Giantess Stories: sat there in the strip club watching Leah a Mexican stripper with great legs and body

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sat there in the strip club watching Leah a

Mexican stripper with great legs and body.

Leah stood five foot seven bare footed but in her six inch heels she was a

giantess to me towering over me on the stage as I watched her dance.

Tonight Leah really caught my attention and stairs, she wore tan nylons, I was

crazy about her legs and feet and I think she new it as well, for when she

finished dancing she came over to me and asked if she could join me.

My name is Leah she said as she sat down next to me crossing her right leg over

her left and placing her right foot against my leg.

I'm Fran I replied as I adjusted my seat.

Please to meet you Fran Leah said to me as she smiled at me.

What brings you to the club tonight, if you don't mind me asking Leah said as

she bent forward towards me.

I just wanted to look at pretty women and have a couple drinks, I replied to


Leah reached down with her right hand and placed on my thigh, so would you like

a dance baby she asked as she found my all ready hard penis.

I don't know, I was hoping to watch the line up tonight, I answered her.

Well Fran if you take me to a private I'll make your fantasy come true tonight

Leah said as she squeezed my penis and kissed me on my neck.

I melted to her touch and told her yes I wanted her to fulfill my fantasy.

We got up from the table and made our way to a private room, Leah sat down on

the recliner, the only chair in the room and said for me to sit on the floor, I

did as she asked.

As I sat there at Leah's feet she brought her left foot to my face and asked me

if I was ready for all my dreams to come true, I could smell the leather and

sweet from her foot as she rubbed her foot against my face.

Yes Leah I want you to make my dreams a reality for me I replied as I kissed her


Good my pet Leah said as she sat back in the chair, close your eyes and just sit

there and smell my feet Leah said as she removed her shoes and placed her feet

right in my face.

Close your eyes and lay down on your back and inhale me my pet think of your

most desired fantasy and it will come true she said as she placed her toes over

my eyes.

I must have passed out because when I opened my eyes there was a giant mesh or

net over my face I couldn't move, I was starting to panic, hell she must have

drugged me and tied me up I thought at first, until the weight of the net was

lifted from off me and I watched in awe as a giant foot was raised into the air

and glided down the slope of a giant high heeled shoe.

I bent my head back further and followed the giant foot along the giant leg to

see Leah sitting in the recliner looking down at me at her feet.

Well my pet did I not make your deepest desires come true for you, Leah asked as

she placed her feet on either side of me.

How, why was all I could mumble out as I looked at her, she was a Goddess.

This is what you wanted she said as she sat back in the chair and continued to

talk to me. You wanted to be small and the pet of a Goddess so I am your Goddess

and you belong to me to do with as I see fit and for starters I'll have to go on

soon so were going to have to keep you some where but were she teased as she sat

up and looked down at me.

I know were she said as she lifted her right leg up and brought her right foot

to her lap and removed her shoe, she then bent over and picked me up between her

forefinger and thumb and placed me on the arm of the chair.

Leah the took her nail and proceeded to remove the insole of her right shoe

exposining a small opening in it, she then picked me up again and deposited me

into the hole and closed the opening with the insole sealing me in.

Leah raised her she and looked at me trapped in her shoe, she was wearing clear

six inch heels, Leah blew me a kiss and lowered the shoe to the floor. I watched

in awe as she stood to her full height and slid her foot back into the shoe.

As she placed her weight on the shoe I could her the ceiling of the shoe squeak

and see the ceiling bend down towards me as she started to walk.

It was a good fit in the hole the tight confines kept me from moving as she

walked but my air was filled with the sent from her feet and the heat was

unbearable the only cool air was when Leah was walking.

As the night went on with me trapped in her shoe she started to sweat , I found

myself drinking her sweat to keep myself dehydrating .

I watched from my prison as Leah danced on stage and did private lap dances for

guys and some ladies, it was several hours before Leah even said a word to me.

As Leah sat down in the dressing room for the girls she removed her shoes and

placed them on the make up counter, she then peeled back the sole of her shoe

exposing the opening, come on out my pet, I'm going to eat something, you might

as well get out and move around a little my pet.

I reached up onto the top of the hole and pulled myself up I then hung my legs

over the edge of Leah's shoe and lowered myself to the ground.

As I looked back at her shoe I asked out loud how small did you make me?

You wanted to be an inch tall so you're an inch and boy are you cute Leah said

as she poked my stomach with her long red nail of her index finger.

I was in love with her, even though she had shrunk me somehow and imprisoned me

I couldn't stop looking at her beauty, she kinda looked like Jennifer Lopez.

Can I ask you a question, I asked Leah?

Well of course you can my pet, Leah replied.

How long do you plan to keep me like this, I asked as I sat down next to Leah's

plate of food.

Well sweetheart your going to remain like this the rest of your life, you wanted

me to make your dreams a reality so I did, you will remain my pet and companion

forever. Living of me your only source for survival, you wanted to give up your

normal life to be the pet of a beautiful Goddess and that's me, Leah said as she

smiled down at me.

Before you start saying you never asked for it, you did I could read your

thoughts, I don't care that you had a wife and two daughters back home your mine

and you'll better get used to it.

I was in shock, she was right at the time she asked me about my fantasy I

thought of being her pet and spending the rest of my life at her sexy nylon feet

was what I was thinking.

