Giantess Stories: Second Deconstruction by Aborigen

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Second Deconstruction

by Aborigen, 21SEPT00

The Man Who Got Shrunk Down and Had Really Easy Sex with a Lot of Stupid


Once there was this average guy who minding his

own business, doing guy things with his day, when suddenly some foreign country

released a biochemical kind of weapon that shrunk people down, and this guy

happened to walk into a cloud of shrinking-down stuff. So he shrunk down and

didn?t have any clothes and started to panic.

Then this girl found him and said, "Oh look, a

tiny little guy. Just the thing with which I may explore my budding sexuality.

Hello, little man!" she called down to him merrily.

"Hello, gigantic scary woman," he called back

up. "Please don?t hurt me, I?m lost and confused. Please take me to a doctor. He

won?t know what to do with me but that?s my pathetic gesture toward pretending

to not want to be this size."

"I have a better idea," said the hot college

girl, and she scooped him up and cradled him in her hands and ran skipping back

to her sorority house. She seemed to have walked in right in the middle of a keg

party, despite it being the middle of the day on a Tuesday, with stupid girls

getting sloppy drunk with emotionally underdeveloped guys who will only score

with a physically incapacitated girl? which actually is the most realistic

feature in this entire story.

She ran up to her room (her name isn?t

important, it never is, but we can call her Cayleigh if you like) and put the

tiny man down in the center of her bed. Inexplicably she started dancing for

him, shaking her butt around and waving her arms and rolling her eyes and other

weird stuff. He feigned confusion to be polite but really he was thinking,

Damn, she?s hot. I would have found her sexually attractive at normal size, but

now that I?m tiny I just want to explode with horniness. And even though he

was a complete stranger she knew nothing about, Cayleigh worked very hard to

impress him, executing such complicated manoeuvres as taking off her sweatshirt

and sitting next to him as she peeled off her sneakers.

"Oh, little man," she purred, "you are the

answer to my prayers. For years I have been victimized by horrible men (sob,

sob) and now I finally have you to use and abuse as I see fit. You?d think that

by growing past my terrible history and putting it behind me, becoming a

successful contributive member to a progressive society, that would be the best

revenge of all. Instead, I?m perpetuating this cycle of incomprehensible,

inhuman violence against someone weaker than myself and letting a few creepy

people shape my entire identity and determine the course of my future." So

saying, she pulled off her sock and placed her foot on his body, rubbing it back

and forth for a while, ordering him to smell her foot. He did.

Then her roommate, Lindsay, came in and she was

extremely drunk. Cayleigh said, "Hi Lindsay, check out the tiny little man I

have. I don?t know where he came from or what happened to him, but I?ve been

taking advantage of him sexually."

"Oh no, Cayleigh, please don?t pass me around

like an object," the tiny man pled, pretending to resist.

Lindsay laughed sloppily and lurched over to

the bed. "Oh, look at him! He?s adorable! I just want to keep him forever and I

love him! I love you, little man!" she cried, poking him roughly in the tummy.

"If you would like to play with him, you may,"

said Cayleigh, adding, "as long as you don?t get any stains on him."

Lindsay laughed very hard at that, falling on

the bed next to the little man. Her breath stank of cheap rancid beer and vomit.

"Oh, don?t worry about that! We?re going to have fun, aren?t we, little man?"

she said, and the little man pretended to quail in fear. Cayleigh saw that he

was in good hands and left the story. ?I mean, the room.

Lindsay wasn?t much in the breasts department,

but she had a firm cheerleader?s body and a deep fakebake, and because this

story was written by a shallow, hormonally-distended little fuckwad who hasn?t

had pussy since pussy had him, the tiny man found this very sexy. She crawled up

onto the bed and dragged her youthful body over him, first her breasts rubbing

over his tiny naked frame, then her rib cage (which jutted out because she

didn?t eat a lot) and then her flat tummy. At that point she became exhausted

from all the alcohol and physical exertion and passed out on top of the little

man. Ironically, this was one of the most pleasant moments altogether, being

smushed against the mattress by a broad, firm belly of warm, soft skin as slow,

deep breathing gently rocked him into a slumber as well.

