Giantess Stories: Scott and Summer lived a fairly normal life

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Scott and Summer lived a fairly normal

life....well hell, very normal in light of what was soon to pass! They had busy

schedules..Scott as a writer, occasionally traveling to support his novels or

articles in newspapers and Summer as a consultant...her hours, like his,

flexible and varying. Their schedules were full but also with their flexibility

afforded them much time together. And that time, they rarely waisted. Summer, as

befitted her name, tended to gravitate towards the sun...thus they spent much of

their free time traveling to exotic spots...far away from the hustle and bustle

of everyday life. In fact, it had become somewhat of a game between the two of

them...who could top whom in terms of faraway escapes that the other had never

heard of. Their adventures led to many an island getaway and many long weeks

filled with sun, fun, good food...and did I mention fun?? More fun than was

humanly possible....especially sexually. They were both sexually active and

adventurous people. Scott had always harbored some fetishes that remained

dormant until he met Summer. With her, he was able to explore some of his more

explicit fantasies..mostly involving her incredibly smooth legs and incredibly

soft feet! Scott had been a leg and foot fetishist since as long as he could

remember, he just never realized that he would meet his match in a woman! Summer

loved having her feet pampered and cared for...loved even more to find exotic

different shoes that she knew would excite Scott. Thus they lived a very active

and fun filled sexual that neither would realize..would soon take on

whole new and different dimensions!

It had been Summer's turn to pick the vacation spot and she had been working on

it vigorously. Over the last five years it seems they had visited nearly every

island Summer knew her work was cut out for her. She never went

the conventional route of just calling up a travel agency..knowing they would

only have the standard fair that they had both come accustom to. She scowered

the internet for weeks before she came upon something different and unique. It

was a villa..but not an ordinary was a villa on an uninhabited island

some 2000 miles off the coast of South America. The trip itself would take three

days all told..there and back...and they would need to secure 2 full weeks of

their time. It was a rented villa from an eccentric which was

fully staffed and used only sparingly by the aging billionaire. What was

interesting about the villa, was not the price...which was fairly but not

overtly steep, but rather the qualifications for obtaining the rights to rent

it. He requested that any potential suiters send him an essay, stating their

intentions on the trip and why in fact they wanted to go there. Summer eagerly

set about to right the took her three days to come up with, what she

thought was, an outstanding essay. She emailed it and went about her

business..anxious for her little hidden jewel to become reality.

A few weeks passed and Summer was becoming a bit antsy. Scott had been hounding

her concerning their vacation plans and she was starting to get worried that

they would have to 'settle' for an ordinary island that they had been to

before..and she would face the wrath of his constant teasing. As luck would have

it, however, that night when Summer returned home from a consulting job...she

had an email from the billionaire! She read through his long worded email..right

down to the final paragraph. In it, he stated that he indeed was impressed with

her essay and felt comfortable supplying his villa to two such adventurous

people. He went on to forward her a document containing the explicit

instructions concerning the villa including a few waivers that Summer barely

glanced at and signed off on. She could barely contain her excitement and looked

forward to showing Scott when he returned home.

That night, Summer led Scott to the office which housed their computer and began

explaining her vacation story. Scott became more and more intrigued and couldn't

wait to open up the email and check out some of the pictures from the villa. As

he did so, sitting at the desk...Summer positioned herself to one side of the

desk. Sitting down..she expertly slipped off one shoe and slowly slid her

barefoot up Scott's leg and into his lap...her playful toes curled around

Scott's trousers...soon feeling their way around his growing bulge. Scott,

smiling to himself, tried to forge on with his reading as Summer continued her

teasing..toes reaching grasping at his now prominant erection. Soon Summer's

expert toes were unzipping Scott's pants and his erection was freed from his

pants....'Oh honey...' Scott moaned softly as Summer smiled..her soles now

pressed on either side of his arousal. 'Just keep reading honey...' she giggled

as Scott tried as best he could to read as her soles pressed against his

erection...pre cum soon dripping from his throbbing arousal. Scott could take no

more...exiting the email and sliding up on his chair to meet Summer's hungry

lips with his own...he kissed her passionately and deeply...his hands sliding

down her body...lifting her rump slightly to remove her shorts...her legs

spread...he stood and eased his arousal inside her waiting excitement. She

moaned loudly...her back now arched and taking him in as Scott nibbled at her

neck..her legs now tightening around his back. Too soon they were both near

orgasm....he gripped her tightly as Summer cried out in his embrace and Scott's

body shuddered with orgasm....they were both spent...and only a preview of

things to come on their trip to the island!

The trip to the secluded island was indeed incredibly long. They flew to a connecting charter to Brazil...and then actually got to take his

private yacht to the island. It was a great trip though...and Summer's sexual

appetite did not dissapoint Scott...lets see, the plane..the plane again...oh

and the yacht. It was going to be quite a couple of weeks indeed!! Luckily, as

they did have some reservations, the island did NOT dissapoint! It was actually

something straight out of fantasy island.....tons of trees..filled with exotic

fruits...the only hustle and bustle whatsoever! They were greeted

with one of the many servants on the island once they left the yacht....he led

them to a waiting limo which quickly shuffled them off to the villa..which was

located on the beach on the other side of the island. The view was

exquisite....mountain side on one side of the villa...ocean as far as the eye

could see on the other. The villa was equipped with everything one could ask

for...including 3 servants who cooked, cleaned and tended to their every needs.