Leah sat back in her chair and placed her feet up in front of me and crosse her

left foot over her right ankle, Fran baby be a dear and massage my feet for me

with your tongue before I have to go back on baby.

For some strange reason I did exactly what she asked I got up and ran to her

feet witch toward over me and started licking her foot.

Mmm, that's it baby, make mommas feet feel better.

As I licked Leah's foot I started to remove my clothes, I was licking and

humping her foot while she red her book.

I climaxed on Leah's foot and was about to collapse from exhaustion when Leah

wiggled the toes of her left foot and told me to repeat what I did to her right.

I was a good pet and did as my Mistress commanded me to do even climaxing on her

left foot.

Look mommies little boy left her a gift Leah said as she took her index finger

of her right hand and removed my semen from her foot and licked it off her


Thank you sweetheart mommy really likes the way you massage her feet know get

back in your shoe, mommy has to get back to work, Leah commanded me.

I ran to the shoe that held me prisoner and climbed back up and down into my

hole as Leah sealed me in she looked at me and smiled.

I spent the rest of the night imprisoned in Leah's shoe as she danced.

Part 2

I awoke from a long sleep I had passed out, at first I thought it was a dream

but from my position in Leah shoe I new it was not.

I pulled myself up and out of her shoe and stood on the insole of Leah's shoe,

she must have left the opening pulled back for me to breath.

From my position on the floor I could see a large lump on the huge bed which

stood over me, the lump was Leah sleeping.

I lowered myself to the ground and started to explore my new world, a large

netted material was lying in front of me on the ground it was Leah's nylon's

from last night, I could smell her foot odor in them as I knelt down and brought

some of the material to my noise and inhaled her scent.

Under her bed were several pairs of heels, some for dancing and others for

regular daily weir.

I was in heaven under her bed smelled of Leah, then I could hear my giantess

getting up and when I saw her lovely feet come to the floor and look for her

high heeled slippers which I was standing next too, I did what I thought was

natural and pushed with all my strength against the heel of her slipper and

pushed it under her awaiting foot, I repeated the jester with the other slipper

and when Leah stood up and put on her robe she looked down at me and said, good

I'm learning my new job fast.

I stood there looking at her walking away and out of the room, my new job hit me

like a ton of bricks, after several seconds I snapped through and ran after Leah

and to my surprise I caught up yo her I was running so fast I almost passed her


Leah stopped and looked down at me at her feet, I see that you are learning that

there are some advantages to being my pet.

She was right I couldn't believe how fast I ran, Leah sat down to eat a bowl of

cereal, well would you like some cereal or would you like to live out your

dreams of surviving on the dirt, sweat and dead skin of my feet, Leah asked as

she removed her foot from her slipper and placed it next to me. If you choice

the path of my feet more wonders and special abilities will be opened to you she

teased as she removed the nylon from her right leg so I would have full access

to her foot.

Well Leah asked as she wiggled her toes at me, what will it be my pet Leah


I knelt at her big toe and lowered my head to her toe and started to lick her

toe, I even licked her toe jam from in between her toes when Leah removed her

foot from me and put her nylon back on.

I followed Leah into the living as she sat down to watch her morning shows on

the television.

What's the look of confusion my pet Leah asked me?

I don't know I answered her.

I feel guilty about abandon my wife and children like I did, I guess.

You shouldn't feel guilty my pet, your wife never understood your fantasy like I

do, hell she never wore pantyhose, nylon's or heels for you, like I will, you

are better off with me as your mistress and goddess.

How could you know all off this, hell I never met you before last night I asked

Leah as I found myself rubbing her feet as she talked to me.

I could read your thoughts my pet, hell do you think that I can actually hear

what you are saying to me, your way to small for any normal person to hear you,

Leah said as she removed her left foot from her slipper so I cold massage her in

step for her.

Enough of these stupid question I want to see if you are able to shrink smaller

now that you have chosen to live at my feet, Leah said to me as she leaned

forward and looked down at me.

Shrink smaller I thought you controlled my height I asked?

No I only control the original shrinking process choosing your new height in

life, you should be able to concentrate and shrink smaller and grow back to

normal, I mean your new normal height.

I sat there for a second and pondered it and thought of Leah's toes being the

size of a twenty story building and I shrank, I stood there looking up at Leah's

know towering toes and when she laughed at me it sounded like thunder hell she

even wiggled her toes and they sounded like giant trucks slamming into each


Then I thought about being normal then I grew back to my new height, Leah

reached down and picked me up and kissed me.

I'm sorry pet, Leah said as she placed me back on the floor at her feet.

What's there to be sorry for Mistress I am here to please you and if kissing me

pleases you, then it pleases me as well I told Leah as I knelt down next to her


I have to work tonight my pet why don't we try something different in the way I

carry you, Leah said to me as she rose from the sofa.

What is it that you want me to do my goddess I asked?

Leah looked down at me and smiled, well I want you to shrink yourself down to an

half an inch and I want to paint you onto my big toe and you can spend the night

looking up at your goddess as she works.

Anything to please you my goddess I told her.

Good my pet, I'm going to shower and while I'm showering I want you to lick

these shoes clean for me, I want the outside licked clean as well as my insoles

cleaned is that understood Leah said as she dropped the shoes on the ground in

front of me ?

Yes my goddess I replied and watched Leah walk into the bedroom leaving me on

the living room floor licking her shoes clean.

To be continued.

Giantess Stories: sat there in the strip club watching Leah a Mexican stripper with great legs and body

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