Then light exploded all around him and when he

looked up, Lindsay was gone but her friends Tiffany, Candi, and Foofoo were

there, giggling and cooing over him. "Oh look, he?s awake!" squealed Tiffany.

"Now we can have fun with him! Girls, strip down!" Immediately their clothing

flew off and floated to the ground like snowflakes, so there were three

completely hot young undergrads standing in this sorority house bedroom. Then

they climbed up onto the bed.

"Oh, little man! We love you so!" they chirped,

unable to speak in normal human tones. They started bouncing on the bed, first

kneeling down around him in a triangle so all he saw were these huge crashing

knees around him. Then they laughed and turned around so their asses were

bouncing off the bed, and they made a game like Hungry Hungry Hippos where they

started chasing him around the bed by bouncing at him with their buttocks. The

little man felt a real pang of panic at this point as these enormous derrieres,

as sweet as they?d be at normal size, started careening and leaping all around

him, thundering after him as he tried to crawl across the mattress. Tiffany

blocked him with her thigh as he tried to leap off the corner of the bed, and

Candi?s ass was the one to come slamming down upon him, devouring him completely

between her cheeks. She squealed joyfully and stood up.

"I got him! I got him!" she chittered. "Now I

have to bounce up and down to shake him out of my butt!"

"Eek! Little man, little man! Get out of her

butt!" The three girls screeched and stood up, jumping around on the bed with

their tight little asses shaking and their huge breasts heaving around like

water balloons in a paint can shaker, flopping wildly in every direction. It?s a

wonder they didn?t just rip off and sail across the room, smacking into the

opposite wall with a fatty splat, leaving a streak of red blood and

orange cellulitic material as they plopped to the floor. But they didn?t, they

stayed firmly anchored to the silly girls? chests as they hopped around.

The tiny man was scared for his life again and

tried to grab onto something, to keep himself from falling onto the mattress

where the girls? feet rained like boulders (from his perspective). Unfortunately

he accidentally grabbed onto Candi?s anus. An electric shock ran through her

body and she vibrated like an epileptic sucking on a light bulb socket and

screeched so shrilly that she shattered all the windows in the bedroom. Needless

to say the little man came tumbling out and bounced around the mattress like

popcorn as the girls? huge clumsy giantess feet slammed into the ground around

him. More than a few times they stepped on him with their soft, tender pink

soles, lifting up immediately and thundering around him some more. Once he got

caught in Foofoo?s toes and she couldn?t do anything about it but drag him

around for a while. His tiny face peeked up between her pink painted toenails

and he screamed for help but the girls were laughing hysterically as his tiny

naked body tangled beneath Foofoo?s slender foot.

Eventually he shook loose and the girls laughed

some more, then climbed off the bed and got dressed. "I know!" said Tiffany,

figuratively. "Let?s bring him downstairs for all the girls to play with!"

"Yeah!" they chimed in, and Candi snatched his

naked tiny self off the bed, and they tumbled down the stairs into the living

room where a lot of bright rich kids used the tuition money from their parents

to buy a buttload of alcohol and dump it into a large washbasin, where they were

playing Bobbing for Apples, for no good reason but to shove their faces into a

lot of expensive alcohol. And seriously, who really needs a good reason for

something like that?

Tiffany shrieked, "Hey, everybody! Look what we

got!" and Candi held up the tiny little man who trembled fearfully as every girl

in the party stared at him and gathered around the basin of booze. For some

reason there were no guys around at this point. Maybe they all went back to talk

about sports while their testicles recharged or something. Candi laughed and

tossed the little man into the basin of alcohol and all the girls cheered and

knelt down around him.

