Giantess Stories: School started almost like any other day until a new student arrived

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5inch tall dude


School started almost like any other day until a new student arrived.

 Her name was Chelsea Dlois.  The teacher told her to take a seat in

the row over from me, and man was I glad.  She had a nice rack, nice

ass, and great legs.  Only problem was she was 4'11'' and I was

6'2''. I knew if I tried scoring with her I'd deffinetly get made

fun of.  As she lied her books down on the desk next to mine the

teacher told her to tell the class a little about herself, and as she

turned and walked away from me all I could do was stare at that ass. 

She got infront of the class and said "My name is Chelsea Dlois,

I come from Columbia and I was adopted and I lived in the town over

for about 7 years."

Right when she sat back down in her seat I walked over and introduced

myself.  I didn't want to stop talking to her but the bell wrang.

The day was over and I would hopefully see her tomorrow.

As I stepped in to school I couldn't wait to talk to her again.  I

finally found her before 1st period started and started talking away.

 We both were late to our first period because of talking so much.

Last period came shortly and she said "We could continue our

conversation at my house."  I couldn't believe it!  I said

"I'll drop by right after I get home."- "See ya

then!" she shouted as we walked from eachother down the


I got home and started the journey to her house.  I wondered what her

family was like since she was adopted and all. It all really didn't

matter, I was just happy we had some chemistry going.  I knocked at

her door and it opened almost instantly like she was waiting for me

looking out her window or something.  She told me to come in and we

headed for her room. 

" So.... How do you like it here in SeeVille?"  Its not too

bad she responded in a sarcastic kind of tone. At this time we were

both sitting on her bed and she then started to take off her

sneakers. Her purple sox smelled with sweat and I wanted to hold my

nose closed but didn't.  She started taking her sox off and the smell

got even worse.  When she was barefoot she lied totally on her back

with her head on her pillows and said "I could definetly use a

foot rub."  I said to myself oh jeez, get ready for hell and Normas básicas de seguridad vial para peatones

when I said that I was right.  She jabbed her foot into my stomach as

a joke and said get rubbing.  I started off almost sick to my stomach

but then I started to like the smell.  It was really strange and she

told me I was doing a great job.  She said she wanted to show me

something only if I really wanted to see it.  I asked her what it was

and she said you really have to want to see it.  I told her I did,

and she got off her  bed and headed towards her closet door

 .  I wached as her ass swayed side to side the whole walk there, I

think she even noticed it. 

She pulled some sort of medicine bottle out before closing the door.

She told me to take the pill, only one inside. I said what the hell

is it? She told me to take it or get out.  I did as she said not

wanting to leave and popped it in my mouth.  About a minute after

swallowing it I layed down on her bed and blacked out. When I woke

up I was on some pink object that felt like a giant pillow.  I stood

up realizing what it was. I almost blacked out again, I was standing

on a giant pair of panties!  I started to run as I saw a huge hand

coming for me and heard Chelsea say, I've been waiting to have you

for a long time.  Her two fingers grasped me and her other hand

opened up her panties as she pushed me in.  I was tangled in a bunch

of wet hair that was grazing my body as I went farther down to the

womanhood of Chelsea.  She shoved me in head first and let me stay

inside her for about an hour before pulling me out. I was soaking wet

and couching from swallowing so many of he

 r juices. 

She brought me up to her tit and rubbed me all over her nipple and

moaned for about another half an hour. She said thanks to me and

licked my whole body, I had to be about 4 inches tall. I was just

about to pass out when she told me she saw me staring at her ass all

these times and told me thats where I belonged.  I screamed what and

she pulled down her panties with me in one of her hands. She said now

we'll be together for a long time.  She spread her cheeks apart and

fit my head in the hole, and shoved me up very slowly... I was fully

up after 5 minutes and I was staying there until Chelsea has to use

the bathroom.


Giantess Stories: School started almost like any other day until a new student arrived

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