They had their own quarter which were adjacent to the villa..quarters, mind you,

that were nicer than any home Scott and Summer had ever been in. Scott and

Summer waisted little time....they spent that first day jet skiing in the ocean

water...dining amongst the trees for a late snack and of course..making love on

the sandy beach under the moonlight. In fact, this was basically their daily

routine for two weeks....they explored as well..visiting the mountain

side...there finding an incredibly beautiful which they skinny

dipped at its bottom. It was a completely idealic two weeks..the servants could

not have been more accomidating..the food could not have been better...and the

sun could not have been brighter. As the days approached before they had to

leave, Scott and Summer wishfully wondered how they could convince the

billionaire to will this paradise to them.

On the last day, Scott and Summer decided to do a bit more exploring...packing a

lunch and heading out into the vast trees of the island. The air was cool away

from the sun's glare under the trees and they spent a wonderful

afternoon..exploring..seeing exotic birds and generally having a good time.

Towards the later afternoon..they decided to rest under an unusual looking fruit

tree.....Scott lay his back against the tree and beckoned Summer to lay near

him. Summer, however, had other ideas. Standing over him...she slowly slid off

her hiking boot....and then gently started to pull back her sock..letting it

dangle from her toes and above his head. She smiled as she looked down and

noticed Scott's arousal already starting to form...teasingly..she flicked her

ankle and the sock hung precariously from her toes. Feeling frisky, Summer next

did something that they would both soon regret...looking up..she noticed one of

the strange marroon colored fruit hanging just above her grasp...reaching

up..she tugged it free and was examining it..all the while her foot still

hanging above Scott's head. Meanwhile Scott's arousal soon got the best of

him..and he reached up and tugged her sock free..exposing her soft wiggling

toes...his hands soon grasped her ankles and pushed her foot lower..allowing her

toes to easily slide into his hungry mouth. Summer moaned softly...pressing one

hand against the tree.... As Scott continued to suck..and turned on by the

throws of passion, Summer decided to have a bit more fun....squeezing the juices

from the strange looking fruit, she lowered it so the juices flowed down her

ankle and down to her toes..which Scott drank up heartily. He sucked her sexy

toes for all he was worth..enjoying the strange but sweet tasting necter from

the fruit. Soon he motioned for her to turn...Summer sliding off her shorts as

he did...and she lowered herself just enough so that Scott could taste Summer's

own personal sweet necter.....her moans soon echoing through the empty canyon.

It was a wonderful end to a wonderful vacation......or so they thought!

Scott slept much of the plane ride from Brazil to Miami. He slept the kind of

slumber accustomed to a weary traveler. Summer wasn't much for sleeping on a

plane so, having exhausted her magazine reading supply, decided to read in more

detail the instructions that the billionaire left. It was a rather boring

read...mostly legal mumbo jumbo that really didn't seem to matter at this point.

She was about to put down the boring material until she happened upon one

chapter in particular....she read with careful detail the eccentric

billionaire's warning not to eat anything UNLESS supplied by the servants. He

stated that while nothing on the island was deadly poisonous....many of the

exotic fruits and plants had been rumored over time to create interesting and

unusual results. The words chilled Summer at first...and she looked over at the

slumbering Scott remembering the fruit juices he sucked off of her

toes.....Nah...she thought....its just an old wives tale from the island.......

If only she were right!

To Be Continued

There's nothing like a slow buildup..I

always say. Now....on with the story!

It had been a week since they were back from their island getaway. Summer had

long since forgotten about her belated reading of the various warnings for the

island. Everything seemed was more or less back to normal. Scott had

decided that he had enjoyed too much in the good food and drink and decided to

take up a rather strenuous workout regime. Alas, with work and other

commitments...he really hadn't kept up with it and feared to hear the results of

his physical later that week. He had set it up months ago and nearly forgotten

about it..until Summer had reminded him, cruelly he thought, on the flight home.

Thus his aborted workout regime. So it was with much hesitation that Scott

headed off to the doctor's that fateful morning.

Jim Murphy had been Scott's doctor since he started out his own practice. He was

a few years older than Scott but he had grown up in the same neighborhood so

Scott felt comfortable having him as his doctor. They small talked throughout

the physical...exchanged stories about the old neighborhood and made plans to

take in a ballgame later on in the month. As Scott got up to leave, for the heck

of it, he figured he'd ask about his bad could it be he thought??

'Jimbo..give it to me bad is the weight?' Scott asked while

sliding on his dress shirt. Jim, not looking up from his file, nonchalantly

replied ' Oh not bad at all Scott...I'd love to be 176 lbs.' Scott shook his

head...doing some quick math..he'd have had to lose some 22 lbs in little over a

week?! That couldn't be! '176?? I just got back from vacation Jim...I thought I

was gonna be a few pounds over not under' Scott looked..wide eyed at

Jim..looking for answers. Dr. Murphy seemed nonplussed, 'Well maybe the island

food agreed with you Scott...a few pounds here or there is no big deal.' Scott

pressed on, 'Jim....I was around 195 when I LEFT for the trip! There's no WAY I

dropped 22 lbs! Your scale has to be off!' Jim seemed a bit concerned but

offered up a few other reasons...perhaps Scott's scale at home was off 10 or so

pounds...asked if he got seasick at all or anything like that. Scott answered in

the negative to all of the above. Then Jim dropped the line that made Scott's

stomach turn and sweat beads build on his forehead....'Well Scott...for your

height...195 is a bit thick...176 is more in line with someone who's 5'9.' Scott

shook his head....'ha...5'9, that's funny Jim...I haven't been 5'9 since 7th

grade. Try 6'1.....195 isn't so bad for 6'1' Jim looked across Scott from his

desk chair oddly, 'That would be true Scott..but I measured are 5'9'

Scott sat frozen....the words not coming freely from his partially opened mouth.

To Be Continued...hopefully soon

Giantess Stories: Scott and Summer lived a fairly normal life

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