All the tiny man saw were a dozen heads of

lovely young women laughing and hovering over him like a ring of goddesses

picking on a mortal. Except their version of picking on him involved opening

their mouths way huge and descending upon him, trying to suck him in. He swam

and swam around the basin, gulping for air and screaming for help, as the liquor

surged and boiled around him like a stormy sea, and young women?s heads splashed

into the mixture all around him. Sometimes the waves they made knocked him back

and it was all he could do to keep his head up. Other times their long hair

wrapped around him and almost yanked him out of the pool, until they laughed and

tugged him out with clumsy fingers, palming him and giving him a big sloppy

drunken kiss on his belly before tossing him back into the liquor.

Then one girl actually did get him. He looked

up too late to submerge or swim aside, and saw this gaping maw of pink lips and

sharp white teeth descend upon him. He stared up into the yawning abyss of her

black, black throat and was slammed against the roof of her mouth by her

enormous, thick, writhing tongue. She yanked her head back and raised her arms

in triumph, as his tiny legs kicked and wheeled as they stuck out of her lips.

He tried to hug her tongue but it squirmed and wriggled beneath him too

spasmodically to hold onto. Then she started laughing and the back of her throat

started fluctuating. Sound roared all around him as she laughed, and his tiny

body started to slide over her tongue towards the back of her throat. Scared

shitless, all he could do was watch his destiny slowly suck him down.

Outside, one of the girls noticed his legs

disappearing into the girl?s mouth, so she grabbed her shoulders and drew her in

for a deep kiss. All the other sorority sisters either went "woooOOOOooo!" or

"Eeew, disgusting. Lesbos!" but were secretly intrigued and would try to start

talking to both girls involved over the next three months. Anyway, the second

girl managed to suck the tiny man back into her mouth, and his upper body was

left sticking out as she laughed but held onto his legs with her tongue.

"Hey, no fair!" said the girl who?d sucked him

up in the first place, but she was laughing at the same time. Then someone

suggested a new game while the little man was all sticky, so all the girls

pulled off their pants, skirts, and underwear, and lined up. They set the little

man down on an ottoman, and the first girl walked up and sat down on the little

man. He screamed when he saw her turn around and flash her ass at him, but of

course he was tiny and weak and helpless so he had to take it. She giggled and

sat on him very hard, and then her eyes lit up with surprise.

"Come on, Peggy, turn around and pass him off!"

the girls were chanting. Peggy stood up and turned around and the next girl in

line, Denisha, pressed her ass to Peggy?s and started clamping down with her

buttocks, looking for the tiny little man.

But she couldn?t find him. "Where is he?"

Denisha queried. "Peggy, bend over." She did, and there were two little legs

sticking out of Peggy?s vagina. "Peggy! He?s in your vagina!" Denisha laughed.

"I know!" laughed Peggy back. She gave him a

tight vulvic clench and his legs started kicking furiously.

All the girls laughed, but Denisha asked, "Now

how am I supposed to get him out?" All the girls went "wooooOOOOooo!" again so

she knelt down and held onto Peggy?s hips as she remained bent over. Very slowly

she brought her face into the other girl?s firm little ass and pressed into her,

her thick tongue rolling out and lapping up her inner thighs and thick labia,

before finally rasping between the tiny man?s little legs.

The tiny man didn?t mind this at all, being

wedged up inside a nice sweet pussy while some other doubtlessly hot college

student licked at his crotch. That was the life! But then Denisha wrapped her

lips around him and sucked him out. All the girls cheered and the tiny man had

to cover his ears for all the racket. Denisha turned around and stood up and the

next girl, Candi, pressed her breasts together to make some cleavage for the

tiny man. Denisha laughed and dropped the little man between Candi?s breasts.

Candi started mashing her breasts together,

rolling him back and forth between her ponderous boobs, laughing about it all

the while. Then she knelt behind the next girl, Lauren, who bent over and

basically sat upon Candi?s chest, almost. Lauren clenched her buttocks upon

Candi?s ample cleavage and, after buffing her breasts with a modified lapdance,

managed to latch onto the tiny man. She stood up and danced around with the tiny

man?s legs flailing from her buttocks, then pressed her ass against the next

girl?s, Trudy.

