore her inner realm.

His hopes were met as she reached for him. With her finger tips, the towering

temptress raised the little man by one of his arms. Next, she lowered him to her

vaginal openning. She remarked, " Welcome to your new home; I hope you like

what's inside." Without any warning, the vixen pushed her dependent husband

right up into her cunt. As he slid in head first, the man was engulfed in the

slimey and hot liquids of the female reproductive system. However, as he

remained insereted for thirty seconds, he started to squirm about and struggle

for air. Sandy realized this and slowly pulled him out. The woman let him have a

few gulps of air before she pushed him back into his place. She did this

repeatedly untill she attained orgasm. With her appetite satisfied, Sandy

finally removed Eric and dropped him upon the bed.

Next, the lady sat down upon the matress and placed her ass adjacent the tiny

one. He, on the other hand, just stared at the symmetry of her behind. Towering

above him was the perfect ass; nothing was greater in the world. Sandy remarked,

" So you like staring at my ass; well why don't you move over here and give my

rump a nice long and respectfull kiss." Eric did as she said. He walked over and

stood behind her ass. He leaned forward and kissed as he had never kissed

before. Moreover, the little man was now losing all dimensions of any resentment

that he had previously felt in regard to her advancement at work. Further, he

started to say, " Oh Sandy, I respect you; you're superior; my place is only to

obey and worship your greatness." She turned her head around and smiled down at

Eric. She said, " That's right; I'm glad to see that you finally know what you

really are compared to me." She also remarked, " From now on, you're to ador me

in every way; in fact, as far as you're concerned, I'm a goddess, there's

nothing you can do to escape my power." The lady added another statement as an

afterthought, " Oh, and another thing, from now on, you'll call me mistress; is

that clear?" The lowly little male simply responded with all humility, " Yes

mistress." Sandy was pleased; she was now on top of the world.

A moment later, the dominant mistress got up and raised Eric with her. She

walked over into the bathroom and looked down at the toilet. She noticed the

raised seat. With complete victory in her eyes, she looked at the creature in

her hands and said, " See that seat, well watch." Boss lady reached for the seat

and lowered it. She then spoke further to her little play thing, " From now on,

nothing can be done on your part to raise it again; I'm the boss here, and as

such, that thing remains down, ha, ha, ha!" Without another word, she turned

around and placed her gorgeous ass upon the toilet. The little man listened on

as the sound of her piss could be heard as it struck the water. Finally, the

dominant one stood up and flushed the bowl. She placed him upon the toilet tank

and proceeded to remove her boots and stockings. Next, she walked into the

shower and cleaned herself off. The woman showered for twenty minutes. After,

she walked back into the bedroom and openned the dresser drawer. Sandy removed a

fresh pair of panties together with a bra and placed them on. She returned to

the bathroom and picked up Eric. With her other hand, the mistress pulled forth

the elastic of her pantie waist line and simply dropped the little man in. The

lady looked down and said, "I think I'll keep you down there for a while." Next,

she ventured back into the bedroom and got herself a pair of slacks and a

blouse. She put them on and finally reached for a pair of socks. Seated upon the

bed, female domination personified slipped into the soft cotton footwear. As she

dressed herself, she remarked, " So how are things going down there?" She said

this with a sarcastic laugh. Finally, she got up and passed the bathroom upon

her way downstairs. She reached next to the hamper and grabbed her boots.

Mistress walked downstairs and sat upon the solfa. She pulled her black leather

boots on, got up, and walked to the front door.

As she openned the front entrance, Sandy was pleased with the placid and

beautiful spring weather. The lady got into her car and drove to the store.

After pulling into the parkinglot, she enters the supermarket and walks around

picking out the items that she needs. However, every now and then, she's

delighted to feel the sensation of his tiny frame moving about directly below

her cunt. Further, she looks down and remarks, " You know, I think I'll always

carry you about this way." Finally, mistress is finished with shopping. She goes

to the register and pays the bill. The lady enters her car with the groceries

and drives home.

At home, Sandy removes the purchased items and places them in their proper

place. She then says to Eric, I guess that since you're so small now, I'll have

to do all the housework myself. Oh well, that's how it goes."

Looking down toward her crotch, she ordered, " Start crawling around inside my

pussy; I could use another orgasm." After the command is given, she started to

feel his motions. The sensation became more and more intense untill lady

domination finally came in her pants all over the little thing. With her elation

to a close, Sandy said, " This is great; with you inside my pants, I can have an

orgasm whenever and whereever I want; even in public, and no one would ever


Sandy took him to work with her the next day. He lay at the bottom of her panty

crotch in total darkness engulfed by the smell of her cunt. Moreover, she

continued with this practice day after day. Whenever she wanted sexual

stimualation, she simply ordered him to massage her clit or crawl up her hole.

All in all, life had truly changed for the two. She moved up in the world and

was promoted to ever greater heights. He, on the other hand, was demoted to


The End

Giantess Stories: Sandy

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