Trudy had an enormous ass, being a little heavy

from watching TV and eating junk food and getting drunk whenever she could,

driving around in her Metro Storm and avoiding walking whenever possible. It

took quite the effort to bury the tiny man deep enough in Trudy?s voluptuous

cheeks, but Lauren was determined and kept grinding her ass into the larger

girl?s. And once he was in there, and just the top of his head was visible

between those enormous buttocks, it was pretty clear he was never coming out.

"Okay, party?s over," declared Tiffany, and all

the girls got dressed up. Trudy just pulled on her panties right over the tiny

man?s head (no one ever bothered to find out his name, doesn?t matter) and then

her black stretch pants over that. Her enormous ass rumbled as she slapped it,

laughing about the tiny man she was taking with her.

"Awwww," said the other girls. "You?re taking

him away from us? But we all love him, with all our hearts!"

"Too bad, girls," said Trudy, fondling her own

ass quite enthusiastically as she ground her cheeks over the tiny man?s body in

opposite directions. "I have to take this little prize all the way to the other

side of campus, where my sorority sisters will love him just as much!

Maybe you?ll get him back in a year."

"Yay, a year!" cheered all the girls.

"Oh no, a year," said the tiny man, who began

to perceive that he might actually get tired of all this eventually, if not

sooner. Much sooner. But too bad for him, because thunder-thighs Trudy heaved

her bulk out to her flashy car and zipped across town, hitting all the potholes

and road construction so her tremendous ass throbbed and rumbled around the poor

little tiny guy. Then she made it to her own sorority house.

"Look what I got, girls!" she called out, and

they all looked up from their ecstasy-and-lingerie party to see what she was

talking about. Trudy immediately turned around, peeled off her stretch pants and

panties (struggling to tug them from over her prodigious buttocks), and bent

over. Deep in her ass crack was a tiny little man who looked up groggily and

tried to focus on them.

"Eeeeee!!" they all squealed until his

ears bled. "We love him very much and we all want to explore him sexually and

very privately, in groups and in one-on-one encounters!"

"Well, who?s first?" said Trudy. "Come and get

him! Or should I say, get him and cum!"

They all laughed at the crude sexual allusion

but they also came surging forward, a living forest of firm young cheerleaders?

tanned legs, tender bare feet, heaving breasts and supple buttocks, all in

various states of undress. Tasha was the first girl to get up there and she

thrust her fist deep into Trudy?s ass. After fishing around for a couple minutes

she found 28 cents in change, a bus pass, some birthday candles, a memory card

for a Sony PlayStation, a 3.5" floppy disk, some coffee beans, a cat, and

eventually the tiny man. She tossed all the other prizes over her shoulder like

the bridal bouquet at a wedding reception, but the little man she kept.

Tasha was dressed in a white sports bra and

heather grey biker briefs. She loved to work out and had a very toned body, and

she intended to use all of it on this little man. Leaping up the stairs she

dashed to her room and locked the door. All the other girls pounded and meowed

at her for as long as she had the little guy, but she ignored them. She set the

little man down in the middle of her floor and stood over him, her fine feet on

either side of him.

He stared up at her, her legs like twin towers,

except more shapely like legs that led up to her young womanly crotch, and then

it all just got lumpy and distant from his perspective. "What are you going to

do with me?" he peeped timidly.

"Oh, little man, I love you so," she said

amorously, "you?re just what I?ve always dreamed of. I?ve always wanted to be

sexual with guys but they?re so intimidating sometimes. But now I have you and I

don?t feel shy around you? in fact, I feel very, very open, even though you?re a

complete stranger and you reek of alcohol and a dozen other girls."

So saying, she plucked the tiny man up between

her fingers and pulled open her sports bra, sliding him down against the front

of her breast. Her hardened nipple poked into his face insistently, almost like

it was demanding his attention, so sometimes he squeezed it vengefully between

his arms, but this just made it harder. Inexplicably Tasha started doing jumping

jacks right there in the middle of her room. Her large breast heaved

tremendously, carrying the tiny man along for a dizzying ride. As she leapt up

there?d be a surge of gravity and her breast would press against him, then

they?d be airborne simultaneously and he could mash his arms and legs into her

fatty tissue with almost no resistance whatsoever. Then they?d come crashing

down to earth again and her ponderous mammary would flood up all around and

crush the air out of his lungs. Even though he was cradled by her sports bra he

still clung to her nipple reflexively. Then she started jumping harder and

higher, more frenetically, until her breast was like an angry enormous breast

that smacked and pounded into him.

"That?s enough of that," Tasha said, "now it?s

time to work on my glutes." She walked over to an exercise bench he didn?t

notice before and pulled him out of her sports bra. She stuck him in back of her

biker briefs and wedged him between her very firm and well-defined buttocks,

then lay down on her front and hooked her ankles beneath a padded mechanical

arm. She raised her lower legs, bending at the knees, and tensed up the backs of

her thighs as she raised the weight connected to the arm. This was a very

strenuous exercise she did over and over on her own, but now she had a tiny

man?s solid mass wedged in her ass, and it tickled her to work out with him


For the tiny man?s part, he was crushed by her

gluteus maximus every time she pulled the weight up. Crawling out was

impossible, as either her muscles were pinning him in place, or the taut Spandex

prevented him from getting out very far. So he decided the only thing to do was

go in deeper, and bent around until he could reach her anus. Digging his hands

into that, he pulled himself down.

That surprised Tasha and tickled her beyond

belief, but she was raising the weight and didn?t want it to slam down so she

squirmed in place while the tiny man tugged on her sensitive little butthole and

pulled himself over it. His tiny body dragged over her anus and she screeched

and squealed with ticklishness and nervousness. He started to get an erection as

his hips passed over her butthole and it fluttered and clenched over his penis.

He reached down and started to masturbate himself, which just got her more

excited, what with all the twitching right in a very sensitive area, and she

started to work out in earnest, using this extra energy to pump the weights even

faster. Faster and faster her strong legs pumped, and the tiny man stroked his

cock all the more furiously, until his orgasm came out in jagged spurts into her

colon. Bizarre, eh? Anyway, he crawled down to her vagina and grabbed tiny

handfuls of her labia to pull himself down there. That drove her crazy and the

weights came crashing down and she moaned and writhed on the bench, helpless

beneath his ministrations.

At that point the door burst open and the girls

demanded, "Where?s our tiny little man? We want to have sex with him too, as

much as he?s capable of, that is!" Tasha couldn?t say anything but only writhed

erotically on the workout bench. One of the girls noticed the squirming lump in

the crotch of her briefs and crawled onto the bench behind her, tugging down her

underwear. Tasha fine, athletic ass was exposed to all, and the girl thrust her

hand down between Tasha?s thighs, feeling around before extracting a very sticky

tiny little man. The girls all cheered but then stopped cheering as the girl ran

into Tasha?s bathroom and locked the door behind her. As for Tasha, some of her

sorority sisters helped her masturbate into a thundering climax. That?s what

friends are for.

The new girl, Jill, was more into kinky stuff

and thought it would be funny to toss the tiny man (yet unnamed) into the

toilet. Then she pulled down her own lacy panties and sat on the toilet seat.

"Guess what comes next, little man!" she called down.

"Um, candy?" he said hopefully.

"Not quite," she laughed, and then grunted. He

looked up and saw this hot blast of urine come shooting out from the vicinity of

her labia and ring against the inside of the toilet bowl. He was disgusted with

treading water in the toilet as it was, but now the water was growing warm and

stank something fierce.

"Did I get you?" laughed the girl, lifting up

one narrow hip to peek into the bowl. She saw the tiny man treading in yellowed

water and laughed harder. The girls outside demanded to know what was going on,

but she wouldn?t say. She just sat back down and grunted harder, and the tiny

man?s heart froze when he saw her anus starting to enlarge. It opened up wider

and pretty soon a huge lump of feces emerged, first hanging as the rest of it

pushed out like a big, thick worm. Then the weight of it overpowered its

physical cohesiveness and it broke off and hurled towards him like a stinky,

sticky asteroid. It landed next to him and sent a wave of urine over his head.

Coughing and spluttering he tried to swim away from it and heard the girl

laughing outside of the bowl, but then the last bit of shit was pushed out of

her butt and tumbled down, smacking him right on the head. When she turned

around to check up on him she just about busted a gut laughing, but the tiny man

was seriously dazed and struggled to keep his head above water.

"Well, that?s all for you, little man," she

giggled maliciously and wiped herself with a huge wad of toilet paper. She

tossed it down and he tried to crawl onto it for something dry to cling to. Then

he looked up and saw she?d pulled up her panties and was grinning down at him as

she reached for the toilet handle.

"No!" he screamed, but she just laughed and

flushed the toilet. She watched him with an evil grin as the water flooded in

and swirled around. The flushing noise rumbled all through him as he clung to

the toilet paper, and down went one piece of poop, then the other, rushing into

the plumbing of the building. The little man cried and clung to the toilet

paper, waiting for it too to be sucked down into the sewer.

By some fortunate circumstance the paper

moistened just enough to stick to the bowl and no matter how much water washed

around it, it never gave. The flushing stopped, the waters calmed, and the

exhausted man looked up into the disappointed girl?s face. "Well, I?m not one to

question an omen," she said, "so you must be destined to live? for now." She

reached down and plucked him out, flushing again to get rid of the paper. She

toted him to the sink and doused him in antibacterial hand soap, rubbing him

vigorously between her enormous mitts, with no concern as to what injury she

might be doing to him, and really it did hurt as her fingers roughly ground into

him or pinched his limbs carelessly. Still, she cleaned him up and made him

promise never to talk to anyone about what happened, or else she?d shove him up

her butt and he?d rot there until she pooped him out and flushed him away for

good. The little man was too shocked to say anything so she was satisfied and

opened the bathroom door.

"Who?s next?" she said, then laughed and chose

the fattest, ugliest girl there. And as they were all pretty hot, she could only

find a moderately plump, not-gorgeous-but-still-very-pretty girl, and handed the

tiny man off to her. The new girl, Bertha, laughed in delight and ran out of the

room with the tiny man.

"Oh, you adorable, sexy little man!" she said,

her smile a garish red grimace above his tiny, frightened, damaged body. "I love

you so much! But I also love food, so I?m going to combine the two! How?s that

sound?" At this point the man truly wished for death so he gave a half-hearted

thumbs-up to her. She trotted off to the kitchen, threw open the freezer, and

pulled out a pint of ice cream.

Sitting down at the table, she got a spoon,

opened the ice cream and set him down in the middle of it. He was shocked to

alacrity with the freezing substance but Bertha just laughed and poked at him

with the spoon, scooping up huge chunks of ice cream if he was trying to stand

up on it. At the last second he?d slip off and fall back into the pint, and

she?d open up her gaping maw and shovel in more ice cream. Each time send a

shiver of dread down the tiny man?s spine, as the massive lump of food

disappeared into that gaping cavern of digestion. Or maybe it was just the

frozen ice cream that made him shiver.

Then she got some chocolate syrup and poured it

all over him, scooping him up in the spoon. Bertha chuckled and held the spoon

out, reciting the old kids? mealtime cajolery, "Here comes the airplane into the

hanger, nnnnnneeeeeeeooooooowwwww!!" She swooped and ducked the spoon

around, and the tiny man?s vision was nothing but bizarre tilting angles and

streaks of blurry color. Then she tilted back her head and held the spoon over

her face, and the little man tried desperately to hold onto the spoon as she

basically poured him into her mouth. His limbs wheeled through the air as he

freefell into her mouth, where her tongue was a soft cushion for him to land


Giggling with delight, she rolled him around

merrily with her tongue and lapped the chocolate syrup off of him. He was just

excited to be warmed up again and hugged her tongue whenever he could, with his

arms or his legs. Then she started rasping into him very hard, with a rough,

pink, moist tongue almost as long as he was tall, and ground him against the

roof of her mouth, purring very loudly. Her purring and moaning, as she played

with his genitalia with the tip of her tongue, rumbled through his entire body

and so he responded by humping her tongue. She seemed delighted and started

tickling him with her tongue, and then he came again, a short little spurt in

the midst of her papillae.

All tickling stopped as she explored this

curious new taste. She decided she liked it, so huge gushes of saliva washed up

all around her tongue and drenched him, and then came the working motion that

started forcing him into the back of her mouth. He screamed and clutched onto

her tongue, scrabbling for a handhold with her slippery huge teeth, as his legs

slipped down into her throat. Seriously, his tiny legs made it over the edge of

her tongue and down her throat before her gag reflex kicked in and she lodged

him back in her mouth. What a relief!

But then the other girls wanted to know what

happened to him. Bertha wouldn?t say anything, but grabbed a friend of hers,

Malloy, and yanked her to Malloy?s bedroom. When Malloy tried to ask what

happened, Bertha just shoved her down onto the bed, pulled the crotch of her

panties to the side, and thrust her fat face up between Malloy?s young thighs

and her lips upon Malloy?s labia.

The little man struggled to rebel against

Bertha?s tongue, which seemed to be ushering him out of her mouth quite

forcefully. He was very comfortable in her capacious maw and wanted to stay a

while, not be ejected into the cold world for some other pervo to take advantage

of him, but too bad for him. Bertha?s teeth parted and the tiny man only caught

a glimpse of wriggling folds of flesh and sproingy thick dark hair before his

moistened body was shoved unceremoniously into Malloy?s very tight, narrow

vaginal passage.

Bertha brought her head up and winked at her

friend before standing up and walking out of the room. Malloy lay on her bed in

surprise for a moment, wondering what this solid lump was that the plump girl

had shoved into her cunt, and then laughed out loud when it started squirming

and kicking inside her. Malloy clenched her vulva tighter so he couldn?t even

force a foot out, such was her talent, and straightened her panties. She got

dressed in jeans and a blouse and bolted from the room with the tiny man still

trapped deep within her vagina. When the other girls asked what happened she

just shrugged her shoulders and said she couldn?t talk, she had a family reunion

to go to and some female cousins to catch up with. She hopped into the car her

daddy bought her and peeled out, racing into the distance, racing to destiny.

Along the hour-long car ride she entertained herself by rhythmically clenching

the tiny man, contracting her muscles to pull him deeper and deeper inside of

her, then pushing him out until his legs rested against her panties, then

sucking him back inside again.

When she made it to the reunion she found some

of her distant cousins-in-law and dragged them to a nearby barn, where she

pulled down her pants and panties and slowly released the little man who came

tumbling into the crotch of Malloy?s panties. He looked up in confusion at the

brand new girls who crowded around him with huge eyes and slowly parting lips.

"Oh, a tiny man!" they crowed. "Just what we?ve

always wanted! We love him so much! Can we experiment with him sexually?"

And that?s just what they did, but that?s

another story. If you want to hear about that story, basically you can

cut-n-paste the story from almost the start to this point and just change the

names, because that?s what I?m going to do when I write it. If I get enough

encouragement from an apathetic, selfish readership more interested in new

masturbatory material than supporting some strange writer?s self-esteem.

The End.

Giantess Stories: Second Deconstruction by Aborigen

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